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You are in The Reading Library —-> CIA declassified documents section.

My name is Virginia McClaughry and I’ll be acting as “librarian” for this section.


The following are declassified CIA documents (declassified by the CIA May 13, 2004) that I resurrected out of the Internet Archive – a great resource (if you’re not familiar with it). This was necessary because of a viral attack on the website previously hosting these documents which caused it to become inaccessible. This occurred sometime in mid-January 2013, and made it so people couldn’t access the documents that I linked to in several of our articles here.

An additional resource that I found since that time is called the The Black Vault. They had originally filed a FOIA request for all documents pertaining to MKULTRA and similar projects, and they finally (years later) received CD-ROMS of the documents. They have made them available electronically as compressed zip files.

As a backup, I have uploaded the zip files here.

They have a PDF file listing what is on those discs, that I have also uploaded.

At Black Vault there are also html files available listing the contents of each disk – here are the links.

I have also started pulling out individual subprojects and putting all the related documents into their own PDFs, which are OCR’d.

Here is a listing of those acompanied by a brief description and pointers to source document pages.

  • PDF – MKULTRA subproject 68 documents  – found in Black Vault CD#4, folder 17468, this is Dr. Ewen Cameron subproject. Descriptive documents can be located starting on page 11, 48, and 52 – which has an interesting disclosure in that Cameron was trying to figure out if he could make people heal wounds by his “command” using his horrific psychic-driving technique that he learned from British psychiatrist William Sargant.
  • PDF – MKULTRA subproject 43 documents  – found in Black Vault CD#4, folder 17441, this is Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West subproject.
  • PDF of Earman Report on MKULTRA 26 July 1963 – found in Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748. A very KEY document, this is the 26 July 1963 Report of the Inspection of MKULTRA where the final phase of testing on unwitting subjects is discussed, as well as there is documentation that psychological operations (versus more research) had been put into motion beginning 1962. This document would also lead to beginning MKSEARCH and also switching cut-out organizations from the Society for Human Ecology over to the Scientific Engineering Institute (created by the CIA in 1956)  where implementation of what they had learned would begin being tested on “freestanding populations”  – that were unwitting
  • PDF of the MKULTRA Briefing Book put out January 1976, lists the 149 subprojects known and gives brief actual document descriptions of each (originally found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#2, folder 190090). We uploaded a full size version (64MB) to the internet archive, or if you prefer a smaller 15mb version (with some loss of clarity) you can get that here at the blog by clicking the link.
  • PDFS of sub-projects related to George Hunter White – uploaded to the Internet Archive.
  • PDFs related to the Defense Department (both Canadian and U.S.) intermingling with MKULTRA and FBI files related to Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron – uploaded to the internet archive.

Next –  The MKULTRA Section.

This section contains library articles and posts sorted either by person or project (or sometimes both).

  • Social Science, Mass Conversion and Holy Rollers – Techniques of Influencing Human Behavior MKULTRA Projects

George White –

Dr. Ewen Cameron –

Something very important that you need to know about was Defense Research Board, as well as the Psychological Strategy Board because it was over the CIA and literally told it what to do, or not do. You also need to know about its Top Secret program called the Doctrinal Program concerning intentional creation of cults.

You will also want to read these articles/posts on that subject as well.

The Kookier The Better – Why The CIA Used Scientology and The Unification Church For Espionage


– – –

Finally, here are the documents I have been resurrecting (and researching) from the afore-mentioned defunct website, plus there will be some added that I found by perusing the Black Vault CD’s.


Document Listing

Note: For the most part the titles are my choice, and are not necessarily the documents title. I did this to make it easier for people to tell what the document is about.

Each link goes to a page where you will find further information about the document; OCR’d pdf files that we have uploaded (for ease in document searchability); as well as raw images for immediate viewing.

As this list grows longer, I will be adding categories to make your research (and mine) easier.


1. Aims of Psychological Warfare – early 1940’s

2. Definition, Purpose, and Objectives of Psychological Warfare – December 14, 1942, Robert A. Cresswell to Major David K.E. Bruce, the British executive over MI5 and MI6

3. The Planning Group for Psychological Warfare – Staff List – 1943

4. Summary of The Activities of the Psychology Division – 1942

5. Sexual Variants – Homosexuals  – December 18, 1941, Alfred A. Gross to NBC vice-president Frank E. Mason

6. Working with the British on Morale Operations – April 4, 1944 – Harold C. Deutsch to William Langer

7. Frank G. Wisner appointed Chief of SI: Mission Istanbul, Turkey – June 27, 1944 – from Chas W. Edwards (Services Officer)

8. What to tell Americans about Japan – January 29, 1942 from Dr. James Phinney Baxter the III (head of R &A*) to Robert C. Tryon.  — *Research and Analysis psychology division

9. Planting Articles in Foreign editions of Time, New York Times, etc.  – January 18, 1944 from the infamous George Hunter White (head of OSS counterintelligence) to John C. Hughes
(head of OSS New York area)

10.  Inventing Propaganda Slogans for “Bill of Rights” Day  – December 10, 1941 Dr. Robert C. Tryon to Dr. James Phinney Baxter the III (head of R &A).

11. Plans for the Specific Functions of the Psychology Division – Profiling America   – October 9, 1941 Dr. Robert C. Tryon. (head of the psychology division) to Mr. Clarence Douglas Dillon.

12. Training: How to Run Intelligence Operations – License to Kill – Major Garland H. Williams Training Section: Intelligence.

13. Intelligence Training: The Foreign Informer – Recruitment and Use Of to Harass and Spy on “Enemies” – circa 1943 no signee or addressee

14. Subversive Psychological Warfare Tactics – circa 1943 no signee or addressee

15. How to Psychoanalyze A Nation – January 2, 1942 Prepared for the Psychology division by Buford H. Junker with the assistance of Drs. W. Lloyd Warner, John F. Embree, Conrad M. Arensberg, and J.E. Weckler.

16. The Functions and Organization of the Morale Operations Branch of OSS Europe – Fifth Column Activities – July 31, 1943, from Rae H Smith, (head of London OSS Morale Operations) to C.P. Healy. This document is British Orders to the OSS Re: MO (Morale Operations) Branch Europe. The document also mentions fifth column activities.

17. Establishing Psychological Warfare HQ in Lebanon for Northern Near East – January 9, 1943, Document naming David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942; Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer 1943; Chief of Geographic Section – Gordon Loud  1/9/43; Director of OSS, Donovan. Document is about establishing in Lebanon a supervisory agent for psychological warfare activities throughout the northern Near east. The supervisor himself will be able to serve as an agent in Syria, Iran and possibly Russia.

18. Near East Operations – Iraq – Medical Research on Desert Tribes – OSS Agent Dr. Hans Hoff – December 1942, A previously historically unnamed man (which I figured out who it was) is recruited to be an OSS special intelligence agent in Iraq. This page is loaded with lots of buried history, rare and never-before-seen information and images. Document names David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942; Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer 1943; Chief of Geographic Section – Gordon Loud  1/9/43; Director of OSS, Donovan.

19. Near East Operations – Turkey #4 – Agent “Tobacco Man” – November 1942, the first sending of an agent to Istanbul Turkey to take on OSS Functions. This page is loaded with lots of buried history, rare and never-before-seen information and images. Document names,  David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942; Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer 1943; Chief of Geographic Section – Gordon Loud  1/9/43; Director of OSS, Donovan, and Colonel (Florimund) Duke or Lieutenant Colonel Ulius Amoss – Southeastern Europe and Turkey heads of SI and SO; V. Lada Mocarski
Lt. Col., AUS Chief, SI.

20. Near East Operations – Howes Project 29 – Istanbul Contacts Man Ernest G. Howes  – August 1, 1944, Part of the re-organization of OSS Istanbul – Boston banker Ernest G. Howes is hired as an agent to “develop an intelligence network”. Document names, Lanning “Packy” Macfarland – Director of OSS Turkey – Istanbul, replaced by Frank G. Wisner; Colonel John Edwin Toulmin – Macfarland’s superior in Cairo.

21. Near East Operations 25 – Lieutenant “Quiet” – October 1943, establishing an SI agent in Lebananon – possibly Daniel C. Dennett Jr. Document names, Colonel John Edwin Toulmin – the SI superior in Cairo, Stephen B.L. Penrose, Jr. Chief, Near East desk; V. Lada Mocarski Lt. Col., AUS Chief, SI; American Minister George Wadsworth.

22. Near East Operations – #16 – Agent “Missionary” in Iran – establishing an Si agent in Kermanshah, Iran, possibly Edwin Wright or Clinton Louis Olson. Document names, David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942; Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer, 1943; Gordon Loud – Chief of Geographic Section (Near East)

23. Near East Operations – #14A – Chief Agent Iraq – The ‘Dentist’ and The “Oil Man” – Establishing a Chief Agent for Iraq, using an executive with the Iraw Petrolem Company, code named Charles Wiley, with a cipher officer code named Wiley Shang, and also establishing a Kirkuk IPC oil company executive code named Robert Craig. This document also details the establishing of THE DENTIST spy ring in Iraq, complete with their own “dental tools” code. Document names, David K.E. Bruce – Director or Chief of the OSS SI (Special Intelligence) division 1942; Wilson Thomas Moore Beale – Project Officer, 1943; Gordon Loud – Chief of Geographic Section (Near East)

24. Near East Operations – #10 – Agent for Palestine and Transjordan – approx 1941 – Establishing agent in Palestine, Nelson Glueck code name William Hicks. Other agents for this area are Harold W. Glidden code name Robert Laing, and Ephraim Avigdor Speiser.

25. The British Rumors list – Frederick Oeschner to Robert Knapp – December 6, 1943, document covers the list of SIBS (rumors) that OSS is supposed to be spreading. Also included are excellent histories of several people involved in the British Special Operations Executive office, and its beginnings.

26. Document Flow Chart – Special Intelligence Africa – circa 1943

27. Hoover, Donovan and the USNR: White Russians As Spies In China – January 1, 1944, this documents covers not trusting White Russians either in the U.S. or overseas. Document is between FBI Hoover and Donovan.

28. Black Vault document – PROJECT ARTICHOKE ‘Special Research” Areas – April 24, 1952, this document discusses areas of research such as electroshock, lobotomy, drugs, tampering with food, etc.

29. CIA Director’s Log September through December 1951- MANY items proving all sorts of things are in this. I go through a number of them in the linked post.


More coming…

Join the conversation! 12 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I find it very interesting what you’ve posted here on this website so far.

    {edited by Mike}

    Thank you for your interest and your comment.

    Your first question, as posed, shows that you have indeed grasped the magnitude of the situation. I hope that someday you can resolve any discomfort with what the only possible right answer could be to that question.

    Your second question, particularly this part:

    “if the CIA is a british controlled agency, why would they shoot themselves in the foot by spreading this information to the world?”

    is an interesting one.

    First of all, not everyone in the CIA is a British “bitch” – as in slave. Second of all, the CIA has grown beyond its original creation mandates and is not quite as loyal to the original goals for it’s creation (as first the OCI, then the OSS, and finally the CIA). I refer to the goals of the BSC headed by William Stephenson:

    (Scientology Roots Chapter 21-3)

    Stephenson’s initial directives for BSC were to:

    1. investigate enemy activities

    2. institute security measures against sabotage to British property

    3. organize American public opinion in favour of aid to Britain. Later this was expanded to include “the assurance of American participation in secret activities throughout the world in the closest possible collaboration with the British“.

    Over time, the “closes possible collaboration” part has become subject to a rather different interpretation on the part of patriotic Americans.

    Thirdly, they consider these documents “too old” and in a form that most can’t track down (as my wife has) what and who is really being talked about – never mind the entire network they were part of (which she has also done and is doing). What we are doing here has not been done before, it was not even predicted that it “could” be done. Correct estimates of all aspects of “their enemy” situation, abilities, strengths and strategies is not one of their strong points, mostly because their arrogance continually gets in their way.

    I hope this helps, and please continue to ask and pose such questions for your own critical thinking processes.


    • To the first Question: I have to admit that I am apparently not smart enough to understand your answer.

      [edited by Mike]

      From Mike –

      I have no doubt of your intelligence, and I’m certain that you will sort it all out. To help you with that, eliminate the negative ideas that you were pondering and see what you’re left with. That’s the answer.

      We are far from done with the project we have undertaken here. Further data will be forthcoming which will make all things more visible. In the meantime, I’m not prepared to present things out of the proper order to present them. That does not prevent you from perceiving what is in the meantime.

      Again, thanks for your input and interest.

  2. Dear Librarian,
    I was extremely interested by a document you cite, a memorandum of Allan Dulles concerning the enrolment of Betty Carp for the OSS in IStanbul.
    As it happens she helped a very famous French byzantinist to acquire a archaeological collection and I am currently writing a paper on the matter. Could you be kind enough to give me the reference of the document?
    You cite the document on
    Best regards,

    • Hi Vivien, I can’t find my notes right now, but I’m pretty sure I found that in this book: The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help, but while I was trying to track that down for you, I did find a couple new images of Betty that I have now added to the article.

      – Virginia

    • Also note that the quote in question is also cited in the book Istanbul Intrigues, although more partially.

      I have also just added to the main article here, that Betty is listed in the OSS personnel database under “Carp” on page 70.

      Hope that helps!

      Virginia “the Librarian”.

    • Oops! Forgot to include the section for you from Istanbul Intrigues, here it is:

      “Allen Dulles had been a State Department officer in Istanbul, and he became an early member of
      Carp’s fan club. As one of the OSS’s chief organizers, he urged that Carp be hired to help launch
      operations in the Balkans and Turkey. He explained: She “was for over twenty years in a highly
      confidential and important position in the American Embassy in Turkey….I have known her personally
      since 1920 and can absolutely vouch for her. In addition to an extraordinary knowledge of the Near
      East and all its personalities, she speaks and writes fluently English, French, Italian, German, Greek,
      and Turkish.

      Carp’s cover story for going to Washington was that she worked for Dulles’s law firm. When a
      State Department official teasingly asked what kind of law she would be practicing, Carp jokingly
      replied she would specialize in divorce cases and was willing to start with his.”

      That’s on page 88 of the PDF I linked you to.

    • Vivien, maybe there is something you can help me with. Maybe not, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.

      There is a report called: Opinion of George Cooper, Q.C., Regarding Canadian Government Funding
      of the Allan Memorial Institute in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Opinion released with the authorization of the Honourable John c. Crosbie, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada May 1986.
      I obtained the report, but most of the Appendices are apparently in a separate publication.

      I am trying to get a copy of a couple of the Appendices, particularly 21,

      Minutes of June 1, 1951 Canada/US/UK meeting re: communist “brainwashing” techniques during the Korean War

      but also 20 –

      Report concerning communist “brainwashing” techniques
      during the Korean War, Sept. 14, 1950
      But the only places that seem to have it don’t lend to U.S. libraries –

      Plus, even though I known Toronto has it, I don’t speak French to even ask for it.

      Is there any way you have access to these two Appendices (especially #21) and can get me a copy?

      Would be forever grateful…


      • It seems that there is a possibility to order a digital copy thourgh Oxford library, I will try to find out how. But it will have to wait next week as I leave Oxford tomorrow till the weekend. I will keep you posted.




      • Oh how wonderful Vivien! Thanks so much for helping me with this. The Appendice I especially want (#21 – the minutes of a meeting at the Ritz) I believe is a document in english so you probably won’t need to translate it. I’m so excited that I might be able to actually see this document! I’ll send you an email right now so we can correspond that way so you don’t have to go through the blog comments.

        – Virginia

      • Any news on getting the digital copy?

  3. Dear Virginia,
    thank you so much for your invaluable help! I got indeed a copy a Bali’s book, so I should have found the reference by myself already!
    Indeed the French Byzantinist who was a fast friend of Betty Carp receive also a British medal after the war for intelligence activity, so I guess she must have played a role in his involvement.
    These are fascinating time. Thanks once more!


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