It’s hard to under-estimate the importance of the “divorce” – as CIA handler Cord Meyer put it – that began taking place between the CIA and the National Student Association (the NSA) in 1966…[read more]

Hubbard never completed college, essentially dropping out. While there, he spent quite some time with Dr. White at St. Elizabeth’s where he developed a fascination for the mentally ill and “curing” man’s ills, of which he considered communism to be an “illness” just like he had been taught at so impressionable of an age…[read more]

British agent Aleister Crowley had a saying about people in the intelligence community that have no idea that someone else is a higher-level intelligence agent running a covert operation…[read more]

Image – Phyllis Bedells, wife of British Secret Service Major Ian MacBean, a mentor of L. Ron Hubbard in British intelligence activities and world views.

Senator McCarthy’s communists-in-government speech to the Republican Women’s Club of Wheeling, West Virginia, took place on 9 February 1950.
Not long afterwards, on 29 March, Robert Vansittart rose to speak in the House of Lords…[read more]

Lockstep with CIA and British Intelligence #1 – The New Chosen “Enemy” after WWII: Russia and Communism.

“Why don’t you listen twice as much as you talk?” said the Earl of Cavan to Frank Buchman…[read more]