Sometimes, getting up above all the ‘noise’ is the best way to really see things in proper perspective.

I think that it’s important to clue people in on just how much anti-democracy is built into the very fabric of Scientology.

Donald Ewen Cameron’s application to the Defence Research Board was dated April 17, 1948…[read more]

The story begins in the summer of 1976 in Clearwater, Florida…[read more]

The actual registry information from Panama for this corporation appeared online for the first time in late October of 2016 – least as far as showing up in Google results. And, for the first time, we have ALL the names associated with it’s initial formation and the real date.

Document titled: Intel People On Org Lines in ’74.

In my post When Allen Dulles Lied About Brainwashing To Get Approval TO Brainwash Americans – Proof I talked about a quote from MKULTRA (CIA secret mind control research project) researcher Dr. Louis Jolyon West, sometimes called simply Jolly West.