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Some time back, I came across an awfully strange news article from 1973 with a headline of Attorney Tries to Free Millionaire From Hospital.

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Maybe Tom Cruise was a better choice to play Barry Seal than one might think…

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Warren Burl Hudson was a Lieutenant (jg) in the Navy during the Vietnam War – he was a pilot.

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On the last day of 1970, scientology’s Guardian’s Office happily reported to Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue that they had successfully used Guardian’s office operatives to bear false witness to the Justice Department about the FDA.

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when god plots - ghosts and christmas past

  . There is a saying that goes something like this – “When a god plans harm against a man, he first damages the mind of the man he is plotting against.” . This quote, it’s idea, first appeared under slavemaster Pope Nicholas V, the man responsible for approving wholesale slavery and for instituting burning […]

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For I have done wickedly, and Thou art punished…