British agent Aleister Crowley had a saying about people in the intelligence community that have no idea that someone else is a higher-level intelligence agent running a covert operation…[read more]

Image – Phyllis Bedells, wife of British Secret Service Major Ian MacBean, a mentor of L. Ron Hubbard in British intelligence activities and world views.

Senator McCarthy’s communists-in-government speech to the Republican Women’s Club of Wheeling, West Virginia, took place on 9 February 1950.
Not long afterwards, on 29 March, Robert Vansittart rose to speak in the House of Lords…[read more]

Since we have new documents on the way concerning L. Ron Hubbard’s actual intelligence career during WWII and after, it seemed fitting to spend some time reviewing what we have uncovered so far.

Lockstep with CIA and British Intelligence #1 – The New Chosen “Enemy” after WWII: Russia and Communism.

I’d like to especially thank my husband, my father, my friends and…[read more]

Executive of Cambridge Analytica caught on film by undercover British news channel saying…[read more]