A New Look at The Duplessis Orphan Scandal

In this article I make an attempt to de-tangle the Duplessis orphan scandal, plus offer a new and comprehensive look at it’s relationship to the Catholic Church’s use of psychiatry as a religious political weapon posing as a science.

~ Published August 23, 2017 ~


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Cross-referenced in the World Government and Mind Control sections of our Reading Library, this is part of a class of articles dealing with how religion and science are used in tandem to co-opt Spiritual Dominance and Personal Freedom.


 A new look at

The Duplessis Orphan Scandal

and it’s relationship in the larger world domination scheme

montfort orphanage in 1910

De-tangling the truth

By Virginia McClaughry


Experts must develop methods of forcefully changing attitudes and beliefs.

– Dr. Ewen Cameron –
lecture: Dangerous Men and Women given on October 17, 1951

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A history of Canadian Laws

Maurice Duplessis

Popes and Archbishops

A study of Ewen Cameron and associates



In the 1940s, only 13.4% of orphanage residents in Quebec were in fact true orphans; 21.8% still had both parents living, and the remainder had only one.1

Since there was no room in the orphanages, thousands of illegitimate children between 6 and 12 were placed in foundling homes whose programs were designed for 0 to 6 year olds.

According to Health Department statistics for 1945, 7,730 children were living in the foundling homes that had a total capacity of only 3,723 beds.

Little more than four walls and a roof, these were the places where ‘overflow’ orphans were incarcerated, and they were run like factories.

Life was systematized, standardized, and scheduled down to the minute. Everything happened at the same time. The children got up together, had their diapers changed together, had baths together, ate in silence together in the room that generally served as their living space, play area, classroom, etc.

These throw-away children received little intellectual stimulation or affection, no physical tenderness and no individual contact, and they didn’t even have the most basic of human rights allowed to them – the right to say “no”.

They were forcibly put into psychiatric hospitals or reform schools, not because they were mentally ill or a problem, but to be used as guinea pigs for research experiments, for plain old slave labor and for the oldest of motivations – GREED.

Their cries of NO!

crying child rain

Met with stony-faced and hard-hearted walls of irresponsibility by the supposedly benevolent Catholic men and women entrusted with their care.

This is the story of the Duplessis Orphans.

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In 1943, mandatory schooling to age 14 was introduced. But it was not until 1946 that orphanages, reform schools and trade schools were required to comply with the teaching requirements set by the Council of Education. Even then, this was really only lip service, the Council had no idea whether they did or didn’t comply because they exercised no control whatsoever over what was taught.

They could be be teaching bed-making and calling that ‘complying’ with providing the children’s educational needs, for all anyone knew.

Clearly they weren’t spending any real time devoted to bettering the minds of these children, in fact quite the opposite. They were retarding them, and that was intentional on their part for these were ‘bad’ children, children born in sin.

By 1946, the religious and scientific communities had acknowledged that especially the foundling home operation was causing significant lags in childhood intellectual and social development. They had become “factories of the mentally ill.1

In 1950, journalist Gerard Pelletier found that 80% of illegitimate children became mentally retarded, their capacity for normal development decreasing the longer they remained institutionalized.

– – –

In 1945, the Department of Health and Social Medicine was created.


This was the same year that Maurice Duplessis had come to power, and this organization, far from being part of any enlightenment period as to health care in Quebec, instead marked an ominous portent of things to come.

The Slavemaster agenda – both British and Vatican – was landing with a vengeance, their vanguard being their new political weapon –



Just three years later (1948) in Quebec, the local government under Duplessis specifically established a program of health grants, establishing special programs to deal with mental healthhospitals were built, renovated, or enlarged by using federal funding as controlled by the British.2

In many psychiatric hospitals, especially secondary hospitals where there were even fewer psychiatrists, conditions of admission were not respected, patient classification was deficient, and records were not kept in compliance with the law.

The 1962 Bedard Report, which was published following a major review of the system, revealed that diagnoses were often erroneous or not in keeping with psychiatric practice of the day, treatments were unusual, and half the children who normally could have received an education were deprived of that right.1

Unusual is certainly one word for it – downright barbaric torture would be a much better description.

Commenting on the report, Micheline Dumont points out that:

The Bedard inquiry found 1500 children under 16 in eight psychiatric hospitals, a tiny portion of the overall population of the mentally ill. There were undoubtedly true cases of mental illness among them. But in all likelihood, there were also an impossible-to-determine number of former orphanage residents who had been ‘placed’ in these institutions. The inquiry also revealed the negligence of a care system devoid of any rehabilitative mission and maintained with the complicity of psychiatrists, the Department of Health, the College of Physicians and the parents of the mentally ill.1

As to “unusual” treatments on these poor kids –

The covert MKULTRA program, signed into effect and in concert with both British and Canadian governments by Allen Dulles in 1953, coincided just a few months before thousands of Quebec’s institutionalized orphans were re-labelled “mental patients” and transported to hospitals like Saint-Michel Archange in Quebec City, where many disappeared in drug trials and other criminal experiments.

That same year, operating to help hide what they were really already doing to so many people in Canada and were about to do even worse, Duplessis refused subsidies from the Canadian federal government for Quebec universities because he “believes that education must remain in the hands of the Church.

This making a clear connection to Vatican approval concerning what was about to launch into overdrive at universities and hospitals under the control of Dr. Ewen Cameron – and they didn’t want any public or outside interference.

To make that fact even more clear to you, I offer you the following little known (and still less understood) statements by the relevant Pope at that time – Pope Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli.

** FILE ** In this file photo dated Sept. 1945, Pope Pius XII, wearing the ring of St. Peter, raises his right hand in a papal blessing at the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008 lauded Pius XII as a "great" historical figure and lamented what he called excessive attention to what the wartime pontiff did or didn't do to save Jews from the Holocaust. (AP Photo, File)

I first revealed what you’re about to see, in my article Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science and for a more complete discussion of what Pacelli said I highly suggest you read that one.

In September of 1952, at about the same time that Bill Long is starting to peddle chlorpromazine (Thorazine/Largactil) around, Pius made a “stand”.

This part is often erroneously quoted as being proof Pacelli was against human experimentation, the truth is that is not the case.

15. Moreover, in exercising his right to dispose of himself, his faculties and his organs, the individual must observe the hierarchy of the orders of values—or within a single order of values, the hierarchy of particular rights—insofar as the rules of morality demand. Thus, for example, a man cannot perform on himself or allow doctors to perform acts of a physical or somatic nature which doubtless relieve heavy physical or psychic burdens or infirmities, but which bring about at the same time permanent abolition or considerable and durable diminution of his freedom, that is, of his human personality in its typical and characteristic function. Such an act degrades a man to the level of a being reacting only to acquired reflexes or to a living automation. The moral law does not allow such a reversal of values. Here it sets up its limits to the “medical interests of the patient.”

– An address given September 14, 1952 by His Holiness to the First International Congress on the Histopathology of the Nervous System.

Note: notice what he’s addressing this speech to – a “mental illness comes from diseased nerves” type congress.

Sounds like he’s against things like ECT, doesn’t it? I think that was the point.

One method of causing cognitive dissonance – or in layman’s terms brain freeze – is to say words that you want to hear, words that ring true and then once you’re ‘on-board’?

Slip a whammy right on in.

BATTY BAT (11) psychiatric brain trauma cure

Most peoples response to this is brain freeze, confusion, and a sort of disbelief that they could have seen what they saw or heard what they heard.

You might think that would make them realize that the guy who does this is a liar, they do. But, usually people choose to ignore that because it changes everything – literally threatening to decimate their ‘view’ of the world.

Of course, this can only happen when that view is actually resting on a false foundation, but the point is that when someone responds like that, they will latch on to the ‘good part’ and hold on for dear life to the now provably false idea that what was said was sincere.

Isn’t that interesting?

Exact opposite of the truth.

I’ll show you Pacelli/Pius XII doing it. Read that quote above again, see how there’s a lot of truth in it and it well expresses what humanity’s correct view is of such invasive treatments and ‘research’ is – kind of gives you a nice vindicated feeling, right?

Ah. But – way down towards the end of what he said, well away from that, was this –

It is from the State, however, that the doctor must receive authorization when he acts upon the organism of the individual in the “interests of the community.” For then he does not act as a private individual, but as a mandatory of the public power. The latter cannot, however, pass on a right that it does not possess, save in the case already mentioned when it acts as a deputy, as the legal representative of a minor for as long as he cannot make his own decisions, of a person of feeble mind or of a lunatic.

– An address given September 14, 1952 by His Holiness Pope Pius XII to the First International Congress on the Histopathology of the Nervous System.

See what he just did there?

It’s OK if ECT, enforced drugging, death comas, etc. are done to lunatics.

As in Schizophrenics – those who can do telepathy and clairvoyance.


Notice he said “The State” decides who is a “lunatic”. Enter the psychiatrist – completely under their control (whether he knows it or not) whose favorite diagnosis for political prisoners is….schizophrenia.

So what’s really happening here in what Pius XII said, is that he is sanctioning psychiatry to do whatever the hell they want to, to those decided to be “lunatics”.

Pacelli’s speech was magically just in time for the big switch to legal drugging America to get off the ground. This occurring at the same time as the big vamping up of all the slavemaster illegal drug routes for heroin, marijuana and cocaine, and the all-out war to try and tame all those ‘rebellious’ people and turn them into Happy Humans – through capricious and copious amounts of overt and covert research projects.

So, see? He is sanctioning what was being done to people in predominantly Catholic Quebec, including young children.

– – –


Many of the human guinea pigs were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes — “people who could not fight back” as one agency officer put it.

Sidney Gottlieb dies, Took LSD to CIA, NY Times March 10, 1999


Certain of the orphans, those with “special gifts,” were used as guinea pigs in horrific human experiments – research linked to the CIA’s covert mind-control program, MK ULTRA as well as Canadian Defense and MI6. This was a way of continuing and covertly funding the medical research that had been begun by the Nazis during WWII.

You will notice the same choice of victims – just as Pope Pius said was acceptable for the “State” to do – the feeble-minded and lunatics. Those would certainly come under the category of chosen MKULTRA experimentees ie: people who could not fight back.

The British and Vatican slavemasters used these powerful institutions to victimize the most vulnerable among us – children who had no one to come looking for them. Worse, they did so in the name of Science, wrapping their heinous acts in the cloak of National Security, convinced they were serving the greater good. Which, of course, then justified using whatever means were necessary to later hide the truth.

The use of orphaned children in Dr. Ewen Cameron’s “research” has never before been broadly publicized.

canadian orphans

In addition to government and Church responsibility, the College of Physicians of Quebec came under fire after some of the orphans found copies of their medical records that had been falsified. Labelled as mentally deficient, many of these children were subjected to electroshock, a variety of drug testing and used in other medical experiments.

The British government, controlling Ottawa as a “dominion”, made sure that legislation and funds were in place to facilitate their obsessive desire to learn how to control the minds of men, and identify those with ability who might become a threat to them.

Orphanages were converted into psychiatric hospitals and thousands of children were deemed mentally ill overnight, with Nun-run institutions now receiving government subsidies of $2.75 a day for psychiatric patients versus only $1.25 a day for orphans.

Quebec and the [Catholic] church had found a way to line their coffers: the province obtained big subsidies from Ottawa for building hospitals and it in turn paid the church more than twice as much for caring for psychiatric patients as it did for orphans.

For the system to work, doctors had to be willing to be less than diligent in their examinations and the certificates they signed.

One other consideration was the urgent need for labor in the hospitals. The orphans were a cheap supply; they were paid a few cents a week.3

These now incarcerated as ‘mentally ill’ children were often cared for by persons who had no medical experience whatsoever1 and who had a tendency, shall we say, to brute force and sexual torture as their idea of ‘proper care’.

As the tale has unfolded, it appears that more than 5,000 children were improperly classified as mentally retarded and committed to several of Quebec’s 16 psychiatric hospitals.

These were all owned and run by the Roman Catholic Church.3

Dependent on the generosity of the government, which in turn was in league with the British slavemasters and Vatican Popes like Pacelli, religious communities were forced to be compliant with their wishes.

During the boom years of 1945 to 1969, healthcare facilities mushroomed. The various governments also spent over $50 million on psychiatric hospitals between 1952 and 1962. But none of these building investments went toward enhancing the quality of service and care.1

Duplessis was much praised in the press for his so-called ‘hospital building program’ – which in reality was a front for creating institutions where thousands of people would be experimented on in the name of mental health.

According to the 1948 Sylvestre Report and Department of Health reports issued between 1947 and 1960, two thirds of beds were occupied by mentally handicapped or mentally ill patients. The percentage of normal individuals in psychiatric institutions rose from 22% in 1941 to 29% in 1956.1

Two thirds! And many of them were these unrightfully committed children.

When anyone would try to speak out about the monstrous bohemoth of ‘mental health care’ looming over Quebec like some foul spirit out of the Lord of the Rings, their objections were tossed aside and rejected out of hand – with lack of funds cited as the reason for such horrors and atrocities going on in the orphanages and new mental hospitals.

The 1962 Bedard report proved that to be patently untrue.

Those who have expressed concern in recent years over the fate of the mentally ill in our province have been told that the problems are all due to lack of funds. The study just completed by this Commission shows that this is not true. In fact, over the past ten years, the province has spent more than $50 million on construction, but in such an ill-advised fashion that quality of treatment for the mentally ill has scarcely improved. Yet during this same period, government authorities refused to accord much smaller amounts to existing hospitals, amounts that could have been used to hire staff and, especially, to train new personnel for the hospitals under construction.” (Our translation) BEDARD, loc. cit., supra note 3, p. 129.1

Especially considering one of these places showed over a million dollars profit in 1959!

As mentioned earlier, the main source of public funding was the daily allowance – or “per diem”- accorded to foundling homes, orphanages, reform schools and asylums on the basis of occupancy.

Getting into more detail about that now, this per diem – which sometimes varied from one establishment to another – was divided by category, with different amounts for orphans, sick children, delinquents, the mentally retarded and the “insane.” The smallest allowance was for orphans, followed by sick children, the mentally retarded and, lastly, the insane. This meant that religious orders could obtain nearly twice the amount per child, and sometimes more, depending on how children were classified and where they were placed.

The lack of resources, along with a rate structure that disadvantaged children without any resources or family, sometimes encouraged religious communities to favor those from categories generating greater revenues. Spaces and services normally reserved for orphans were sometimes taken up by children whose poor, sick or widowed parents were unable to care for them, but were still capable of paying boarding fees that exceeded the government allowance. This meant that the orphanage was “in fact a home for children from poor or divided families.”1

For foundling homes: the daily allowance for living expenses was as follows:

ln 1943:

  • $0.60 for babies under 1 year
  • $0.54 for children 1 to 5
  • $1.05 for children who were ill

These amounts covered only two thirds of the real cost (in 1946, the average daily cost was estimated at $1.10).

ln 1956, the lnunaculee Orphanage in Chicoutimi received

  • $0.90 for children under 5
  • $0.70 for other children

whereas the real cost was $0.93 per day per child.

– For mental asylums: St-Jean-de-Dieu hospital received

  • $0.89 per sick child between 1945 and 1949
  • $2.25 per sick child between 1956 and 1959
  • $2.75 per sick child in 1961

This compares with hospitalization costs of $25 a day per patient in certain clinics. Average hospitalization costs were $3.90 per bed in Quebec, $6.41 in Ontario and $5.67 for Canada as a whole. These examples are drawn from MALOUlN, op. cit.,supra note II, p. 134, 164 et 281.1

As you can see, children were a major revenue source. By way of example, they represented 25.3% of the Quebec provincial average. As a result, priority sometimes went to children placed by their parents, and classification of children by category could vary depending on financial circumstances.

In the Catholic-run psychiatric hospitals the per diem was based on the number of beds occupied. Thus, it was necessary to increase admissions and keep patients hospitalized as long as possible to cover costs.

Some large institutions even managed to post surpluses, such as St-Jean-de-Dieu hospital, who declared an operational surplus of $1,077,694.33 in 1959, and $160,366.00 in 1961 (not counting interest charges and capital outlay).

A million dollars.

Let that sink in for a moment, and ask yourself just how many people had to be in that place for that to happen.

Thousands. Perhaps even tens of thousands.


The “theft of their childhood,” the separation anxiety they experienced as a result ofbeing transferred to other institutions at key periods in their emotional lives, and the fact that they were punished as “children of evil” marked their personalities forever.

Sister St-Michel-Archange, Quebec Ombudsman report


No studies appear to have been done to identify the exact percentage of illegitimate children wrongfully labeled as “mentally handicapped” or “mentally ill”  but certain studies tend to confirm that a large percentage of illegitimate children were interned in psychiatric hospitals.4

A 1996 survey of 90 “Children of Duplessis” conducted by COOlD found the following diagnoses in their medical files:

  • Mentally deficient: 32%
  • Mentally defective: 39%
  • Mentally retarded: 23%
  • Two different diagnoses 17%.

(From Part II of the COorD brief. “Les oublies d’hier, les demunis d’aujourd’hui” presented at the Montreal Church Synod,1991.05.15, p. 6).

In 2002, a group of 1,100 orphans settled with the provincial government for about $25-million for wrongfully placing them in mental institutions. The Catholic Church has not apologized, and the terms of the financial settlement precludes action against the Church.

To this day, the Catholic Church still has not officially taken full responsibility (let alone transparency) for what they wanted to be done to people during these decades.

Arrogant to a fault, as always, perhaps rather than taking them 350 years to admit they were wrong – as they finally did regarding Galileo5 – maybe they can do it just a little faster this time.

Seeing as how they’re always going on about how elevated and enlightened they are…


I’m not exactly holding my breath though.

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A history of Canadian Laws


Next, we need to dig into some history about the set-up of Canada, it’s laws, and as a ‘dominion’ how that all relates to its ‘master’ – Britain.

The term “British North America” (BNA) refers to the British colonies in North America.

In 1841, the Act of Union combined Ontario and Quebec into the United Province of Canada, with one legislative assembly. Half the members were French-speaking Catholics. In 1855 and 1863, two acts were passed that gave families the right to direct their property taxes to separate schools and also guaranteed Catholic trustees the same powers as their public system counterparts.

The British North America Act created the Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867.

As a dominion, Britain retained legislative control over Canada through it’s executive government – which was vested in Queen Victoria and her successors.

Britain also retained full control over Canadian foreign policy. Canada didn’t even have a single embassy until 1931, when, oddly, it was allowed to establish the very first one in Washington, D.C. That won’t seem so odd once this back story starts to build a bit more, as you’ll soon see.

When the Fathers of Confederation came from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Canada East, and Canada West to meet in Charlottetown and Quebec to discuss the proposed 1867 Act, they quickly concluded, in the words of one of the Fathers, Sir Charles Tupper, that “Without this guarantee for the rights of minorities [Catholics etc,] being embodied in that new constitution, we should have been unable to obtain any Confederation whatever.”

This is why the British North America Act implicitly had to continue to grant the Catholic Church an established status in Quebec – they would have had ‘no deal’ if they didn’t.

There was an attempt, at this to introduce the idea of having the school system controlled by the government, but the Catholic-controlled Canada East shot that down in a hurry. demanding “provincial” – or local government – control over education.

The British compromise on that point, was Section 93 of the Constitution Act of 1867.

An important thing to understand is Term 17 as part of the Constitution of Canada.

There’s some tricky wording that this article helps explain – and shows this is about MONEY.

… It is to be noted that Term 17 borrows the phrase “class or classes of persons” from Section 93, in which the phrase “class of persons” is used to designate individuals of dissentient denominations. The Section specifies “the Queen’s Roman Catholic subjects” or “the Queen’s Protestant and Roman Catholic subjects’ as those whose rights and privileges in education are to be protected. The constituency of the rights and privileges lies in the individuals (“persons”), not in any denomination to which those individuals belong (“class”).

(Obviously, it is impossible that the B.N.A. Act protect the rights and privileges of “the Queen’s Roman Catholic Church” or “the Queen’s Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches” because it is not those churches that pay loyalty to the Crown: only the members of those churches. And where there is no loyalty, there is no protection).

Get that? No pay the Brits, no protection, doesn’t matter what religion you are. Very mafia protection racket of them.

So, this Section 93 allows the federal government to intervene only to protect minority schools which are already established. That’s also rather interesting wording.

But, apart from that one caveat, Section 93 provides that education is a matter of exclusive provincial jurisdiction. It gave them the constitutional right to separate school systems, though leaving it up to the provinces to work out the funding.

And, Section 93 of the BNA was unrepealable.

As mentioned earlier, a tax scheme was already in place for the provinces, where if there were enough families of a particular faith that wished to do so, they could set up a “separate” school, supported by the specially-directed taxes of those families who elected to support the separate school over the public schools.

But, Quebec moved quickly and was even more specific about how that worked there. They passed legislation in 1869 for corporate taxes to be divided between the public and separate systems, according to the number of children enrolled in each.

Notice that according to the number of…put together with corporate taxes there’s a system that sounds just ripe for all kinds of graft and criminal financial behavior to go on, don’t you think? And so it did, as it turns out.

These two things combined (taxes and no government control) gave the Catholics a nice little bludgeon over the people of rural Quebec. By the time Duplessis came to power, it would become a monstrous monopoly, literally a new Dark Ages with book-bannings and the whole nine yards. Like something you’d see in some horror movie, it’s hard to believe that this sort of utter domination was going on all the way up until the 1970’s.

You know, people often point to Nazi Germany as representative of this sort of thing, and I sometimes wonder if that wasn’t part of the point of Nazi Germany. It provided a convenient villain to point to, when in reality the Catholics have Nazi Germany beat hands down in the oppressive social structure department.

As do the British, clearly still visible in that until 1949, changes to the British North America Acts could be made only by the British parliament.

The British North America (No. 2) Act, 1949, gave the Parliament of Canada the power to make limited constitutional amendments, but the approval of the British Parliament was still needed for wider constitutional changes, such as those involving areas of provincial and Federal responsibilities.

Understand the importance of all that dry language? Here, let’s liven it up a bit with a dose of real.

Federal funding for psychiatric hospitals (and x dollars per patient) were ultimately under the control of the British slavemasters.

Note: Quebec had established its Department of Health on November 12, 1936, changed its name in 1941 to Ministry of Health and Social Welfare – or rather the Department of Health and Social Medicine, then created the Social Justice and Youth Department under that in 1946 and then reverted back this same year of 1949 to naming the whole thing the Department of Health again. That was NOT easy to find, let me tell you.


When Duplessis created the Department of Social Welfare and of Youth to administer social allowances and organizations working with young people, he took care not to call into question the monopoly of the church and other private organizations in managing and delivering the services of hospitals, schools, and charitable undertakings. He would, however, provide them with an increasingly necessary legislative framework and financial support.7

This system of family allowances, the first universal social program, was introduced, funded, and administered by the Canadian government (at the federal level, with approval by the British, of course) in 1946.

Just two years later (1948) in Quebec, the local government under Duplessis specifically established a program of health grants,- establishing special programs to deal with mental health. Hospitals were built, renovated, or enlarged…[my note: and these ‘special programs were created by using federal funding as controlled by the British.2

Look at all that lovely money suddenly conveniently available, see that?

As an example – government subsidies were $2.75 a day for psychiatric patients, and by 1950, the asylum (or psychiatric hospital) population in Canada had suddenly grown to an estimated 66,000 patients.

And what were some of those special programs? Oh there were several real doozies.

But, how did people get selected to be interned in these hell pits called mental hospitals?

That’s rather key, so let’s have a look.

The Loi sur les Asiles d’aliénés (Lunatic Asylum Act) of 1909 governed mental institution admissions until 1950.

The law stated the insane could be committed for three reasons:

  • to care for them
  • to help them
  • as a security measure to maintain social order in public and home life

However, the act did not define what a disruption of social order was, leaving the decision to admit patients up to the psychiatrists.8

Well, just look how convenient that was.

Next – the Act respecting lunatic asylums 1941, R.S.Q., c-88 provided for the internship of two categories of individuals:

  • 1. insane persons
  • 2. idiots or imbecile persons, when they are dangerous, a source of scandal, subject to epileptic fits or afflicted with any monstrous deformity ( . .. )

Illegitimate children were not included in these categories.1

Note: The Act respecting hospitals for the treatment of mental diseases, 1950, virtually gives up on the second category; the Mental Patients Institutions Act, 1950, S.R.Q., c-31.MALOUIN, op. cit., supra note 11, p.268.1

Illegitimate children were not included in these categories but they were MADE into BEING in those categories, either by gross maltreatment or simply by falsely labelling them insane to justify experimenting on them and getting more money per head to do so.

For example, certain studies tend to confirm that a large percentage of illegitimate children were interned in psychiatric hospitals.

In 1948, Sister Bernard-Alfred examined placement bureau data from the Emmelie-Tavernier school, an institution for the readaptation and rehabilitation of the mentally handicapped. Out of a sample of 55 former students, 45 were born “out of wedlock”.1

That’s over eighty percent!



According to sociologist Micheline Dumont, “the psychiatric hospital therefore became the only destination for children leaving the orphanage …the medical diagnosis was more a transfer form than a true behavioral analysis. (Our translation) 1

By 1946, the religious and scientific communities had acknowledged that especially the foundling home operation was causing significant lags in childhood intellectual and social development. They had become “factories of the mentally ill.1

In 1950, journalist Gerard Pelletier found that 80% of illegitimate children became mentally retarded, their capacity for normal development decreasing the longer they remained institutionalized.

…the fact that they were punished as “children of evil” marked their personalities forever.
Sister St-Michel-Archange, Quebec Ombudsman report

That’s Catholicism for you.

– – –

We can’t leave out the 1937 “Padlock Act” spearheaded by then lawmaker Duplessis, which allowed the government of Quebec to lock up or evict anyone from any location that was even suspected of being used by communists. Anyone publishing, printing or distributing Communist material could be thrown in jail for one year – without appeal.

When it was pointed out that the act didn’t include a definition of what exactly “Communist behavior” entailed, Duplessis brushed the objections aside. There was no need to define the terms, he said, because Communism was something “that can be felt”. Until declared illegal in 1957 – he used it to bully his opponents or anyone else he didn’t like – including Jehovah’s Witnesses.7

On 16 Feb. 1948 the provincial police invoked the Padlock Law to close the premises of the Labor-Progressive Party’s Montreal weekly, Le Combat. The Supreme Court would declare this legislation unconstitutional on 8 March 1957, putting an end to Duplessis’s crusade against the communists.7

See how tight that man was with the British/Vatican agenda against so-called “Communists”? That was them trying to keep Canada in those lovely sarcasm  Medieval times forever.

“Communism” was the totally fabricated (by them, no less) excuse to do just about anything and everything evil to humanity you could imagine. See Part 6: Dark Matter.

This kind of Catholic politicization extended to the judiciary as well. Duplessis never assigned responsibility for justice to anyone but himself: he always held the offices of Attorney General and Minister of Justice in addition to that of Prime Minister. He alone appointed provincial court judges, who were invariably loyal supporters whose legal qualifications were not necessarily a leading consideration. 1

That’s just perfect.

whoo sarcasm

This 1941 Act is actually the key law that gave the government a central role in asylum operation – another kind of storage place for those “evil communists”. Each institution had a superintendent delegated by the province’s Medical Superintendent and responsible for authorizing admissions, discharges and all patient transfers.

Superintendents were also responsible for monitoring medical decisions and acts, including patient classification and living conditions. In short, they ran hospitals from a medical standpoint. However, few psychiatrists were available to assist them in their work, as a comparison, by 1950 only 15 psychiatrists were practicing in Quebec, and 170 in 1962.1


Well, geez, how many were there in 1943 when Ewen Cameron was hired to lead the psychiatry movement in Quebec?

2 or 3 maybe?

That makes this, that Lehmann described himself doing in those days, even more utterly creepified.

…go with his son to the hospital every Christmas Day for all the years he was at DH, wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ to all the patients in the hospital and the staff on duty that day, with what someone called “the golden handshake”.

Heinz Lehmann and Douglas Hospital

My god – it’s the revenge of the mini-popes.

Pius XII pacelli addresses a crowd after the bombing of Rome on July 19 1943

Sick, sick, SICK.

Lehmann should be ashamed of himself, reveling in his unjust and undeserved and SICK ‘power’ like that.


These people, be it Popes, Prime Ministers, or British and American intelligence agencies (same thing) were working together to literally force Canada back into Medieval times – the last time the Catholic Slavemasters ‘felt good’ about their nasty, evil little selves.

In control, having power of life and death over all of Europe. That is what they’d really, really, REALLY like to do to America, by the way.

And are – because psychiatry was the vehicle chosen to help bring all that about again – and with a vengeance. How many people do you know, that are hypnotized by the ‘I have a disorder‘ crap currently? Too many.

So, by 1950, there was Dr. Ewen Cameron presiding over those 15 demi-Gods – to his Godship – over those deemed insane or mentally unfit or “communist”.

Really get that these people presided, like gods, over at least sixty six thousand people, and that’s just what they know of. Remember, they didn’t always keep records of what they truly wanted to hide that they were doing. But, we do know that at least 2/3 of all hospital beds, remember, were those deemed mentally unfit or insane.

There were even seriously creepy stories of baby-trafficking and selling bodies to Cameron and McGill’s medical schools.

Right after the 1941 Act passed, a Quebec law passed in 1942 had allowed the nuns to sell unclaimed bodies to medical schools for $10.

Nuns would steal new born babies in hospitals, telling the mothers that their babies had been stillborn, and then sell the babies to infertile Catholic couples who could afford “the price of a small flat”. The same thing happened in Catholic countries in South America.

This wasn’t limited to Quebec, it was a Catholic thing.

adoption_Nuns_swiff irish babies sold 1950s and 1960s

Irish nuns who sent and essentially sold orphans to America during the fifties and sixties benefited by up to $50 million in today’s money, a new investigative report and book has claimed.

The report published in The Sunday Business Post also stated that many of the parents chosen had been turned down by other adoption agents, and some children were sent directly to pedophiles.

The shocking new investigation was carried out by Mike Milotte, who has published his finding in a new book entitled Banished Babies.

Milotte also reported that over 2,000 babies born to unwed mothers were “exported to America in a highly-secretive adoption scheme.”

Milotte is calling for a major investigation by the Irish Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, who went on the record calling for such an inquiry in 1996 as an opposition spokesman when first reports leaked out.

Milotte highlights the case of Mary Monaghan, adopted from Sacred Heart Convent in Westmeath by Bill O’Brien, a brutal pedophile who began abusing her from the age of two.

The organization responsible for the adoption, Catholic Charities of California, had never even interviewed O’Brien or combed over his past.6

– – –

Last but not least –

The Act to institute Public Curatorship, 1945, S.R.Q., defined an insane person as someone incompetent with respect to the law, and placed his individual rights and assets under the control of the Public Curator.1

Do you begin to see the sheer evil of Pope Pius XI – Pacelli – approving of this?

It is from the State, however, that the doctor must receive authorization when he acts upon the organism of the individual in the “interests of the community.” For then he does not act as a private individual, but as a mandatory of the public power. The latter cannot, however, pass on a right that it does not possess, save in the case already mentioned when it acts as a deputy, as the legal representative of a minor for as long as he cannot make his own decisions, of a person of feeble mind or of a lunatic.

– An address given September 14, 1952 by His Holiness Pope Pius XII to the First International Congress on the Histopathology of the Nervous System.

You can see why a study of the relevant laws, and especially the Pope’s role here, sheds a whole lot of light on why things were the way they were in Quebec, and I think next we’ll start examining the power structure here – starting with Duplessis as the bitchy front-man and followed by the Catholic and British shadows lurking around behind him and uplifting him (as is their usual role).

black scroll divider

Maurice Duplessis

where the term “Duplessis Orphans” came from


The Grande Noirceur (Great Darkness) was what the reign of Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis, was known as. It is said that his 20 plus years in power epitomized a religiously and culturally pure Quebec.

If you thought that sounded vaguely Nazi – you’d be correct about that, because that’s who the Catholics really are under all that pomp and circumstance, soup kitchens and ‘care for the sick’.

Evil, duplicitous men who care about only one thing.

Power over others.


It doesn’t matter how many dupes are recruited under that fake outer shell, people who tell themselves that they are “fighting the good fight”. The core was rotten, is rotten, and will always be rotten and such people should be ashamed of themselves for ever supporting Catholicism in any way, shape or form.

Because –

What happened in Canada isn’t ancient history, it’s not hundreds and hundreds of years ago, it’s only a littler over fifty years ago.That’s nothing historically, and if you think they have changed?

Think again.

They never do.

no matter what they say.

pope francis january 2015

– – –

Prior to the 1960s, the government of Quebec was controlled by conservative Maurice Duplessis, leader of the Union Nationale party, whom the bulk of the small-town and rural clergy supported.

His system of patronage, a mix of favoritism and corruption, meant that it was necessary to vote “the right way” to benefit from the government’s largesse. He used in particular the private bills committee, which he chaired, to punish the enemies of his regime and reward its friends.7

Let’s have a look at who some of those ‘friends’ were.

The first Quebec Conference, code-named QUADRANT, took place in Quebec City from Aug. 17 to Aug. 24, 1943. The meetings were primarily between Churchill and Roosevelt, but King, as host, was in attendance. The aim of the conference was to plan high-level military strategies.

For a little context here (taken from Ewen Cameron’s page) Ewen had just arrived to McGill to head up the new Rockefeller-funded psychiatry department just one month before this.

The Ottawa Journal – Wednesday, July 7, 1943
Allan Memorial Institute announced


A number of extremely important war strategies were established at the 1943 Quebec Conference. It was here that the plans for D-Day — the allied invasion of Normandy that would mark the beginning of the end of the war — were approved.9

They also had another conference the following year – 1944. Quebec was quite the happening place for big slavemaster gatherings.






Duplessis was hob-knobbing at both these conferences, but especially the second one (which was just before his real rise to power).

Monday, September 11, 1944

…the official welcoming committee had been swelled by the arrival of Major General Sir Eugene Fiset, the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, and Lady Fiset; the Honorable Maurice Duplessis, the Premier of Quebec;

…In the Prime Minister’s party were Mrs. Churchill; Lord Moran, the Prime Minister’s Private Physician 9

Lord Moran?

Oh noes…



We call him the Sith Lord (from Lord of the Rings)


…At 8 :30 p.m., the President and Mrs. Roosevelt attended a viceregal dinner at the Citadel as guests of the Governor-General and Her Royal Highness Princess Alice. The guest list also included Prime Minister and Mrs. Chnrchill; Prime Minister Mackenzie King; Cardinal Villeneuve; Right Reverend Philip Carrington, Anglican Archbishop [Bishop] of Quebec ; Premier Duplessis of Quebec…9

September 12 –

The Right Honorable Sir Anthony Eden, British Minister for Foreign Affairs, arrived in Quebec from London this afternoon.

…At 5 :30 p.m., the President met with Prime Minister Churchill, Secretary Morgenthau and Lord Cherwell for discussions. Oxford Professor Frederick Alexander Lindemann (knighted Lord Cherwell), who planned the British bombing terror against the German population.9

That’s quite some friends Duplessis has himself.

wiley-double yikes

As I said, it was not too long after this conference, that Duplessis would be shoved into power to ‘do the dirty’ these slavemasters wanted him to do.

Begin “The Darkness”.

from The Darkness movie website


It started by knocking out of office, a man named Adélard Godbout, who had served as premier of Québec (1939–44). His government introduced a number of reforms heralding the spirit of what would later be called the Quiet Revolution. He took Quebec out of medieval times on a number of issues, women’s right to vote (1940), he promoted promoted education reform and brought in compulsory school attendance (1942) and nationalization of power generation in Montréal with the creation of Hydro-Québec (1944), and he launched a study on health insurance to be provided by the state (rather than the tight control the Catholics were wielding over all such healthcare).

You can just imagine how all that went over with the British and Vatican slavemasters, I’m sure the guy must have even been called “a communist.”

He had to gotten rid of – and that’s what they did.

Jackie_Gleason_he's outta there

Enter Duplessis.

From 1945-1959, Quebec was ruled by Maurice Duplessis who, through power and patronage, allowed the wealthy English-speaking minority to dominate business and commerce, while the Catholic Church ran the French-language schools and social systems.

There you go, the British and Vatican slavemasters together again.


At the time, an unmarried woman who became pregnant – contraception was unavailable – was not allowed to keep her child. After mothers would give birth in secret, their babies would be cared for by nuns. When they were old enough to go to school, the children were transferred to Catholic orphanages.

Illegitimate children were social pariahs to be hidden away, and the only place to hide them was in church-run public institutions.11

Ms. Gill contends that under the morality of the times the nuns “thought they had the right to judge and punish illegitimate children as if those children were guilty of the sins of their parents.10

Oh look. It’s eugenics – Catholic Style.

(See Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science)

As for money, the Duplessis administration allowed itself rather an abundance of ‘discretionary latitude’ in the use of public funds. Strange deficits seemed to always occur in years where there was a provincial election. For example, in 1948-1949, public accounts showed an unexpected deficit of 31 million. The situation was the same in 1952-1953, with a deficit of 39 million.

He called it: road-building expenditures. 

I’m road-building.

air quotes

I think one of the scariest things about this is that these and other breaches of standard budgetary practices were not illegal. The government had arranged for a large portion of the budget to be spent under laws that granted spending powers over several years, thereby preventing any annual control by the Legislative assembly.

The sums involved were not insignificant. For example, out of the total budget of 249 million for 1951-1952, 98 million was spent under ‘multi-year authorities’, with the result that the Legislative Assembly could exercise control over only 151 million. The power to freely determine when very large expenditures would be made allowed the Union Nationale to spend extensively in election years.1

Besides spending oodles of money in probably never to be known actual ways, Duplessis declared Quebec a Catholic province and actively promoted the Church’s welfare. In 1958, more than 85 percent of the population said they were Catholic and more than 88 percent of those attended mass every Sunday. A virtual army of nuns, priests and brothers – which numbered 50 thousand people by 1962 – oversaw the Church’s massive bureaucracy.

On that note, let’s get into the Catholic role here.

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Popes and Archbishops

Catholic criminal conspiracies


Laurent Bernatchez bloodied by police in the asbestos labour dispute, 1949. Some see this as the most violent strike in Canadian history. Photo: The Montreal Gazette Photo Archives

A farmer named Joseph Fecteau stumbled upon a strange fibre that in 1876. He’d hit a rich vein of asbestos, long known in Europe as a miraculous substance that could not be burned or damaged by fire. Within a few years, the Thetford area was the asbestos capital of the world.


Asbestos was soon everywhere, in houses, in factories, in cars, in thousands upon thousands of industrial and household products—all kinds of insulation as well as everything from brake pads to paint, cement, siding, shingles, pipes, ceiling and floor tiles, clutch facings, even crayons.

But it was killing people. Slowly, but inevitably.

For more than a century asbestos dust in the air was as omnipresent as the air itself. If you left your shoes on the floor near an open window, they’d be outlined in dust when you picked them up in the morning.

In 1949, 5000 asbestos miners in Quebec went on strike. The mines were mostly American/British owned, interestingly enough. The miners had six basic demands, including a wage of $1 per hour, union security, a pension scheme and some company action to check the spread of lung choking silicosis caused by exposure to asbestos. Eeven though it ended with the workers getting few of their demands, it is is still considered to be a milestone in Quebec’s labour history because never before had the workers stood up so forcefully to industry owners and government.

Most of the world, including the medical community, agrees that asbestos is desperately dangerous. The World Health Organization reports that more than 100,000 people die every year from lung cancer and other respiratory diseases due to asbestos exposure. And many more will die, because 125 million people are exposed to asbestos in their workplaces today and every day.

No surprise, then, that the stuff is effectively banned in Canada. And a surprise, to observers, that Canada exports it to other countries, most notoriously India, where public-health regimes are less vigorous than in Canada.

When the connection between asbestos and lung disease became irrefutable and the First World market for asbestos began to collapse in the late 1970s, the industry went looking for greener fields.

None has proved greener than India, where economic growth has averaged 9% a year of late and the construction industry is growing at breathtaking speed – they use it to make a cement composite used in low-cost building products.

India has a voracious market for asbestos, which is used to make a cement composite used in low-cost building products. Canada sent 69,575 tonnes of asbestos to India in 2010, according to the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, with a value of $39.1 million (U.S.). The leading supplier to the country, by far, is Russia. In 2010, Canada ranked third after that country and Brazil.

The Canadian industry made it clear as it began to target the developing world, that a country such as India would pose no messy problems with occupational health: Daniel Perlstein, then president of the asbestos company Société Nationale de l’Amiante, was quoted in The Globe in 1982 explaining that the question of health did not appear to be a concern “in some countries where life expectancy is only 35…most people die by age 35 of other causes than old age or of a cancer that takes 35 to 40 years to grow.

Yea, he really said that.


– – –

The working class is the victim of a conspiracy that aims to crush it, and … it is the duty of the church to intervene. It was a sermon filled with fighting words and while they would encourage Quebec workers, they’d cost their speaker his job.

That man was Archbishop Joseph Charbonneau of Montreal, and his sermon, delivered from the pulpit of Notre Dame Church on May 1, 1949, enraged Premier Maurice Duplessis. Such was Duplessis’s influence with the church that within a year Charbonneau would be gone.

In utmost secrecy, the Premier of Quebec Duplessis used his influence with Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) to call for the forced resignation of the archbishop because of his apparent support of striking asbestos workers.

Yea, how dare he do such a thing!

sarcasm little guy

The Archbishop had been virtually deposed because of his “anti-capitalist” attitude during the strike at Asbestos, in the Province of Quebec, which began on February 15th [sic] last year and lasted until July.

In America, Time circumstantially reported that the Apostolic Delegate to Canada had had to ask him to modify his attitude to labour questions; while in London the New Statesman declared:

He has quietly but steadily opposed the reactionary policies of the Duplessis regime. M. Duplessis and the asbestos magnates now have their revenge. The Archbishop’s scarcely veiled dismissal comes after a visit paid to Rome by two of Duplessis’s Ministers; and Duplessis, who did his utmost to smash the asbestos strike, is supported by the asbestos companies.12

Documents were assembled, and Courchesne went in person to Rome to present a memorandum accusing Charbonneau and his followers “of no longer being in communion with the Hierarchy and of preparing a schism within the Church of Quebec…”

Father Georges-Henri Levesque, Archbishop, said that Charbonneau was accused of having “an English way of thinking…” and therefore “once a French Canadian took on an English way of thinking, he deserved to be shunned.13

The “social problem,” as Charbonneau’s obstreperousness was called, was brought to the attention of sympathetic cardinals and other ranking figures in the Curia — and ultimately, it was hoped, to the attention of Pope Pius XII himself. Charbonneau, who had warned of a conspiracy against Quebec workers, had no inkling that one was being directed at him.

The blow fell in January 1950 when the Vatican ordered Charbonneau to resign. He appealed, asking leave to explain himself to the pope in person. Apparently he even booked a flight to Rome. He was ignored.

Late that month, Charbonneau was put on a plane at Dorval Airport. He had two suitcases and just $70 in his pocket. He was bound for Victoria, B.C., and the Mount Saint Mary’s Home for the Aged. On Feb. 11 his resignation was made public; it was for reasons of health, the Vatican said, which did nothing to stop the churning of the rumour mill. The Gazette archly speculated about “disagreement with certain civil authorities.” 14

Charbonneau would never see Montreal again.

– – –

Paul Emile Leger served as Archbishop of Montreal from 1950 to 1968 after Charbonneau was forced out. Leger was elevated to the cardinalate in 1953 by Pope Pius XII.

Leger reigned – good word for it – over Canada’s largest diocese at a time when the church was the most important institution in the lives of French-speaking Canadians.

It was this guy, and this is the real reason they replaced Charbonneau (he wasn’t playing ball on the nasty conditions and plans they had for the little people that Pius XII agreed with) – it was this guy who went along with when Duplessis signed the order-in-council that changed orphanages into hospitals and sane children into ‘mental patients’ overnight,  in order to provide them with federal subsidies.15

Psychiatric hospitals.

The doctors diagnosed the children with various mental illnesses while ignoring their actual mental state. Children in Quebec orphanages were therefore declared “mentally deficient.” Schooling stopped, and the orphans became inmates in a mental institution where they were sexually, physically, and mentally abused by lay monitors and nuns. Children who complained about the conditions were sent to local reform schools.

All the while these kids were being grossly abused sexually, is the same time period that you get drooling nut-cases psychiatrists like Lauretta Bender and Karl Menninger saying things like:

Without intending in the least to justify or excuse such criminal behavior, I may nevertheless point out that in the cold light of scientific investigation no such devastating effects usually follow (a fact which I hope will be of some comfort to certain anguished parents). Two psychiatrists (Lauretta Bender and Abram Blau) recently made a careful follow-up study of such cases and concluded that children exposed to premature sexual experiences with adults frequently turn out to be “distinguished and unusually charming and attractive in their outward personalities.” 17

A Ref# 7 is listed for the above as Lauretta Bender and Abram Blau, “The Reaction of Children to Sexual Relations with Adults,” Am. J. Orthopsychiatry, 7:500-518.

So, Dr. Bender, who in addition to drugging children with LSD and Metrazol and giving them ECT 20x per day,  thought being sexually abused as children made people into wonderful adults and was literally the cherry on top of the psychiatric cake.


Menninger then said –

The conclusions to be drawn from such observations need not be shocking; they simply bear out our contention that sexuality is not the evil and horrible thing it is generally conceived to be. Such experiences are traumatic to the child only when connected with deep hostilities; the furtive and desperate nature of such attacks, combined with the attitude ofsociety toward them, tends entirely in the direction of unbearably stimulating the child’s hostilities so that he conceives of sex as brutality. But when the experience actually stimulates the child erotically, it would appear from the observations of the authors cited just above that it may favor rather than inhibit the development of social capabilities and mental health in the so-called victims.17

This lovely little piece of go-ahead-and-abuse them piece of propaganda ever so carefully tries to pin blame on the child who gets sexually abused and who understandably HATES the person and what was done to them. It positions such a child as having “deep hostilities” – aka anti-social behavior aka a circular logic set-up – that the child is mentally ill for having such a reaction.

You know, other than the obviously preferred result of the child who is sexually abused should have the view and attitude that goes with being “erotically stimulated.”

It’s your fault.


Catholic criticchild-abuse 2


Six religious orders participated in creating this paedophile/psychiatric experimentation heaven.

The Sisters of Providence, the Sisters of Mercy, the Gray Nuns of Montreal (the Sisters of Charity of Quebec), the Little Franciscans of Mary, the Brothers of Notre-Dame-de-la-Misericorde, and the Brothers of Charity.

Let’s have a look at some of these orders who did this to people.

  • Sisters of Providence


On of their hospitals was Hopital du Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart Hospital) in Montreal, another was Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.







  • the Sisters of Mercy

This Catholic religious order is a particularly bad one, repeatedly tied to abuses of children all over the world including the U.S.

Their modus operandi (with only some exceptions) forms a distinct pattern. So distinct, that it simply cannot be “because it was a different time” some kind of an accident caused by “random rogue elements”. Those excuses are as patheticly transparent as their excuses for why their ‘god’ is so jealous and vindictive and has serious narcissism issues.


It went on for far too long and showed up in far too many different locations. This is a mindset, an organized system of prejudicial beliefs, not the result of some randomized people or events.

It is what the Catholic Church is really about. Some people are masters, some people are slaves and never the twain shall cross.

These religious orders are simply a blown up view of what happens when people with Catholic beliefs are allowed to really practice their beliefs unobstructed – all of their beliefs.


Let’s look at what these Sisters of Mercy have been up to – or, as I’ve seen them colloquially called – the Sisters of No Mercy.

In England and Ireland –

Girls supervised by orders of nuns, chiefly the Sisters of Mercy, suffered much less sexual abuse but frequent assaults and humiliation designed to make them feel worthless.

‘In some schools a high level of ritualised beating was routine,’ the report said.

‘Girls were struck with implements designed to maximize pain and were struck on all parts of the body. Personal and family denigration was widespread.’ 18

My note: What the heck is ritualized beating? Are they speaking in tongues at them with candelabras lit and wearing hoods, or what. I wouldn’t put it past them.

The Catholic Church response to their people getting caught doing all this vileness? Hide the people involved, prevent them from being prosecuted for they have not sinned.

[…]in 2004 the Christian Brothers secured a ruling that guaranteed all of its members, dead or alive, would remain anonymous in the report. 18

That is part of a policy going all the way back to the time of the first Jesuits. It’s all about something called sub-understanding.

In fact, it is the intention that is to distinguish the action – intentio enim discernit actionem.

You have but to impress your mind with the idea that you wish to “fulfil all justice,” and then break the commandments – you may “believe like angels, and sin like devils!19

Men ‘of God’ are above the law because they are the laws of men, you see, and therefore don’t matter.

I don’t even want to get into what that says  – by association – about their “god”.

Escobar was a prominent Jesuit teacher, by the way.

In fact, perjury, as the reader has seen, duelling, fraud, falsehood in all its ramifications, murder and violence,—these are the crimes which I see permitted by the casuists of the Society […] And yet Escobar says in his preface, that he has not maintained a single proposition which cannot be confirmed by the “gravest doctors” out of the Society:—thus involving all Romanism in the mire of this demoniac morality!

How far Escobar could have made good his boast, I leave others to determine; but I do not believe that any other casuists ever equalled the Jesuits in confessional levity*, when it was expedient, cum eis visum fuerit expedire. 19

*levity – lack of appropriate seriousness or earnestness. In other words, they liked to lie, verbally and in writing, to others and only acknowledge the actual truth to themselves.

Watch it in action –

Catholic priest rapist – Fr. Brendan Smyth – raped dozens of victims

Brendan Smyth

The Catholic Church is believed to have paid out up to €50m in compensation to abuse victims since former Cardinal Sean Brady’s direct involvement in the swearing to secrecy of two of the victims of the paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth was revealed by the Sunday Independent.

Senior legal sources said there was a rush to settle the bulk of up to 300 High Court cases in which Brady was nominally named as lead defendant on behalf of the Church.

Many of the cases had been before the court for more than a decade – some for up to 16 years – as the Church stonewalled the plaintiffs.

The case that exposed Brady’s direct involvement, where he was the “note-taker” in a case involving the boys raped by Smyth, had been before the High Court for 13 years.

However, Since Brady’s involvement came to light in March 2010, a considerable number of the cases that had been before the courts for years have been reported on official records as ending with “no orders made in this case”.

Legal sources say this is the usual sign that a case has been settled out of court. Such settlements are also usually contingent on the plaintiffs accepting confidentiality clauses, legally preventing them from speaking publicly about their abuse.20

Now, see I think that’s wrong and says a lot about the whole legal system. Such things should NEVER be allowed to be shoved under the table – money or no money. It just compounds the situation that led to the problem in the first place, sometimes with terrible consequences.

After two victims were sworn to secrecy over abuse in 1975, Brendan Smyth went on to rape and molest dozens more victims. He was arrested by the RUC in 1994 and convicted for offences in Northern Ireland. He died aged 70 in prison in 1997.


And this man Brady is who covered it up and manipulated the victims to as well! That’s the Catholic church for you.

A spokesman for the Catholic Church said that there would be no comment from the former cardinal or his nominated successor Archbishop Eamon Martin in relation to the compensation payments.

He pointed to Brady’s remarks in announcing his retirement when he said: “Pope Francis’s motto: ‘Miserando atque eligendo’, challenges and inspires me with its message of God having mercy and at the same time choosing us, despite our sinfulness. It reminds me that I too need to say sorry and to ask forgiveness. And I do so again, now.”

He’s fricking sorry?!? Dozens of more kids were raped because of his squelching the truth and he’s sorry?

pfffton his sorry.

He wasn’t sorry until he got caught. An extremely important thing to remember with these people.

Look who else is named in this sex abuse scandal though –

also named as co-defendant Sister Helena O’Donoghue, Provincial of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. Both were sued in a representative capacity.

[…] These cases, involving 32 females and 11 males, are understood to relate mainly to the Goldenbridge and other orphanages run by the order.

Ah. The Goldenbridge. If we wanted a good parallel comparison to what was going on with orphans under The Darkness in Quebec – this would be it.

green clockBackin’ up in history here for a minute –

The Religious Sisters of Mercy (R.S.M.) are members of a religious institute of Catholic women founded in 1831, in Dublin, Ireland, by Catherine McAuley.

The formal approbation of the Institute was granted by Pope Gregory XVI in 1835.

That is important.


This is why –

Our Roman See is harassed violently and the bonds of unity are daily loosened and severed. The divine authority of the Church is opposed and her rights shorn off. She is subjected to human reason and with the greatest injustice exposed to the hatred of the people and reduced to vile servitude.

…Furthermore, academies and schools resound with new, monstrous opinions, which openly attack the Catholic faith; this horrible and nefarious war is openly and even publicly waged. Thus, by institutions and by the example of teachers, the minds of the youth are corrupted and a tremendous blow is dealt to religion and the perversion of morals is spread.

–  Pope Gregory XVI “On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism” Mirari Vos, dated August 15, 1832, excerpt taken from The True Nature of “Communism” and Why the British/Vatican Slavemasters Needed It – Trashing the American Revolution by Virginia McClaughry, August 29, 2015

The “horrible and nefarious war” of which he speaks is in large part referring to the American Revolution and our throwing off (or should we say out) the slavemasters, and the fact that only one month before this speech, President Jackson had exercised his veto rights over the Bank Recharter bill, on July 3, no less, the day before our Independence Day, 1832. This was the beginning of killing the slavemasters bank they had installed in the U.S. and paying off the national debt – the only time this has ever happened.

In that same decree by Pope Gregory XVI, he defined this as insanity

…”liberty of conscience and worship is each man’s personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society; and that a right resides in the citizens to an absolute liberty, which should be restrained by no authority whether ecclesiastical or civil, whereby they may be able openly and publicly to manifest and declare any of their ideas whatever, either by word of mouth, by the press, or in any other way.”

Practically right out of our Constitution and Bill of Rights – see that?

More than 30 years later in Quanta Cura, Pope Pius IX specifically marks for condemnation the same thing

From which totally false idea of social government they do not fear to foster that erroneous opinion, most fatal in its effects on the Catholic Church and the salvation of souls, called by Our Predecessor, Gregory XVI, an “insanity,”2 viz., that

liberty of conscience and worship is each man’s personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society; and that a right resides in the citizens to an absolute liberty, which should be restrained by no authority whether ecclesiastical or civil, whereby they may be able openly and publicly to manifest and declare any of their ideas whatever, either by word of mouth, by the press, or in any other way.”

But, while they rashly affirm this, they do not think and consider that they are preaching “liberty of perdition;”3 and that “if human arguments are always allowed free room for discussion, there will never be wanting men who will dare to resist truth, and to trust in the flowing speech of human wisdom; whereas we know, from the very teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, how carefully Christian faith and wisdom should avoid this most injurious babbling.4

2 Gregory XVI, encyclical epistle “Mirari vos,” 15 August 1832.
3 same
4 St. Leo, epistle 14 (133), sect. 2, edit. Ball.
Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864, Pope Pius IX


Freedom of speech and freedom to think and make one’s decisions on our own are ‘injurious babbling” – are they?


In case you wondered, this aren’t just some lone examples of whacked out Pope.


This kind of vitriolic hatred continued all the way on up to now with anyone espousing the original views of the forefathers of the American Independence (and actions) being mischaracterized and villainized as communist.

Basic human rights were characterized as evil opinions that needed to be exterminated.

Yep, you heard that right. Exterminated.

Almost a hundred years later – when Pope Pius XI took office in 1922, the banner (symbol) of Pope Pius IX was flown. Why would he do that? Because of what Pius IX, and before him Gregory XVI were against.

Freedom for man.

Pius XI was all about agreeing with and reinforcing both of these two Popes views against Freedom for Mankind, because such “insanity” was a threat to this world domination plan that Pius IX had delineated –

the Catholic Church… should freely exercise even to the end of the world–not only over private individuals, but over nations, peoples, and their sovereign princes…

Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864, Pope Pius IX


Pius XI was on-board with Pius IX’s solution – from almost a hundred years earlier – as still the same solution –

… the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions…

Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864, Pope Pius IX

– – –

pastoral solicitude is especially directed at the priests, nuns, and religious orders.

Call it marching orders.

And so, back there when Pope Gregory XVI first started spewing the insane hatred of freedom for man that the Catholic Church has – was when the The Religious Sisters of Mercy (R.S.M.) was founded, just three years after his nasty speech about the principles of the American Revolution, and by then President Jackson had paid off the national debt, exterminating their hold over the U.S. through ‘owing’ them.


What was practically the first thing these “sisters of no mercy” therefore did?

Launched a number of ‘missions’ to the U.S. establishing their front groups – hospitals and orphanages – all over the U.S.


Figuring on exterminating those evil opinions by fracking with our children – perhaps?


Undermining America’s next generation in hopes that would stop all this communist ‘injurious babbling’.

sisters of mercy in the us 1946

Well, it didn’t work.

And then they invented psychiatry

See Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science

– – –

So, this was the kind of thing that the Sisters of “No” Mercy were fully on board with, as part of the ‘spiritual army’ of these psychotic Catholic leaders.

It is a further element of the children’s misfortune that they had been placed in the care of a religious order, the Sisters of Mercy, whose internal imperatives, when combined with the ideology of the Catholic Church, facilitated its brutality towards children. From its founding in the 1830s, it developed a strongly autocratic and hierarchical structure. It was virtually closed to outside scrutiny, and also remained immune from childcare theories emphasising the importance of affection. Instead it clung to a rigid and punitive approach, based above all on discipline and control. – Twisted Sisters blog

It is so them, so Vatican slavemasters, that they choose to experiment – with their annihilation (extermination) of personality by calling people’s rights opinionson children.

Like in Goldenbridge.

Even the name is horrifying, especially for anyone who’s ever heard of scientology and it’s “golden bridge” to spiritual freedom.

unknowingness to revelation_-_scientologys_bridge_to_light_AD

I just got it – spiritual freedom – but not freedom as man, eh?

oh-boy spanky

I bet that’s actually 100% accurate. You can have all the spiritual freedom you want (which is ludicrous since they can’t give it or take it away) but not while you’re a man.


Well, that’s a bit of an epiphany.

– – –

Goldenbridge was formally known as St Vincent’s Industrial School, it was one of around 30 run by the Sisters of Mercy just in Ireland alone.

Order of Detention that was illegal. H/t Paddy Doyle, God Squad Author
[as noted by Twisted Sisters blog]


Her first memory is of seeing a girl aged seven or eight being held by two older girls as she was beaten by a nun.

The law required that children were sent to industrial schools by a court order, and — apart from a few voluntary admissions — this applied to the children at Goldenbridge. They appeared in court under a range of bizarre charges, from “seeking alms” to “being in want of proper guardianship”. They were usually ordered to be detained until they were 16, and were thus effectively criminalized for the misfortune of having lost one or both of their parents.

goldenbridge2 entrance


Children who did have relatives were abruptly taken from them adding the pain of separation to the cruelty they were about to endure.

Bernadette Fahy, who was at Goldenbridge from 1961 to 1970, received a beating after she was caught talking in the dormitory. She was pulled out of bed by her hair, stripped of her nightdress and beaten until she fainted. The helpers also terrorised children by pushing them into a tumble dryer, which they briefly switched on, and by locking them into a windowless boiler room in the basement.

a scene at the magdalen asylum much like montreal

goldenbridge special bus

Most feared of all was Sister Xavieria. From a farming family in western Ireland, she was first assigned to Goldenbridge in the 1940s, and took over as head nun in 1953, when she was 35.

Maura, otherwise known as Sr Xavieria Lally

sister xavieria sisters of mercy child abuser

Wow. The evil just pours out of that woman.

Her excuse?

By her own admission, Maura admitted “she used the stick” far more than she’d ever like to think about – here comes her excuse – this was in the ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ era.

Oh, well that explains it, she didn’t know she was treating children badly, is that it?


Decades later, Sister Xavieria could still move Julie to terror: when Julie saw a newspaper photograph of her in 1996, “I just couldn’t move. My whole insides drained.”

“You were always afraid,” says Mary, “from the minute you opened your eyes in the morning to when you went to bed at night. Then you’d fear even in your sleep the devil was going to get you.”

Julie used to dream of escape. “I wished I was dead, or in hell. Anything to get out of that place.”

What else went on in one of these Sisters of No Mercy “homes” like Goldenbridge?

  • Shunning.

One of the policies of these Sisters of No Mercy was shunning, in every which direction. This blog author who lived it, shared her thoughts on what went on.

There’s been a lot of talk lately in the blogosphere corners I frequent on shunning. It has prompted me to write a few thoughts on what shunning means to me personally. The very thought of the word absolutely sends shivers down my spine. Shunning is indicative of pure ruthless social rejection, a thing I grew up with in Goldenbridge. I also associate it with children who were very friendly with each other in the institution, who, alas, were severely mocked and jeered and separated from each other by staff. The latter called them ‘love birds’ then castigated and shunned them. There were also children who were different from others, and they too were deliberately avoided by other children and not allowed to associate with the group.

The nuns were never allowed to have any personal interaction with GB child inmates. The latter were totally shunned. The parents used Goldenbridge and other industrial “schools” as weapon phrases to frighten children in their homes – if they were bold. “Now, if you don’t behave properly we’ll send you to the nuns at Goldenbridge.” The threats invariably worked, as no child wanted to be seen dead by anyone in an unfriendly Dickensian, cold, dark dank institution.

…Children in the nearby ‘outside’ national school in the same grounds had been warned by the nuns that they were not to glance at or dare to speak to children from GB industrial *school*. Woe be-tide them if they chanced to do so. That also included children who might have been connected to the inmates in a familial way.

…If a dislike by a staff member to a particular child occurred, with the shiny silver mirrored can with delicate handle the nasty staff member would bypass that child, and the one sitting next to it got extra sweets, to rub it in even more. The horrible staff member – hugging the can – would then glide along the benches with a smirk on her face. It not only caused terrible tension in the child who was left sweet-less but also to the rest of the onlookers who wondered whether they were going to suffer the same ignominious despicable fate. Shunning innocent children was normal behaviour.


The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA) – commonly known in Ireland as the Ryan Commission (previously “the Laffoy Commission”), after its chair, Justice Seán Ryanis. It was one of a range of measures introduced by the Irish Government to investigate the extent and effects of abuse on children in Irish institutions for children from 1936 onwards. The majority of allegations it investigated related to the system of sixty residential “Reformatory and Industrial Schools” operated by Catholic Church orders, funded and supervised by the Irish Department of Education.

The Commission’s work started in 1999 and it published its public report, commonly referred to as the Ryan report, on 20 May 2009.

An excerpt from the Goldenbridge chapter of the Ryan report.

“All of the complainants came to Goldenbridge in harrowing circumstances. Some had lost a parent, and the surviving parent was either not able to cope or was deemed by the State to be unsuitable. Others were abandoned. Some came from desperately poor families, and others were born out of wedlock to mothers who felt that society left them with no option but to place their child in care. Some of those committed were babies; others had spent a substantial part of their childhood with their families. Most of the children were heartbroken and terrified on entering Goldenbridge. They all shared a vulnerability that made them emotionally needy.

Complainants lived in an atmosphere of constant fear of arbitrary punishment for misdemeanours and of being humiliated. Despite always being surrounded by people, many expressed an overwhelming sense of isolation and loneliness. Many of the complainants stated that they are left with deep psychological scars as a result of their time in Goldenbridge…

One witness spoke of arriving at Goldenbridge as a six-year-old child in the late 1940s after her mother had died of TB. She described the experience as ‘very very harrowing’: she said she was stripped of her clothes and that all her hair was cropped.

When asked whether she had understood at the time why her clothes were being taken from her, she replied:

No. You weren’t told. You were just used and abused … you were disposable … They didn’t give a stuff about what you were, whether you were a child, whether you were breathing, whether you were living, what you were feeling. Nobody bothered about a child. You were just a disposable item. That’s the way it seemed to me. That’s the way I have carried all through my life. I don’t like what I have carried all through my life. It has left me vulnerable, raw and it has affected the whole of my life.

I used to scurry around. I used to try to dodge and weave to get away from the beatings, the abuse. You didn’t. You were helpless. Wherever you were you were a helpless victim. You couldn’t get away from them. They used to clatter you, they used to batter you. The names you were called. The stuff you had to go through. The thing was you were always so alone. There was never anybody there for you. Nobody was there this is what I find so hard to tell you. You were lumped together and you were one of a many, many …

Multiply by thousands, in the name of the sickest thing to ever be propagated to man – Christianity.

communion goldenbridgeXaviera was very fond of giving children crew-cuts. See: second girl to the right hand side.

Put all together, we have –

  • shunning
  • constant fear
  • humiliation
  • arbitrary punishment
  • stripped of clothes and hair chopped off
  • you were a disposable thing

There was nobody ever there for you.

Just these sick bitches witches who had simply decided you were the spawn of Satan.

sisters of mercy 5

Ample evidence has emerged that this pattern of cruelty extended far beyond Goldenbridge to other Sisters of Mercy homes and institutions.

I think it’s becoming clear what this particular ‘religious order’ real purpose may have been, and why it was so easy to gain their consent to turn over orphans in Canada for psychiatric and medical experimentation.

Sisters of Mercy home for unmarried mothers and abandoned children – Montreal

sisters of mercy home for unmarried mothers and abandoned children montreal

sisters of mercy5

Nice hats. (sarcasm on)

sisters of mercy3

sisters of mercy2

Sisters of Charity

Talk about a propaganda pic –

sisters of mercy

As compared to –

sisters of mercy montreal2

sisters of mercy montreal

wiley-double yikes

* * *


There was certainly a lot to be said about this Sisters of Mercy, so as a reminder –


We were looking at the six religious orders whom, under Duplessis in Quebec, participated in creating this paedophile/psychiatric experimentation heaven called hospitals and orphanages.

The Sisters of Providence, the Sisters of Mercy, the Gray Nuns of Montreal (the Sisters of Charity of Quebec) the Little Franciscans of Mary, the Brothers of Notre-Dame-de-la-Misericorde, and the Brothers of Charity.

Next –

  • The Gray Nuns of Montreal

This habit belonged to the Montreal congregation of the Grey Nuns.

The Sisters of Charity of Montreal, formerly called The Sisters of Charity of the Hôpital Général of Montreal, are more commonly known as the Grey Nuns of Montreal.

sisters of charity grey nuns

A picture is worth a thousand words on that one.

The Notre-Dame-de-Liesse orphanage and nursery D’Youville

notre dame orphanage montreal

Sr. Zoe Leblanc-EmerySr. Zoe Leblanc-Emery, 1885
Photo: Archives des Sœurs Grises de Montréal, Leblanc-Emery, Zoe 1885


Their nursery in Quebec called “youville” –



In 1972, after having hosted more than 64000 orphans, the Notre-Dame-de-Liesse orphanage and nursery D’Youville closed since Quebec had passed legislation and a Bill which stated that everything possible should be done to keep children with their families. Up to the 1970s abandoned, neglected or delinquent children had always been “placed” in institutions.

sisters of charity mercy montreal

Next –

  • the Little Franciscans of Mary

Note the shorn-off hair of the girls on the porch – just like at Goldenbridge. It’s like they’re making them look like boys.



The Little Franciscans of Mary, Baie Saint Paul, Charlevoix, QUEBEC

The Little Franciscans of Mary, Baie Saint Paul, Charlevoix, QUEBEC

Check out their coat-of-arms, with the semi-disguised double-headed eagle of the Nesilim symbol.

little_franciscans_of_mary_double_headed_eagle_symbolSee Scientology Roots Chapter Five – Actual Jewish History for much more about the Nesilim and how they created both the Catholic Church and Judaism.


You see that symbol and you know there’s war afoot, be it covert or overt.

Original Nesilim symbol in Turkey

Original Nesilim symbol in Turkey


In the case of these religious orders, I don’t care what they try and say their ‘innocent intents’ were, they were most definitely at-war-with-the-world – particularly those opposed to their masters insane world-domination plans – and they were using children as some sort of weird straw-man in this war.

Someone who can’t fight back, that they can then wreak their insane repressed hatred and anger towards a world that doesn’t always agree with the ridiculous idea that “god” is in charge of them through such twisted people.

Next, we have –

  • the Brothers of Notre-Dame-de-la-Misericorde

The Quebec enclave of the hospital of Misericorde are well known to have practiced a particularly strict form of Catholicism until the “Quiet Revolution – Revolution Tranquille”; approximately from 1960 to 1966.

This was one of the main hospitals home to the Duplessis orphans. Many of these were born to single mothers and then were later mass-hospitalized as either mentally ill or retarded.

Rosalie Cadron-Jetté confronted the prejudices of his time to provide assistance to “mother-daughter” through a motherhood which became the Mercy Hospital in Montreal.

In the Official Catholic Diretory of 1905, on page 40 it lists Brothers of Notre Dame des Champs under the Archdiocese of Quebec, and on page 41, under communities of women; Hospitals of the Misericorde de Jesus; it lists Hotel-Dieu of the Sacred Heart in Quebec.

It’s full name is Hospitaliers de la Misericorde de Jesus. The Brothers of Notre Dame ran the chapel there(among other things).

The Congregation of the Brothers of Notre Dame des Champs, which had been founded at St. Damien of Buckland in 1902,  was also affiliated with the Clerics of St. Viateur (C.S.V.), a congregation devoted to education and altar attendance, which was founded in France and later established in Belgium, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

The CSV, as do all these catholic religious orders that deal with children, use their ‘child’ care to control and influence children, they cover education from primary school to university level. They are following in the footsteps of the initial how-to-take-over-a-country pattern of the Jesuits* – by targeting its children and isolating them in ‘learning’ institutions away from their parents.

Check out this part of the translation of this founding Jesuit Loyola’s document 2 – Instructions –

It would be a great help for the complete conversion of those lands, both at the beginning and throughout the rest of the time, to open a large number of elementary schools there, and secondary schools and colleges, for the education of young men, and even of others who may need it, in Latin and in Christian faith and morals. This would be the salvation of that nation. For when these youngsters grow up, they would be attached to what they have learned in the beginning and to that in which they seem to excel their elders. Before long the errors and abuses of the aged would lapse and be forgotten. If it appears hard to the people of that kingdom, habituated as they are to their old ways, to see their children properly trained, think about the advisability of Prester John’s sending abroad a large number of those who have talent. A college could be opened in Goa and, if circumstances called for it, another in Coimbra, another in Rome, another in Cyprus, on the opposite side of the sea. Then, armed with sound Catholic teaching, they could return to their lands and help their fellow countrymen.

Gaining the Heart of Prester John: Loyola’s Blueprint for Ethiopia in Three Key Documents by Matteo Salvadore

*Also see article Why Psychiatry is more religion than Science – section titled The Jesuits and Education.

So rather than really being some innocent “let’s help the poor and disabled children” thing with these orders of nuns and priests, it’s actually part of a war-tactic for covertly taking over and influencing a country.

Through the leaders of the Catholic Church, this tactic has been used ever since the time of Loyola, at least, all the way up to the present.

For example, Pope Pius XI (the boss of the next Pope, Pius XII Eugenio Pacelli) invited this CSV order to “extend their field of apostleship” in 1931.

Pope Pius XI 1922 to 1939

He invited them.

You’re “invited”.

air quotes

Nah uh. That was an order.

Remember, Pius XI was on-board with Pius IX’s solution for ‘communists’ (which was really just a covert hit on American revolutionaries) from almost a hundred years earlier –

… the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions…

Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864, Pope Pius IX

– – –

pastoral solicitude is especially directed at the priests, nuns, and religious orders.

Pius XI was continuing in the tradition here of issuing marching orders to go out there and exterminate those evil opinions – and one way to do this was by lying to children through education about what were “evil” opinions, and what were “right” ones.

And where were these invited missionaries sent in 1931? Manchuria (China) in the prefecture of Szepinghai.

China, you see, was strongly blocking slavemaster interference in their country at the time, be it British or Vatican. They had also done the unthinkable, sarcastically speaking, and had clearly identified the ‘religious missions” of Catholics as being exactly what they were – a tactic of war trying to undermine their own country, and had even go so far as to start throwing them out.

See my post Dark Matter for much more about that. (and also my Why China article, part 1)

The Misericorde hospital itself (that both the Grey Nuns and the Brothers of Notre Dame were involved with) had its beginnings when Father Joseph Auclair, pastor of Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, and Bishop Pierre-Flavien Turgeon, rented a house in the Faubourg St-Jean, on the corner of St-Gabriel and Scott in 1852. This would then take the name of Hospice St. Joseph of the Maternity of Quebec the “brothers” of Notre Dame would give the running of it to Miss Marie Métivier. Just a few years later, the Hospice had to move in 1855 to larger premises at the corner of Ferland and Couillard streets.

Misericorde – 1897


Children who are born would be sent to the Nursery run by the Grey Nuns in Montreal or were placed in families.

misericorde sisters

Cases of illegitimate maternity continued to multiply and the little number of places available at the Hospice St. Joseph is not enough to meet the request. Talks between the Archbishop of Quebec and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd are engaged in, and in 1874 they founded the House of Mercy on Couillard street despite the protests of the neighborhood. Ms. Métivier then left the responsibility of the hospital ward but kept the “private” rooms. The two neighboring establishments or Hospice St. Joseph
and the House of Mercy, therefore lived together for two years.

From 1901 infants who were “gathered” by Sacred Heart Hospital since 1885, went directly to Hospice of Mercy Hospice des Sts-Anges, which was moving in 1908 Ste-Foy Road and took the name of Crèche St-Vincent-de-Paul.

In 1927, the construction of a new wing for Maternity at Crèche St-Vincent-de-Paul began, with another renaming to Mercy Hospital happened two years later when they moved in.

cr-che-st-vincent...qu-bec-1-420528f misericorde sacred heart

Single mothers, due to the Catholic crap about what is ‘sin’ and what isn’t, were regarded as outcasts and forced to live their pregnancies in secret. Some were shunned or disconnected from by their families, others would lie to their relatives, saying they were going on a trip to avoid the same fate.

Propaganda pic –

le propaganda misericorde sisters

Reality –

Salle-accouchement-1950 misericorde


Hopital de la Misericorde.3

In a single mother pregnancy, the mother is found to be at fault and having ‘sinned’ – not usually the father in the Catholic misogynistic societal structures.

The child was viewed as the product of sin, the devil, and was also treated like a social pariah – a thing, a source of evil.

Personally, I think these institutions were like some sick recruitment pool for Catholicism’s “spiritual army, because they counseled these mothers to give their children up for adoption. Which, of course, would result in both the child being placed in a chosen Catholic family to be added to the army, and/or a nice little slave work force and human experimentation pool.

Which is exactly what happened.


The other thing that is extremely important to know about here is that this hospital kept double records – one for show and the real record.

Two records were assigned to each patient. One, strictly medical, kept absolute anonymity and holder there was designated by its admission number. That file only had access by the medical and nursing staff of the hospital. The other, to personal and social, was more elaborate and was kept locked in the hospital office. Access was extremely limited and this file was where we had social profiling and Catholic ‘tracking’ of bloodlines going on.


The fact that this was the practice opens the door to a whole other nightmare world of what went on with those deemed “mental” patients because what we have here are secret records on them somewhere that are not probably the ones that are given out on request.

See why this is important? It shows that these evil fracks do keep records of what they did to people but you’d have to know before hand that there are two records in order to even ask about it. Let alone if they’d even give it to you before telling you some story about how either they don’t know what you’re talking about or they’d do the British thing and say they were “lost in a fire” or “pulped during the war” when in reality they were not.

When they weren’t using religion or religious confession as an excuse to keep things hidden –

Brothers of Notre Dame chapel at Misericorde Hospital

chapel misericorder brothers of notre dame

Almost all of the boys were christened Joseph by the nuns and monks that ran the hospital and the girls were christened Marie. As adults, these orphans have pursued an apology and compensation from the province.

On a more personal note, check out this guy’s story of how these nuns actually lied and said he had been adopted (when he hadn’t) and basically blocked his mother from finding him even though she came back to re-claim him. She couldn’t find him for thirty years after that.

My sad story is a little different. The custom was once that if a mother left a child in one of these hospitals and did not sign the paperwork officially giving the child up for adoption, the child was not put up for adoption for two years. Though my mother did sign those papers, she felt that she was coerced. She, a young woman was brought before a group of clergy sitting at a huge table in a large room while she stood in front of them, as if on trial. She said that she felt judged a sinner and coerced and shamed into signing those papers. My biological mother returned to that hospital in Montreal (a three to four day drive from her home, depending on the weather) six months after giving me up for adoption. She felt that she had been shamed and manipulated into giving me up by the hospital staff and the Church and wanted to rectify what she felt was a mistake.

The hospital informed her that she was too late. An electrician and his family in Montreal had already adopted me and they could give her no further information about my whereabouts.

This was not, however the case. I had been placed in an orphanage about an hour’s drive from her home back in the Gaspésie and would remain there for another three months until my parents (from New Jersey) adopted me.

Based on the false information she was given, my biological mother moved in with her sister in Montreal and spent several months searching through the city’s electricians’ union in hopes of finding out where I had been placed. Naturally, she was looking in the wrong place and didn’t find me for another thirty-some years. I was, of course, unaware of this and happily growing up in New Jersey with my parents and brother (also adopted, also from the Gaspésie) until my biological mother finally found me.

Oh, and yes, my first name was technically Joseph.


Misericorde is one of the places for which we do have documentation that both Ewen Cameron and Heinz Lehmann were involved with abusing their Hippocratic oaths by using orphaned children for their psychiatric peccadilloes.

The following photo pictures both Lehmann and Cameron on the steps of Misericorde in 1959 –

cameron and lehmann at misericorde in 1959

We know there were orphans living in a sealed off wing of the Allan Institute in those years.

Cameron and Lehmann were key figures in what appears to have been a eugenics program operating out of McGill. Lehmann had trained in Nazi Germany at precisely the universities where the infamous T4 eugenics program was developed. He came to Quebec in 1937 and was soon placed in charge of a major psychiatric hospital known as a place where patients were zombified with drugs and ECT.

There was also a link with New York and Massachusetts hospitals and military bases like Plattsburgh AF base known to have used trafficked orphans from Quebec in classified experiments. Some of this information comes from surviving orphans.

Cameron worked with Dr Nolan D C Lewis from the NY Psychiatric Institute where a Nazi doctor Franz Kalman had run a eugenics program since the 1930s. Lewis worked with Cameron giving LSD to children in the 1950s at McGill.

They needed a lot of children in those days and Quebec was a baby factory, with the highest birth rate in the western world. 21


We have now covered the known Catholic religious orders that are known to have participated in using orphan children for religious mental illness experimentation.

  • the Sisters of Providence – Hopital du Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart Hospital) in Montreal and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.
  • the Sisters of Mercy
  • the Gray Nuns of Montreal
  • the Sisters of Charity of Quebec
  • the Little Franciscans of Mary
  • the Brothers of Notre-Dame-de-la-Misericorde and the Brothers of Charity.

The other Catholic-run hospitals involved were –

  • Mount Providence (Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies)
  • Baie-St-Paul, Huberdeau
  • St Michael the Archangel (Centre hospitalier Robert-Giffard)
  • St. Julien in St. Ferdinand d’Halifax south of Quebec City – Run by the Sisters of Charity of Quebec. Over 1500 orphan girls were falsely incarcerated as mentally retarded there by the early 1950’s – the reality was they received federal funding for the ‘poor orphans’ and they experimented on them with psychiatric treatments….placed orphans in cells for years, sexual abuse, murder, experimental drugs, straitjacketed.
  • Saint-Michel Archange in Quebec City, where many disappeared in drug trials and other criminal experiments. Run by the Sisters of Charity of Quebec …Lobotomies, murder, Torture, Medical experiments done in their Psychiatric Sanatorium Wing, … children were lobotomized and degraded worst than an animal.
  • St Jean De Diu

St Julien –

Saint-Julien Mental Hospital Saint-Ferdinand, Qc, Canada

St. Jean De Dieu –

st jean de doux


St. Jean is the one that we discussed earlier, that had a million dollars surplus after they began falsely recategorizing orphans as “mentally ill”.

As early as 1962, a Quebec government body known as the Bedard Commission16 acknowledged that the Orphans had never been mentally ill or retarded and that they had been fraudulently labeled. This was the commission investigating the mental institutions that revealed one-third of the 22,000 patients did not belong.



In 1950 there were 66,000 mental patients in Quebec’s ‘asylums’.

At least 22 thousand were orphan children who did not belong there.


Duplessis’ order-in-council was really just an outcropping (and a quest for for patients to experiment on medically) of what was already in play here – that had been started in 1948 when Duplessis specifically established a program of health grants- establishing special programs to deal with mental health. Hospitals were built, renovated, or enlarged…[my note: and these ‘special programs were created by using federal funding as controlled by the British.2

And what were some of those special programs?

In his memoirs, pages 80-82 (Medecin et Citoyen published in 2002) Dr. Denis Lazure wrote that in 1952, while interning at Hospice St. Jean de Dieu, a massive psychiatric facility in Montreal since renamed Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Hospital, he and five other interns regularly administered electroshock and routinely put patients into insulin comas.

Dennis Lazure

Dennis Lazure

Lazure described how he would “start the day pushing the button on the electrical box that sends a current to provoke an epileptic-type convulsion in tens of patients who hadn’t received any preparatory medication.

Then he was off to the insulin coma rooms, “half-lit, vile-smelling, with two dozen patients that we’d inject with doses of insulin strong enough to induce a coma. After several hours of excessive sedation, they’d receive a glucose injection, which usually brought them back to consciousness. It sometimes happened that we got the shock of a patient that failed to reawaken.

Lazure painted a disturbing picture of St. Jean de Dieu, one in which psychiatrists played with and destroyed human life. Later in 1952, Lazure left the institution for Verdun Protestant (now Douglas) Hospital, where he assisted Heinz Lehmann in tests of chlorpromazine.

This was not an improvement. Basically Denis went from being a part of one vile invasive tactic to another, in other words.

Duplessis orphans activist Rod Vienneau Letter to the Queen September 1, 2005 –

…Lazure also admitted going to work at the Douglas psychiatric hospital with German doctor Heinz Lehmann in 1952, and both done horrific experiences on the orphans.

I must specify that the Canadian government never once checked out Dr. Heinz Lehmann’s credentials, and did not verify who was Heinz Lehmann, and what role did he play in the Nazi army? He arrived here in 1937 from Germany, and practiced psychiatry for 26 years without a licence, and received millions of dollars from the Canadian government and the Quebec government, and also tons of awards for his horrific psychiatric experiments on children.

At the time, anyone wanting a licence to practice psychiatry, all they had to do was to go and meet with Ewen Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, and he would write out temporary papers and anybody could practice psychiatry, like it was the case of Heinz Lehmann, who practiced with a six month paper that Ewen Cameron wrote out for him, and he worked for 26years with this piece of paper doing horrific experiences on the Duplessis Orphans with aid of his assistant psychiatrist Denis Lazure in 1952.

A pretty accurate portrayal of just how lackidaiscal they were about this “science” of psychiatry – all things considered.

To illustrate that part of the real reason for all this nasty experimentation was really about combating opposition to the Vatican and British slavemaster position, here’s a couple news articles.

The first shows Dennis Lazure’s involvement with trying to “stop communism”, side-by-side with a total propaganda piece on the poor, poor (sarcastically speaking) persecuted Roman Catholic Church in China. The second one is titled: Psychiatrists Unloved – which is just a great title because not only was that so, so true, but we see Dennis Lazure mixed up with trying to handle that by having more general hospitals practicing psychiatry! File that under shoot yourself in the foot.

In a fit of stupidity, Dennis Lazure’s PR man, Jean Lepage (public relations director for Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine) issued a statement on Lazure’s behalf where he tried to slip it past people that investigations into claims that Orphans had been severely harmed “were never proven and therefore considered unfounded.”

Clearly hoping (and depending totally on) that most people hadn’t actually read the Quebec ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby’s report of 1997.

Well, I have.

Jacoby’s report clearly shows that he did indeed find evidence of such abuses as psychosurgery, electroshock, ice baths, beatings, straitjacketing, torture, sodomy and “unjustified confinement to a cell — sometimes for months or even years.”

Rod also correctly pointed out that all orphanages and all hospitals were under the sole control of the Roman Catholic Church as sole proprietors of each institutions, and that they could hire or fire who ever they pleased – clearly indicating that the Catholic Church was 100 percent behind the rise of psychiatry as the solution to their problems with far too effective rebels around the world. This practice (who was hired etc.) continued until the Nun’s were forced into selling back the hospitals to the Quebec government in the mid 1970’s – due to all the public furor over finding out what had been going on in them in the name of “medicine”. and “healing”.

In addition, Rod made a rather interesting observation as to British complicity together with the Vatican

Your Majesty, my wife Clarina Duguay and her sister Simonne are both Duplessis Orphans, and on their medical forms, it shows that the public curator of Quebec fell under the rule of King George VI, how could this be?, unless England was also funding medical experiences here in Quebec on the Duplessis Orphans, we know that Canada’s flag at the time was the Union Jack. We also know that psychiatrist Ewen Cameron from the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, who also did experiences at the Saint Jean de Dieu hospital on the orphans, was close friends with psychiatrist William Sargant from England, and were partners in medical experiences.

This is what is written on my wife’s and her sister Simonne’s medical form, it is in French: “Application des dispositions de l’article 16 de la Loi des institutions pour malades mentaux (14 Geo.V1, 1950, chapitre 31) et de l’article 7 de la Loi de la curatelle publique tel que modifié par la loi 15-16 George V1, 1951-1952, chapitre 55.”

Your Majesty, how can you explain King George V1 being on the Orphans medical files?

Did England fund medical experiences done here in Quebec psychiatric hospitals?

Having King George VI name on my wife’s medical file, means to us that your government has a joint responsibility in this case, and we are wanting public apologies and acknowledgements and compensation from the Government of England for crimes done to children during the 40’s and 50’s to the 70’s.

Letter to the Queen September 1, 2005 Rod Vienneau


Unfortunately, it should be noted that Rod appears to have been taken in by scientology somewhat on this subject, and erroneously thinks that scientology’s Freedom magazine was actually some kind of great resource, when really, as scientology so often does, they were just capitalizing on the subject as a form of proselytizing.


Rod is referring to this article: The Worst of Times – How Psychiatry Used Quebec’s Orphans as Guinea Pigs By Christine Hahn Special to Freedom, from around 2001.

This article is unsourced and it makes typical Hubbard allegations of that it’s “the Nazis” – completely missing the point as to who was really backing that horse, ie: the British and the Vatican slavemasters.

However, I have independently verified that these two points from the article are accurate –

  • Bruno Roy, president of the Duplessis Orphans Committee, examined records of hundreds of Orphans, and said that Cameron’s name, indeed, showed up in children’s records.
  • Michel Lebel, a former Montreal police officer who specialized in investigating cases against children, said the crimes against the Orphans went far beyond drugging and physical abuse. Lebel has discovered unexplained deaths of hundreds of Orphans and many examples of bogus paperwork in their cases. When children died, he explained, as yet unidentified persons within the psychiatric system simply came up with phony new identities, fabricating records to replace those deceased so funding could continue. “Some of these kids died and were reborn 10 times,” said Lebel, now a freelance journalist.

Bad record-keeping, forging non-existent patients paperwork, double-records with the real one never revealed, yep. All that did indeed happen.

As another example, Freedom wasn’t the only magazine/news source making it clear that this intentional mis-characterization of orphans as mentally ill went back into the 1940’s. The Boston Globe also made that same statement.

Starting in the mid-1940s, roughly 3,000 abandoned Quebec youngsters of normal intelligence were arbitrarily pronounced ”severely retarded” or ”psychotic” so that church-run orphanages could qualify for heftier government payments. Institutions treating disturbed youngsters received three times as much funding as orphanages that merely provided shelter and education.

DUPLESSIS’ ORPHANS Copied from The Boston Globe By Colin Nickerson, Globe Staff, 3/28/2000


* * *


Summing up –

There’s a very simple way to completely encapsulate what the deal really was with these ‘religious orders’.

If we take Pope Gregory XVI’s words, turn them around and substitute the word humanity for religion, and then look at it in regards to what these Popes and religious orders were doing to others?

Thus, by institutions and by the example of teachers, the minds of the youth are corrupted and a tremendous blow is dealt to religion humanity and the perversion of morals is spread.

–  Pope Gregory XVI “On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism” Mirari Vos, dated August 15, 1832


Look how totally accurate that is.

This is the war these nuns and brothers were engaged upon using children.

Gregory XVI even says that, just turn it around as being about them!

this horrible and nefarious war is openly and even publicly waged.

–  Pope Gregory XVI “On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism” Mirari Vos, dated August 15, 1832


See? That’s them alright. Horrible and nefarious.

You could say that this is a Jesuit thing – going right back to their very beginning – just keep in mind that even the Jesuit ‘religious order’ were doing what was already the prevailing method of operation of the Nesilim Catholics.

The bottom line is that they have always used religious orders to conduct war on populations.

People and nations that are a threat or oppose them in some way, or who simply have something they want.

All under the guise of mercy, charity, etc. etc., while invariably targeting the weakened or weak in some way. Be it the sick, the poor, or children, these people are cowards and never take on a strong and able to fight back enemy.

That’s a very ugly picture as to the ‘morals’ of these people, I’m sorry to have to say, but it is the true one.

black scroll divider

How can you ask somebody to apologize for something they were forced to do at gunpoint?” asked Cardinal Turcotte, referring to the religious orders whom he said had no choice but to accept federal money and turn the institutions into psychiatric hospitals.

Catholic News and Herald published 1991


That was one of the many excuses the Catholics tried to use to get out of just how ugly this rather massive conspiracy really was.

Let’s come back to Archbishop Leger now and examine his role more closely.


We already discussed the circumstances surrounding his having been chosen to replace Charbonneau, but what’s much more important about this guy is his relationship to Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII.

In an LA Times article of 1991, we get a few glimpses of just how far back his relationship to him went.

…went to Rome at the end of World War II when “Italy really was the Third World,” he said.

“I began to help the Pope (Pius XII) in finding food and medicine. I can say our relations were not only friendly, but like a father with his son.”

This relationship, he said, was crucial in his appointment as archbishop of Montreal.

An online biography of Leger expands on this a bit more –

… Even more significantly, he made the acquaintance of Pope Pius XII – who received him affectionately – thanks to the distribution in Rome, a city suffering from the disastrous effects of the war, of substantial quantities of food and clothing collected in Quebec by the Gold Cross, a charity Léger had founded in 1948.

He immersed himself in this milieu, explored its corridors, and facilitated relations between the Holy See and Quebec’s bishops, the Canadian clergy, and the Catholics hastening to Rome, especially during the Holy Year, as well as members of the government seeking access to the Vatican. He thus became acquainted with the tastes and tendencies of those around him and adopted the style and viewpoints characteristic of Pius XII’s papacy. He was one of the first to be informed at the end of 1949 or the very beginning of 1950 of Charbonneau’s resignation as archbishop of Montreal.

I go into just what this “style” and “viewpoints” really was a bit in this article, but a whole lot more in Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science. Suffice it to say that it was not a good thing that Leger styled himself after Pius XII.

Leger and Pius XII, November 1954


Let’s have a look again though, at one particular viewpoint of Pacelli’s, that Leger followed in lockstep with to the detriment of many, many people in Quebec.

This one –

It is from the State, however, that the doctor must receive authorization when he acts upon the organism of the individual in the “interests of the community.” For then he does not act as a private individual, but as a mandatory of the public power. The latter cannot, however, pass on a right that it does not possess, save in the case already mentioned when it acts as a deputy, as the legal representative of a minor for as long as he cannot make his own decisions, of a person of feeble mind or of a lunatic.

– An address given September 14, 1952 by His Holiness Pope Pius XII to the First International Congress on the Histopathology of the Nervous System.
  1. Notice what he’s addressing this speech to – a “mental illness comes from diseased nerves” type congress.
  2. Notice the date.
  3. Notice he said “The State” decides who is a “lunatic”. Enter the psychiatrist – completely under their control (whether he knows it or not) whose favorite diagnosis for political prisoners is….schizophrenia.

So what’s really happening here in what Pius XII said, is that he is sanctioning psychiatry to do whatever the hell they want to, to people under the control of “the State.”

Pacelli’s speech was magically just in time for the big switch to legal drugging America to get off the ground. This occurring at the same time as the big vamping up of all the slavemaster illegal drug routes for heroin, marijuana and cocaine, and the all-out war to try and tame all those ‘rebellious’ people and turn them into Happy Humans – through capricious and copious amounts of overt and covert research projects.

He is sanctioning what was being done (and about to be done a whole lot more) to people in predominantly Catholic Quebec, including young children.

And what did Archbishop Leger do, in total lockstep with Pacelli here?

It was him that “negotiated” with the British-dominated Ottawa government for that very federal subsidy to be created that was available only for psychiatric care, thus ushering in the era of mass-diagnosing, by “the State”, of helpless orphans as being “mentally ill.”.

That’s what he did. Not Duplessis…

The Vatican was behind that.


…The 3,000 “orphans” were illegitimate children or children born into abject poverty who were given up to Catholic-run orphanages during the government of Maurice Duplessis, a Catholic.

As the orphanages ran up debts in the 1940s, Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger negotiated a federal subsidy that was available only for psychiatric care. Thus, the orphanages became psychiatric hospitals, and a number of healthy children were falsely diagnosed as mentally ill and interned with real psychiatric cases.

“How can you ask somebody to apologize for something they were forced to do at gunpoint?” asked Cardinal Turcotte, referring to the religious orders, whom he said had no choice but to accept federal money and turn the institutions into psychiatric hospitals.

Catholic News and Herald published 1991


Now you see just how sick, disgusting, and utterly hypocritical Turcotte’s excuse was for what they did to these thousands and thousands of orphans.

Notice how he tried to blame it on the ‘federal government’, when in reality? It was Leger and Pacelli who spear-headed that. Put even more plainly it was the Catholic Church (with British slavemaster help) that made that happen.

Leger in 1953

Cardinal leger in 1953

Leger has been elected archbishop of Montreal on 25 March 1950, was consecrated on 26 April in Rome’s Basilica of St Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs by Cardinal Adeodato Giovanni Piazza, assisted by Archbishop Maurice Roy* of Quebec and by the Sulpician Jean-Julien Weber, Bishop of Strasbourg. He took possession of his “holy see” in Montreal on 16 May, 1950.

Now –

The same year Pacelli gave his blessing to state-run “care” and just two months after his speech about it, on November 29, 1952 – at the age of 48 Leger became one of the youngest “princes of the church” when Pope Pius XII made him a cardinal.

On 12 January 1953 he became the first archbishop of Montreal to be given the red hat.

He was so full of himself about it –

paul emile leger

pal emile leger cardinal

cardinal paul emile leger

Can you believe these people with their false airs and costumes galore? I’ve seen drag queens that were more subtle.


I have put together sort of a montage of different clips and footage in a video. I don’t have the world’s best movie-making software, but still, I hope that some might enjoy it anyway.


The next thing that happens is that in 1954, Duplessis wins the power to collect provincial income tax – thereby increasing the money available to him. What is practically one of the first things that he did?

In the mid 50’s, at a press conference, the ex. premier of Quebec, Maurice Duplessis stated in Joliette, Quebec, that he would open sixteen hundred new beds for the Saint Charles psychiatric hospital in Joliette, and said, “we will use the patients to work the lands” and “we will repeat this in Trois Rivières, Quebec, and in Sherbrooke, Quebec”.

Your Majesty, the patients that the premier refers to, are the Duplessis Orphans who were falsely interned and used as slave labour through out the province of Quebec, some hospitals were renting hundreds of orphans come harvest time, many died in the fields, and were automatically replaced, in such places like Iles Orléans, Charlesbourg, a maire of Saint Alexis de Montcalm had a dozen orphans working slave labor without pay on his farm, it is high time that government officials

Letter to the Queen September 1, 2005 Rod Vienneau


Bruno Roy was 11 when Mount Providence was abruptly transformed from orphan home to mental asylum in 1954.

”It happened almost overnight,” said Roy, a retired professor of French literature and one of the few Duplessis orphans to have achieved a normal life. ”Bars were put on the windows, a fence was raised around the orphanage, and four busloads of crazies – adults, some drooling, some catatonic, some dangerous – were brought to live among us. Our education was suspended; no more classes. Instead, we were set to work washing the backs and bed linen of insane old men.”


Remember the Sisters of Providence?

They were one of the first “transferites” into being psychiatric institutions.

…The events surrounding the establishment of Mont-Providence shed light on the political and financial issues that underlay services to abandoned children. Increasingly aware of the disastrous impact of orphanage institutions on childhood development, the Sisters of Charity of Providence innovated in 1950 by creating a new institution with the specific goal of”correcting” the situation and saving “educable children.” The order began to take in children referred by other facilities in the hopes of making up for lags in their development caused by institutionalization.

The order obtained federal and provincial government grants for the construction of the future school- the Institut Medico-Pedagogique-which was also intended to provide much-needed training to management officials willing to adopt this new approach.

However, because construction costs went well over budget, financing had to be renegotiated.

In the meantime, the federal government withdrew from the education field while remaining active in health. Ottawa considered Mont-Providence to be an educational facility, and therefore ineligible for funding. The Quebec government considered that the Institute’s medico-pedagogical vocation as a reeducation and rehabilitation center meant it should be considered as a healthcare facility.

Although Mont-Providence was affiliated with Saint-Jean-de-Dieu hospital, Ottawa held its ground.

The Quebec government therefore advised the religious community to change the facility’s vocation in order to benefit from federal funding. A $3 million dollar agreement was signed that transformed the school into a psychiatric hospital virtually overnight54, thereby sacrificing the facility’s main goaland the accompanying plans to help children.

DUMONT, op. cit., supra note 2, p. 505.

See Executive Council Chamber Order-in-Council n° 816, dated 54.08.12. A contract was also signed on 54.12.1 between the Province of Quebec and the orders.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

With this change in vocation <choke> how euphemistic, some 370 children found themselves interned in a psychiatric hospital.

Between 1954 and 1961, some of them were transferred to other institutions or joined the work force, but “a certain number of children at Mont-Providence at the time of the change in orientation remained” despite the directives the provincial government sent to the medical superintendent at Saint-Jean-de-Dieu hospital in August 1954.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

By 1957, jurisdiction over these institutions was transferred from the Department of Health to the Department of Social Welfare and Youth, which was thereafter charged with monitoring the “application of Council standards.” (Jacoby, ibid)

Everything was all set and ready to maintain a nice long (and profitable) period of institutional dependence. And of course, this is right when Ewen Cameron is getting rolling on his whole “brainwashing” experiments he was doing.


But, then came the Bedard Report, and Leger started having himself some…problems. His masters threw him to the wolves, basically, because of this exposure.

During the Second Vatican Council (1962–65), Cardinal Léger stood out for his wholehearted commitment to the work of the Commission on Doctrine and of numerous joint subcommissions, as well as for the vigour, quality, and relevance of his discourse in the conciliar assembly. Well served by his gifts as an orator and his perfect command of Latin, he was a key figure in that most important ecclesiastical event. Placing second in the number of speeches given in the conciliar assembly (, he was recognized as a leader at the council even though his stances cost him some old friendships formed under the pontificate of Pius XII, including that of Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, the powerful secretary of the Holy Office, and made him some lasting enemies. For a short time (1962–63) even the Congregation of the Holy Office was concerned about Léger

…Léger went through a dark period, which led to hospitalization at the end of 1962 and the beginning of 1963. Throughout the spring of 1963 he felt abandoned by the European cardinals, who, from then on, carried out their agenda without counting on him. He felt isolated and could no longer believe that the council would succeed. He would get back on his feet and once again take a leading role at the council’s sessions, speaking out at both the commissions and in the assembly.22

The Bedard Report


1962 was also the year that the Bedard Report came out in Canada, specifically singling out Cameron’s program for giving 12,000 electrical treatments amounting to 60,000 separate shocks given to thousands of patients.

I think that was one of the main reasons why all these behavioral projects were being shifted under the ORD where they were less visible and could be shielded under any number of sub-organizations, including any branch of the military.

The Bedard Report was the result of an investigation and study of conditions in Montreal psychiatric hospitals. The story behind that is quite an interesting one.

jean charles page book 1961 duplessis orphan

Jean-Charles Pagé, a Duplessis Orphan and former patient, published the book Les Fus Crient au Secours (The Mad Shout for Help) in August 1961. It was a testimony of his life at Saint-Jean de Dieu hospital, an old enormous institution in east-end Montreal – a town itself with its own post office, and even a tram to move things around inside the place, it was so big.

st jean de doux


His book detailed 36-day sleep treatments, excessive use of ECT and insulin shock treatments.31

Well, we know who did THAT to him, now don’t we.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, and remember, HE was in charge of the whole network of hospitals and training of psychiatrists in the area.

At the same time as all this horrificness is going on, St.-Jean de Dieu declared a one million dollar profit from per diem per head payments.

That’s how many people they had illegally shoved into that god-forsaken place, including hundreds (maybe even thousands) of orphans declared mentally ill who were not. Obviously to get more of those per head payments, but also to help provide an endless supply of people who had no one to care about them, no one to fight back for them against Dr. Ewen Cameron and his cadre of ghouls.

This was all part of what is none as the Quiet Revolution, which began in 1960, with the enacted Liberal provincial government of Jean Lesage, who was elected in the June 1960 provincial election. A primary change was an effort by the provincial government to take more direct control over the fields of health care and education, which had previously been in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church. They were taking that power away from then, as they should.

The Canadian minister of health, Dr. Alphonse Couturier, read Pagé’s book as soon as it came out, and the very next month, September of 1961, he established a commision d’etudes des hopitaux psychiatriques made up of 3 psychiatrists – Dominique Bedard (Chair), Denis Lazure, and an englishman named Charles A. Roberts to investigate just what the hell was going on in these places.

The publication of this book, in fact, participated in the awakening of public criticism regarding lives of patients and their inadequate treatment in asylums. Following this debate public calls to change the part of the press, trade unions, the public and the Quebec Psychiatric Association are pressing the government…. The latter then announced a commission of inquiry into psychiatric hospitals.32

On March 9, 1962, its report was presented. One of the recommendations in the Bédard report was deinstitutionalization. The report stated: “The Commission is convinced that hundreds of patients continue to live in our mental hospitals when their mental state does not require hospitalization.31

The Minister of Health then created the Division of Psychiatric Services (1962) with a mandate to implement the recommendations of the report. Among these was the draft for de-institutionalization of people with mental disorders…32

Note: The writer Jacques Ferron (1920-1985), who was also a medical doctor, worked at this same St Jean De Dieu hospital for a number of years and several of his books, including the posthumous “Pas de Gamelin” describe his very disturbing experiences there.

The Bédard report of 1962 put an end to the outdated concept of an “asylum,” while many of the orphans reached adulthood and could leave the facility. The orphans were released in the early 1960s, after Duplessis had died and a number of investigating commissions had found that Quebec’s psychiatric institutions were in deplorable condition.

Those who have expressed concern in recent years over the fate of the mentally ill in our province have been told that the problems are all due to lack of funds. The study just completed by this Commission shows that this is not true. In fact, over the past ten years, the province has spent more than $50 million on construction, but in such an ill-advised fashion that quality of treatment for the mentally ill has scarcely improved. Yet during this same period, government authorities refused to accord much smaller amounts to existing hospitals, amounts that could have been used to hire staff and, especially, to train new personnel for the hospitals under construction.” (Our translation) BEDARD, loc. cit., supra note 3, p. 129.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

So, as you can see, 1962 was not a very good year for the slavemasters particularly sick human experimentation projects, and while Cameron would soon get ‘moved’ from McGill, and Sid Gottlieb’s special projects along the same lines were getting moved to the ORD, they didn’t stop.


Down Go Two Monsters
– and good riddance.

Close to getting busted for his role in all this (and other just as dark things) Dr. Ewen Cameron is ordered to resign in 1963 and does so in 1964, as does Leger just a few years later.

Cameron –

It is worthy of note that despite the fact that Cameron had been booted resigned in 1964, Rubenstein and some other ‘lab assistants’ continued on with the depatterning experiments at McGill despite orders to cease and desist.23

In February 1963, at a meeting of the American Psychopathologicl Society in New York, Cameron tried to look suitably apologetic before his resignation the following year. He said that he had taken a really wrong turn and explained that everything he had done was ineffectual – Collins (author of the Sleep Room) portrays this as his mea culpa – I say it’s Cameron ‘taking the fall’ after the Bedard report.

He wasn’t guilty at all in his mind, he said it was science to make these kind of ‘mistakes’.

It ain’t a mistake to electric shock thousands of people 12 thousand times, including orphan children. He just got caught and is trying to marginalize what he did for years to people. He’s either the worlds stupidest person or he’s just that evil and gets off on it.

Take your pick.

Leger –

In 1967 there was another dramatic turn of events: on 9 November Cardinal Léger announced his resignation as archbishop of Montreal and his intention to devote himself henceforth to working among African lepers. This decision, which caused a considerable stir in the media and astonished the public, has been interpreted in every way imaginable. Several observers have seen it as a bona fide resignation, the flight of a man unable to face the situation and adjust to the church’s new challenges in the west, and who much preferred the status of benefactor to the poor in Africa.

…during Léger’s episcopacy, the archdiocese, which had an increasingly cosmopolitan population, had gained more than half a million adherents. Charities and parishes proliferated – the cardinal himself established 91 – while the number of priests did not increase proportionately. The Montreal church even lost large numbers of priests starting in 1966, when there was a significant exodus from the ministry.22

It didn’t end well.

After 12 years abroad, he returned to Canada sick and shocked by the new affluence in Montreal. He took to the airwaves to remind Quebecers of their religious roots.


A Fitting END

Catholicism takes a huge hit in Quebec, never recovers.

The Quiet Revolution.

From an excellent e-book:

The early 1960s, when francophones transformed Quebec society in a modernizing burst known as the Quiet Revolution. Weekly church attendance went from an estimated 90 per cent of Catholics to less than 5 per cent today. In Montreal, 40 Catholic churches have closed in the last decade alone, according to Most Reverend Christian Lépine, archbishop of Montreal.

“The resentment is very strong,” Lépine says, referring to how most Quebecers feel about the Catholic Church.

“We’re in a post-Christian society,” laments Msgr. Raymond Poisson, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Saint-Jérôme, north of Montreal.

The Catholic Church’s fall from grace in Quebec reflects the challenge it faces in most western countries. Pews are empty, vocations are at a trickle, and child abuse scandals continue to reveal church authorities more interested in protecting the institution than victims. The Vatican, meanwhile, is mired in the kind of infighting and backstabbing that makes medieval courts look tame.

…The last year of Pope Benedict’s reign was characterized by leaked papal documents linking the Vatican to money laundering, blackmail, a notorious gangster buried in a Roman basilica, the kidnapping of a 15-year-old Vatican resident and plots to kill Benedict and his predecessor, John Paul II. Benedict’s butler was convicted of stealing the documents. Few believe he acted alone.

In mid-February, when the 85-year-old Benedict shocked the Catholic world by announcing his abdication — the first pope to do so in 600 years — he left the impression of someone fed up with division and scandal.

“The face of the church,” he lamented in his last sermon, “is sometimes disfigured.”

…Some church authorities sound indeed like they’ve given up on the church regaining its moral authority in western societies, noting its growth has shifted to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

“The church has to forget about the West being at the head of the church,” says Poisson, the Saint-Jérôme bishop. “That’s over.

The church will be in the South and we’ll have to make room for it.”

…“People say, ‘The cardinal is completely disconnected from Quebec reality,’” a Radio-Canada journalist told Ouellet in a televised interview in 2008. “There are many critics who say Cardinal Ouellet lives on another planet.”

…The presence of the Catholic Church in Quebec dates back to 1534, when Jacques Cartier and his French shipmates celebrated the first mass on the shores of the Gaspé Peninsula. Catholic missionaries entered forests to bring the Gospel to aboriginal peoples, converting few and wiping out many with European diseases.

Even reaching towards the dawning of the 21st century, Canadian Catholic leaders were still trying to get out of what they had wrought in Quebec.

What are some of the excuses that are offered up for condoning not only what Ewen Cameron was doing, which was bad enough, but for the utter betrayal to humanity of what was done to the children?


Catholic excuses

Jesuit sub-understanding is alive and well in the 20th century


Montreal’s archbishop, Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, is adamant that the church did not intentionally mistreat the children. He has insisted that to render apologies for mistakes made inadvertently would sully the name of nuns who dedicated their lives to bringing up youngsters abandoned by their parents.

In a public statement that stunned many, Turcotte recently declared that the orphans ”don’t deserve an apology … [They are] victims of life.”



As contrasted to –

In 1978, another sampling of 200 patients released from psychiatric hospitals confirmed that 80% of them had been admitted at the request of foundling homes or orphanages, the very institutions charged with their care.

A number of those who were institutionalized and wrongfully diagnosed as mentally ill underwent treatments designed for the genuinely ill: electroshock therapy, lobotomies, prolonged solitary confinement, ice baths, chaining, force feeding, straightjackets. With the advent of neuroleptics, these treatments were replaced by medication, what is known today as “chemical restraint.”

…A number of people also claim to have suffered physical and sexual abuse. In the first instance, common allegations include years of recurrent beating and slapping, being tied to the bedspring for bed wetting, unjustified confinement to a cell-sometimes for months or even years-ice baths, regular subjection to restraining measures (straightjackets, neuroleptics … ), electroshock treatment, etc. Allegations of sexual abuse include sodomy, sexual interference, forced sexual favors, etc.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

No apology needed?

Shame on the Vatican. Shame, shame, SHAME.


The nuns and brothers excuses?

This is literally one of THE worst, evil, irresponsible, arrogant, disgusting pieces of genuflection I have ever seen. And that’s saying something.

The religious orders claimed for their part that admissions, diagnoses and decisions regarding institutionalization were made by hospital medical superintendents, and not the orders. In their writings and public declarations, they evoked five motives in their defense:

Different times, different ways

It is not only risky, but also unfair, to judge the past with today’s values. All societies evolve. What was once considered normal, right and morally acceptable may seem reprehensible and unjust to a later generation. Yet corporal punishment, limited schooling, child labor and religious values were norms once accepted and shared by society as a whole

Christian charity

The religious orders were the only organizations caring for abandoned children. They devoted themselves to the task with the limited means at their disposal and acted to the best of their ability on the basis of the knowledge available to them at the time.

Scientific knowledge

Scientific progress-particularly in medicine, psychiatry and the social sciences- is a recent phenomenon. The distinctions made today between mental handicaps and mental illness, or between mental illness and delinquency, were much less clear in the past. Children were withdrawn from their home environments for their own protection, and institutional placement was seen as preferable to foster homes. Institutionalization was the response .to deviance64

Religious orders on trial

.Mthough some people acknowledge that there may have been excesses and abuse-as in any other societal institution-they fear that such incidents will be used as a pretext to put entire religious communities on trial and feed the wave of denigration of the Catholic faith.


Some of the “Children of Duplessis” are looking for explanations and a scapegoat for the fact that they were abandoned in childhood. Since they don’t know who their biological parents are, they take their frustrations out on the only parents they know, the members of the religious orders who cared for them. Their anger, combined with the passage of time and, in some cases, mental problems, has deformed the truth.

…MALOUIN, p. 272 and ss.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997


Dr. Heinz Lehman tries to stand himself apart from all this by attempting to “help” the investigations and defray public outrage off of him.

Opinions on this issue vary. “For example, in the case of the Duplessis orphans, Doctor Heinz Lehman considers that any diagnostic errors that may have been made were not the result of inadequate psychiatric knowledge. In his view, doctors of the day were capable or recognizing a psychiatric illness.” (Our translation)

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

They even tried the “that’s too old” gambit.

As if that matters. Funny, the Vatican didn’t say that about withholding their apology re: Galileo. This is just an outright total zero responsibility and “image” pandering.

The plaintiffs also accused the medical establishment of wrongful diagnosis. No official response was released by the medical establishment. However, in certain cases, the Corporation professionnelle des medecins du Quebec took the position that it was not responsible for “assessing decisions by hospital management, particularly ones made over thirty years ago

(Our translation)

Media coverage of the issue shows that each of the three parties has claimed not to have been in control of the situation at the time, and said that the other two parties were making the real decisions.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

On February 24, 1995, the Attorney General announced that no charges would be laid.

The closest any of them ever came to anything even vaguely resembling humanity, was to call what happened here an error.

An error.

ROY, p. 155. The same author cites the testimony of Dr. Louis Roy, who admitted in July 1991 that diagnostic errors had been committed, seep. 118 and ss.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997


Then, the Quebec bishops’ assembly announced it would offer neither apologies nor compensation to the Duplessis “orphans”.

Bishop Pierre Morissette of Baie-Comeau, president of the assembly, said that to make an apology would be to accept a version of events that the church does not accept and would constitute a “betrayal of the good works of those who dedicated their lives to the service of the poor.”

A version of events. Snaky, evil, Jesuit sub-understanding monsters these people are.

“We don’t accept that VERSION of events.”

skekses – evil creatures obsessed with power and sucking the life force out of everyone. From Dark Crystal.


As far as financial compensation is concerned, Bishop Morissette said:

“We consider that the church has already given a great deal to the poor and continues to give generously.”


Parenthetically speaking, I’m sure you do “consider” that, Mr. Morissette. –

Do you think that cancels out the oceans of blood and destruction?

It doesn’t, and furthermore it never will.

Morissette goes even further far afield from Catholic responsibility, now he’s blaming the parents.

“To be deprived of the contact and love of one’s family constitutes a wound which leaves deep scars. We feel deep compassion for those orphans who were given up to the nuns or abandoned by their families and had to spend their childhoods in an institution,” said Bishop Morissette.


“We cannot rewrite history,” Bishop Morissette said. “That’s why we believe it’s preferable to devote our time and energy to respond to the needs of those who call on us today for help.”


But that’s exactly what he is doing.

He is re-writing history to have no accountability or wrongdoing of the Catholics Church.


The sheer volume of Jesuit sub-understanding word parsing being employed by this man simply has to be seen to be believed. Have a look.

The 3,000 “orphans” were illegitimate children or children born into abject poverty who were given up to Catholic-run orphanages during the government of Maurice Duplessis, a Catholic.

As the orphanages ran up debts in the 1940s, Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger negotiated a federal subsidy that was available only for psychiatric care. Thus, the orphanages became psychiatric hospitals, and a number of healthy children were falsely diagnosed as mentally ill and interned with real psychiatric cases.

…Calls on the church to apologize for its implication in a system that illegally interned healthy children in a regime designed for psychiatric cases intensified in the wake of Pope John Paul recent calls for the church to mark the millennium by asking pardon for past wrongs.

“How can you ask somebody to apologize for something they were forced to do at gunpoint?” asked Cardinal Turcotte, referring to the religious orders, whom he said had no choice but to accept federal money and turn the institutions into psychiatric hospitals.

…Bishop Morissette added that he rejected allegations that there had been systematic abuse of the children interned in the institutions.

Many former orphans have alleged that they were subjected to the treatment that was conventional for mental cases at the time: restraint in a straitjacket, cold baths, electric shock treatment and isolation. Others have alleged general cruelty and emotional abuse or sexual abuse by lay monitors who worked in the orphanages.

There may have been isolated cases of abuse in the orphanages, but it certainly wasn’t systematic,” Bishop Morissette said.

The president of the Committee of Institutionalized Duplessis Orphans, Bruno Roy, said the bishops’ declaration “added insult to injury.”

“Added to a stubborn refusal to apologize is a disdain for the victims and the truth, as well as a campaign of misinformation,” he said.

Roy said the orphans committee has never maintained that sexual and other abuses were systematic, as the bishops’ assembly has suggested.

“What was systematic was the labeling of healthy children as mentally ill,” Roy said. “The church’s sin was its silence. It kept quiet, because otherwise it would have lost the federal money. The bishops’ assembly has fudged this issue.”

Roy said the orphans recognize the devotion of the many of the individual nuns who worked with the children and acknowledge that many of them did the most they could.

“But there would be no contradiction in saying that while many individuals selflessly worked for the good of the children, the institutions involved participated in a system that was wrong,” he said.

Catholic News and Herald published 1991

Truly disgusting.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight the heroic efforts of one man – Bruno Roy – who fought for the Duplessis orphans.

Given up for adoption in 1943 in Quebec, Bruno Roy eventually ended up in an insane asylum due to efforts of the Duplessis government to maximize funding. The only one of 4,000 such children to graduate from university, he never forgot the injustice

Three years ago when the Roman church leaders issued a public apology for “administrative errors committed,” Mr. Roy refused to accept the apology. “Like Pilate, they are trying to wash their hands of all responsibility,” he said.

– ALAN HUSTAK, Special to The Globe and Mail, January 18, 2010

In 2008 – the Roman church was forced to tack on an apology. Weak as it was, you know things have to be really bad for even that to happen. This was after what this part of the article documented:

The biggest clash occurred during the 2008 government commission on accommodating religions in a secular society. In a personal brief to the commission, he called for a return to the study of religion in public schools, through courses designed and funded by the Catholic Church. He did it by lashing out at Quebec society.

“The real problem in Quebec is a spiritual void created by a religious and cultural rupture, a substantial loss of memory, bringing with it a crisis of family and education that leaves citizens disoriented, unmotivated, subject to instability and tied to passing and superficial values,” Ouellet told the commission.

“A people whose identity has been strongly configured for centuries by the Catholic faith cannot one day to the next empty itself of its substance without grave consequences at all levels.

Crisis in the Catholic Church, 2013

Oh, yes they can “empty”. And they did. Three cheers for Quebecians and their Quiet Revolution!

Ouellet continued his whining tirade (loaded with “direness” as usual for any slavemaster):

“Thus the disarray of young people, the vertiginous drop in marriages, the tiny birthrate, and the frightening level of abortions and suicides. . . “To top it all off, this spiritual and cultural void is maintained by an anti-Catholic rhetoric stuffed with clichés unfortunately too often found in the media. It favours a real culture of shame and contempt with regards to our religious heritage, which destroys Quebec’s soul.

“It is high time to ask ourselves: Quebec, what have you done with your baptism? It is high time we put a brake on secular fundamentalism. . .”

But then, he was forced to apologize.

“As Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, I recognize that narrow attitudes of certain Catholics [you mean like the POPE Eugenio Pacelli?], before 1960, favoured anti-Semitism, racism, indifference toward First Nations and discrimination with regards to women and homosexuals,” he wrote.

“The behaviour of certain Episcopal authorities [again, you mean like the POPE Eugenio Pacelli?] with regards to the right to vote, access to work and the advancement of women was not always equal to the needs of society, nor did it conform to the church’s social doctrine.”

Oh, yes it did. Even a brief perusal of the Popes encyclicals of the last hundred years shows that was completely the “social doctrine” – enforced as DIVINE REVELATION and Canon Law, no less.

“I also recognize that abuses of power and the bearing of false witness have tarnished the image of the clergy among many, and hurt its moral authority. . .”

Exposed its continuing operation in exactly that way, more like.

“Youths were subjected to sexual assaults by priests and members of religious orders, causing them grave damage and trauma that broke their lives! These scandals shook the confidence of people toward religious authorities, and we understand that! Forgive us for all that pain!” (Ouellet used the word mal, which could also mean “wrongs” or “evil.”)

Forgive them? No, because they have not changed. If they had, they wouldn’t be trying to word parse and lay it all off on “certain” people, as if they are the exception rather than the rule.

…Sister Gisèle Turcot, secretary general of the bishops’ assembly from 1976 to 1980, describes Ouellet as “nostalgic and not living in the modern world.” He made clear to all, she adds, that he had become the point man of a conservative Vatican hierarchy.

Crisis in the Catholic Church, 2013

Nostalgia, and whatever other excuses and finger-pointing were offered up, the bottom line is that they lost over 85 percent of their followers – and that is a very fitting end, indeed.

Or maybe we should call it a beginning…I’d like to see that happen all over the world.


* * *


A study of Ewen Cameron and associates


Ewen Cameron has been referred to as having been involved with secretly experimenting on the Duplessis orphans and in order to determine the truth (or not) about that  – when, where, and in what capacity – is why this section is here.

First of all, let’s look at some hard documentation concerning Cameron’s funding.


Cameron and the Canadian Defence Board
Cameron section 1.1

Joseph Lloyd, a user over at muckruck successfully obtained Dr. Cameron’s FBI file on April 28, 2017.

I have OCR’ed it for easier use by researchers.

PDF – Ewen Cameron FBI File

From first page of data (page 3) document dated May 26, 1948 –

“The above-named individual is presently being considered for employment in Canada on duties which will require access to secret data [blanked out, probably says “McGill University has requested”??] an investigation of his character, background and loyalty.”

Look at that! Right from the very beginning he was to have access to “secret” projects, basically.

His C.V. starts on page 5, at first glance it seems to me that this is more complete than other work backgrounds for him that I have seen out there.

For example, it gives the specific names of doctors he worked under, like that he worked as an assistant physician to Dr. D.K. Henderson at Glasgow Royal Mental Hospital in 1925 and 1926. I wonder if that’s how he first met fellow monster-doc William Sargant?

Then in 1929, he worked in Burghoelsi, Zurich, under Professor Hans W. Maier. That’s not good. That’s another monster-doc if I remember correctly.

Then, from 1936-1938 he’s doing “research” at Worcester State Hospital. Given his proclivities, one shudders at just what that might have entailed. Per the initial letter on page 3, from 1938 to 1943 he’s at Albany Hospital, but neither the letter nor the C.V. says what the heck he was doing from 1943 to 1948??

He was working at McGill University.

From my Donald Ewen Cameron library article –

It was Wilder Penfield, who invited Dr. Ewen Cameron to McGill University to establish the Allan Memorial Institute for Psychiatry in 1943. The institute was established by a combination of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, money from John Wilson McConnell of the Montreal Star, and a gift of Sir Hugh Allan’s mansion on Mount Royal.

Page 6 is a doozie, it’s a handwritten application to the (Canadian) Defence Research Board!!!! So there we have iron-clad proof that Cameron was involved in parallel secret research projects (with the U.S. Defense Research Board) there at McGill.

This is in 1948 that Cameron is doing this, and that is the same year that Dr. William Sargant was appointed the director of the department of psychiatry (then called psychological medicine) at St. Thomas’s Hospital Group London, which was also formed that year as part of the National Health Service (established by the National Health Service Act 1946).The group included Saint Thomas’ Hospital, the Grosvenor Hospital, the General Lying-In Hospital and the Royal Waterloo Hospital, which specialized in women and children*.

Sargant had returned to England to take his new position in August of 1948, having just spent a year or so as the ‘visiting’ professor of psychiatry at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Like Cameron, when Sargant took on his new position he started with basically nothing, but also like Cameron, he had some nice deep-pockets funding behind him. Sargant was funded by the new NHS with support from the endowment funds of St Thomas’ Hospital and gifts from private individuals.

Still, his new ‘department’ consisted of a basement with no in-patient beds, a rather bleak beginning to be sure. However, there was one bright spot for Sargant.

As part of the amalgamation of St Thomas’ and the nearby Royal Waterloo Hospital, he was soon provided the use of a 22 bed ward for his in-patients – Ward 5 – the very same ward that would become dedicated to continuous narcosis or deep sleep treatment. As far as wards go then, it was more or less ready to go for his immediate uses on patients he intended to subject to his “treatments” for longer periods of time.

Sargant dove right in and immediately got to work refurbishing the St. Thomas’ basement as an out-patient department, and began giving hapless patients ECT, modified insulin treatment and methedrine injections, etc.

Some of the confusion out there concerning when Sargant began his specializing in what he called Sleep Therapy, has to do with the fact that he actually began that technique almost right away but he later specialized in young women and children exclusively starting in 1963/64.

That being almost two decades later.

The basic technique Sargant would use then – heavy sedation, combined with insulin coma therapy and frequent ECT – was already being experimented with by Sargant within the first two years he took his position.

THAT is also what Cameron would begin experimenting with under the auspices of this Defence Research Board.

They were both carrying on the experiments begun by the Catholic Nazis in the concentration camps and mental hospitals of Germany during WWII.


The goal of the Dachau mescaline (a drug like LSD) experiments on prisoners was “to eliminate the will of the person examined.”

Walter Neff
German research team member (head nurse) for Dr. Sigmund Rascher
at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Walter Neff - whistleblower

– as quoted by John Marks, Search for the Manchurian Candidate, 1979.


Want to get an idea what Cameron was doing here in the late 1940’s?

From my article –

The earliest reference that I have found so far that details Cameron’s work of ‘implanting’ via repeated phrases played back to a person, is his 1950 book General Psychotherapy: Dynamics and Procedures.

Be aware that this means he had already been doing this prior to publishing this book in 1950, a fact which probably more closely follows after the work that the British (Sargant) were doing starting in the mid 1940’s.

Probably part of why Sargant once said in a note to Cameron (Cameron often sought Sargant’s advice): “Whatever you manage in this field, I thought of it first“. 15

At the time of Cameron publishing his book in 1950, he was the Psychiatrist-in-chief of the Royal Victoria Hospital , besides being the Director of the Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry and Prof of Psychiatry, McGill University.

In the Preface says that his tape recordings idea drew on “.. psychiatric concepts but also of those used in psychology, sociology and anthropology.” He emphasized that “magnetic tape recordings of therapeutic periods” were purely as a means of “illustrating special points and procedures.”

You can see already that he’s trying to justify what he is doing as being beneficial.

Chapter 10 is titled: Use of Adjuvants in Psychotherapy: Drugs; ECT; Insulin; Drawings. In it, he discusses the so-called “disinhibiting drugs” sodium amytal or pentothal, and tries to throw back what he is doing to a man named Obermeier in 1873, who reported on the use of ethyl alcohol, but not at all in the light that Cameron was trying to put it in.

Another common tactic of someone seeking to legitimize some crazy idea (slavemasters and their Igors usually) is to try and act like there is some ancient precedent for it. Preferably an obscure one that most people would not be able to trace easily, or even a purely fabricated one – like the ‘ancient’ Greeks or Moses, for example.

The reason for all this posturing becomes more obvious on page 239 of Cameron’s book, where he describes his use of nitrous oxide repeated several times in 15 minutes and producing convulsions which he then immediately follows with trying to implant the person while they are under such obvious physical stress.

He tries to prove the value of this on page 240 with a case history, and on pages 248 and 249 he talks about doing the same thing just after ECT when the patient is just returning to consciousness, having literally just died to all extents and purposes.

He calls all these methods psychotherapy.

I call it standard torture methods.

He also describes the use of drugs like Benzedrine, dexadrine; desoxyn to produce the same marginalized physical state to then conduct his psychotherapy under, but a really important part is that he, this early, is already describing the value of recording and play back as part of this implanting when the person is in that weakened state after ECT, etc.

Note that he’s testing benzedrine at the same time as Project BLUEBIRD was (1950) as per that declassified CIA document. 9

In describing the memory loss from this ‘de-patterning’ technique that almost everyone tries to focus on as being seven years later than this book, you can easily see that this is what he had been doing all along, starting before 1950.

References –

9. Untitled Project ARTICHOKE document, found on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 1, folder 144862, images #1 and #3. These scanned images of declassified MKUltra documents are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system.
15. Journey into Madness by Gordon Thomas, page 178 etc.

– – –

Cameron’s application to the Defence Board that we’re looking at today, was dated April 17, 1948. I decided to pull it out by itself as an image so everyone can have a look at it right now.

Here’s both parts –



Page 8 of this FBI files PDF talks about a Dr. Roy Hoskins of the dept. of Mental Health, Boston, who “recommends Cameron highly”. This man and another associate are identified as having alleged involvement with some Communist groups, ie: Hoskins was noted as an alleged member of the National Council Of American Soviet Friendship and a Dr. David Shakow (sp?) listed as another associate of Cameron is “listed among subscribers to “Science & Society” cited as a Communist Front by the Special Committee on Un-American Activities on 3/29/44.

Good ole Hoover. Still obsessing about all those dastardly Commies running around out there, eh?

Now here’s the much more interesting detail revealed about this Hoskins fellow, on page 10.

Dr. Roy G. Hoskins, Bureau of Naval Research, First Naval District Headquarters, Boston, Mass., advised that he had been a very close associate of Cameron from 1936 to 1938, at which time both were employed in research work at Worcester State Hospital.

That means this guy is right then mixed up in Project Chatter (at the time of this letter).

From my Cameron article –

In 1947, Cameron published a book: “Remembering” in: Nervous and Mental Disease Monographs (No. 72). He notes that defects in memory occur with therapy – therapy defined as metrazol, ECT, and insulin treatments. Describes a dose-response relationship.

Project Chatter started which continued the truth drug committee experiments under Lieutenant Charles Savage underneath the newly created Navy Medical Research Center.8

[also see Cameron article for much more about this Truth Drug Committee]

This is an important lead, because it means that the details behind Project Chatter will not be held by the CIA, but more likely by the Navy – and more specifically the Department of Defense’s RDB.

The Senate Hearing document described the project as follows.

Project CHATTER was a Navy program that began in the fall of 1947.

Responding to reports of ‘amazing results’ achieved by the Soviets in using ‘truth drugs,’ the program focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and in the recruitment of agents.

The research included laboratory experiments on animals and human subjects involving Anabasis aphylla, scopolamine, and mescaline in order to determine their speech-inducing qualities.

Side note – scopolamine is what’s called a soporific – which L. Ron Hubbard admitted to being a volunteer to be tested on right around this time, and that he had a hard time ‘getting off’ the drug. The truth drug committee also tested that exact same drug in 1942/1943.

The Senate hearing document went on to explain that the project included overseas experiments during the Korean War, and that it ended shortly after the end of the Korean War, in 1953.

References –

8. Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977: hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, First Session on Examination of Serious Deficiencies in the Defense Department’s efforts to protect the Human Subjects of Drug Research, March 8 and May 23, 1977.

– – –

Like I said earlier, one wonders just what the heck this “research” was that doctors Hoskins and Cameron had going at Worcester from 1936 to 1938, because one can bet it sure wasn’t some kind of mild ‘talk therapy’.

So Hoskins goes on to Project Chatter and drug experiments on hapless psychiatric patients, and Cameron…well we know what monster-doc Cameron went on to. Trying to blank out a person’s personality so he could ‘rewrite’ them how he wanted – aka Psychic Driving.

But, now we learned of another heretofore hidden mind-control experimenter! Always good to drag these frackers back out into history’s view.

On page 10, we learn a little more about Cameron’s other buddy, Dr. Shakow.

It must also be noted that another associate of Cameron, at the Worcester State Hospital from 1936 to 1938, is DR. DAVID SHAKOW, presently the Branch Chief Clinical Psychologist Consultant, Veterans Administration.

Note that there is a Professor [blanked out] at Tufts University mentioned a little further down the page, and what’s interesting about that is that these FBI docs were declassified in 2015, yet to me it looks like they are STILL HIDING the names of academics that were mixed up in any of these secret projects, just as was ordered in the Senate MKULTRA hearings in the 1970’s. I seriously doubt that whoever this Professor is, could possibly be still alive now. So, I think we can rule out that being the reason, which only leaves the other option.

Let’s see if I can figure out who that is…

One of these guys, perhaps?


The Division 19 boys.

Tufts University Chemistry Department – December 1939
Crosby F. Baker, Harris M. Chadwell and David E. Worrell

Tufts University Chemistry Department Crosby F. Baker Harris M. Chadwell and David E. Worrell December 1939

From my Cameron article –

OSS Timeline from the National Archives –

  • October 31, 1942 at the request or the Psychological Warfare Branch of the National (Defense) Research Council activated a committee to investigate the feasibility of using drugs in the interrogation of Prisoners of War. This was the truth drug committee.
  • December 22, 1942 JCS abolishes the Joint Psychological Warfare Committee and gives its functions to the OSS

That last entry was as a result of the single major reorganization within OSRD (Office of Scientific Research and Development) that had taken place in December 1942, when the sprawling elements of the original five divisions of NDRC were realigned into nineteen divisions, two panels (one on applied mathematics and another on applied psychology), and three committees (on vacuum tubes, radio propagation, and tropical deterioration). The twenty-four division, committee, and panel chairmen, nine of them Academy members, were given the widest possible latitude in planning and executing their programs; and the development of new military hardware and supporting combat gear, as Bush intended, began to accelerate.11

The same day, an extremely secretive (and arguably worst as to human experimentation) – and one of the original five (given letters A, B, C, D, etc.) previous NDRC branches – became the new OSRD Division 19 headed by Harris Marshall Chadwell

Division 19 was a highly secretive combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee (OS-RDB) organization headed by the equally little known Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell. Division 19’s first project was the ‘special weapons project’ which included obtaining and field testing drugs like LSD, concentrated marijuana, etc. It was headed by OSS man George Hunter White.

This was the end result of the infamous Truth Drug Committee.

– – –

Sounds like a good possibility to me, that one of these 3 Tufts University guys might be behind the big blanked out items in this document.

I guess I better put the text here so you can see what I mean. Again, this is page 10 of PDF.

[giant blank out] Professor [blank out] Tufts college, Medford, Massachusetts, recommended Cameron highly as to character, integrity, honesty and loyalty. [blank] stated that Cameron was the highest type of man, was most capable and had his unqualified recommendation. [blanked out] felt certain that Cameron had no subversive sympathies or associations. It will be noted that [blank out] name appears on a list of the sponsors of the Greater Boston Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy.

Notes: North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy was an American organization established in 1936. It was identified as a Communist front linked to the Communist Party USA. (wikipedia)

– – –

One thing that’s never come to light before is that Cameron didn’t just do these nasty things to a few, or even a hundred people.

It was thousands.


As documented in the Bedard 16 report after investigating Canada’s Mental Hospitals in 1962. Cameron even did these things to pregnant women, all the way up to their ninth month, by the way.23

Rebecca Lemov gives a basic description of what Cameron did to what were primarily women –

[…] depatterned; psychically “driven”; dosed with LSD-25, barbiturates, PCP, and sodiumAmytal; forcibly kept in a “sleep room”; sensorially deprived; rendered incontinent;stripped of some or all of their memories; and left, in many cases, unable to live out-side an institution.23

What many people don’t really touch on, is that it wasn’t just the CIA that financed Cameron or who wanted him to do this kind of thing to women and children (see Duplessis Orphans article). No, just like we saw was the plan evidenced in the 1951 Montreal meeting, this was a coordinated effort with British, Canadian and American intelligence and “national defense” organizations.

A 1964 report notes that Cameron’s research was also subsidized, and continued after the CIA reorganization in 1962/63 had terminated several ’embarassing’ projects like his – the report notes:

Research carried out with the assistance of Dominion-Provincial Mental Health Grant No. 604–5–432.

What was that?

Cooper Report p. 52 – section on grants from the Department of Health and Welfare

(b) Project No.604-5-432 (1961-1964; $51,860.00)

This project is entitled “Study of Factors which Promote or Retard Personality Change in Individuals Exposed to Prolonged Repetition of Verbal Signals”; i.e. psychic driving. Copies of the summary and final report are attached at Appendix 29. This study gave rise to five published papers, four of which are reproduced at Appendices 13, 14, 16 and 17. It will be seen that both these projects had to do with psychic driving, used in combination with the procedures of depatterning, sleep therapy and drugs.25

In two of his papers, Cameron acknowledged the assistance of grants from the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology and from Dominion-Provincial Mental Health Grand Project no 604-5-432.

Juxtapose the above knowledge of what Cameron was actually doing to people, with his description given in this 1964 report – ever so euphemistically called Automation of psychotherapy


1. We have explored the extent to which psychotherapy can be automated by endeavoring to demonstrate whether each of the following six psychotherapeutic mechanisms can be activated by means of controlled repetition of recorded statements:

a) uncovering
b) problem identification
c) desensitization
d) patient-therapist interaction
e) problem solving
f) reorganization.

2. Written records kept by the patient of his responses, appear to demonstrate that this procedure in bringing about activation.

3. At the present time our ability to bring about activation varies from mechanism to mechanism. The most effective would apear to be with respect to uncovering and probably problem identification. The use of adjuvants is most valuable and those adjuvants presently facilitate uncovering primarily.

The nice thing about this report is that it gives us at least some idea of the dramatis personae involved in doing this with Cameron, and there’s good old Mr. Denier – Thomas Ban – listed as well as the ubiquitous MI6 “research assistant” Mr. Rubenstein.

  • M.D. D. Ewen Cameron (Chairman) Dept. of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • M.D. Leonard Levy (Lecturer) McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • M.D. Thomas Ban (Demonstrator) McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Leonard Rubenstein (Research Assistant) Allan Memorial Institute, Montreal, Canada

Even scholars such as Rebecca Lemov seem to have completely missed the real point of why both the CIA and the Canadian Department of Defense (plus Mr. MI6 on loan from British intelligence) were so financially generous towards Cameron’s research.

Three agencies of the Government of Canada funded Dr. Cameron for various projects:

  • the National Research Council (NRC) as predecessor to the Medical Research Council (MRC),
  • the Defence Research Board (ORB), and
  • the Department of National Health and Welfare (H&W).

Let’s go over them a bit, shall we?


Starting with the National Research Council (NRC) which was predecessor to the Medical Research Council (MRC),

NRC Grants-in-aid for psychiatry –

  • (a) No. 290 – Behavioural Laboratory – $4,197.00:
  • (b) No. 217 – Reactions of Civilians to Community Disasters ~ $650.00.

Cooper writes on page 39:

The first is an amount identical to the funding during 1950/51 from Health and Welfare to Dr. Cameron for Health and Welfare’s Project No. 604-5-14, “Support for a Behavioural Laboratory” (see later). I can find no other information on NRC Project No. 290.25

Next up is the Defence Research Board (DRB) which was a direct parallel with the American version.

The DRB was founded in 1946 as the research arm of the Department of National Defence.

Dr. Omond Solandt was the first Chairman, and he remained Chairman until 1957 when he was succeeded by Adam Hartley Zimmerman, Sr. (now deceased). The mandate of the ORB was to engage directly in research of its own, to contract out for specific items of research work, and to make grants to independent researchers, in areas of particular application to the military. The ORB was not to conduct basic scientific research, but rather applied research . Included in this was research in psychiatry and psychology, primarily to develop methods of testing the capabilities of potential recruits and serving personnel, to determine their suitability to withstand the stress of combat, and to study the effect of stress generally in the trying conditions of war and other emergencies.25

In this article, Solandt’s efforts in maintaining strong and co-operative relations with London and Washington are examined, but what we already know is that Canada’s efforts were being coordinated through Mr. Webster of the American Defense Research Board. The meeting they had at the Ritz Carlton in 1951 was just sort of solidifying the directions they planned to take.

And, in a report of Dr. Roberts to the Director of Health Insurance Studies, dated August 20, 1953, on the subject of the estimates for the 1954-55 Mental Health Grant, reference is made to the fact that in 1947 little more than $25,000 was spent on research in the field of mental illness in Canada. In 1948, $4,850 was the figure. By 1953, this had increased to $461,626.25

And what were they implementing in a big way in 1947? Intensive ECT treatments.

An English psychiatrist wrote, in 1947: “The quiet cooperation of the [electroshocked] patient will be appreciated by the nursing staff.” (Thorpe, pp. 89-92) To manage “a patient in a state of wild excitement” he recommended …“intensive therapy”…that which commences with several shocks daily until the excited state is suppressed, and by this method the most maniacal patient can be rapidly and dramatically brought under control.” (Ibid.)25

This was an outcropping of the Vatican initial testing of this theory through Bruno Cerletti, and now the Brits were “joining the party” in a really horrific way, escalating things to including a particularly intensive form.

In England and Europe, meanwhile, work continued on organic treatments for psychosis and depression and by 1952 the first psychoactive drugs were introduced – the first being chlorpromazine. In 1948 the English psychiatrists L.E.M. Page and R.J. Russell reported for the first time their use of a particularly intensive form of electroconvulsive therapy. Treatment consisted of an initial stimulus of 150 volts for one second, followed by five shocks of 100 volts during the primary convulsion. These were usually given once a day, occasionally twice in the most severe cases. It was suggested that their use was most effective in treating schizophrenia, psychotic depression and paranoid psychosis.

Particularly notice the orange bolded part above. When it came to “schizophrenia” especially, basically they were trying to find a way to suppress spiritual abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, and the like – not insanity. The things they were really afraid of and strangely enough? Are the primary “symptoms” of this invented “mental illness”.

By 1953 Page and Russell had given this treatment to 3,500 individuals and had increased the number of secondary shocks from five to a range of seven to ten. They gave each patient eight to fifteen ECTs with an average of three or four treatments for depression. These English physicians appeared to be following the maxim that if a little bit of electricity was helpful, a great deal would be even better. It is true that they were attempting to treat virtually hopeless people but some of their reservations about the extreme methods are evident in their concern, a rule of sorts, that no patient should ever see or hear another patient receiving treatment.

Quite telling, that.

In the United States, this approach was adopted in some centres for the treatment of cases of schizophrenia that were resistant to all other therapies

This is particularly monstrous and heinous punishment being exacted here, all because of their fear of those who are too strong for them.

One investigator described a process which involved regressing patients to the level of four year olds – wetting, soiling, and unable to care for themselves. Another investigator worried about the possibility of permanent brain damage, but nevertheless increased applications from twenty-eight to sixty-five shock treatments given three times a day, seven days a week.

This group of psychiatrists described their regressed patients as confused and disoriented, with no memory or a lack of verbal spontaneity; they had slurred speech or were completely mute, and were apathetic, incontinent, and unable to swallow – they required feeding through a nasogastric tube. They showed many signs of neurological impairment while in this state, including primitive reflexes that are usually seen only in newborn infants. After seven to ten days, the patients gradually emerged from this state with a reversal of the regressive process. Although the physicians noted that minimal complications occurred, the patients suffered a permanent amnesia for the two to three months prior to treatment. Gradual improvement was observed over five years. These treatments were seen by most of the investigators as a treatment of last resort. When all else had failed, and lobotomy was the next step, this form of treatment could be tried.26

In 1948, the Canadian government set up what were called National Health Grants in ten separate fields (later expanded to thirteen). One of these was called the Mental Health Grant.

The purpose of the Mental Health Grant was to cover projects of three main types:

  • (a) to provide services in the community,
  • (b) to provide more adequate staff and equipment in the mental hospitals and in the psychiatric wards in general hospitals, and
  • (c) to provide training for personnel needed in mental health work; this was considered to include psychiatric research.

When Prime Minister Mackenzie King announced the Mental Health Grant in the House of Commons on May 14, 1948, he said:

“Mental Health Care – Parliament will be asked to make provision for a similar grant to the provinces for similar purposes for mental health care amounting initially to $4 million per annum and rising over a period of years to a maximum of $7 million per annum. The seriousness of the problem of mental illness can best be illustrated by reference to the fact that between one-third and one-half of all hospital beds in Canada today are occupied by patients suffering from mental illness.” (Emphasis added)

The Brits were clearly enforcing upon Canada what they wanted done, because remember, Canada was a dominion of the British empire.

A few other figures from this era are of interest:

  • “Mental and nervous diseases account for more illness than cancer, infantile paralysis and tuberculosis combined. At any one time, one out of every 150 adults in the general population is hospitalized because of mental disease is the finding in areas where mental hospital facilities are most nearly adequate (Landis and Page, Mental Health, 1939).”
  • “One person in 18 to 20 will spend some part of his lifetime in a mental hospital.”
  • “One person in 10 of the general population will be incapacitated by some variety of mental disease at some time during his life.”
  • There are 50,000 patients in the mental hospitals of Canada. (DBS)”

Cooper writes –

The foregoing information comes from a memorandum dated January 18, 1949 from departmental officials to the Honourable Paul Martin, Minister of Health (copy attached at Appendix 33). Grants for research came under the heading of “personnel needed in mental health work”. The bottleneck in the expansion of mental health services at that time was lack of trained personnel. The goal was to increase considerably the number of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and community workers in the mental health area.

In a memorandum by Dr. Charles A. Roberts, M.D., Chief of the Mental Health Division, dated April 8, 1953 (copy attached at Appendix 34), the following appears:

“When the National Health Grants Programme was initiated, it was recognized that there was a great need for research in the whole field of health ••• At the time there was a little research being conducted by people in training and by the staff of Laval University, by the staff of the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University and at the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital. Beyond this, I am unaware of any mental health or psychiatric research being conducted in the country at that time.” (Emphasis added)25

Right, it was just a couple years later, the liar. That is just one of the many examples in the Cooper Report that contain just blatant lies and mis-directions when it comes to establishing definite accountability on their part for what was being done to people.

Like orphaned children.

I’ll show you a couple other examples of what I’m talking about.

Example 1 –

Attached at Appendix 21 is a copy of the minutes of the June 1, 1951 meeting; the handwritten note appended to these minutes (found separately in ORB files) suggests that Commander Williams, one of those in attendance, was with the CIA.

Shortly after the meeting of June 1, 1951, the DRB entered into a contract (designated the X-38 Project) with Dr. Hebb to conduct these “sensory deprivation experiments”.

Then, Cooper tries to spin that the DRB didn’t fund anything to with Cameron and the treatment of mental patients.

(5) DRB funding of projects at the Allan

The DRB funded two research projects of .Dr. Cameron.

However, neither of these projects were related to the treatment of mental patients. The two projects in question (DRB grant Nos. 65 and 172 respectively) were entitled “Management of Fear and Anxiety by Civilians in the Event of a Community Disaster” (1948-1951) and “Behavioural Problems in the Adaptation of White Man to the Arctic”.

For an important reason discussed in section 5 of this opinion, the Chairman of the DRB, Dr. Solandt, ensured that Cameron made no applications to the DRB for work in the area of psychiatric research dealing with patients.25

First of all, notice the word hair-splitting. He “made no applications”. And yet, they gave him a grant. See how ridiculous this is?

Even more important now is the recently disclosed FBI file, showing that Cameron applied (and was approved) to the DRB way back in 1948 specifically for secret duties.

PDF – Ewen Cameron FBI File

From first page of data (page 3) document dated May 26, 1948 –

“The above-named individual is presently being considered for employment in Canada on duties which will require access to secret data [blanked out, probably says “McGill University has requested”??] an investigation of his character, background and loyalty.”

Right from the very beginning he was to have access to “secret” projects, basically.

Cooper point-blank lied and as far as I know didn’t even mention this important document.

Secondly, a number of other records, that I have included both here and in my Ewen Cameron article,  clearly prove DRB support of Cameron, so obviously this is another case of executing the pretense of “there are no records” that the Brits do. They will say this even when they actually DO have the records, as my Casimir Pilenas Palmer article proves.

Example 2 of Cooper’s lies, and this is a doozy –

The ORB funded a considerable number of other research projects at the Allan, projects conducted by associates of Dr. Cameron. I have coincidentally examined quite a lot of file material relating to these projects; none of it bears on the issues under review in this opinion. I have not considered it necessary to look further for ORB funding of psychiatric research involving patients at the Allan.25

none of it bears on..”

Oh, yes it did.

That’s why Cooper is doing the rhetorical equivalent of –

It has no small bearing on this that Dr. Cleghorn happened to be chairman of the very panel of the DRB that did fund Cameron’s “research”.

Dr. Cleghorn, not on the basis of his association with the AMI, but because of his association with the Defence Research Board where, for a period prior to 1961, he was Chairman of the Panel on Psychiatric Research of the Medical Advisory Committee of the Defence Research Board.

[Dr. Robert A. Cleghorn, was also a psychiatrist at the AMI from 1946 to 1970 (when he retired).]

Notice the insertion of “prior to 1961”. Why did he do that?

Because he’s trying to get around this –

Cooper Report p. 52 – section on grants from the Department of Health and Welfare

(b) Project No.604-5-432 (1961-1964; $51,860.00)

This project is entitled “Study of Factors which Promote or Retard Personality Change in Individuals Exposed to Prolonged Repetition of Verbal Signals”; i.e. psychic driving. Copies of the summary and final report are attached at Appendix 29. This study gave rise to five published papers, four of which are reproduced at Appendices 13, 14, 16 and 17. It will be seen that both these projects had to do with psychic driving, used in combination with the procedures of depatterning, sleep therapy and drugs.25

Ok, now look at this that he added to his earlier attempt at misdirection re: Cleghorn.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Medical Research Council also assisted by reviewing their files and I am satisfied that these bodies did not fund any projects of Dr. Cameron except for one or possibly two projects as discussed in section 3 of this opinion. I did not review any cabinet documents..25

Since that very grant was a DRB – cabinet level – grant  and would be their documents,put together with that the two places he chose to “assist” him in “finding” any such documents were neither one of them the right body in the first place, you can see the total sleight-of-hand misdirection tactic that he is employing here.

Not to mention – THEY reviewed the files, not him, so even if they did have any files, you can bet your bippy their report to him would have said…

No files here.

Furthermore, you need to understand just how complicit this Dr. Cleghorn actually was. The man was really something. He behaves just like Lawrence Hinkle of The MKULTRA experiments at Boston Psychopathic, veritably a classic example of Nazi-like avoidance of responsibility. Some of the things he says merit pulling out and quoting – they were so unbelievable.

Here. Watch this guy live.

When asked about that patients had experienced memory loss of periods up to ten years, he responded:

“I think that’s more than desireable…”

Meaning – he thinks creating memory loss IS desireable, just maybe not ten years worth. But then he says –

“I wouldn’t call it harsh. I’d say it was harder on the staff than it was on the patients.”

“These people had to be fed, they had to be cared for, they had to be given sufficient fluid, and food, and toileted, and so on and so forth.”

Harder on the staff.

That’s just…

– – –

I’ll give you another example of just what kind of pertinent information is left out of this “report” by Cooper.

Duke University Professor of Psychiatry William Preston Wilson, a man who would later mix holy roller exorcism with electric shock and drugs. My father was stuck with him as his professor during his year of psychiatry (enforced as part of getting one’s M.D.) and I personally met the man once as a child. Once was enough, let me just say in no uncertain terms, because when I looked at him, I saw that he was practically pure evil psychosis under his “white mask”.

Wilson at McGill – 1954


You see, starting from 1950 on – that innocent sounding electroencephelagraphy department that he was involved in there at McGill with Cameron and the rest of the ghouls, was something not so innocent at all.

George Cooper Report25 p. 53 of PDF, section concerning Dr. Ewen Cameron’s financing of secret projects through the Canadian Department of Health and Warfare.

A further word on one of the apparently unrelated projects, No. 604-5-13, “Research Studies on EEG and Electrophysiology”, is in order. This was an extensive project conducted at the Allan primarily by Dr. Lloyd Hisey, Psychiatrist in Charge, Electroencephalographic and Electrophysiological Centre (1950-1952) and his successor as of July 1, 1952, Dr. Charles Shagass. Much of this work, of which there are extensive reports published in the scientific literature, was supported by both H&W and DRB. Although these studies deal with specific aspects of psychiatric research, none of them bear directly on the topics of depatterning and psychic driving. The work did, however, cover topics such as photic stimulation (the use of strobe lights)*, drug induced sleep and studies of the effects of electroshock (see Appendix 30).

*Strobe lights, when flashed on and off at certain frequencies, can bring on convulsion-like effects; thus it was thought that the technique could assist in clearing the “brain pathways”.25

Definitely not innocent.

And finally, our third area of Cameron’s funding –

  • c . Department of National Health and Welfare (“H&W”)

We covered this a little bit earlier, but here’s that part again for reference.

In 1948 the federal government established the National Health Grants program to provide funds for health care in ten (later, thirteen) health areas. One of these was the Mental Health Grant. Research grants made to the Allan by H&W during the period under review (from 1948 to 1964, when Dr. Cameron left the Allan) were made under this Mental Health Grant..25

Cameron and Hebb were connected and more than just Cameron being “aware” of Hebb’s work, but it’s being denied.

Dr. Cameron, being in close physical proximity to Dr. Hebb, was, of course, aware of Hebb’s work and was himself interested in sensory deprivation from a psychiatric perspective. This is made clear in Hebb’s letter of January 1, 1953 in Appendix 23~ So were others at the AMI, as is shown by the letter from Dr. Cormier attached as Appendix 25..25

As this next project shows, “aware” extended to actually doing.

Cooper writes on page 39:

The first is an amount identical to the funding during 1950/51 from Health and Welfare to Dr. Cameron for Health and Welfare’s Project No. 604-5-14, “Support for a Behavioural Laboratory” (see later). I can find no other information on NRC Project No. 290.25

(a) Project No.604-5-14 (1950-1954; $17,875.00)

Under this project, entitled “Support for a Behavioural Laboratory”, a number of experiments were planned. One was to test memory and learning impairment due to individual and cumulative electric shock. Another was to film patients against a checkered backdrop before and after ECT treatment, to see if any differences in physical movements could be detected. A third was to study the effects of sensory isolation. A fourth was to investigate psychic driving techniques in various situations: while the patient was under hypnosis, in continuous sleep, and when the patient’s resistance was lowered using the isolation techniques of Dr. Hebb. The final report to H&W is reproduced at Appendix 28.25

Cameron had ten projects just through the H&W, and that’s what is known (or willing to be mentioned).

In early 1985, the Department of Health and Welfare received an access to information request for “All letters and reports between 1950-64 relating to Dr. Cameron’s and Allan Memorial Hospital’s experiments in regards to project MK Ultra, Human Ecology, Brainwashing, and any letters and reports sent to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USA”. In answering, the Department consulted its master index, which lists nine psychiatric research projects for which Dr. Cameron is named as principal investigator.

Total funds for these nine projects amounted to $495,444.41; the nine projects are listed in Appendix 27. In addition to these nine projects, I have identified a tenth project, No. 604-5-433, which began in Dr. Cameron’s name and finished in 1965 in the name of a Dr. Davis, Cameron having by then retired. This project is entitled “The Influence of Psychotropic Drugs upon Cerebral Responses to Peripheral Stimulation in Man“.

I have reviewed files on eight of these ten projects. (No files exist for the other two, Nos. 604-5-104 and 604-5-108, but from their titles as given in Appendix 27 it is apparent that they are not relevant here.) Of these eight, it appears on examination that Dr. Cameron was the principal investigator in only four; in fact, not only was he not the principal investigator in the other projects (contrary to the indication in the H&W master index), but his name is not even mentioned in the project files still available. It is speculated that, as head of the Allan, he signed the original project applications although not himself a participant.

Of the four projects in which Cameron was in fact principal investigator, only two are relevant here (the other two are No.604-5-76, “A Study of the Effects of Nucleic Acid Upon Memory Impairment in the Aged”, and No. 604-5-433, referred to above).25

No files? Only 2 are relevant?

Yea, right. Somehow, I doubt that, especially given this man’s proclivities to word-parsing, misdirecting and outright lieing. On that note, I will now go deeply into some of those supposedly not “relevant” projects.


Cameron and secret experiments.
Cameron section 1.2

Transported illegally thousands of Canadian/Quebec Duplessis Orphans across the US border to fill their US institutions and use them as Guinea pigs for medical experiments and even outright sex-trafficking.

– author unknown

This began in 1944.

…laid out in 1944 at the Quebec Conference, the year Maurice Duplessis, re-elected as Quebec premier, sat at the table with Roosevelt, Churchill, MacKenzie King and Allen Dulles, to iron out details of a clandestine agreement by which Quebec’s orphan population would be placed at the disposal of the British and American military in their top secret program of chemical and biological warfare weapons development, some of which was based downriver at Grosse Ile. Some of these experiments involved psychosurgery, e.g. lobotomies, which witnesses like Silvio Day say were performed on orphans.

Quebec Ombudsman, Daniel Jacoby, report of January 22, 1997

Just two years later, Cameron started in helping to justify what they were doing.

In 1946, in a paper titled “Frontiers of Social Psychiatry,” Cameron for the first time used the case of Nazi Germany as an example of a society which poisoned the minds of its citizens through the propagation of anxiety. His startling conclusion was that social psychiatry must contribute to developing methods of social control over its citizens in order to direct “the transmission of attitudes, beliefs, and ways of managing life.” He expressed this authoritarian perspective in a series of remarkable statements:

We now recognize that the transmission to children, and also to people at all ages of beliefs, attitudes, and customs which produce unnecessary anxiety, guilt, feelings of inadequacy and hostility, must come to an end as a matter of public health and individual well-being. We have recognized that many of these damaging ways of being are transmitted by parents who themselves suffer from them. We also recognize the part played by social institutions interested in perpetuating themselves.

He suggested that psychiatry must be “inventive” and determine “rapid ways of building up new attitudes for social control without crippling guilt.” He then noted that children have “certain psychological rights” which include the right “to protection against indoctrination with damaging, outmoded attitudes, against the implantation of taboos and inhibitions” by their parents.

Therefore, you see, what was being done to them secretively in mental hospitals was “ok” and even “necessary” to fix the indoctrination they had been born into – supposedly.

THAT is eugenics, and nothing but.

His proposal was startling:

“All of us have seen the transmission down the generations of insecurity, chronic anxiety, frigidity, feelings of inadequacy.

We have at present no means whatsoever of stopping this. It could be stopped, however, by remodelling and expanding our present concepts of suitability for marriage, of quarantine of individuals suffering from diseases likely to spread to others.”

In addition to putting all manner of adults under that grandiose and supposedly “saving of mankind” into mental hospitals against their will?

This was the catalyst

to force children – orphans – into “quarantine” as well


Expanding on that –

In the book Life is For Living, published in 1948 for a general audience, Cameron further expanded on the concept of determining who should have children and who should hold positions of authority. He was quite concerned about the people who had been influenced by the Nazis:

“If we can succeed in inventing means of changing their attitudes and beliefs, we shall find ourselves in possession of measures which, if wisely used, may be employed in freeing ourselves from attitudes and beliefs in other fields which have greatly contributed to the instability of our period by their propensity for holding up progress.”

“Get it understood how dangerous these damaged, sick personalities are to ourselves- and above all, to our children, whose traits are taking form – and we shall find ways to put an end to them,” Cameron wrote.

For a supposedly non-Catholic, that was eerily Pope-like of Cameron.

… the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we again stir up your pastoral solicitude to exterminate other evil opinions…

Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864, Pope Pius IX


Sounds to me as if he who is “blaming” the Nazis, is actually part of a plan to embark on something a thousand times worse and on a global scale.

A continuation of Nazi-Germany. An expansion of it.

Which, if you read my article Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science you’ll see that’s exactly what happened and by the same backers.

– – –


The making of a paedophile’s dream

Several people that were some of those orphans being sold into sex-trafficking or locked up for human experimentation talked about the sexual abuse they were subjected to.

If you remember the earlier analysis of the “nuns” organizations, it is an incredibly rampant thing.

But imagine what it is like for these survivors to have been subjected to these “experiments”, surrounded by people who are trying their level best to keep you quiet, keep you from exposing them to the world for the monsters that they are. Imagine being repeatedly put in the position where the very accurate memories of this abuse that you have, are dismissed, marginalized, and made fun of.

Well, let’s take that to a whole new darker level now. Did you know that part of those experiments was installing positive sexual relations with adults to lay in some paedophiles dream – a willing child participant?

The picture I opened with, is about to become even more disturbing.

*Special acknowledge to this site for providing the following valuable information from Secret, Don’t Tell, The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism Carla Emery Claire, Michigan: Acorn Hill Publishing, 1998 The book’s website: http://www.secretdonttell.com

In 1950, a paper appeared titled: “Direct Reorientation of Behavior Patterns in Narcosis.” clearly influenced Cameron’s work for the next fifteen years.

In the paper, Dr. Brickner reported implanting false unconscious memories of early childhood incest in amnesic drugged persons:

STATEMENT OF PROBLEM IT IS NOT known what happens in the cortex when the reaction patterns of a growing child are laid down and then become established as enduring foundations of behavior. However, it is highly probable that these events are not the result of anatomic changes in the cortex; it is hard to imagine dendrites or axons changing position so as to set up new connections. The establishment of patterns is more likely to depend on a physiologic process, conceivably facilitation. Hence there is a chance that the neural process of pattern fixing may be reversible.Indeed, it is known that when psychotherapy is successful the patterns do change. Old ones disappear, to be replaced by new ones, or old ones may so change as to look like new ones.The present study began as an attempt to answer the following questions: If the neural arrangements underlying reaction patterns…

Arch. Neurol. Psychiatry Vol. 64 (2); 1950 Aug. p.165.- Direct Reorientation of Behavior Patterns in Deep Narcosis (Narcoplexis). Richard M. Brickner, M.D. ; Robert T. Porter,M.D. ; Warren S. Homer, M.S.W., and Julia J. Hicks, NewYork. page 165

The theory was as follows: the ways in which people behave are determined by some sort of nervous-system arrangements in the brain. Since psychotherapy can change behaviour, the neural arrangements must be reversible.

The authors wondered whether the behaviour patterns of adults could be erased by a physiologic process which attacked neural patterns. Could adults be made theoretically patternless? Could they be returned to a state of neurologic and psychologic infancy for a short period, and then could new patterns of behaviour be introduced? Using a barbiturate (sodium amytal), these investigators induced a state of “clinical coma” in their patients and read to them prepared scripts taken from their lives. They were not particularly successful, but Cameron chose their experiments as the starting point for the evolution of his theories concerning rapid behaviour and attitude change.

However, in this “research”, even the biggest doses of barbiturate did not make the subjects “patternless.” But the drug did create a physiological state ofL

…childishness and allowed the subjects’ basic and primitive conditioning patterns which had been created early in life, to be stripped of their higher defenses…[and] directly susceptible to attack. (Brickner, et al, 1950, p. 166)

The “higher defense” that was stripped away was the subject’s conscious mind. The method was an IV drip of amobarbital sodium solution until the patient was in clinical coma.

Then Brickner read a script which pictured the patient in infancy, or early childhood. It dealt with the “early pattern” which they intended to reprogram. Each script followed the artificial neurosis model. It implanted a phony memory which was meant to become dominant over the subject’s real experience, and to replace it as a psychological dynamic in his personality in order to achieve the operator’s desired change in his behavior.

The script was read for an hour, either live or on tape, until the subject awoke from the drug trance. It was read to the drugged subject over and over during that hour, perhaps five times each session. They used an average of sixteen narcosis/script reading sessions to build the subject’s new personality.

The script regressed the subject to early childhood and then reprogrammed him while in that drugged hypnochild state. The hypnotist pretended to be a childhood parent of the drugged patient. The script created a phony, implanted “memory.” The new memory, thus implanted, was psychoanalytic dynamite.

What was that “new memory”?

Childhood incest with their parents. And remember, in Brickner’s study the hypnotist was pretending to BE the parent, so it must said, just what the heck were they doing to these people, sexually, while they were under these drugs.

It sounds like some sick version of necrophilia – only the person is in a coma and not dead.

The script had the suggestion of WE HAVE NOT HESITATED TO GRANT COITAL RELATIONS WITH A PARENT… (Ibid., p. 172) [caps added]

Brickner explained that this implanted incest memory caused “unusually rapid psychologic changes.”

I’ll just bet it did.



The subject was kept totally amnesic about the new “memories.” “No conscious insight is given…” (Ibid., p. 173)

Brickner’s Technique, Summarized—An artificial neurosis is an implanted set of false memories. The hypnotist lies to the subject; the subject believes those lies because he is hypnotized. Brickner used the following steps:

  • q   The subject received hypnotic training and conditioning under very deep barbiturate narcosis.
  • q   The script addressed the subject as a child.
  • q   New, false memories of childhood, intended to be the basis for major, permanent changes in the subject’s personality, were implanted.
  • q   Coital relations with a parent was part of the script.
  • q   The script was read to the subject over and over.

As you can see, its not too hard to connect this what what Cameron (and his cronies) would start doing at McGill and the other large hospitals in the Quebec area.

Speaking of cronies, now let’s dive into some of those other “not” relevant (facetiously speaking) secret projects.

* * *

Both Wilder Penfield and Ewen Cameron were involved with researches into electro-magnetism, especially as relates to memory and personality. Their work was financed originally through grants by the Rockefeller fund and the U.S. Army, but when British Intelligence had succeeded in controlling the creation of their sister branch in the U.S., the OSS (and its final form of the CIA in 1947) their work began to be transferred under the CIA, first with Project Bluebird, and then crossing over into the new top-secret MKULTRA program in 1952.

Several subprojects of MKULTRA dealt with this “energy” manifestation (and the manipulation of it) in regards the temporal lobes.

For example, one of the MKULTRA subproject 62 documents states that: “certain kinds of radio frequency have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.

April 1, 1957

Sub-project 68 was Dr. Ewen Cameron’s “research” originally about seeing if he can erase someone’s memory and personality and then re-program them with a new one, but then it expanded to include some rather odd other parameters as well.

The MK Ultra Subproject 68 documents are filed under “68″ at The Black Vault, on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468. For easier viewing I have recently created an ocr’d PDF of all the documents for just that sub-project.

Then there was the testing in the Radio Telemetry Laboratory, which was built under Cameron’s direction. Here, patients were exposed to a range of RF and electromagnetic signals and monitored for changes in behaviour. It was later stated by staff members who had worked at the Institute during this time that not one patient sent to the Radio Telemetry Lab showed any signs of improvement afterwards.

I believe that these two projects also included this work.

Starting with the National Research Council (NRC) which was predecessor to the Medical Research Council (MRC),

NRC Grants-in-aid for psychiatry –

  • (a) No. 290 – Behavioural Laboratory – $4,197.00:
  • (b) No. 217 – Reactions of Civilians to Community Disasters ~ $650.00.

Cooper writes on page 39:

The first is an amount identical to the funding during 1950/51 from Health and Welfare to Dr. Cameron for Health and Welfare’s Project No. 604-5-14, “Support for a Behavioural Laboratory” (see later). I can find no other information on NRC Project No. 290.25

That’s this one –

(a) Project No.604-5-14 (1950-1954; $17,875.00)

Under this project, entitled “Support for a Behavioural Laboratory”, a number of experiments were planned. One was to test memory and learning impairment due to individual and cumulative electric shock. Another was to film patients against a checkered backdrop before and after ECT treatment, to see if any differences in physical movements could be detected. A third was to study the effects of sensory isolation. A fourth was to investigate psychic driving techniques in various situations: while the patient was under hypnosis, in continuous sleep, and when the patient’s resistance was lowered using the isolation techniques of Dr. Hebb. The final report to H&W is reproduced at Appendix 28.25

I think they were doing psi research actually as the primary goal here.

I’ll show you why I think that.


Psi research – Electronic telepathy.

About the best you see such scholars do, is throw over to so-called conspiracy theory websites as if they are the only sources that would refer to what I’m about to talk about, and are therefore supposedly conveniently discredited. Rebecca cites6 a particularly ‘off’ website called Illuminati News as an example.

On conspiracy theory websites, for example the Illuminati News, Cameron figures as the beneficiary of a fringe-science “secret laboratory” outfitted through the munificence of Allen Dulles’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

She gives footnote 10 as her reference, which is: Agent Orange and Mr. X, “Who Is Illuminati Licio Gelli?” Illuminati News, 15 December 2006. (Rebecca’s link that she gave is no longer working – cached version here)


screenshot-webcache 061616 Agent Orange and Mr. X Who Is Illuminati Licio Gelli

That forms an utterly perfect example of the function of front group “news” sites like Illuminati News. It acts to discredit what actually is very real and very true.

That is its function.

The shoe of who is crazy around here goes on the other foot. The ubiquitous Robert Cleghorn, who was there, at least gets one thing right. He refers to Leonard Rubenstein as being a psychopath and I would most certainly agree with that.

P. 50 of Ewen Cameron’s MKULTRA subproject 68 documents gives us just a little peek in that what this research was really about was investigating telepathy – hidden under that term ultra-conceptual communication. He even built special machinery to explore that element together with the MI6 Dr. Leonard Rubenstein.

C. Continued study of the effects of repetition on the patient of his own verbal signals opened up an additional line of inquiry. This was based upon the finding that a given verbal signal conveys considerably more than its verbal content. Special apparatus was built to explore this new field of ultra-conceptual communication

The following findings were reported at the 1956 meeting of the American Psychopathological Association:

  • i. That signals are made which are not conceived as such by the signaler, at least at the time he makes them.
  • iii.That a range of signals may be made which will only at times be conceived by the signaler and the the listener as such.
  • iv. The ability of both the signaler and the listener to recognize signals may be increased and also decreased.
  • v. It is probable that there is a range of signals which cannot be understood by either, but which may, nonetheless, evoke an appropriate response in the listener.

Now what does that sound like to you that Cameron is actually researching for the CIA there?

Electronic telepathy

The later telepathy experiments at Stanford Research Institute proved that the signal (the telepathic message) was received whether the person knew it or not.

This is a little known aspect to scientologists Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann’s adventures with the CIA, because most of the hype is focused on their semi-bogus remote viewing when the real focus, the real work is something rather different.

Something which aligns exactly with the real purpose of Ewen Cameron’s psychic driving experiments.

There is much to be said on this point, but I will be covering that in an article of its own. For now, some key things are probably important to be included right next to these documents about Cameron’s work more than 15 years earlier – which proves continuity of interest on the part of the slavemasters.


PDF Changing Images of Man page 114 describes that telepathy is one of the four main researched areas to date and defines it as –

• Telepathy. The perception of another person’s on-going mental activities without the use of any sensory means of communication.

page 116 starts describing the hard proof that it does exist and is very real –

However, a recent experiment, if substantiated, points to a far more radical departure from presently accepted psychological theory. This experiment, by Puthoff and Targ (1974), depends upon the discovery that if a stroboscopic light at about 15 flashes per second is shined in a subject’s eyes, a characteristic alpha component (around 10 or 11 cps) appears in his electroencephalogram.

In the Puthoff-Targ experiment two remotely isolated subjects are used, some prior degree of rapport having been established between them. The light is flashed in one subject’s eyes and the other is asked to guess whether, in a given time interval, the light is on or off. While the second subject is usually unable to guess better than a chance basis, the telltale alpha component appears in his EEG. The important deduction is that unconsciously he knows with a certainty, in an extrasensory way, when the light is in the other person’s eyes-even while he is denying such knowledge to his conscious mind.

In other words, this watershed experiment appears to provide clear evidence of universal telepathic capacity with almost complete repression (for most persons) of awareness of this source of knowledge.

Demonstration of this repression phenomenon does much to explain the puzzling erratic character of psychic research data. It opens the possibility of radically new research methodologies in which the inhibiting effect of the “internal censor” is bypassed by utilizing responses (such as EEG components) that the organism has not learned to repress.

[…] Recent experimental researchers, including especially the experiment mentioned above, strongly suggest that the range of human potentialities is far greater, that the role of out-of-consciousness mind processes is far greater, and that the power of expectations and images is far greater than can be accounted for under the old paradigm.

Changing Images of Man also details some research projects that are fairly close in time to Ewen Cameron, and also what William Wilson was involved in at Duke University as well (twin research and dreams).

• Physical states and processes can be “induced” telepathically. In experiments with identical twins and also with unrelated persons, physical changes such as the rate of blood flow, electrical skin resistance, and brain wave patterns have been sent from one person to another (Dean, 1966; Tart in Ryzl, 1970; Duane and Behrendt, 1965). 27

One of JB. Rhine’s coinciding areas of research was Dream Telepathy. He, and others, found that Telepathy can be induced in the dream state and furthermore –

Electroencephalogram monitoring showed that the brain waves of the recipient change to match those of the sender.

This is where our man Dr. Wilson comes in, because he personally directed the electroencephalographic laboratories at Duke Medical Center starting in 1961 for the next twenty years.29

This means that Ewen Cameron’s protege Dr. William Wilson was working with Rhine on those telepathy brain-wave monitoring experiments.

From the slavemasters perspective, one of the most consuming motivations for all this ‘research’ is a problem.

What is it?

That they cannot STOP these abilities.

…these theories have as yet yielded no other certain physical limitation which can be used to curb the unruly nature of psi. 28

They came up with a rather interesting way of trying to stop those with psi abilities, by punishing them. But, all this does is curb their demonstration of it to others, it doesn’t actually change anyone’s abilities..


A few workers have tried directly to manipulate treatment of the subjects… one group of subjects was treated nicely and the other badly.

[…]If we take this result to heart the best thing we could do would perhaps be to treat subjects as abominably as possible, so that significant, if negative, scoring could be secured. 28

• Belief in extrasensory perception raises ESP scoring levels in laboratory experiments; disbelief lowers them (these are colloquially called sheep vs. goat experiments) (Schmeidler and McConnell, 1958). 27

Note the year of that one – 1958 – this is exactly concurrent with Ewen Cameron’s experiments.

Here’s another really interesting one that relates to this same ‘punishment’ aspect that Cameron is engaging in – one which incidentally is about JB Rhine electroshocking children as part of Rhines MKULTRA project and calling it high motivation publicly.

• High motivation enhances psi phenomena (Rhine and Pratt, 1957). 27

– – –

All of this lines up perfectly with Ewen Cameron’s over-the-top abominable treatments, so now you can clearly see what the real purpose of his ‘psychic driving’ actually was.

Continuing with p. 50 of the MKULTRA #68 documents –

Our studies now turned….after considerable experimentation…changes lasting up to two months.

The procedure requires…particularly intensive electroshocks (depatterning)

Intensive repetition (16 hours a day for 6 or 7 days)..during this period patient is kept in partial sensory isolation.

Repression of the driving period is carried out by putting the patient, after the conclusion of the period, into continuous sleep for 7-10 days.

In association with Dr. [William Sargant] perhaps sought to bring about physiological change by the repetition of appropriate verbal signals.

We have been successful…changing blood pressure in right versus left arm, imbalanced muscles in arm…

p 52 lines up with the whole ‘treat the person as abominably as possible’ idea even more directly, where Cameron proposes to experiment with ganging up on the person, multiple voices capitalizing on the force of group decision and suggestion.

I trust now you understand that this solution of ‘abominable treatment’ going on there towards the subject of psi abilities, was exactly what they were doing to children and those deemed “mental” patients.

Let’s explore that aspect even further.

* * *


The Quest for Automated Humanity


Did you say machines can make me read minds2

March 1957 is a good a marker as any to illustrate the real point of why there was so much interest in Cameron’s experiments.

Radio control.

Based on everything we covered earlier, by 1962, things were not going well for the slavemasters behind all this. Leger is off in a mental institution himself, Cameron would soon get ‘moved’ from McGill, and Sid Gottlieb’s special projects along the same lines were getting moved to the ORD part of the CIA.

1962 was definitely not a very good year for the slavemasters particularly sick human experimentation projects.

Did they stop?

Oh, no. no. no.


None of this really mattered to the slavemasters, hence the callous treatment of Leger and Cameron who were thrown to the wolves in a New York minute as heads-on-a-pike.

It also didn’t matter in the sense that they were SO interested in that work, that a whole slew of new mkultra subprojects came out of it (soon to be renamed MKSEARCH).

For example, even though Cameron was cut-off, with CIA funding Dr. Cameron’s isolator was rebuilt at a laboratory of the National Institutes of Health. But instead of a human, like Madeleine Smith, being incarcerated, lobotomized apes were kept for months in total isolation. Rubenstein’s radio telemetry techniques were adapted so that radio frequency energy was beamed into the brains of the already crazed animals.15

That particular loveliness was subproject 62, described in the Human Drug Testing by the CIA section of the 1977 senate hearings, (p 90)

Senator Kennedy. Was the NIH involved in any of the research projects?

Dr. Geschickter. There was NIH involvement.

Senator Kennedy. Could you tell us the nature of that involvement?

Dr. Geschickter. I can tell you the nature of it accurately. One was on studies on concussion which they rocked the heads of animals back and forth to try to cause them amnesia by concussion of the brain. And that was for $110,000. The other, which was funded through this later business was the use of radar to put monkeys to sleep, to see if they could be, should I say, instead of Mickey Finn, they could put them under with radar directed toward the monkey brain.

Senator Schweiker. Could they?

Dr. Geschickter. Did they go to sleep?

Senator Schweiker. Yes.

Dr. Geschickter. Yes, sir. But, Senator, it showed if you got into too deep a sleep, you injured the heat center of the brain the way you cook meat, and there was a borderline there that made it dangerous.

Dr. Charles Freeman Geschickter

Charles_Freeman_Geschickter - Georgetown University MKUltra doctor

The research just described by Geshickter is MKULTRA Subproject 62, conducted at the National Institutes of Health by Dr. Maitland Baldwin, a neurosurgeon. Geshickter, if you recall, was who recommended that Cameron be financed by the CIA in the first place.

Documents concerning Subproject 62 at Black Vault (CD#4 Folder 17462) describe Baldwin’s interest in sensory isolation experiments and a status report stated that, “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.

Well, we can certainly tell from that part some of what Cameron and Rubenstein had been up to, eh?


In the publication resulting from Subproject 62, entitled, “Effects of radio-frequency energy on primate cerebral activity,” Baldwin, Bach and Lewis thanked the Naval Research Laboratory and Rome Air Force Base for supplying equipment used to generate the radio waves.

This is what I meant by the benefits (rather than a punishment like it should have been) when they dismantled Sid Gottlieb and his Technical Services office of the CIA and simply moved him and his menagerie of human experimentation over under the ORD – look at all that nice access to military resources they then had.

The interesting thing about this sub-project is that it actually began back in 1956 (Document #1, 17462 folder) and there were visits to Donald Hebb and Ewen Cameron at McGill to discuss their isolation techniques – which means this was BEFORE the hullaballoo in 1962.

However, document #99 of the 17462 folder shows an invoice for 10k in December 1962, document #103 shows invoices in March of 1962, so it looks like 1962 is when the whole rebuilding of Cameron’s isolator happened, which is in line with our timeline here.

Cameron, as we well know, was still there at McGill in 1962. As was Rubenstein, so clearly they were both involved in this.

Baldwin was described as full of bright ideas on how to control behavior, but they were wary of him because he was such an “eager beaver” with an obvious streak of “craziness.”

Under Sub-project 62 (and continuing into the later MKSEARCH) Baldwin performed lobotomies on apes.

[…] and then put these simian subjects into sensory deprivation—presumably in the same “box” he had built himself at NIH and then had to repair after a desperate soldier kicked his way out. There is no information available on whether Baldwin extended this work to humans, although he did discuss with an outside consultant how lobotomized patients reacted to prolonged isolation. Like Hamilton, Baldwin was a jack-of-all trades who in one experiment beamed radio frequency energy directly at the brain of a chimpanzee and in another cut off one monkey’s head and tried to transplant it to the decapitated body of another monkey. Baldwin used $250 in Agency money to buy his own electroshock machine, and he did some kind of unspecified work at a TSS safehouse that caused the CIA to shell out $1450 to renovate and repair the place. 32


That’s really something.

The monkey decapitation etc. was actually done when Richard Helms resurrected his projects under MKSearch.

– – –

All the MKULTRA subprojects on Cameron and Rubenstein’s electric or radio frequency stimulation of the brain ideas (that I have documented so far) are:

  • subproject 54 – studied producing concussions (temporal lobes) from mechanical blast waves from a distance. It said that “such concussion is always followed by amnesia for the actual moment of the accident”. (cd #4, folder 17453)
  • subproject 62    (cd #4, folder 17462)
  • Subproject 94   (cd #1, folder 17497)
  • Subproject 106 (cd #3, folder 17362)
  • Subproject 119 (cd #3, folder 17376)
  • Subproject 142 (cd #3, folder 17402)

All the above can be viewed yourself at Black Vault by navigating to the respective cd’s and folder #’s.

Note that the RF (radio frequency) part of Cameron and Rubenstein’s radio telemetry work especially matches up with subprojects 62, 94 and 119, as well as the later MKSEARCH #1.

We already covered 62, and subproject 94 is already documented in Chapter Twenty Six-2, it’s William Bledsoe’s project out of Panoramic and the Bio-Research companies that are tied into military research companies as well as Stanford Research Institute.

Subproject 106 goes with 142 (MKULTRA: Electrodes, Russian Study 37) concerns implanting electrodes in the brains of animals and doing a study of all the Russian literature concerning mind control of this type.

The project had been started earlier in 1959, but there was also a newer proposal now coming under the rubrick of Aldrich’s ORD. It is dated 22 May 1962, and is on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 3, folder 17362. Within that folder, is the first page of the newer proposal – image #10.


Image #34 shows that this particular project was first approved December 29, 1959.

– – –

Subproject 119: MKULTRA: Telecontrol–Texas Christian-EEG-Human Behavior-Bioelectric Signals-Electroencephalography-Human Organism

Letter, 14 July 1959:


2. It has long been my opinion that there is a need for a taxonomy of stimulus variables, comparable to those with which we are familiar for personality, to account for factors external to the individual, which affect his performance. People are constrained, pressed, required, etc. to do things because of factors in their environment, perhaps even more than because of the kinds of personalities they are. Furthermore, a stimulus situation is complex, and reflects many subtle variables that are not always uniformly or clearly identified, and where effects may often be overlooked. If we are to be able to study human behavior effectively, we must measure the situations to which people respond as well as the people who respond.


…At present I am thinking in terms of two main divisions: {1} the life space of the individual, and {2} the immediate task situation. …

Draft CIA memo, 17 August 1960:


e. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.


You can really see the similarity in that one, to Rubenstein’s radio telemetry lab.

Last, but not least, we have-

MKULTRA Subproject No. 142 concerns implanting electrodes into animals for use in “direct executive action” –

ASSASSINATION – in other words.

James Bond 007 - Assassin

In this case – by animals.


The documents concerning this subproject are on Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk 3, folder 17402.

Image #10 shows the project from 1962 through the end of 1963, and shows Gottlieb’s name on it.

Image #19 is the first page of the actual proposal. It details that the purpose is to: “support a small biological program of electrical brain stimulation involving some new approaches to the subject…”


New approaches?


It gets worse. Look very carefully at this:

The reason for separating this work financially from the other efforts in the Agency’s behalf is to allow him to engage in some very practical experiments…which would present security problems if this effort were to he handled in the usual way. Some of the uses proposed for these particular animals would involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents or for direct executive action type operations as distinguished from the eavesdropping application of [blacked out]

They are talking about that whatever these experiments are (related to assassinations for one thing) would present “security problems” and they don’t want anyone else knowing about it – including people working on other similar projects.

This is because of all the heat on this kind of experimentation right then.

Plus, notice this part:

“…involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents…”

BW stands for Biological Weapons
CW stands for Chemical Weapons

One could surmise that this means they want to use animals as a sort of suicide bomber! In addition – the next image #21 even talks about switching to cold-blooded animals – because they are easier.

Meanwhile, there was more openly known work also being done at the same time as Cameron and Rubenstein. Now, this one really sounds exactly like what Rubenstein was experimenting with.

This was in the Journal Applied Physiology 1962, Human Auditory System Response To Modulated Electromagnetic Energy by Allan H. Frey – General Electric Advanced Electronics Center Cornell University, New York.

A significant amount of research has been conducted with the effects of radio-frequency (rf) energy on organisms (electro-magnetic energy).

Using extremely low average power densities of electromagnetic energy, the perception of sounds was induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced several hundred feet from the antenna the instant the transmitter was turned on.

The perception of different sounds can be induced in physically deaf, as well as normal, in human subjects at a distance up to thousands of feet from the transmitter. With somewhat different transmission parameters, you can induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head, without such apparent symptoms as dizziness or nausea. Changing transmitter parameters down, one can induce a “pins-and-needles” sensation.

The RF sound has been described as being a buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse-repetition rate (PRF). The apparent source of these sounds is localized by the subjects as being within, or behind the head.

And now…

We come back around to where we started with Rubinstein here and those “not” relevant grants.

Remember this?

P. 50 of Ewen Cameron’s MKULTRA subproject 68 documents gives us just a little peek in that what this research was really about was investigating telepathy – hidden under that term ultra-conceptual communication. He even built special machinery to explore that element together with the MI6 Dr. Leonard Rubenstein.

C. Continued study of the effects of repetition on the patient of his own verbal signals opened up an additional line of inquiry. This was based upon the finding that a given verbal signal conveys considerably more than its verbal content. Special apparatus was built to explore this new field of ultra-conceptual communication

Now look at this –

Cooper report, section Department of Health and Welfare grants, p. 54

Interestingly enough, the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (SIHE), the CIA “cover organization” (see section 7 of this opinion) was also interested in Project No.604-S-74, “A Study of Ultraconceptual Communication”, a 1959-61 study under the direction of Leonard Rubenstein of the Allan (see Appendix 31).25

… it is conceivable that the CIA may have been interested in the subject matter of the project, dealing as it did with an examination of the ways in which the voice can communicate information on both a verbal and a non-verbal level, and can also convey feelings either consciously or unconsciously which are either allied to the verbal communication or reflect the speaker’s emotional disposition.

Not only is that twice we can nail Cooper for his attempt at distancing Cleghorn from all this (because even within his own parameters, this was done with Cleghorn’s full knowledge while he was chairing the relevant DRB committee) we have our “crack in the wall” that shows that the Americans were most definitely interested in developing this further and did.

Conspiracy theorists aside permanently.

And again, Cooper classifies this as “not relevant”.

In any event, this project is not relevant to the subject matter under review in this opinion.

How relevant was this?

Further research into this phenomena resulted in the ability to send covert mind control messages to people – through the air.

The first un-classified successful transmission of the human voice directly into the skull of a living person was demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1973.

In 1975, Frey (yep, the same guy we talked about earlier) published a study in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences stating that microwaves “with certain modulations” could cause leakage in the blood–brain barrier, with possibly lethal consequences. In one experiment, he synchronized microwaves with the myocardial rhythm of a frog heart, and found that the heart stopped beating. In another experiment, he microwaved cats and found that it had a huge effect on emotions. 1

By the way, Dr Frey is still trying to get his voice heard by the American government concerning microwaves. As recently as February 2013, he submitted an official comment to the FCC on this matter. A nice listing of articles by Frey is available here.

From reading about all these subprojects that they were doing up until 1963 or so, and you can clearly see that Cameron and Rubenstein’s work was much more in the area of electronic telepathy and long distance monitoring and influencing and that this was definitely an area of interest that was continued even though Cameron had to exit stage left because he was the designated ‘head on a pike’.

– – –

By the time the CIA Inspector General completed his study in 1963, he had uncovered what George Hunter White was doing in the San Francisco and New York safehouses. (See MKULTRA Projects of George Hunter White). This was felt to be too open to ‘accountability’, so it was supposed to be stopped. It wasn’t, but what did happen is what I mentioned earlier. A number of Projects were transferred to the ORD, but Gottlieb kept particular ones to himself.

Richard Helms, the self-styled champion of unfettered behavioral research, only agreed to such changes as having the CIA Director briefed on the programs twice a year, but he kept the approval process within his control and made sure that all the files would be retained inside TSS.

And as government officials so often do when they do not wish to alter anything of substance, he proposed a new name for the activity. In June 1964 MKULTRA became MKSEARCH.

This was the same year that Ewen Cameron got booted resigned from McGill.

Gottlieb regrouped the most sensitive behavioral activities under the MKSEARCH umbrella one of which was Maitland Baldwin’s project.

As you can see, the psi-research interest in particular directions (like Cameron had been doing) was not only continuing but running even hotter.

On June 30th, 1966 – Richard Helms became Director of the CIA. One of the first things he did was pour the coals on getting results in the mind control field. Old projects were resurrected, abandoned projects were reactivated.

Maitland Baldwin was one who had his work resurrected. His continued research of behavior modification within MKSEARCH Subproject 1 included further experiments involving sensory deprivation, radio frequency energy, and an attempt to cut off a monkey’s head and attach it to the decapitated body of another monkey – that was Operation Resurrection.

It was one of the ones that took place in the rebuilt isolation chamber. If you recall, an isolation chamber had been constructed earlier by Dr. Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute (as part of MKUltra subproject 68) and this was then rebuilt at a laboratory of the National institutes of Mental Health.

Instead of humans, like Cameron had used, Baldwin subjected apes to a cruel combination of treatments in these experiments that occurred in 1965/66. First they were lobotomized, then kept in total isolation. The radio telemetry techniques that had been developed by Leonard Rubenstein earlier, were adapted so that radio frequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the obviously highly disturbed animals.

Many of these traumatized apes were then decapitated and their heads would be transplanted onto another body to see if the RF energy would bring them back to life – this was the ‘resurrection’ retarded idea of Baldwin. That boy been watching way too many horror movies.


Heads transplanted?

why the fuck not

That was his and the CIA handlers attitude – they literally went completely Dr. Frankenstein on this one. The apes that were NOT killed in this way were later bombarded with radio waves until they fell unconscious. Autopsies revealed that their brain tissue had literally been fried.

Another project Helms resurrected was Bledsoe’s Subproject 94, brain implantsBrain Locations- Remote Direction Control.

The fact that it was, shows they were still interested in that idea that Rubenstein was first working on, ie: monitor human activity at a point remote from the subject under study.

Even the oft-touted Jose Delgado’s work in 1965, with implants in a bull to control his behavior, was really just jumping off the Rubenstein/Cameron ‘special’ room in the basement.

In fact, look more closely at the 1963 Earman Report38 – point 31, especially point “f.3”

31. Active projects may be grouped under the following arbitrary headings. Many projects involve activity in two or more of the areas listed.

  • a. basic research in materials and processes
  • b. procurement of research materials
  • c. testing of substances on animals and human beings
  • d. development of delivery techniques
  • e. projects in offensive/defensive BW, CW, and radiation [BW=Biological Warfare, CW=Chemical Warfare]
  • f. miscellaneous projects; e.g., (1) petroleum sabotage, (2) defoliants, (3) devices for remote measurement of physiological processes


That’s exactly what Rubenstein and Cameron had been working on at McGill.


So, while Cameron may have had to appear to be ‘terminated’ due to public exposure by the Bedard report, the interest in the goals of his work was most definitely not terminated.


In Conclusion


I hope that this article acts to raise awareness on what really went on in Canada and perhaps brings even some small measure of peace to any orphan children, or adults, who were subjected to these heinous crimes.

You deserve it.


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