by Mike McClaughry

Virginia and I have been researching and writing for close to twenty years now. The amount of work that we have been doing, the two of us have been working full-time 7 days a week, 8-12 hours a day. The main focus of all that work was never Scientology. The actual focus of our work is (and has always been) the much larger world situation.

Most of the top world-class research has been done by Virginia. I swear, I think she’s read half a library now in order to come up with the information needed. It’s a good thing it was her doing it, because she reads fast. She’s been accused of being superhuman, but I think that’s just normal. For her.

When she researches an area, she writes an article about it – what she found. The articles contain gems, pieces (like puzzle pieces) which I then come along and take them, put them together by topic or sometimes by other organizing factors, into a chapter. I also arrange the pieces in the chapter into time order. As you can see, the two of us work well together.

I also do research, supplemental research, and sometimes expand on a particular “gem” that she has done ground-breaking research on. Sort of like now that she has found the gem mine, I can dig out more.

The culmination of all this type of research and writing we have been doing so far is now available in my book called The Reckoning – it’s ready for you to start reading in our Reading Library under it’s own category. There will be some chapters added as we go along here.

Here is a list of the chapters so far.



Chapter One   God Religion in Mesopotamia

Chapter Two   Actual Jewish and Christian History

Chapter Three   The Meaning of America

Chapter Four   British Economic Rape of America

Chapter Five   British Intelligence Sabotaging America

Chapter Six   The Plan To Eliminate America, And All Nations

Chapter Seven   British Nobility Orchestrated Nazi Germany

Chapter Eight    Sabotaging America by Drug Trafficking

Chapter Nine   Catholic Pope Slavemasters

Chapter Ten   Down the Mental Health Rabbit Hole


Additional Chapters

The following extra chapters are provided for researchers and others who want more information.

Chapter Twenty   Cecil Rhodes Secret Society – Proof

Chapter Twenty One   Protocols of Zion Forgery


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Historical Research