Near East Operations – Howes Project 29 – Istanbul Contacts Man Ernest G. Howes


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This CIA declassified document was recovered from the internet archive. It was declassified in 2004.

This document is titled Near East Howes Project 29 Istanbul, Turkey. It is from:


  • None on document.


From the document – the main ideas:


I. Situation

Strategically situated on the bottleneck entrance to the Black Sea, and a gateway between Europe and the Middle East, Istanbul is a well-tapped and productive hot-bed of rumor and information on Europe and Asia. beneath the more spectacular interchange of postmortems and provisions of world strategy, hwever, there exist available, valuable, and essentially untapped sources of secret intelligence dealing with the political, economic, and military plans and motives of Turkey herself. These have in the past been inadequately utilized by our organization.

II. Objectives

1. To secure through American channels important economic, poitical, and military information which may be of strategic importance to the United States and its Allies.

2. To establish a network of native informants who will provide strategic information to representatives of our organization in the area.

3. To provide a groundwork for a permanent intelligence network which can at all times keep our government informed on plans and activities of turkey and of minority groups within the area.


The document states that Ernest Howes, a long resident of Istanbul has been recruited for this. About Ernest, it is said that he has “ready access to unique channels of information”.


UNIQUE channels? What, is he a pimp or something?


That’s way too euphemistic of a description, so obviously something odd is up with this man. The document also says that he is in an “exceedingly well-placed situation” and is “excellently supplied with the cover of regular employment” within Turkey.

What does “exceedingly well-placedmean, I wonder? I guess I better see what I can find on this guy. The document also mentions a “Colonel Toulmin” whom there is some sort of arrangement between he and the Chief of Mission, OSS Istanbul, to handle the “pouch” communications. So, we’ll see who he is too.

Well, can’t find anything about ole Ernest, except for there was a Ernest G. Howes that was a banker for the First National Bank of Boston, but I am not certain that is the same Ernest Howes.

I’m going to go ahead and include the picture of Ernest G. Howes and his wife Alice Mondo, taken in the early 1920’s when they applied for a passport to go to Cuba for “recreation”.

I’ll include part of the passport app as well.




Note: the pic on the left is not him, that’s someone else.


Letter of recommendation from a vice-President of the First National Bank of Boston.



I found out that Toulmin’s more complete name is Colonel John E. (Edwin)Toulmin, and that he was the superior (at OSS Cairo) of MacFarland in Turkey.


It turns out that Toulmin was also a Boston banker, in fact for the SAME BANK as the Howes guy that I found. Toulmin was a vice-president for the First National Bank of Boston.

So, I’m thinking it’s a pretty sure thing that I actually did find the right Ernest G. Howes then.

Toulmin, by the way, was a jr., and his mother was Alice Munroe (Barber) Toulmin. Toulmin Jr. was also a graduate of Harvard, in 1925, and by 1951, he was elected to a Federal Reserve Board Committee for credit matters.

For release in morning papers
Friday, May 11, 1951
May 10, 1951
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has approved the
expansion of the membership of the Voluntary Credit Restraint Committee
to include two representatives each of mutual savings banks and savings
and loan associations and has appointed the following as members of the
Committee to represent these groups:

First District Commercial Banking Voluntary Credit Restraint Committee
John E. Toulmin, Senior Vice President, The First National Bank of
Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, has been appointed a member of the Committee
and has been designated as Vice Chairman.

There is an interesting story about how Toulmin became the head of OSS Cairo, considering that prior to his promotion in September of 1943? He was a supply officer.


British flunky and OSS head Donovan and quite literally fired every single person who stood ahead of Toulmin. Why? Because he would do what the British SOE wanted. See, if anyone in the OSS in that area “strayed” (especially if it appeared that they were favoring a postwar republic) rather than the restoration of the Greek Monarch of King George II, then the SOE was very quick to jump all over Donovan because their policy was based on returning the “king” to his throne.


My god! No government for the people for Greece – that’s just not allowed!


That’s just sick – see why I call Donovan a British flunky? There are much stronger words that could be used to describe this man, I’m sure you can think of a few.

This wasn’t the first time the U.S. interfered in Greece ON BEHALF OF THE BRITISH. And actually, it may surprise you to learn that the founder of Scientology, long-term British-American intelligence asset L. Ron Hubbard was also involved with the “changing of government” (that’s a very euphemistic way of putting what was a violent turnover) in Greece – what my husband and I call the Corfu Caper, which included Operation Sheepskin and Operation Gladio. See my article about all that.

As it turns out, it was actually Toulmin that decided to replace Lanning Macfarland with Frank Wisner as head of OSS Istanbul.

  • Reference – OSS: The Secret History of America’s First Central Intelligence Agency By Richard Harris Smith


Now, Wisner, was a very dirty (as to connections and activities) guy.

After WWII, SI officer Frank Wisner was put in charge of handling the Gehlen organization, a Nazi intelligence network. Wisner went on to become the CIA’s chief of the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) , the arm of the CIA engaged in political warfare, and committed suicide later in life.

In 1947 Wisner had established Operation Mockingbird, a program to influence the domestic and foreign media, and then the CIA created the OPC in 1948. When Frank was put in charge of the operation he immediately recruited many of his old friends from Carter Ledyard. According to its secret charter, its responsibilities include “propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”[1]

Cord Meyer, an OSS agent, had become president of the United World Federalists in May 1947 and its membership doubled. Mary Meyer wrote for the organization’s journal. What is known as an actual date for when Cord “officially” began working for the OSS successor, the CIA, is 1951. Allen Dulles had approached Cord Meyer, and it is on record that he then became a “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird, a covert operation meant to sway American print and broadcast media toward “the CIA line” – which if you have read my Astor and Hubbard series, you know that means BRITISH interests.

His boss was Frank Wisner.

Cord Meyer recruited Timothy Leary as part of the British “drug Americans” big plan, and Leary then spread the use of LSD and was the Front Man of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love who were the distribution arm of a CIA operation involving Billy Hitchcock Mellon and others.


MILLIONS of dollars was made from this, that helped finance other covert CIA/British Intelligence operations against Americans.



Just an all-around snake of a guy, Frank Wisner was.


Document details

DATE: August 1, 1944


NAMES (or titles) mentioned:

  • Lanning “Packy” Macfarland – Director of OSS Turkey – Istanbul (see this page for more info about him) He gets removed though on August 9, 1944 and replaced by Frank G. Wisner.
  • Ernest Howes
  • Colonel John Toulmin – Macfarland’s superior in Cairo
  • Frank G. Wisner – “Chief of Mission” OSS Istanbul (after August 9, 1944) See this page for more about who Wisner was.


Other Images and People


Lanning “Packy” MacFarland – young



Frank G. Wisner

Frank Wisner - Nader library image


Images and PDF files


For those who don’t know – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and when that is done on images, it makes it so you can search the images for certain words or phrases that you are looking for.

Here is an OCR’d PDF file of all the pages of this document.

  • No PDF – because it is only a one page document.


Following are the individual images of the document, for those who prefer to look at them that way.

(click to enlarge)



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  1. You have the wrong Howes! Ernest Grant Howes sr was president of Howes Leather


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