The Planning Group for Psychological Warfare – Staff List


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This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. It was declassified in 2004. This document lists out all the staff of the planning group for psychological warfare.


Document details

DATE: 1943 – because Whitney Shepardson is listed as head of SI

CIA #33335 V-F

NAMES mentioned:

  • See complete text of Staff list below.


The Planning Group for Psychological Warfare – Staff List


Dr. James Rogers, Deputy Director
Lieutenant Commander Coggins
James Dunn
Brigadier General B.F. Fellers
Lieutenant Colonel O.H. Onthank
Captain H.L. Grosskopf
Major General J.P. Smith
Hugh R. Wilson
Edmund Taylor, Head of Psychological Warfare Staff
John Wiley,  Head of Advisory Committee, Planning Group
Assistant Director – Colonel G. Edward Buxton
Director of Special Relations – William A. Kimbel

(has charge of foreign transportation and priorities, is liaison with all Government departments except War, Navy, and FBI)

Security Officer – Weston Howland

(has charge of all investigations of personnel, enforces security in various buildings of OSS, issues badges, and performs any other functions necessary to promote security within the organization) – also liaison officer with FBI.

Liaison with G-2 and C.O. Headquarters detachment – Colonel Paul J. McDonnell – handles all matters between this organization and G-2 – all correspondence to G-2 should be sent through his office.

G-2 is Army Intelligence

Liaison with A-2 – Major Todd – has same relationship with Air Corps.

A-2 is Air Force Intelligence

Liaison with ONI – Commander Smith – has same relationship with Office of Naval Intelligence.

ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence

Liaison with FBI – Weston Howland – has same relationship with FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Headquarters Detachment – under supervision of Colonel McDonnell

– all matters concerning military personnel of OSS should be handled by him, including military orders, efficiency reports, assignment from Army to OSS, promotions, etc.

Head of Secretariat – Colonel Doering

– acts as a clearing house for all projects, etc. which are submitted to the joint Chiefs of Staff or on which JCS approval is unnecessary – acts as necessary clearance on matters between home office and field units.

Inspector – William A. Kimbel

– Conducts miscellaneous inquiries and investigations requested by Director or Assistant Director.

General Counsel – Lieutenant Colonel Doering – legal adviser.

Deputy Director – Colonel Preston Goodfellow – general duties.

Deputy Director – General John Magruder – in charge of intelligence services. Supervises SI, PN, and R&A.

Deputy Director – Col. Huntington – in charge of psychological warfare operations. Will supervise MO. SO.

Deputy Director – Commander Vanderbilt

– in charge of Services. Supervises branches of procurement & Supply, Budget & Finance, Special Funds, Administrative Services, Civilian personnel, Communications, and Medical Services.

Schools and Training Branch – head by Lieutenant colonel Kenneth Baker

– maintains schools for instructions in intelligence and psychological warfare, as well as in communications. Works in conjunction with MO, SO, SI, FN, and R & A.

Field Photographic Unit – under direction of Commander John Ford – photographs



MO – Morale Operations

Frederick Oechsner – Chief

Charles P. Healy – Deputy Chief

Colonel Looker – Liaison with War department Planning Board

Robert Knapp – Planning Officer


SO – Special Operations

fill-ins from other sources  – note ref.

R. David Hallowell Chief

Major Garland H. Williams Deputy Chief 

Ref National Park Service publication) –


  • “Major Garland H. Williams, deputy chief of Special Operations…” referenced as: Maj. Garland H. Williams, “Training,” memorandum,n.d. [January or February 1942], p. 6; located in OSS Records (RG 226), Entry 136, Box 161, Folder 1754, National Archives II, College Park, Md.,hereinafter, National Archives II.



FN – Foreign Nationalities

Dewitt Poole, Director


R&A – Research and Analysis

Dr. William Langer – Director

Sherman Kent, Head Europe-Africa division

Geroid T. Robinson, Head Soviet Union Division (now in london)  John A. Morrison acting in his place

Dr. C.F. Remer, Head Far East Division

Major Preston James, Head Latin-American Division

Arthur H. Robinson, Head Map Division

Wilmarth S. Lewis, Head Central Information Division

Hugh Barton, Head Presentation Division

Frederick G. Kilgour, Head Interdepartmental Committee


SI – Special Intelligence

Whitney H. Shepardson, Director

James O. Murdock, Deputy director

Lieutenant Colonel James G. O’Conor, Deputy director

Robert A. Cresswell, in charge of commissions, directives, etc.

Dr. S.A. Callison, – SI liaison with G-2   *G-2 is Army Intelligence

Lieutenant Colonel W. Lane Rehm – Finance Officer (see also Special Funds)

Francis M. Barker – Administrative Officer

Major Harold A. Jones – Insurance Intelligence

F.L. Belin – Assistant Director in charge of Reporting Board

Richard Southgate – Assistant to Mr. Belin

Harold Coolidge – head of Reporting Board – SI Liaison with R & A

Mrs. Margaret Griggs, Registry


(the following are geographic desks initiated in SI but currently used by both SI and SO):

SI – Special Intelligence        SO – Special Operations

Francis P. Miller – British Isles and India (A.D. Hutcheson)

F.L. Mayer – Western Europe

Colonel Duke or Lieutenant Colonel Ulius Amoss – Southeastern Europe and Turkey

Dr. Calvin Hoover – Northeastern europe, Russia and Scandinavia

Rudyerd Boulton – Africa

Earl Brennan – Italy, Corsica, Sardinia

Gordon Loud – Near East

Mr. Harson – Far East

Alan Scaife – London Desk (Liaison with London Office)

Lieutenant Commander Turner McBaine – Cairo desk (liaison with Cairo Office) soon to be replaced by Mr. Cerasole

Alfred DuPont – North African Desk – (liaison with North African Office)


[continuing with general staff list of The Planning Group]

Executive Officer – Charles M. Sears Jr.

Acting Chief Administrative Services Branch – Martin L. McHugh

Acting Chief Finance Branch Lieutenant Woodring

Acting Chief Civilian Personnel Branch – Grier Durant

Chief Communications Branch – Lieutenant Lawrence W. Lowman

Acting Chief New York Administrative Branch – William Sherwood

Acting Chief Procurement and Supply Branch – Lieutenant J.H. Rosenbaum

Finance Officer – Special Funds – Lieutenant Colonel W. Lane Rem

Acting Chief – Budget & procedures – John Stacy


Images and PDF files


No PDF file was made for this document because the complete plain text (Staff List) has been reproduced on this page.


Following are the individual images of the document, for those who prefer to look at them directly.

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planninggroupa planninggroupb planninggroupc


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