the abyss level of black operations sm

The Abyss. Even the word immediately conjures up images of a deeply horrifying yet somehow fascinating level of existence.

manhattan-project-5 oppenheimer and groves

The only link that I’ve come across regarding any connection between the Atomic Energy Commission (Manhattan Project to create the nuclear bomb) and mind control interests was one that Arnie Lerma found.

modern cowboys and indians2

The Choctaw Tribe – through their Tribal Council I believe – runs Casinos in Oklahoma and Mississippi. The revenue is supposedly going for the benefit of the Choctaw people as part of the vision of the Choctaw Nation… [continue reading]


If we are to go by highly controlled perspective societal rules of what is a ‘good’ person – then I am not a good person.

elmer fudd read a ufos and aliens conspiracy

Today’s post is meant to illustrate and educate anyone who is interested in conspiracies – whether as debunkers or believers – about the importance of how the perception of what is an acceptable conspiracy, and what is not, can be deliberately engineered in today’s social media.


He’s not the good guy either.


“Society is a masked ball, where everyone hides his real character, and reveals it by hiding.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson