The British Rumors list – Frederick Oeschner to Robert Knapp


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This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. It was declassified in 2004.

This document is titled Sibs. It is from: Frederick Oeschner   to: Robert Knapp.

These two are OSS staff in the Morale Operations Branch (formed March 3, 1943) . Frederick Cable Oeschner is the Chief, and Knapp is in charge of Planning.


In 1940, the British military formed an organization as a part of the Special Operations Executive, or SOE, called the “Underground Propaganda Committee” or UPC whose mission was to create and disseminate rumors as defensive weapons against the expected Nazi invasion of the the English mainland. They code-named the rumor weapons “sibs,” short for siblare, latin word “to hiss.” During the war they developed the so-called “craft and science” of designing rumors and developed international networks of agents to spread the sibs.

This document is “this weeks Sibs” from the British.


Robert Hampden Knapp, wrote about rumors in an academic context and his work became the basis for a manual for rumor engineers at the OSS, in 1943.


Image from p. 93 of the Wesleyan 1954 yearbook;  page of Psychology Department persons –


Robert_Hampden_Knapp Robert_Hampden_Knapp_2_1954.

Robert Knapp’s specialty was infiltrating groups and pretending to be one of them. For example, he led an OSS sabotage team behind the German lines in Greece. He formed close friendships with Greek leftist guerrillas, who welcomed his open sympathy for their socialist and anti-monarchist political aims. His mission completed, he then was sent to China, where at Kunming he became a member of the anti-Kuomintang OSS faction.

Knapp was a Psychology major at Harvard, where he formed a “fascination” for propaganda. in 1942, in concert with a local Boston newspaper, he and two other men from Harvard edited a column called the “Rumor Clinic” . The column appeared in the Boston Traveler. It was aimed not so much at disproving all the rumors that come along, which would obviously be an impossible task, but more at making the public rumor conscious, according to Robert H. Knapp, teaching fellow in Psychology, one of the editors himself.

“Rumors are sent in by mail to the paper,” Knapp said, “and we select and disprove a certain number each day.”

On May 12th, 1942, he began a series of articles for The Crimson.



“Just as dreams are the psychologist’s cue to the structure of an individual personality, so rumor is a cue to the underlying morale of a nation. It reveals the conflicts, latent hostilities, wishes and fears of the people.”


Can you believe the Slavemasters actually believe this?


They think they can “guess” at who someone really is by what rumors are going around?

Kermit the frog excited


I love this part, this is really hilarious, because  – the fact that the British were to blame for starting just about every war anywhere historically, this was not a “rumor” as Knapp tries to position it.

“Without doubt the British have born the brunt of the whispering campaign. Almost every frustration which the American have undergone in the last month has been laid at their door. For example, the sugar shortage, tire and gas rationing, and the shortage of tankers for oil transport were all attributed to the British. Every military reverse has similarity been alleged the result of British incompetency or worse. They seem to qualify as the number one scapegoat.


Well, that’s because this was their stupid war over stealing other countries assets, as usual.


It shows the people knew who the right target was.


Oh my god – (just reading this) now he tries to psychoanalyze the Americans to explain the bad reasons why they are targeting the British!

Here it is:


He starts it out with an insult as if “Americans” are just stupid clod people. Typical British propaganda, actually.


“Why should the American people prove such fertile ground for sentiments of this kind? [translation – “you stupid idiots”] The answer is to be found in the psychological process called “displacement of aggression”. Briefly, this process involves frustrations, which tend to arouse hostility. Normally, this hostility is directed against the offending object or persons.”


Well, they were RIGHT to direct it against the offending persons -the British Slavemasters.


No “displacement” there.


Wouldn’t that be what Knapp is doing though?


displacing aggression towards the Americans…


That should be going to the British!


He continues –

The question now becomes. “What forces are restraining the direct expression of this hostility toward the Axis and diverting it into hostility against the British, against our racial minorities and against our allies?” There are two main explanations: The first force is that during the past twenty years there has been pacifistic philosophy abroad in America which would rule aggression out of human nature, precisely as the Victorians sought to rule out sex.

The second factor lies in the inaccessibility of the enemy. Although we, are able to come to grips with the Japs, the Axis, which we are told is our prime enemy, is out of reach. It is hard to hate when you can’t do anything about it, and that has been the predicament of the American people up to the present time.


See where he says “pacifistic philosophy” – do you know what is a deliberate SPIN on? That Americans were refusing to go to any more British Wars – after the millions and millions of lives uselessly lost in Word War I – just so the British could divide up the Ottoman Empire like insane cake chefs! So, not only does he position that as causing this inappropriately directed mental illness label, he then tries to position Americans as “blocked” sexually as well!

In 1946 Robert (who was a graduate of the University of Oregon) went on to become part of the faculty of Wesleyan University. An obituary of what looks to be his brother, lists him as living in Cazenovia, N.Y., in 1992.


From the document – the main ideas:


PWB=Political Warfare Bureau, SOE=Special Operations Executive, MO=Morale Operations OSS

There follow all of the sibs approved by the Joint P.W.B. S.O.E. M.O. Committee for dissemination through British and American channels . Only the ones marked with an asterisk should be disseminated through American channels as the rest have been taken by the British. These sibs have been finally approved by the British Foreign Office and the Inter-Services Security Board with the exception of K/418 and K/419 which have been cancelled.


Here’s the two cancelled ones –

K418_cancelled_SIB K419_cancelled_SIB

Now here’s some samples of the rest –

D. 68 General Directive – We should for the time being discourage all peace rumours involving Germany, but we should concentrate on any items of news which will make the basis for rumours of peace moves by any of the satellites.

D. 69 – Directive for Germany – We should follow up the R .A.F. raids by rumours of any kind which are likely to increase travel of the civilian population in Germany.

K/416 The German authorities have had to abandon the scheme whereby only evacuees with special cards will be able to get rations etc, because it has broken down completely in practice; so many thousands of Berliners evacuated without them that it was impossible to enforce the restrictions .

K/417 There are over a million homeless in Berlin.

K/420 Directive for German troops in France – We should endeavor to attack the morale of German troops in France: 1) by suggesting that the West Wall is simply an outer crust which the German High Command intend to abandon, falling back to the Rhine , the troops involved in the delaying action being already written off. as total losses;  2) by giving excuses for slackness by suggesting that the second front is a long way off.


Here’s an example of the Sibs that America (meaning OSS) was supposed to do – this one was listed under Hungary.


This is pretty amusing – are there enough “secrets” on this thing?


It’s like – “I‘ll take your Secret and raise you a MOST Secret.



Document details

DATE: December 6, 1943

CIA #27732-1206

NAMES mentioned:

  • Frederick Cable Oeschner – Chief of the Morale Planning Branch
  • Robert Hampden Knapp – in charge of Planning


Other Images and People


Frederick Cable Oeschner – First Morale Operations Chief in 1943, pic is from Tulane University, 1924.


In 1942, he joined the Office of Strategic Services.


This Document talks about the PWB (Political warfare bureau in England) and the SOE (also in England).


Some History –

Brigadier Sachs – British head of Political Warfare WWII


Peter Ritchie Calder – British head of planning for Political warfare
Peter Ritchie Calder 2

He was an Oxford man, and was created Baron Ritchie-Calder, of Balmashanner in the Royal Burgh of Forfar [U.K. Life Peer] on 5 July 1966.


The Special Operations Executive


The Special Operations Executive actually arose out of a new section of SIS/MI6 (British foreign intelligence) created by Admiral Sir Hugh Francis Paget “Quex” Sinclair, who had replaced the former C (code for the head of MI6) Smith-Cumming. Smith-Cumming had died June 14, 1923.  Colonel Stewart Menzies, was Sinclair’s Deputy.

At that time, the cover (false apparent identity as compared to their real one) for most SIS Station Chiefs abroad was as Passport Control Officers in various strategic British Consulates.”

The prime function of PCOs was to gather secret information about the military plans, state of strength, armaments and motives of both friends and foes in their own and those neighbouring countries to which they were posted.

As the new “Chief” of the SIS, Sinclair had created the following new sections during his tenure:

Section V – A central foreign counter-espionage Circulating Section, Section V, to liaise with the Security Service to collate counter-espionage reports from overseas stations.

Section VII – An economic intelligence section, Section VII, to deal with trade, industrial and contraband.

Section VIII – A clandestine radio communications organisation, Section VIII, to communicate with operatives and agents overseas.

Section N to exploit the contents of foreign diplomatic bags

Section D  – specifically formed to conduct sabotage through political covert actions and paramilitary operations in time of war.

Section D   would come to be the foundation of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during the Second World War.


Just before the end of Sinclair’s tenure, a special section funded by MI6 was created for propaganda, headed by Sir Colin Campbell Stuart.

This was in March of 1938, and is the beginnings of the Political Warfare Bureau or (PWB).

Stuart was already an old hand in the field of Propaganda for the masses, he was the Deputy Chairman and managing director of the London Times Publishing Company under Lord Northcliffe, and as such was one of those Slavemaster Cecil Bloc mouthpieces.

*See Scientology Roots, Chapter 21-2 for much more information about the “Cecil Bloc” and what that is.


Cecil the Slavemaster methods, can be summed up under three basic headings:


(a) triple-front penetration in politics, education, and journalism;

(b) the recruitment of men of ability  and the linking of these men to the Slavemasters by matrimonial alliances and by gratitude for titles, positions of power and money; and

(c) the influencing of public policy by placing members in positions of power shielded as much as possible from public attention.


The Times was one of their mouthpieces under point (a) above.

It had been bought bought by newspaper magnate, Alfred Harmsworth, later Lord Northcliffe, whom in 1918, would be the Director of Propaganda in Enemy Countries, and Campbell-Stuart would (not surprisingly) be hired as his right-hand man.

Campbell-Stuart was also the Managing Director of the London Daily mail from 1919-1922.

His previous intelligence career was serving as the  Military Attache to the British Embassy in Washington D.C., 1917.

His cover from the years 1922 forward, (after World War I had ended) was that he was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the English Historical Society. This was the cover he used to travel to various parts of the world ostensibly seeking “genealogical information”.

The new Propaganda Department was allocated premises at Electra House and was dubbed Department EH. (EH – Electra House)

MI6 head Sinclair died November 4, 1939.

Less than a year later, SOE was formed as a branch of MI-6 on 22 July 1940, at the request of  Winston Churchill. SOE’s first order of business was to recruit and train hundreds of secret agents, who were responsible for advancing sabotage, subversion, and organized resistance against Axis occupied areas. Camp X, also called Project J and STS-103, offered its carefully selected students a full curriculum in the techniques of guerrilla warfare, covert action, and assassination.

The SOE was a merger of three existing secret departments, which had been formed shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War.  These three departments were –

  • The Foreign Office propaganda organisation known as Department EH (after Electra House, its headquarters), run by Canadian newspaper magnate Sir Campbell Stuart;
  • MI6’s   Section D, under Major Lawrence Grand, formed to investigate the use of sabotage, propaganda and other irregular means to weaken an enemy;
  • The War Office department for the purpose of research into guerrilla warfare known initially as GS (R), headed by Major J. C. Holland. GS (R) was renamed MI R in early 1939.

At the time period of the formation of the British Special Operations Executive, it’s corresponding body in America (which the SOE was a member of) was the “Joint Chiefs of Staff”.

The British Special Operations Executive (SOE) that is over MI5 and MI6, became C. D.  Charles Jocelyn Hambro. The Director of SOE was usually referred to by the initials “CD“. Hambro was a close friend of Churchill’s.

Charles had what some referred to as a commanding presence—he stood 6 feet 3 inches tall—and had a “driving personality”.


Charles Jocelyn Hambro

Special Operations Executive –

Charles Jocelyn Hambro.

This is Charles on his wedding day to Pamela Cobbold in 1919 – age 21.

Charles Jocelyn Hambro


The Hambro banking dynasty traces its descent from Calmer Levy, a young Jewish merchant of Hamburg who moved to Copenhagen in 1778 to marry a cousin and take over his new father-in-law’s trading business.

Following Danish custom, Calmer wanted to adopt the name of his native town, but it was misspelt on the tradesman’s licence issued to him by the Copenhagen authorities and became Hambro.

Calmer’s grandson, Carl Joachim, settled in Dorset and established a banking business in the City of London in 1839.

This business flourished particularly in financing trade with Scandinavia. It was called C. J. Hambro & Son – later renamed Hambros.



Charles Jocelyn Hambro went for a period of training to the Guaranty Trust Company in New York, where he and his wife lived with Harry Morgan, son of J. P. Morgan Jr. In 1928, when only 30, Charles was elected a director of the Bank of England.

At the start of World War II he was asked by Ronald Cross to join the “Ministry of Economic Warfare”, a cover organisation for the Special Operations Executive.

The first rumblings of the soon-to-be-formed Special Operations Executive, started on 13 June 1940, when at the instigation of newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Lord Hankey (who held the Cabinet post of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster) persuaded Section D and MI R that their operations should be coordinated. On 1 July, a Cabinet level meeting arranged the formation of a single sabotage organisation. On 16 July, Hugh Dalton, the Minister of Economic Warfare, was appointed to take political responsibility for the new organisation, which was formally created on 22 July.


Hugh Dalton


Churchill ordered SOE to “set Europe ablaze”.


He called this atrocious war – his delicious war.


The Director of SOE was usually referred to by the initials “CD”. The first Director to be appointed was Sir Frank Nelson, a former head of a trading firm in India, a back bench Conservative Member of Parliament and Consul in Basel, Switzerland.


Frank Nelson – the first Special Operations Executive, 1940


The following is excerpted from a speech by Nelson March 3, 1925, concerning the time of Ghandi and India becoming independent is referred to as “Communist Propaganda” – as if it’s a bad thing that Britain should not be allowed to RULE OVER other people’s homes. The fact that this man was made the first Special Operations Executive head, this says it all as to the true nature of these people running psychological warfare on the entire world simply to KEEP CONTROL of places they have no right to control, and never did.


There are two kinds of propaganda, roughly speaking. which are prevalent in the Empire. On the one hand, we have the Communist type of propaganda, which has for its object the overthrow and the complete destruction of British rule in India, and, on the other side, we have a more localised species, which also has for its object the overthrow of British rule in the Empire, but in order to place in its stead self-government by the indigenous inhabitants of that country. We have both of these in India, and I think the latter might well be described as propaganda subversive of British ideals in India. by which I mean that our aim and object in the life’s work we have done in India. is to introduce into that country ideals which have hitherto been foreign to it, and which, I believe, are being gradually absorbed.

Source: SUBVERSIVE PROPAGANDA (GREAT BRITAIN AND THE EMPIRE.) HC Deb 03 March 1925 vol 181 cc352-98, Commons Sitting concerning the China Indemnity Application Bill.


Frank Nelson in 1924 – around the time of this speech.


Hugh Dalton, Frank Nelson’s superior,  was replaced as Minister of Economic Warfare by Lord Selborne in February 1942.

Twenty years later, Hugh Dalton committed suicide on 13 February 1962.


Hugh Dalton committed suicide 13 February 1962.

But not before he became Chairman of the newly created World Bank.


Hugh Dalton, second from left, celebrating this creation.

Camille Gutt (L) and Eugene Meyer (R) looking on as newly elected chairman of World Bank Hugh Dalton (2L) accepts gavel from John W. Snyder (2R).

Selborne and his family, were one of the names that Professor Quigley revealed as being part of a secret society to make the whole world part of the British Empire. In his book Anglo/American Establishment – Quigley writes about this society’s meetings:

At various times since 1891, these meetings have been presided over by Rhodes, Lord Milner, Lord Selborne, Sir Patrick Duncan, Field Marshal Jan Smuts, Lord Lothian, and Lord Brand.

Quigley calls these people who meet like this, the Milner Group, but these people are subordinate (for the most part) to the Cecil family of Slavemasters, who go way back to the beginning of England’s quest to rule the world begun a few hundred years earlier.

Nelson was cracking under the evil of what he was tasked to due, and was in ill health so the first thing that Lord Selborne did was retire him and appoint Sir Charles Hambro to replace him.

  • Note: Hambro had been a close friend of Churchill before the war, in fact, their families had intermarried.


Victory symbol (theoretically): Winston Churchill in Glasgow as he leaves the Greens Playhouse.


In August 1940, just a week or two after the formation of the SOE by order of Churchill, Hugh Dalton  brought Charles Jocelyn Hambro into the new secret service he was forming under the ministry’s cover, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Hugh Dalton was Ronald Cross’s replacement  – the new Minister of Economic Warfare under the PWE- Political Warfare Executive.

SOE’s purpose was to stimulate resistance in enemy-occupied territory. Hambro’s first assignment was that he was in charge of Scandinavia.

From December 1940 to November 1941 Hambro was increasingly tasked with more areas of responsibilities. For example, the oversight of SOE’s nascent French, Belgian, Dutch, and German sections.

Starting in November 1941, for the next five months he was deputy head of the whole organization.

Apparently, the SOE had several executives higher than it, this was the PWE committee, which Dalton was on. It was through this body, that in April of 1942, Hugh Dalton’s successor, the third earl of Selborne appointed Charles Jocelyn Hambro to become the executive chief of SOE after previous head Frank Nelson’s health had given way.

The following month (May 1942) David K.E. Bruce (who had been in London for over a year) went to meet with Hamro to coordinate the OSS activities with the new SOE head.

From Bruce’s diary, OSS Against the Reich: The World War II Diaries of Colonel David K.E. Bruce By David Kirkpatrick Este Brucepage 18,

May 22, I went to Baker St. to see the SOE people, and had a satisfactory conversation with Sir Charles Hambro, Tony Keswick and Major Glynn. After emerging from a veritable rabbit-warren of offices, I went off to lunch at the Savoy with the ever charming David Bowes-Lyon, Percy Winner and Ritchie Calder (9)* who had recently been with David in the United States representing the Pokitical Warfare Executive.

  • Note #9 says:
    London Merchant banker Sir Charles Jocelyn Hambro (1897-1963), head of Special Operations Executive, also known as Baker Street for the location of its offices near the address made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; earlier in 1942 SOE had sent Anthony Keswick to Washington to assess the strength of COI vis-a-vis its bureaucratic enemies; an official in the Ministry of Economic Warfare, the Hon. Sir David Bowes-Lyon (1902-1961) was brother-in-law of George VI and uncle of the future Elizabeth II; journalist Peter Ritchie Calder, later Baron Ritchie-Calder (b. 1906).

Sherlock Holmes, the fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, (an SPR member) was given an address of 221b Baker Street.

  • SPR=Society of Psychical Research



The Special Operations Executive world headquarters was chosen to be located closed to that, at 64 Baker Street.



This video documents a commemorative plaque being installed at that location.

Both of these Baker street addressed are located in the City of Westminster, which includes both the Royal Palace, and most of the government of England.


The London House of Parliament.

Map-wise, Westminster is just to the left of The City of London – the tiniest segment of the map – which is at the heart of Greater London area. The City of London is the financial power base of the British Slavemasters.


Westminster, just to the left of The City of London which is at the heart of Greater London.

One of the first tasks that the City of London/Cecil Bloc Slavemasters assigned Hambro, was to arrange with Colonel William Donovan, (who came to London in June 1942 specifically for this purpose – to get his marching orders) for co-operation between the SOE and the OSS, especially concerning having the OSS set-up to mirror the actions of British intelligence.

This was more of a specific coordination and planning action by SOE Hambro, because Donovan was already their “agent”, and had been since before the first precursor of the COI/OSS had been formed.

From my article William Vincent Astor and L. Ron Hubbard – British Spies and American Traitors – Condensed Timeline

July 1940 – Secretary of NAVY Knox sends Donovan over to be schmoozed and recruited into alignment with British Intelligence – call it a bit of grooming for the position they were going to assign him – creating THEIR intelligence apparatus in the United States, officially and openly. In London, the British Slavemasters instructed all manner of individuals to “welcome” Donovan, including the King and Queen, Winston Churchill, and all the high-ranked officials the British could produce. Donovan even merited being kept in daily contact with the head of Ml-6 chief, Stewart Menzies, and the director of British naval intelligence, John Godfrey, who gave Donovan a list of things the British wanted him to lobby for in Washington. His first assignment, which he promptly carried out upon his return.

Mid-July 1940 – Donovan arrives back in the U.S., and was immediately approached by William Stephenson, British intelligence chief for the Western Hemisphere, whose Washington D.C. cover was that he was a “security officer” in the British Purchasing Commission, one of the many war materiel lobbying groups operating in Washington. Stephenson was the local intelligence handler for Britain, of Donovan. He then reports to his boss back in London

  • “There is no doubt that we can achieve infinitely more through Donovan than through any other individual…He is very receptive…and can be trusted to represent our needs in the right quarters and in the right way in the U.S.A.” 79

August 8, 1940 – Stephenson reports to his MI6 boss in London, that Donovan is doing his job. Donovan at that time, was trying to to sell the White House on the idea of the British exchange of bases for destroyers.

August 22, 1940 (based on “two weeks later” than August 8 entry) – Donovan successfully completes his first British intelligence assignment and gets Congress/Senate approval for fifty U.S. destroyers to be provided to Britain “in exchange” for military bases in the Western Hemisphere.

As you can see, Donovan was all-British right from the getgo.

Hambro was the SOE chief for seventeen months, before a pissing match between Hambro and one of his superiors (the earl of Selborne) over a point of control concerning the Middle, East caused Hambro to have to resign in early September 1943.

Slavemasters are not known for letting a good devious mind go to waste, especially “one of their own”, so accordingly, another similarly covert type of position was soon found for him.  Hambro spent the last eighteen months of the war in Washington as head of the British raw materials mission: this was a cover for supervising the exchange of information between the United Kingdom and the USA which led to the first man-made nuclear explosions in July and August 1945.


This means former SOE Hambro was in on the Manhattan Project.


This “nuclear research” leading to dropping bombs on the Japanese to “teach them a lesson” as Harry Stack Sullivan impliedis an excellent example of how the British began using so-called Americans (which were really British, heart and soul) to act as a cover for THEIR ORDERS. You could then point at the Americans and say “they did it” – which was true that American planes dropped the bomb, but on BRITISH ORDERS.



Chief of OSS Special Intelligence


David K.E. Bruce was the Director or Chief of the OSS SI division, but Whitney Shepardson had taken over for him by the time of this document. Bruce had worked very closely with the British SOE, and was a British-goals supporter (not the same as American goals) as was Shepardson.  In August 1941 Donovan sent ROOM member David K.E. Bruce to head the London OSS operation – he became the Chief of the OSS SI division in London, which was over any other OSS SI divisions anywhere.

David was already working for British Intelligence before the OSS was even formed!  It’s precursor, the COI, was formed July 11, 1941. Over 5 months earlier than that, on February 3, 1941 – one of the documents here in our CIA reading library, shows that he had written a memo – What is Special Intelligence? written on behalf of and with assistance by MI6, British Intelligence.


David K.E. Bruce


Really get what that means.


It goes back even further than that.

Bruce, was also a ROOM secret society member under Vincent Astor. The ROOM was THE precursor to the OSS. I have a whole series on this, including the direct connections and lead-up to the OSS. Every single one of these men was pro-British to the exclusion of loyalty to their own country, America, and Bruce was no exception to this rule.

*For an overview – See the Condensed Timeline segment of the ROOM series.


These people were dedicated to helping Britain (and themselves) RULE THE WORLD.


SO, with the understanding that is who was the big Kahuna over all this special intelligence business in the OSS – including propaganda – look again at what Robert Knapp said in 1942:

“Without doubt the British have born the brunt of the whispering campaign. Almost every frustration which the American have undergone in the last month has been laid at their door. For example, the sugar shortage, tire and gas rationing, and the shortage of tankers for oil transport were all attributed to the British. Every military reverse has similarity been alleged the result of British incompetency or worse. They seem to qualify as the number one scapegoat.”

“Why should the American people prove such fertile ground for sentiments of this kind? [translation – “you stupid idiots”] The answer is to be found in the psychological process called “displacement of aggression”. Briefly, this process involves frustrations, which tend to arouse hostility. Normally, this hostility is directed against the offending object or persons.”


See how utterly disgusting that is?


It was TRUE that the British were the cause, both directly and indirectly. And this man, who WORKED FOR THEM tries to spin it as that anyone who says that is basically mentally ill.




Slavemaster bitch-boy.

*Bitch- meaning the “slave” definition.


That man has ZERO credibility in just about anything he says – because of why, and for whom, he is saying it for.

So, right in the beginning it was very important to the British to control (as they had been all along) the initial operations and set-up of the OSS, that was part of why David K.E. Bruce was the SOE liaison to the OSS.

Bruce married Andrew Mellon’s daughter – which puts British Intelligence (aka the OSS aka the CIA) directly mixed up with Timothy Leary and LSD, Scientology and…The Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug ring.

*See Brotherhood Series Part 5D-2 for much more on those connections.


A later “Chief” of the SOE was Sir William Johnstone “Tony” Keswick. To illustrate the tight SOE/OSS command line and overlapping of their “operations” – OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations William H. Garland’s brother John, was directing SOE operations in Chungking!

*See CIA document Training: How To Run Intelligence Operations – License to kill which covers the materials that OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations William H. Garland brought back with him (after meeting with the SOE in London in 1942) to instruct the OSS agents and handlers on British methods.


Sir William Johnstone “Tony” Keswick

William J. (Tony) Keswick - SOE.

The Keswick family (pronounced with a silent “w”, “Kezzick”) are a business dynasty of Scottish origin associated with the Far East since 1855 and in particular the conglomerate Jardine Matheson.

As tai-pans of Jardine Matheson & Co, the Keswick family have been closely associated with the ownership or management of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the Indo-China Steam Navigation Company Ltd., the Canton Insurance Office Ltd, (now the HSBC Insurance Co), The Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Company Limited, Star Ferry, Hong Kong Tramway, the Hong Kong Land Investment and Agency Co Ltd, and the Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Co Ltd.

  • Tai-pan – literally ‘top class’,or ‘big shot’) is a senior business executive or entrepreneur operating in China or Hong Kong. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, tai-pans were only foreign-born businessmen. China opium trader Hugh Matheson, was a principal in the Hongkong-based firm Jardine Matheson.


An opium drug-lord family, in other words.


Chief of SOE, Sir William Johnstone “Tony” Keswick was the heir and senior family member of the Keswick family, during his generation.


“Tony” Keswick arrived in the far east in 1926. He and his brother remained Directors of the firm after they had left the Far East. He was in charge of the Shanghai office (at that time the Head Office in the Far East) from 1935 until 1941. The company’s Chinese business interests were looted by occupying Japanese forces.

After the war he took over as Managing Director of Matheson & Co. Ltd, in London. Among his other business activities, he was Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, Director of the Bank of England, Vice-Chairman of Alliance Assurance, and Director of British Petroleum.

Ah, an Oil man too.


Drugs and Oil – what a lovely man this was.


sarcasm little guy

Note: SOE was also referred to as “the Baker Street Irregulars”, after the location of its London headquarters. It was also known as “Churchill’s Secret Army” or the “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”.


Images and PDF files


For those who don’t know – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and when that is done on images, it makes it so you can search the images for certain words or phrases that you are looking for.

Here is an OCR’d PDF file of all the pages of this document.

The British Rumors list – Frederick Oeschner to Robert Knapp


Following are the individual images of the document, for those who prefer to look at them that way.

(click to enlarge)



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