A ex-scientologist named Allen has a blog where he posts under the nom-de-plume of Alanzo. On March 16, 2017, in a post titled: Did Indy OSA Just Screw the Pooch? Marty Rathbun & Karen De La Carriere Allen wrote about a phone conversation he had with Karen de la Carriere back in 2010.

Note: Indy stands for Independent, a reference to the so-called Independent Scientology movement. OSA stands for Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks replacement for the previous Guardian Office of the Church of Scientology (started in 1966 by L. Ron Hubbard). PR stands for Public Relations.


Alanzo wrote –


Back in 2010, when Karen De La Carriere (Indy OSA herself) was calling me on the phone, trying to get me to stop criticizing L Ron Hubbard and the technology of Scientology on the Internet, she would quote L Ron Hubbard over and over to me, yelling “PR is overt! Intelligence is COVERT! INTELLIGENCE BEGINS AND ENDS COVERTLY!!!

She told me about her years as an intelligence operative in the defense department. And she also told me about all the years she worked on Operations against Scientology’s “enemies” at OSA Int. I think she thought she was impressing me, but she was actually making me sick.

Reference: PDF, Google’s Cache (save) of Post by Alanzo, March 16, 2017, Did Indy OSA Just Screw the Pooch? Marty Rathbun & Karen De La Carriere.


If you look at the comments section of Alanzo’s post, you’ll see that Alanzo again confirmed that she said Defense department – which is over all military intelligence.

Meanwhile, currently Karen and her sycophants are trying to Fair Game a man named Scott Gordon who discussed this post by Alanzo in a number of posts at Facebook groups. Scott identified Karen as Military Intelligence – which, of course, is another way of putting what Alanzo said ie: “intelligence operative for the defense department”.

Yesterday, 21 May 2017, one of Karen De La Carriere’s sycophants began a type of Black Dianetic questioning of Scott Gordon regarding his leaking of a pack of Office of Special Affairs issues.

These were apparently issues that were being worked on being expanded and updated with new numbering etc., while Mike Rinder was still in the Church of Scientology and heading OSA.

Note the style of questioning where the sycophant is asking Scott: “Do you have any evidence that these so-called OSA Network Orders were ever officially released by Scientology?

When that didn’t go as planned because the sycophant couldn’t (or wouldn’t) respond to what I documented in this post about Mike Rinder – which was that Mike Rinder himself USED this pack as a valid source….

Karen launched an attack herself directly at about 12pm PST on 22 May, 2017. (see page 7 of linked to PDF).


Notice the “likes” below each post, particularly note J. Swift and Churchill.

J. Swift is Jeffrey Augustine and Churchill is Len Zinberg.


Notice question 1 and 2 being asked of Scott –

1) I am part of Military Intelligence
2) That Tony Ortega is part of Military Intelligence


Notice what is being asked for –

Can you share with me and the members of ESMB supporting evidence to these allegations?


You will notice that Karen is employing Jesuit style sub-understanding here and not directly stating that she never worked for, in any capacity, the Defense Department as an intelligence operative as Alanzo stated she told him. She is questioning “military intelligence” which is actually a whole different thing called MID – an ARMY division which is not the same as “defense department”.

Tricky, but actually quite a stupid PR-tactic to have chosen because it backfired on her and ends up just pointing directly to that there is something there with this chick.

And, since Scott never claimed to be the source of that information and even linked to Alanzo’s blog post


Why isn’t Karen questioning Alanzo about this directly?


Why is she attacking Scott instead?


I suspect it is because she wants to smear Scott merely because he has been friendly to us and supportive of our work and the fact that Scott has been posting a number of our research articles at Facebook groups which is generating a lot of interest and a kind of awakening out there.

As readers here know, Karen is terrified of Mike McClaughry’s (and my) our work here to such a degree that she won’t even let anyone even mention his book or anything from it in even a complimentary way.


See –

Behind Closed Doors – Mike McClaughry’s Book Banned


ANYONE who does any kind of work as an intelligence operative for the Defense Department (CIA, NSA, Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, etc. etc.) has to sign an extremely binding document.


Like this.


That is one of the MKULTRA declassified documents from sub-project 27 found at Black Vault. It is what you could call a non-disclosure agreement.

Notice point 3 –

I solemnly pledge my word that I will never divulge, publish, nor reveal either by word, conduct, or by any other means such information or knowledge, as indicated above, unless specifically authorized to do so.


So, if you expect these people, like Karen, to tell the truth about WHAT they did as intelligence operatives and just jump up and say –


Hey, I ran a secret intelligence project and here’s the details! Me! Me!


You better put your jammies on cuz you are dreamin’.

Without specific authorization these people are not only not brave enough to admit it, but in most cases if they do start talking they are likely to disappear into a jail cell or a “Defector Disposal Center”.

CIA Directors Log – “Defector Disposal Center”

p 234 PANAMA December 28

[…]  a reception and rehabilitaton center for defectors and covert agents when the usefulness of such aliens has been exhausted or security considerations require such action. The purpose of establishing such a center is to receive and control the defectors under secure conditions, to orient them to the democratic way of life, and to provide such language and vocational training as may be essential to their self support in a new environment. Upon completion of rehabilitation of the individuals, they will be disposed of by resettlement […]


As to what sort of things was the Defense Department engaged in that would include Scientology,  you might want to check out these posts: What the Heck Was the Research Defense Board and What Did It Have To Do With Mind Control Research? (CIA document re: mind control research – “The American programs through Dr. Webster of RDB will be coordinated with British and Canadian programs.”) and The Kookier The Better – Why The CIA Used Scientology and The Unification Church For Espionage


In closing –

A couple of points, the first is something that Mike McClaughry wants to say about Karen.


The picture that emerges here is that Karen’s sleazy resume apparently includes all of the following: She was first an intelligence operative for the Defense Department ostensibly during the time that L. Ron Hubbard was himself working as an intelligence operative for the CIA aboard the ship Apollo, Karen goes from that to working for OSA (Office of Special Affairs) for the Church of Scientology, Karen goes from that to being OSA for the Independent Scientologists, Karen goes from that to being OSA for the Critical of Scientology movement.

Doesn’t say much for her character and credibility, does it?

– Mike McClaughry, 22 May 2017


In closing, the second point is that I just heard from a long-time admirer of our work and while I make no claims as to what to think about what he’s saying, I was asked to relay it – so here it is.

He has confirmed there is indeed evidence of Karen’s involvement in the Defense Department and that he will be publishing that evidence – along with a number of other documents – as soon as he is done with the current project he is engaged upon.

I guess we’ll see what we see then, if and when that actually happens.

In the meantime, join me in offering support and appreciation to Scott Gordon for his being willing to stand up to abusive people like Karen de la Carriere.

I hope he continues and grows ever better and stronger for it – as is the way of such things.

Virginia McClaughry



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