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Document Creation Date:
November 4, 2016

Document Publication Date: November 17, 1977

Actual PDF – available in the Internet Archive.

October 1975 – Mr. Price’s death effectively ends all official OTS* involvement in ESP Research.

*OTS = Office of Technical Services (Ops division of the CIA)


When we finished with our inside scientology phase and left the official church in 1998, Mike began an investigation into the background of the Church of Scientology.

Short of the well-standardized existing controlled opposition narratives of #1 L. Ron Hubbard the pill-popping wife-dumping Sci-fi writing Cult leader and #2 Hubbard the Intergalactic Hero saving Humanity with his engram-erasing tech and spiritual ability-making OT Levels (that never ever drill or teach any real spiritual ability, like telepathy for example) who in his spare time broke up black-magic rings for Naval Intelligence and wrote non-famous screenplays – phew! – there was only one other existing ‘new’ narrative.

The one by the Remote-Viewing Scirsology bunch. Randy McDonald, Robin Adair, Merrill Vannier, etc. etc. – you can read all about them in my article Scientology: The Plan That Doesn’t Exist.

We initially took up the mantle of this groups allegations (for various reasons) even incorporating some of its information in our various Time Tracks we created of scientology-related events. (preserved at 123jump scribd, and you can also view another version of it through the Wayback Machine’s archive of Mike’s old website – scientologyintegrity.org)

The only actual interesting thing about the McDonald contingent, to us, was merely that it even vaguely broached the concept of U.S. intelligence involvement with scientology. Even though the conclusions were totally backwards and done from the view of die-hard Hubbardologists, we considered it somewhat useful to at least begin to get people thinking.


When we moved onto our next phase, we began presenting a bit more accurate and much broader view of what was actually going on with scientology – our current blog.

We never actually subscribed to that scientology produced ‘remote viewers’ for the simple reason that the OT Levels, ANY version, do not in any way develop, address, drill or even teach any specific spiritual abilities.


Not one.

A rather strange state of affairs for a religion/self help subject that purports to advance man to his ‘previous’ state of OPERATING THETAN with all manner of advertisements alluding to what one could expect should he travel scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom – don’t you think?

I began to touch on this area, or rather broach the point that if one wants to ‘recover’ spiritual abilities one simply needs to find someone to work with and START USING them, just before we ended off on our first phase of what we’re doing in 2005.

Posted at the then biggest forum for all matters scientology, the newsgroups alt.clearing.technology and alt.religion.scientology – I titled the two or three posts something like HASI Logs or Beyond Excalibur. Titles were loosely based on the idea of spanning both the ‘official’ scientology OT Levels and the further adventures of OT level-creating by Captain Bill Robertson of the European Ron’s Orgs (Max Hauri) one of which had been titled Excalibur.

The posting of the telepathic drilling (that I was actually then doing with a couple not scientologist friends) certainly did serve to immediately well illustrate the utter hypocrisy of most of the people calling themselves scientologists, as well as bringing the medieval barbarism leanings of the anti-scientologists and the resident covert intelligence operatives out into the open.

As we said in the Leah Remini post recently:

They are all very Catholic about it – burn the witches, you know, that kind of totally psychotic and uniquely Catholic Inquisition medieval attitude which has simply been updated and renamed with the “mental illness” slur.

That includes both scientologists and anti-scientologists with only a few exceptions. Considering that the scientologists audit disembodied spirits telepathically on their secret OT levels – wrap your brain around that unfathomable and mind-stopping contradiction.


In Scientology’s advanced levels called OT levels, the ONLY even vague mention of one spiritual ability, telepathy, is merely in regards auditing out the hordes of entities one is supposedly saddled with (and are the cause of one’s supposed lack of said spiritual abilities) ie: that one audits them telepathically.

That’s it.

That said, when one starts addressing the subject of the secret CIA remote-viewing program undertaken at the favored MKULTRA university, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and the supposed wonderfulness of scientology participants abilities gained from those same OT Levels, it doesn’t take long to uncover that something is rotten in River City.

The McDonald contingent has an explanation for that. It says that the ‘real’ OT Levels were stolen, hidden, and then replaced with the NEW David Mayo co-authored OT Levels.

Does that explanation fly?

Because Ingo Swann couldn’t even DO the supposed ‘best’ form of remote-viewing state aka exteriorization after having done scientology’s ORIGINAL OT LEVELS in the late 1960’s. (see my post documenting that). You may also want to view this post about Pat Price as well.

We believe that there was something entirely different going on with this supposed remote-viewing, disinformation certainly playing a major role, but perhaps something a bit…darker was involved as well.

It is on that point that there will be later articles written for our Reading Library.

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