“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Although the words, and indeed, even the “person” of Sun Tzu are part of elaborate declamatio* work on the part of French Jesuit in China Jean Joseph Marie Amiot in the early 1600’s, we can still glean a bit of what we call “the slavemasters” idea of war.

*Declamatio – considered a “device” – tactic, technique – of rhetoric wherein an author adopts or invents a character of the past and invents things said and done by the ancient fictitious or real character. These are FORGERIES, in other words. Sometimes they even used old paper for the forgeries. Rhetoric is the ‘art’ or skill of speaking or writing using language that is deliberately intended to influence people to accept ideas that are not true or rational. In other words – it’s a con. A rhetorical device (a technique) would be a particularly favored method of accomplishing this con on an audience/reader. Therefore anyone engaging in Rhetoric or Rhetorical Devices is trying to run a con on you.

Take a look at the scale above in today’s featured image. It features first of all, that one needs great numbers of people or odds against ones enemy, and the top of this scale is SURROUNDING ones enemy.

Today we call that the “peer pressure” or bullying tactic.


The first question one should ask is why do the authors of such tactics – the slavemasters – NEED such profound odds to ‘win’?

Put another way – what does that say about their individual prowess that they even need such numbers?




Then there’s the bottom of the scale. If weaker – AVOID.

It’s no secret that there are those who now engage in AVOID regarding this blog and even my husband and I as people. It’s gotten so bad “out there” that there has even an avoid order in the form of don’t even look at our blog. This, besides what recently happened when the Leah Remini show called Mike.

The question here is, what does it say about these people that they have, over time, progressed from the top ALL the way down to the bottom of their own scale and still have not defeated two people.


It tells you that something is wrong with this scale of the “art of war”. It tells you something is wrong with the people who think such a scale works. It tells you that through time, this “powerful” force, even on their own scale, has been reduced to AVOID.

Best of all – it tells you that just one (or two) truly real and well-grounded people can be undefeatable by any number of slavemasters or their drones.

That is the true meaning of this quote –

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War


– – –

One is not “just One”

Around the turn of the 20th century, a man named Elmer Ernest Southerd was enamored of Eugenics, his invention called “social” psychiatry and especially himself. The man loved to hear himself pontificate on the “solutions” to social ills.

He became perfectly in lockstep with the early British efforts (through William McDougall, Cyril Burt and what soon became the Tavistock group) in the field of soldiers who suffered from what they named shell-shock based off of their experiences in World War I. He wrote up many case histories on the subject and began calling it “Social Psychiatry”.

Southerd, and others like him, created the backdrops for what J.L. Carleton and U.R. Mahlendorf summarized as the six postulates of Social Psychiatry in their book: Dimensions of Social Psychiatry (published almost sixty years later in 1979.)

This is number 3 –

  • 3. There is meaningful interrelationship, a relativity, between the behaviors of one individual and all social and mythological institutions and groups.

Their solution to the “one” that is not in agreement with the all?

Collaboration of the “all”. Bullying, peer pressure, basically ganging up on this one person. And that’s postulate number 4.

  • 4. Social problems, including individual, institutional and group deviant behaviors, cannot be solved without collaboration between all the institutions and disciplines of human knowledge, influence, and action.

You see? These people do realize, very well, the power of just one person who is not like them. Notice that their solution, just like Sun Tzu’s scale, requires OODLES of other people just to try and behavior-modify ONE free person! From their point of view: “One free person. Wow, what a nightmare!”

That’s another aspect of those infected with slavemaster disease – they think they need great numbers.

…the neurotic anxiously seeks the esteem and affection of the largest number of people…

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.



Because they are lying to themselves, literally falling for their own propaganda like this Sun Tzu scale!

That’s the other part of the above quote by Ellul –

…just as the propagandee can live only in accord with his comrades, sharing the same reflexes and judgments with those of his group (subjected to the identical propaganda).

He does not deviate by one iota, for to remove himself from the affection of the milieu means profound suffering; and that affection is tied to a particular external behavior and an identical response to propaganda.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


That’s the principle behind this tactic –

Because they are so neurotic, this works on them so they think it works on everyone, including their enemy. It’s “suffering” to them to not have oodles of people supposedly agreeing with every false thing that they say, so they think it is “suffering” to cause that to others.

They think wrong.

There is no life, no love, no light, to be found in any number of paid, enforced, misled, or propagandized drones. People like me (and I doubt that I’m the only one) would take ONE real person, any day of the week, over that.

The secret is…so would they. But, you’ll not easily catch them showing that because they consider it a weakness to think that way!

Note: This is not to say that being treated like the above picture shows is fun, it’s not. It is hurtful, it is mean, it is not a pleasant thing to experience. But it should never be a motivation for anything. Least of all one’s definition of self.

They know that too. They know that to deny one’s self purely based on group pressure will cause you to have to now live life from a manufactured self that is always a weaker, lesser position.

The slavemasters fully understand that only a person operating pretty close to their “full power” – not the best way to characterize it, but it will do for now – can navigate correctly through their houses of smoke-and-mirrors and take apart all their shell games.

This is exactly why the slavemasters are terrified of just one person who “knows thyself”. Because only then, can they “know thy enemy”.

Paul Linebarger was a fellow propagandist buddy with L. Ron Hubbard back in their college days. They even wrote pieces together. He went on to be working for the CIA with Miles Copeland. He later wrote a book on psychological warfare. There’s a funny (to me) part in Linebarger’s book that shows just how upsetting it is to the slavemasters, and how devastating, to have just one or two of these “can’t be made to accept and love us” people around.

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.

Psychological Warfare by Paul M. A. Linebarger School of Advanced International Studies; published by DUELL, SLOAN AND PEARCE, NEW YORK,  COPYRIGHT 1948, 1954 (second revised addition), made available on the net by Project Gutenberg –  Release Date: March 30, 2015 [EBook #48612]


Take a look at their social psychiatry postulates 3 and 4 again, only this time, notice that how this really works is that the neuroticized ALL can’t defeat the ONE without his permission, whereas the ONE can defeat the neuroticized ALL without their permission.


Because in a very real sense, we are all ONES. The neuroticized ALL are playing down. That is not their true selves. So of course their efforts against a ONE can be “brought to nothing”.

This isn’t to mean that, as a whistleblower or a truth-finder (or whatever you want to call it) that destruction can’t be levied against various areas of your life that are controlled by others decisions. But that isn’t really a “win”, per se, because it wasn’t against YOU.


It’s a kind of neurotic, self-serving thinking to target a friend, a family member, a business associate and “prove” to you that they are not loyal, not courageous, not whatever…and that therefore somehow equates to a win against you! They will do these things. Never think it’s a “good idea” (like they do) that you should be able to control others to do what you want, when you want them to. Unless you want to be a slavemaster yourself, that is, then by all means. Think like them.

Proficiency in life does not EQUAL mastery over or control over other people. Just strike that from your thought processes or you shouldn’t even bother stepping foot on what some call the Road to Truth, because you’ve already lost the battle before you even start!

Control with is not the same thing as control over – the Holy Grail of all slavemasters. They want that control with but they can never really get it starting from the premises of living that they do. So, they’re stuck with obsesssing about control over.

People are LIVING. They are not objects to be placed around, taken out and petted and put back in their place when you are “done” with them. This is one reason I’m not much of a fan of chess. It’s supposed to be this big strategy-teaching game but I find it annoying because it doesn’t even come close to representing any real strategy that deals with LIVING people or even “live” warfare as it was intended as a teaching aid. It’s so far from “live” warfare or living that it’s basically useless for teaching purposes. But I digress.

It sickens me to watch certain people out there who crow over numbers of “likes” or numbers of “followers” or numbers of “comments”, or in a broader sense “number of positive reviews” or even number of “views”. Do you see how that’s people placing themselves in a neurotic state deliberately, merely because they have decided to buy into that this means something around here?

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you’re going to do this, delve deep into the wild world of what actually IS, then you need to change what you think about what “reach” actually is and you need to change your view of just how much what you change with you (as you go along this road) affects EVERYONE else.

It’s like a vast underground network of connected-ness between all of humanity, they did get that right at least, and despite their delusions of grandeur? They do NOT have exclusive control of the flow of information in that network.

Write as if your voice is heard, because it is. Live as if your actions are felt, because they are. Sooner or later, your ONE will become TWO and that’s a happy day. That kind of uniting, as we truly are, is what everyone wants. You won’t ever get it if you aren’t living as a ONE.

That’s why they need such numbers, because they can’t ever fill up the hole they’ve created with any number of “alls”. They need a ONE, and they can’t get it unless they are living as a ONE.

I’m telling you all this because before I get into all the nuts-and-bolts of slavemaster tactics on dealing with ONEs, you need to understand that if you go into this truth-seeking mode because you’re looking for an “all” to legitimize your thoughts, your views, even who you really are? (this may even include your family etc.)

You’ve already lost before you’ve even begun, and by your own hand. An easily remedied condition – just change your mind about needing the “all” to legitimize you.

And just like that –


You are a ONE who can now become a TWO.

It needs to be made very clear here that one isn’t “just one”. If you were to express this mathematically, you would have a number 1 with an exponent of infinity.

Like this:



So if you were to add another “one”? The sum is not actually just two.

You would have:

1 + 1= 2∞x


  • Constantderives from Latin verb meaning “to stand with,” so something constant is continually standing with you and not wavering
  • Variable – apt to or liable to change as a result of intelligent direction either by responsive decision or whim
  • Infinity – is not a number, it is a potentiality without limit.
  • Intelligent – able to vary its state or action both independently (with no outside agent) and in response to varying situations, varying requirements, and past experience.
  • Whim – a sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained

A 1 is a constant that at the same time is also always a potential variable depending on the decisions or the whim of the 1. So, it is an uncontrollable and unpredictable potential variable that is constant and cannot be eradicated. That is life.

That is why their “mind control” idea is a myth. They are wishing past a star for something that can never be made into their desired kind of constant – a constant-in-a-box.



Excerpt from next section



  • Propaganda
  • Counter-Intelligence
  • Suppression Tactics
  • When in doubt – LIE (CIA, Vatican, British intelligence – sub-understanding)


The first thing to keep in mind here is that it only takes one flick-of-the finger to knock flat any number of “alls” influence over you or anyone.



The Domino Scene“V” for Vendetta – one of the best scenes in the movie.



You need to see what the “alls” influence is though. The what, how and why, the know of it all. You have to both study/look and want to see what one sees for that to be of any benefit.

That said…let me give you some things to look at and you can see what you see about them.


Continue reading the next section ——->  Tactics 1: Propaganda, Discernment and Decisions

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