I was checking up on a badly PR-positioned cite today and managed to track the thing down so I could see what it actually was about.

This issue of Freedom magazine is another example of quite the exercise in what scientology calls PR Positioning. The articles are clearly highly influenced by the Hubbard narrative and directives to the Guardian’s Office as to […] read more

I was contacted some time ago concerning a series of events that happened during November of 2015 at the private Facebook group called Outer Banks.

Slavemasters and sociopaths seem so impenetrable, seem so impossible to change – but is that really the case?

By Mike McClaughry . Definition of Shore Story The definition of “shore story” is often mis-attributed as originating from the Sea Organization (of the Church of Scientology). It’s real origin is in the Navy, where sailors would often tell Tall Tales of their sea adventures to the locals on shore, as well as stories to […]

by Mike McClaughry . . A basic book on intelligence is The Spy and His Masters by Christopher Felix, a pen name of James McCargar , a CIA agent during The Cold War. You can buy the British published version here, and you can read a version online here. . I was trained in Intelligence […]