george white in 1955

I have put together this kind of cheat sheet about George White’s subprojects to both correct wrong information out there (primarily as to dates) and to focus a little closer on what he was doing for the CIA, and when, using the declassified MKULTRA subproject documents. But there’s a surprise too…

j edgar hoover parody by v

I’ve often said that the CIA has had a rather interesting relationship with Hoover and the FBI, to put it mildly. It goes back to British intelligence man William Stephenson and his covert activities around the time of WWII when he was forming, literally, British Intelligence West…


Sometimes the most unexpected things show up around here. I had ordered in a book to verify something particularly incendiary that Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West was quoted as saying – which he did say, it turned out – and on my way to that page of the book this jumped out at me.


Yesterday (January 30th, 2016) I saw a strange incoming link on the blog stats. Turns out it was Scientologist attorney Kendrick Moxon’s email server and they were looking at my post about Karen.

expressions - don't know what to say about that

As some of you may know, I had previous posted about a news article that proved Allen Dulles knew there wasn’t any brainwashing threat from the “Russians” and the “Chinese” at all. Well, I have since come across a wonderfully researched and documented article that makes it clear things were even darker than that…


Do any of my readers out there know what the title “Deputy Chief I &S Staff” stands for?