All this time, there it sat in Hubbard’s war records – the proof that Hubbard did have a psychiatric examination; the proof that Hubbard had not lied about something that happened when he was in the Navy.

Alternate title: (When it comes to his military career) Whatever Hubbard wants? Hubbard gets.

Evil Twins #3 is a short little vignette illustrating the strange and often incestuous cross-relationships going on among the so-called anti’s, pro’s and so on around the two intelligence-driven front groups of Scientology and the Unification Church.

Another Blast From The Past reposting – This one was originally published here on June 28, 2012

This is the second post detailing the lockstep-action between the Unification Church and Scientology. This one is about what I call the “Monster Mash” going on in and around Stanford University. You know, like an old Boris Karloff “It’s Alive” movie complete with crazy scientists, ghouls, Igors busily at work with Draculas lurking behind it all and Santa Claus leading the way. Yea. It really is that weird.

Today’s post is me sorting out a few things that I needed to get around to doing. PLEASE NOTE – this post is being continuously updated right now with even more entries confirming Hubbard’s actual intelligence career, so do check back on it.