Even 1940’s cheezy ladies magazines had telepathy courses, but not Scientology. I left the following comment…[read more]

One wonders, in Leo XIII’s time, did the Catholic Church parade out embittered family members and former acquaintances – vis-a-vis the Leah Remini show – in an attempt to distract the public off the real issues while badmouthing false targets?

When we finished with our scientology phase and left the official church in 1998, Mike began an investigation into the background of the Church of Scientology.

. Just a thought. (see comment below)      

There was an interesting discussion buried in the comments of journalist Tony Ortega’s blog on June 9, 2017 concerning a new registration of Mark Rathbun’s blog as a domain name.

One month ago (April 2017), Mike received the following message through his YouTube account, from one of the producers of the Leah Remini show: Scientology and the Aftermath…[read more]

One isn’t likely to take a theory and turn it into fact (or fully disprove it as a valid theory) if they are stopped from even considering the theory as possibly valid in the first place.