Mike Rinder used a Thomas Jefferson quote to presumably look patriotic. There’s just one problem…[read more]

I was working on a library article and came across something…[read more]

The creator of the Star Trek series, science-fiction screenwriter and producer Gene Roddenberry, was also somewhat responsible for the creation of a lesser-known cosmology-based series called Andromeda…[read more]

So goes the words of Trithemius in Steganographica. (with a little slight poetic license taken from the original). He actually called such people that thought that books like his are about the Occult or “Magic” – turnip eaters. Meaning a peasant with a dull intellect….[read more]

Comments from two different posts are being condensed here so everyone can easily follow this conversation. The two commenters are ex-Moonie Frank Frivilous (aka Wade) and Robert…[read more]

All this time, there it sat in Hubbard’s war records – the proof that Hubbard did have a psychiatric examination; the proof that Hubbard had not lied about something that happened when he was in the Navy.

Evil Twins #3 is a short little vignette illustrating the strange and often incestuous cross-relationships going on among the so-called anti’s, pro’s and so on around the two intelligence-driven front groups of Scientology and the Unification Church.