Social Science, Mass Conversion and Holy Rollers – MKULTRA Projects

This article covers the different MKULTRA subprojects I discovered relating to Social Science “fronts” (that are really Eugenics) research into behavior modification, mass conversion and Pentecostal religions aka Holy Rollers.
Covers subprojects 37, 39, 58, 65, 74, 81, 84, 98 with new research.

~ Published August 6, 2017 ~


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Social Science, Mass Conversion and Holy Rollers

Techniques of Influencing Human Behavior

MKULTRA Projects


By Virginia McClaughry





As part of doing the research for my upcoming library article tentatively titled: The Use of U.S. Universities to Conduct Eugenics Research and Intelligence Operations I needed to assemble some MKULTRA projects that have direct bearing on that article.

This article will cover the different MKULTRA projects I discovered relating to Social Science “fronts” (that are really Eugenics) research into mass conversion and Pentecostal religions aka Holy Rollers. Some of which are side related but since I found them, I figured why not make them more easily usable for other researchers, journalists, readers and the like out there.

Please note: I have uncovered documentation about the Psychological Strategy Board – the PSB – a little known group that had power over the CIA and would have been who allowed (approved) MKULTRA in April of 1953.

That said, let’s get started.


MKULTRA Sub-project 84

Martin Orne

Martin Theodore Orne 1948 – Harvard freshman pic


Sub-Project 84 was found in Black Vault’s MKULTRA CD #1, Folder 17486. Here’s an OCR’d PDF I made of all its documents available –

Page 58 shows the original proposal dated April 21, 1958

Page 50 shows its approval date of April 29, 1958 with funds dispersed. But this also shows something else interesting. There is another heretofore unknown sub-project that is tied to this – sub-project 39.

That means Martin Orne is somehow tied to whatever subproject 39 is, so I will create a separate listing for that.

This project had twin purposes, the other was experimenting with the “effectiveness” of Hypnosis. Its first purpose (page 2) is described as the: Study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

That is exactly what PSB director George Morgan’s Doctrinal Program was after. Why? Because he was concerned that us smart people held: “a weight and influence in forming, or at least predisposing, the attitudes and opinions of the opinion-molding leaders in an area.

The MKULTRA Briefing Book List of Subprojects and Brief Descriptions with documents PDF I made a while back describes on p. 239 that the “researcher” for subproject 84 was paid at least 55k for this subproject through the CIA front group Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

That same page specifically lists the “researcher” as WITTING which means Orne knew who was funding him. Page 391 mentions the location of this subproject initially as Harvard University.

The “researcher” for this subproject was none other than Martin Theodore Orne – one of our ‘communist brainwashing’ researchers right from the beginning with Robert Lifton etc. – and this particular projects funding apparently had actually begun in 1955. This project was going all the way through at least 1966, by the way.

Eleven years.

He was also funded an additional 30k through his own personal “institute”.

*The above is from Buying a piece of anthropology Part 1: Human Ecology and unwitting anthropological research for the CIA by David Price, pages 398-40 – Note: 1962 was its continuation under the new ORD (Office of Research and Development) of the CIA.

Martin Orne was still in school at Harvard as a young doctoral student when he founded this Institute for Experimental Psychiatry in 1954.

As early as 1951, while at Harvard Dr. Orne conducted a study concluding that people under hypnosis cannot completely re-experience or relive moments from very early in their development.  [note the lockstep there with L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics research]

This is, of course, exactly when the Psychological Strategy Board had been put into place. (April 1951).

You can read much more about Orne and his other activities, including “cult research” in the Psychological Strategy Board article.

p. 42 of the documents has an interesting statement.

A major investigation was undertaken on the suppression of pain by hypnosis. …This study strongly suggests that hypnotic analgesia reduces the over-reaction to pain under conditions of apprehension and stress but has no effect on the physiological response to painful stimulus under conditions of minimal anxiety.

And check this out –

For the past one and one-half years a study has been conducted of the trance phenomena occurring in the Pentacostal churches with the view toward understanding their relationship to other states of consciousness….This study has been facilitated by the availability of Mr. [big long blacked out area covering almost TWO lines].

This is exactly the same thing British intelligence psychiatrist William Sargant was researching.

He had literally just published his book in 1957, Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-washing. He and Dr. Ewen Cameron were also experimenting with LSD and other mind-altering drugs well prior to when Sargant even started writing his book in 1954. Sargant was using what he was doing to helpless mental patients as part of developing his theories on political or religious conversion.

Sargant in 1948

image from wellcome library


In William Sargant’s blusteringly self-congratulatory book, you can see all the qualifiers being put on what he called “the processes” by which religious conversion may occur:

By increasing or prolonging stresses in various ways, or inducing physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person’s thinking processes may be achieved….If the stress or the physical debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves; or the subject may begin to think or act in ways that precisely contradict his former ones.

More specifically with respect to brainwashing (and still with qualifiers every which way) Sargant wrote –

If a complete sudden collapse can be produced by prolonging or intensifying emotional stress the cortical slate may be wiped clean temporarily of its more recently implanted patterns of behavior, perhaps allowing others to be substituted more easily.

Eerily similar to what Martin Orne was attempting to document and or “prove”, literally simply the American version, .

The docs here even say that –

Also, we are studying the occurrence of trance-like behavior in the normal experience of subjects.

P. 44 talks about evaluating the newly reported “audio-analgesia” and the relationship to hypnotic pain suppression, which sounds a lot like Ewen Cameron’s side-work he and his fellow ghouls were doing at the McGill lab around this time. Cameron was very tight with William Sargant.

And finally, the real point of their interest, as expressed by Orne, is this:

…the controversial question of anti-social behavior in hypnosis will be re-evaluated experimentally. It is hoped to be able to shed considerable light on the limitations of hypnosis as a technique of controlling behavior in this manner.

This whole document is dated May 9, 1960 so that means this Pentecostal study has been going on since 1958. As I said, this is right on top of William Sargant’s book coming out in 1957.

Page 48 verifies that. It is titled: Investigation of Socially induced special states of consciousness under the direction of Dr. [blacked out] May 1, 1958 through April 30, 1959 disbursals.


MKULTRA Sub-project 39

grouped with Martin Orne


The tie to Martin Orne on this project was discovered within the documents of subproject 84 on page 50 of MKULTRA subproject 84 April 1958

Notice the 3rd line. It says: to Sub 39.

Page 116 of MKULTRA Briefing Book List of Subprojects and Brief Descriptions with documents PDF lists the following regard subproject 39 –

Principal Researcher and Location: Ionia State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Ionia, Michigan.

Objectives and Details of Work: To exploit the research potential represented by a group of 142 criminal-sexual psychopaths confined at the Ionia State Hospital.

The Project Proposed states: “It is thought that these persons have the same kind of motivation for withholding certain information that is comparable to operational interrogation situations in the field.

Approximate Time Span: 1954-1959

Significant Aspects: Drugs, including LSD, were used both openly and surreptitiously on criminally insane inmates along with hypnosis as aids to interrogation.

Funding Cover Mechanism: Society for Investigation of Human Ecology, inc.

All three researchers (names blacked out) are listed as witting.

The actual documents of subproject 39 were found in Black Vault’s MKULTRA CD #3, Folder 17436. Here’s an OCR’d PDF I made of all its documents  –

The first thing to notice is page 1 shows that same crossover financing connection Martin Orne’s subproject 84. It also shows that subproject 39 starting date was December 1953.

Page 2 shows an invoice paying out 3000 dollars to subproject 37. What’s that?

Page 112 of MKULTRA Briefing Book List of Subprojects and Brief Descriptions with documents PDF says that it’s objective is:

OBJECTIVE AND DETAILS OF WORK – To produce, grow, test and evaluate certain botanicals of interest to CIA.

So, they are paying for items to use on the prisoners at Ionia. My guess is that the 3000 dollars is for marijuana, and that this is CIA contractor Dr. James Moore’s project. He ties in with what I’m about to show you, which is Wasson’s subproject 58.

Page 6 is even more astounding. It shows 3 other subprojects all tied together with subproject 39 (and therefore Orne’s subproject 84, one presumes) as part of a “program”.

We have subproject 81, subproject 65 and what looks to be subproject 58 (hard to read). I think we can rule out that it’s 68 because that is Dr. Ewen Cameron’s McGill University de-patterning project.

Let’s briefly see what the MKULTRA Briefing Book has about those, then I will file them under their own appropriate headings.

  • p 169 is subproject 58 mushroom expedition – Robert Gordon Wasson
  • p 190 is subproject 65 – Cornell – Hungarian Refugees Psychological Examination, Lawrence Hinkle and Harold Wolf
  • p 233 is subproject 81 – Cornell – Hungarians – Extension of subproject 65

Ok, so let’s look at just subproject 39 now.

The Mkultra Briefing Book has:

Objective and Details of Work:

To study those factors which influence human behavior that could be used for achieving intelligence objectives. There were three efforts: (l) To better understand factors which cause an individual to defect, commit treason or change loyalties; (2) To develop skills by which potential defectors can be detected; and (3) To develop methods for increasing the chances of defection of various target individuals.

Note: the first invoice is in March 1955.

p 53 – Proposal 9 December 1954

p 57 – description of personnel proposed

p 63 starts all their confidentiality agreements dated 10 May 1955, followed by Gottlieb granting each one security clearances.

One is described as: “A psychiatrist who has a large private practice. At the present time he is exclusively devoting his time to psychoanalysis. He has had extensive experience examining criminals. As a Navy psychiatrist he has had extensive experience in [whited out] in the field of eastern cultures, Oriental psychiatry, brainwashing, etc. He has also done drug interrogation with criminals and has engaged in narcoanalysis and hypnoanalysis.”

Note: It is a little known fact that while at Harvard, Martin Orne was acting as the head of an Office of Naval Research’s Committee on Hypnosis. Perhaps this is him being described?


MKULTRA Sub-project 37

grouped with Martin Orne

On the way from analyzing Martin Orne’s subproject 84, we ended up discovering an umbrella of projects apparently all coordinating, one of which was subproject 39. We found on page 2 of subproject 39 PDF there was an invoice paying out 3000 dollars to subproject 37. What’s that?

Page 112 of MKULTRA Briefing Book List says that it’s objective is:

OBJECTIVE AND DETAILS OF WORK – To produce, grow, test and evaluate certain botanicals of interest to CIA.

So, they are paying for items to use on the prisoners at Ionia. My guess is that the 3000 dollars is for marijuana, and that this is CIA contractor Dr. James Moore’s project. He ties in with what I’m about to show you, which is Wasson’s subproject 58.

Wasson is providing the materials, Moore is analyzing and reproducing them (or trying to) and then they are passed on to Orne and the other project holders to test on prisoners, refugees and mental patients – usually without their knowing.

The actual documents of subproject 37 were found in Black Vault’s MKULTRA CD #3, Folder 17434. Here’s an OCR’d PDF I made of all its documents  –

p. 2 – begins 22 November 1954 and doesn’t expire until 15 March 1962.

Expenditures seem to vary anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 per year.

Status: A regular supply of Macuna is grown each year. A supply of Rhyncosia phaeseoloides [crab’s eye] is currently being grown for our natural product studies.

Macuna is Mucuna pruriens and Rhyncosia phaseseoloides (also called rhynchosia pyramidalis) is a plant classified as both an aphrodisiac (sex drive) and a poison.

Subproject 37 and 22 were both Dr. Moore’s, and he was working on “the isolation of compounds from natural products”. The reason they were interested in rhyncosia phaseoloides is because of the seeds and what were thought to be legends surrounding their use with peyote (mushrooms).

For example, check out this extract from Wasson’s book, Wasson and Wasson Musrooms Russia and History Volume 2, p. 117

…customarily takes six pair [mushrooms] but with the six pair she also takes six seeds possessed of parallel psychic powers. To botanists they are the seeds of the rhyncosia pyramidalis Urban, also known as the rhynchosia phaseoloides. They are bright red with a large black spot, the size of a birds eyes.”



The seeds are called ‘piule’ in Oaxaca, Mexico, a word which is also used for psilocybin containing mushrooms and certain species of morning glory.

The beautiful seeds are hard with a red and black yin-yang type pattern. They are used as good-luck charms and regarded as auspicious gifts. Must be nicked and soaked before planting. Thought to be highly toxic.

They look like this –

It seems to never have been proven whether they have any actual entheogenic properties.

At this time, the only descriptions to be found of the ritual use of the seeds is alongside psilocybe mushrooms. It is not known whether this ingestion is due to the fact that the seeds have entheogenic properties, or if it is because their red and black coloring represents bodiless eyes, a symbol of transcendent, divinatory vision (Ratsch 1998, 461).


MKULTRA Sub-project 58

grouped with Martin Orne

On the way from analyzing Martin Orne’s subproject 84, we ended up discovering an umbrella of projects apparently all coordinating, one of which was subproject 39. Page 6 of MKULTRA subproject 39 Orne and Ioniai showed 3 other subprojects (besides 37, which was listed on page 2) all tied together with subproject 39 (and therefore Orne’s subproject 84, one presumes) as part of a “program”.

Sub-project 58 is one of those three.

This is the one that’s Robert Gordon Wasson’s project.

The MKULTRA Briefing Book has a description on p. 169.

PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER AND LOCATION: [blacked out long area] J.P. Morgan & Co.) New York City.

It gives a very short blacked out area and says “was unwitting of Agency sponsorship.” I believe this is in reference possibly to Gordon’s wife, as it’s too short of a blacked out area, or someone other than Robert Gordon Wasson.

Objectives and Details of Work:
To Finance an expedition headed by [long blacked out area that couldn’t possibly just be Wasson’s name] for the purpose of studying and collecting hallucinogenic species of mushrooms of interest to TSS/CO.

Approximate Time Span: June-July 1956

Funding Cover Mechanism: Geschikter Fund for Medical Research $2,100.

Research Participant: Cleared and Witting Agency Consultant.

Under Other Sponser it says: [long blacked out area] and his associates, “and others”.

Sounds like quite a crew.

And it was too.

One of the projects supported under MKUltra’s predecessor, project ARTICHOKE (run by Morse Allen) had agents that had been sent to Mexico with R.G. Wasson in 1952/53 to discover the Psilocybe mushroom cult among the Mazatecs. This was right about the same time that Dr. James Moore got connected to the CIA and Morse Allen met with the Pennsylvania mushroom executives. Moore was around 29 at the time and worked for Parke, Davis & Company in Detroit.  He was first approached to join the CIA in March of 1953 through his supervisor at PDC. The only reason he did? Money. (Marks,  Ch. 7)

Though this first ARTICHOKE trek was unsuccessful, more trips were scheduled and undertaken, with the third striking “pay dirt” allegedly in Oaxaca, another Wasson trip, but the thing I want to highlight first is that this particular “mushroom project” eventually ended up having both Timothy Leary and one of L. Ron Hubbards main financers in the first days of Dianetics, CIA asset John Starr Cooke, who helped funnel millions of Rockefeller dollars to Hubbard) both of them – Leary and Cooke – mixed up in it too! It was Cooke that had a ranch at Cuernavaca where this “mushroom” was found. (see The Hard Six, for more about that).

After Wasson’s “discovery” trip, which I don’t believe had him NOT in the know of who he was passing his research to and who it really was that was interested, is when the CIA subproject kicks in.

So, now let’s look at the actual available CIA docs themselves, found on Black Vault MKULTRA cd#4 folder 17457.

PDF – MKULTRA subproject 58 21 March 1956 Wasson Moore

The first page delineates expenses occurred between July 4 and August 8 of 1956, listing things like camera supplies, binoculars and an interesting one dated June 27 of two travel accident policies for “AR” and “RGW”. The second is clearly Wasson, but who is this “AR”?

That’s Allan Richardson, Wasson’s “traveling companion.”

The rest of the personnel consisted of Wasson and wife.

And the following –

Professor Roger Heim…a chemist Professor James A. Moore of the University of Delaware; an anthropologist, Guy Stresser-Pean of the Sorbonne

Life Magazine May 13, 1957


There’s also the blackout below the part with “AR” of someone’s name and their r.t. (return trip) of June 19, 1956.

Page 2 shows that the first 2080.00 disbursement was on 3 April, 1956, withdrawn by two cashiers checks made out to [blacked out] on April 12 (page 3).

The main proposal itself starts on page 6. Under Project it says:

  1. The purpose of this project is to furnish funds for the partial support of an expedition headed by Mr. [blacked out] to the [blacked out] for the purpose of studying and collecting hallucinogenic species of mushrooms of interest to TSS/CD. The expedition will take place in June and July of 1956 and will be accompanied by [blacked out] a cleared TSS contractor. Other support for this project is derived from [blacked out] Mr. [blacked out] and his associates, the [blacked out but there is an “o” still showing at the end], and others.
  2. Mr. [blacked out – Wasson] is uncleared and unwitting of U.S. Government interest in his project. He was approached under the cover of the [blacked out – the Geschickter Fund] and has applied to that organization for a grant-in-aid He appears to be a person capable of considerable responsibility as indicated by his handled of three previous expeditions of this type and his position as a vice president of [blacked out – probably says J.P. Morgan]. Mr. [blacked out -Wasson] has agreed in writing to furnish a summary accounting of his expenditures and to return any unused funds to the [blacked out].
  3. Because of the unwitting status of the chief investigator in this project no documentation or further financial controls besides the summary accounting will be asked of Mr [blacked out – Wasson] Any technical reports of the operation will be furnished by Dr. [blacked out – James Moore].
  4. The total cost of the grant to Mr [blacked out – Wasson] will not exceed $2,000.00 for a period of one year beginning 1 April 1956. To this must be added the four percent service charge due the [blacked out – Moore*] thus the total cost of the project will not exceed $2,080.00 Charges should be made against Allotment No. 6-2502-10-001.
  5. In view of the fact that the principal investigator (Mr [blacked out] is unwitting of government interest, the requirements for a Memorandum of Agreement will waived.

*Moore charged the Agency a consulting fee, in this case $80 but that went up to $100 later on.

Page 9 shows there are TWO doctors involved. One of whom was “Dr. Hoffmann” – that was German scientist Dr. Friedrich “Fritz” Hoffmann. It also says on page 10 that Professor [whited out] leading mycologist and Director of the [whited out] has committed himself to accompany us on this trip.

Who is this Hoffman guy?

A Terrible Mistake, by J. P. Albarelli gives us quite a bit of detail about him. He was a Third Reich scientist who came to America in 1947 through Project Paperclip – a secret project where Nazi monster-docs were given new identities and put t work within the U.S. community without telling anyone who they really were.

He was actually first recruited by the British counterpart “placement” project called Operation Matchbox.  While there he synthesized poison gases for their macabre experiments on soldiers at Porton Down (an infamous place) but he “didn’t get along” with British researchers.

Under Paperclip, he moved onto Sarin-gas breathing experiments (Yikes!) at the Edgewood Arsenal facility where he was initially posted.

So-called “volunteers” (who apparently weren’t told what was what) were experimented on and reports that several died have stubbornly persisted despite a moratorium on records or official acknowledgement by the powers-that-be.

Hoffmann also worked on organophosphate insecticides while at Camp Detrick and helped develop protective clothing for researchers there, a project that brought him into occasional contact with U.S. Army researchers Drs. Frank R. Olson and Harold A. Abramson.

By 1955, the CIA had created a front organization called Chemrophyl Associates with Sidney Gottlieb, Robert Lashbrook, Ray Treicher with Hoffman joining the corporate staff soon thereafter. Located in a Washington D.C. po box, was it’s corporate headquarters with a desk also located at the TSS (Technical Services Section) that Gottlieb headed.

After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Chemrophyl evolved into another CIA front called the Amazon Natural Drug Company headed by Joseph Caldwell King in 1966. King, the former head of the Agency’s Western Hemisphere Division was being “eased out” of public view due to his role in the fiasco. He was also known by his CIA code name of Oliver G. Galbond and as Colonel J.C. King.

It was not long after Chemrophyl was formed that Hoffman hooked up with Gordon Wasson and James Moore in Mexico, just after ordering a nice supply of LSD-25 – eight cartons – for George White and Gottlieb to dole out under this SAME network of MKULTRA subprojects we’re looking at here.

After this particular meet-up, Hoffmann would move on to bringing in hundreds of rhesus monkeys from Latin and South America, shipped by the CIA’s front-company to Fort Detrick’s Special Operations Division, Frederick, Maryland, where the primates would be fed a steady diet of psychotropic drugs in efforts to study various stages of induced “psychotic behavior.” These experiments would quickly evolve into human experiments conducted among U.S. service personnel at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland and several federal prisons.

One other oddly named front group feature a connection to Hoffman (and other former Nazis that had been “placed”) was called the Morwede Company, which maintained a small office on New York Ave. NW in Washington, D.C. The Morwede Company worked closely with the CIA-created Human Ecology Fund in the late 1950s and 1960s and focused some of its activities on matters that clearly fall into the esoteric realm.

Sounds fascinating. Wonder what that was all about.

So. Wasson’s got himself quite the motley crew, as I said.

John Marks goes into a extensive description of Wasson’s first successful mushroom trip in his book (not the subproject 58 one) but here’s some highlights.

On June 29, 1955, they entered the town hall in a village called Huautla de Jimenez. There, they found a young Indian about 35, who agreed to lead Wasson and Richardson down into a deep ravine where mushrooms were growing in abundance and they picked a box full. Then they were led up a mountain to meet Maria Sabina, a curandera, or shaman who would perform the sacred mushroom rite, performed that night around midnite.

Both Wasson and Richardson began to experience intense hallucinations that did not diminish until about 4:00 A.M. “We were never more wide awake, and the visions came whether our eyes were open or closed,” Wasson wrote:

They emerged from the center of the field of our vision, opening up as they came, now rushing, now slowly at the pace that our will chose. They were vivid in color, always harmonious. They began with art motifs, such as might decorate carpets or textiles or wallpaper or the drawing board of an architect. Then they evolved into palaces with courts, arcades, gardens—resplendent palaces with semiprecious stones…. Could the miraculous mobility that I was now enjoying be the explanation for the flying witches that played some important part in the folklore and fairy tales of northern Europe? These reflections passed through my mind at the very time that I was seeing the vision, for the effect of the mushrooms is to bring about a fission of the spirit, a split in the person, a kind of schizophrenia, with the rational side continuing to reason and to observe the sensations that the other side is enjoying. The mind is attached by an elastic cord to the vagrant senses.

Thus Gordon Wasson described the first known mushroom trip by “outsiders” in recorded history.

“God’s flesh” had been located, and the MKULTRA leaders snatched up information that Wasson planned to return the following summer and bring back some mushrooms.

During the intervening winter, James Moore wrote Wasson and expressed a desire to look into the chemical properties of Mexican fungi. Moore eventually suggested that he would like to accompany Wasson’s party, and, to sweeten the proposition, he mentioned that he knew a foundation that might be willing to help underwrite the expedition. Sure enough, the CIA’s conduit, the Geschickter Fund, made a $2,000 grant. Inside the MKULTRA program, the quest for the divine mushroom became Subproject 58.

When Moore accompanied Wasson and crew on their now paid for trip back in the summer of 1956, he had a cold plus he contracted traveler’s revenge (diarrhea) and was quite ill. He was referred to as a “complainer” by Wasson, which seems a bit harsh.

Wasson returned to the same Maria Sabina who had led him to the high ground the year before. Again the ritual started well after dark and, for everyone but Moore, it was an enchanted evening. Sings Wasson: “I had the most superb feeling—a feeling of ecstasy. You’re raised to a height where you have not been in everyday life—not ever.” Moore, on the other hand, never left the lowlands. His description: “There was all this chanting in the dialect. Then they passed the mushrooms around, and we chewed them up. I did feel the hallucinogenic effect, although ‘disoriented’ would be a better word to describe my reaction.”

But, Moore returned to his lab with a bag of mushrooms to isolate the active ingredient, and dutifully reported in to Bortner. Sid Gottlieb wrote that if Moore succeeded, it was “quite possible” that the new drugs could “remain an Agency secret.”

Apparently, by the late 1960’s they had created a synthesized form – which actually killed Brotherhood of Eternal Love leader John Griggs.

In August of 1969, CIA agent Ron Stark approached the Brotherhood of Eternal Love with an offer to bankroll their activities. Griggs, had just died of an overdose of synthetic psilocybin (a CIA MKULTRA test drug) at their ranch near Idyllwild. (see this post ) A rather interesting coincidence, to be sure.


James Moore

How’s about a little more info about this Moore character, yea?

First of all, he dealt only with his own case officer, Henry Bortner, and two or three other CIA men in TSS.

That is who Moore brought his mushroom analysis to after the Wasson trip.

Working with an associate, a cadaverously thin chemistry Ph.D. named Henry Bortner, Gottlieb passed the tropical plants to a string of corporate and academic researchers. […] (Marks,  Ch. 7)

In 1955, Moore had been given a “cover” better suited to the amount of err…traffic…that the CIA was giving him as far as chemical analysis. He was given a job as assistant professor at the University of Delaware in Newark, whee he was given his own lab in their chemistry department. His CIA contract amount doubled to $16,000 a year now, but he had to pay research assistants and overhead out of that.

As a kind of kick-back, that’s when the CIA started giving him a “fee” like you see in the Wasson documents.

Although the Agency allowed a few top university officials to be briefed on his secret connection, Moore appeared to his colleagues and students to be a normal professor who had a healthy research grant from the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research in Washington.

In the world of natural products—particularly mushrooms—the CIA soon made Moore a full-service agent. With some help from his CIA friends, he made contact with the leading lights in mycology (the study of mushrooms), attended professional meetings, and arranged for others to send him samples. From the CIA’s point of view, he could not have had better cover. As Sid Gottlieb wrote, Moore “maintains the fiction that the botanical specimens he collects are for his own use since his field interest is natural-product chemistry.” Under this pretext, Moore had a perfect excuse to make and purchase for the CIA chemicals that the Agency did not want traced.

A perhaps lesser known fact is that his project or area is one of the few to survive the CIA re-org of 1964, and was rolled over under MK-SEARCH, I believe it was.

Now I’d like you to see this guy live, because this really has to be seen to be believed just how effed up this man was by 1979, the time of this interview.

The man can barely speak or put a sentence together most of the time. Weird lags, and a host of other twitches, besides looking like a drugged-out zombie during the whole thing.

One of my favorite parts was when the interviewer asked:

Did you ever consider what would happen if (substances) were given to unwitting people?

And Moore responded:

“Oh I don’t remember considering that specifically…”

Oh, look! It’s the memory complaint meets Jesuit sub-understanding tactic! Yet again.

Video is qued right to the part –


Wasson didn’t look much better. Here’s a still –

What a smug bastard.

I mean really, the extraordinary lengths that have been gone to perpetuate this hoax of the man’s “innocence” as to what these druggie mushrooms would be used for, is just disgusting. I think that his is a case (which I have suspected for some time now after going through many CIA documents) where it is said he is unwitting. SAID merely to protect the powerful people he was connected to so publicly. They didn’t even want the chance that the level of involvement in drugging America could be shown to be a much larger conspiracy than the CIA, who, after all, were merely the water-boys. The PSB told them what to do (and what not to do) which in turn answered to the National Security Council, which in turn crossed on over into Canadian and British intelligence as well as the Vatican.

So. Unwitting my ass.

Speaking of the higher level of things, once those mushrooms were brought back, man, it didn’t take long for them to go to the other main slavemaster webs.

Here is evidence of the level coordination of “research” utilizing psilocybin (the compound from the mushrooms) between U.S., Canada, and British intelligence through William Webster of the Defense Research Board. (see this post for more about him and the secret 1951 meeting at the Ritz Carlton coordinating all their “brainwashing” expeimentation)

In the following, William Bunney interviews Dr. Thomas Ban on December 10, 2007. Ban started working in Dr. Ewen Cameron’s area (where Ban was) in 1958.

WB: What was your first project?

TB: I got involved with several projects simultaneously. In one, my task was simply to stay with some of my fellow residents and other psychiatrists who were given psilocybin.

WB: Psilocybin?

TB: At that time it was thought educational for those dealing with psychotic patients to get an idea about what patients were experiencing. (Thomas Ban interviewed by William Bunney, 2007 – PDF )

So they knew it made people crazy and yet Leary, Alpert and the whole “Psychadelic Rangers” of John Starr Cooke were pushing it hard on America’s young and it’s brightest.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, look at this –

Word study first – psychotomimetics: A drug with psychotomimetic (also known as psychotogenic) actions mimics the symptoms of psychosis, including delusions and/or delirium, as opposed to just hallucinations. Psychotomimesis is the onset of psychotic symptoms following the administration of such a drug.

Translation – a drug that MAKES a person crazy who wasn’t.

Add note: Psychiatrist Thomas Ban started in Montreal on Ewen Camerons team in 1958, just two years after the collection of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, which probably means Cameron was already experimenting with them almost as fast as James Moore got them back at his lab.

TB: I spent part of my time, for a few years, on Ewen Cameron’s team, who was the chairman of the department, in the late 1950s and early ‘60s. I was responsible for recording psychophysiological measures after the administration of psychotomimetics, like LSD or psilocybin to our patients. Actually, I got on Cameron’s team because he needed someone with some experience in conditioning and with psychotomimetics. My first research project in psychopharmacology, and this was back in 1958, was with phencyclidine, a substance originally developed for general anesthesia, that turned out to be a psychotomimetic. (THOMAS A. BAN Interviewed by Leo E. Hollister; San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 9, 1996)

Researcher Jan Irvin tried to dig into records concerning Gordon Wasson that were held at Harvard, wanting to look deeper into his connections to various what are commonly referred to as Deep State activities.

When he stated what he was planning on writing about and why, to Lisa at Harvard January 20, 2012:

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your reply. My apologies for such a long delay in getting back to you.

I’m an independent scholar, though my work in this field is stored permanently at Purdue. I’m affiliated via research with many dozens of professors and scholars in the field.
I’m writing a biography on Gordon Wasson titled: The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms: Magic Mushrooms, the CIA, and the Legend of R. Gordon Wasson.

(Part of) The point I’m making about Wasson is in regard to his ties to the intelligence establishment – esp. Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles, the Council on Foreign Relations – he acted as chairman, the Century Club and Pilgrim Society, MK-ULTRA, public relations, George de Mohrenschildt and the various Russia funds that they ran together for J. P. Morgan. I’m also interested in why his daughter, Masha, felt that his story about his walk through the woods was “like a Hollywood soap opera.” I think I have the answer to her reservation on the matter but there are documents that I’d like to verify and go through in context.

I’m especially interested in missives that would show Wasson to have intentionally created the psychedelic movement via his ties to Luce through the CFR and Century and the head of the CIA – Dulles. As well as any documents showing his side of the conversation regarding such actions or ties to intelligence and/or media establishment, including George Kennan, Edward Bernays, and many many others. I know that he and Kennan and Bernays were all close.

I would need to see what the missives actually say before I could possibly know exactly what I’d write about them, else I commit the fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantium. I think that’s a fairly impossible request to ask what one is going to write about something before they’ve actually seen it. But I’d be happy to share my work and findings with Wasson’s family.

Of course much of my biography will also cover the more mundane aspects of his life, so I’d like to see what I can in that regard as well.

Those that I’ve listed below are from months ago and I have many others that I’d like to request once access is granted.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you and viewing the archives.

Jan Irvin


Exactly two weeks later, he was flatly denied access to the records.

I am sorry to report that at this point your request to access the collection has been denied.
Lisa D.


* * *

Drug Lord Enablers From Way Back?

Robert Gordon Wasson family


The collection that Jan Irvin was denied access to included this description of Wasson:

R. Gordon Wasson (RGW), an international banker, amateur mycologist, and author, was born on September 22, 1898 in Great Falls, Montana. His family moved east when RGW’s father, an Episcopalian minister, accepted a new parish in Newark, New Jersey.

R. Gordon Wasson (1898-1986) Harvard Archives

Fairly innocuous about his father, but I decided to look into him. It turned out to be rather difficult to track down, but I have managed to gather a few things that I thought may be of use or interest to researchers.

His father was Dr. E.A. or Edward A. Wasson. He was indeed the rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Newark in 1907 as this publication clearly shows. (Piano, Organ & Musical Instrument Workers Official Journal, Volumes 10-13)

He had two brothers who were also ministers and it looks like that all three of them came out vehemently against the Prohibition of Alcohol in 1910, as this news article from the Asbury Park Press on Tuesday 17 May 1910 shows at least two of them involved with this “campaign”.


“In collaboration with his brother Edward A. Wasson.”


Edward’s brother Dr. William A. Wasson came out so hysterically about it, he actually quit his parish!! This then begs the question, was he being PAID by the corrupt booze-haulers or perhaps the Catholic church to do so? Because it is just so over the top what this guy was saying.

I mean really, calling the result of Prohibition “an orgy of hypocrisy and lawbreaking“? That’s just way over the top. He even tries to say that: “our bodies are strengthened and refreshed” by the wine.

He resolves to “fight to the death” the “supreme immorality that confronts the Christian church in this country under the guise of that noble word temperance.”

He then says that: “Only hypocrisy and perfidy…can result from the crusade against drink.

Per him, “it denies and destroys the liberty granted to mankind by Jesus Christ.

Oh, really.

Drugs and alcohol are now Jesus Christ’s idea?

How Catholic of him.

That certainly explains a LOT as to how ole like-father-like-son Robert Gordon Wasson gets himself involved in screwing with people’s minds and bodies in the name of “spiritual enlightenment.”

So, he was raised to mess up people’s heads.

Note: Apparently William began agitating against Prohibition four years earlier, when he wrote a letter to a newspaper.

The article mentions another priest brother, James B. Wasson.

Now, Robert Wasson’s father himself came out against Prohibition, writing a whole book (Religion and Drink, 1914) trying to validate alcohol use as “appropriate for Christians” using the Old and New Testaments of the bible.

In 1915, he even tried to present statistics saying that social conditions in “dry” states aren’t as good as ones where liquor is permitted, if you can believe the gall of that statement.


Courier-News 3 February 1915, p. 11

But, here’s an even weirder thing that he did. I’m sure that you all know that historically, Protestants aren’t supposed to be too enamored of the Catholics, seeings how they went through this whole hullaballoo with Martin Luther to SPLIT from them as not following the bible properly and all.

Look what this guy, Edward, Robert Wasson’s father, is doing in a Catholic newspaper in 1911 (a little over a year after his brother William’s hysterics in the Asbury Park press).


Denver Catholic Register August 31, 1911 p.5

Says He Would Like to Vote for a Catholic President.

“It will be a good thing when the Catholic population shall be so strong that it can no longer be excluded from the Presidency, and would give one pleasure, other things being equal, to vote for the first Catholic President,” declared Rev. Dr. Edward A. Wasson.”

“I have seen too much of Protestant bigotry to have any regard for it.”

Being Protestant Episcopalian, by the way, is one of covert methods that some slavemasters use to look like they are religious or spiritually-inclined when they absolutely are not. J.P. Morgan was Episcopalian, for example.

They are, in my opinion, primarily a covert Catholic/British slavemaster front group. A number of some of the worst mess-with-your-mind intelligence operations posing as religions are tied directly into Episcopalianism.

From my library article about William Preston Wilson, the speaking in tongues, secret demon exercising Duke University head of psychiatry  –

Add to the mix of religious cult figures doing what the slavemasters wanted as part of that same intelligence operation – enter the rather obvious guy who started the new Pentecostalism or charismatic movement, as it is often called. It traces to Dennis Bennett, an Episcopal minister who declared/confessed to his congregation in Van Nuys, California (1961) that he was speaking in tongues.


One of the most vehement promoters utilized by the Catholic League in its quest to suppress all dissent and criticism of Catholicsm, is Randy Sly, who was also mixed up in this tongue-speaking crap.

A blurb about Randy found at Catholic Online –

Randy Sly is the Associate Editor of Catholic Online. He is a former Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church who laid aside that ministry to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church in 2006. His reporting on the Church of Scientology has received global attention.

The word episcopal has the Latin word Latin episcopalis as one of its origins. It means bishops, or more succinctly overseers.

Here’s an example of it being used in relationship to Catholicism.

From the section of my article on the marriage of Catholicism and Psychiatry concerning J. R. Tolkien

Now, as to Tolkien’s guardian, Father Francis Xavier, a little back history.

After taking multiple different positions in religion, a man named John Henry Newman converted to Catholicism and became a Jesuit – part of an aggressive behind the scenes movement to regain England as spiritual territory for the Pope.

This covert movement went public with the Papal Bull Universalis Ecclesiae which re-established the Catholic diocesan hierarchy in England by Pope Pius IX on 29 September 1850. New Episcopal sees were created and Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman was to be the first Archbishop of Westminster.

On 7 October, Wiseman announced the Pope’s restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in England in a pastoral letter From out of the Flaminian Gate:

“Catholic England has been restored to its orbit in the ecclesiastical firmament, from which its light had long vanished, and begins anew its course of regularly adjusted action round the centre of unity, the source of jurisdiction, of light and vigour.”

Now Cardinal John Newman, he established the Birmingham Oratory, a Jesuit retreat where Father Francis Xavier Morgan resided when Mabel Tolkien first discovered this Catholic ‘sanctuary’. Morgan had obviously even taken on the name of one of Loyola’s first six companions.


The Episcopal church itself is the American branch of the Anglican church formed by Queen Elizabeth originally.

From my article Comprehensive History of The Oahspe

Anglican was the preferred “religion” of most of the British slavemasters, mostly because it wasn’t really a religion anyways.

Note: Its American front group counterpart was the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church had rather conveniently been brought into prominence just after the American Patriots had attained Independence from British slavemaster rule.

The word Anglican originates in ecclesia anglicana, a medieval Latin phrase dating to at least 1246 that means: the English Church. So, basically Anglican is not really a religious term tied to one religion – it’s a generic term meaning the official “church” of England and whatever “religion” they want it to be that week – humorously speaking.

Historically, that had predominantly been invested with Catholicism, but when these people (such as Gould) say they were Anglican in the 1800’s? This was a statement that they had divorced themselves from Catholicism (considered Christianity at the time). The marriage of Pope and King was “over” and had been for some time.

This “divorce” between warring Nesilim factions of Priests and Kings (see Scientology Roots Chapter Five) became official during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

This just happened to be the same time as the rise of the British Slavemasters. The formation of the first world-wide spy network; the formation of the City of London as the center of financial aims; and the formation of the East India Trading Company that would wreak some of the most horrible genocide on the races of man – ALL of these things began together and by basically the same individuals. They were fully coordinated activities – the Master Plan.

To use the term Anglican to infer that it is one’s religion, as you can see, is not quite as simple as it might seem.

Or the term Episcopalian.

By the time the three brothers, James B. Wasson, William A. Wasson and Edward A. Wasson were up to their HELPING keep the ever-so-bad precedent for controlling their drugs and alcohol poisons for humanity from staying on the law books, the slavemasters had “healed their rift” and the Catholics and British were united in dominating the world to protect both their interests.

A tenuous arrangement, at best, since they still hated each other, but if they didn’t ally they would both fall so they literally had no choice.

This is why you see this rather odd example of three Episcopalian ministers being SO supportive of anti-prohibition and the Catholics.

Priests and Kings, together again.

To further illustrate that this “marriage” was re-achieved, take the fact that the head of the CIA’s nasty tricks department, called the OPC (which Gottlieb was actually under) was himself Episcopalian.

From my CIA Declassified Document library page about Wisner –

Frank Gardiner Wisner hailed from Mississippi where he attended an elite Episcopal boarding school in Virginia, graduated from the University of Virginia in 1931 and then from its law school in 1934. He was tapped for the Seven Society, the University of Virginia’s version of Skull and Bones, according to Evan Thomas in The Very Best Men. Burton Hersh tells us, however, in The Old Boys, that Wisner didn’t really fit into the mold from which most Wall Street attorneys are formed. Hersh instead paints a picture of a barefoot boy from the old South, a typical stereotype which sounds suspiciously like a cover.

– – –

You know, it’s funny, but I didn’t expect to find what Robert Gordon Wasson’s real role was in the whole mushroom expedition through researching his father, but there you have it.

He was simply carrying on the family’s ass-kissing of the slavemasters tradition.



MKULTRA Sub-project 65

grouped with Martin Orne

Martin Theodore Orne 1948 – Harvard freshman pic

On the way from analyzing Martin Orne’s subproject 84, we ended up discovering an umbrella of projects apparently all coordinating, one of which was subproject 39. Page 6 of MKULTRA subproject 39 Orne and Ioniai showed 3 other subprojects (besides 37, which was listed on page 2) all tied together with subproject 39 (and therefore Orne’s subproject 84, one presumes) as part of a “program”.

Sub-project 65 is one of those three.

The MKULTRA Briefing Book PDF p. 190 lists it as:

OBJECTIVE AND DETAILS OF WORK: To study those factors which influence human behavior that could be used for achieving intelligence objectives. There were three efforts: (l) To better understand factors which cause an individual to defect, commit treason or change loyalties; (2) To develop skills by which potential defectors can be detected; and (3) To develop methods for increasing the chances of defection of various target individuals. Sampling techniques from information gathered from Hungarian defectors  used. APPROXIMATE TIME SPAN: 1957 – 1958

This was one of Harold Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle’s (as well as Dr. Hyde and Dr. shocks-a-lot Fink) nest of sub-projects, out of Cornell University/Hospital in New York City.

“It was a function of Wolff’s imperious nature,” says his partner Hinkle. “If a dog came in and threw up on the rug during a lecture, he would continue.” Even the CIA men soon found that Harold Wolff was not to be trifled with. “From the Agency side, I don’t know anyone who wasn’t scared of him,” recalls a longtime CIA associate. “He was an autocratic man. I never knew him to chew anyone out. He didn’t have to. We were damned respectful. He moved in high places. He was just a skinny little man but talk about mind control! He was one of the controllers. (Marks, Ch. 9)

The 1956 Hungarian revolt occurred as the defector study was getting underway, and the Human Ecology group, with CIA headquarters approval, decided to turn the defector work into an investigation of 70 Hungarian refugees from that upheaval. By then, most of Harold Wolff’s team had been together through the brainwashing and Chinese studies. While not all of them knew of the CIA’s specific interests, they had streamlined their procedures for answering the questions that Agency officials found interesting. They ran the Hungarians through the battery of tests and observations in six months, compared to a year and a half for the Chinese project.

It was found in Black Vault’s MKULTRA cd #4, folder 17465.

PDF – MKULTRA subproject 65 Wolff Rinkle Hungarians

p. 9 shows there was one anthropologist, two sociologists, one psychologist and an unknown number of “medical student participant observers”.

p. 11 has an interesting statement. It says: This project ($501 000) was accounted for in the over-all Project [blacked out] MKULTRA [semi illegible 65? or 68?] and 61.

It must be 65, because the authorization for $50,000 is on p. 13.

p. 17 is the proposal dated 18 October, 1957. Judging from the wording, that it is a continuation of Wolff’s work, clearly that must have begun earlier under subproject 61. (docs for subproject 61 are in Black Vault cd#4, folder 17461)

p. 19 makes that more clear.

Dr. [blacked out – Wolff’s] Project – Plans for the Coming Year, July 1957 – June 1958.

We will have completed the interviewing of our [blacked out] informants by July 1, 1957. In the course of six months we have examined and interviewed 70 informants…

p. 22 refers to that 65 is also coming out of/linked to subproject 48 which expired 30 June 1956. Docs for that can be found on Black Vault cd#4, folder 17468.

The original proposal for 65 is on p. 24. Continuing the proposal on p. 26, it says:

3. Status: A Working group, primarily composed of professionals formerly engaged in the “Brainwashing” and “Chinese Cultural” studies has been formed.

I thought the handwritten comment reference to “the finance boys” on p.28 was entertaining.

Under Scientific objectives on pps. 24,25 is where it gets interesting for my purposes. It defines the goal as to “systematically study defection” in order to:

(a) Define the psychological characteristics of individuals who have defected, with particular emphasis on the interaction of the psychological and situational factors acting at the time of their defection

(b) Define the circumstances under which men have defected from military, political, religious, social and cultural groups and evaluate the factors appearing to influence such defections.

(c) Study individuals who have maintained loyalty in the face of persistent, sustained attempts to change affect and alter this loyalty and evaluate the factors appearing to contribute to this resistance.

Point c is particularly interesting.

It also gives a definition of “defection” as: the conscious breach of allegiance or duty to a value system, cause, person, ideology, philosophy or organization, replaced by a willingness to actively support systems, etc., which are antagonistic to the position previously held.


MKULTRA Sub-project 81

grouped with Martin Orne

Martin Theodore Orne 1948 – Harvard freshman pic

On the way from analyzing Martin Orne’s subproject 84, we ended up discovering an umbrella of projects apparently all coordinating, one of which was subproject 39. Page 6 of MKULTRA subproject 39 Orne and Ioniai showed 3 other subprojects (besides 37, which was listed on page 2) all tied together with subproject 39 (and therefore Orne’s subproject 84, one presumes) as part of a “program”.

Sub-project 81 is one of those three.

The MKULTRA Briefing Book PDF p. 233 shows that subproject 81 is also Cornell Hungarians research, it essentially continues the observation only this time it’s focusing on their “adjustment”. You can find the docs in Black Vault cd#1, folder 17483.

Finishing up the Orne network here, this umbrella “program” appears to be about testing substances and attempts to modify human behavior through that and other means.

Moving on to the next MKULTRA project of interest that I discovered now –


MKULTRA Sub-project 98

Mass Conversion


The MKULTRA Briefing Book PDF p. 268 shows that subproject 98 is: Proposal for Research on Some Aspects of Mass Conversion – a study into the mass psychology involved in brainwashing, mass defection, etc.
Time span: Began 11 August 1959 at Queen’s College New York, New York.

Documents found in Black Vault cd#1, folder 17501.

PDF – MKULTRA subproject 98 mass conversion study

The first 5 pages show that this project actually continued well into 1963, so it must have been renewed several times. P. 13 says: “He is still spending our grant money and won’t account until it is all gone.” – which is dated 12 September, 1963.

p. 24 starts getting into the meat and potatoes of the project, starting with a “working definition” of conversion: a fundamental change (i.e. an about-face) concerning basic moral, religious, or political matters which lasts after the pressure which have induced it are removed. (underlining is as in document)

This definition should allow one to relate “conversion” to attitude change, on the one hand, and personality change, on the other.

[…] A second working assumption is to be made: mass conversion is a collective affair inasmuch as those influenced also influence one another. It is not simply a series of parallel changes that take place in a plurality of individuals under similar pressures. On the contrary, snowball-like effects are postulated.

He wants to investigate 3 issues. Who is susceptible, under what conditions are changes effected, and what is the nature of the change.

Re: susceptibles: he wants to know whether conversion rests uponthe existence of a submerged side of the “divided” self which the experience or crisis merely brings to the fore….According to some, convesion is a reaction against authoritarian pressure experienced as alien; the convert rebels. Other scholars have held to the opposite view, namely that the lack of strong commitment is what makes for suceptibility.

Re: conditions of conversion. He wants to examine types of pressures such as: the advance preparation, warm-up and gimmickry which precede the appeal as well as the “impact of public images” and an act being “defined by others as a conversion.”

Re: permanent change. He wants to know if “a permanent reorganization of beliefs requires sustained group support or does the individual’s enthusiasm and group enthusiasm experience a natural let-down“.

He goes to say what he wants to analyze as typed conversion.

a – A specific, usually a religiously-typed, experience which signifies inner commitment to a cause. The recognition of such an experience as conversion involves “ascription” of a new role by others…

b – Defection from one religious, political or national affiliation to anther.

c – A change of outlook, whether sudden or dramatic or gradual on a matter central to the personality…resocialization.

p. 26 talks about what techniques have been “found effective in bringing about a basic change in social role

a – hypnosis and suggestion

b – therapy, the sustained mobilization of affect.

c – “ascription” the signification of change of status as a result of initiation ceremonies, specific experiences, et. which legitimate the acceptance of a new role in the eyes of others.

d – persuasion, the suceptibility to rational argument by appeals to interests and dispositions in a person…

e – enforced isolation, individual oconfinement and all techniques whereby perception and information can be made homogenous and monopolized, minimizing any competing influences.

f – stress, [illegible – action?] and the threat of severe punishment – all of which act to change the reward structure.

He wants to analyze all the above in regard to two things – the personality types on whom they are most effective and the permanence of the changes produced.

Whoever this is, these two men, are both teachers, as p. 28 talks about although they will start in the summer of 1959 they won’t be able to work on it in the later part without “reduced teaching load”.

– – –

MKULTRA Sub-project 74

The mother of all “cover” projects – Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology

Documents were found at Black Vault MKULTRA cd#4 folder 17475.

The MKULTRA Briefing Book PDF p.217 gives a very misleading, in my opinion, characterization of this subproject.

It says:

Significant Aspects: None

That’s not true, as you are about to see.

It continues:

although on reading the file without prior knowledge of the purpose fo these “cover” grants, they could be misinterpreted as to the extent of CIA interest. A sample of project titles: “An Exploratory Study On the Effects of Circumcision”; A Study of Cross-Pressures on the District Officer in Burma”; “Research Program on Intergroup Attitudes” and on.

Under Research Participants: it says None.

Also not true.

This one I decided to upload to the Internet Archive directly, since it is 451 pages and rather large and since it’s apparently never been put up in a form where people can really get at it easily altogether in one spot.

PDF – MKULTRA Subproject 74 Human Ecology Funds

I’m just going to go through it with you, but I’m only pulling out points that I felt were of interest. Researchers may find other things that interest them, is all I’m saying, but I think the points I am pulling out will help to shed a great deal more light on the subject.

You’ve seen what the Mkultra Briefing book had to say, not much, and it may interest you to know that pretty much all John Marks had to say in his book about the “cover grants” was this:

A whole category of Society funding, called “cover grants,” served no other purpose than to build the Society’s false front. These included a sociological study of Levittown, Long Island (about $4,500), an analysis of the Central Mongoloid skull ($700), and a look at the foreign-policy attitudes of people who owned fallout shelters, as opposed to people who did not ($2,500). A $500 Human Ecology grant went to Istanbul University for a study of the effects of circumcision on Turkish boys. The researcher found that young Turks, usually circumcised between the ages of five and seven, felt “severe emotional impact with attending symptoms of withdrawal.” The children saw the painful operations as “an act of aggression” that brought out previously hidden fears—or so the Human Ecology Society reported.

(Marks ch. 9)

Not much on the actual topic of the cover grants and WHY.

OK, so let’s get started with the handwritten note on p. 12 which I thought was amusing, especially if the @5m meant five million dollars (which may not be that far off for their total expenditures for the 11 years it was operating).

This proposal @5M has much to recommend it in terms of establishing foundation affairs solidly, recruiting a bright young [blacked out] crew and getting at some interesting aspects of social science research to add to assessment study…

p. 13 Proposed Activities of [blacked out] Group at [blacked out] Behavioral Sciences Conference. Lists two associate professors of Psychology and one associate professor of sociology. (January 1958) This may be related to several items later, so I’ll bring this back in when we get there.

p. 20 is rather key. It is a proposal to “provide funds to permit [blacked out] to make small “cover” grants for studies of little intrinsic interest to the Agency but which help propagate [blacked out] cover of being interested in the broad field of [blacked out] on an international basis (MKULTRA 74)

p. 41 – This file represents the projects the Board of the [giant long black out, probably Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology] has approved after being given the authority to set up small cover grants.

p. 173 – shows they are literally spending money like water or maybe “candy”. Inside joke, as in CIA “candy” funds. See section starting “About this “candy” fund” in this library article.

p. 181 is about a book being released in the beginning of 1968.

p. 183 gives the intro of the book, perhaps could match it with real book?

p. 213 referencing a book in 1965.

One of the above is Erwin Goffman’s book, something that is going to be key in my upcoming Cults and Universities and the CIA reading library article.

One way we can cross-reference that is through John Marks, bearing in mind that you can trust Gittinger about as far as you can throw him for trying to position Goffman as being one of those “cover grants” who didn’t know anything.

NOT true, and he’s deliberately leaving out a HUGELY important aspect of where Goffman was, which was not the University of Pennsylvania, and what he was doing. You’ll see in my library article.

But still, have a look –

In a similar vein, another MKULTRA man, psychologist John Gittinger mentions the Society’s relationship with Erwin Goffman of the University of Pennsylvania, whom many consider today’s leading sociological theorist. The Society gave him a small grant to help finish a book that would have been published anyway. As a result, Gittinger was able to spend hours talking with him about, among other things, an article he had written earlier on confidence men. These hucksters were experts at manipulating behavior, according to Gittinger, and Goffman unwittingly “gave us a better understanding of the techniques people use to establish phony relationships”—a subject of interest to the CIA.

footnotes – The quote from John Gittinger came from an interview with him conducted by Dr. Patricia Greenfield. Dr. Greenfield also interviewed Jay Schulman, Carl Rogers, and Charles Osgood for an article in the December 1977 issue of the American Psychological Association Monitor, from which my quotes of Schulman’s comments are taken. She discussed Erving Goffman’s role in a presentation to a panel of the American Psychological Association convention in Toronto in August 1978. The talk was titled “CIA Support of Basic Research in Psychology: Policy Implications.”

(Marks ch. 9)

This is part of why I am doing this though, those document discoveries right there made this worth it, all by themselves.

Continuing –

p 240 shows that in 1964 there were accounts of grants under subproject 74 totaling $102,135.27

p. 273 is key. Shows what they wanted new “cover” grants on. Personality assessment technique, training techniques, psychological and psychopharmacological aids to interrogation and illication, studies of motivation and attitudes.

SHOWS that it STARTED August 1957

p.275 is also of interest since it is on the same subject as p. 273. Defines the cover as “The original purpose, to enable the [blacked out – Human Ecology Fund] to make small “cover” grants for studies which are not of immediate interest to TSD/RB in order to propagate the [blacked out] present cover of being interested in the broad field of human ecology

p. 294 is the ORIGINAL proposal from 4 April 1957.

It says that the purpose of subproject 74 will be to fulfill what is considered: a deficiency in the present cover of the [blacked out Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology] At the present time the [blacked out] has been making grants to large institutions for research work of immediate interest to TSS/CD. It is felt that for the [blacked out] to continue to propagate its present cover of being interested in the broad field of human ecology, it will be necessary to make “cover grants”. These grants will be small monetarily and will not necessarily be of immediate interest to TSS/CD. However it is thought that they will contribute materially to the cover and security of the [blacked out]

They plan to spend 25 thousand dollars per year on basically bullshit studies.

p. 304 12 April 1962, signed by Sidney Gottlieb on 11 June, 1962.

Check this out – they’re hiding some of the older MKULTRA (and nastier ones) by moving their money over under the Human Ecology Fund. I believe this is when the CIA was under investigation by Earman.

p. 304 –

2 – The Behavioral Activities Branch has undertaken responsibility for developing a number of psychological aids to the point where they have a potential for current operational usage by the operating divisions of the DDP. These developments include the [blacked out] assessment technique, other indirect assessment techniques, training techniques, psychological and psychopharmacological aids to interrogation and elicitation, studies of motivation and attitudes, and any other developments which would increase the scope of psychological support for Agency operations. Research funds utilized in the past for a number of research studies in support of this kind of effort will now be absorbed under subproject 74. [blacked out] will serve as cutout and administrator for the disbursal of these funds. Expenditures will be made in direct support of the program of the Behavioral Activities Branch.

p. 308 someone just got paid 101k in December of 1961!!

p. 311 shows the massive increase in scope of subproject 74, so that’s why the huge jump of funding in December.

p. 318 more on this cover thing. “funds should be spread over as large a number of small projects as possible in order to achieve maximum value in a cover sense.” But it’s based on a document about a meeting saying this on 9 February 1959 on p. 341.

p. 367 just to illustrate the purpose of a cover, ie to hide what they really want funded, look at this document that managed to make it in this file in full  and miss Gottlieb’s shredder. Look at where it makes clear that the principal investigator on “emotions” and how they are displayed biologically and physically, is a covert cleared contractor and is WITTING.  But he is mixed in with the other dufuses grants. Now, this doc is dated 7 October 1958 which means this kind of thing was going on right at the beginning of the scatter pattern of the cover grants.

As to the document itself, what’s interesting about reading through it is that their “hypotheses” are derived primarily from observations of persons undergoing the process of change in psychotherapy.

To any former scientologists out there, does this sound familiar to you at all?

“The reasoning here is that, if emotion cannot be fully discharged externally, it will tend to be discharged internally. The peptic ulcer personality would seem to be a clinical instance lending support to such a hypothesis.”

It should.

It’s possible this is subproject 97, this project…but I haven’t checked into that yet.

Continuing with this same WITTING grant, on p. 374 check out all the things they want to take a “behavior polygraph” of.

p. 382 [blacked out] provides a particularly good setting for such research. It has an enviable reputation for ease of interdepartmental cooperation. It has competent workers in closely allied fields related to this study…

Hmm. Wonder where that is…

p. 386 why did they black out all of reference 13? and 30-33?? Rather odd.

This goes here now –

p. 13 Proposed Activities of [blacked out] Group at [blacked out] Behavioral Sciences Conference. Lists two associate professors of Psychology and one associate professor of sociology. (January 1958)

By the way, it’s the Professor of Sociology that is the LEAD and would be the cleared and witting CIA person mentioned earlier. Maybe it’s Erwin Goffman?

We’ll see…