Today I was wrapping up the publication (July 4, 2017) of my newest Reading Library article titled: The Psychological Strategy Board when something in it caught my eye.

It was in part of the documents for a program instituted by George Morgan (then director of the PSB) called The Doctrinal Program.

In  the document concerning “Annex B” – which is the seriously secret part of the plan – he detailed some rather key elements. The document is dated June 16, 1953 and he starts out referring to that “the clandestine service has concurred” with this final draft – which means the CIA.

On page 2, this point in particular:

  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

I had ended my The Psychological Strategy Board article discussing the following:


Let’s focus in again at one particular point from PSB’s Doctrinal Program –

  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

And now look at this about the authors of Doomsday Cult

“Rodney Stark and fellow researcher John Lofland actually sought out a “deviant religious group” to study in the early 1960s. They found a new group in San Francisco led by Young Oon Kim, an associate of the ‘reverend’ Moon…”

That particular deviant group was totally and completely an intelligence front for both the Korean CIA and the American CIA, with the British and Vatican thrown in there for good measure. Stark and Lofland were themselves working out of a particular Institute that was nothing but run by OSS and CIA personnel. A Berkeley institute that had been renamed to hide that it was previously a eugenics organization.

And on that note, I believe we have found another one of the deviationist movements that this secret CIA program chose to back…and John Lofland was the secretly funded man chosen to put it on the map.

Yes, that’s a dangler.

You’ll have to wait until I finish my article about that (the Use of Universities one) but believe me, it’s worth the wait.


But look at that same Doctrinal Program point again, noting what I have now highlighted in orange.

  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

That is what caught my eye.

If you are familiar with my Reading Library article titled: The Dismantling of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office – The Real Reason Why you’ll know that Hubbard’s intelligence organization he created had been doing all sorts of nefarious things for years and years and not a damn thing was done about it by the powers-that-be.


Stealing documents, you name it, they did it all.

But then? Ah then.

One of their staff had themselves an idea.

With one of the pilfered secret documents in hand, whoever this was, had to be understandably shocked at what they had stumbled across. I’m sure that they thought, and rightfully so, that it would be a good thing, the right thing to do to expose to the American public what essentially amounted to a ‘tracer’ to U.S. complicity in heroin drug-trafficking.

And it was a good thing that most definitely should have been exposed.

However, this was the 1970’s.

This was a time when official after official were still lying, on the record, about the secret Stay Behind Network named Operation Gladio. This happened to be one of the main networks that was being utilized in the complicit drug-trafficking by French, British, American and even Vatican intelligence personnel. As per the recently declassified CIA Director’s Log of 1951, it is now proven absolutely that it did exist.

But in the 1970’s?

Oh boy.

This was not something they wanted exposed, and it most definitely came under “so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.” And man, was L. Ron Hubbard in trouble with a capital “T” for allowing this to happen. They would have blamed him, ultimately, for what his Guardian’s Office did. Which in my opinion? Is the main reason why you see him literally fade to nothing shortly after the events I’m about to mention.

It wasn’t just that they stepped on the drug-trafficking connection. It was also that someone correctly realized that their asset (and his connections to them) – Hubbard – had just been tripped/bumbled over as well.

Not good.

You see, it is my contention that L. Ron Hubbard’s scientology octopus was one of those very ‘deviationist movements’ that George Morgan was advocating the creation of in 1953. It was only the next year that Hubbard began working with Bob Mandelstaam of the CIA’s Political Action Department to create an occult religion out of Hubbard’s previous work. There is extensive documentation about all this already in numerous articles, posts, and book chapters here at our blog, but the point is that everything was all happy dappy with what Hubbard and his band of merry dupes were doing until…

The Dafeo Report.

My husband Mike has been taking information from my library article about this and incorporating it into his Scientology Roots chapter that deals with Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

Let’s quote from that a bit –


Paul Helliwell was the head of OSS Detachment 202 in Kunming, in the province of Yunnan, China.
Captain Lucien Conein also worked for the OSS as a member of Detachment 202.  167, 168
Paul Helliwell and Lucien Conein became CIA agents after the war ended.


Helliwell gets an idea


His idea was to traffic opium to Chinese addicts to raise funds for ‘combating communism’.

Helliwell presented his idea to the head of the OSS, William Donovan, who discussed it with Allen Dulles and their British Overlord, MI6 man William Stephenson. They were delighted with the idea, and began funneling money to him for opium purchases.

Selling opium? Capital idea!

The money for the opiates would eventually come from Nazi gold and Japanese plundering of China and Korea that had been laundered by Dulles and Stephenson through the World Commerce Corporation.


This, of course, was one of the very foundations of Operation Gladio and the Vatican was deeply involved in it as well.

(also see CIA Director’s Log)

Lucian Conein went on to be involved with a number of nefarious activities, one of which was running a special unit staffed with CIA agents within the BNDD (the forerunner of the DEA). This came under investigation as part of the Church committee investigations into CIA ops such as secret mind-control projects etc.

Look at the section of my Guardian’s Office library article dealing with 1975 –

1975 –

  • July – DaFeo – Public pressure about the allegations of CIA drug-trafficking resulted in that Congress and the Justice Department were having to appear to investigate the DEA’s relations with the CIA, investigating “allegations of fraud, irregularity, and misconduct” in the DEA. Plots to assassinate Torrijos and Noriega in Panama, as well as Tripodi’s Medusa Program were documented. In a draft report, one DEA inspector described Medusa as follows: “Topics considered as options included psychological terror tactics, substitution of placebos to discredit traffickers, use of incendiaries to destroy conversion laboratories, and disinformation to cause internal warfare between drug trafficking organizations; other methods under consideration involved blackmail, use of psychopharmacological techniques, bribery and even terminal sanctions.
  • Despite the flurry of investigations, new President Gerald Ford reconfirmed the CIA’s narcotic intelligence collection arrangement with the DEA.
  • Seymour Bolten’s staff that handled “all requests for files from the Church Committee,” investigations, which then concluded that allegations of drug smuggling by CIA assets and proprietaries “lacked substance.”
  • The Rockefeller Commission likewise gave the CIA a clean bill of health, falsely stating that Operation Twofold inspections project was terminated in 1973. It wasn’t. It’s a play on words. It ‘terminated’ because the BNDD was terminated as an organization. But in the new DEA, it was resurrected under Conein and his DEASOG unit. The Rockefeller Commission completely covered-up the existence of the operation unit hidden within the inspections program.


Somewhere between then and 1977, is when a pilfered document concerning this ended up in some erstwhile Guardian’s Office staffers hands.

Now look at these two entries from 1976 –

1976 –

  • January – The Department of Justice brings in people from England, France, and across the nation to testify at the Church of Scientology V. DEA FOIA case, to try and stop the release of DEA records that would have revealed their complicity with CIA and the Big 3 drug smuggling network. “Among the government’s witnesses were Rocky Pomerance, Chief of Police, Miami Beach, Florida, and immediate past president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police; Vernon J. Calhoun, Chief of the Division of Investigation and Narcotics, Nevada State Police; James Taylor, First Deputy Police Commissioner, New York City Police Department; David C. Dilley, Commander, Metropolitan Police and Intelligence Branch, Scotland Yard, London, England; and Francis Le Moeul, Controller General, French National Police, and Chief, French Bureau of Narcotics.” This basically represents the main power-points of the smuggling network. Miami and Nevada for bringing the drugs into the U.S., British intelligence, French Intelligence, and the CIA. All that’s missing is the Vatican, but they are actually there just behind some of the names listed above.
  • January 8 – news article detailing that Francois LeMouel, the head of the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Drug Trafficking at the DCPJ (1971-81) threatens the U.S. regarding releasing DEA documents to the Church of Scientology.  The Department of Justice refers to Lemouel’s titles as: Francis Le Moeul, Controller General, French National Police, and Chief, French Bureau of Narcoticswhich means he is in deep within the network. In fact, Lemouel worked closely with CIA drug smuggling handlers like Paul Knight (see January 1972) and Terrence Burke. Also see 1971 for when the truth of French cooperation started leaking out in a court case.
  • Mitch WerBell indicted on drug smuggling charges. Lucien Conein, appeared at WerBell’s drug trial to testify for the defense, but he didn’t have to because the case was thrown out after the mysterious death of the key witness, Ken Burstine in a plane crash. 39
  • March – Deputy Attorney General Richard Thornburgh announced that in the DEA Defeo investigation: there were no findings to warrant criminal prosecutions.

the_daily_herald_sun__mar_14__1976_CIA Kept Files on the Church of Scientology – Daily Herald, March 14,1976, Sunday (Washington, UPI) former CIA Victor Marchetti tried to downplay why the CIA had files on scientology citing “idle, or perhaps mischievous bureaucratic interest“.



Now look at this from 1977 –

1977 –

  • DEA’s Assistant Administrator for Enforcement sent a memo, co-signed by the six enforcement division chiefs, to DEA chief Peter Bensinger. As the memo stated, “All were unanimous in their belief that present CIA programs were likely to cause serious future problems for DEA, both foreign and domestic.” Peter Bensinger ignored it and continued playing bag-man for the CIA using the DEA. He created a program called CENTAC to supposedly target drug trafficking organization worldwide through the early 1980s. As its director Dennis Dayle famously said, “The major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.


As you can see, the powers-that-be were madly scrambling to keep what was definitely involvement in drug-smuggling tightly locked up.

And along comes our – for lack of a better word – dupe in the Guardian’s Office who doesn’t realize that they are working for an organization that is itself a CIA front group, and who thinks it would be a good idea to expose those nasty CIA people and their drug-trafficking. (whom they think are stopping the wonderfulness of scientology from taking over the world)

Oh, the irony here.

It’s so beyond the limits of even what most people think is ironic, that I think there should be another word to describe it. I just don’t happen to know of one.

The idea this person has, is to expose a report that was part of what has been dubbed the Defeo Investigation. This was then ‘leaked’ to scientology’s Guardian Office publication called Freedom magazine who published a feature article about it in the late spring of 1977.

The document is dated June 10, 1975 to the Attorney General from DEA employees Michael A. Defeo, Thomas H. Henderson, Jr. and Arthur F. Norton. It references Attorney General’s Order No. 600-75, Assigning Employees to Investigate Allegations of Frud, Irregularity and Misconduct in the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Subject of the report is: Additional Integrity Matters.

Here’s the thing though.

A lot (but not all) of what is in this report was taken from testimony to the Senate Subcommittee in 1974 and 1975, which, of course, was not secret.

What the report itself does have, as you can see, is a lot more detail and it does talk quite a bit about Lucien Conein. For example, on page 8 it talks about Operation Croupier working together with Intertel regarding “drug smuggling on Paradise Island in Nassau”, as stated by DEA agent Bario in testimony before the Senate Subcommittee. That’s just one item.

The real problem with this report and what the whole FBI raid hinged upon, is that it was a private document and was not released at the time the Guardian Office revealed it in their Freedom mag article.

Combined with the DEA case precedent set blocking the release of incriminating documents, then releasing that secret report ABOUT Conein etc. is what set the hounds after the Guardian Office, resulting in just weeks later?

The FBI raid on scientology in July of 1977.

Where the warrant said:

the search warrants were issued for the purpose of recovering stolen Government property


L. Ron Hubbard’s deviationist movement had done effed up and violated the ONE THING that would mobilize a crackdown.

  • Create, when advisable, deviationist movements designed to split organizations promulgating hostile ideologies so long as they would not develop into a threat to U.S. security.

They became a threat to ‘U.S. security’.

There is a maxim in intelligence that goes something like this. “When cover is threatened CEASE OPERATIONS.

And that’s what they basically did – they ceased Hubbard and his Guardian Office. For two reasons, one of which was to break that connection to them. (or so they hoped)

The moral of the story is here, and this is to all the yahoos out there that think that talking about aborted babies, disconnection, concentration camp type conditions, smackings around, and all the other USELESS points they make issues out of – useless only because these things are the point for such deviationist movements. Duh. – the moral is there does exist one thing that will force the sick frackers who backed the creation of such deviationist movements as scientology to take action.




Hubbard’s intelligence career, Hubbard’s role in Operation Gladio, Hubbard’s money-laundering for them and complicity in assisting their covert operations around the world, what really happened to all that money in scientology, etc. etc., and especially anything to do with being involved in the drug-trafficking enabling.

Climb those trees and watch what happens.


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