Use bullets against enemy’s body, Use Black Psychology against his mind


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This CIA declassified document concerning OSS activities was recovered from the internet archive. It document was declassified in 2004.

This document is titled: The Operational Use of MO Material

It is from: N/A to N/A


Document details

DATE: circa 1944


NAMES (or titles) mentioned:



Interesting points from documents –

Use bullets against the enemy’s body. Use black psychology against his mind.

Black Propaganda is a weapon. Use it as one!

That does kind of say it all.

Those points are often what is highlighted about this document by others, but I see some other points in it that may be just as bad, or even worse. They are just not so quite “jump off the page” at you and require a little more observation to see under them, or maybe better put as behind them to the larger issue here.

Slavemaster behavior. COWARDS behavior.

How they “fight”.

Let’s go over some of that.

The document mentions using “underground” newspapers  that they made, like: Sas Neu Deutschland (The New Germany). Designed to:

give the impression that it is the official organ of a very strong and well organized underground movement.

There was no such thing.

Its editorials were designed to give Nazis a fear of “eventual consequences of defeat” and to the anti-Nazi “hope for the future if he resists”.

OSS Morale operations staff wee also forging fake official proclamations of the German Army and Nazi Party and fake military orders.

They were putting out tons of different leaflets all preaching “accumulated tension” (see Panic! OSS document) with the theme of How much longer?

They were using sheet music of songs which carry an ambiguous but definite message against the Nazis.

They were using a variety of stickers – saying “They are a device which continually harass the enemy with their striking themes and the indication that there is operating a bold and powerful underground, waiting to strike during the weakest moment of the Nazis.

There that is again. Bold and powerful underground?

No. False.

The really sick thing about this (which also happens to well illustrate the “fighting style” of the slavemasters) is that THERE WAS NO “powerful underground“.

Such an underground was a complete figment of slavemaster imagination.

The truth was that the German people were still strongly united.

ALL this is right out of the Panic! OSS document. The number one thing necessary to even cause “panic” is your mind, your “imagination”. You have to change, not the circumstances, for panic to ever appear.

Since fantasy appears to be the exciting cause of panic, then anything which permits or facilitates the exercise of the imaginal processes must be looked upon as contributing to its rise, and any measures which remove or reduce the opportunities for the imagination to transport the individual from the level of objective reality to the level of fantasy will contribute to its prevention.

When the threat of danger evokes panic instead of ”normal” fear or anxiety, it is not likely to be because the external danger has acquired any new or special features , but rather because the individual himself has altered.

Slavemasters are all about tricking that and lieing to you to get you to destroy your own good qualities. They see it as, or rather tell themselves constantly that, this is ok because “your” perspective is wrong. You should be loyal to THEM.

That’s the bottom line.

But they HAVE to LIE in order to get that to happen.

That should really, really stand out to you.

They have to lie.



Because there is no truth to their “strength”, their “honor”, their “integrity”, their “unity”, their supposedly true and loyal followers. They have none. They are none of the above.

What is meant by “black” in the term Black Propaganda?

Here’s a good working example from the document –

It is prepared and disseminated in method so that it is assumed to come from underground resistance behind enemy lines. Great care is taken to preserve this black nature of the propaganda.

Assumed to come from, but that is NOT who made it.

It causes more concern (than white or overtly Allied propaganda) among the Nazi officials.

They never know definitely whether it comes from the Allies or from underground sources.

The supposition that it comes from underground sources gives them misapprehension of a strong bold resistance, ready to strike at any moment.

Do you see that is meant to get the targets to start fantasizing an imagined danger? Exactly like the Panic! document said was necessary. It must be a suspected or imagined danger, not one standing right in front of you with a loaded gun type that you can take action against.

The average unofficial reader of black propaganda jumps at the conclusion that it does come from the underground. German soldiers and collaborating civilians are much more likely to believe propaganda when they think it comes from within.

They think…get it? More fantasizing.

Official contradiction is a demoralizing factor with officials and gives publicity to the propaganda, and admits courageous action against the Nazi rule. It unnerves the loyal Nazi soldier, it gives hope to the anti-Nazi and stimulates him for similar action.

These people think they are so tricky. it’s really disgusting actually. They think everyone thinks as they do, worried about their damn IMAGE all the time. You can so see the very, very British character flaws coming through here. (See McDougall article, the sections talking about that, it’s a very real thing with them)

The document goes on to talk about the ways to get people behind enemy lines to disseminate Black Propaganda, specifically noting that women and children can be used. It talks about all the different kinds of places to leave propaganda, thrown into the back of moving trucks, left in mailboxes addressed to real people, but one in particular was kind of humorous –

Leave MO supplies in latrines – there are times when everyone is receptive to reading matter.

How very droll.

One of the statements in a different OSS document about psychological warfare was that it was the EFFECT on the target’s mind that mattered. We see that same idea evident in the “reporting” section of this document.

Let us know in detail any observed effect.

That’s what they care about.

In the conclusion section we have some really interesting statements. For one thing, this is where the statements I first mentioned are, about bullets on body black propaganda on mind. But look at these other ones –

MO is a proven weapon with which to fight the enemy.

See? They do think of this as their best “weapon”. But it isn’t “best” or even “proven” especially up against someone who knows how to identify and deal with it.

MO can create great confusion at a time when the enemy can least afford to be confused.

Black propaganda is black psychology and is a rat gnawing at the psychological equilibrium.

Yikes! Now there’s an image.

It is a continual presentation of unpleasant but undeniable facts to the enemy which show that his defeat is inevitable.

Hold the phone. FACTS? They do not use facts. They INVENT things. There’s a whole OSS document about that and it ain’t talking about using “facts” as the primary point of forming MO around. Nope. Rumors. That’s what they do.

Isn’t it interesting though, to see this kind of utter arrogance combined with a completely illogical and hypocritical premise of calling what they did in Morale Operations as using facts?


That was worth the work just for that alone.


Other Images and People.



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PDFOSS Morale Ops Rules – Use Bullets Against Enemy Body – Use Black Psychology Against His Mind

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