This post is the Cliff Notes version of Anti-Democracy, Anti-Equality, and Anti-Equal Rights propagandists from the last 200+years

~ See the full Reading Library article: Why Communism? Or… Who Is The Real Enemy published July 2, 2017 ~



…the Roman Pontiffs…have ever endeavored to break the…spirit of innovators



…the welfare of human society itself, altogether demand that we…exterminate other evil opinions

– Pope Pius IX Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864.



From which totally false idea of social government they do not fear to foster that erroneous opinion, most fatal in its effects on the Catholic Church and the salvation of souls, called by Our Predecessor, Gregory XVI, an “insanity,”2 viz., that –

liberty of conscience and worship is each man’s personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society; and that a right resides in the citizens to an absolute liberty, which should be restrained by no authority whether ecclesiastical or civil, whereby they may be able openly and publicly to manifest and declare any of their ideas whatever, either by word of mouth, by the press, or in any other way.”

2 Gregory XVI, encyclical epistle “Mirari vos,” 15 August 1832
– Pope Pius IX Quanta Cura Condemning Current Errors December 8, 1864.



But the events with which we are now occupied occurred thirty-five years ago, when there was an immense number of people in the country who were not intelligent enough to be moved by arguments addressed to the understanding. There were voters who could feel, but not think; listen to stump orations, but not read; comprehend the logic of a Kremer, but not that of Henry Clay; who could be wheedled, and flattered, and drilled by any man who was quite devoid of public spirit, principle, and shame, but could be influenced by no man of honor, unless he was also a man of genius. This was the fatal class of voters.3


William Reade Martyrdom of Man

Enforced labour is undoubtedly a hardship, but it is one which at present belongs to the lot of man, and is indispensable to progress. Mankind grows because men desire to better themselves in life, and this desire proceeds from the Inequality of Conditions



Cecil Rhodes –

Fancy the charm to young America, just coming on and dissatisfied for they have filled up their own country and do not know what to tackle next to share in a scheme to take the government of the whole world!

What a scope and what a horizon of work, at any rate, for the next two centuries, the best energies of the best people in the world; perfectly feasible, but needing an organisation, for it is impossible for one human atom to complete anything, much less such an idea as this requiring the devotion of the best souls of the next 200 years. There are three essentials:

(1) The plan duly weighed and agreed to.

(2) The first organisation.

(3) The seizure of the wealth necessary.




[laws subject to] delusive caprices and opinions of the mass of the people…

The sovereignty of the people, however, and this without any reference to God, is held to reside in the multitude […] but which lacks all reasonable proof.

…And they who say that this power depends on the will of the people err in opinion first of all; then they place authority on too weak and unstable a foundation.

Hence we have reached the limit of horrors, to wit, communism, socialism, nihilism, hideous deformities of the civil society of men.

liberty of thinking, and of publishing, whatsoever each one likes, without any hindrance […] is the fountain-head and origin of many evils.

it is not lawful […] to hold in equal favour different kinds of religion;

…it is not lawful […] that the unrestrained freedom of thinking and of openly making known one’s thoughts is not inherent in the rights of citizens, and is by no means to be reckoned worthy of favour and support.


Lionel Curtis – Round Table:






Stanton Coit booklet review, 1937 –


Though his ultimate solution for the achievement of Democracy rests upon the right feelings and desires of the peoples as a whole, he does not believe that a people possesses yet a sufficiently trained intellectual and moral insight for this task.

There is an evil principle in the animal man which works against the application of that insight of true values which Democracy enjoins.


“Democracy” pamphlet by Stanton Coit has this advertised for sale:

(In cloth or paper cover.)


Merrell Vannier

The history of democracy is abysmal.


As you can see, there really is such a thing as LONG-running conspiracies, passed from generation to generation.





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  1. (As if you do not already have enough on your plate). The British slave masters, me thinks,were engaged in a heavy duty colonization within America. I know you have focused on other aspects of the British Slave master projects. In this link, you will see an astonishing coincidence of an American “aristocracy” being deliberately forged for over 200 years. The names are astonishingly famous. It would makes sense that this type of hybridized colonization has occurred. It is so very English. Scroll down half way to get an easier read on all the family connections. THIS is what is meant by the ANGLO_AMERICAN establishment. I could give you other accounts of Episcopal private schools in every major American city being the nurturing grounds for this ruling aristocracy. (The Vatican slave masters also have this enormous network of private schools throughout the major American cities. That, to foster their next generation of leaders.). I just love your work. I hope you do not get annoyed with my sophomoric comments.

  2. I wonder what you think of this group. I have lived in that community for much of my 60 odd years. I always suspected them to be CIA agents. Their children would come and go in our public schools system throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. They were always advanced intellectually. Receiving glowing academic awards far out shining all the local scholars. The parallels with Moonies and Scientology are just too much to ignore.They were associated with Columbia University. I think with your research acumen, you might mine some gold there.


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