A study of how both the Church of Scientology and “critics” of Scientology use our work privately while Fair Gaming us publicly.

I left a comment at a blog where the post subject of “when fair game is ok” was under discussion as related to Anti-Scientologists who fairgame those who challenge their narratives in any way.

I’ll bet you never knew that Paramount Pictures was connected to British intelligence right from the beginning, or that this was integral to the rise of Hollywood, right? Well, you’re about to….[read more]

Ignatious Loyola, founder of the Jesuits: “He who does not hate father and mother, and more, even his own soul, cannot be my disciple.”

This year (1935) that L. Ron Hubbard is asked to and begins cranking out the kind of propaganda stories people like Robert Vansittart wanted to see, Vansittart’s closest friend, Winston Churchill…[read more]