We, the McClaughry’s, are spear-heading the announcement of the commencement of the real what comes next.

In the coming years, every single scrap of paper, video, audio, internet and private documentation, notes, journals, logs, books, sworn affidavits, court filings, private and legal surveillance records, names, dates, and anything else of usefulness to the general public will begin being systematically brought out for anyone to see that chooses to.

And not necessarily here.

To Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine specifically, your roles in what will begin being exposed, especially during the last two to three years, will be particularly focused on by a certain segment of our friends – who in total number well over 300 strong. You will not be able to intimidate, blackmail, bribe, coerce, distract, infiltrate, destroy or any other of your devious under-handed methods of operation to try and compel silence and compliance, on any single one of them.

To you, and to the much larger group of others involved and not yet named, this is your last chance to make it right. That is not a threat. We have no need nor interest to threaten anyone. It is an opportunity. It would be the result of wisdom to not disregard this opportunity or make disastrous mis-estimation mistakes yet again.

It’s been said that sunshine disinfects, and that is exactly what is going to happen. Only those who hide their real deeds in darkness have any reason to be concerned about sunshine permanently lighting things up for all to see.

And so it begins…

The McClaughry’s





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  1. I want to thank you both. I began a journey a couple of years ago- trying to put together the things that did not make sense, the traumas, the programs, the nightmares and your blog has been a big part of mapping out my strange life. I wish the two of you love, blessings, and continued successes saving the blind. -Holly


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