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I think that it’s important to clue people in on just how much anti-democracy is built into the very fabric of Scientology. Scientology is literally a subversive movement, and not the good kind.

It is also important to understand just how non-critical thinking scientologists can be, and that this extends all the way into many of the so-called independent scientology movements that are operating outside of the ‘official’ Church of Scientology, many of whom go to great lengths to appear to embrace concepts like critical-thinking and reason.

But they don’t.

Take a look at this word.


Take a look at some example definitions.

  • A leader of the common people in ancient times.
  • Demagoguery isn’t based on reason, issues, and doing the right thing; it’s based on stirring up fear and hatred to control people.
  • A demagogue aka rabble-rouser is a political leader in a democracy who appeals to the emotions, fears, prejudices, and ignorance of the lower classes in order to gain power and promote political motives. They exploit a fundamental weakness in democracy: because ultimate power is held by the people, nothing stops the people from giving that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population.


The bolded parts are literally almost verbatim to something that L. Ron Hubbard tried to promote to be true (as did this definition, if you noticed).

In a signature issue within the subject of Scientology called Keeping Scientology Working (that is put at the beginning of every course of study in Scientology materials) Hubbard pushes this same derogatory idea of “the people” – as separate from the “special” people aka the slavemasters and their sycophants.

Some key quotes from this issue, my notes in [..].

First category: What L. Ron Hubbard thinks of “the people” –

  • the not-too-bright have a bad point on the button Self-Importance.
  • The lower the IQ, the more the individual is shut off from the fruits of observation.
  • I once had the idea that a group could evolve truth. A third of a century has thoroughly disabused me of that idea.
  • the group left to its own devices …with wild dramatizations of the bank called “new ideas”…
  • The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank.
  • [People] …only have their banks in common.
  • They agree then only on bank principles.
  • Person to person the bank is identical.
  • It is only the aberrated group, the mob, [the people]  that is destructive.


People are DUMB and INCAPABLE.

and crazy ‘clones’.


Second category: What L. Ron Hubbard thinks of Democracy –

  • I don’t see that … democracy have done anything for man but push him further into the mud.
  • …democracy has given us inflation and income tax.

Democracy gave us income tax?


That was one hundred percent because of the British/Vatican slavemasters who BOUGHT and POSITIONED people to stick that little gem buried in the fine print of a banana tax bill the same year, even the same month that they pushed through the Federal Reserve – all of which was the culmination of an almost 50 year campaign to get themselves back where they started before President Jackson destroyed their last financial control attempt – the Bank of the United states.

L. Ron Hubbard positioning income tax as a result of democracy is an absolutely horrible misdirection and an attack on Jefferson and the Founding Fathers of America.

Hubbard has the exact same hate that the Slavemasters have towards the people.

In the PDF Anthropology Earth and The Universe Time Track – according to L. Ron Hubbard – I document several examples where Hubbard further expands on this hatred towards ‘the people’ working together in a group, as well as ranking Democracy on a scale as below that of a “benevolent monarchy”.

Just so you can see just how tightly he is following this same slavemaster view, look at this example.


SHSBC (Saint Hill Special Briefing Course) lecture: The Free Being 9 July 1963

….most basic impulse on the planet is simply the basic impulse of thetans, who have been reduced to more or less a meat-body level, which is total cooperation-total cooperation with one another. Total, as you see in the communist thing, as you see in democracy. “We are all equal”, you see. “We are all equal; there must be no personalities of any kind, the cult of the personality must be banished, what we really are is equal.” And they’ve sort of come back to this because that is a common denominator of their indoctrination.

[Note – L. Ron Hubbard blames all this on the Espinolians aka the Marcabians, one of his outer-space bad guy races he invented]



Did you see that?


Hubbard even has the exact same method of attacking democracy by positioning it with communism. (see Scientology Roots chapter 24 for why communism was really invented)

“…as you see in the communist thing, as you see in democracy.

Just like any one of a number of Popes have done as part of trashing the concepts inherent in the Bill of Rights, Equality, Rule by the People etc.

Here’s just two examples:

It is not true that all have equal rights in civil society. It is not true that there exists no lawful social hierarchy.

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


…there will ever be differences and inequalities of condition in the State. Society cannot exist or be conceived of without them.

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891


What is the number one thing that both factions of the slavemasters (Vatican and British nobility/monarchy) have promoted as ideal for centuries?

Priests and Kings rule the world.

As symbolized by the ancient Nesilim symbol – the double-headed eagle – which was the symbol of the Catholic Church/Holy Roman Empire, no less.


Here’s a Pope promoting it –

No of Chartres wrote to Pope Paschal II: “When kingdom and priesthood are as one, in complete accord, the world is well ruled…”

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


And that’s what L. Ron Hubbard promotes.

Take a look at these next quotes.

L. Ron Hubbard lecture entitled Zones of Control and Responsibility of Government, 3 January 1960, SHSBC.

“…if Democracy is going to go forward, it had better be going forward decently under the guidance of a responsible nation…”

“Democracy is not the best political philosophy in the world; and nearly everyone will agree that a benevolent monarchy is.”

[benevolent monarchy] But actually it’s the best form of government.

“But short of that,  [benevolent monarchy]  the best form of government is where everybody has a say in it. It’s not the best form of government, but it’s the best workable, practical form.”



Political systems only exist because no one has solved the problem of succession of a good ruler.  That’s the problem a political system is trying to solve.  You talk to a whole bunch of people and you say, “A benevolent monarch is a fine form of government if he is brilliant and runs his country well.” And you’ll find every political ideologist will agree with you, no matter what he is. And they’ll say, “That’s true,” and then they’ll come right in on the back of it, “but how would you succeed him?” And then we get a political system.  So they can’t guarantee that they can succeed him, you know, he can’t have a successor.  So the answer to it is don’t have successors; Clear him.




Guess who else has promoted this same sick view of “the people” and democracy as well as the ‘better’ choice being a King/Queen?


Operation Save Scientology



The Religious Liberty League.


Merrell Vannier, one time ‘volunteer’ intelligence agent for scientology’s Guardian Office revealed that he was the creator and author of the Save Scientology site on 2 March, 2015.



Because the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has somehow been prevented from archiving his post, I have created a PDF of this page for researchers use in case the ‘live’ version goes missing.


Merrell Vannier


What Merrell Did


I first revealed the gross betrayal of Thomas Jefferson by Merrell (that you are about to see) in a post here done on 13 January 2014.

Since I did that post, he has taken his post down. The link was this and if you try it you will get a “Page not found”. He took it down sometime after 29 May 2016, as that was the last time that the Wayback Machine archived it.

Here is a PDF of that post and its comments as last archived by the Wayback Machine.

Posting as admin (of the Save Scientology blog) in a comment of September 23, 2013 Merrell wrote a big comment responding to Independent Scientologist Dani Lemberger from Israel.

A word on Dani Lemberger: Dani is now apparently good buddies with anti-scientologist and Backpage human-trafficking supporter Tony Ortega as well as assisting in anti-Mark Rathbun attacks.
(Rathbun is currently engaging in exposes of Ortega, Remini, and Mike Rinder.)

Conversely, a year and a half ago on 3 Feburary 2016? Merrell Vannier posted that Dani Lemberger had gone against Ortega as a ‘religious bigot’ calling it a smackdown. This was posted at the actual Religious Liberty League site. Here’s a PDF of it in case it goes missing.


Alright, so now on to Merrell’s September 2013 comment, where he is responding to the comment by Dani Lemberger.

Look at this part of it (reformatted by me for easier reading) –

September 23, 2013 at 12:29 am  (Link no longer works. See PDF archive of the page)

The history of democracy is abysmal.

Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers, wrote:

(1) “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

(2) “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

LRH also expressed his negative opinion of, and experiences with, democracies, mentioning that the only thing in common with all people is the reactive mind, and therefore, that group think is reactive think.


Those “Jefferson” quotes Vannier is using?




Taking up #1 first.

The good people at the Monticello website that track such spurious Jefferson quotes:

Earliest known appearance in print: 2004[1][2]

Other attributions: None known.

Status: We currently have no evidence to confirm that Thomas Jefferson ever said or wrote, “Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%” or any of its listed variations. We do not know the source of this statement’s attribution to Thomas Jefferson.


So much for that one.

This particular little quoting fiasco by Merrell Vannier is so bad, that not only is the second quote NOT Jefferson, it is a quote most often attributed to the absolutely horrible man Winston Churchill, and as far as I’m concerned? That’s even worse (if it’s even true).

Since I totally debunked his using Thomas Jefferson to front for his and Hubbard’s anti-democracy ideas, Merrell may even try to claim that he “made a mistake”.

Do I think that gets him off the hook?



Because clearly Merrell himself holds this view towards democracy, as revealed in his comment.

“The history of democracy is abysmal.”


He revealed that he and his Religious Liberty League buddies are supportive of L. Ron Hubbard’s subversive intelligence campaign against Americans.

He also revealed, probably unintentionally, who their HANDLERS are.

And yet they claim they are the religious liberty league.

In my original 2014 post about Merrell’s adventures in false Jefferson quotes, I said:

Now that I have completely shredded the Save Scientology sock-puppets demagoguery, watch them and see if they correct their vicious attacks against Jefferson.


Merrell didn’t correct it in any accountable kind of way. He simply removed it from view.

Well, now you know what his (and the rest of the Religious Liberty League scientologist buddies) real views are. Thanks to their mentor, L. Ron Hubbard.

Speaking of buddies –

In my Reading Library article titled: Scientology – The Plan That Doesn’t Exist I documented that Randy McDonald, as one of his pen names of Ashton Gray, had several books planned. Who showed up promoting these books was Robin Adair aka remoteviewedcurrently posting at Mark Rathbun’s blog.

Here’s a relevant excerpt from my article –


Finally – here’s Robin Adair over making a comment at Religious Liberty League (he hangs out there a lot)


Robin Adair February 11, 2016 at 12:40 am

…Others from our friends in the so called “Intelligence” Community and State Department when they were accusing us of running guns, selling drugs and having orgies (the latter I somehow missed and was the main reason I got into Scientology….just kidding) and various other assorted “crimes”.

Take a look at how Margaret has pretty much deconstructed the myths perpetrated by Cooper, Russell and later plagiarized by Wright and later promoted in that shoddy “doc” by Gibney:


Never mind the fact that Ortega considers someone as historically challenged as Atack a “historian”:


Like the writer of this series of posts says:

“Only fiction doesn’t leave a paper trail.”

And much of what Tony writes is nothing but fiction.

– comments section of Dani Lemberger Nails Ortega as a Religious Bigot posted by Merrell Vannier 07 Feb 2016


Notice how he’s promoting Chalet Reports and Chalet Books.

screenshot-www chaletbooks com book titles 2016-03-30 05-56-19

Look at the one at the top –

createdequal ashton gray greatest lie

by Ashton Gray
Coming Soon

When Thomas Jefferson penned the famous folly that “all men are created equal,” it was the ghost hand and poisoned pen of John Locke that actually scritched across the page. Jefferson simply plagiarized Locke, word for word. But why would Jefferson bother to steal such a naive and patently absurd sentiment?

And how could the same bizarre philosophy that became a cornerstone of American democracy turn up a world away as core elements of Marxism?

Did studies of John Locke influence Charles Darwin as he climbed aboard the Beagle for his fateful cruise into one of the greatest controversies of our time?

What did Locke have to do with Wilhelm Wundt and the founding of modern psychiatry?

The answers are as startling and as inescapable as they are far-reaching. There is not a business, a government, a school, a hospital, or a home that has not felt the stinging impact of sweeping principles that were laid down centuries ago without a scrap of foundation beyond the feverish ravings of a lunatic.

Created Equal: the Greatest Lie exposes for the first time—and offers an antidote for—the toxic concepts that have poisoned the very groundwater of rational thought around the world. An absolute must-read coming soon.

Oh look – he’s anti-democracy too!


How do I know Robin is behind the screen name remoteviewed?

Robin Adair’s blog – remoteviewed.wordpress.com – look at his about page.

My name is Robin Adair.

The author of a new spy novel entitled Coordinates and an obvious neophyte when it comes to blogging.

Hopefully for both of us this will be a learning experience.


Robin also posted as RJ at Mark Rathbun’s blog for a number of years until Marty began “changing” and then Robin exited stage left.

How do I know RJ is a posting identity of Robin Adair?

Because Robin revealed that himself –



[…] But now your in with some real good people.

[…] Ml Robin Adair


You can see another example of Robin Adair in action over at the Religious Liberty League site (Savescientology.com) in the comments of the same post I just mentioned about Dani Lemberger.

He was talking with Merrell Vannier and trying to deny any scientologist involvement in running guns and selling drugs. Of course, there’s just one minor problem with that denial – several top Guardian’s office persons (and Hubbard himself) were involved in both of those things. As just one example – see Scientology’s Elusive Jerry McDonald – Drugs, Guns, and The Brotherhood

Merrell had done a posting lauding the attack of Dani Lemberger on Tony Ortega, and Robin Adair had responded to which Merrell then does the strutting rooster routine about a ‘piece’ he has written about Tony Ortega’s background that he will only run if Ortega doesn’t stop attacking ‘the religion’ of scientology.

Merrell Vannier February 10, 2016 at 9:20 pm

Thank you for the post. Good points. Dani Lemberger actually did a better job than I exposing him; I just reported on it. I’m saving my piece for a later time, but will only run it if Ortega continues to attack the religion of Scientology and people who practice the religion for the purpose of bettering their lives and others’ — in their estimation, which is the only valid measuring stick. Ortega has an interesting history, especially for a person who likes to judge and attack others. I’ll leave it at that for now.

– comments section of Dani Lemberger Nails Ortega as a Religious Bigot posted by Merrell Vannier 07 Feb 2016

This is another example that Merrell has clearly adopted L. Ron Hubbard’s version of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of religion’ versus Thomas Jefferson’s and our American Bill of Rights.

In Ron Hubbard’s world, those two things mean they can talk bad about you, run black ops (and every other thing) but you cannot speak or move against them in any way. Most especially if you refuse to respond to their sappy “I’m full of ARC” attempts to handle you.

Those ‘smiling faces’.

* * *

Before I leave you today, I would like to show you another a clear example of the kind of controlled narrative against democracy that has gone on for over two hundred years now.

First, lets cover the main source that I am using, so that you can all see it for yourselves if you should so desire.

Life of Andrew Jackson (in three volumes), Volume 3, by John Parton, published 1860.

This is available at the Internet Archive.

However, the following version is better because the Internet Archive is missing pages 14-17 which contained key documentation as to the actual route by which Jackson was asked to run for President – as told by Major William B. Lewis, (born in Tennessee) who had handled Jackson’s presidential campaign from 1822 to 1829. Major Lewis had previously served as quartermaster under General Andrew Jackson.

Better version:

Life of Andrew Jackson, Volume 3 published 1860

This is also available on Google play ebooks for those who have a google account – this is the best version for pictures, but also contains missing pages that the Google Books version also linked to does not have missing.

This is a controlled narrative against President Andrew Jackson.

Here are some examples of the author (Parton) really losing it and revealing his true views of “the people” – purely “us” (the rich and educated) and “them”.

Parton goes into his explanation of why the people voted for Jackson:

But the events with which we are now occupied occurred thirty-five years ago, when there was an immense number of people in the country who were not intelligent enough to be moved by arguments addressed to the understanding. There were voters who could feel, but not think; listen to stump orations, but not read; comprehend the logic of a Kremer, but not that of Henry Clay; who could be wheedled, and flattered, and drilled by any man who was quite devoid of public spirit, principle, and shame, but could be influenced by no man of honor, unless he was also a man of genius. This was the fatal class of voters.


“…voters who could feel, but not think.”

“…who were not intelligent enough…”

“…who could be wheedled, and flattered…and influenced.”

“this was the fatal class of voters.”



The next set of quotes concerns the vetoing of the re-chartering of the British stranglehold on America – The bank of the United States, and the election Campaign of 1832.

Nicholas Biddle, the Rothschild/Vatican/British stenp-n-fetch-it, the head of the Bank of the United states, is quoted regarding President Jackson vetoing the Bank’s Recharter bill.

Look at his attitude towards the people that voted for Jackson and put him in office the first time.

As to the veto message, I am delighted with it. It has all the fury of a chained panther, biting the bars of his cage. It is really a manifesto of anarchy, such as Marat or Robespierre might have issued to the mob of the Faubourg St. Antoin; and my hope is, that it will contribute to relieve the country from the dominion of these miserable people.


Biddle was sure that this kind of characterization of Jackson’s veto would crush his re-election campaign.


Boy was he wrong.


Parton writes:

.. Against the administration seem to have been arrayed the talent of the country, the great capitalists, the leading men of business, and even the smaller banks…

The result of the election astonished everybody. Not the wildest Jackson man in his wildest moment had anticipated a victory quite so overwhelming.

Two hundred and eighty-eight was the whole number of electoral votes in 1832. General Jackson received two hundred and nineteen — seventy-four more than a majority. Mr. Van Buren, for the vice-presidency, received one hundred and eighty-nine electoral votes — forty-four more than a majority. Clay and Sergeant obtained forty-nine!


… But who could have foreseen that, within one little month, he was to win over to his side, the very class and the only class that had opposed his reelection, and attain a popularity more fervid and universal than has been incurred by a citizen of the United States since the first term of General Washington’s presidency? Who could have expected to see all New England, headed by New England’s favorite, Daniel Webster, joining with all the North and most of the South, in one burst of enthusiastic praise of Andrew Jackson? Indeed, some of the newspapers went so far as to nominate General Jackson for a third term. ” My opinion is,” wrote Mr. Wirt, ” that he may be President for life if he chooses.”


Ever since that time, the slavemasters have been trying anything and everything imaginable to try to attract, trap and convert those dastardly ‘people’ from allowing such things as what President Jackson did, to happen again.

That includes Scientology.

So, Religious Liberty League?


It’s The Good and Ethical Slave League.


President Andrew Jackson, 1845, re: the people as the real power –

‘… it is from them [the people] that the country derives all its prosperity and greatness, and to them we must ever look to defend our soil when invaded. They have never refused — no, sir, and never will. Give them an honest government, freedom from monopolies and privileged classes, and hard money — not paper currency for their hard labor, and all will be well.’




Please note that both Jefferson and Jackson were complimentary of the people but never of the slavemasters. As it should be, whereas the slavemasters unfailingly blame the people for their behavior towards the people. A rather key distinction.

Virginia McClaughry

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