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This is the second post detailing the lockstep-action between the Unification Church and Scientology. The first was Evil Twins #1: Ashtar, Galactic Federation, UFO-ology as Religion – Scientology and Unification Church – a wild ride of a read.

This one is about what I call the “Monster Mash” going on in and around Stanford University. You know, like an old Boris Karloff “It’s Alive” movie complete with crazy scientists, ghouls, Igors busily at work with Draculas lurking behind it all.

There is quite an extensive scene to cover here.

Our cast of characters today begins with a man named Vic Lovell.

Victor Royal Lovell was born in 1935 on November 11, to Royal and Eleanor K. Lovell.

He graduated Stanford in 1957, with an Associates degree in Philosophy. In 1959 he had obtained his Masters degree. During the next 5 years he studied and worked in the field of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, and obtained his PhD in these areas of Psychology in 1964.

Reference: Stanford Alumni Directory 1954

Let’s just say things were just a little more colorful than that.

What was he really doing during that five years under the ubiquitous words “worked in the field of”? He was involved in the testing of LSD on psychiatric patients and “volunteers”.

‘Vic’ as he was called by his ‘test’ subjects, during his PhD days was a psychiatric intern at Stanford. He absolutely loved to spout Freud and talk about schizophrenia. He and Irving Kupfermann were very interested in being able to study schizophrenia.9

We’ve talked a lot about the falseness and the true background in Catholic hypocrisy that the mental illness called “schizophrenia” is. There is one thing I’d like to bring up here for illustration purposes and that is what Roman Catholic psychiatrist John W. Thompson discovered – the British desire to continue the Nazi medical research particularly in regards so-called schizophrenic behavior.

It started when he was feeling understandably outraged at what was being revealed (such as was allowed) during the Nuremberg trials. Thinking that he, as a Roman Catholic, was on the side of “good” on that issue, he wanted to volunteer to help expose and bring this even more to the public mind, and help the people who had been subjected to this.

Imagine his surprise when he met with our “Dracula” in this scenario, Pope Pius XII, and ran into an indifferent brick wall.

Thompson had a number of meetings with Pius XII trying to get something real going on, but described Pius as “like a sphinx” on the subject. No sign of agreement or disagreement.

In the same book12 where I found out about this, there is quite a bit written about his efforts to work with the Vatican, the CIA, and British intelligence to “heal Europe” and that he was engaged in investigating war crimes – particularly the psychiatric human experimentation ones.

He was marginalized and never really allowed to do so, in many ways. For example, in Britain, the infamous Lord Moran – who we call the Sith Lord – repeatedly blocked his efforts, and as the book says “Moran focused British efforts on the scientific quality of German human experiments…” while “allocating to the French the task of moral evaluation.

Which is an insult to the French, and a clear statement that he has doesn’t care at all about the moral aspect, but more importantly is that he was deferring to Detlev Wulf Bronk (president [1950] and foreign secretary of the U.S. National Academy of Science) and especially to Sir Henry Hellett Dale’s view – Dale was President of the Brits Royal Society of Medicine.

Particularly Dale was a real Dracula himself about it. He completely ignored the growing mountain of evidence of medical crimes, and instead was especially impressed by the pharmacological aspects of Nazi human experimentation.

Dale had a plan, one right in line with Pope Pius XII. They both wanted to BURY the accusations about German medical criminality and resurrect the German’s medical “research” on concentration camp and mental hospital victims.

The book12 also cites (without mentioning the Project Bluebird and MkUltra projects by name) that “Anglo-American interest in strategic research intensified” but that – “a certain amount of information on medical war crimes” was deemed secret.

There were two reasons for that, neither of which had anything whatsoever to do with any security precautions.

Reason 1to protect evidence of their involvement and collaboration with Nazi Germany from becoming known to the public.

Reason 2 – To protect that they were continuing particular elements of that same “medical research”.

This was the climate in which people like Dr. Frank Ayd or Dr. Leo Hollister, or Ralph Metzner or Vic Lovell, to name but a few, were made an integral part of. They were all designated Igors  – spearheads – for their masters launch of using all that information they learned during the war as a new type of siege. One aimed primarily against the American people.

The rebels to end all rebels.

Anthropologist and philosopher Gregory Bateson worked at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto testing LSD on mental patients. From 1959 on, his buddy Dr. Leo Hollister began testing LSD at that same hospital. Hollister says he entered the hallucinogenic field reluctantly because of the “unscientific” work of the early LSD researchers. He refers specifically to most of the people who attended Macy conferences. Thus, hoping to improve on CIA and military-funded work, Hollister tried drugs out on student volunteers, including a certain Ken Kesey, in 1960.(Marks, Ch. 7)

Hollister was no White Knight, nor was he even a good scientist, in my opinion. What kind of scientist lies to people about the drugs they were testing? Lies that these drugs were to enhance perception and raise consciousness, when in fact they were about how to introduce “insanity” into people.

That was the whole POINT why the CIA and British intelligence were interested in Mescaline, LSD etc., in the first place. Remember, they were continuing the Nazi death camp work on schizophrenia – which was really about how to start and how to stop spiritual perceptics (which they insisted were physical-based). This LSD testing is about them trying to prove that theory as well as a method to try and satisfy their sick obsession with getting inside other people’s heads to “see how they think”.

They were literally like sanctioned rapists – rapists of the soul.

Later in their lives, Catholic psychiatrist Frank Ayd and Leo Hollister both conducted interviews with each other and others amongst their little Igor cluster-fuck. When electric-shock first hit the U.S., Frank Ayd discusses how he considered electric-shocking patients to be absolutely fascinating. So much so, that he even volunteered, very eagerly, to do it to people himself!

So when you see Leo Hollister and Frank Ayd say things like this, clearly bemoaning their failed attempts to HURT those deemed schizophrenics into “line” –

Leo Hollister: Schizophrenics seem to be so indifferent to pain.
Frank Ayd: That’s very true. 11

You have to wonder just who really should be the ones around here classified as ‘insane’.

i am really shocked - hes a slavemaster

During that same part of the interview, something else really stood out that Leo Hollister said.11

He quoted a line by Ralph Gerard, saying it was the moral for all of biological psychiatry.

“Behind every twisted thought lies a twisted molecule.”


Really think about that for a moment.

Think about where LSD, and mescaline (and all the myriad other psychotropic drugs Hollister and Lovell were testing) fit into that “moral”.

Besides the sick idea that you need to punish someone into “sanity” which was really, really prevalent amongst these Eugenics-lovers like Hollister.

There is a little known 1908 book by William McDougall (the man who brought Duke University’s J.B. Rhine into all this psychic testing) called An Introduction to Social Psychology There are many things I could say about this book and I probably will in a separate article. Suffice it to say, for now, that it heavily influenced the exact field that Vic Lovell was diddling around with becoming a so-called expert in, as well as also clearly influencing people like British-man Bateson, Ayd, and Hollister.

McDougall decided that man had seven basic paired sentiment/emotion traits that all held in common. As in genetically in common, for he was an avid eugenicist himself. Considering the biblical seven deadly sins, I’ll leave it to you to ponder his choice of the same number of traits of man.

One of his core arguments, his core teaching actually, was the role of punishment in “advancing” man. However, it was how he thought that happened that we must first address, starting with what he defined suggestion as.

p. 111

Suggestion is a process of communication resulting in the acceptance with conviction of the communicated proposition in the absence of logically adequate grounds for its acceptance.

The measure of the suggestibility of any subject is, then, the readiness with which he thus accepts propositions.

McDougall gives four areas that he considers affects this suggestibility, but it is the first one that is of interest here –

Greater degrees of suggestibility are due in the main to conditions of four kinds (i) abnormal states of the brain, of which the relative dissociation obtaining in hysteria, hypnosis, normal sleep, and fatigue, is the important;

Exactly what LSD, mescaline, etc. etc. were doing to people.

Clearly, there is now further evidence of their mentality, the slavemasters and their ilk, as to why they were pushing these drugs so hard – they wanted to make young Americans (and other targets) more “suggestible” so that they would –


accept propositions that had no logical basis to be accepted.


Like, for example, THEIR crazy ideas of how society should be and who or what Man is, to name but two.

Now, even though McDougall spends some time correctly trashing illogical religious propositions shortly after he offers the above, what the reader may overlook here is that his ideas were no less illogical and he was promoting the same methodology as that which he was trying to discredit!

What that means, is that as we have said numerous times here at the blog, this was a war for control over the rest of us so that we would do their bidding.

A war between two factions of slavemasters.

Both corrupt, both desiring control using suggestibility as their favored tool of choice.

So where does punishment enter in?

Well, per McDougall, man must progress through four stages of development before he can reach “integration” or enlightenment, if you will. “each of which must be traversed by every individual before he can attain the next higher stage.” This is an old, old saw (party line) of all slavemasters who have ever existed.

Thoust must progress.


Therefore, he classifies all malfunctioning adults as having not had these stages properly enforced on him by his parents and society, so notice what stage two says.

(2) the stage in which the operation of the instinctive impulses is modified by the influence of rewards and punishments administered more or less systematically by the social environment.

Hence, the justification for PUNISHING schizophrenics with bizarre and tortuous “cures”. Like people are literally dogs or something. You can see what Pavlov was coming off of here, as well.

But also…

Hence their desire to push destructive-to-the-body poisons like LSD, etc.

Bet you didn’t realize it was part of their stage two punishment, did you?

And so…

In 1957, while supposedly just working on a Ph.D. in Philosophy of all things, we can now confidently say that what Lovell was actually doing with Leo Hollister, was something decidedly different than the rather innocuous-sounding “philosophy”.

Starting with, in his own words, this is when he “pioneered what have since become the hall-marks of hippy culture.” For another, this is also when he rented the house for $60 adjacent to the campus on Menlo Park’s Perry Avenue that he would do all this in. Nicknamed Perry Lane by its Bohemian residents because of its rustic, narrow appearance, this is where he would first launch the Acid Revolution (so-called) targeting young, intelligent college students.

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Tom Wolfe’s new book, explores a time of my life which is at once dead and eternal, over and here and now. It is the story of my old friend Ken Kesey, of Perry Lane, Menlo Park’s one time hippy ghetto where I lived for six years, and of the Acid Test, the Pranksters, the Trips Festival, and the Hell’s Angels.

Perry Lane was a one block long area in unincorporated Menlo Park, situated next to the Stanford golf course, just off Willow Road as you come from the Stanford Shopping Center, a block before you run into the place where Willow Road becomes Sand Hill Road and Santa Cruz Avenue turns into Alpine Road.

…We were proto-hippies when everybody else was a beatnik, and radicals and hippies hardly dared to appear in public, for fear of the hostility they would encounter. We pioneered what have since become the hall-marks of hippy culture: LSD and other psychedelics too numerous to mention, body painting, light shows and mixed media presentations, total aestheticism, be-ins, exotic costumes, strobe lights, sexual mayhem, freakouts and the deification of psychoticism, eastern mysticism, and the rebirth of hair. We lived and loved and worked and suffered together with that agonizing closeness that comes from knowing that you have nothing but each other.

In very serious jest we used to get stoned and recite, dead pan: “I pledge allegiance to Perry Lane, and to the vision for which it stands. One consciousness, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” After which we would march around the dinning room table, carrying American flags and toy guns on our shoulders, giggling with profound hysteria.16

Why 1957? What was going on then? Well…

When Robert Gordon Wasson completed MKULTRA subproject 58 with CIA Asset Dr. James A. Moore in tow (see my post for documents) two things happened. One – Wasson published an article about his exciting mushroom expedition in Life Magazine May 13, 1957. Two – James Moore and Wasson both brought back a whole bunch of the mushrooms that contained psilocybin. Apparently, some time after these events Frank Barron managed to procure some mushrooms for himself and talked Leary into trying them as part of an alleged “creativity” experiment. Since Frank was himself heavily CIA connected, and gets rather “creative” when it comes to talking about said connections and the reasons he is involved in the “studies” he is, well. You do the math on what really happened there.15

Psychedelics were now being crossed over into academia – especially under the rubrick of social science and psychology15 and it wasn’t long before Stanford was having its own tests.

That’s why.

So now, two years later and fresh out of his Ph.D in philosophy, here’s Leo Hollister’s protege Vic Lovell. All ready to make his “start the hippy movement” courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency, already well engaged in testing LSD for use as a nonlethal weapon, a truth serum, or a brainwashing agent. But, now they wanted NORMAL people to try it on. Not just mental patients. So, they paid guinea pigs $75 a trip at the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital.10

Please understand something clearly here. Lovell was actually working at the VA hospital. He has been known to present to others that he had been a test subject – this was not exactly the entire truth. He was helping to run the experiments. He just happened to have also tested drugs on himself. Just like Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Frank Barron, etc. etc. – it was something that pretty much all the up-and-coming “handlers” did.

It was Gregory Bateson, who had worked for the OSS, became the director of a hallucinogenic drug experimental clinic at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital. It was an MK Ultra project funded by the CIA. The project studied how psychoactive drugs effected people, particularly LSD, psilocybin, mescaline and cocaine.

Gregory BatesonGregory Bateson

Foremost among his Palo Alto recruits was Ken Kesey. In 1959, it was Bateson that gave Ken Kesey his first dose of LSD.

Ken KeseyKen Kesey

Lovell also got put to work networking, starting by being ‘one of the guys’ of St. Michael’s Alley, which had been opened by Mr. Gates on April Fool’s day in 1959. Scientologist Robert Hunter (real name Robert Burns 2, 3) washed dishes in the back, and Jerry Garcia picked his banjo out front, both of which were quickly one of Lovell’s in-crowd.

For Lovell, tales of drug-testing were practically his recruiting banner that he waved around at the drop of a hat. Often embellished, he soon enlisted Robert (Burns) Hunter and a new Stegner Fellow at Stanford, a writer and athlete from Oregon named Ken Kesey. It was Lovell who had told Kesey all about Gregory Bateson, Dr. Leo Hollister and the government-sponsored program there at Menlo9 – Kesey knew it was a government experiment going in, despite his later attempted protestations to the contrary.

It was 1959 and the folk of America were living the quiet life with nothing too radical going on. They were Post War God Fearing Fuckers, immersed in Rock ‘n’ Roll and Ice Cream parlours and Beatlemania and psychedelia was literally years away. Kesey at the time was living in Perry Lane, Stanford, a hip neighbourhood frequented by writers, poets and other Beatniks and it was here that he met Vic Lovell who turned Kesey onto Freud.

Vic Lovell told Kesey about a psychiatric hospital in Menlo Park that was conducting various drug experiments and paying volunteers $75 a day………

The experiments involved the volunteers being given various capsules (some of which were placebos) and then undertaking basic mental and physical tests. In very little time Kesey and Lovell had sampled LSD, psilocybin, peyote, mescaline, Ditran, morning glory seeds and the mighty IT-290. 8

Kesey wasn’t the only one to try and hide that known about intelligence connection.

A book14 by Jerry S. Wiggins, another Stanford psych grad, talked about how he and Victor had ‘shared an interest in the interpersonal paradigm‘, and Vic gave him a pretty funny cover story for how he knew about the doings of Timothy Leary – which apparently Jerry bought. Apparently Vic told him that it was “because he took courses at both Stanford and Berkeley”.

Of course, since the title of Wiggins book had to do with personality assessment, it’s not too hard to figure out why Lovell said that.

Thanks Vic! You just revealed your connection to the Berkeley Institute of Personality Assessment and Research, which I have completely laid bare as a total hot-bed of CIA and British intelligence operations having been carried right on over from the OSS (WWII forerunner of the CIA) in my recent library article.15

Victor Lovell was also apparently enamored of the work of Harry Stack Sullivan, whom he may even have actually met prior to his enrollment at Stanford 1950’s. Wiggins tells us that some 30 years after he and Lovell had first met up in the LSD days of Stanford, Wiggins was giving an address to a American Psychological Association meeting – and Vic showed up. Vic presented him with a copy of a monograph in which Sullivan (1949) reported what might be considered the ‘first interpersonal circumplex” and Vic had inscribed it: “Harry did it first.”14

Just to make something crystal clear here about this man’s influences and heroes, having Harry Stack Sullivan as a hero isn’t what I’d exactly call a “good” thing.

That man thought that it was basically therapeutic to drop nuclear bombs on the Japanese heads because they got a glimpse of “Reality” and all that intolerance etc. then “passed into history”. The man clearly was enamored of Final Solutions.

As mundane distance shriveled into in­ significance in the eddies of radioactive matter which swept space around the earth, so also did the swathings of imfictions and habitual evasions with which everyone had been methodi­cally enwrapped. The peoples of the world, wherever language reaches, caught a glimpse of Reality…

Harry also fawned extensively over British psychiatrist and WFMH founder George Brock Chisholm. In 1945 Harry Stack Sullivan invited Brock Chisholm to lecture at the William Alanson White Foundation on The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.

Brock Chisholm’s lecture was titled: The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society: The Responsibility of Psychiatrists

Two, to watch carefully for signs that any individuals or groups are becoming potential enemies and to kill them all ruthlessly before they can become strong;

… shorter, more effective techniques of treatment. Shock, chemotherapy- group therapy… Hypno- and narco -analysis, psycho-drama- even surgery, can all be used, and some of these methods may be employed by other than trained psychiatrists.

Really get that ALL that was about doing that to those deemed potential enemies. Potential. Like first graders, for example? (See my story in William Preston Wilson article)

And this enemy is defined as anyone who won’t go along with their program.

Rather convenient, that.

In his spate of fawning over Chisholm titled: The Cultural Revolution to End War Sullivan said –

We are all…like angry children. We are like children because we have failed to develop our human potentialities.

I’m sure the similarity to what McDougall said is not lost upon you.

So, here’s this lecture by Mr. I’m-so-altruistic, Dr. Harry Stack Sullivan, who… while overseeing truly diabolical experimentation on mental patients at Chestnut Lodge along with Clara Thompson, managed to find the time to don his “white mask” and be the happy-go-lucky Editor of the journal as well as the President of the Washington School of Psychiatry. He was also the first Memorial Lecturer, and the first President of the Foundation itself. This, when he wasn’t busy finding young boys to “mentor” – primarily sexually.

I’ll explain.

While Sullivan was being “mentored” by Chapman at Sheppard Enoch-Pratt Hospitalin 1929, one of his patients was a vagrant 15-year old boy, whom he engaged in sexual relations with. He then took him in, and quite literally “kept him” as his personal assistant for the next 22 years. The boys’ name was James Inscoe Sullivan, known as “Jimmie”, twenty years his junior. He adopted the boy in order to pretend to the world what an innocent do-gooder he was.

Harry was also good buddies with Frieda Fromm, and Frieda Fromm wrote a book about how Psychiatrists shouldn’t have sex with their patients. Supposedly, the book specifically mentioned young boys, implying a rather widespread abuse in that particular area.

Note: L. Ron Hubbard was all mixed up with the very people we are talking about here. He knew the people at Chestnut Lodge and at St. Elizabeth Hospital on a close personal basis and was also in a close working relationship with them.

Interestingly, Sullivan both tried to pretend he was against adult homosexuality but yet PROMOTED homosexual sex in young boys. I mention this to illustrate the complete hypocrisy that these enslaver front men engage in, in SELLING THEIR AGENDA. Paradoxically, he presented in both speeches and writings, the idea that homosexual experiences between and among preadolescent boys as a prerequisite for their later heterosexual development. In Personal Psychopathology, a book published long after his death and one never intended for publication, Sullivan (1972) talked about a small community—like his own hometown—where mutual masturbation among young boys resulted in later healthy heterosexual relationships, but early adolescent boys who were excluded from homosexual play did not progress to satisfactory heterosexual development. (ref: online article)

Here’s another example of Sullivan’s hypocrisy in this area, as a so-called “professional” in the psychiatric field. Sullivan himself, at the age of 8 1/2, was emotionally coerced into homosexual experience with a much older boy, Clarence Bellinger. Clarence was a 13 year-old boy from a neighboring farm. The relationship went on all the way up until Clarence, at age 20, went to Syracuse University to study medicine. Consider the fact that Sullivan himself, turns around and does pretty much the same “I’m older than you” exploitation of a young boy, with James Inscoe – and compare that to that Sullivan’s not-intended-for-publication book, Personal Psychopathology, stated that in a relationship between a lonely preadolescent boy and an older sexually mature boy, sexual exploitation of the younger boy will almost always occur.

Just after he arrived in New York, he published a paper (in 1931). “Environmental Factors in Etiology and Course Under Treatment of Schizophrenia,” wherein Sullivan states that the occurrence of this illness must be explained primarily on the basis of experiential rather than hereditary or organic factors. Guess who Sullivan is going to blame (indirectly) for his homosexuality.
He put particular emphasis on that the most primitive and perhaps most important aspect of the personality is contributed by the infant’s mother or her surrogate. He then goes on, to cover that if these infantile portions of the self are too distorted, ensuing growth will be damaged as well, and a pathological personality may result. If distortions transmitted to the child are not too pronounced they may take, in boys, the form of an ongoing juvenile appraisal of the self as reflected by the mother.

Sullivan, along with Clara Thompson, Karen Horney, Erich Fromm and William Silverberg (who had briefly taken Sullivan’s ward at Sheppard Pratt), later formed the Zodiac Group which met on Monday evenings at a local bar in New Haven, Connecticut. Drinking and psychoanalysis – not a good combination. These alocoholic meetings gave rise to “Social Psychology” and the “neoFreudians”. Sullivan’s main focus was the interpersonal theory of personality”. Understanding his sexual frustration and non-acceptance thereof (with abuse mixed in as well), I’m sure you can see why this was his focus – he’s looking for something outside of himself to blame.

As we touched on earlier, McDougall places the blame on the parents, and Sullivan is quite clearly quite the follower of that particular “authority” doctrine.

It appears so was Vic Lovell. Perhaps he, like Harry, was also homosexual and terribly conflicted about it – because I gotta tell ya, having Harry as his hero is…well, problematic, let’s say.

Let’s get back to Vic’s particular brand of improving “interpersonal” relations now.

How Vic’s recruitment spiel for “volunteers” went, is that first of all he told people that the drugs were experimental “psychotommimetic” drugs. They would sit you down in a white-tiled room, give you the drug then come in every hour or so and draw blood samples along with asking you questions about your mother and other such personality/behavior assessment questions.9

They referred to these as “sessions”, and you could make twenty dollars per session.

Do you know why that word “psychotommimetic” is extremely important? Because it means: drugs that are capable of producing an effect on the mind similar to a psychotic state.

Even Kesey was not immune to the less-than-pleasant truth about what LSD actually did to a person. Apparently, it tended to bring to the forefront, one’s wrongdoings and past bad actions.

Kesey once provided (unintentionally) an excellent example of another hook that was being promoted amongst the young Stanford students. The hook was that if one took LSD, then one could see all of time – better known as the propaganda called the “Akashic book of records.” Kesey and his growing group all were quite taken with this idea, and tried many times to access this “book” – as he referred to it.

“When we first took those drugs in the hospital, it was like the books God keeps. You had heard about the Bible and the Akashic records, but suddenly you had a glimpse of them. These were the real books. These weren’t kept in the school library, these were the real books…

So we wanted to see these books and took more and more drugs, until finally, at one point, God said, ‘You want to see the books? I’ll show you the fucking books,’ and it was like this big hand grabbed us by the back of the neck and held us there for twelve hours. We were in absolute hell because we saw ourselves; we saw all the stuff we had done, mistakes we had made our indulgences, our cruelties. That was hell.”

To me, for multiple people to be experiencing that exact same thing sounds suspiciously like someone was guiding these people – and it was most certainly NOT ‘God’ – while they were under the effects of whatever drug was being used

LSD or mescaline most likely, to make them think this is “what” they were seeing. Sort of like hypnosis while being high, and not ‘under’.

That wasn’t the only thing Kesey and others soon had to “give their due” to. They ran into entities, as he put it in a later interview.

KK: Right. There was that theme, naturally, but it went deeper than that. It was about people dealing with the forces that I had just thought were sort of fictional. When you run into these forces and these entities — real things that influence you — pretty soon you have to give them due. You have to go ahead and figure out which of these are good entities and which are bad entities. For a long time, I didn’t run into any bad entities. The bad entities were, sort of, good, not too strong forces, influenced by people who had problems, and they eventually loaded those drugs with problems. Nobody I ever knew had a bad trip until we moved back up here after Stanford. I was living over here by the river, and we gave a bunch of people some MP14. One girl began to have a bad time, and it was just contagious; the more we were around her, the more we were dealing with her, the more we were having her bad time. I think that’s what happened to a lot of people that were pretty sound. You can get through about anything if you’re sound, but if you’re really trying to empathize and deal with somebody who’s gone crazy on a drug, pretty soon you go crazy on the drug.

Sounds like a plug right out of Evil Twins #1 doesn’t it?

Considering that most of this LSD-testing was about causing psychosis supposedly as a study of schizophrenia, something I bet you don’t know is what McDougall’s buddy James Hyslop said about it.

Starting in 1905, James Hyslop headed the American branch of the British Society for Psychical Research, but just a couple months before that, he was tasked to establish a particular front group for British intelligence. It was called the American Institute for Scientific Research.

He sent an announcement to the New York Times, which read:

To the Editor of the New York Times:

An important institute, intended to be of a National character, has been founded in this city for the purpose of organizing certain scientific investigations while it conducts in one of its fields a system of philanthropic work. Its needs are the subject of this brief explanation. It has been incorporated as the American Institute for Scientific Research.

“The institute will not engage officially in any investigations connected with this field (psychic research) but will act as a custodian of funds to be devoted to it….”

“I may add that the Board of Trustees for the institute has not yet been completed. But Prof. William James of Harvard University, Dr. Minot J. Savage, and Dr. R. Heber Newton are on the board, and it is intended to complete it with the selection of men having an equal standing in the country. James H. Hyslop. New York, Nov. 10, 1904”21

When James Hyslop took over as President of the ASPR the following year, he physically moves the ASPR from Boston to New York and puts it under the psychical research branch of his new Institute, calling it Section B.

  • [By the way, this happens to be the same year that Ploetz founded the German Society for Racial Hygiene, advocating eugenics. Ernst Rudin, a German psychiatrist, headed the Society.]

The American Institute for Scientific Research was one of many front groups of British Intelligence. Naming the ASPR SECTION B was a direct delineation of it’s status as an intelligence operation – but most would not know that at the time, as it was highly secret as an organization, and in fact was only acknowledge dto exist as recently as the 1990′s.

So, now Hyslop, through the Abnormal Psychology Section B branch, did an in-depth study of schizophrenics and came to the conclusion that it was an infestation of spirits, or spirit possession.

If you understand that the real hysteria about “schizophrenia” are abilities like telepathy etc., then it isn’t actually much of a surprise that Hyslop (who also backed the demon-filled extravaganza named the Oahspe publication) is helping to promote this theory of “evil spirits” causing people to experience telepathy, therefore these “evil spirits” are making the person schizophrenic. That is quite an ingenious logic trap – if you think about it. If a person does telepathy with someone and can “hear” others, therefore he is crazy, and possessed of evil spirits who are the source of this.

Catch that?

It’s an EVIL SPIRIT talking to him, if it happens. That is outright Catholicism, right there.
(see my Why Psychiatry is More Religion By Science article)

But, that’s also pretty much what you just saw Ken Kesey promoting, which is not only fascinating, it’s really quite-ground-breaking because I don’t think I have ever seen someone even notice that. Let along understand where it’s actually sourcing from.

Six months after his first “session”, that Lovell arranged for Kesey to have a job at that very same VA Hospital – as a psychiatric aide. He often worked while high. He said that when he would look at the patients, he began to wonder if there was really something wrong with them, or was it something wrong with society for putting them there – that’s when he began writing One Flew Over A Cuckoo’s Nest, much of it being written whilst fuelled up on powerful psychadelics.

He worked the night-shift, mopping and buffing floors. When it was late, it was quiet. While the breathing of psychiatric patients echoed down the halls, Kesey finished his best-seller, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

He dedicated it to Lovell, “who told me dragons did not exist, then led me to their lair.

By early 1962 when “One Flew Over A Cuckoo’s Nest” was published Kesey went back to Perry Lane and it fast became THE place to be in California. Neal Cassady was there, as was Richard Alpert – aka Baba Ram Dass – Robert (Burns) Hunter and Jerry Garcia.

It should be noted here that March of 1962 is when John Lofland and Rodney Stark moved in15 with Young Oon Kim and the moonies to help her get her “cult” off the ground as part of creating deviant groups as per the top secret program of the Psychological Strategy Board (which was senior to the CIA).

And Kesey…

Well, Kesey was fully on-board the CIA covert testing program by this point, and he began feeding his Perry Lane neighbors drugs secretly mixed in his ‘famous venison stew” where mind-blown graduate students, resting in the fork of an ancient oak tree at Lovell’s house entertained “cosmic” realizations.

Writer Ed McClanahan, who lived on the lane for a time, described the scene.

“The commonplace would become marvelous, you could take the pulse of a rock, listen to the heartbeat of a tree,” he said breathlessly. “The ecstatic, ubiquitous ‘far out!’ rang oft upon the air.

“It wasn’t something we did just to get wasted,” he said. “It was a learning thing…”10

Lovell said it was a unique time and place – “It was like we had a magic lamp.” he said.

Learning Thing. Magic Lamp.

Please tell me that wasn’t a reference to Lampado Tradis – I’m being sarcastic here, because it most definitely was. It was oh-so-very Rosicrucian cover-text (code) of him.

Alas, those magic lamp days would soon come to an end.

Willis Harman had worked for the OSS and became a Professor at Stanford University after the war. In March 1961 Harman began doing the MK Ultra LSD research at Stanford Research Institute. Al Hubbard ran the LSD sessions. They were now going to target the young people, such as the college students at Stanford. They were getting ready to really launch the corruption of America’s youth.

Willis Harman and Al Hubbard shared a goal “to provide the LSD experience to political and intellectual leaders around the world.”   17,18   That idea came directly from Aldous Huxley, who was the main British intelligence operative in America instigating this entire operation.

willis_harman_changing_images_of_manWillis Harman

In August 1961 Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary attended the Fourteenth International Congress of Applied Psychology where Leary read a paper on ‘How to Change Behavior’ describing the induction of visionary mental states by psilocybin.

Michael Hollingshead was Executive Secretary for the Institute of British-American Cultural Exchange in 1961.

This grandiose title meant that I was in the service of a semi-official British propaganda agency in the field of international cultural relations.

–  Michael Hollingshead    19

In September 1961, Hollingshead met Timothy Leary in Cambridge and was invited to live in Leary’s house and teach a course at Harvard. Shortly thereafter, he introduced Leary to LSD.

Captain Trips Al Hubbard showed up on the doorstep of Timothy Leary one day in 1963. The captain had LSD which he wanted to swap for psilocybin.  18

By 1963, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and Ken Kesey became the highly publicized promoters of the LSD counterculture.

And then…

Not a surprise that in mid-1963 the Lovell’s Perry Lane scene suddenly imploded and Kesey relocated to La Honda, up in the mountains from Palo Alto, ending “with Kesey busted, Kesey fleeing to Mexico, Kesey convicted and languishing in jail while Bill Graham got rich exploiting the thing that Kesey had created.8,16 

The house on Perry Lane was bulldozed to the ground.

…In late spring, 1963, a developer bought up a one half block area which was the heart land of Perry Lane, and gave us notice to get out. We demanded to be relocated, and there was a short hassle. He was surprised to find that we were famous.

One summer morning, like any other morning on the Lane, we went outside to watch the sun come up, having dropped a good dose of acid about midnight and stayed awake all night laughing and loving. Only this morning there was a bulldozer in the back yard, squatting like an angry June Bug.

I sat in the street and watched, through glazed eyes, as my house was torn apart.

Only the devil, I thought, could have the power to destroy something which had existed for so long. A profound insight came to me: Somebody else controls my environment.

…Next time, I vowed, it would be different.16

The masters wanted more…they wanted to make people really psychotic.

By 1965, it was time to start implementing MI6 asset Aldous Huxley and CIA agent John Starr Cooke’s master-plan of targeting selected individuals for ‘enlightenment’. They would give these targeted people more than ten times the normal dose for a full-blown acid trip – in an effort to “bring about a rapid and permanent transformation” of the person’s disposition.

Such a poetic way to put something so ugly, so horrifying, so punishing… that it is fair impossible to plumb the depths of the kind of psychosis of these slavemaster whackjobs that would even want to do what actually happened.

Rapid and permanent transformation, all right – straight into HELL.

[Watts Acid Test – February 12, 1966] They blew the calculation by a factor of ten when they put the LSD in the punch, and had a mass freakout. One girl sat on the middle of the dance floor beneath the flickering strobe light shitting and pissing in her pants and screaming, “Who cares? Who cares?” and they put a microphone in front of her and turned up the reverb. Bob Cullenbine was there and he cried for a week almost without stopping, afterwards, because the only people in the world he had ever been able to identify with had turned into inhuman monsters before his eyes.16

By this time, Ken Kesey had already organized a circle of LSD initiates called The Merry Pranksters. Kesey frequently entertained friends and many others with parties he called “Acid Tests” – involving LSD, Grateful Dead music, fluorescent paint, black lights, strobes and other psychedelic effects.

In April 65, Jerry Garcia took his first acid trip at scientologist Robert (Burns) Hunter’s place in Palo Alto. Robert Hunter was back from Los Angeles where he had become a Scientology Class IV auditor. Thereafter Hunter was involved in the Acid Tests given at Grateful Dead concerts.  107, 108, 111

In July 1965, The Warlocks made their electric guitar debut. They would change their name to Grateful Dead. Ken Kesey used them as the house band at his notorious Acid Tests, a series of public LSD parties.

The band was bankrolled by San Francisco LSD manufacturer Owsley Stanley.  106

– Ref’s are as given in Scientology Roots: Chapter 9-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career by Mike McClaughry.


This Watts Acid Test was done right after the Watts riots in early 1966 – Watts was a black neighborhood. This guy (below) thinks what Owsley did was an accident.

It wasn’t.

Lee Quarnstrom: “It was right after the Watts riot. I had the sense that we were the first white people to be there since the riot. We held the Acid Test in an old automotive repair garage that was empty. We got a couple of thirty-gallon garbage pails and mixed Kool-Aid. Owsley had a couple of glass ampules with pure LSD in them and he poured it into the Kool-Aid. We did some quick mathematics and figured that one Dixie cup full of Kool-Aid equalled fifty micrograms of acid. The standard dose, if you wanted to get high, was 300 mics. So we told everyone that six cups would equal a standard trip. After a couple of cups, when I was as high as I had ever been, somebody recomputed and realized that each cup held 300 micrograms. I remember hearing that and realized that I had just gulped down 2000 micrograms. The rest of the evening was as weird as you might expect.”

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead called what they were doing: “magic, far out, beautiful magic.”
(Jerry Garcia statement is in the first Dead Head Newsletter, sent out at the end of 1971.)



You can actually hear this poor woman at the Watts Acid Test screaming “Who cares?” starting at 02:05 in the first recording listed here. You can also peruse a listing of other recordings of Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters and the Grateful dead at these “acid tests”. I think the thing that is really eery about this recording are scientologist Bob Weir and Pigpen’s responses and attitude. (Both Grateful Dead members, they are who is talking in the foreground).

Vic Lovell did some more complaining about Kesey and the Pranksters –

It ended before that at Berkeley when Kesey and the Pranksters showed up high on acid before the first VDC march [Spring 1965] and told everybody to go home and get stoned because what they were doing wouldn’t do any good. I said that I would never speak to him again and I almost didn’t.16

It seems to me, that apparently there was some in-fighting going on on who got to be “the man” for the CIA’s largesse of the turned-on Perry Lane hippies – with Victor Lovell lamenting the loss of his status.

Never fear, with his “next time it would be different16 vow in hand, Vic comes up with a new plan so he could ride again in his masters good graces.

It started in Berkeley with the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley October 1, 1964, which spurred what were called “Teach-In’s. Then, in 1965 The Free University of Berkeley and The Experimental College at SF State get started.

That same year, Vic Lovell opens the Free University of Palo Alto in Menlo Park, soon offering a curriculum of interpretive psychedelic dancing, Naked Tantric Yoga Sex on Acid, Ping-Pong for the proletariat, enigmatically described “nude-in costume parties,” yoga, bee-raising, bread-making bake-ins, trust-touch-and-tenderness and meditation. Roy Kepler, of Kepler’s Books, taught courses on non-violence, and Dorothy Bender, currently a Stanford data manager, taught an early computer course–in 1969.

Lovell published a circular called The Free You.

*Reference: web article by Jim Wolpman.

Tuition was free. The organization maintained a bail fund, a legal-defense guild, and a bad-trip intervention center–“24-hour assistance by experienced people if you run into a bummer.” One long-time participant said that his favorite class was ‘Naked Tantric Yoga Sex on Acid,'” (Spencer10)

In case you wondered, I call this place LSD “U” (University) because, for one thing, it represents a clear continuity in intent to continue along the lines of the same mind-fuck projects Lovell had already been involved in for the previous 6 years.

But there was another intelligence-driven element as to why the creation of this LSD “U”.

Pseudo-Communist front organizations.


…The minds of men… their wills must be drawn

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


Why Communism – why was that the choice?

Because it is a controlled opposition, one that was literally created as a kind of sick version of the principles that the American Revolution rested upon.

The American Revolution was NOT controlled by them, and that was the problem.


These psychofucks were determined to BREAK the American mind, heart, spirit and soul.

To corrupt it. To divide it and turn it against itself.

In short – to do anything that would STOP any real opposition against them.


It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor.
A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution.

— Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia. viii, 405. Ford ed., iii, 268. (1782.)


In 1951 something called the Psychological Strategy Board was formed under the National Security Council, and senior to the CIA, as in they gave them their marching orders. The PSB was bankrolling academia and “psychological” help to exploit “national vulnerabilities” in order to prevent insurgencies or destroy such movements if they were initiated.

In a nutshell, the entire purpose of the PSB was the conducting of covert warfare. Particularly focusing on psychological warfare, against the ‘enemies’ of the slavemasters world-domination plans conducted in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’ – a particularly offensive self-positioning considering what these people truly stood for.

This is where the term War for the Minds of Men comes from.

The PSB, headed by George Morgan, had a secret program called the Doctrinal Program. In a separate document concerning “Annex B” – which is the seriously secret part of the plan – he details some rather key elements to my topic today.

This is dated June 16, 1953 and he starts out referring to that “the clandestine service has concurred” with this final draft – which means the CIA.

Look at page 2, these points in particular:

  • Through non-attributable means encourage and provide for the publication, promotion and/or distribution of such doctrinal materials as would be valuable to this program but which would be substantially less valuable were they clearly attributable to the U.S. Government.
  • Infiltrate individuals into foreign associations and organizations with doctrinal potential (newspapers, universities, etc.) to influence their actions and output.
  • When appropriate stimulate through non-attributable means conferences and public forums on matters of a doctrinal nature.
  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

Deviationist movements such as pro-communism organizations.

By 1955, this had coalesced into official U.S. policy for the next 15 years. A National Security Council (NSC) directive 5412/2 was issued that remained in place all the way until February of 1970.

This directive reiterated previous NSC statements that the overt foreign activities of the U.S. Government should be “supplemented by covert operations.” Authorizing anything from “direct action” (assassination) to creating pseudo-communism fronts in order to infiltrate, derail, and steal recruits from “the Enemy” this directive cannot be understated in its implications.

This over-arcing NSC directive stated, in part, that the CIA was authorized to:

  • Create and exploit problems for International Communism.
  • Discredit International Communism, and reduce the strength of its parties and organization.
  • Reduce International Communist control over any areas of the world.

It frames the purpose of covert operations entirely in terms of opposition to “International Communism”.

An article in the Stanford Daily gives a little known history as to the formation of the Free University. It says that according to Vic Lovell:

It was intended as a cadre training school for Marxist scholarship.

Cadre –

  • a group of activists in a communist or other revolutionary organization.
  • a member of an activist group.

As I said, its a pseudo-communism front group.

The same article also tells us some of who else were involved in the original founding. A rather surprising list considering its now clear subversive intelligence connections. It also forms a convergence point of Scientology and the Unification Church from within the “radical” movement.

The Free U was founded two years ago last spring [meaning 1965] by Barry Greenberg, Roy Kepler*, Georgia Kelly, Anatole Anton, and others.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 153, Issue 10, 9 February 1968

*My Note: Kepler being the owner of Kepler’s bookstore.


At first, their shore story aka goals were loosely stated, marketing consisted of word-of-mouth and a few ads placed in the Stanford Daily (paper of the college) but the main thing was finding a location to deliver.

The anti-university people had good ideas: sick of the way the multiversity had deified its administrators, they affirmed that learning was the important thing, and furthermore, that the line between “faculty” and “student” was unnecessary. Teachers and students should have equal status. In fact a teacher of one Free U. class might easily be a student in one of his own student’s classes. Learning was the issue and everything life had to offer is valid educational experience. Anyone could hold a class on any subject at all; the only qualification to teach a course was interest in the subject matter.

This was the Free University in October 1965: lots of dissatisfaction with the status–quo and much energy available to be spent on changing it.

…We finally landed a two-story house in East Palo Alto. We exterminated and the roaches crawled out of the walls to die–ankle deep on the kitchen floor. About 25 of us formed a work party, hauled trash, cleaned, painted and chopped weeds, until the place looked beautiful.

In the meantime everyone had been working to get classes started. More people became interested in participating in the Free U. Publicity, at this point, consisted of word-of-mouth and notices of meetings–printed in the Stanford Daily and passed out by hand. There was also some attention given to the Free U, by the conservative and ever-threatened-by-20thcentury-ideas Palo Alto Times.

– The Free You: Vol. 3 No. 4, April 1969, pp. 27-28 Remembrances of Susan Bass

Before they began classes, they first put together a circular announcing themselves to the community. The date of the circular is when Lovell and others considered their start “official” – January 10, 1966.

In January 1966 we sent out 100 beautifully hand-written invitations to the town’s most wealthy and/or influential left-wingers, inviting them to a cocktail party. This was for the purpose of introducing the Free University of Palo Alto to the community. Our official beginning was January 10, 1966.

…Classes were meeting in the House, as well as in private homes. The lack of rugs and cozy furniture as well as its ghetto location kept the House from being as much of a center as we had hoped. Many instructors didn’t show up to teach their classes. Other courses folded because of lack of interest or ability on the part of teacher and students.

– The Free You: Vol. 3 No. 4, April 1969, pp. 27-28 Remembrances of Susan Bass

As you can see though, their start was rather ignominious, to say the least.

In February of 1966, they issued a course catalog and a Preamble. One which sounds vaguely communistic to me, striking a chord showing not only its real purpose, but also that there were definite elements within this whole anti-Establishment thing that were actually controlled opposition. Notice how they are “striking” against several vague areas such as “educational establishment” and “Military Establishment” and “big business” – aka Capitalism – and “existing power structure”.

If you read the section of my Psychological Strategy Board article that deals with the origins of those very particular elements of propaganda, you’d know that those are very obvious as to tracking the actual source of who’s really behind this Free U.

Please also notice that NONE of what they are targeting, of course, are the real targets aka the actual slavemasters behind-the-scenes.

The American educational establishment has proved incapable of meeting the needs of our society. The students are not encouraged to think, nor are they afforded meaningful training to help them understand the critical issues confronting mankind today. Bound to the existing power structure and handicapped by modes of thought fostered by big business, by the military establishment, by consensus politics, and by the mass media, it is unable to consider freely and objectively the cultural, economic and political forces so rapidly transforming the modern world. The present educational system, in fact, defends the status quo, perpetuating its evils and perils. The system is incapable of reform; it is no longer receptive to meaningful change. A revolution in American education is required to meet today’ a needs, and a new type of university – a free university must provide the impetus for change.

– The Free You, Winter 1966 catalog and preamble.

Check out the course that Victor Lovell was agent-provocateuring offering.

This course will be concerned with three questions: (1) Who are the social radicals in contemporary America? (2) Who are their critics and opponents? (3) What are the prospects for a social revolution of the younger generation? The psychology of the American Organization will be contrasted with the psychology of the American underground.

Topics to be covered will include the Berkeley Free Speech Movewent, the use of marijuana and psychedelic materials, the social psychology of counter-institutions, and the comparative structure of Contemporary social issues. Wednesday 7:30 P.M.

– The Free You, Winter 1966 catalog and preamble.

Also note the course offering by Roy Kepler of Kepler’s bookstore/hangout where Young Oon Kim of the Unification Church would arrange the selling of the newly CIA spruced up “Divine Principle” – courtesy of Lofland, Stark, and pseudo-Moonie Gordon Ross – all of the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment. Kepler’s bookstore is also where LSD-taking and intelligence-oriented scientologists like Bob Weir, Grace Marie Haddy, Robert (Burns) Hunter were hanging out with Vic Lovell etc. This is the point in time where our Evil Twins #2 lockstep first starts appearing.

Kepler’s course –


An inquiry into the theory, history, and practice of nonviolent resistance; its relationship to peace, freedom, and social justice; its use as a revolutionary world method. Monday 7:30

– The Free You, Winter 1966 catalog and preamble.


Notice the Staff List on p. 8. It has Kepler on it and lists the ubiquitous Victor Lovell as:

Research Associate (Ph.D.) at the Counseling and Testing Center, Stanford university.

– The Free You, Winter 1966 catalog and preamble.


Research associate now, is it?


More like CONVERSION mkultra project study participant.

There’s another name of interest on that staff list – Barry Greenberg –  one of the Free U founders who would soon start an underground newspaper called Midpeninsula Observer.

Co-founded by Barry Greenberg and David Ransom, it was produced by Stanford undergraduate and graduate students opposed to the war in Vietnam. Editorship rotated among a group including Greenberg and Ransom, Randy Bonner, Marlene Charyn, Peter Dollinger, David Shen, Maureen Kulbaitis, and Joanne Wallace. Starting July 7,1967, published roughly biweekly, it would run for a little over 2 years ending with its last issue in November 1969. (It became the Peninsula Observer with the issue of August 12–26,1968).

Its articles attacking the Stanford Research Institute or SRI were pivotal in forcing the severing of Stanford University ties with SRI in 1970. This is not as good as it sounds, however, because that didn’t stop SRI at all. In fact, it expanded exponentially after that. It is very possible that Barry is another controlled opposition participant even in regards to that.

In an October 1968 article in the Stanford Daily by co-editor David Ransom, he stated that the Peninsula Observer is “the local spokesman for the Movement, a loose coalition of the Free University, Palo Alto Resistance, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Peace and Freedom Party and others.

Barry (left) Marlene Charyn (right)


Clearly, this man is definitely acting in some sort of mentoring capacity.

Continuing on that theme, it becomes perhaps more of interest exactly what was the course Greenberg offered at LSD U or “Free U” as one of its very first teachers, put together with the fact that at this time (February 1966) Barry was specifically working on acquiring his doctorate in Political Science at Stanford.


Analysis of the ideas of Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Shuetz, and Merleau-Ponty. Emphasis will be on attempting to relate phenomenological thought to the problems of ethics and political action. Some background in Hegelian, Marxist and existential thought is required. Friday 7:30

– The Free You, Winter 1966 catalog and preamble.

As we documented regarding John Lofland and his “doctorate” work that actually got the Unification Church off the ground, this I’m-working-on-my-doctorate thing is clearly being used as a sort of cover by the CIA (through its front groups like NIMH etc. that it funneled money through) for getting insider research done in areas that they were interested in.

In fact, I would even hazard to guess that it may have even been a “thing” or requirement openly promoted in particular fields of interest like Political Science, Social Scence, Psychology etc., while hiding under a shore story of that doctoral candidates should go out there and “get their hands dirty”.

Think I’m kidding?


Take CIA agent Tom Tripodi, for example.15

He wrote that the CIA (and other agencies) specifically had “spotters” placed as quasi-official recruiters.22 – p. 15

They had “networks” in just about every college in the U.S., comprised an apparatus of college students, professors, and administrators. They were highly protected and very secret.

Our primary mission was to protect the agency’s on-campus recruiting efforts, many of which had been compromised. It was also felt that penetrations of certain dissident groups would provide an early warning signal to alert us to planned actions targeted against our recruitment activities.22 – p. 146

Tripodi also detailed how these people will also specifically funnel large sums of money to “reward” these professors by other means as well. The price is simple. Do the studies they want, to say what they want.

Get the picture?

It may also be of no small interest for you to know that Barry Greenberg was the “coordinator” of The Experiment at Stanford and orchestrated the merging of the two in June of 1967. It was then they became the Midpeninsula Free University or MFU. [Draves, The Free University, pp. 75-89]

In celebration of that event, they sponsored a Be-In with the Grateful Dead etc. (complete with its Scientologist members) at El Camino Park in early July 1967.

Notice the elements in the article that Vic Lovell mentioned that he “pioneered” – light shows, dancing “sensory awareness exercises” (which probably means LSD).

The odd thing, at least to Vic laying claim here (and in other Free You articles) to also pioneering Be-ins, is this. Is he saying that he was involved with the Psychic Rangers – John Starr Cooke and Michael Bowen – arrangement of the first Be-In just a little over six months earlier in January 1967, or is he simply trying to self-aggrandize his actions?

I’ll let you be the judge of that, but there is certainly a striking similarity between the two events.

As one interesting website author put it: It is a little-known fact that an actual doctrine lies at the heart of the counterculture of the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco that emerged in 1967. The author then goes off into Tarot Cards. That’s a “covertext” aka CODE (all Occult is, see library article on that) but I doubt this author even knows about that. Most people don’t.

The point here is that both the CIA asset John Starr Cooke crowd and equally obvious CIA asset Vic Lovell are doing the same thing and they both literally launched the Haight-Ashbury “movement” by their actions this same year.

Cooke had moved to Mexico in 1963, soon followed by his chief “disciple” Michael Bowen. They began the planning stages of having a “great event” for reversing American society’s thought processes. They eventually called this “Reversal USA”. Cooke sent Bowen to Harvard to hook up with Timothy Leary, Frank Barron, Richard Alpert, and Aldous Huxley.

The kid needed some “grooming”.

Couple years go by, then in April 1966 Millbrook was raided by the FBI. Michael Bowen, who was present at the raid, soon left for San Francisco, at John Cooke’s suggestion, where he joined Allen Cohen on the staff of the Oracle, the main counter-culture newspaper of the Haight-Ashbury area (soon to become another psychedelic drug central).

Bowen and Cohen

On 6 October 1966, the day LSD became illegal in California, Cooke spoke to Michael Bowen. He and Allen Cohen had just conducted the Love Pageant Rally, and Bowen phoned Cooke to report on its success. During the conversation they conceived the plan for the Human Be-In.

This was their big-splash event ushering in “Reversal U.S.A.” . Many people contributed to the creation of this grand event, but Bowen was the driving force behind it. They held it on January 14, 1967.


Poster for the First Human Be-In
(by Michael Bowen, Casey Sonnabend and Stanley Mouse)


January 1967, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, USA — Beat poet, Allen Ginsberg addresses the Human Be-In with hippie singers Lenore Kandell, Gary Snyder and Michael Bowen backing him up. Image by © Henry Diltz/CORBIS


Depending on who you read about it, anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 people came to that Be-In in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, including Timothy Leary and The Grateful Dead.

After the Be-In had finished, Bowen phoned Mexico, and both he and Allen Ginsberg reported in to their handler John Starr Cooke. By the way, Cooke also had quite the background with Scientology and Hubbard in the early days, including arranging Rockefeller financing for him. (See Scientology Roots, chapter 9-2)

Last but not least – Do you know why this hand symbol began to be used?

In October 1967 Bowen wrote a letter to the Oracle, exhorting the V-for-Victory hand signal to be adopted by “ALL” as the next step of Reversal USA. It was swiftly taken up and became known as the hippie peace sign.

Let’s have a brief look at what both Scientology and Synanon are doing this same year of 1967 – besides Scientology going “Full Alien” along with the Unification Church as we covered in Evil Twins #1.

Which was a mistake on both their parts.


Never go Full Alien, my son.
Too many holes in our declamatios story.


Scientology conducted its own “Be-In” in 1969 (more on that later). Synanon and the Unification Church were also doing some things that were quite close to the “Be-In” format of the Psychedelic Ranger types like Vic Lovell.

The Unification Church version became T.D.S. Process Positive.

Dederich’s version, based in the occult actually, was called The Trip.23

You can read all about the gory details of Dederich’s adventures in my ref #23 article, but briefly, like L. Ron Hubbard and his you have been chosen personal ‘invitations’ to do his OT Levels – The Trip was first offered as an ‘honor’ for special people.


My invitations –
including to the Xenu and the Galactic Federation OT level III

The Trip was a program of individual emotional breakdowns followed by a mass group euphoria all designed to re-educate individuals into the Synanon II philosophy and lifestyle.

Dederich called it an “insight producing” experience.

Dederich said:

“At the end of this rainbow, there will be a pot of gold. Through dissipation, or long hours of activity without very much sleep, we hope to bring about in you a conscious state of inebriation… we want to get you loaded without acid.

“You will learn more about yourself, your fellow man, the world, the nature of reality in one weekend than you would in four years. “Let your ego go…let things happen to you. It’s a feeling of closeness to each other we are after, the death of the ego. A reference point for the rest of your life. You may change your value system, notions about life and viewpoints about people. It will produce a new breed of human beings with greatly expanded potentials. If you do your best, you can’t fail.” (Tony Lang, Synanon, Morantz archives on Synanon).

In Scientology, Hubbard called this Homo Novis and a magazine called Advance! began promoting stories of ‘super-powers’ gained as a result of his OT levels supposedly.

What you probably didn’t know, is just how tight the Unification Church was with all this with its T.D.S. Process Positive.

Just the next year, 1968, the Oakland faction of the Unification Church headed by Sang-Ik Choi 25 with Yun Soo Lim embarked on their version. Sang-Ik Choi was Genyosha – a secret society with a long history of criminal involvement with the slavemaster plans.

So, take a look at this from November 1968 –

To inspire people further to study with us, we have begun a program similar to that of the New Life Workshop, but with a deeper purpose, It’s called the T.D.S. Process Positive, as Sandy already mentioned before. It takes place on Wednesday night right after night school and should last about two hours. The T.D.S. is a process (Thesis, Division, Synthesis) of exposing to the individual a new ideology which approaches him through positive Family members and strong, positive, aggressive attitudes. In the first stage, thesis, as he enters, we accept the student as a complete person containing within him all the characteristics, likes and dislikes that make him the type of person he is. In Division, as we participate in songs, a play, painting of posters, and discuss the posters already hung on the walls, the individual undergoes changes that will cause him in some way to reconsider his personal beliefs. Thus, a breakdown of some of his false concepts and a buildup of better and more positive ideals is brought about. In synthesis, we all gather into the living room with a more serious attitude and discuss how we felt about the evening. In this stage we consider the individual as a culmination of better principles and therefore a better person than before. He should be inspired to come back and hear a lecture so that he can understand deeper aspects of T. D. S. more thoroughly and realize the depth of the Divine Principle.24

I have it from a reliable source with decades of experience in the Unification Church, that this became the most successful method of recruitment the Moonies had ever had up to this point. By the time that Yun Soo Lim married Moses Durst, who had a degree in Social Psychology and was particularly an Abraham Maslow afficianado (see Maslow in Changing Images of Man.26) she had perfected this method. Between then (1974) and 1980, their Berkeley/Oakland operation was so effective they brought in more people there than the rest of the U.S. combined.

What was their method based on? The Hegelian Dialectic principle, which itself was a rhetoric invention by a fictional character called Plato. This tactic was mostly created to try and figure out how to get certain people off their anti or pro positions that they should not be abandoning.

Rhetoric is defined as the ‘art’ or skill of speaking or writing using language that is deliberately intended to influence people to accept ideas that are not true or rational. In other words – it’s a con.

A rhetorical device (a technique) would be a particularly favored method of accomplishing this con on an audience/reader. Therefore anyone engaging in Rhetoric or Rhetorical Devices is trying to run a con on you.

Put simply, some views do not have a “compromise” or “synthesis” or “middle” ground.

They just don’t.

The Hegelian system following thesis —>anti-thesis—>Synthesis was born as a way to try and de-fuse one’s attacker or opposer by getting them to “change their mind”.

The problem comes in when the attacker is CORRECT to hold the view they do. So, the Hegelian arguer has to LIE and try to throw the attacker or opposing view into DOUBT so they can nudge him over “their” way. Lies about how your view or position is false.

Get it?

So it would go like this.

  • Thesis – let me make you think I accept you and see your view – aka LIE.
  • Anti-thesis – let me breakdown how your view is false or wrong in some way until you LEAN away from the right view – aka LIE
  • Synthesis – let me rebuild you with the proper addition of the views  I want you to have. aka the “New You” that is a LIE.

Look at the Unification T.D.S. method now –

This part is their song-and-dance or smoke-and-mirrors show to try and destabilize the target –

In Division, as we participate in songs, a play, painting of posters, and discuss the posters already hung on the walls…

Hopefully resulting in these –

the individual undergoes changes that will cause him in some way to reconsider his personal beliefs. Thus, a breakdown of some of his false concepts…


Over in Scientology-land, Hubbard and his accolytes had already put a similar drill in place (HCO Policy Letter 23 October 1965) called The Dissemination Drill which operates off these same twisted rhetorical principles. It consisted of approaching the person, being “acceptant” of him, engaging him in conversation and so on or sometimes having him take a rigged psychology test called the OCA, all of which ultimately culminates in “finding his ruin” and then telling him that Scientology can help him with that, and to cement the deal he is shown books, or taken to a lecture etc., to help “rebuild” his new concept of self.


Scientology, Synanon, Unification Church

All three were going for BREAKDOWN

then recruit/rebuild.


Also notice one giant glaring thing about all of these types of “let me convert you” people. They never play it straight.


This website makes some interesting points about the “dialectic” process.

The true dialectic group never reaches a final consensus, for “continual change” is an ongoing process: one step today, another tomorrow. To permanently change the way we think and relate to each other, our leaders must set the stage for conflict and compromise week after week, year after year…They become like boats adrift, always ready to shift with the changing winds and currents…Since the sense of belonging feels good, the threat of group disapproval inhibits members from voicing “offensive” views.

First of all, that “boats adrift” line is the result of what is called the Engineering of Doubt which is necessary to keep people from organizing and directing their attention towards a correct target.

The slavemasters spend a lot of time and effort trying to bring about that very condition. “Boats adrift“, doubt, uncertainty – it’s about what that matters. You’re not supposed to doubt them, you understand. Phil Lesly tells us about this a bit in his Handbook of Public Relations and Communications.

“The weight of impressions on the public must be balanced so people will have doubts and lack motivation to take action. Accordingly, means are needed to get balancing information into the stream from sources that the public will find credible. There is no need for a clear-cut victory. . . . Nurturing public doubts by demonstrating that this is not a clear-cut situation in support of the opponents usually is all that is necessary.”

The last line about the “sense of belonging” is part of William McDougall’s societal punishment and rewards aspect to try and force someone to, again, get off the “offensive” (to them) position.

Secondly, this “continual change” crap is part of why it was key for me to mention that Moses Durst, one of the most successful Unification Church followers ever, was an Abraham Maslow afficianado (bordering on the obsessional, in my opinion).

Maslow was all about the “gradient scale” of progress26 that one must go through. Practically the same year as Maslow came out with that idea, is when L. Ron Hubbard created his Gradient Bridge to Total Freedom in Scientology aka The Bridge which all must progress up. Both Maslow and Hubbard talk about “infinity” valued logic and infinite progression (at great length and ad nauseum).

But, now, where did that idea come from that man had stages that he had to progress through?

McDougall, in 1908.27

This is what’s known as Lampado Tradis or the passing of the light/torch. Maslow, Dederich, Hubbard, Lim and Durst are all just doing an “update” of a slavemaster tactic or view.

Look at what McDougall said again now. He said that man must progress through four stages of development before he can reach “integration” or enlightenment, if you will. “each of which must be traversed by every individual before he can attain the next higher stage.

Then he classified all malfunctioning adults as having not had these stages properly enforced on him by his parents and society, so notice what stage two says.

(2) the stage in which the operation of the instinctive impulses is modified by the influence of rewards and punishments administered more or less systematically by the social environment.

So, see where the anti-thesis step, or how the guys views are wrong and he must be made to see it, comes into play? And yes, you could rightly say that McDougall was a re-boot of Hegel in a very real way. That just underscores my Lampado Tradis point even further.

If you look at the definition of rhetoric again now –

  • the ‘art’ or skill of speaking or writing using language that is deliberately intended to influence people to accept ideas that are not true or rational.

Look at what McDougall said that suggestion is (p. 111)

Suggestion is a process of communication resulting in the acceptance with conviction of the communicated proposition in the absence of logically adequate grounds for its acceptance.

The measure of the suggestibility of any subject is, then, the readiness with which he thus accepts propositions.


Ergo, what would be defined as an extra bad “opponent” in the millieu of this rhetorical device of Hegel’s dialectic? Someone who will not budge off their CORRECT position and accept your “propositions”.

See why all the attention on how to try and undermine that?

Let’s look at this again now too, in light of the “breakdown” process that all four of these movements are doing (including the “hippies”. McDougall gives four areas that he considers affects this suggestibility, but it is the first one that is of interest here –

Greater degrees of suggestibility are due in the main to conditions of four kinds (i) abnormal states of the brain, of which the relative dissociation obtaining in hysteria, hypnosis, normal sleep, and fatigue, is the important;

Exactly what LSD, mescaline, etc. etc. were doing to people in these Be-In’s.

Exactly what Dederich’s The Trip was doing.

Check it out –

The following descriptions are from Paul Morantz’s website primarily.

At 7 p.m. on Fridays the chosen Trippers, around 50 in number, of all ages, were met in the Del Mar lobby by people dressed in long white robes and yellow silk scarves. A Shepherd led them through candle-lit and incense-burning corridors to a locker room filled with rows of Army cots with name cards. Each person stripped and put on white robes. Watches were taken as time was no longer important. Women removed all makeup and jewelry, a symbolic stripping of past selves.

The Guides, all experienced game players, turned each group from enthusiasm to a depression and defeat, wallowing in its collective shame. Sitting in comfortable green armchairs, they made the dope fiends tell their tales of drugs, rape, crime and beatings. The squares were pushed to confess their prior loneliness and despair. The games turned on one than another. Disoriented by lack of sleep, each was moved to the point of intense disillusionment. Aides, who did their homework, provided ammunition to the Conductors on each Tripper. Everyone was to cop-out (confess to past sins).

The result was implantation of a common bond and sense of ideals, all identified with Synanon. Each Tripper was to write a paper on some feeling or admission. A big shot would advise the Trippers they were not really chosen as an honor, but each was really selected because each was a resister, thinking he or she knew better the direction Synanon should go, part of the “dummies that hold Synanon back.

Exactly like Allen Dulles said was the real point of brain washing –

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


Really get what Dederich said there “each was really selected because each was a resister.”  Resisting their thesis, get it? All three of these slavemaster front groups were after those who were not easily suggestible by their usual means. In other words, they couldn’t get you through Churches or other main-line groups. You escaped them, didn’t go for that.

You were not one of the mass sheeps. You were special, in other words.

It’s why I like this t-shirt.


There are two kinds of “resistors” though. Those who are stubborn and right and those who are stubborn and wrong. Which one do you think the slavemasters are in? And yea, that’s my own foregone conclusion kind of leading question.

The bottom line is the people they are really worried about fall into both categories, but they are especially afraid of the first one who really is right, because them? Well, let’s just say they aren’t and they do know it, especially when faced with their Nemesis. Implacable, irreconcilable, will not give them quarter on things they should not be given quarter on. Nemesis.

So, either way, its the relative dissociation aspect of what McDougall said that is the first goal of this rhetorical “suggestion” crap. That’s the anti-thesis part aka GET THE GUY OFF HIS POSITION. At all costs.

With the Ultimate Goal being to have him, as McDougall said – accept propositions that had no logical basis to be accepted.

There is only ONE way any of this could even be attempted to be done and it cannot be done with 100 percent truth.

They have to LIE by omission. LIE outright. LIE with “truths”.


They have to manufacture their opposition.



This is their Achilles Heel.

If they didn’t, there would be no “opposition” needing any compromise, thereby rendering useless the entire Hegelian rhetorical device.

This website got that right too –

Tension… is essential to the dialectic process.…You can’t guide people toward synthesis (compromise) unless there are opposing views — both “thesis and antithesis.”

– – –

Now let’s briefly look at a few key CIA MKULTRA projects that are sitting right behind all this activity by all these front groups, as well, so you can further see just how closely they are all tied together in a kind of lockstep.

These are covered in detail, with all their accompanying declassified documents, in my article titled: Social Science, Mass Conversion and Holy Rollers MkUltra Projects.

For my purposes here I will be just focusing on some key points, starting with Martin Orne’s Sub-project 84. This one began in April 1958 and had twin purposes. Its first purpose (page 2) is described as the: Study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

That is exactly what PSB director George Morgan’s Doctrinal Program was after. Why? Because he was concerned that us resistor smart people held: “a weight and influence in forming, or at least predisposing, the attitudes and opinions of the opinion-molding leaders in an area.”

Going right along with this same area of interest was MKULTRA Sub-project 98 Mass Conversion. Yep, that was its title and it began in August 1959 at Queen’s College in NY, NY and continued well into 1963.

It was billed as a study into the mass psychology involved in brainwashing, mass defection, etc.

You can tell what they are after figuring out to do here, by looking at the “working definition” of conversion given on p. 24 of the documents: a fundamental change (i.e. an about-face) concerning basic moral, religious, or political matters which lasts after the pressure which have induced it are removed. (underlining is as in document)

This definition should allow one to relate “conversion” to attitude change, on the one hand, and personality change, on the other.

[…] A second working assumption is to be made: mass conversion is a collective affair inasmuch as those influenced also influence one another. It is not simply a series of parallel changes that take place in a plurality of individuals under similar pressures. On the contrary, snowball-like effects are postulated.

This means the powers-that-be are looking in to how to use others to influence an individual. You can also see why they would want to foster some cults for the same purposes.

The doctors involved wanted to know 3 things.

  • who is susceptible
  • under what conditions are changes effected
  • what is the nature of the change.

Notice that the first priority is susceptibility – aka suggestibility, just like we just talked about. They said they wanted to figure out if that’s simply because the person is wishy-washy because they don’t have a strong commitment to anything or whether it’s because of “the existence of a submerged side of the “divided” self which the experience or crisis merely brings to the fore” aka they are a secret strongly opinionated rebel.

They want to know the conditions of conversion. Examining types of pressures such as: the advance preparation, warm-up and gimmickry which precede the appeal as well as the “impact of public images” and an act being “defined by others as a conversion.”

Most importantly, they want to know how permanent change is achieved. Does a permanent reorganization of beliefs require “sustained group support” – that’s those specific interpersonal relationships – and if without it “does the individual’s enthusiasm and group enthusiasm experience a natural let-down.”

By this time, after all the research during WWII as “personality assessment” and all the horrendous experiments having been conducted under the guise of “mental health treatment”, they had decided that the following items had been “found effective in bringing about a basic change in social role

Bolding is mine –

  • a – hypnosis and suggestion
  • b – therapy, the sustained mobilization of affect.
  • c – “ascription” the signification of change of status as a result of initiation ceremonies, specific experiences, etc. which legitimate the acceptance of a new role in the eyes of others.
  • d – persuasion, the susceptibility to rational argument by appeals to interests and dispositions in a person…
  • e – enforced isolation, individual confinement and all techniques whereby perception and information can be made homogenous and monopolized, minimizing any competing influences.
  • f – stress, [illegible – action?] and the threat of severe punishment – all of which act to change the reward structure.

In this MKULTRA project, they wanted to analyze all the above in regard to two things – the personality types on whom they are most effective and the permanence of the changes produced.

See how these cults/front groups are completely providing the “laboratory” for all this?

There was an interesting article published in 1970 in Psychoanalytic Review by T. Sarbin and N. Adler: Self-reconstitution processes: a preliminary report where it cites Synanon as doing many of the items laid out as necessary to ‘conversion processes’. You can read more about that here but both Scientology and the Unification Church were doing these too.

Sarbin and Adler wrote that such ritual behavior concentrates the subject on the objects, goals and means of conversion and prepares the actor for the stripping of his past status. The conversion, through symbolic death and rebirth, creates new concepts and sources of information from which a person will make a decision regarding action.

Hegelian dialectic. Again.

Note the similarity in the “steps” that correspond with Scientology’s Dissemination Drill, the Unification Church’s T.D.S., Synanon’s The Trip, and the “Hippy Movement” tricks of Vic Lovell that we’ve covered so far.

Once contact is made – the thesis part – the first step, said Sarbin-Adler, is an organized and planned physical and/or psychological assault (symbolic death) on the individual creating confusion about self and beliefs.

The next step is a ritualized surrendering ceremony. After reaching rock bottom one renounces their prior self and avoids the humiliation and degradation through rebirth into group acceptance.

Note: This is Scientology’s finding the guy’s ruin drill on the light side, but on the darker side this is definitely what goes on in it’s similar harsh re-education process called the RPF or Rehabilitation Project Force where they have something called the “Truth Rundown”. You can watch a video about it here.

Note – this is all also very, very Catholic, and that’s the real roots of this kind of ‘conversion’. Let me call your attention to some key points of Catholic catechism.

Rock bottom is a way of life with these people.

cuz im crazy baby come save me

And to keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me, to keep me from being too elated. Three times I besought the Lord about this, that it should leave me;  but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” I will all the more gladly boast of my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities; for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Notice that they ALL need people to be in that condition.

In fact, it’s even said that propaganda (and ergo “conversion” processes) won’t work on someone who is stable and happy, and especially someone who isn’t ‘into’ the whole social bs that slavemasters so love.

It can have no influence when the individual is stabilized, relaxing in his slippers in the midst of total security.

Propaganda can play only on individuals more or less intensely involved in social currents. The isolated mountaineer or forester, having only occasional contact with society at the village market, is hardly sensitive to propaganda. For him it does not even exist. He will begin to notice it only when a strict regulation imposed on his activities changes his way of life, or when economic problems prevent him from selling his products in the usual way. This clash with society may open the doors to propaganda, but it will soon lose its effect again in the silence of the mountain or the forest.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.

OK, so the last step in this ‘conversion’ Sarbin and Adler is the re-education process. The group provides role models and identifies conditions that demand compliance under the scrutiny of those with the power to enforce proper behavior.

Now that’s a perfect example of what propaganda is supposed to do, which is what’s actually being done here.

To be effective, propaganda must constantly short-circuit all thought and decision.

It must operate on the individual at the level of the unconscious.

He must not know that he is being shaped by outside forces (this is one of the conditions for the success of propaganda), but some central core in him must be reached in order to release the mechanism in the unconscious which will provide the appropriate — and expected — action.

Moreover, the action-reflex obtained by propaganda is only a beginning, a point of departure; it will develop harmoniously only if there is an organization in which (and thanks to which) the proselyte becomes militant.

….Through organization…he is actually transformed into a religious man…

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


Re-Education – besides the obvious shades of ominous “camps” circa 1950s Maoist/Communist “brainwashing” propaganda invoked by the term, the term happens to be exactly what this “new” T.D.S. or “Dialectical Unification Principle” was even called within the Unification Church.

Now…about those Human Be-In’s that Scientologists keep ending up mixed up in.


They were paralleling, or lock-stepping with those movements.

A Scientology Guardian’s Office intelligence executive named Bob Thomas would clearly describe the very idea that Dederich had also embarked on with his The Trip, where Dederich was experimenting with ‘environmental manipulations’ to try and recreate an LSD trip.

What Bob Thomas said, I call a fit of truth-telling on his part, because he essentially calls Scientology’s auditing sessions:  “LSD for your mind.”

“The drug experience,” he explained in a manner which was frank and direct, using Scientology’s private lingo sparingly, “produces a kind of artificially induced insight into some of the more metaphysical aspects of man’s consciousness.

But it’s very frustrating because it is limiting, and now here’s Scientology, a drugless psychedelic – using, the exact meaning of the word *psychedelic*, which is soul expanding – which deals in the very same insights without drugs.

We provide the philosophical background which can be understood by young people who have taken drugs and have seen the dead end of drugs, but who are still haunted by the visions they saw.

Scientology is a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis, by natural means.”

– Bob Thomas, as quoted by George Malko in Scientology, The Now Religion1970


And we know what those “insights” are now, don’t we.


Looking at the 4 movements on this “lsd trip” point altogether now, we have:

  • Synanon – Dederich had begun his own experimenting with emotional and environment manipulations trying to recreate the (LSD) purgation for others.
  • Scientology – is a drugless psychedelic (LSD) a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis…
  • Unification Church – (drugless psychedelic) “re-education” “cause him in some way to reconsider his personal beliefs…a breakdown of some of his false concepts…” accepting of the Divine Principle and “re-educated” into being a new, better person.
  • Hippy Movement – Use LSD to open your mind, expand your mind, change the way you view the world, Integrated Personality ala William McDougall.

The total lock-step parallels of these four supposedly ‘different’ groups movements is now incredibly clear.

On that note –

Let’s come back to the time of Vic Lovell’s July ’67 Human Be-In – because we’re about to head into the time period when both Scientology and the Unification Church hook up with his front group, thereby putting all three movements in one place.

I suppose I should mention that a few months earlier, Lovell tried out his first parallel Cooke/Bowen Be-In when he arranged a “Flower Festival” in May of 1967 on Mother’s Day.

The Flower Festival, an event modeled after the San Francisco Be-In

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 151, Issue 59, 12 May 1967

There had been some cranky articles in The Stanford Daily around the time of the first Be-In and I think that had some bearing on the “need” for this second attempt.

Here’s one example.

FUPA Corrections Editor, The Daily: The report in Tuesday’s Daily that Stanford graduate students have started the Free University of Palo Alto states much less than the whole truth. While proposals for a free university originated in a subcommittee of the GCC last May, in the realizing of the idea local citizens have contributed a great deal. Indicative of this is the fact that out of the thirty courses offered in our tentative catalogue, only twelve are being conducted by Stanford grad students. FUPA has been anxious to base itself in the community and to dissociate itself from Stanford. No meeting of FUTPA has ever been held on campus. There are no fees for students as you report. Both teachers and students, as well as teacher-stu-dents. pay quarterly membership dues. Finally, FUPA is an informal name. Our legal name is Association for a Free University, Palo Alto. K. D. LOWE, Member, Steering Committee Association for a Free Univ., Palto Alto

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 151, Issue 62, 17 May 1967

So Vic gets a little more sophisticated for the July Be-In – he brings in the Grateful Dead complete with Robert (Burns) Hunter just back from recovering from Meth addiction in Santa Fe.34

The highlight of the afternoon came at 4:30 when the Grateful Dead stepped on stage. As the group launched into “Dancing in the Street,” the crowd of 4,000 moved closer to the stage. After coaxing from the “Dead,” some of the crowd started dancing in a large circle, holding hands and swirling around. Snake dance lines wound through the crowd while tamborines, marracas, kazoos, and bells kept the beat of the music. The “Dead” kept up the performance for about a half hour, and then promised to come back for more. After they left the stage, the audience settled down and listened to some blues and more psychedelic music from the other bands. – The Stanford Daily, Volume 151A, Issue 3, 4 July 1967

Pics from the Be-In


The other thing this event signified was the merging of Lovell’s Free University and The Experiment which had happened just the week prior to this Be-In.

We’ll go into that in a little more detail now.

The newly merged Free University of Palo Alto and the Experiment will climax a week-long registration drive Sunday with a Be-in festival. The Be-in, scheduled for 1 p.m. at El Camino Park, across from the Stanford Shopping Center, will feature four bands, dancing, and possibly a free dinner. The dinner may be provided by the Diggers, but no definite plans have been made. The Grateful Dead, the Anonymous Artists of America, the New Delhi River Band, and the Good Word are among the bands expected to participate in the Sabbath fracus. Dancing and Awareness

Be-in sponsors have promised group activities, including improvisational dancing and possible sensory awareness exercises. In addition, the seminar leaders of the various Experiment-Free University summer courses will be introduced. The Experiment and the Free University merged last week due to their similar views of the radical community, according to the Experiment’s coordinator, Barry Greenberg. [Reminder: Barry was staff at the Free U since 1966] Both groups are participating in the registration drive. The Free University was formed about two years ago and The Experiment was established on campus last September. New Courses Several new courses have been added to the curriculum. John Green and Mike Miller will lead a workshop in writing lyrics for blues, folk and rock songs. Another course, taught by the Magic Theater Light Company, will introduce its students to light shows. The third is “Spanish for Revolutionaries.” Sunday’s Be-in will be the second of the year for the Palo Alto area, following the one held during spring quarter. Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, has become famous during the past year for its Sunday afternoon Be-ins.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 151A, Issue 2, 30 June 1967

Just after the Be-In, the Free University had a general meeting on July 10 where they voted to “recommit” to the principles on which they were founded. This is also when it started to become called the Mid-Peninsula Free University or MPU to better reflect their “new” status after the merger with the Bary Greenberg group.

Alan Traister has been elected coordinator of the Free University by the members present at a general meeting on July 10. A separate vote was taken in regard to Free University involvements in the issues of our times. It was voted to recommit the Free University to the principles on which it was founded. These are: radical criticism of the existing educational process and university institutions as well as identifying itself with the broad, radical critique of American Society, as embodied in the civil rights and peace movements, and from which Free Universities across the country have sprung.

– Free You, July 18, 1966, Volume 1, No. 5

By the Fall 1967, enrollment at LSD “U” – the Free University – was 650.

Traister was replaced by Lovell as “Coordinator” of MFU December 3, 1967 and with Vic now officially taking the helm, so to speak, some things began to change.

Under Lovell directly now, enrollment by a year later it had risen to over 1200, where it remained until 1970 when the MFU “changed in character” and pretty much faded away. Why? Because of the backlash of what their activities had wrought. Slavemasters aren’t too forgiving when you allow one of their controlled opposition operations, like Lovell was running, to actually work or worse – be exposed as a front for intelligence operations.

In early 1968, there is a very interesting line in yet another “affirmation” going on within MFU. (they’re always “affirming” things)

Therefore we affirm:

[…] That the most revolutionary thing we can do is think for ourselves and regain contact with our vital centers…that the natural state of man is ecstatic wonder.

Winter Quarter 1968 catalog.


Why that is very interesting is that here’s another place that is perfectly lining up under McDougall’s 1908 book sixty years later. They (slavemasters) are consistent like this, very much so. You could say they kind of specialize in it. For the naysayers out there that like to fall for the line “things have changed” or “things have moved on”? Don’t be an idiot. These people NEVER change their basic plan. They simply change presentation, cultural adaptation, and even verbiage. They haven’t changed it for over 500 years, what the hell makes you think they’d change it now? Enuf said.

Now look at what McDougall said is one of the “seven instincts” –

p. 71

The Instinct of Curiosity and the Emotion of Wonder

For its impulse is to approach and to examine more closely the object that excites it. . .the main source of intellectual energy and effort; to its impulse we certainly owe most of the purely disinterested labours of the highest types of intellect. It must be regarded as one of the principal roots of both science and religion.

p. 328

these great socialising forces were supplemented by the impulses of curiosity or wonder

Lovell saying that is the “natural state of man” – rather than being a “Gee, that sounds kind of good.” becomes more of a “Hey! They’re trying to sell us on this Eugenics/Evolution crap again!”

– – –

One of THE biggest front groups for controlling youth in America and around the world – the National Student Association – had just been badly exposed in early 1967, with the fall-out from that still being felt a year later. Neil Salonen had been brought into to take the Unification Church in a new direction in America, forming the FLF.

Both the Unification Church and the Church of Scientology enter the quest to gain college students (to control them and distract them WAY off lines) fray now.

The Uni’s new “indirect approach” or T.D.S. method is unveiled in November 1968 when they start trying to cloak themselves under Philosophy and university auspices with free MFU courses.

That is exactly what PSB director George Morgan’s Doctrinal Program was after. Why? Because he was concerned that us resistor smart people held: “a weight and influence in forming, or at least predisposing, the attitudes and opinions of the opinion-molding leaders in an area.”

Young Oon Kim, of the Unification Church, had already been tasked to work on this (not exactly her favorite thing) earlier in 1968. A letter she wrote in March to David Flores is quite illustrative of the “get those college students” intent.

Many working in America have tried to find a more broad method to appeal to the American populace. I encountered the same problem many times, and I felt that I would like to change the terminology which seems to be distasteful to the ears of ordinary people. If the Divine Principle is distasteful to the ears of urban Americans, it is just as distasteful to urban Koreans.

She goes on at some length about if we change it to fit this, then that person won’t like it, a sort of endless logic loop, and then says:Toward whose viewpoint should we modify the Principle?

After much philosophizing and pontification over the wonderfulness of the Principle, she reveals that:

However, I have been encouraging members to use diverse, creative methods in contacting people and introducing them to the Principle.That is what will become T.D.S. Positive.

Young Oon Kim has orders you see, and she doesn’t like them one bit, so can’t resist a bit of a rant at having to now start appealing to Americans (particularly college students) because…well, have a look.

As I have said many times before, we are now building the foundation of the new America. If we make all effort to obtain great numbers of wishy-washy people without true understanding of the Principle, we can never build a firm foundation. God can never trust those people. Do you think this is the success of our movement? We are to establish an unwavering tradition and a precise, clear pattern of life for our posterity to follow unmistakenly so that things can be established. When our vertical relationship with God and with our Leader is firmly established our movement should expand horizontally. Can this be done with half-baked people?

Wishy-washy people. Half-baked people. Not real happy about her new assignment, is she? But, she bit the bullet and did it, and that’s where MSU comes in.

By the way, going right along with this same area of interest was MKULTRA Sub-project 98 Mass Conversion. Yep, that was its title and it began in August 1959 at Queen’s College in NY, NY and continued well into 1963.

It was billed as a study into the mass psychology involved in brainwashing, mass defection, etc.

You can tell what they are after figuring out to do here, by looking at the “working definition” of conversion given on p. 24 of the documents: a fundamental change (i.e. an about-face) concerning basic moral, religious, or political matters which lasts after the pressure which have induced it are removed. (underlining is as in document)

This definition should allow one to relate “conversion” to attitude change, on the one hand, and personality change, on the other.

[…] A second working assumption is to be made: mass conversion is a collective affair inasmuch as those influenced also influence one another. It is not simply a series of parallel changes that take place in a plurality of individuals under similar pressures. On the contrary, snowball-like effects are postulated.

This means the powers-that-be are looking in to how to use others to influence an individual. You can also see why they would want to foster some cults for the same purposes.

The doctors involved wanted to know 3 things.

  • who is susceptible
  • under what conditions are changes effected
  • what is the nature of the change.

Notice that the first priority is susceptibility – aka suggestibility, just like we just talked about. They said they wanted to figure out if that’s simply because the person is wishy-washy because they don’t have a strong commitment to anything or whether it’s because of “the existence of a submerged side of the “divided” self which the experience or crisis merely brings to the fore” aka they are a secret strongly opinionated rebel.

Now take a look at this again from the Uni Church in November 1968 –

To inspire people further to study with us, we have begun a program similar to that of the New Life Workshop, but with a deeper purpose, It’s called the T.D.S. Process Positive, as Sandy already mentioned before. It takes place on Wednesday night right after night school and should last about two hours. The T.D.S. is a process (Thesis, Division, Synthesis) of exposing to the individual a new ideology which approaches him through positive Family members and strong, positive, aggressive attitudes. In the first stage, thesis, as he enters, we accept the student as a complete person containing within him all the characteristics, likes and dislikes that make him the type of person he is. In Division, as we participate in songs, a play, painting of posters, and discuss the posters already hung on the walls, the individual undergoes changes that will cause him in some way to reconsider his personal beliefs. Thus, a breakdown of some of his false concepts and a buildup of better and more positive ideals is brought about. In synthesis, we all gather into the living room with a more serious attitude and discuss how we felt about the evening. In this stage we consider the individual as a culmination of better principles and therefore a better person than before. He should be inspired to come back and hear a lecture so that he can understand deeper aspects of T. D. S. more thoroughly and realize the depth of the Divine Principle.24

And right about now…

The courses at MSU begin.

Have a look at the Fall 1968 catalog cover – nude students with beads and flowers – Adam and Eve – positioned against students in cap and gown.

Not real subtle, is it? It’s like propaganda-for-dummies or something. Wow.

Now let’s look at the Summer 1968 catalog which is where we first see our two Evil Twins start to show up.

Look at p. 16. We see the Grateful Dead’s…(and then scientologist) Bob Weir! He’s a “guest participant” of a Political Organization or PO course given by Roy Kepler.


We will conduct an inquiry into non-violence and its social organization, and attempt to develop theoretical and practical alternatives to violence and its organization. There will be recommended and required reading. In cooperation with the Peace Games Committee, there will be a weekend workshop in non-violent civilian defense, which will provide focus for testing ideas techniques. Guest participants will include Ira Sandperl and Bob Weir. The first meetings will be held Wednesday, July 3, at 932 Parma Way, Los Altos. Call 941-0149 if you need a ride or for further information.


What do we see introducing this Politics section? A seriously blatant portrayal of a Black activist/Black Panther group positioning, literally right out of CIA agent Tom Tripodi’s description of one of the main targets of Operation Chaos – BLACK student activists. This is just gross.

Look at the pic –


Operation CHAOS

Note: which certainly looks like the cover image of this Spring 1969 catalog.


CIA man – James Jesus Angleton (left)


Let’s take a moment here and discuss what’s going on with this shift happening in this LSD U – as I call it – front group. In my post: The Use of the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory – By Who, When, and WHAT it distracted from I go into the fact that Tom Tripodi had been tasked to head up the initial stages of the later dubbed CIA op: Operation CHAOS. This was in response to the 1967 exposure of the National Student Association as being a total front group for the CIA ever since its inception in 1946.

On August 15 of 1967, James Jesus Angleton authorized Richard Ober, who had been running the anti-Ramparts operation, to “disrupt the enemy at home.”

The new mandate went beyond intelligence gathering, and included “the entire anti-war press and some 500 newspapers.” The operation, code-named MH/CHAOS, did not stop at the water’s edge: “MH” indicated that it was worldwide.

From p. 688 of  CIA Intelligence Collection About Americans: CHAOS and The Office of Security

Operation CHAOS was not an intelligence mission sought by the CIA. Presidents Johnson and Nixon pressed the Director of CIA, Richard Helms, to determine the extent of hostile foreign influence on domestic unrest among students, opponents of the Vietnam war, minorities and the “New Left.” By all the testimony and available evidence, it was this pressure which led to the creation and expansion of a special office in the CIA to coordinate the efforts to respond.

The decisions to initiate the CHAOS program and, subsequently, to expand the effort, were made in the context of increasing domestic unrest in the United States.

The nonviolent policy of civil rights efforts in the first half of the Sixties was being challenged by militant “Black Power” advocates urging confrontation with the white majority. On July 29,1967, following serious disturbances in the Nation’s cities, which comprised the worst period of racial riots in American history, President Johnson had established the National  Commission on Civil Disorders (the “Kerner Commission”) to investigate their origins. (Executive Order No. 11365,7/29/67.)

Note – The program did not become known as “CHAOS” until a year after its inception.

Targets of Operation CHAOS within the antiwar movement included:

  •    Students for a Democratic Society
  •    Black Panther Party
  •    Young Lords
  •    Women Strike for Peace
  •    Ramparts Magazine

What was kept secret, and not entered into this senate investigation record, was that it was CIA (and Catholic) agent Tom Tripodi that was heading the Special ops part of things. I figured that out and put it together.

From Tripodi and Disorio – Crusade: Undercover Against the Mafia and KGB, 1993; page 150 – He refers to his boss as James Angleton, chief of the Counter-intelligence staff.

On page 146 he writes –

In August 1967, I transferred back to the Washington, D.C., area.

This time I was assigned to headquarters at Langley. I became chief of the Special Operations Branch of a division (the name of which is still classified) responsible for extralegal domestic covert activities.

The plaque over my office door read C/SOB, initials that gave my detractors ample ammunition.

The SOB was an outgrowth of counterintelligence efforts that had been implemented during the construction of the Langley headquarters complex. To protect against the covert installation of monitoring equipment and remotely controlled explosive devices, workers in the building trades had been recruited to keep an eye on things. When the construction of Langley was completed and these assets drifted off to other jobs, many were kept on retainer. They could be called upon at any time to aid with counterintelligence surveillances from within the cover of their real jobs. In addition to construction workers, the agency also retained those engaged in other professions, such as taxi drivers and trash-removal services.

…I inherited the apparatus of tradesmen and other blue-collar workers that was already in place. I also was given the task of putting together a new nationwide apparatus of college students, professors, and administrators to deal with the growing wave of anti-Vietnam War and anti-Johnson administration demonstrations. Our primary War and anti-Johnson administration demonstrations. Our primary mission was to protect the agency’s on-campus recruiting efforts, many of which had been compromised. It was also felt that penetrations of certain dissident groups would provide an early warning signal to alert us to planned actions targeted against our recruitment activities.


Tripodi specifically talks about infiltrating the Black Panthers on this same page –

One of the groups that we penetrated was the Washington, D.C. , chapter of the Black Panthers. We were able to determine its plans for operations during the civil rights riots of 1967 and 1968, giving us the ability to advise local and brother federal authorities prior to their implementation. We also learned that the Panthers were stockpiling a large cache of weapons and explosives at a house on 16th Street, N. W. This information was also turned over to the appropriate agencies that had the authority to take the required action.


He talks about using private investigation agencies as fronts to hide his agents –

In our division, there was also a branch that handled covert domestic investigations. To augment their activities, the branch’s staff actually set up a national network of private investigating offices as a cover for their work. They ran into problems, however, when walk-in customers, totally unaware of their true purpose, retained their services.


On page 148, he exposes that he had Howard Hunt etc. working for him –

While I was chief of the Special Operations Branch, some of the guys who later would be bagged in the Watergate affair worked for me. I understand that when I left the agency, most of the functions of the SOB were transferred to a unit supervised by E. Howard Hunt, another Watergate figure.

Note: Hunt and Lucein Conein were all mixed up with the drug-smuggling rings going all the way back to OSS China days with Paul Helliwell. A nasty mess all by itself. But more importantly, they also ended up in the same place that Tripodi did in 1968 – in the new BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics) where Conein engaged in deliberately obstructing any real investigations into the heroin trade. Talk about the fox guarding the chickens…


One of the more fascinating things about Tripodi’s work in the BNDD when he transferred there in 1968, is that he was trying to shut down the heroin trade coming into the U.S., not realizing that he was stepping all over the you-know-whats of the combined British intelligence-Vatican-America sanctioned drug smuggling. But what’s interesting about that is that this “we found arms at the Black Panthers” idea was a total CIA planted agent-provocateur activity.

The Paris Brigade of Intelligence and Intervention, nicknamed Le Mouel’s Brigade, was formed in 1964 by Francois Le Mouel to disrupt an armed robbery ring. In November of 1965 they supposedly ‘tripped over’ the fact that Lyon Gang members were smuggling heroin on biweekly flights to New York. This being, of course, part of the CIA-MI6 driven Corsican Network that they supposedly ‘tripped over’.

Where was most of that heroin to New York going? To Harlem, and it was no accident.

When a group later formed to expose this directed abuse of black persons, called the Black Panthers, lengths were gone to in order to discredit, harass, jail, and even kill these people that are still almost unbelievable. One of the things done was to sic the IRS on them!

My Nixon and the IRS target list post documents that the December 5, 1974 issue of Jet magazine listed 33 Black organizations investigated by the IRS Special Services Staff. One of which was the Black Panthers.

The guy that started the Black Panthers was not like that, you know, not some kind of crazed gun-toting maniac from what I can tell. In fact, Tom Tripodi knew just how anti-drug stance this man was –

page 178 –

The Black Panthers were the focus of Phase Four. However, they were not the targets. Instead, we planned to use them as our means of implementation-albeit without their knowledge.

At that particular time, the Panthers in New York were dead set against drugs. They had rightly identified illegal drugs as one of the major threats to the overall welfare of black urban communities. Not interested in working within the structure of the established legal system-a system they felt had disenfranchised blacks-they had adopted a vigilante stance toward drug traffickers on the streets of New York City. Never shy about converting their rhetoric into action, the Panthers had identified and beaten up a number of dope peddlers.

We planned to have two black undercover agents approach the Panthers and offer them some money. They’d say that they represented a group of wealthy Midwest industrialists who had heard about the Panthers’ antidrug activities. The industrialists wanted to help financially, but of course, they also wanted to remain completely anonymous. The industrialists were even in a position, via their two representatives, to point out likely targets.

But, Tripodi’s plan of HELPING the Black Panthers in New York (where the main heroin dumping was going on) mysteriously gets shut down.

page 179 –

The four-phase plan was ready, but the bureaucracy was not. Once we had secured White House funding and Justice Department approval for the plan, Director Ingersoll asked me to brief a group of about fourteen division heads at a staff meeting. I knew then and there that the plan was dead. The BNDD was fairly new, but it had its share of old-line guys who had come over from the FBN. They were damned if anybody besides them was going to do something like this. They certainly weren’t going to permit someone out of Intelligence to implement such a plan. They put pressure on me to go into Enforcement. That would have fit better on the organization chart.

The petty jealousies and protectionist attitudes gradually eviscerated the original plan to the point where it wasn’t worth implementing.

We had to abort before we ever began.

And the leader of the New York Black Panthers (a former football star I believe) was then eventually assassinated, supposedly by crazed drug-addicts. Which I don’t believe for a second.

Tripodi, a devout Catholic, had trouble facing what was right in front of his face. That this was all being sanctioned by the highest levels of his own Church (especially) and by factions in both British and American intelligence. It’s really sad to watch someone be used and so betrayed like that. It really is. He seemed like a decent guy.

Let’s look at a mini-timeline of events for 1967 – the same year that the use of the National Student Association as a CIA front controlled through the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) gets exposed in the press. This is from my Dismantling of the Guardian Office (of scientology) library article.

1967 –

  • L. Ron Hubbard leaves Saint Hill (under a nice intelligence cover of being “kicked out” by Britain) and off he and his merry band of dupes go on their mission tasks for Miles Copeland etc.
  • General Ouane Rattikone’s labs are turning out heroin in quantity for the Big 3 drug-traffickers, and with unusually high quality. Most of it ends up in New York, in Harlem. 35,000 addicts, almost half of what it was nation-wide.
  • The Black Panthers were correctly and publicly blaming the CIA for Harlem’s heroin epidemic.
  • The youth of America, and many adults were correctly protesting the Vietnam War as being a horrifyingly destructive farce and not what it was said to be about.
  • Operation Phoenix organized the torture and murder of any Vietnamese suspected of the slightest association with Vietcong – who were rebelling against the slavemasters and their obsessive drug-smuggling and, of course, were therefore positioned as “communist”. According to Colby’s own testimony before a Senate committee, 20,857 Vietcong were murdered in Phoenix’s first two years. The figure of the South Vietnamese government for the same period was over 40,000. Colby euphemistically referred to this as pacification and Lucien Conein described it succinctly as: “If you don’t do what I want, you’re VC.”
  • The Thai and Vietnam people are correctly fighting against what is being done to their countries with all this nasty drug trafficking going on. To try and stop this ‘rebellion’, William Colby and Lucien Conein launch Operation Phoenix. “Phoenix,” [Ed Murphy] said, “was a bounty-hunting program — an attempt to eliminate the opposition. By which I mean the opposition to us, the Americans, getting what we wanted. Which was to control the Vietnamese through our clients — the Diems, the Kys, the Thieus.”
  • March – CIA officer James Angleton imported Colby and Conein’s Operation Phoenix tactics into the Special Operations Division (Security Research Services) specifically to destroy groups like the Black Panthers. Re-named Operation Chaos – it was designed to connect foreign enemies with leaders in the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements. They fabricated documents, planted agent-provocateurs and published false news articles. Chaos opened files on some 300,000 American enemies. In conjunction with military intelligence, the CIA pursued those it considered most dangerous, while the FBI created Operation Hoodwink in a coordinated effort with the CIA.
  • FBN and CIA agent Tom Tripodi was transferred to James Angleton’s Special Operations Division, where Chaos was headquartered. His cover was with a private security firm.
  • The Turkish government announced plans to reduce, and eventually abolish, opium production. $3 million of U.S. taxpayer money was contributed  to build up a special 750-man police narcotics unit, finance research for substitute crops, and improve the ‘managerial efficiency’ of the government regulatory agency, the Turkish Marketing Organization. Since Turkey’s poppy fields were the major source of raw materials for Marseille’s heroin laboratories, the impact of the Turkish government’s declaration was obvious as to any remnants of the Corsican network.
  • Southeast Asia was busily growing more than 70 percent of the world’s illicit opium, and the Chinese laboratories in Hong Kongstill under British nobility control, you understand – were producing some of the finest heroin in the world.
  • Beginning of fake ‘war on drugs’ –  while they’re covertly building the new drug distribution network.
  • May 10 – on orders from the CIA, which his family had tight connections to by blood and by marriage Billy Mellon-Hitchcock poured over $5,000,000 into unregistered “letter stocks” (the kind that aren’t traded publicly but tend to show dramatic gains on paper) associated with the Mary Carter Paint Company. It was the single largest chunk of money raised by Resorts International.
  • Paul Helliwell’s accounts (especially Resorts International) start getting used to launder money for the ‘busted’ – but actually covertly taken over – Fassler/Perez drug trafficking network (and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love)
  • Billy Mellon Hitchcock gets assigned to be the go-between for drug distribution groups such as the Brotherhood and their offshore accounts. He justified his actions to himself by considering that he was some kind of hero – a modern day “Robin Hood”.
  • The Brotherhood of Eternal Love begins trafficking hashish out of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Glenn Lynd and two other brotherhood members traveled to Afghanistan in search of a permanent source of supply for brotherhood hashish. An arrangement was made utilizing dual BND/CIA agent and Kabul Station chief, Paul Emerson Knight’s asset – the Tokhi brothers. Aman Tokhi worked as a janitor at the U.S. Embassy, although he referred to his position as ‘maintenance supervisor’. The Brotherhood had many ties to the CIA through Timothy Leary, Billy Mellon/Hitchock, Richard Helms/Paul Helliwell and the Castle Bank – and CIA agents Terrence Burke and Paul Emerson Knight, our CIA agents who later posed as BNDD employees to ‘control corruption” come in.They started out by hiding quantities of 15 to 20 pounds of the drug within the interiors of fiberglass surfboards which they manufactured – the idea of Brotherhood member Mike Hynson. Glenn Lynd and the two other Brotherhood members purchased 125 pounds of high-quality Afghanistan hashish from their suppliers in Afghanistan for $15 a pound and smuggled it back into California where they sold it for $900 a pound.
  • December – Mary Carter Paint completed construction of the Paradise Island Hotel and Villas.

1967 happens to also be when Neil Salonen of the Unification Church (soon to bump out Young Oon Kim and become President of it) walks in the door, literally and asks to see their “business plan”. (as per his later wife Rebecca Salonen).

Then, when Angleton and Ober had greatly expanded their activities in the new Special ops division, by the fall of 1969 and the winter of 1970 Salonen was out scouting the hard-line anti-Communist groups in D.C. This was all part of positioning the protesters here in 1969 as being COMMUNIST.

The fruits of his labor were winning the friendship and support of several influential men, including David Martin, the late Senator Dodd’s foreign affairs assistant (later a member on the staff of the Senate’s Internal Security Committee), Dolph Droge and Sven Kramer, Nixon’s special assistants on Vietnam and Charles Stephens, an independently wealthy man in his early thirties, who devoted a good deal of his time to promoting aggressive war policies through ad hoc groups of his own creation on campuses throughout the country.

– My Four and One Half Years with The Lord of The Flies by Alan Tate Wood


Note: There is evidence to suggest that it was this David Martin who sent Neil Salonen into the Unification Church in the first place.

This whole massive intelligence-gathering project by the CIA under MH Chaos was eventually exposed as part of the digging into the records of the CIA MKULTRA project and other deep-intelligence activities at the Senate Hearings of the 1974 period.


So, this OPERATION MH – meaning worldwide – CHAOS was running right now in time, and this LSD U is right in the thick of things, as are both the scientologists and the moonies.

You get the picture, now.


Getting back to this propaganda dog’s breakfast Spring 1969 catalog –

On p. 18 – Vic’s ideas are taking a turn for the worse, he’s wanting to get teens to have their “own morals” about sex.

HS 8 SEX AND THE SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT — Vic Lovell, Diana Shugart, and Gaylord Smith
Today the traditional morals et by the parental “sect” are widely unacceptable to teenagers today. This course will deal with the teenagers own morals, and whether or not they can be accepted by society. This will be an informal and frank course. The attitude and standards of the course will be set by its members. Location to be announced. This will be a weekend course, the dates to be announced.

Just to round things out, we have your basic grounding exercises on page 20 –

This course consists of a series of weekly experiments in creative group unity and receptivity. Ancient and modern methods of meditation and expanding awareness will be explored and practised. It is hoped to develop mantra (sound) and mudra (posture) effective in channeling energies in the group and transforming consciousness. The course will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Location to be announced at Free U store .

You know who Metzner is, right? The Editor of The Psychedelic Review, the CIA rag-mag about using drugs for enlightenment. It began publication in 1961. (ref: 1971 issue of Psychedelic Review #11 p. 3.) He was tight with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (self-styled Baba Ram Das).

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert


On that note –


And now the Church of Scientology and the Unification Church get “officially” involved


Let’s start with Scientology, and two scientologists named Myron Harvey Ruderman and Yaoshafat “Shafe” Give’on.

Ruderman worked at Stanford’s SLAC. What’s that? The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center housed Stanford’s Two-Mile-Long Particle Accelerator operating under a contract held with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

Since in 1967, the SLAC had recently installed a new $5 million computer 29 which would enable it to increase nuclear research – this is probably where (and when) Myron may have ran into Shafe who was into computer science.

Here’s one example showing that Myron was working for SLAC at Stanford and promoting scientology there.

Myron Ruderman from SLAC will speak on SCIENTOLOGY. Everyone is welcome

The Stanford Daily, Volume 155, Issue 40, 18 April 1969

Although he is clearly from the Bay Area, for some reason Myron did his Scientology Grades processing in 1968 in Los Angeles.

[excerpted] My Grade Four Release was perhaps my greatest gain. I previously felt the necessity of agreeing with people so as not to have to face their disapproval. I feel tougher now, and find it easier to say “no”. the ability to say “no” and make it stick is a wonderful freedom. For this newly affirmed ability in myself, I am very, very grateful. – Myron Ruderman.4

Back up to the Bay Area he went, hooking up with Yaoshafat “Shafe” Give’on, who had become a scientologist in 1966, although a letter he wrote at the request of Guardian’s Office PR-man Artie Maren in 1971 says that his “continuous contact with Scientology” was “since 1968”.20

Together, somewhere around summer/fall 1968, they started a Scientology group in Palo Alto and were also working to establish a permanent student group about it at Stanford University.

Israeli scientist YAOSHAFAT “Shafe” GIVE’ON, Ph D in Communications and Computer Sciences from the University of Michigan, research worker and teacher at Harvard University for 2 years, research worker and teacher at Stanford University, is now a Grade VA Release and a Class III Auditor.

He has started a Scientology group at Palo Alto, California, with MYRON RUDERMAN, Grade VA Release and is working to establish a permanent student group at Stanford.

Yaoshafat usually known as Shafe heard about Scientology from friends in California and in early 1966 began training at the San Francisco Org.

Shafe’s advanced studies in experimental and mathematical psychology and thought research led him to research projects into Artificial Intelligence in the field of computer sciences.5


YaoShafat “Shafe” Give’On


OK, now see this part?

Shafe’s advanced studies in experimental and mathematical psychology and thought research led him to research projects into Artificial Intelligence in the field of computer sciences…

I go into that in quite a bit more detail in this post as to his possible connections to William “Woody” Bledsoe who was running MKULTRA Sub-project 9428 as to Artificial intelligence research.


It’s a good read all by itself, I highly recommend you check it out.

Ruderman appears to have also developed an interest in poetry and theatre along the way somewhere. Here he is in his own public access show in the 1980’s.


Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute

So we have Shafe and we have Myron Ruderman in this Palo Alto Group, but we also have another man. In my post I talk about this AI (Artificial Intelligence) project that Arbib and Kalman are running in the Electrical Engineering department in 1967. This is where scientologist Hal Puthoff earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He then worked with and invented tunable lasers and electron beam devices (to which he holds several patents).

It’s pretty clear to me that Shafee may have been who first introduced Puthoff and Ruderman to Scientology – and they both start showing up in Shafee’s study groups at Stanford and Vic Lovell’s Free University.

In yet another weird convergence point with our Evil Twins series here, we have Hubbard alienology entering into the Shafee story.

Shafee wrote a story in 1982, apparently for his son. It’s a story about Elron coming to visit Amir from outer space. I talk about that more in my post, but the main point here is that name. Elron. That’s an odd choice. But, it’s a very specific odd choice, one that only goes to one group of “scientologists” that I know of. Captain Bill Robertson’s split-off independent scientologist movement that came to be called: Rons Org.

We talked about Captain Bill Robertson in Evil Twin’s #1 a bit, focusing on his resurrection of the whole “Astar” ancient master from outer space idea, but I didn’t really get into his use of the name Elron Elray to describe L. Ron Hubbard as “Sector 9 Commander”.

Did you know that he resurrected that too?


The first time Hubbard was referred to as Elron Hu was by sci-fi author James Blish in 1951. He published a fanzine story called The Warrior’s Choice in Galaxy Novel #16.

Hubbard’s parodied character is introduced on page 33 as one of the “Council”.

“The redhaired man, whose toga was a deep maroon, was of an entirely different personality type; his expression was closed, hard, secret, as if from long years of keeping his own counsel on matters of the gravest importance. Of the two, he looked the more dangerous. Tipton guessed that he was faster intellectually than his comrade by a fairly wide margin, and that if there were any streak of human kindness in his make-up, he did not allow it to color his official life.”

Actually first named as Elron on page 35.

Yrinon turned and looked at the red-haired man incredulously, “Elron, is there such a place?”

One person described the Elron Character as:

In James Blish’s The Warriors of Day, he has a character named Elron who is red-headed and is depicted as the leader of a murderous cult. I don’t think he was worried about retaliation as it was probably something of an inside joke back then that would’ve been unnoticed by the majority of his readers. The story is kinda strange itself, if you mixed a sword and sorcery saga with a philosophical treatise on the true powers of thought and telepathy, and the protagonist isn’t really there, in one sense of the word, not to give the whole plot away right now.

The next place it shows up is in July 1953 “The Turning Wheel” by Philip K. Dick. It was published in Science Fiction Stories #2 in 1954, and was clearly playing off Blish’s parody of Hubbard character Elron Hu.

The future deity is named Elron Hu. The whole story, in fact, is a snide commentary on L. Ron Hubbard’s quasi-religion called Dianetics. Disciples called the “Bards” pursue a state of clearness” in which they will gain understanding of the cosmic plan of the universe.

Pink Beam: A Philip K. Dick Companion By Lord Rc

The first time this association of Elron with L. Ron Hubbard shows up within the scientology milieu wasn’t until 8 years after Blish first introduced it, but it is misrepresented as having originated with A.E. Van Vogt and is given as some sort of weird proof as part of a section alleging Hubbard was the inspiration for the movie character “Mister Roberts”

In a science fiction novel by A.E. Van Vogt, he is called more flatly “Elron”, and c ompletely in argument to the characterization in “Mister Roberts” is the villain of the piece .

– A Brief Biography of L. Ron Hubbard as issued in Ability issue 111; edited by Elanore Eddy circa 1959, sponsored by the Congress of Scientologists, Washington D.C.

The term doesn’t show up again until Captain Bill Robertson was declared a “Suppressive Person” in 1981 by the new Front Man for Scientology, David Miscavige, and left the Church to form his new movement. He began issuing telepathic directives that he claimed to have received from Elron Elray who was about the “mship” or mothership some distance from Earth.

Those are from our former websites. Please note that particularly the second link above forms the only archive of Captain Bill’s writings etc. that is publicly accessible by anyone. To this day, much like the Church of Scientology does with its “advanced levels” the truly over-the-top teachings of Captain Bill are kept secret from the rank-and-file Rons Orgers. The excuse offered by those such as Erica and Max Hauri is that people “aren’t ready for it” and if they read them they “won’t do the levels.”

Yep. They probably won’t. That’s one of the main reasons that we made these materials freely available so long ago. To stand as a record. First archived by the Internet Archives Wayback Machine 17 Nov 2001, we began adding materials not long thereafter.

One reason for this web site is to make available the Rons Org materials for your perusal. The reader should not consider that the Rons Org materials presented at this web site are complete, entirely accurate, or true. It is our intention to continue to collect and verify as accurate, all of the works of Captain Bill Robertson, and to present them at this web site. – Mike McClaughry

In the records we uploaded, you can see for yourself that Captain Bill’s first use of that name for Hubbard first shows up in Sector Operations Briefing #1 as a backdated order that was supposedly dated in April of 1982 and then “re-issued”.

Mship (Mothership as in space ship) re-issue by order of Sector Commander Elron Elray


Lot going on with this “Stanford” group that is going to show up here at the MSU, eh?

Let’s have a look now at what the UNI’s are up to. (my nickname for the Unification Church).


Edwin Ang with what appears to be Rodney Stark (John Lofland’s Cult-launching assistant) back right.


By January of 1968, moonie Edwin Ang is at Berkeley pushing for connecting up with the Free University. He just has all kinds of ideas on what should be done to target college students better.

In view of these developments we have been feverishly working to build a new, strong nucleus in Berkeley. This has been strengthened by the arrival a month ago of Farley Jones from Washington, D. C…we are now thinking of setting up workshops to lead people with specialized interests and problems to the Principle. This may include a counseling workshop, peace workshop, education workshop (integrating all fields of specialization through the Principle). This idea was sparked by a meeting with a University student counselor, Dr. Alan Cohen, a young psychologist who openly admitted that psychological treatment alone cannot adequately handle the twenty percent of U.C. students who at one time or another reach a point of crisis in their school year. Dr. Cohen is now loosely associated with the Meher Baba League and has been referring students to it for spiritual guidance. One boy from Oakland, Richard Wetherell, who has been looking for a more basic approach to peace, is interested in using the Principle as a basis for action. These two projects on counseling and peace are still in the blueprint stage. The education workshop can be initiated in conjunction with the Free University on U.C. campus as soon as we have more Divine Principle teachers.

New Age Frontiers – Unification Church magazine January 1968

As covered earlier, by November this had all sort of coagulated into the T.D.S. Positive plan of Young Oon Kim, and now they were ready to launch it (weapon pun intended) upon the unsuspecting attendees of the Mid-Peninsula Free U.

Myron Ruderman in 1980s

But, first, we see Scientologist Myron Ruderman show up in late February 1969, starting with delivering AI-meets-scientology lectures at Stanford.

Mr. Myron Ruderman from SLAC will speak on “AWARENESS, MAN, AND THE ROBOT MIND” in the weekly Scientology Stanford meeting at 7:30 Monday evening in TMU room 271.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 155, Issue 18, 27 February 1969

It’s being held in something called the TMU room at Stanford.

Mr. Myron Ruderman from SLAC will speak on “AWARENESS, MAN, AND THE ROBOT MIND” in the weekly Scientology Stanford meeting at 7:30 Monday evening in TMU room 275.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 155, Issue 19, 28 February 1969

Apparently, it’s some sort of continuing lecture series, going all the way into April.

SCIENTOLOGY STANFORD: 7:30 pm, TMU rm 275. Mr. Myron Ruderman from SLAC will speak on “Awareness, Man and the Robot Mind.”

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 155, Issue 21, 3 March 1969


MYRON RUDERMAN: 7:30 p.m. TMU. Speech on Scientology.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 155, Issue 40, 18 April 1969


At this point, we need to start juxtaposing what Scientology and the Unification Church start doing at Lovell’s LSD U, as I call it. There is a LOT of attention by the CIA (Operation CHAOS) on ways to infiltrate, re-direct, mislead, in short, anything to get the students at Stanford to stop exposing SRI and protesting/exposing the war in Vietnam.

In the Spring 1969 catalogue for LSD U (MFU) we see Edwin Ang specifically start promoting Young Oon Kim’s “version” of the Principle, and we see the beginning implementation of her newly CIA-ized methodology of recruiting – T.D.S. Positive.

Even the cover of the catalog his course is feature in, shows the concerted behind-the-scenese effort to try and propagandize to college students their “history”.

Note the mixing of images of communist, Uncle Sam, Mad magazine’s red-haired backwoods nerd, black sambo slave-woman, the Beatles, and so on – all being led by a small image of Santa Claus and a prominent image of two hippies holding a protest sign. It’s really blatant. I’m sure Vic and whoever thought they were being clever, but…well. You know.


Under the “Philosophy” section is where we see Edwin Ang’s course offering. Please note that the “text” provided is the result of CIA social science assets John Lofland and Rodney Stark’s intensive work with Young Oon Kim in the early 1960’s. (see library article)

PH 20 – DAWN OF THE NEW AGE: Edwin Ang and Jeff Tallakson
At this crucial point in human history, man has the power to create the utopia of utopias or to destroy himself in a temper tantrum. This course will present for discussion a comprehensive vision of all aspects of human and non-human existence using a powerful new understanding that underlies Judeo-Christian and Eastern religions and philosophies. This cosmic vision is the product of the search of a comtemporary Korean sage, Sun Myung Moon, who teaches that mankind is entering a new age. Workshops may be held to apply the philosophy to diverse human problems and contemporary issues.

Text: Young Oon Kim, “The Divine Principle Study Guide” (available at East-West or Kepler’s). Recommended (Reading): Teilhard du Chardin, “The Phenomenon of Man”; Arthur Ford, “Unknown, but Known”; James A. Pike, “The Other Side”; Eric Fromm, “The Art of Loving”; C.J. Jung, “Modern Man in Search of a Soul”. Sundays 2:30pm, 405 Harrington Court, Los Altos, starting April 20. 941-1258 or 848-7492

– Mid-Peninsula Free University; Philosophy course #20; Spring Catalog 1969 page 37.


Temper tantrum or Utopia of Utopias?

What is this? Multiple choice for 5-year-olds? Geez. How insulting is that approach. You can see Young Oon Kim’s crankiness about the “half-baked” American students coming through there.

Note: Jeff Tallakson talks about the free University class being already going at this time in a Uni publication for February 1969. Tallakson was literally just out of high school, having graduated in 1967 at Los Altos. See graduating photo below.

We have pledged to work for twenty-one new brothers and sisters in 1969. With our strong base we are reaching out in many directions, especially seeking to establish a student group on the Berkeley campus. When Helen and Danny go back to school this spring we will have at least four members in the University. We have entered the Berkeley Free University and we are especially happy with the response to our Free University class near Stanford, sixty miles away. We hope to extend out in all directions by setting up classes in many surrounding experimental universities. To fulfill this plan we are all learning to teach Principle and lecture about its applications. We are developing a team of teachers who can be ready to go out and give talks. For instance, Edwin and I spoke to two high school sociology of the family classes, and this week we are going to give a talk at Foothill College, near Palo Alto.

Tallakson is also all mixed up with John Lofland and Rodney Stark plant protege’ in the Unification Church – Gordon Ross – helping to launch the whole T.D.S. Positive technique while, just like Lofland was doing, he works on his PHd at Berkeley. Strangely, his prominence in the Uni church fades pretty much comensurate with finishing said PHd, and having successfully helped launch this new phase of campus/high-school recruiting focus demanded by the CIA (behind the scenes) and spear-headed by Neil Salonen, the obviously CIA asset.


What do we see juxtaposed right up against this Utopia course offering by Ang and Tallakson? Metzner, trying to push taking pyschedelics as a means of “personal growth” and attempting to position that as “scientific”.

This course will meet once a month to discuss recent developments in scientific knowledge concerning mind-altering drugs, especially psychedelics. Emphasis will be given particularly to the role of drugs in facilitating or obstructing personal growth. Sundays starting April 13. Call Redbook 328-4941. (See SP 1 HEADTRIPS).

– Mid-Peninsula Free University; Philosophy course #20; Spring Catalog 1969

Please also note that this is the same issue that features that over-the-top black politics photo (p. 45) that we discussed earlier as being a special target of Operation CHAOS.

What’s interesting here is this Sunday Lecture Series at Stanford was actually part of MFU’s “Community” or special projects. Their HEADTRIPS section, no less, and both Ralph Metzner and Myron Ruderman are part of that.

April 13 Ralph Metzner PHd., Editor of the Psychedelic Review will play and comment on a tape by Richard Alpert about his experiences in India.

April 20 Myron Ruderman, Auditor, will talk about Scientology. Spring 1969 Catalog

– HEADTRIPS, the Sunday Evening Series at Stanford; MFU circular 1969.


There are a few other entertaining items in this Spring 1969 catalog. The first being Vic Lovell’s attempt to join the “unification” of ideas party.

This one is for you, if you feel like nobody understands you because your trip is so freaky. It willbe a 24-hour psychodrama marathon which will focus on the human encounter with love, wonder, dread, revulsion,and absurdity. Experimental techniques will be used, including make-up, costumes, and fantasy enactment. The group will be limited to 15 men and 15 women, either single people or couples. There will be a $10 fee, which will include food and  refreshments, Participants should bring sleeping bags. Friday June 6, 8:00pm, 180 Stanford Ave, Menlo Park. Call Redbook, 328-4941.

Just…Oh wow.

That’s just truly cringeworthy.

But also do note just how similar it sounds to Dederich’s “The Trip” going on over simultaneously at Synanon.

The following month, May, notice the shift to campus politics in the scientologist courses being given at Stanford. Again, this is because of the many protests and expose’s going on about some of the nastier things that SRI had been experimenting with.

* * * “HOW TO CREATE UNDERSTANDING ON CAMPUS.” 7:30 p.m., Tresidder Room 271. At the weekly Scientology group meeting, Myron Ruderman will lead a discussion of how to improve communication and understanding at Stanford. An action group to perform a community survey at Stanford is being formed. All interested persons are urged to attend. * * *

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 155, Issue 57, 12 May 1969


A BIG shift was coming though, and to kick it off?

On 11 June 1969, the Grateful Dead did a benefit for the Church of Scientology in San Francisco. The Grateful Dead was an integral part of the British intelligence operation being orchestrated by the CIA – behavior modification by “expanding consciousness”. (whether they wanted to admit it or not).

This “consciousness” expansion was supposed to be accomplished through hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and through spiritual front groups, like Scientology. The Grateful Dead advocated both, taking drugs like LSD and also doing Scientology.

The Grateful Dead was a CIA band. LSD producer Owsley Stanley was the sound engineer for the Grateful Dead. Scientologist Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia have ties with the CIA drug smuggling ring – the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Just a little something they didn’t mention to the normal Scientologists who attended the event.

Concert poster for the event


MFU starts hyping up things with lots of impinging (or thought to be) imagery.

The requisite babe pics –

Can’t forget the ubiquitous tamborine

Or the Tie Dyed shirts – gotta have that.

And bubbles! You gotta have bubbles.

Yeps. Now we’re diggin’ it. (cough)

A couple months or so later –

In a kind of patently obvious double-whammy promotion/expose article, journalist Donovan Bess helps launch the newly chosen propaganda for recruitment purposes of college students – highlighting Scientology as a UNIFYING factor. Note that the target is right out of the CIA’s then running Operation Chaos black op – getting control of those dang rebelling students who were getting far too close with their exposes of SRI and the real reason for the Vietnam War (protection of the heroin drug flow into the U.S.)

This is the year of Apollo 11. It is also the year in which that psychological sophisticate, Richard Alpert, came back from his guru in India to reap a big following of inner-space explorers with his story of spiritual conversion. It is a time of burgeoning meditation societies on the college campuses, and of passionate rebellion against the amorality of our technology.

Thus it is a year promising much to any man who can blend the psychological allurements of these two movements into one product, and such a product is indeed being ardently pushed. It is called Scientology.1

promoting scientology total freedom and beyond donovan bess september 1969-3

One of the more interesting things about this Bess article is that it specifically mentions Myron Ruderman and Pat Price. Pat is said to be an “ex-mayor” of Burbank and here’s the important thing to realize here – they were both involved in Stanford activities this early. Much earlier than anyone previously realized. (Price would go on to be involved in the so-called SRI remote-viewing experiments pretty quick here)

Also note the mention of that L. Ron Hubbard was then doing “advanced research” on two additional levels – meaning Operating Thetan spirit-exorcism levels like we discussed in Evil Twins #1.


At the same time, we have scientology Guardian Office man Bob Thomas showing that he is on-board this same new project, and Charles Dedrich as the fifth wheel part of this Evil Twins clusterfuck, was also tasked to do the exact same thing. Reposition his activities as a TRIP for members to take to clear their minds. (see Synanon and Scientology series part 2: the Holy Rollers )

I called what Bob Thomas did a fit of truth-telling on his part, because he essentially just called Scientology’s auditing sessions:  “LSD for your mind.” – as reported by Malko the following year.

See for yourself –

“The drug experience,” he explained in a manner which was frank and direct, using Scientology’s private lingo sparingly, “produces a kind of artificially induced insight into some of the more metaphysical aspects of man’s consciousness.

But it’s very frustrating because it is limiting, and now here’s Scientology, a drugless psychedelic – using, the exact meaning of the word *psychedelic*, which is soul expanding – which deals in the very same insights without drugs.

We provide the philosophical background which can be understood by young people who have taken drugs and have seen the dead end of drugs, but who are still haunted by the visions they saw.

Scientology is a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis, by natural means.”

– George Malko, Scientology, The Now Religion1970



Also at the same time, we have the first underpinnings of resurrecting ye ole Illuminati-Rules-The World propaganda, first invented to attack Thomas Jefferson by British and Vatican agents. Resurrected at key times throughout the history of major slavemaster-planning points, it is no surprise to see it showing up at this time.

Especially considering it’s main proponent, Robert Anton Wilson and his connections with CIA propaganda-rag Playboy magazine and the Esalen Institute. (see The Use of The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory – By Who, When, and What It Distracted From )

Hey, hey, Operation CHAOS gang of Dupes and Agents are all here! So, in less than 2 weeks after the Donovan Bess article, what do we see?

The beginning of the use of the Esalen CIA chosen propaganda of “human potential”, the lining of that up with Scientology and now we see Hal Puthoff showing up – plus another man named Skip Hopgood.

SCIENTOLOGY AT STANFORD: 4:15, TMU Rm. 275. The freeing of one’s potential for personal, interpersonal, and group goals by the application of techniques and concepts of Scientology to be discussed. Seminar format with introductory comments by Dr. H.E. Puthoff, Mr. Myron Ruderman, and Skip Hopgood.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 156, Issue 7, 6 October 1969

Note: Skip Hopgood is listed in the San Francisco Church of Scientology completions in Auditor #120 p.8. This is right when Mike McClaughry got into scientology there, and began supervising their Academy courses.

Later that month, now they are going to get “scientific” about it. This next lecture is clearly about the Tone Scale of scientology (Scale of “good” and “bad” emotions as per slavemaster central’s idea of it) and the attempt to relate this to electronics in an attempt to appeal to the technological type students out there.

SCIENTOLOGY AT STANFORD: 4:15 p.m., TMU 267-268. Seminar discussion led by Dr. Hal Puthoff and Skip Hopgood. Discuss role that emotions play in life, apathy, grief, anger and enthusiasm. Focus on interrelatedness of these states and the flows between them.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 156, Issue 22, 27 October 1969


Over at LSD-U (the MFU) we even get some extra-special new course offerings.

Honorable mention of High Weirdness goes to these October 1969 course additions (that I call the X-Files) and Bruce Moorman.

I am interested in GROUP attempts to contact extraterestrial spacecraft and intelligent life on other stars by mental  communion or mental telepathy. I think higher communities may be waiting for us to contact them, as a PEOPLE, on the psychosocial level, rather than the technopolitical level. Write me c/o Free University.

In the decades to come, this may be our most effective method of communication – and survival.  But we must begin to develop the sensitivity. Anyone interested may write me c/o Free U. This is a preliminary inquiry.

I hope for a discussion group leading to interest in developing a science suitable to reasonably self~sufficient and spiritually resourceful communities, and capable of meeting the material and the spiritual needs of the community of man. I think science may have a radically different orientation in a world of enlightened men. 1st meeting Monday, 8 PM, Oct. 13, at Stanford U, White Plaza, at the fountain, for general introduction.

– More New Courses, MFU October 1969.

That Bruce, he’s just so busy!

He’s really movin’ on the whole RECRUIT TELEPATHS game.

What do I mean? Well…it just so happens that ole CIA asset Willis Harman needed telepaths for his experiments at SRI. You know, the ones that proved that everyone had this ability? He even used brain-wave monitoring to show “receipt” whether the recipient wanted to see or admit it or not. (see PDF Changing Images of Man – Stanford Research Institute, Willis Harman, 1974 and also my post: Telepathy and “Schizophrenia” Light up same part of the Brain and also this one that shows after it was proven telepathy was REAL it got classified as “schizophrenic”)

A humorous, well, to me anyway, point to interject here is that in 1966 Young Oon Kim was trying to steer American moonies off the ideas now being promoted here – she tried to actually distance from ESP!

The most serious problem which Miss Kim addressed in her “Message for 1966” was the style of center life which had evolved during her absence. Miss Kim admonished:

I want to make a few remarks for those in the United States. Some members still seem to be interested in developing ESP; they fast and meditate a great deal. For the past long period of preparation for this new age, people had but to meditate and fast a certain amount. However, the new age has now dawned and we are in the Age of Action. . . .

We must use our common sense on these points. We must cultivate our common sense in the light of the Divine Principle. Then the common sense will become a better and more wholesome guide than ESP. I want you to equip yourselves with deep and broad understanding of the truth, rather than depending on ESP. – Young Oon Kim, “Message for 1966,” New Age Frontiers, January 1966.

 – Unification Church 40 Years in America

What a difference a few years (and some admonitions from her intelligence handler) makes, eh?

Poor Young Oon, she really hated having to adjust her whole methodology to recruit those “half-baked” American college students.

One might almost feel sorry for her, if she wasn’t such an integral part in forwarding the monstrosity that was Moon’s CHANNELED TELEPATHICALLY divine principle. Just a little hypocritical for her to be cautioning against ESP, don’t you think? Apparently she has her own form of “approved” and “not approved” telepathy.

On that note, check out the course offerings for this Summer/Fall period at the MFU here. First we have “M.R.” – this is what I started this whole research with, by the way – Myron Ruderman doing the whole Easter Philosophy angle, while specifically documenting for us here that Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Tom Constantine are scientologists at this time, plus some unnamed number of Esalen Institute members.

Seasoned former scientologists will find many familiar recruiting tactics being employed here.


Scientology means knowing how to know or ”knowing in its fullest sense.” Thus its meaning is essentially the same as Veda, Dhyana, Dharma, Tao, Ch’an, Zen. It is a search for “the Way” (to use the Taoist phrase).

It was put together out of the collected truths of Eastern religion and Western philosophy by L. Ron Hubbard, who will probably prove to be one of the most incredible seekers the world has ever known. The part of Scientology that deals with the human mind, its hang-ups and how to get rid of them, is Dianetics. Dianetics deals with getting free of unwanted emotions and psychosomatic illness (which probably means most illness). It is probably the first really effective spiritual counseling the world has known.

It all sounds too fantastic to be true, so rather than scratch your head in confusion, some on down to Scientology Palo Alto, listen to the lectures, ask questions and judge for yourself. Find out about the philosophy that has turned on many old Esalen freaks, acid heads, straights, middle class businessmen, Bob Weir and Tom Constantine of the Grateful Dead, Leonard Cohen, and the Incredible String Band (who are now Scientology “clears”). Scientology and Dianetics are yours to learn about and use. You must make the effort. You are God. Become fully what you are. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,  Thursdays at 7:30pm, Scientology Palo Alto, 720 Waverly Street, 328-8008.

– Mid-Peninsula University, The Free You Summer/Fall 1969; p. 10

Note: I think this is also right about the time period that we have Ziff Publishing heir David Ziff putting out the immensely propagandic scientology mag called: Advance! where he’s got covers like this:


Could we be ANY MORE OBVIOUS here that the Scienies and the Moonies have the same rather predictable handler group?

Take a moment a really appreciate the irony here.

On the one hand, exactly at this same “university”, we have:

  • Messiah #1 – An American from the West, L Ron Hubbard, positioned as being an Eastern Messiah returned – Buddha.
  • Messiah #2 – A Korean from the East, Sun Myung Moon, positioned as being a Western Messiah returned – Jesus.

This is what they came up with?



Right on the heels of that course, we have the more staid sounding (that’s a different come on, by the way) Scientology Palo Alto staff Peter Rundberg shilling for Hubbard’s introductory course called the Communication Course.

EP 13 SCIENTOLOGY COMMUNICATION COURSE: Peter Rundberg and Staff of Scientology Palo Alto

Communication is the essence of living. Scientology training includes a remarkable series of exercises to improve a person’s awareness of and ability to communicate. The course covers such things as really “being there” for another person, getting a message through to the center of a person’s being, really listening to and acknowledging another person’s communication to you, the ability to keep another person’s wandering attention from dispersing your attention. This course covers both extensive theory and practice of exercises and drills. It starts with basics, how to really learn a new subject, and proceeds until a person has mastered these communication skills to the satisfaction of himself and his instructor Thus each individual learns at his own pace and completes the course when he has mastered the materials. Fee: $50. Fee is refundable if the student is dissatisfied with the results.- Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 7:30pm, Scientology Palo Alto, 720 Waverly, 328-8008G Class schedule is arranged with the instructor.

Mid-Peninsula University, The Free You  Summer/Fall 1969; p. 10


As if things weren’t weird enough already, there’s more. This same publication is pushing the Tarot and resurrecting the whole British/Vatican driven Rosicrucian Occult – which is a covertext, a code, remember – Lampado Tradis Hermit imagery.

image is from Mid-Peninsula University, The Free You Summer/Fall 1969; p. 27


And the Christ’s last Supper thing starring Russians – can’t forget that.

Let’s review.

We’ve got the Illuminati conspiracy theory resurrected, and now we’ve got Christ’s Last Supper communism propaganda and the Dr. Dee Rosicrucian occult conspiracy resurrected now. It’s a regular down-home hootenanny of propaganda going on here!

That’s why I called it the Monster Mash.



And finally, we can’t forget this.

Also right here in October 1969, the same time as this new thrust starts at Stanford and the MFU, Neil Salonen jumps on the channeling America’s youth into slavemaster-preferred better directions scene, finding his own special little niche.  Salonen, sounding ever so scientologyesque, as in statistic and media coverage obsessed, practically croons over his own wonderfulness. Note: Neil had just formed the Freedom Leadership Foundation (FLF) in the summer of 1969.

[Washington D.C.]

“There, FLF President Neil Salonen fashioned a broad coalition with the Student Coordinating Committee for Peace with Freedom in October, 1969. Consciously attempting to preempt the October 15, 1969 antiwar moratorium, more than forty students joined in a three day fast beginning Thursday, October 10. Urging citizens “to take a positive and constructive approach toward a very complex problem, rather than retreating behind a very simplistic, unrealistic solution,” the fast attracted wide coverage. FLF President and Fast Coordinator Neil Salonen noted:

Although we organized on short notice, we were covered by two local television stations each evening and our final rally was broadcast on nationwide NBC television. Most of those fasting were interviewed on radio stations for broadcast during their news programs. In addition, the news of our fast was carried to all newspapers in the country through United Press International (UPI) and Associated Press (AP). Many congressmen sent messages of their support in the days following the fast.

Even more noteworthy was a wire of thanks received from President Nixon:

I have noticed your three-day fast for freedom in Vietnam and I am grateful for your understanding and support of our patient efforts to achieve peace in Vietnam with freedom and justice, without which any peace could not be durable or endurable.

Undoubtedly, such early successes went a long way toward silencing internal opposition to political involvement. In this sense, the real impact of the fast was less on society than on the movement itself. When FLF acquired Federal tax-exempt status which prohibited lobbying and demonstrations, members formed new coalitions. American Youth for a Just Peace (AYJP) was organized in May, 1970, to lobby in defense of U.S. action in Cambodia and against the McGovern-Hatfield and Cooper-Church bills.

The Berkeley Center [Edwin Ang and John Tallakson, Betsy and Farley Jones] sent representatives to FLF workshops and started its own chapter to begin raising the consciousness of its members about Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Unification Church 40 Years in America

Getting an endorsement from Nixon is almost as bad as having Hitler approve your Youth program, as far as I’m concerned. This is just GROSS. This Salonen guy is a real operator, meaning he’s a real con-man piece of work.

It is amazing though, isn’t it? Just how in total lockstep these people are. It’s like the March of the Ghouls though.

By the Spring of 1970, Hal Puthoff is now squarely and directly pushing the Esalen Institute agenda. Notice the attempts to blend all the current slavemaster behavior modification tactics together – not even trying to conceal that UNIFICATION aspect Donovan Bess described.

A SCIENTOLOGY LECTURE SERIES, “Exploring the Human Potential With the Techniques of Dianetics and Scientology” will be given Spring Quarter on Wednesdays (starting April 1) at 7:30 p.m. in room 120, Outer Quad. The lecture and discussion format, led by Dr. H.E. Puthoff and Mr. Phil Spickler, will offer points of view on man and his self-actualization from the standpoints of behaviorial psychology, religion, Gestalt techniques, physiological feedback, and Scientology as a unifying viewpoint.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 157, Issue 28, 3 April 1970

This is intended to be an ongoing thing apparently.

Exploring the Human Potential with the Techniques of Dianetics and Scientology DR. HAL PUTHOFF (Stanford E E. Dept.) and MR. PHIL SPECKLER (Professional Scientologist) An exploration of man and his self-actualization. Points of view from behavioral psychology, religion, gestalt techniques, physiological feedback, etc compared and evaluated from the standpoint of Scientology as a unifying viewpoint. Lectures and discussion every Wednesday night at 7:30, Room 120.

– The Stanford Daily, Volume 157, Issue 30, 7 April 1970

Notes: Phil Speckler should be Phil Spickler, a then prominent scientologist known for starting up many groups for funneling recruits into scientology (and lining his pocket to boot, from what I understand). Spickler was right there in the beginning with Hubbard, including right when Hubbard fronted for the CIA by creating the Church of Scientology.

Spickler left the Church of Scientology and practices it outside the church as part of what is loosely referred to as “the Independents” or sometimes “the Free Zone”. You can watch a 2010 video of him discussing why he left here. He has a blog called: From Stanford with Love where he still talks about similar things as to what you see here. Back on March 15, 2013 the former right-hand man of David Miscavige (currently leader of the Church of Scientology) Mr. Mark Rathbun refers to him as a “breath of fresh air”.

Perhaps less well known is that he is the father of Mimi Rogers, actor Tom Cruise’s first wife, married in 1987.

Cruise (center) with his then-agent Michael Ovitz of CAA and Rogers at the 1986 premiere of ‘The Color of Money’

Rogers has said the rea­son their marriage broke up within three years was that Cruise wanted to become a monk. “It looked as though marriage wouldn’t fit into his overall spiritual needs,” she told Playboy in 1993. “He had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.” Added Rogers, “My instrument needed tuning.”

Sarcastically speaking, such a lovely kind of world Scientology and the Uni church move in. Preying on people, putting them in weird relationships. Anything to keep people “busy” going nowhere.

Evil Twins indeed.

Researched and written by –


Notes –

1 – Main overview link for the Free University and its publication The Free Youhttp://midpeninsulafreeu.com/

References –

1 – Donovan Bess, writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, Total Freedom and Beyond as seen in Nation magazine September 29, 1969. pp 1,2.

2 – A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of The Grateful Dead by Dennis McNally, pages 43,44

Just at this time [1961] Hunter underwent a most extraordinary experience. He’d been making some money by taking psychological tests at Stanford and somehow that gave him the opportunity to earn 140$ for four sessions, one per week, taking psychedelic drugs at the V.A. hospital under the auspices of what would prove to be the CIA.

He received LSD, the first week, psilocybin the second, mescaline the third, and a mixture of all three on the fourth. Danny Barnett told him he was crazy, but he ignored the doubts…

His friends passed around his notes [he took notes while he was high] and then took him for coffee pumping him for details. Garcia’s reaction was simple: “God, I’ve GOT to have some of that.”

Vic Lovell, was a psychology graduate student who kept his friends well supplied with this interesting new stuff, especially his pal Ken Kesey, a graduate student in writing who happened to work as a janitor at the V.A. Hospital.

3 – Robert Hunter (Scientologist – real name was Robert Burns) and Jerry Garcia used to break into Grace Marie Haddy’s apartment when she was at work just to listen to her music collection – Anthology of American Folk Music.

Jerry Garcia’s lyricist and longtime friend Robert Hunter tells the story.

“Back in 1961 there was only one copy around our scene, belonging to Grace Marie Haddie. The six-disc boxed collection was too expensive for guitar-playing hobos like me and Garcia, even if we had a record player, or a place to keep a record player. Grace Marie had a job and an apartment and a record player. We would visit her apartment constantly with hungry ears. When she was at work, we’d jimmy the lock to her apartment door or crawl through the window if the latch was open. Had to hear those records.”3

Blogger Chuck Taggart apparently remembers her well, even years later.

… As I listen to the CDs, I experience vivid recollections of those listening sessions in 1961. I can see Grace Marie’s cluttered apartment, sense the season and the whole flavor of the time in sudden windows of memory.

Blog post Chuck Taggart Thursday, July 18 – 2002

Brigid, the “love of Jerry Garcia’s life” – described Grace-Marie whom she met at Kepler’s bookstore –

…met one of Garcia’s other friends, an older woman named Grace Marie Haddy [Grace was 29 at the time] who seemed like someone from a Doris Lessing novel. Grace Marie lived alone and was, Brigid recalled, arch, erudite, practiced free love, smoked pot, drank wine, and had something to say about everything.”

ibid ref #1 – here’s link straight to Google Book result.

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17 – Willis Harman Biography:

…I taught engineering systems at Stanford University for a good many years and then I became a futurist at Stanford Research Institute for 16 years and then I was invited to come up to the Institute for Noetic Sciences, and I have been here since 1977….

1977 minus 16 years = 1961 when Harman began working at Stanford Research Institute

18 – The Original Captain Trips by Todd Brendan Fahey Published originally by High Times, November 1991 http://www.fargonebooks.com/high.html

19 – The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead

20 – FDA Declassified documents –  Folder Tree starting with folder titled: Church of Scientology – Feb 26, 2008 – Cd 1 of 4; then Box 1; then Folder 3 – CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY EVIDENCE RELIGIOUS BONA FIDES AND STATUS starting p. 144; description of Shafee letter requested by Artie Maren is given in section “I. Additional Evidences of Acceptance” p. 146 stating: Letter from Shafee Give’on, Senior Lecturer of Mathematics and Vice-Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel. September 15, 1971; Shafee letter itself is on p. 220.

21 – New York Times article: FOR PSYCHIC RESEARCH; Institute Recently Founded — Needs Funds to Aid in Its Work. JAMES H. HYSLOP, New York Times, November 14, 1904

22 – Tripodi and Disorio – Crusade: Undercover Against the Mafia and KGB, 1993, page 109, 80-81, 130, 78

23 – The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology; Part 7 – When God Plots by Virginia McClaughry, published 29 October, 2015

24 – Unification Church publication – New Age Frontiers November 1968, Los Angeles

25 – A History Of Korea And The Unification Church That You Won’t See Anywhere ElsePart 2: War, Intelligence, Money and Communism by Virginia McClaughry – published August 2, 2017

26 – OSS Robert Tryon’s Personality Assessment team member John W. Gardner, who would also have a hand in directing events at fellow team member Talbot’s Stanford Research Institute. Gardner became the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) from 1965-1968. He used his position within the government to launch a research center at Stanford Research in 1968, and one of it’s first tasks was to postulate the future of Western Society. Quite euphemistic, it was actually a study overseen by MK-Ultra LSD-tests at Stanford man – Willis Harmanon how and what to change Man into resulting in the book Changing Images of Man in 1974. The initial findings were summed up in the introduction as “We have met the enemy, and it is us”.

27 – William McDougall, An Introduction to Social Psychology – 1908

28 – The Grateful Dead, Hunter, Garcia and Grace Marie Haddy – 1961 – The Brotherhood Part 51: Welcome To The Real Scientology by Virginia McClaughry, published 25 September, 2012.  References 6 and 7 are:Automated Reasoning: Essays in Honor of Woody Bledsoe by Robert S. Boyer and Colin A. Ross, MD, Bluebird:  Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists [Manitou Communications, Inc., 2000], pp. 326, 328, 330; reissued as The CIA Doctors:  Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists in 2006)

29 – The Stanford Daily, Volume 151A, Issue 7, 18 July 1967

30 – The Stanford Daily, Volume 148, Issue 67, 26 January 1966

31 – Dani Lemberger Nails Ortega as a Religious Bigot, Posted On: 07 Feb 2016 By: Merrell Vannier

32 – Stanford University Biographical Files; Box 1, Folder 170 Arbib, Michael A. Professor of Electrical Engineering; Box 26, Folder 62 Puthoff, Harold E. rsch. assoc, electrical engineering

33 – Wikipedia Arbib received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1963. He was advised by Norbert Wiener, the founder of cybernetics, and Henry P. McKean, Jr. As a student, he also worked with Warren McCulloch, the co-inventor of the artificial neural network and finite-state machine. After a brief postdoc with Rudolf Kalman, Arbib spent five years as an assistant professor at Stanford, 1965 – 1970 therefore – before becoming the founding chairman of the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1970.

34 – Garcia: An American Life by Blair Jackson – First part of July 1967 – Robert Hunter arrived in San Francisco, fresh from two and a half months of adventures in New Mexico and Colorado. His Scientology experiences behind him, Hunter had drifted in and out of the Dead’s orbit during the latter part of 1966 and the first part of 1967, but he’d gotten heavily involved in the methedrine scene so that’s when he went to Santa Fe at the end of April, 1967.


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