I was contacted some time ago concerning a series of events that happened during November of 2015 at the private Facebook group called Outer Banks.


– to the public, and yet so right in what he secretly did and ordered.

the abyss level of black operations sm

The Abyss. Even the word immediately conjures up images of a deeply horrifying yet somehow fascinating level of existence.

manhattan-project-5 oppenheimer and groves

The only link that I’ve come across regarding any connection between the Atomic Energy Commission (Manhattan Project to create the nuclear bomb) and mind control interests was one that Arnie Lerma found.

elmer fudd read a ufos and aliens conspiracy

Today’s post is meant to illustrate and educate anyone who is interested in conspiracies – whether as debunkers or believers – about the importance of how the perception of what is an acceptable conspiracy, and what is not, can be deliberately engineered in today’s social media.

Hallucinations Behaviour, Experience, and Theory cover jolly west

In my post When Allen Dulles Lied About Brainwashing To Get Approval TO Brainwash Americans – Proof I talked about a quote from MKULTRA (CIA secret mind control research project) researcher Dr. Louis Jolyon West, sometimes called simply Jolly West.