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One month ago (April 2017), Mike received the following message through his youtube account from one of the producers of the Leah Remini show: Scientology and the Aftermath.

[name redacted]

Hi Mike, My name is [redacted], and I’m a producer on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. We are gearing up for season 2 of the show, and I was wondering if I could talk to you? My phone number is 310-402 [redacted] and my email is [redacted] @slausonproductions.com. Please feel free to email or call at any time, and many thanks in advance for your help. Best, [redacted]


I called the number and spoke with the person for quite some time. She was quite complimentary of Mike’s exposes on the Guardian Office and said that they hadn’t been able to find a single other EX-GO high level intelligence staff to talk to them, and that he was a real hero for speaking out like he did and how much she admired him.

Mike got on the phone and said “You don’t have anyone else like me, who was trained on the materials and actually on staff. I personally knew and directly worked with the top Guardian’s Office intelligence people, from the TOP down.” The producer agreed and said “I know. They won’t talk.” Mike then said “You have a couple of low-level agents who know very little because they weren’t on staff in intelligence. They only know about a few things they were involved in.” Mike was including in that description, people like Merrill Vannier.

She asked if Mike would be willing to come on the show and Mike then talked about the fact that he would have a problem with appearing with Mike Rinder as a co-host, due to the fact that Mike Rinder refuses to reveal all the black ops he knows about in ANYTHING CLOSE to the level that Mike McClaughry did (see video here) and how until he does you should not underestimate that Mike Rinder has not changed in any real, meaningful way.

The person didn’t disagree, because well…I won’t tell you what they said about it but let me put it this way. People are capable of forming their own views and this was no scientologist, ex-scientologist or anything scientology person and they had made their own observations.

Mike also made it clear to this producer that if he got anywhere near Mike Rinder, he was going to challenge him on that point and press him to reveal the black ops done to our family that he was in charge of, and question him as to why he is still fair gaming us online in exactly the same way that he supervised while in the church.

Mike also told her that if he was to come on the show he was going to talk about L. Ron Hubbard working for the MI6 and the CIA. She was surprised, and Mike said “Oh, nobody ever told you that?” and she responded no and wanted to hear more. Mike finished up by saying well that’s what I’d be exposing and talking about, all the things no one else has the guts to talk about.

She liked that idea, and confided that although they (the producers) didn’t make the decisions, just between her and us she would love to see something like that and regardless of what happens that they still wanted to stay in contact with us completely independent of the show.

I provided the producer with the compilation I had put together to make it easier to find all the Guardian and OSA intelligence training materials. She was ecstatic and said that she had been diving into it already and was finding all sorts of fascinating things she didn’t know before. We’ve been emailing back and forth a few times about completely different broader topics that are of interest to this person, and it’s been a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, Karen de la Carriere apparently had a hissy fit behind the scenes and put the kibosh on any idea of having the two Mike’s in the same room together.

Mike McClaughry is not a Karen-controllable worshipful patsy, and well she knows it. Her money and schmoozing routines she runs on people have about as good a chance as a snowball in hell, as far as he goes. Trust me, it’s been tried many times before.

Ok, so fast forward to just a few days ago when Tony Ortega describes this Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath special as:

the team has put together a 2-hour special that will look back at where Scientology has been and how it’s been exposed in the past.


Tony then lays out some of the names of whose to be on this special – notably missing are names like Arnie Lerma, Gerry Armstrong, etc.

Mike McClaughry was former Assistant Guardian for Information, San Francisco aka B-1 whereas Len Zinberg was only a one-time agent for the Guardian Office and that only briefly as part of one of the many black ops on Paulette Cooper.

So, instead of Mike McClaughry on this 2 hour special due to air on Memorial day who do we get?

Karen’s pet nobody (as compared to Mike’s level) Guardian Office apologetic and totally controlled asset – Len Zinberg.

Who would you rather have seen on the show?



Well, they blew their one and only chance for a real show.

It probably should be noted that Len and Karen are currently engaged in yet another round of hyperbole attacks against us over at an ex-scientologist discussion board, illustrating their support and agreement for posts attacking us through the copious use of “like” and “thanks” buttons on said posts. Posts that position Mike and I in exactly the same way that Mike Rinder oversaw when he was head of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA).

What attack point items follow exactly the Rinder OSA agenda?

Two basic things, well three actually. All of which were 15 years ago or more.

You can bet money that these were the exact same things that were fed behind-the-scenes of the Remini Show.

  1. Mike forming his own Guardian Office/Hasi back in 1999/2000
  2. Mike’s video expose about the Church of Scientology Guardian Office
  3.  Telepathy experiences.

Particularly #3 is their favorite. They are all very Catholic about it – burn the witches, you know, that kind of totally psychotic and uniquely Catholic Inquisition medieval attitude which has simply been updated and renamed with the “mental illness” slur.

That includes both scientologists and anti-scientologists with only a few exceptions. Considering that the scientologists audit disembodied spirits telepathically on their secret OT levels – wrap your brain around that unfathomable and mind-stopping contradiction.

Regarding point #1, if you follow the link and read what Mike wrote, you’ll see he mentions being “visited” by LRH (L. Ron Hubbard). Around 7 years ago Mike explained publicly on a forum that it was never L. Ron Hubbard that he had any spiritual contact with (nor did I). For one thing, it was a bit of an inside “code”. Think of it as sort of our own form of Jesuit sub-understanding.

Mike explained that there were several reasons for making it appear that way in our writings at that time (from 2000 to 2005). The first is that we were engaged in getting scientologists to wake up and leave the church and secondly to get them to realize the hypocrisy of certain attitudes of scientologists about spiritual abilities both inside and outside of the official Church – call it a bit of speaking at their level with some theatre thrown in for good measure. The third is that one of our oldest friends happens to actually be extremely good at “distance” telepathy and a number of other things and there were very real encounters and drilling etc. going on with that person – who is by no means DEAD.

The interesting thing is that I laid out ALL of this to the producer, our whole scientology history, including the telepathic drilling etc., why Mike used the name “LRH” in regards to “visits” etc., and she was not only unfazed by it, she was highly interested when I pointed out the documented history by the Psychiatric Association in stigmatizing telepathy even though they had proof everyone had the skill. She was just fascinated to learn about that, and could immediately see how true that was and how it made sense out of a lot of things to her.

In my years of experience, that’s how NORMAL people act. People who aren’t religious extremists or anti-religious extremists are always fascinated and interested and quite often start confiding their own experiences in that way practically immediately, because for once in their lives they feel non-threatened in talking about it.

It’s amazing how such a medieval behavior modification operation still has people terrified to say anything about it, don’t you think? I intend to change that, by the way.

– – –

What this all means folks, is that Karen De la Carriere, the rinse-and-repeat intelligence operative, is actively influencing and controlling what you see on the Leah Remini show and that’s about the worst endorsement you could possibly imagine.

Watch it with that in mind and see what you notice, especially paying attention to what ISN’T there.

Virginia McClaughry


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  1. Hi Virginia, I will be talking to A&E (new show) about LRH this weekend. The show is specifically about him. I am deeply interested in your and your husband’s research into LRH’s activities working for the CIA, MI6, and any other intel agencies, which I’ve been following for some time. As I’m very limited on time, could you or Mike send me links to the most applicable posts you have on this area. I need to study it as quickly so that I can talk about it credibly. Could you also keep this comment confidential for now? I would appreciate it. Thank you for the work you are doing. Many thanks, and hugs to you and Mike.
    Hana (Eltringham) Whitfield

  2. Thank you, great update!

  3. Much appreciation for all of the research that you do and for your transparency.

    I have a question. Why didn’t you honor Hana’s request below?

    “Could you also keep this comment confidential for now? I would appreciate it.”

    • I honored Hana’s request and did not initially publish her comment, and contacted her via private email. After corresponding with her and after Hana did the show she mentioned, she gave her permission to publish her commment. You can verify that with her if you like. I believe she is on facebook.


  4. Hi Mke,
    Thanks much for taking the time to answer my question. Glad to hear that Hana’s request was honored.
    Keep up the good work. We can only hope that one day the full truth will be known.


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