I was working on a library article and came across something…[read more]

Evil Twins #3 is a short little vignette illustrating the strange and often incestuous cross-relationships going on among the so-called anti’s, pro’s and so on around the two intelligence-driven front groups of Scientology and the Unification Church.

Another Blast From The Past reposting – This one was originally published here on June 28, 2012

It was on June 11, 1940 that William Stephenson arrived in New York…[read more]

Today’s post is me sorting out a few things that I needed to get around to doing. PLEASE NOTE – this post is being continuously updated right now with even more entries confirming Hubbard’s actual intelligence career, so do check back on it.

In my post “That Time When L. Ron Hubbard Was NOT At Princeton” I dismissed something I now realize I shouldn’t have.