On May 14, 1977, Shelley Duvall performed a skit featuring a horror-movie style (think Night of the Living Dead) Moonie “deprogramming”… [read more]

One of our readers brought up some interesting points based on both his personal experience and observations concerning homosexuality and slavemaster hierarchies.

A little birdie told me today about a recent article by the BBC from August 9 of this year (2017). It’s a real propaganda dog’s breakfast of…as Jacques Ellul puts it…slipping from the facts.

What with all the hurricane activity lately down south in the Puerto Rico area, it reminded me that I have lots of fun research for newer readers to consider concerning what Hubbard was really doing in Puerto Rico back in the 1930s – as opposed to what the “approved” and “official” British and American intelligence apologists would rather have you believe.

Without giving away what he has to do with another post that I am currently working on, I decided to bring this part of my research out by itself because…[read more]

Nothing like a little light Saturday Matinee UFO reading. This is the first of what will probably become a number of posts detailing the lockstep-action between the Unification Church and Scientology…[read more]

One wonders, in Leo XIII’s time, did the Catholic Church parade out embittered family members and former acquaintances – vis-a-vis the Leah Remini show – in an attempt to distract the public off the real issues while badmouthing false targets?