Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent “Tobacco Man”


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This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. It was declassified in 2004.

This document is titled Near East #21 Turkey IV – Tobacco. It is from:


Chief of Geographic Section – Gordon Loud

Project Officer – Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – 11/10/42

Director and/or Chief of Staff  –  two signatures:

  • F.R.D.”  – I think it says, and
  • David K.E. Bruce

Colonel Donovan

F.R.D. on the document is –

Colonel Florimund Duke



From the document – the main ideas:

Objectives –

1. To establish an agent with relatively free mobility in Turkey who will be able to fulfill such directives as may be sent to him.
2. To secure in Turkey and from the nearby Balkan countries information of a military, political, economic or psychological nature such as may have a bearing on the Allied war effort.
3. To investigate the interpenetration of Axis agents in the commercial field of Turkey and to counteract their activities insofar as possible.
4. To establish an information network that will continue to .function should Turkey swing to the Axis or be occupied by the enemy.


The agent, an experienced tobacco man with 28 years of service in Turkey and the Balkans, will, after a brief course of indoctrination in the SI school, depart for Turkey as manager of the Istanbul office of a well-known and long-established American tobacco firm. In this capacity he will also be in charge of sub-offices in Izmir and Samsun and will therefore have legitimate reasons for free travel from office to office. Although he will not be able to travel to Axis controlled Bulgaria and Greece he will have certain, though limited, facilities of communication with these areas through channels already established between his Istanbul office and its agents in these Axis-dominated countries.

The agent returns to Turkey in the full employ of his company which, despite the fact that only limited business is now ,possible, wishes to maintain long-established contacts. His company will accordingly arrange and pay for his transportation and will maintain his full salary even though he will be able to devote about 90 per cent of his time to O.S.S. work.”

Until the appointment and establishment of a chief agent for Turkey the agent will communicate directly with Washington through State Department channels. Thereafter, communication will be through the chief agent and via the system to be set up in connection with the o.s.s. Near East headquarters in Cairo.”


Who is this agent?

question mark

Well, I thought I had figured out who that was, which was Archibald Voke Walker (see his Specific Person page) but I think I was wrong – the facts didn’t quite line up when I came back to organize all the information I originally had on this page.

So, as of now (August 2014) it remains a mystery, but I’m sure I’ll come across whoever “tobacco man” was soon enough.

In the meantime, I have greatly cleaned up and re-organized all the information about OSS Turkey and it’s assorted personnel and connections. This includes the information that I previously had included here that I had discovered when I was doing “live” research at the time of looking at this document.

This re-organized and integrated information has been put into several different pages in our Reading Library – now available for your perusal.

The relevant pages are:

In the Specific Persons section –

Archibald Voke Walker – first agent and “handler” running OSS intelligence in Turkey
Valerian Lada-Mocarski – head of OSS Cairo, superior of OSS Turkey; D/Chairman of Schroder’s Bank NY
Lanning “Packy” Macfarland – first head of OSS Turkey/Istanbul

In the World Government section –

OSS Turkey
Schroder’s Bank
The Centre of the British Empire – the “City of London”

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did putting them together for you!


Document details

DATE: signed November 10, 1942


NAMES mentioned:

  • David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942.
  • Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer, 1943. “Doctor” Wilson Thomas Moore, of Philadelphia, attended Princeton in 1899. [Ref: Princeton University Catalogue By Princeton University]
  • Colonel Duke – who is listed on the Planning Group for Psychological Warfare Staff List page as one of the two men heading the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) Geographic section of Turkey and Southeastern Europe.
  • William Donovan – head of the OSS
  • Gordon Loud – Chief of Geographic Section (Near East)


Other Images and People


David K.E. Bruce

                                Dr. Wilson T.M. Beale
Dr._Wilson_T.M._Beale_-_September_27,_1939_Phil_Inquirer Wilson_Thomas_Moore_Beale_as_a_young_boy


Gordon Loud
OSS Gordon_Loud_-_1930

“Wild Bill” Donovan


Images and PDF files


For those who don’t know – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and when that is done on images, it makes it so you can search the images for certain words or phrases that you are looking for.

Here is an OCR’d PDF file of all the pages of this document.

Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent ‘Tobacco Man’


Following are the individual images of the document, for those who prefer to look at them that way.

(click to enlarge)

sineareastproj2110nov1942a sineareastproj2110nov1942b sineareastproj2110nov1942c sineareastproj2110nov1942d


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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I am looking for information regarding my uncle, John Franklin Daniel III who was an archaeologist in Greece and Turkey in the 30’s and 40’s, became part of the OSS, and died “mysteriously” in 1948 while scouting a dig site in Kourion, Turkey. He was accompanied by Rodney Young at the time of his death.

    • Sally, I did some checking for you and it looks like your Uncle was actually himself an OSS agent. His name is on page 105 of the OSS Personnel Database. You can see the document for yourself at our British Itelligence section of “The Basement – Just Dox” room of our Reading Library.


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