British agent Aleister Crowley had a saying about people in the intelligence community that have no idea that someone else is a higher-level intelligence agent running a covert operation…[read more]

Image – Phyllis Bedells, wife of British Secret Service Major Ian MacBean, a mentor of L. Ron Hubbard in British intelligence activities and world views.

“Why don’t you listen twice as much as you talk?” said the Earl of Cavan to Frank Buchman…[read more]

Repentant. Broken. Recovering. Weakness. Thankful. Humble.

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? Leah Remini and Mike Rinder Leah Remini’s hypocrisy has hit historic lows. Her Facebook group promotes itself as follows: “Leah Remini’s Troublemakers; the most officialist anti-Scientology Facebook group in the world.” Remini attempted to recruit me to join her merry pranksters a couple years ago.…

I was working on a library article and came across something…[read more]

All this time, there it sat in Hubbard’s war records – the proof that Hubbard did have a psychiatric examination; the proof that Hubbard had not lied about something that happened when he was in the Navy.