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July 8, 2017


On April 16, 2017 I posted about how a researcher had requested this report from the CIA through Muckrock, and that when they found out about my post they childishly hid their muckrock request and called me some fairly nasty names to boot. Yes, it’s probably a moot point to even mention this overgrown 12-year-old behavior that many have come to expect from the bulk of the so-called Ex-Scientology community. The really unfortunate aspect of this kind of behavior is that any other researchers are essentially cut-off from sharing in that knowledge, with the bottom line being that this person has still not provided the report online to this day (as far as I know).

Well, that’s about to change.

Update: 11:34 AM July 8.

Little did I know how prescient those words would turn out to be. In less than 12 hours since I made this post you are reading now, Ms. Seibert unhid her Ingo Swann muckrock request. The muckrock record shows that she received the electronic version of this report on June 15, 2017. Having sat on the document for 3 weeks, she only just today made it visible again (and downloadable) AFTER this post of mine.

For those interested in such things – here’s a few images. One is googles cached version of her muckrock page from July 5, you’ll see it isn’t showing. Second is a screenshot from today showing the Swann request is there again and now showing ‘completed’. Third is my firefox history showing that I last checked her muckrock page at 00:06 AM today, two minutes before I posted my post. It was NOT showing then.

Seibert’s electronic copy is not OCR’d or searchable, so we have removed the cover letter page, OCR’d the entire PDF and uploaded it to the Internet Archive for preservation.

I would like to thank Ms. Seibert for responding to my post so quickly and deciding to now make the electronic version available. It saved us from having to scan the whole thing in.

End update.


We received the part II report, a hard copy, from the CIA today. Fedex, no less! That was a nice touch.

Granted, the report is over 200 pages so it will take some time to get it all scanned in and ready for uploading. In the meantime, I have put together a few things to get you started. (See updatethe PDF is now uploaded to the Internet Archive and is OCR’d/searchable)

First – a definition clarification of psychotronics.

In 1967, Zdenek Rejdák, the leader of this Conference, introduced the term psychotronics, intended to replace the term parapsychology. The main objectives of psychotronics were to verify and study the phenomena of telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis.


The term psychotronics also came to have another meaning – the use of machines that send out waves that carry psychic warfare messages and can also be used to cause various types of physical incapacitation and illnesses.

OK, so the title of this document is: JPRS L/5022-2 6 September 1974 Proceedings of the First Conference on Psychotronic Research Part II.

Let’s start with the contents list.

This is the complete contents list for both part 1 and part 2 that was included in this hard copy. I have marked the exact point where part 2 kicks in – in red. So, in other words, that’s the first document that shows up in what we received and everything from that point down is what we will eventually be putting online.

Here’s the PDF – Proceedings First Conference on Psychotronics Part 2 – Contents

Intro to contents list –

Czech-, Russian-, French-, and English-language collection of papers presented at the First Conference on Psychotronic Research; KONFERENCE O VYZKUMU PSYCHOTROSIKY, Prague, 1973, 401 pages


  • At the Crossroads
    (Zdenek Rejdak)
  • Mental Time and Psychotronics
    (Frantisek Kahuda)
  • A Nuclear Physicist Looks at Psychotronics
    (John A. Jungerman)
  • Some Problems of Biological Electrodynamics and Psychoenergetics
    (Viktor G. Adamenko)
  • On the Trail of an Unknown Field
    (Julius Krtmessky)
  • Consciousness and Modern Theoretical Physics
    (Henry c. Monteith)
  • Psychic-Energy–Its Characteristics and Dynamics
    (June Caryl Blewett, Duncan Bassett Blewett)
  • Investigation of the Direct Effect of Magnetic Fields of the Central Nervous System
    (Yuriy Andreyevich Kholodov)
  • Distant Energy Myotransfer
    (Jiri Bradra)
  • Inductive Effect of the Human Organism on Matter
    (Robert Pavlita. Jana Pavlitova-Zapadlova)
  • Photographic and Visual Observation by Means of High-Frequency Currents
    (Semen Davidovich Kirlian. Valentina Khrisanfovna Kirlian)
  • Multiple Information Processes With Radiation Field Photography
    (Kendall Johnson. Thelma Moss)
  • Evidence of a Primary Perception at Cellular Level in Plant and Animal Life
    (Cleve Backster)
  • The Conception of the Bioplasma in Connection With the Problem of Remote Interaction Between Living Organisms
    (Viktor Inyushin)
  • Certain Peculiarities of the Manifestation of the Biophysical Effect
    (Nikolay Nikolarevich Sochevanov)
  • Some Evidence for Dowsing–A Methodological Approach
    (Carl C. Schleicher)
  • Geological Capabilities of the Biophysical Method
    (Aleksandr Crigor’yevich Bakirov)
  • Influence of Earth Tremors on the Intensity of the Biophysical Effect
    (Valeriy Sergeyevich Matveyev)
  • Bioenergotherapy
    (Aleksey Ye. Krivorotov)
  • A Neurophysiological Model of PSI Phenomena
    (Jan Ehrenwald)
  • A Psychotronic Model of Man
    (Josef Wolf)
  • Regressive Nature of the Telepathic Phenomenon
    (Michael Cernousek)
  • Higher Sense Perception Key to Creativity
    (Shafica Karagulla)
  • The Induction of Paranormal Effects in Dreams and Altered Conscious States: Methodology and Results
    (Stanley Krippner)
  • Mass Precognition and Schmeidler’s Classification
    (Brenio Onetto-Baechler)
  • New Application of Physics
    (Bensot, Herbert)
  • Neutrino Theory of Extrasensory Perception
    (Martin Ruderfer)
  • Postrelativism and PSI Phenomenon
    (Alejandro Silva)
  • Holographic Concept of Reality
    (Richard Alan Miller, et al.)
  • The Bioelectric Effect and the Human Being’s Physiological State
  • Bioenergetic Shifts in the Organism Related to Contactless: Movement of Objects
    (A. M, Vinograliova, V. G. Adamenko)
  • Bioelectric Field Effects–Mind/Body/Environment Interrelationships
    (James B. Beal)
  • The Arica Training and the Generation. Circulation and Release of Bioenergy
    (Harold S. Streitfeld)
  • The Mechanical Equivalent of Neuropsychic Energy
    (Vasiliy Vasilyovich Yefimov)
  • Transformations of Psychic Energy in Transpersonal States of Consciousness
    (John O. Meany, Anthony J. Ipsaro)
  • Communication of Consciousness Necessitates the Vacuum as Transducer
    (C. Muses)
  • Biogravitation
    (Aleksandr Dubrov)
  • The Zinc Intrinsic Factor
    (Tyrone Zoltan Denessy)
  • Psychotronic Vibrations
    (Veda Vyaasa)
  • A Specifically Bioactive radiation of the Sun
    (Yuliya Shishina)
  • From Professor Navrati [illegible] Kirliens
    (Karel Drbal)
  • From the ‘Bouvier Effect’ to the ‘Kirlian Effect’ Photopsychography and the Image of Man
    (Donald H. Parker)
  • Influence of Surface and Space Charges on the Pattern of Illumination of Photographs Taken With Monopolar Pulses
    (Valeriy A. Doktorovich. et al.)
  • Bioenergy and Radiation Field Photography
    (Thelma Moss. et al.)
  • On the Source of Light in High-Voltage Photography
    (William A. Tiller)
  • Exploring Possible Correlations Between Kirlian Photography and Clinical Psychiatric Conditions
    (David Sheinkin, et al.)
  • The Physical Mechanisms in Kirlian Photography
    (Richard Alan Miller)
  • Semiconductor Properties of Active Points
    (Viktor C. Adamenko, Viktor M. lnyushin)
  • The Nature of the Extreme Value of Skin Potentials at Acupuncture Points
    (Viktor Vereshchagin)
  • Electrophysiological and Behavioral Correlates of Acupuncture Therapy
    (David E. Bresler)
  • Points of High Electrical Conductivity on the Integument of Animals and Other Living Things
    (Yevgeniy Mlkhayiovich Pyatkin)
  • Man–Plant Communication Experiments
    (Marcel Vogel)
  • Pursuing the Secret of the Dowsing Rod
    (Jiri Bradna)
  • Method of Determining the Depth of Chalcopyrite Cre Bodies
    (Anatoliy Ya. Chekunov)
  • Interpretation of Dowsing Reactions
    (Mirko Kaderavek)
  • Characteristics of Biophysical Anomalies (BFA) Over Various Bodies
    (Vladimir Ceorgiyevich Prokhorov)
  • Dowsing in the United States: History. Vicissitudes, Past Achievments and Current Research
    (Christopher Bird)
  • Possibilities and Results of the Application of Biophysical Methods (BFO) to the Study and Restoration of Historical and Architectural Monuments
    (Aleksandr Ivanovich Pluzhnikov)
  • The Enigmatic Status of Radionics in the United States
    (Frances K. Farrelly)
  • The Biophysical Effect of 500 Minerals
    (Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Malakhov)
  • Methods of Searching for Underground Water. Buried and Surface Metallic Objects. and Underground Vaults With an Oscillating Circuit of the Closed Type
    (Ivan Pavlovich Inyutio)
  • Psychic Autoregulation and Reserve Capabilities of the Body ·
    (Aleksandr Semenovich Romen)
  • Simultaneous Function of Both Hemispheres of the Human Brain
    (V. V. Yefimov)
  • The Presence of Regularity in the Distribution of Indices of Cheoical Tests During Directed, Willed, Emotional Concentration of a Man Over A Short Distance
    (T. G. Neeme) Neene?
  • Electronic Therapy
    (Petr T. Goncharov)
  • Observations of Myself and Others
    (Ceorgiy Kenchadze)
  • Experimentation With Orgone Energy Blankets
    (W. Edward Mann)
  • Infrared Emission Patterns of Headaches
    (Paul Ruegsegger)
  • A Genetic Hypothesis for. Parapsychology: Postulating Psi-Genes
    (Jeno Miklos)
  • Interpersonal Relations and Energy Transfer
    (Jiri Bradna)
  • The Obvious and Nonobvious Nature of Telepathic Phenomena in Scientific Investigation
    (Petr Rezek)
  • Scientological Techniques: A Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration
    (Ingo Swann)
  • Erasure of Subconscious Mind
    (Bernard Green)
  • From External to Internal Control With Behavior Modification
    (Frances E. Cheek)
  • A Holographic Brain Model
    (Eugene Dolgoff)
  • Eyeless Vision Training
    (Yvonne Duplessis)
  • Studies of Psi-Facilitating States : Hypnosis, Muscular Relaxation and an Experimentally Induced Hypnagogic
    (William G. Braud, Lendell W. Braud)
  • Unusual States of Consciousness
    (Viola P. Neal)
  • Eidetic Pasychology
    (Henry Evering)
  • Possibility of Utilizing Psychotronics in Creative Activity While Substituting the Information Factor for the Factor of Randomness
    (Stefan Gulas)
  • Relationship of Psychotronics to Creativity
    (Antonin Duron)
  • Psychotronics Reveals New Possibilities for Cybernetics
    (Zdenek Rejdak)
  • One Thousand Spontaneous Psychotronic Cases in Estonia
    (I. Soomare)
  • Environment and Paranormal Phenomena
    (Carlos Mora-Vangeas)
  • Contributions to a Method and a Technique for the Development of Extrasensory Perception
    (Geroimo Reus-Ponce)
  • A New Approach to Methodology
    (Dan A. Cetrone)
  • Some Recent English Publications on Psychotronics
    (Manfred Cassirer)
  • Psi-Phenomena From an Evolutionary-Interactional Point of View
    (Jeno Miklos)
  • The Subject and His Environment
    (E. Stanton Maxey)
  • Coincidental States in Psychotronics
    (Ivan Doskocil)
  • Preteritology — An Auxiliary Scientific Discipline?
    (Jan Komarek)
  • Purposive Activation of Mental Activity in the Learning Process
    (Gennadiy A. Samoylov)

As it turns out, the Ingo Swann report listed above was actually already on line. The only difference between this online version (found at remote viewing researcher and scientologist Robin Adair’s blog) and the one we received is that ours has the ‘For Government Only’ part crossed out.

Ours looks like this –

Uploaded here is Robin Adair’s PDF of it. You can see that there isn’t much difference other than his looks like an original, oddly enough, and the aforementioned non-crossed out Government Use Only part.

We’ll scan the Ingo Swann paper/report in anyway when we get to it, but this way you can at least look at it now.

Probably the most interesting thing to me in this report, just quickly scanning it, is this part –

Hubbard (4), in establishing in 1952 basic concepts for scientological thought, indicated that if life (Life) is a mirror and a creator of motion which can be mirrored, it follows then that mirror-wise, the whole of the laws of motion can be found in thought and behavior, and even thinking partakes of the physical universe laws regarding matter, energy, space and
time. In essence, Hubbard was led to postulate in addition to the usual physical concepts an additional aspect which he labeled “theta”–or thought–and which follows definite laws, to account for life phenomena. It was his opinion that such an extension was necessary in order to express In its totality the animate as well as the inanimate world of matter in motion. (5)

4 – Hubbard, L. Ron, “Scientology 8-80, The Discovery and Increase of Life Energy,” Sussex, 1952, p.15.

5 – Hubbard, L. Ron, “Control and. the Mechanics of SCS,” Edinburgh 1957,
p 18.


Why is that interesting to me?

Well, besides that it pretty much makes no sense at all, it has a very particular way or methodology being espoused there.

A British and Vatican slavemaster kind of way. I talk about that probably the most extensively in my library article Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science but on this particular point by Ingo explaining Hubbard –

even thinking partakes of the physical universe laws regarding matter, energy, space and time. In essence, Hubbard was led to postulate in addition to the usual physical concepts an additional aspect which he labeled “theta”–or thought–and which follows definite laws…

That is just about 100 percent right out of Frederic Myers – of the British Society of Psychical research – and the basic premises the ‘best’ British minds came up with. Since Ingo was associated with the American branch of that (called the ASPR) it becomes extremely relevant.

On that point alone, some of what I discussed in one of my other articles happens to be right on that same point, so I’m going to quote from that directly. This is from A Comprehensive History of The OAHSPE.

Begin quote –

As part of the overall push along that same “scientific” line begun in the 1800’s, in 1873 Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace comes out publicly with his conclusion that “after painstakingly investigating Spiritualism” for a number of years, he found that “its phenomena were proved quite as well as the facts of any other science.” Dr. Wallace was the co-founder and writer of “Theory of Evolution” with Charles Darwin!

I told you they were trying to reinvent spirit as being a form of matter – is that something or what? Yet again, this conjunction of Darwinism with Spiritualism reveals the utter solidarity of all these supposedly independent subjects as being controlled by the same group of men – British Slavemasters.

This is also why Frederic Myers (SPR) tried so hard to present as “fact” that spirit and spiritual abilities (as they are classified) had some kind of scientific laws just like matter. For a full discussion of Frederic Myers seminal work on this titled: The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, please see my husband’s Scientology Roots chapter on the subject.

The particular passages I am referring to, bear some further discussion at this time because they offer such a clear view into this one major part of the overall plan begun in the late 1800’s by the Slavemasters.That being the re-characterizing a person, life, as subject to the laws of matter and physics – a Darwinian Spiritualism, as I call it.

Myers book is contained in two volumes, links are provided with the passages quoted. The first passage is where he first presents his basic premise on which he lays all subsequent ideas upon.

The needed clue, as I believe, can be afforded only by the discovery of laws affecting primarily that unseen or spiritual plane of being where I imagine the origin of life to lie.

If we can suppose telepathy to be a first indication of a law of this type, and to occupy in the spiritual world some such place as gravitation occupies in the material world, we might imagine something analogous to the force of cohesion as operating in the psychical contexture of a human personality. Such a personality… involves the aggregation of countless minor psychical entities…

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers, Volume I, Chapter 2 Disintegrations of Personality

Did you catch the logical error there?

Let me break it down.

If we can suppose…

There is his introduction to his SUPPOSITION.

…telepathy to be a first indication of a law of this type…

There is his positioning of telepathy corresponding to a LAW.

Why is that a problem?

Well, what’s the word LAW mean here.

One source has it as:

A law in science is a generalized rule to explain a body of observations in the form of a verbal or mathematical statement. Scientific laws imply a cause and effect between the observed elements and must always apply under the same conditions.

Scientific laws do not try to explain the ‘why’ the observed event happens, but only that the event actually occurs the same way over and over.

Let’s go with that – paying particular intention to this: “must always apply under the same conditions“.

That is where Myers (and Darwin, for that matter) are going off the proverbial cliff.

Since they can not actually SEE or MEASURE telepathy, in every case, all the time, purely using the bodily senses (which is what Slavemaster science is limited to) – you can see that what you would get would be purely based on machine readings and so on.

All a machine might do, is A: send a message that can be received by a body, and B: record possible reception of such a message in brainwaves.

By such a message, I mean it would have to be either sent or reconverted into energy for them to even have anything to “see”.

If it is NOT done that way? They are blind.Flawed reason.

You see, they are pre-supposing that the body must receive and react to such messages before they can be “heard” or realized, and that is their flawed reason.

From that flawed foundation, they then try to have what are called “spiritual” abilities conform to the laws of Matter. It is arrogant to an extreme, to assume that even if there were laws, that they would follow (emulate) the laws of matter!

And that’s exactly where Myers goes next.

…and to occupy in the spiritual world some such place as gravitation occupies in the material world.

The fact that he uses the term “gravitation” also clearly shows that he wants to liken Spirituality to ENERGY – which is what gravity is really all about.

He then tries to explain that love is “like” gravity – and we’re off to the races.

Love is a kind of exalted, but unspecialised telepathy;—the simplest and most universal expression of that mutual gravitation or kinship of spirits which is the foundation of the telepathic law.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers
Volume I, Chapter 5 Hypnosis


Gravity is ENERGY caused (magnetic). It can be broken and changed – and that’s the key here.They want to believe

That is why these people want to characterize the spiritual world to be “having laws”.




They want to believe in their own Fairy Tales – that they can manipulate spiritual things the same way that they can manipulate physical things.

To this day, they still cannot come even close to proving there are such laws, in the sense of how they define scientific law – an outside force that always responds in the same way under their contrived conditions.

They can certainly manipulate what the brain receives, that is a fact. But their real concerns, telepathy and especially mind-reading? They have no way of knowing or proving physically 100 percent of the time, when and if it is happening to them; they have no way of knowing if they are successfully “reading” the complete mind of someone else.

The problem here is not that these things don’t exist. It is that they do NOT follow their “laws” which are always founded in what matter does, or doesn’t do.

Case in point – Myers then tries to take atomic and molecular laws and apply them to any individual person!

Meaning, if the “whole” is water, what are it’s parts? type of thing.

…it is the soul in man which links him with other souls… We are every one members one of another. Like atoms, like suns, like galaxies, our spirits are systems of forces which vibrate continually to each other’s attractive power.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5 Hypnosis

There is also the element added of “attractive power” – with its implications that one is “forced” (like gravity) to attract to someone else. Yet another example of something they would dearly love to control – what and who someone likes or doesn’t like.

See the arrogance there? How dare they assume that anyone could have such control over someone else on the order of “drop an apple and it will fall.” How dare they even have that as a goal!

It is with much pleasure, that I have repeatedly proven the idiocy and falseness of such ideas – such alice-in-wonderland lies are eternally open season, in my opinion, and deserve to be shot with impunity as the clay pigeons that they are.

End quote –


– – –

It wasn’t just Myers and Darwin that went off that same cliff of reason, many others followed like a bunch of lemmings – L. Ron Hubbard included.


Ingo’s paper included another much more current example right after this Hubbard part. Pauli, 1952.

…could not account for the general problem posed by the relationships of mind/body, by the inner and outer, and. that modern science, by introducing the concept of complementarity into physics itself perhaps had indicated a more satisfactory solution if mind and body could also be interpreted as complimentary aspects of the same reality.


See? There goes another lemming looking for that ‘more satisfactory solution’ instead of doing the work and realizing that maybe the reason they have this problem is that their heads are on backwards about ALL of it. This is what happens when you listen to slavemasters prattle, like the Bible or Darwinism as applied to humans, and think it’s actually some kind of valid source or solid foundation for anything. Least of all the true nature of spirits and the actual source of human life as we know it.

– – –

Here’s another paper from this pack, and this one is from a once well-known Scientology name. Bernard Green.

Who was he?

One of the earliest UK/Ireland scientologists.

He’s listed as a “recent Clear” in London (Ability magazine #76, 1958 p.9) Green was one of the first to do Hubbard’s new “Operating Thetan” levels in the late 1960’s, he’s listed as an OT2 completion in Auditor magazine. He also became the highest level of auditor shortly after – Class VIII.

In the below picture, he’s going off to lecture on Scientology at Oxford University in 1967. (he’s marked by the red arrow)

But then, something happened. He left Scientology. We can get some idea of the kind of events Bernard witnessed that may have contributed to his break with Scientology, in the recently declassified FDA files.

Agent James P. DiGrazia interviewing Charles Berner; FDA files, folder marked Church of Scientology 121 files, PDF E-15,H-88 p. 10 –

I asked Mr. Berner if he knew of chain-locker practices existing within the organization. He replied that he had never been aboard the Scientology ship and never witnessed such incidents. He referred me to Bernard Green, head of the Awareness Center, West End Avenue, New York City, for information regarding chain locker treatment of Scientologists. Mr. Berner reported that “Green’s 4 year old step-son was placed in a chain locker by L. Ron Hubbard, Sr.” Mr. Green has subsequently filed law suites because of this.

Well, that would probably do it right there.

Here’s an example of a suit filed February 1973. George Malko in Scientology: The Now Religion  also shared some chilling events that appeared to have happened to John McMaster when he tried to contact Bernard Green for help when Hubbard ‘turned’ on him. (starts on p. 147 of PDF, look for Epilogue)

So, enough back history, Green went on to form the International Awareness Center in New York.

Imagine Ingo Swann’s surprise, then still an active scientologist, being followed at the podium at this First Psychotronics Conference by none other than Bernard Green – the dastardly, evil SP! (Scientology had declared him a ‘Suppressive Person’)

That must have been priceless, especially in light of what Green submitted.

Some choice excerpts –

To prove that the negative aspects of the Subconscious mind can be totally erased, and a new state of creativity will emerge as a result of being free from the hindrance of his past.

[…]These past incidents force the individual to think in terms of identities and association…


It’s that dastardly subconscious mind causing all the trouble, I tell you!

Hubbard specifically said that the “GE” or Genetic Entity was the reactive or subconscious mind. Otherwise known as the ‘animal mind’. How very Catholic of both of these guys. (see Catechism discussion re: roots of Darwinism in Why Psychiatry is More Religion Than Science)

I’ll give you one example from my other library article about the back-history of Korea and the Unification Church.

Begin quote –

The idea of the twin spirits inhabiting one body came from the East, not the West. But, what do us english-speaking people get as the Catholic-based illuminati version of this?

We get books like the one supposedly written by Valentine Weigelius (a Rosicrucian) in 1649, but yet it was published in London 24 by a woman, Anna Kingsford, in 1886. More than 240 years later! This woman also happened to be all mixed up in the British intelligence operation to bring America back into alignment with Britain, as well as the rest of the world, for that matter.

Instead of a simple explanation of what I just said about the twin spirits, we get crap like this:

“…the Intellectual Soul and the Spirit are denoted by the two greater luminaries, the Moon and the Sun.”

“For the whole lower nature of man – physical, vital, impulsive, affectional, animal – is subject to the stars or astral powers, that is to mundane and elemental influence expressed in the magnetic affinities, antipathies and polarities which go to make up the complex machinery of Fate. But the higher nature of man, dominated and illumined by the Spirit or Sun (the Lord), is free from the servitude of the creaturely nature, and is superior to the ruling of the astral influences. Hence our author says that “a wise man,” that is, he who is instructed and enlightened by his nobler part, “will rule the stars.” 24

So, now we have a decidedly slavemaster (Catholic/Vatican and British nobility) ‘bent’ or twist on this twin spirit relationship. One spirit is higher and better and needs to RULE the other, who is lower and worse.


Here’s some other examples of the same twin spirits truth showing, but with the same twist.

Harold Wimberly:

There’s the carnal mind and the spiritual mind.

…. without the rebellion of the carnal mind.

…This also explains Heaven and Hell and reincarnation. When the split occurs after death, the conscious can reincarnate because it can move on. The unconscious doesn’t reincarnate because it can’t move on.”

So, besides positioning the two spirits as being – one is concerned with carnal and the other is concerned with spiritual – we also have these twin spirits being named the ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’.

Since any number of osophies, isms, and “sciences” will start targeting especially that “unconscious” through magnetism, mesmerism, hypnotism, analysis, psychology, auditing, lobotomies, electro-shock, electro-magnetism and drugs – do you see where this is going?

End quote –


Hubbard and Green are just going right on down the line with this SAME thinking. Absolutely nothing has changed – just some different names.

Saving the best (or worst) for last, Green:

Traumas and harmful acts are the two most basic factors in the human psyche which inhibit the development of extrasensory perception.

[…] By these techniques a superior human being can be helped to evolve and extrasensory perception becomes a natural facet of one’s individual power.


Oh horsepuckey. None of that has anything to do with anything. Nothing can ‘stop’ a native ability, nor do we need some Darwinesque ‘evolution’ to happen either. That’s just plain disingenuous – but it is a perfect demonstration of the Fredric Myers way of thinking about it.

Quiet. I’m ‘evolving’.


I’ll get there any minute – I just know it!


I will say one thing though, in closing, at least this Green guy is a hell of a lot more straightforward in his sales pitch than most scientologists are!

Well, I can’t say I was very impressed with either of these first 2 papers we looked at. If you ask me, some of the ones that don’t have anything to do with scientology look a lot more intriguing. We’ll see though, when I actually get to reading what the rest of them are.

Virginia McClaughry


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  1. So much to process here. I am sure there are instruments that cause sleep deprivation and nausea… Of this I am absolutely sure!! With sleep deprivation comes nasty side effects. At night while trying to sleep I am wide awake. However, the next day while driving my car, I become extremely sleepy. Scary huh?. Also, other symptoms of distant controlling mechanism…. itching, sneezing,coughing, urination, defecation,vomiting, dizziness.These phenomena come and go periodically. The nausea can be nasty as well. Lose of appetite can make one weak. Elderly are very susceptible to extreme health problems as a result. Oh well, just my observations . Hope it helps.


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