On April 30, 2017, a man named Scott Gordon posted to Facebook a PDF file of OSA Network Orders. These were  apparently part of a project, unfinished, that Mike Rinder was working on at the time he left the Church of Scientology.

Two weeks later, Mike Rinder says on Twitter:They are not real issues.” and “Unfortunately, this is NOT a complete set of ACTUAL OSA NW Orders. They don’t look like this. Some content is similar to the real thing.





And yet, why did Mike Rinder USE one of these “not real” issues?

Especially as part of “the most important thing I have put onto my blog” – as told to journalist Tony Ortega about Rinder’s blog post of November 5, 2016.

Look at this part of the internet archive version of Rinder’s post called: Dealing with Critics of Scientology The L. Ron Hubbard Playbook (here’s a PDF of it in case it goes missing) –

[side note: though now six months later, there is only one archive version of this post. For those in the know, you’ll immediately realize how weird that is.]



Note the 28 May 1968, THOSE WHO ATTACK SCIENTOLOGY issue title cited in Rinder’s post.

That issue is not found in either Frank Oliver’s OSA checksheet materials or the previous Guardian Office checksheet.

The ONLY place there is an issue named that is from the PDF of new revisions of OSA issues that Rinder himself created prior to leaving the church!

Talk about confused. Now he’s using himself as a source? Or someone did.

Either way, take a look at page 201 of the PDF that Scott Gordon made available to the world on April 30, 2017.


WHY did Rinder attack Scott for posting issues RINDER HIMSELF USED in his own post?


The bigger question is, since Mike Rinder obviously had the pack himself for years now, why didn’t HE leak it?

Not only that, note that the TEXT Rinder is quoting is actually from an issue called Battle Tactics.

Rinder’s blog post of November 5, 2016.

Look at this part of the archived version of Rinder’s post –



And now look at this Guardian’s Office issue –

Here’s a PDF of the whole thing, for those interested.

So, not only did Rinder name an issue from a pack that he LIED and said was: “not real” all just to try and DISCREDIT Scott GORDON…

But he couldn’t even get his own post straight! He put a title from the OSA NW Order pack (that he says is “not real”) but then puts the text of a completely different reference there!

Given that Rinder used the dang thing himself –


Why is Rinder Fair-Gaming Scott Gordon about it?


That wasn’t the only glaringly bad muck-up in this November 2016 post of Rinders.

In his section starting:

Case Officers, Agents, Covert Operations – by a church?

Rinder LIES to his readers in giving them the distinct idea that a reference is by L. Ron Hubbard. It was not.

He left out all the routing and contrary to previous entries where he included the actual issue? He doesn’t show this one.


Probably because it would kill the whole “Hubbard did it” theory. Now, I don’t mind pinning on Hubbard things he did, but I DO MIND LIARS who try to pin things on him that were not by him as part of some sort of grandstanding headline-grabbing antics.

What Rinders intro says is:

If the previous references don’t sound very religious, this one really makes the point. Written on 2 December 1969 it is a lengthy discourse on “Case Officers” and “Agents” conducting “Covert operations” “without its true source being disclosed” entitled  INTELLIGENCE ACTIONS, COVERT INTELLIGENCE, DATA COLLECTION. This reference lays out how you embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual of possible opponent.  It states in part (again, emphasis mine):

This was written by Mary Sue Hubbard, who had the post title of CS-G, superior over the Guardian’s office, to Jane Kember, who had the post title of Guardian WW (World-Wide) head of the daily activities of the Guardian’s office.

Proof of these titles –

At all times material herein, MARY SUE HUBBARD held the titles of Controller” and “Commodore Staff Guardian” (CSG) and as the second person in the hierarchy of Scientology had duties, under her husband L.RON HUBBARD, which included supervision of the Guardian’s Office.

At all times material herein, JANE KEMBER had the title of “Guardian World-Wide” (GWW) and headed the daily operation of all Guardian’s Offices, reporting directly to L RON HUBBARD and MARY SUE HUBBARD.



The actual issue Rinder is quoting can be found in Guardian’s Office intelligence checksheet course materials, PDF Section 4, part B, page 84 of PDF. (just look at the uploads Mike did the internet archive – they are labeled in that way.)

Here’s the image scans themselves, just to be sure to end this particular little sideshow misleading information posted at Rinder’s blog.




Next misrepresentation –

Rinder’s blog posts text from the above issue without showing that these are EXCERPTS, which I have corrected:

A Case Officer runs agents who essentially are not known to the executive who is running the Case Officer.  The executive makes known to the Case Officer what he wants or can use.  This is sometimes developed from data already collected, given to the executive by the Case Officer.

…The Case Officer is also known as an “Operator” or an Intelligence Officer.  It is up to him to find agents and come to agreement with them.  He himself knows and pays them. The agent is told what is wanted, gets it or finds how it can be gotten or doesn’t exist.  He is paid for what he gets or documents or data.

…The Case Officer may “run” several agents. 

There is always a chance that not all the money gets to the agents and always a chance the data may be planted by the agent or the document forged.  These are the chances one takes and prevents them as he can. A covert operation can be arranged by a Case Officer, using agents but is normally on another set of lines so as to expose nothing of covert data collection by engaging on a covert operation. 


This next excerpt by Rinder, leaves out that it was specifically under the heading Covert Operations.


Essentially a covert operation is intended to embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual or possible opponent. 

It is a small war carried on without its true source being disclosed.

Generally the operation is preceded by data collection to establish the target validity and to plan the operation. It follows all the rules of war but uses propaganda, psychological effect, surprise, shock, etc., to achieve its ends. 

Note –

Rinder also left out a really key part, which was this –

There is the war, (the overall conflict) the battle (a short term but massive part of the war) and the skirmish (a minor action just to keep the pressure on and keep the enemy sounded and off balance.)

In another section of his original blog post Rinder also took text from one issue (Manual of Justice) and said it was from Battle Tactics!

Now, one of the worst things about this is that NO ONE noticed these glaringly obvious muck-ups. Nope. In fact that same day, we get Tony Ortega fawning over it and writing:

Ortega same day –

Mike Rinder on Scientology’s playbook against critics

“This is perhaps the most important thing I have put onto my blog,” Mike Rinder announced last night as he posted a comprehensive look at the strategies that the Church of Scientology relies on to attack its critics (such as Leah Remini), and the writings of L. Ron Hubbard that guide them.

Here, in one place, is pretty much everything a journalist needs to understand why Scientology expends so many resources on stalking people, running complex operations against them, and tries to “ruin them utterly” just as Hubbard instructs.

Make sure you bookmark this one, and have it handy when someone suggests that Scientology simply acts like any other “church.”

An enduring myth in Scientology — that L. Ron Hubbard actually read your letters by Tony Ortega, November 5, 2016


Everything a journalist needs? Uh. Not exactly. Not if they wanted to actually be accurate about it.

I say again. NO ONE noticed these glaring muckups.

Along comes December 13, 2016 and Rinder’s post was still carrying those same errors, including the THOSE WHO ATTACK SCIENTOLOGY one that he now is attacking Scott for presenting the same source Rinder used.

Evidence – Forums Why We Protest posting – and here’s that post in a PDF.  As you can see, same as the internet archive save of it from November 5, when Rinder posted it.

How long did that sit that way?

Well, as of google cache version dated May 16th, 2017 the THOSE WHO ATTACK SCIENTOLOGY part is gone. (here’s a PDF of the cached page as well).

Too late, though, because we have proof it was there. Rinder did use it.

And yet just the day before that change is registered by google, Rinder was trying to publicly embarrass and publicly discredit Scott Gordon on Twitter?

Wait a moment…Hey!


That’s just like these issues say are to be done to the “target”!


Rinder original post as saved in the internet archive

“Obliterate him”

And another Hubbard writing from 28 May 1968, THOSE WHO ATTACK SCIENTOLOGY makes very clear his attitude – scientology is AT WAR with the press and those who challenge it publicly or in the legal arena. And they must be obliterated.

And this part –

If the previous references don’t sound very religious, this one really makes the point. Written on 2 December 1969 it is a lengthy discourse on “Case Officers” and “Agents” conducting “Covert operations” “without its true source being disclosed” entitled  INTELLIGENCE ACTIONS, COVERT INTELLIGENCE, DATA COLLECTION. This reference lays out how you embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual of possible opponent.  It states in part (again, emphasis mine):


WHY is Rinder doing these things to Scott?


And my husband and I…for that matter.


Just like when he ran OSA in the Church.


That is not a good sign at all.

Also, do notice the one thing Mike Rinder didn’t do in this fast “get rid of the evidence” change in his post. He did not correct the misleading impression that Hubbard wrote an issue that he didn’t – the one I talked about earlier that Mary Sue Hubbard wrote.

One other point.

Did you notice how in Rinder’s tweet he tried to portray the PDF Scott posted as being similar but not the same content? Let me show you an example of how that’s a lie.

In my post CIA Director’s log I included an OSA NW issue that is most definitely real.

It was an issue titled: WHY GOVERNMENT ATTACKS RELIGION. The issue says that the text was taken from an L. Ron Hubbard “advice” of 1979, then issued as an OSA NW Order 18 (by Mark Rathbun) on 17 February 1988, page 116 of Frank Oliver OSA PDF; renamed OSA NW Order 37 by Mike Rinder, page 139 of OSA NW Orders PDF first posted by scientology activist Scott Gordon. You can find all these sources in this post.

Here’s the original one from 1988 –


And here’s the same issue from the PDF pack Scott posted –


That isn’t just similar content, it is the SAME.


What was that Mike said again?



Note: If you would like to see a nice list (with images) of some of Scientology’s Fair Game and Black Operation policies – please see book Scientology Roots: Chapter 11 Scientology Thought Policethe References section.


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