What are the #1 things that you see the current ex-scientologist movement espousing that they are supposedly against that are labeled as being SCIENTOLOGIST behavior…[read more]

Mike Rinder used a Thomas Jefferson quote to presumably look patriotic. There’s just one problem…[read more]

So goes the words of Trithemius in Steganographica. (with a little slight poetic license taken from the original). He actually called such people that thought that books like his are about the Occult or “Magic” – turnip eaters. Meaning a peasant with a dull intellect….[read more]

Another Blast From The Past reposting – This one was originally published here on June 28, 2012

This is the second post detailing the lockstep-action between the Unification Church and Scientology. This one is about what I call the “Monster Mash” going on in and around Stanford University. You know, like an old Boris Karloff “It’s Alive” movie complete with crazy scientists, ghouls, Igors busily at work with Draculas lurking behind it all and Santa Claus leading the way. Yea. It really is that weird.

One of our readers brought up some interesting points based on both his personal experience and observations concerning homosexuality and slavemaster hierarchies.

A little birdie told me today about a recent article by the BBC from August 9 of this year (2017). It’s a real propaganda dog’s breakfast of…as Jacques Ellul puts it…slipping from the facts.