Near East Operations – Iraq – Medical Research on Desert Tribes – OSS Agent Dr. Hans Hoff


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This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. It was declassified in 2004.

This document is titled Near East #22 Iraq Tribal. It is from:

Signatures –

Chief of Geographic Section – Gordon Loud – 12/24/42 –

Project Officer – Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – 12/24/42

Director, SI and/or Assistant Director, SI – David K.E. Bruce – 1/7/43

Director OSS, Colonel Donavan  – 12/24/42


Let’s review the document first, starting with section titled:


The Agent

dark train comin

– a rather colorful description isn’t it?


Note: This particular de-classified CIA document segment or Page here at our blog will be quite long and loaded with some pretty spectacular information and research that is relevant to this document, and who this person actually is that is being hired by the OSS.

For serious researchers, get ready for quite the juicy info journey through history, and as always it has been my pleasure to assemble it for you.

Let’s continue.

This is an interesting part of the document.

A. Resources

1. Personnel. The agent is an expatriate Austrian neurologist, who for the past several years has been professor of neurology and psychiatry in the Royal Iraq Medical College. During his teaching and private medical practice he became well acquainted with leading Iraqis from the Premier on down. He also knew Dr. Grobba, the head of German Intelligence and Propaganda in Iraq, and was able to counter his influence to some extent through his personal connections.

The agent left Iraq for America, travelling on an American laisser-passer, in order to enter the American army. He was willing however, to serve in another way and is ready, after an exhaustive security check, to enter training as an agent of OSS.

Note: laisser-passer means a pass, especially one used in lieu of a passport.

This document lists its objectives as:

To provide an agent who can circulate freely among the desert tribes of Iraq with the aim of observing their attitudes, investigating Axis activities and exerting personal influence in favor of the Allied cause.

Check this second one out:

Lines of Action – “With the cooperation of the Office of the Surgeon General a medical research project among the desert tribes of Iraq will be taken. The agent will divide his time between the desert and Baghdad where he has exceedingly good connections.


A “medical research project”?


Yikes! That’s not good. Shades of Nazi Germany. Yet more possible proof of where that agenda really originated from – and it wasn’t Hitler.

As it turns out – that’s exactly right when you know who this is. But first, let’s examine a little background of the “Near East” (which today we tend to more generically call the “Middle” east).


And away we go..

Jackie Gleason - And Away We Go


The first beginnings of abuse and manipulation of Middle Eastern peoples came about over something fairly mundane in the larger scheme of the British Slavemasters – OIL.

Control of oil in the Middle East, and the resulting control over economies, personal fortunes and survival of the soon-to-be gasoline hungry United States and Britain, was of paramount importance to the Brits. As far back as 1916, Britain made a deal with France called the Sykes-Picot agreement to “divide” the Turkish Ottoman Empire.


It controlled most of the Middle East.

You would think that France would have learned its lesson concerning the duplicity of the Brits and agreements to divide the world, back at the time of Napoleon and the French Revolution, but apparently Greed causes one to forget inconvenient portions of history in favor of mellifluous words in the present.

The selling idea then was much the same – dividing the world and its “sweet” profits.

As captured in this magnificent political cartoon of the early 1800’s, France scrambling to get its “slice of pudding”. We all know how that worked out for France – not too well!

Under this “deal”, Iraq was within the British sphere and when Middle Eastern borders were finalized in 1920 under the League of Nations, Britain came very close to threatening war with France to keep oil-rich Iraq under its control. They installed a “compliant” government, with extremely brutal methods used (such as poison gas first pioneered by Winston Churchill) to put down Arab and Kurdish uprisings. Who, quite naturally, didn’t quite see why the Brits had ANY rights whatsoever to rule or control them or where they lived.

Britains interest in manipulating the Desert Tribes, as are the subject of this particular OSS operational document, goes back this far. In fact, the first “King” installed, King Faisal Ibn Hussein was of the same Hashemite dynasty that still rules Jordan. The Hashemites were a tribe from the Arabian desert which Britain “groomed” for power.

The Iraq Petroleum Company under Faisal’s reign, paid only pennies for each barrel of oil.

PENNIES!! And what were we charged? Exactly.

The company was a joint British-American venture, whose major partners were British Petroleum, Standard Oil of New Jersey (today Exxon) and Shell.  Bechtel of San Francisco was called in to build the oilfields in the 1950s.

This was the beginning of United States interest in Iraq, which really means a few British pawns over here got used in yet another of the Brits rule-the-world schemes. This should not ever be viewed as a reflection of the United States as a whole – however much the Brits love to rally the “world” to point fingers at “America as the cause.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Brits, and their bastard step-child of the OSS, were forever finding what they considered naïve and malleable peoples to use in their quest for power, OR (and in some cases even better) someone that is as corrupt and hateful as they are.

Along the lines of “naive and malleable”, for example, using various resistance groups (which they created in the first place) of the Kachin peoples of northern Burma, The Office of Strategic Services coordinated and contracted these tribes into Allied guerilla warfare units known as the Kachin rangers.

Kachin Kachin_Rangers Kachin_Rangers_001




That’s just sickening.


Continuing with another portion of the CIA document –

This “medical research project” is also this man’s cover – as the document states:

 2. Cover. After training, the agent will go to Iraq by arrangement with the Iraqi government and with the cooperation of the Office of the Surgeon General. He will undertake a travelling medical research project, working throughout the tribes of Iraq among the children who suffer from Begel’s disease, a rare form of syphilis found in Bedouin children. The agent is already well know for the unusual work he has done with this disease. His work would give him free mobility among the tribes, with which he would have unusual opportunity to establish himself in a favored position.

Begel’s disease is referring to NON-venereal Syphilis.


And that ladies and gentleman, forms one of the clues to this man’s – “The Agent”  – identity.


Which is sometimes spelled Bejel with a “J” as I came to find out – just to make life more interesting for a researcher.

Did you notice where the document referred to his “unusual work” with this disease? Not only did that raise the hairs on the back of my neck instantly, but it also formed another clue.

So, the only clues to this man’s identity are:

  • has done unusual work with Syphilis and its rare form called “Bejel” that children of Iraqi Bedouin tribes have a high incidence of
  • was a Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the Royal College of Medicine
  • Has lived in Iraq and is an expatriate from Vienna.
  • is well acquainted with leading Iraqi figures such as the Premiere
  • travelled to the U.S. on an American laisser-passer to join the Army
  • knows Dr. Grobba

Google was not your friend in trying to find anything about his being a Professor at the Royal College. Just swamping you with results that are nothing like what you want.

Same thing with Syphilis and “Begel” (with the wrong spelling for our purposes) – but digging into foreign language pdfs and other off-the-grid (main search-wise) items allowed me to adjust it to “Bejel” with a J, which….I’m getting ahead of myself.

Suffice it to say that any “normal” person would have decided that this person could not be found.

That’s the second CIA document that I have analyzed that has an un-named person that’s going to occupy some key position, which was starting to annoy me.     smiley drumming fingers

So, yesterday March 30, 2013, I decided that I was going to figure out who this was – as I am…uniquely qualified to do so you might say, and I considered it a bit of a challenge.

I had no name, no dates. All I had to go on was the afore-mentioned skimpy details surrounding this OSS agent in Iraq. It took me about 2-3 hours, and believe me, this was not easy. That’s a long time for me to track something down, to give you some point of reference. It means there is a lot of resistance to this man being dragged back out into the light as far as his connection to OSS Special Intelligence.

But, I found the ‘muther’ – as the saying goes. As far as I know? I’m the only person to track this down and reveal this publicly.

You’re welcome!

drum roll please

His name is:

Dr. Hans Hoff

This is an image from a painting of him.

Professor Hans Hoff

In 1897, Hans Hoff was born in Vienna, Austria – December 11th.

He graduated at the Medical School at the University of Vienna in 1918 with the academic degree ‘Dr. med’. From 1922 on he worked as an resident physician and from 1928 on as an assistant professor at the psychiatric-neurological clinic (head: Julius Wagner-Jauregg). He was promoted lecturer (‘Dozent’) for Psychiatrie und Neurologie at the Medical School of the University of Vienna in 1932 and head of the neurological department of the “Poliklinik” in Vienna.

He was persecuted in times of Nazism as a Jew lost his position and was thrown out of the university on April 22nd, 1938.

Ref: translation of Gedenkbuch

Wait a minute, he was an assistant to Nobel laureate Julius Wagner-Jauregg?

Hidden Hand - STOP

Wagner-Jauregg was PRO-NAZI and a real monster, in my opinion. We’re going to need to take him up, so you can understand ole Hoff better here.

Julius R. Wagner-Jauregg


He was part of the cadre of psychiatrists doing horrible experiments on people in the name of “curing” their insanity, but what it was really about was controlling and influencing the minds of men.


Julius Wagner-Jauregg began his academic career as an assistant in the First Psychiatric University Clinic in Vienna (Leidesdorf) in 1883. However, that is a bit misleading because there technically wasn’t a field “Psychiatry” as yet. It was not until 1888 that the field called “pathology of the nervous system” was extended to include the newly coined term and subject called “Psychiatry”.


In 1887 Leidesdorf, fell ill and Wagner-Jauregg took charge of the clinic. In 1889 he was appointed Extraordinary Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Graz as successor to Krafft-Ebing and Director of the Neuro-Psychiatric Clinic.

By 1893, he was the Director of the First Psychiatric Clinic in Germany.

Ten years later, in 1902, Wagner-Jauregg moved to the psychiatric clinic at the “Allgemeines Krankenhaus” (General Hospital). In 1911 the “first” psychiatric clinic called “Landesirrenanstalt” was rebuilt and enlarged on the outskirts of Vienna at Steinhof, with a resulting larger psychiatric-neurological department, Wagner-Jauregg returned to his former post.

Landes-Nervenklinik Wagner-Jauregg

During his time heading various clinics/hospitals which had incarcerated mental patients, he invented what he called “Malaria-therapy” for the treatment of progressive paralysis from Syphilis.

Syphilis was often used as a thought-to-be a more palatable excuse for horrific experimentation of incarcerated mental patients. This was no exception. After all – in the U.S. one of THE most horrible experimentations was called the “Tuskegee Experiment” and it was also in the name of “treating syphilis”.

So, that is what I called the PR  (public relations) version of Jauregg’s work, whereas really what he was doing all the way since 1887 was experimenting on mental patients to “cure” their disease.


Call it early mind control experimentation that followed the same line of PR as today.


Note: Wagner-Jauregg also was one of the first to start using laboratory animals in experimental work – so, not only did he torture people but he branched out to torturing animals as well!

It was in 1917 that Jauregg turned to malaria innoculation, but understand that he had been trying the use of various introduced diseases since 1887, even using tuberculin (tuberculosis) at one point.

wagner-jauregg and pyrotherapy using malaria

His malaria “innoculation” as previously mentioned,  was alleged to be very successful in the case of dementia paralytica – common with Syphilis. He was then given the Nobel Prize in 1927 for this discovery.

Here he is on 10 December 1927 just after arriving in Stockholm for this award – with his wife.




Insanity Laws – Certifiably Insane

Julius Wagner-Jauregg

Wagner-Jauregg was also one of the men that formulated Germany’s laws regarding certification of the insane, which is still in force in Austria today.

Not too surprisingly for such a cold-blooded monster that would experiment on defenseless people, even his students and friends observed him to be reserved, but most especially COOL and ALOOF.

Lest we forget, this is the time period of Eugenics, and forced sterilization of people that were considered inferior.

This was not just Germany, it was also Britain and the United States.

The reason for that similarity in action should not be lost upon you.


It was orchestrated. It was not about “mental health” – it was about mental control.


A little time-line

Early 1900s: The United States prohibits immigration of disabled people.

  • 1911: England’s National Assistance Act introduces welfare, because widespread discrimination barred many disabled people from employment. –  First moves legislating “mentals”.
  • 1913: The Mental Deficiency Act  – Britain – First moves legislating “mentals”.
  • 1913: Intelligence testing – Britain, Germany, U.S.
  • 1914: British law mandates the education of mentally handicapped children.
  • 1918: Education of physically handicapped children is mandated in England. Physical therapy was used. – First moves legislating “mentals”.
  • 1920s: In Germany, epileptics are sterilized and prohibited from marrying. –  Jauregg’s law goes into action

Now that legislation is in place in all three target areas, USA, Germany and Britain – the “legal” torture and experimentation can begin.

  • 1930s: Compulsory sterilization occurs in the USA, Germany, and Britain to prevent the mentally disabled or people with epilepsy and other deemed “defects”  from having children. In the United States, seventeen states prohibited epileptics from marrying.
  • 1930s: Drugs, electroconvulsive therapy, and surgery increase in frequency as treatments for those classified as mentally-ill.

And there’s the real purpose showing through.

By the way, an interesting fact about ECT is that it is based on PIGS.



In 1938, Ugo Cerletti, an Italian psychiatrist, thought that because pigs were shocked into unconsciousness to make it easier for them to be slaughtered.

So, now what was Ugo’s brilliant train of thought after this?

WARNING – Darwin Award pending!






Ugo’s conclusion was that this would mirror similarly when it came to treating those who were mentally ill.

Get that? – it made the pigs UNCONSCIOUS so this Darwin Awards candidate decides that’s a great idea for humans. But, as you can see, it wasn’t about “re-routing” or any other bullshit about why it would “fix” mental illness. It was about causing UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

Slavemasters just love that “unconscious mind” thing – they think that is a FIX for awareness. I’ll let you think about that for a minute.

ECT - electroshock therapy


Wagner-Jauregg was a notorious anti-semite and it is claimed, supported by documentary evidence, that he joined the Nazi party shortly after the invasion of Austria in 1938 by Germany, but was declined because his first wife was Jewish (he divorced her in 1903) just as Eugenics was getting going.

He was a strong advocate of a racial hygiene ideology and concurrently was highly supportive of forced sterilization of the mentally ill and criminal, having endorsed the concept in 1935 while a member of the Austrian Anthropological Society.

He was also President of the Austrian League for Racial Regeneration and Heredity, which advocated sterilization for those of inferior genetics..

Like I said – a monster. And they gave him the Nobel Peace prize and named streets after him.


Wagner-Jauregg-Straße - named a street after him Wagner-Jauregg - nobel prize 1927


As it turns out?

Our “Agent” for the OSS – Dr. Hans Hoff was one of Jauregg’s staff in Vienna while he was experimenting on people with weird treatments.



Julius Wagner-Jauregg’s staff in Vienna,1927. Front row (left to right): Max Weissmann, Bernhard Dattner, Heinrich Kogerer, Heinrich Herschmann, Julius Wagner-Jauregg, Josef Gerstmann, Paul Schilder, Heinz Hartmann, Otto Kauders. Second row (left to right): Erwin Stengel, Edith Vincze, Lydia Sicher, Annie Reich, Ludwig Horn, Clara Strassky, Robert Stern, Fannie Halpern, Otto Isakower, Alexandra Adler, Hans Hoff, Edward Bibring. Back row (left to right): Gottfried Engerth, Friedrich Stumpfl, Stefan Betlheim, Ludwig Eidelberg, Edith Klemperer, Karl Haase.

Hans Hoff is in the second row, second from the right – arrow is pointing to him.


After completing his medical studies at the University of Vienna in 1918 Hoff worked as a secondary physician (1922-1927) and an assistant (1928-1932) at the clinic under Julius Wagner-Jauregg . In 1932 he became a lecturer and specialist in psychiatry and neurology. In 1936 he was appointed CEO of Department of Neurology Outpatient Clinic in Vienna .

Hoff found a new method for the rehabilitation of alcoholics and developed a special psychotherapy for criminals. God knows what that was really about.

He also busied himself in his scientific work, especially with experimental Encephalitis studies, entertainment and righting reflexes, psychosomatic problems, the influence of hypnotic orders to the stomach and intestinal function, the influence of endocrine glands by psychological factors, the function of the hypothalamus , the central nervous regulation of metabolism and the endocrine glands, brain pathological phenomena, the function of the frontal lobe, thalamus, and cerebellum, lapse phenomena nervous vascular regulation, sleep studies, adrenal disorder in infectious diseases, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.


Dr. Hans Hoff


Since Hoff was a prime staff member of this monster Wagner-Jauregg at his horror shop of experimentation on the insane?


That is not a good sign.


It portends an entirely different reason for his allowed use by the OSS.

One that rather goes along with all the other horrific experiments being run by the British overlords, hiding underneath “war conditions”.


Such as Nazi Germany, the experiments going on in England under Chisholm and Sargent, such as Ewen Cameron in Canada, such as Camarillo Hospital in the U.S., the list goes on, and on, and on.


Professor Hoff’s work supposedly focused on the treatment of alcoholism, but we know from the OSS document that he was, just like his monster teacher and master Jauregg, also researching and experimenting on syphilis patients.

It now makes sense why he and his OSS “mission” were under the auspices of the Office of the Surgeon General. After all – in the U.S. one of THE most horrible experimentations was called the “Tuskegee Experiment” and it was also in the name of “treating syphilis”.

Hans planned the Vienna General Hospital in collaboration with Leopold Schonbauer, the neurosurgeon. Schonbauer was the last surgeon to do all kinds of surgery in Vienna before they split it up into specialties..


Vienna Surgery 1890

In 1938, during the events leading to World War II, Professor Hoff (who was Jewish) was forced to leave Vienna. Of all places to go to (but making perfect sense as part of the crazed British break-the-Ottoman Empire plan) Hoff went to Baghdad.

He then brought Psychiatry to Iraq, and established the Department of Neurology/Psychiatry in the Royal College of Medicine, which which extended a teaching network to Mosul and Basra.

*Reference: Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, International Newsletter June 24, 2003


A document I found in the internet archive from the late 1930’s, shows that Iraq didn’t have Psychiatry as part of its medical training, until Hoff arrived.

The Royal College of Medicine has associated with it under the same dean, the College of Pharmacy, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health Officials.

The Royal College of Medicine, established in Baghdad on the grounds of the Royal Hospital in 1927, provides the only medical training available in Iraq. The course is six years in length including one year of internship.

New students are selected on the basis of the public secondary-school examination results, geographical distribution, age, minority representation, personal interviews, medical examination, and a special oral and written examination in English.

Tuition is free to students who sign a contract to serve for a period of four years after graduation in the Department of Public Health or for a period of fifteen years with the army.

The first-year program consists of lectures and laboratory work in anatomy, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Second-year students do theoretical and practical work in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry and begin work in elementary clinics.

The third year provides experience in the hospital wards and lectures and laboratory work in bacteriology, pathology, orthopedics, junior medicine, junior surgery, materia medica, and dispensing.

The fourth year provides for continuation of work in wards, a study of sanitary administration, public health, obstetrics and gynecology, clinical therapeutics, skin diseases, senior medicine, senior surgery, and lectures and demonstrations in forensic medicine.

Senior medicine and surgery are continued in the fifth year; approximately one-fourth of the student’s time is spent in the wards, with children’s diseases, mental diseases, ear, nose, and throat diseases, operative surgery, ophthalmology, radiology, anesthetics, and venereal diseases occupying the balance of his time.

In the sixth year the student has lectures and practice in hematology and medical ethics, but most of his time is consumed by practical training with major emphasis on the medical and surgical services.

The academic year of not less than thirty weeks is divided into three terms. Instruction is in English.

Hoff ingratiated himself (while a spy) with the Royal family of Iraq, and with the Kurdish population, including their leader Mustafa Barzani (Kurdish: Mistefa Barzanî). Kurdistan was then part of the Ottoman Empire.

Mustafa Barzani

As mentioned earlier, the Brits had installed their own pro-British oil Kingship in Iraq. After World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the three provinces (vilayets) of Ottoman Iraq came under the control of the United Kingdom. Under British occupation, the people rebelled and Iraq showed itself a hard land to govern. In order to establish a pro-British client regime, a dynasty of Hashemite kings from Saudi Arabia was established, beginning with Faisal I who was the son of Hussein bin Ali. As a family originating in the Hejaz, the House of Hashim was foreign to Iraq. The British Government appointed them as Iraq’s royal family after a rigged plebiscite.* The Hashemites were largely opposed by the majority Iraqi Shi’is and Kurds.

*Plebiscite – The direct vote of all the members of an electorate.

Interesting that Hans had befriended both ends, isn’t it?

King Faisal II of Iraq, one of the British installed Hussein dynasty ruling Iraq.

Dr. Hans Hoff and pro-British Eugenics Nazi ideals.

When John Rawlings Rees was elected Chairman of the WFMH in 1948, he happily “accepted”. Of course, he and his Spy-master had already arranged for him to be elected in the first place.

The congress at which the WFMH was inaugurated was the Third International Congress on Mental Health. (see Document Library for the WFMH 1948 document)

In an article “Contemporary European Psychiatry” JAMA November 1961 by R.R. Brinker, different psychiatrists from around the world were given “chapters” and Dr. Hans Hoff described Vienna. Apparently, one of the things that he claimed in his chapter was that sterilization of mentally ill was a scientific procedure so long as a psychiatrist was adviser to the Eugenic Courts. He also tried to distance Eugenics from the Nazis by saying:

“We would emphasize at the start that psychiatric and race hygiene theory in Germany must not be equated…with the doctrines of National Socialism [Nazism].”

Hoff also praised the work of Villinger. Why is that important?

Because of who Villinger was.

Dr. Werner Villinger was one of the Nzi T-4 advisors. T-4 being the code name for Nazi extermination camps.

I am reproducing this section of a speech by Professor Schneider, in full, that details what this was.

“Later, Hitler issued a decree to start a “euthanasia” programme. It was backdated to 1 September 1939, the date that Germany invaded Poland and World War II began. Professor Werner Heyde, chair of psychiatry and neurology of Würzburg University, was appointed Medical Director of the programme that would later become known as “Aktion T4”. It is thought that, by the end of the war – and even several weeks afterwards – Aktion T4 and the killings that took place once the programme had officially ended claimed the lives of at least 250,000 to 300,000 mentally and physically disabled people.[13]

From October 1939, all psychiatric hospitals and associated areas in the Reich received registration forms from Columbushaus on Potsdamer Platz, and as of April 1940 from Tiergartenstrasse 4, where the Berlin Philharmonic stands today. The forms were used to systematically record all patients and select who should die. Decisions were mainly based on “usefulness” criteria, that is, on how much work a person was capable of.[14]

Today, at the site of the former central administration-office for the killings all that commemorates the “euthanasia” victims is an indistinct plaque in the ground and a sculpture that was only dedicated to them upon completion. There is still no central, national memorial to the victims. This is a clear expression of the continuing denial surrounding the events, and of the humiliation that the survivors and their families still endure. It also represents a blind spot in the collective memory of our country and of German psychiatry. We at the DGPPN will be supporting current efforts to establish an appropriate national T4 commemorative and information centre.

Approximately fifty selected assessors, some of them renowned psychiatrists, evaluated the registration forms they received from the hospitals and decided who would live and who would die. Among the assessors were Werner Villinger, Friedrich Mauz and Friedrich Panse, all of whom held the office of President in our association during the post-war period.[15] Friedrich Mauz and Friedrich Panse also later became honorary members. Although membership ends with the death of the individual, we condemn both these cases and will formally revoke the honours.

Patients selected for death would be collected from their hospitals in grey buses that have now come to symbolise the killings, and taken to one of six mental institutions equipped with gas chambers. Medical facilities thus became extermination centres. Healing became destruction. Psychiatrists watched as the patients entrusted to their care were taken away to be murdered. In the order they were established, the six institutions were: Grafeneck, Brandenburg, Hartheim, Pirna-Sonnenstein, Bernburg and Hadamar.

“Aktion T4” lasted nearly two years, from January 1940 to August 1941. Within that time, over 70,000 patients were killed. The public protests that eventually spelled the demise of the programme did not come from the ranks of the psychiatric profession, but predominantly from the Church. The crucial sermon against the killing-program was delivered on 24 August 1941 by Clemens August Graf von Galen, Bishop of Munster and Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. “Aktion T4” was officially stopped immediately afterwards.[16]

But the Nazis took the knowledge and experience gathered during “Aktion T4” and applied them to the concentration camps to murder even more people – this time in their millions.[17]

At the same time as they were implementing Aktion T4, the Nazis were also murdering physically and mentally disabled children in over 30 psychiatric and paediatric hospitals as part of what  is usually called “child euthanasia”. Previously it was thought that approximately 5,000 children had died. This figure was given by the perpetrators during post-war trials and then generally accepted as true. We now know that the actual number was far greater.

Before they were murdered, many patients were used for “research”. This involved ethically unjustifiable experiments that are far removed from scientific and research values. One example is the “euthanasia”-related experiments on mentally ill children and teenagers by Carl Schneider, Chair and Professor of Psychiatry at Heidelberg University, in collaboration with Julius Deussen, an employee at the German Research Institute for Psychiatry in Munich. The  research involved elaborate experiments on patients,  followed by their killing and  autopsies.[21] Patients at psychiatric hospitals were also used as test subjects in TB vaccination trials in Kaufbeuren[22], in work on the viral aetiology of multiple sclerosis in Werneck[23], and in neuropathological examinations on “euthanasia” victims who had probably been selected especially for this purpose. This was the project Julius Hallervorden carried out at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research in Berlin-Buch in collaboration with the Brandenburg-Görden asylum, which was run by psychiatrist Hans Heinze.[24]

The murdered patients’ bodies and individual histopathological specimens were in high demand among scientists, and the research findings gained were being published even after the war ended. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research used the brains of at least 295 “euthanasia” victims in its work[25], and even until recently there have been almost no qualms about using specimens taken from patients murdered during the Third Reich.[26]

Archived by the DGPPN, the German Society for Psychiatry, Pschotherapy, and Psychosomatics Psychiatry under National Socialism: Remembrance and Responsibility; Speech at the commemorative event of theGerman Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Berlin, 26 November 2010

After WWII ended, Dr Werner Villinger had become a world-famous psychiatrist. His specialties included juvenile delinquency, child guidance and group therapy, and in 1952, he was appointed president of the German Association for Child and Youth Psychiatry, a post he held until 1961.

How very “early Tavistock” of him!

He became Professor of Psychiatry at Marburg and a very important member of the WFMH.

In the conference of the WFMH on Health and Human Relations which took place in Hiddesen-near-Detmold in 1951, he was co-chairman together with Rees.


That’s absolutely disgusting.


And don’t think Rees didn’t know who he was and what he had done – he did.

Our OSS agent Dr. Hans Hoff had previously (along with his mentor Wagner-Jauregg) been one of the members of the The German Society for Mental Hygiene, which after the War had been dissolved, its members scattered for cover and its reports left incomplete.

His good buddy Villinger, at first, had tried to collect the Mental Hygiene movement back into one group, but they were not willing to come together in any public way where they could easily be “found” and their real connections to each other seen.

Instead, much like John Rawlings Rees advocated for Britain and the U.S., they took on a more fifth column approach – infiltrating society through universities, research institutes and professional associations.

A  mask, if you will. Like a Sociopath would.

A sociopath has two masks minimum, one called "sociopath" that hides him, and one called "normal" that hides the first.

A sociopath has two masks minimum, one called “sociopath” that hides him, and one called “normal” that hides the first.


A mask from which they could work together with other like-minded slavemasters and pawns to direct similar campaigns on each country in the world, just as they had done before.

Their names are still to be found amongst the professors for psychiatry at the universities, the staff in scientific research institutes, and among the members of professional associations of countries around the world.

In each of these countries, and in others, a National Association for Mental Health or an equivalent group existed which was rolled over underneath the umbrella of the new front organization – the WFMH.

 “We would emphasize at the start that psychiatric and race hygiene theory in Germany must not be equated…with the doctrines of National Socialism [Nazism].

Early in 1961, Villinger and Hans Erhardt were given the task of determining if those who had undergone enforced sterilization under the euthanasia program were entitled to compensation. Erhardt’s and Villinger’s decision was “No.”.

But, later in 1961 War Crimes authorities caught up with Villinger and after three preliminary sessions prior to the Limburg trial, he threw himself off a mountain top near Innsbruck to his death. The British-assigned apologist and author of his obituary was Dr. Ehrhardt, who was also an active member of the WFMH. His book was titled: “Euthanasie und Vernichtung Lebensunwerten Lebens” (Euthanasia and the Destruction of `Life-unworthy’ Life) and apparently our man Hoff comes into the picture again here in the Preface, which he gives his full approval.

One hesitates to ask just what these monsters really want to qualify as “life-unworthy life” – and it ain’t some sob story of mutants and retards, or Kevorkian patients as are usually paraded out. No, this is murder that they want. They want the right to murder their opponents, but that it is not allowed the other way around.

Of course.

Our OSS agent Dr. Hans Hoff actually became PRESIDENT of the WFMH in 1959. Can you believe the unmitigated gall of that?

From the WFMH official website, check out some of the other company he’s keeping of Presidents of the WFMH.



And during this time that he was President of the WFMH, how did he repay the friendship of the Iraqi Royal Family? By forcibly electro-shocking one of the Princes who was “out of favor” with the British and ergo from a “bad”  and “mentally ill” branch of the family.

DER SPIEGEL 26 1963 - hans hoff orders shock treatment of Saudi prince

Translated by Google from German:

DER SPIEGEL 26/1963 –

Behind the thick padded, soundproof doors of the locked ward B 12 (worst case) in the Viennese psychiatric – Neurological University Clinic of Professor Dr. Hans Hoff, lay prostrate the sinewy body after an unusual shock in artificial life sleeping, Prince Abdallah Ibn Dschallawi.

In record book of the hospital was under the dated 5 June, the pencil notation “voluntarily” – indeed without the signature of the young patient.

Two and a half weeks later, on Monday of last week, reported a criminalist employed by Austria’s Interior Minister Olah team: there is a strong suspicion that the law was violated by the admission of the Prince in the clinic professor Hoffs.

Professor Hoff was the next day summoned to Vienna Police Headquarters for questioning and a half hours. This is followed by in-depth criminal investigations closed in his clinic.

The detective who investigated the possibility of a causal link between the electric shock of Prince Abdallah and a private audience that Saudi Arabia’s King Saud had granted the electroshock experts Hoff. Dr. Hoff has been practicing for several years in Baghdad and is fluent in Arabic.

Prince Abdallah is not on the direct line of the Saud dynasty, but the heritage is Dschallawi family that reigns since 1913 over the Arab el-Hasa, Eastern Province, the center of the Saudi oil fields with a potential exploitation of billions of dollars.

Abdullah’s great grandfather, Abdullah Ibn Dschallawi belonged to the small band of loyal followers around the Saudi Arabia’s founder Ibn Saud – father of 48 sons, including the present King Saud – which he saved in 1902 with the conquest of the capital Riyadh life. To thank him, Ibn Saud gave 1913 the hereditary dignity of the governor of al-Hasa. The eldest son lifesaver Dschallawi, Emir Ibn Saud Dschallawi, 73, ruled since 1930, the oil province.

The headstrong, proud residents el-Hasas by Dattelanbau and textile industry long before the discovery of oil economically self feel superior to the traditionally nomadic Bedouin tribes of the hinterland.

So el-Hasa has developed in recent years to the core of the reform movement against the royal house in the Saudi capital Riyadh. The proximity of the independent oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf makes recently in El Hasa pay secessionist tendencies. The rich eastern province of Katanga could then become the Arabian desert kingdom. King Saud’s efforts are directed therefore long been intended to prevent the rise of a Saudi Arabian Tshombe.

“That King Saud was now located in Vienna at the internment of young Dschallawi-Prince, claimed Abdullah’s companion, in Cairo failed as a nightclub owner Syrians Fais Ajjas: “His Majesty King Saud ordered to transfer the patient to Professor Hoff After the investigation. by Professor Hoff was decided to carry out the treatment at the university hospital. ”

Electric shock – expert Hoff assured: “The patient suffers from a mental disorder, he is a killer, he has at home already murdered a human Various acts of violence to his credit I examined him five years ago Even then he was found insane….. . ”

And: “His father was because of a mental disorder in my clinic He stayed a long time back to normal.”. The prince was, moreover, only came to Vienna to be treated by him, Hoff.


Ladies and Gentleman – Political Psychiatry in action.


And this is the monster who panders to such orders.
Dr._Hans_HoffDr. Hans Hoff

Well enough under Austrian legislation for the introduction of the Prince in the clinic of Dr. Hoff this telegram far: Under Austrian law allows a patient to be placed in the locked ward of a mental institution only if he signs a consent statement and a police doctor the need the treatment attests.”“None of them was in the Arab princes in Dr. Hoff’s B-12 Department of the first case. In record book was only under those unwritten “voluntary” notice.

.. a judicial commission headed by High Court Judge Dr. Galas, for Prince Abdallah energetically demanded to be released. The Commission heard Professor Hoff and decided, after some hesitation, the residence of the prince in the hospital was justified for two more months.

Hoff as pictured in article:


Prince Abdullah – Hoff’s victim


Hoff’s position on ECT is also made clear in this Montreal news article, where he is also pictured:


“Electroshock Still Best” – Dr. Hans Hoff, 1959


In this article from the Montreal Gazette, (1959) Hoff is listed as the president of the WFMH.

Eugenicist and Nazi supporter Hoff also said that:

“…heredity often plays an important part in predisposing towards endogenous depression and that there is often also a “characteristic family situation.”

“We know the mother of the manic-depressive patient, just as we do the mother of the schizophrenic,” he said. “She too, is a domineering mother, less anxious but much more exact and pedantic and subject to greater fluctuations in mood.”

This is all part of the “split up” of families – as you can see, Hoff is blaming the mother, much like Ewen Cameron in Canadian Nurse Magazine 1947.

His full history with the WFMH and other such associations is:

Hans Hoff: WPA Committee Member 1961-1966

Member of World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) and its board member between 1952-1957, became a chairman of WFMH in 1954 until 1957, when he became the vice president through to 1958; was president 1958-1959; past president of European League for Mental Hygiene.

A Miami News article from August 26, 1969 – death of Hoff, says that he “helped to develop a neurological approach to mental disorders.”

Great. How Emil Kraepelin of him.

Hoff was also mixed up in influencing key Asian figures for the Anglo-American Slavemaster club.

Before Tin Oo’s rise to the top of the intelligence service, Ne Win would travel to Vienna, where he would see a well-known psychiatrist Dr. Hans Hoff. “The secrets of what the Burmese dictator said on the couch remained locked in an Austrian office, whatever was troubling Ne Win, he stopped receiving therapy in the mid-1970s,” wrote Thant Myint-U, a historian and the grandson of U Thant, in his book the “River of Lost Footsteps.”

The real reason for psychiatrists such as Villinger and Hoff shifting interests to children, lay more in the plan of the Slavemasters than in any actual compassion or altruism on their parts.

The plan…as laid out by G. Brock Chisholm so eloquently, (See Document Library) involved getting at the children.

Later on, after his OSS mission, Hoff was allowed to take a teaching post at Columbia University from 1945 on (1947 assistant professor) and at the Goldwater Memorial Hospital. He returned to Austria in 1949 and became head of the insane asylum Rosenhügel in Vienna. In 1950 he was appointed professor and head of the psychiatric-neurological clinic of the University of Vienna.

Hoff was funded by Rockefeller in 1951 concerning, you guessed it, children’s “mental hygiene”!!

Rockefeller Annual Report 1952



Sounds just exactly like Villinger was doing, doesn’t it?

In the Br. J. Addict, 1965, Vol61, pp59-70, an article by Dr. Emil Tuchman details that in 1955, Dr. Hans Hoff was the head of the clinic for psychiatry and neurology and President of the Society for Physical Hygiene.


As you can see, while Villinger is teaching at Marburg, here’s Hoff over at Kalksburg!

In 1957 Dr. Hans Hoff took over the management of the Kalksburg sanatorium («Genesungsheim Kalksburg») which developed what at the time was a revolutionary concept for the treatment of alcohol addiction, based on three main elements:

  1. Voluntary hospitalization
  2. Treatment within a therapeutic community
  3. Non-residential after-treatment

This new concept represented a major change in the treatment of alcohol and medication addicts not only in Austria but in the entire German-speaking world.

Premises for the new sanatorium were provided by the Social Security Administration for Workers at Mackgasse 7-9 in the 23rd district of Vienna.

Dr. Hoff entrusted Dr. Kryspin-Exner with responsibility for running the institution. The very first team comprised 19 members, among them two doctors and four nurses.

One other point concerning Hoff’s jaunt in Iraq, both as head of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Royal College of Medicine and his tenure as an OSS Special Intelligence agent, is his association with Dr. Jack Aboud Shabi.

Jack Aboudi Shabi (1908-1980) studied Psychiatry in London and subsequently with Professor Hans Hoff when he was in Baghdad. Dr. Shabi was for a time director of the Baghdad Mental Hospital and professor at the Royal College of Medicine. He left Baghdad in 1971 to London where he served as doctor in the Prisons Department.

Why not? Experimenting on Bedouins and Iraqi “mental patients” to experimenting on prisoners. Same-same, right?

Jack Abboud Shabi (AKA Jack Abudi Shabi and also spelled Shaby sometimes) was born in Basra in 1908. Shabi is a Syrian Jewish name. It was in Baghdad where he studied in secondary school. After he graduated from this school in October 1926, he was assigned as a teacher. The next year, in 1927, the Royal Medical College was instituted, and Jack Aboudi Shabi was among the first who joined this college to graduate from it in 1932.

Dr. Jack Aboud Shabi was known to accompany Prof. Dr. Hans Hoff and to profit from his experience, so he probably was used as an assistant in Hoff’s OSS intelligence operation, considering he did a medical article together with Hoff in 1940 concerning Bejel in Bedouin children, with comments by Dr. Akrawi, who I believe was head over the Social Services (which included diseases) in Iraq at the time.

Here’s a picture of him at the Royal College of Medicine in 1928, where a third of the students were Jewish – arrow points him out.


So, there you have it.

That’s what I learned about our historically unnamed OSS agent Dr. Hans Hoff.

Now, let’s get into a brief description of other relevant historical happenings concerning some of the other people mentioned in this CIA declassified document, like Gordon Loud for example.

A little background on other interests in the Near East

Dur-Sharrukin is roughly a square with a border marked by a city wall 24 meters thick with a stone foundation pierced by seven massive gates. A mound in the northeast section marks the location of the palace of Sargon II.

The site of Khorsabad was excavated 1928-1935 by American archaeologists from the Oriental Institute in Chicago. Work in the first season was led by Edward Chiera and concentrated on the palace area. A colossal bull estimated to weigh 40 tons was uncovered outside the throne room. It was found split into three large fragments. The torso alone weighed about 20 tons. This was shipped to Chicago. The preparation and shipment of the bull back to the Oriental Institute was incredibly arduous. The remaining seasons were led by Gordon Loud and Hamilton Darby. Their work examined one of the city gates, continued work at the palace, and excavated extensively at the palace’s temple complex.

Excavation dates

1842–1844, 1852–1855 1928–1935, 1957


Paul-Émile Botta, Eugène Flandin, Victor Place, Edward Chiera, Gordon Loud, Hamilton Darby, Fuad Safar


The Oriental Institute o£ the University of Chicago was founded with money from John D. Rockefeller for “Biblical Excaavation”,  and James Henry Breasted heading it up. Rockefeller then made the astronomical sum (for the times) of one million dollars available for what was called the Megiddo excavation, considered the major dig of Palestine. The first director was Henry Field.

Ref: The Anthropology of Iraq, Part 1, Number 1, The Upper Euphrates (from the Internet Archive) .

In 1935, Gordon Loud replaced Philip L.O. Guy as field director of the excavations. He continued in this capacity until 1939.

Ref: pdf concerning Megiddo

Henri Hans Frankfortworked for Gordon Loud (Chief of Geographic Section) in OSS and on archaelogical expeditions “measuring Arabs” (their physical attributes) etc.

Henri Frankfort - oh look another one with a pipe

Henri later went on to direct the Warburg Institute from 1949 to 1954. His wife endowed a Research Fellowship in memory Henri.

Henri Hans Frankfort

                             John H. Waller
John H Waller

One of Gordon Loud’s other counterparts was John H. Waller. Waller was recruited into the OSS as a twenty-year-old fresh out of college. Waller had an obsession with Tibet, and his first assignment was with the OSS North Africa division. He then rose to deputy Middle East theater chief for couterespionage. Due to his obsession with Tibet, he was constantly trying to bring attention to it as an intelligence target. In his own words:

I was attracted to that part of Central Asia,” he later commented, “precisely because few others paid much attention to it.

Joining the CIA after the war, Waller continued his private infatuation with Tibet, using his time in Washington to absorb whatever material he could find on the subject at the Library of Congress. He became the CIA Inspector General, and was also the chairman of The OSS Society whose predecessor was the Veterans of the OSS.


Quote of the Day

“CIA has never looked more like its direct ancestor, the OSS, than it does right now.”

General Michael Hayden, USAF (Ret.)
Director, CIA (2006-2009)
Director, NSA (1999-2005


One final point concerning communication with secret agents like Dr. Hans Hoff – this document gives you a window into how they did that.

3. Communications. Pending the establishment of a chief agent in Iraq, the agent would report by cipher or pouch through the American Legation in Baghdad. he is already well known there, for it was there that he was issued the laisser-passer on which he travelled to America.

Ok, a few terms. “chief agent’ is another term for handler, or master, as in the book A Spy and His Master. “cipher” means coded message, sometimes in the personals or local newspaper.

“American Legation”, now there’s the interesting point. That’s the term then for EMBASSY, as in the American Embassy, which is today run by the State Department. But understand this well, its function as a revolving spy door is still in place, and that’s why the CIA is often associated with Embassies around the world.

They started this way back here. Although, of course, diplomatically speaking the “legations” were always used for spying. The point here is to understand what one of the main functions of U.S. embassies are, and ergo the State Department that supervises them all.


Document details

DATE: signed December 24, 1942

CIA #32714

NAMES mentioned:

  • David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942.
  • Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer, 1943. “Doctor” Wilson Thomas Moore, of Philadelphia, attended Princeton in 1899. [Ref: Princeton University Catalogue By Princeton University] *see below picture section
  • Gordon Loud – Chief of Geographic Section Near East, utilized for both Special Intelligence and Special Operations.
  • Dr. Grobba – Dr. Grobba is Fritz Konrad Ferdinand Grobba (born Arthur Borg, alias Fritz Grobb, alias Franz Gehrke). Because of his physical features, Borg’s nickname as a youth was “the Turk.”
  • Dr. Hans Hoff he is the unnamed agent in this document – see in-depth section concerning him and his eugenics/Nazi connections
  • Colonel Donovan – Director OSS


Images and People


David K.E. Bruce

                                Dr. Wilson T.M. Beale
Dr._Wilson_T.M._Beale_-_September_27,_1939_Phil_Inquirer Wilson_Thomas_Moore_Beale_as_a_young_boy


The Princeton Alumni Weekly Volume 40, issue November 10, 1939 mentioned that Dr. Wilson TM. Beale was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer September 27, 1939.


A check of the Inquirer archives revealed that to indeed be the case.

Text of article, September 27, 1939:

Clergyman. Former Moderator of the Synod of Pennsylvania. Born in Baltimore Maryland. He was graduated from Princeton University and from Princeton Theological Seminary in the class of 1902, of which he is life president. He is chaplain of the Grand Lodge of the Masons of Pennsylvania and trustee of the Presbyterian Hospital of Philadelphia. He has been pastor of Oak Land Presbyterian Church since September, 1923.

Dr. Fritz Gobba

Fritz on the left…


More Fritz – on right. Emperor on left.

Emperor Iraq - Fritz Grobba

From October 1932, Dr. Fritz Grobba was appointed as the German Ambassador to the Kingdom of Iraq and was sent to Baghdad. Grobba was able to speak both Turkish and Arabic. He frequently spoke of Arab nationalism and of ousting the British from the Middle East.Fritz Grobba published the racist newspaper, called Al-Alim-al-Arabi which published extracts from Mein Kampf, the “bible” of Adolph Hitler.

Grobba also oversaw Luftwaffe operations and the arms supply, and allegedly distributed sums of money to both Rashid Ali and the Mufti. Raschid Ali got about 90,000 pounds, and the Mufti reportedly got about $10,000.

                Rashid Ali

– served as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Iraq on three occasions. He is chiefly remembered as an Arab “nationalist” (what the British call anyone who doesn’t toe THEIR dominate the world plan).

Of course, this is really not as simple as it appears, because the British are forever offering up OTHER PEOPLE as the examples of the “crazies” – which they themselves groomed and influenced behind the scenes. For example, William Pelley and the Pro-Nazi Silver Shirts. Rashid attempted to remove the British influence from Iraq. During his brief tenures as Prime Minister in 1940 and 1941, he attempted to negotiate settlements with the Axis powers during World War II in order to “counter British influence” in Iraq.

Haj Amin al-Husseini
Haj Amin al-Husseini 1929

The “Mufti” mentioned above as being funded by Fritz Grobba, is al-Husseini, a very colorful character who I believe to be a front man for stirring up “anti-British” and anti-Jewish” sentiment for the purposes of leading up to war and more war – a Cecil Bloc hallmark. (See Scientology Roots, Chapter Twenty-One, and TwentyOne-2 for more info on the Cecil Bloc, named after British Nobility family Cecil)

Husseini was also an officer in the Ottoman Empire, which was one of the real reasons for World War I and II – breaking the Ottoman Empire which was basically the richest empire around at the time. Picture of him below is from 1915 –


This is him as part of the Palestinian delegation protesting Britain’s deal with Jewish people to give them Palestine for helping them in their rule-the-world-plans, in 1929. Primarily, this was actually the Brits idea but they are well-known to not keep their word once they have what they want, and in fact tried to welch on this deal more than once.



On 20 November, al-Husseini met the German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and was officially received by Adolf Hitler on 28 November. He asked Adolf Hitler for a public declaration that ‘recognized and sympathized with the Arab struggles for independence and liberation, and that would support the elimination of a national Jewish homeland’. Hitler refused, but asked al-Husseini to ‘to lock …deep in his heart’ the following points, which Christopher Browning summarizes as follows.

Germany has resolved, step by step, to ask one European nation after the other to solve its Jewish problem, and at the proper time, direct a similar appeal to non-European nations as well’. When Germany had defeated Russia and broken through the Caucasus into the Middle East, it would have no further imperial goals of its own and would support Arab liberation… But Hitler did have one goal. “Germany’s objective would then be solely the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere under the protection of British power”.

(Das deutsche Ziel würde dann lediglich die Vernichtung des im arabischen Raum unter der Protektion der britischen Macht lebenden Judentums sein).

In short, Jews were not simply to be driven out of the German sphere but would be hunted down and destroyed even beyond it.

Amin al Husseini und Adolf Hitler

According to Amin’s account, when Hitler expounded his view that the Jews were responsible for World War I, Marxism and its revolutions, and this was why the task of Germans was to persevere in a battle without mercy against the Jews, he replied:-

‘We Arabs think that Zionism, not the Jews, is the cause of all of these acts of sabotage.’


A separate record of the meeting was made by Fritz Grobba, who until recently had been the German ambassor to Iraq. His version of the crucial words reads:

when the hour of Arab liberation comes, Germany has no interest there other than the destruction of the power protecting the Jews.

Al-Husseini’s own account of this point, as recorded in his diary, is very similar to Grobba’s.

This is all quite the “bad moon rising” –

cartoon moon


Gordon Loud
OSS Gordon_Loud_-_1930

Harold Lamb
Harold Lamb

Harold Lamb

One of the OSS agents in the Near East, was Harold Lamb, his cover being that of a “writer doing research for his books” – which he was doing actually anyway. His superior was Gordon Loud, who in 1944 said that:

 “…he has marvelous contacts but fails to make the best of them, having something of the feeling that reporting information gained socially is an abuse of friendship and hospitality. This I tried to dispel, how successfully only results will show.”

Gordon had other things to say about Lamb:

“…appreciates the reasons why he cannot write for publication on certain controversial subjects…even though it hurts his idealistic conscience.”

“…is extremely sensitive to Washington [not OSS] “boners” regarding Middle East policy.”

Lamb was a close personal friend of the Shah of Iran.

Lamb wrote what I call “cheesy” books – cheesy fiction, that is.

harold lamb cheesy fiction

One of which was a rather stylized version of history concerning Genghis Khan.


“Wild Bill” Donovan

On 28 September 1945, General Donovan bade farewell to his “troops” in a converted skating rink that was just down the hill from his headquarters. In the speech he gave, he revealed something that I had suspected all along – the OSS and its activities were in fact, an experiment. A British experiment on the American people, to see just what they could get us to do, how, and using what methods to “motivate” us. Although, the people chosen for this task skewed the “experiment” immediately, but then, that’s the problem when you’re a Slavemaster. You just can’t get good help.


Meaning, you can’t get the people you really want because they see you coming a mile off and would never work for you – not truly any way.


Here’s Donovan:

We have come to the end of an unusual experiment. This experiment was to determine whether a group of Americans constituting a cross-section of racial origins, of abilities, temperaments, and talents could meet and risk an encounter with the long-established and well-trained enemy organizations. [translation – the experiment was can we bring the American people together on a single point to accomplish our purposes] …You can go with the assurance that you have made a beginning in showing the people of America that only by decisions of national policy based upon accurate information can we have the chance of a peace that will endure.

– Ref: Army document, PDF file.

Pay close attention to that last statement, is extremely loaded language and is not as innocent as you might think it is. Particularly, “a peace that will endure”, is a straight Tavistock slogan first perpetuated by G. Brock Chisholm in the “Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.”

Please see the following for much more information along that line:


Images and PDF files


For those who don’t know – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and when that is done on images, it makes it so you can search the images for certain words or phrases that you are looking for.

Here is an OCR’d PDF file of all the pages of this document.

Near East Operations – Iraq – Establishing A Desert Tribe Agent 1942


Following are the individual images of the document, for those who prefer to look at them that way.

(click to enlarge)

sineareastproj2213jan1943a sineareastproj2213jan1943b sineareastproj2213jan1943c sineareastproj2213jan1943d sineareastproj2213jan1943e sineareastproj2213jan1943f sineareastproj2213jan1943g


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    2. “Project Officer – Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – 12/24/42” is not the beale who “attended Princeton in 1899”; that would be his father. the oss beale is a junior.


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