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In my post When Allen Dulles Lied About Brainwashing To Get Approval TO Brainwash Americans – Proof I talked about a quote from MKULTRA (CIA secret mind control research project) researcher Dr. Louis Jolyon West, sometimes called simply Jolly West.


What do you want to bet that tomorrow, Mother’s Day, we’ll get some manipulative story submitted to the Ortega website about how all the efforts of the sockpuppets and ex-scientology pundits resulted in a mother reconnecting with her children?


Read it for yourself, see how this is still being used right now, and a “call to arms” to help my father.

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The most basic description of behavior modification is that the actions of an organism are brought under control by giving it a reward if and only if it behaves in a specified manner.

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Including WHEN they Categorized Telepathy And Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing) as Schizophrenia – this may be THE most criminal and hypocritical conspiracy that you may ever see. Documented with their own books, it has continued for over thirty years of so-called “diagnosis” and “criteria” that they KNEW was false.