The story begins in the summer of 1976 in Clearwater, Florida…[read more]

The actual registry information from Panama for this corporation appeared online for the first time in late October of 2016 – least as far as showing up in Google results. And, for the first time, we have ALL the names associated with it’s initial formation and the real date.

Document titled: Intel People On Org Lines in ’74.

In my post When Allen Dulles Lied About Brainwashing To Get Approval TO Brainwash Americans – Proof I talked about a quote from MKULTRA (CIA secret mind control research project) researcher Dr. Louis Jolyon West, sometimes called simply Jolly West.

Today, we bring you a key document that Mike recently obtained from the National Archives. As far as we can tell, this is the first time that this almost 100-year-old document has ever been actually made available for people to see on the internet.

In 1957, when head of the CIA’s Political Action department Miles Copeland went undercover as a NOC agent for the second time – he had done it before between 1953 and 1955 – there was a growing storm brewing around the CIA’s perimeter.

Dr Joseph Hough was a chiropractor who ran a successful practice from a house in Los Angeles and conferred ‘degrees’ on whoever he thought merited them. Dr. Hough was the owner and president of Sequoia University located at 915 South Grand View Street, Los Angeles 6, California.