LOTS of proof of any number of things can be found in this log. This post is a sampling of some of those items, and there’s a little something for everyone.

Our reference today, again, is –

CIA DIRECTORS LOG September through December 1951. PDF here.

Notes: The CIA director then was General Walter Bedell Smith. Although this document was declassified in 2013, it didn’t show up on the internet until the summer of 2016. Internet Archive version saved here. Barely anyone has talked about this document, one of the few was this man’s blog.

Walter Bedell Smith during WWII (center)


Listing of items to be discussed –

  • Proof that the CIA was involved in CAT (Air America)
  • Proof that Cardinal Spellman was involved in giving drug lord Irving Brown cover for his operations in Marseille getting the CIA heroin network going, and that L. Ron Hubbard supported and lauded his “religious” activities.
  • Proof that Harry Anslinger provided Narcotics agent covers for deep cover CIA agents
  • Proof of the first “black site” being created to be used for both “defectors” and intelligence agents to rehabilitate them using psychiatry and worse.
  • Proof that psychiatry was being used to falsely label people insane and detain them in psychiatric wards indefinitely
  • Proof that first Korean president Syngman Rhee was totally controlled by the CIA and military intelligence – note: this links his support of Reverend Sun Myung Moon as clearly backed by those same intelligence organizations
  • Proof that the PSB (Psychological Strategy Board) was indeed the decision point for ALL intelligence operations approval, or not.
  • Proof that the CIA was working on Operation Gladio – referred to as “Stay Behind”.
  • Proof that Chiang Kai-Shek’s wife was working with the CIA – this is a VATICAN connection – and was controlling “the TONG”.
  • Proof that the CIA was supporting the brutal reigns of two dictators complicit in the HEROIN drug trade with them.
  • Proof that the CIA was working with French Intelligence (who was smuggling heroin initially for them)
  • Proof that the CIA initiated intelligence operations in Alaska, for some reason, in 1951
  • Proof of CIA suppressing and spying on the Press
  • Proof that the CIA starting its use of universities as recruiting pools through a Professor at Yale – who was to run the network.
  • Proof of Dr. Chadwell’s connections with the CIA, as well as Vannevar Bush through the NDRC and the DRB – William Webster
  • Proof that one of Chadwell’s agents – Ladislas Farago – working with/feeding disinformation to Guardian’s Office front group, the NCLE, about Interpol
  • Proof that the CIA’s budget was underneath the Defense Department, controlled by Vannevar Bush, Chadwell, and William Webster.
  • Proof that the British (or someone) was trying to squeeze out the CIA in Hong Kong.
  • Proof that the infamous Otto Skorzeny was mixing it up with the CIA, just before they would work together to spirit Klaus Barbie into South America.
  • Proof that Edward M. Earle, a professor at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study was a CIA consultant
  • Proof the Dalai Lama refused the support of the CIA
  • Proof United Fruit was working with the CIA to stop Arbenz in Guatemala
  • Proof that Edward Lansdale was CIA OPC chief in Manila (and other things)
  • Proof that the CIA created and ran Communist groups in Latin America

Let’s start with Proof that first Korean president Syngman Rhee was totally controlled by the CIA and military intelligence – note: this links his support of Reverend Sun Myung Moon as clearly backed by those same intelligence organizations

Rhee – May 1, 1951

Preston Goodfellow deputy director of the OSS during WWII “was the official in charge of the American operation that moved Syngman Rhee into Korea in 1945.

After the war he headed the mysterious “Overseas Reconstruction Committee” and was involved in tugsten deals with the World Commerce Corporation.

– quotes from book Drug Control Policy: Essays in Historical and Comparative Perspective by William O. Walker, p. 104; also see NY Times obituary of 1973 showing Goodfellow was head of this Overseas Reconstruction Committee. Also see this August 29, 1954 letter from Goodfellow to Rhee. (click to enlarge image)



Let’s be a bit more specific about just who this Goodfellow character was.

Millard Preston Goodfellow in 1935

In August 1941, Sherman Miles sent Colonel M. Preston Goodfellow to Donovan as a liaison officer “with authorization from G-2 to serve COI.” (-book OSS in China )

COI=Coordinator of Information, the predecessor to the OSS and G-2= Army Intelligence

In 1942, just after the OSS was formed, Garland H. Williams was sent with M. Preston Goodfellow (former Hearst publishing executive of the Brooklyn Eagle) to confer with the then Chief of the SOE, William Keswick. Meanwhile, Garland’s brother John was directing the British SOE operations in Chungking.

After meeting with Keswick, Garland was sent home with SOE’s training manuals and helped establish OSS training schools in Maryland and Virginia.

Garland H. Williams had previously been working with George Hunter White in the Bureau of Narcotics. At the beginning of WWII, Garland was the district supervisor in New York for the Bureau of Narcotics (he was White’s superior) and was a reserve infantry major. He was mobilized, and January 1941, he was assigned as the first chief of the CIP in G-2. He headed the CIP for around 18 months, during which he re-organized the CIP into its first Counter-Intelligence Corps. CIP stands for Corps of Intelligence Police (U.S. Army). Garland then served as an instructor at the Chemical Warfare School, and in June of 1942 joined the OSS.

 Ref: Training: How to Run Intelligence Operations – License to Kill, 1942 OSS document (my title)

Goodfellow was the Deputy Director for the OSS planning Group for Psychological Warfare during WWII. (OSS document, 1943)  Goodfellow also had another, extremely important position in the OSS, he was the head of Special Operations.

Ref: Near East Operations – #14A – Chief Agent Iraq – The ‘Dentist’ and The “Oil Man”

When Donovan first set up undercover operations, he made a Special Activities branch of two divisions: A Special Intelligence Service – SI –  (which conducted “straight” espionage) and Special Operations – SO – which conducted sabotage, guerrilla warfare and subversion. Special Operations was roughly the same as the British SOE, Special Operations Executive.

Term “Special” meant “Secret”.

Abbreviations-wise SI was referred to as SA/B and SO was called SA/G, which the second letter after the slash in each term was chosen by using the last initial of the division chief at the time.

SA/B – where the B stood for David Kirk Estes Bruce, head of SI, and
SA/G – where the G stood for M. Preston Goodfellow, head of SO.

So that was who was in charge of moving Syngman Rhee into Korea.

Almost immediately, Rhee hooked up with Kim Baek Moon (Israel Monastery) and a young man in his 20’s who hadn’t yet changed his name. Yong Myung Moon would become the reverend Sun Myung Moon in 1951 and found what would become known as the Unification Church in Korea under President Rhee (and CIA) support in May of 1954.

In October 1945, Moon and his wife moved from Heuksok-dong to the neighboring ward of Sangdo-dong…next to the company where he worked.

– Sun Myung Moon – The Early Years – 1920 to 1953 by Michael Breen

Sun Myung Moon joined the Israel Sudo–won ‘Israel Monastery’, led by a minister called Kim Paek-mun, in October 1945 in Seoul. Rev. Kim Paek-mun had joined the Jesus Church some time after Rev. Lee Yong-do had died. So the ‘Israel Monastery’ was an offshoot of the Jesus Church. It had the same doctrines and ritual practices as the Jesus Church. Sun Myung Moon’s work under Kim Paek-mun was mainly to minister to a local chapter of Kim’s group at Sangdo-dong in Seoul. It lasted for about six months.

– blog posting

Some people say that Rev. Moon was Kim Baek-moon’s disciple…Kim Baek-moon was close to Dr. Syngman Rhee…I visited his group…soon after liberation, October 1945.

– Sun Myung Moon in his own words – 2007

So, when Rhee “went south” –

Q: Donald MacDonald.

THOMAS: Yes, we were friends. (He was one of the best Korean specialists in the service, and a very fine man. He should have been made ambassador there.) They’d gotten out of Seoul and stuck together. So they’d been through the hard times together, with this fellow Shin Song-mo, the then defense minister, whom I was talking about, and many in the cabinet, they all went south…You had a lot of intelligence agencies there, of all numbers and stripes, collecting information, most of them buying it.

– The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Foreign Affairs Oral History Project, Interview with Fred Charles Thomas Jr. by: Charles Stuart Kennedy March 8, 1995, Library of Congress PDF

Jul 20, 1948: Dr. Rhee is chosen as Korean president. Lee Bom-sok was appointed as the new country’s first prime minister from July 31, 1948 to April 20, 1950. Two weeks later U.S. military goverment in South Korea was formally ended on 15 August 1948.

Aug 2, 1948:

Excerpt of a letter written by Joseph Earle Jacobs, State Department political adviser to Lt-Gen. Hodge. “Rhee sent his wife and wanted her to discuss several matters with me without arousing unnecessary rumors. One. Rhee will nominate Lee Bum Suk as Prime Minister and wished to know what I thought of that nomination.” (RECORDS, reel no 3)

[Apparently, the State Department had no objection to this nomination because Lee Bum Suk (Lee Beom-seok) remained prime minister from August 1948 to 21 April 1950. It can be seen that even after Independence the opinion of the State Department mattered.]


[referring to summer 1952] Rhee suddenly turned to a person named Lee Bum Suk. Lee Bum Suk was a Korean general in Sian China who had been commander of Kwangbok Army under the OSS, Eagle Project, I think it was called, in China, which had a youth corps connected to it. (Later known as the Northwest Youth Corps. He had been the first minister of defense in the Rhee government.) The Kwangbok Army had worked with our OSS against the Japanese. Clyde Sargent, my boss in the Political Advisory Group, had been the American OSS officer in charge in Sian. I had gotten to know Lee Bum Suk through Clyde Sergeant back when I’d been there in ’48, and I knew his background. He was another Chiang Kai-shek, sort of what I call a Christian fascist. You know that type? He was very straight and reminded you of Chiang Kai-shek, very military in his bearing and very black and white. Well, he was brought in to be the hatchet man for Rhee.

Lee Bum Suk, I always felt, was on CIA’s payroll, but I can’t prove that. He’d had this long-term connection with OSS, and he ran this bully-boy youth group (Northwest Youth Corps), he had been a general, and the first Minister of Defense in first Rhee government. I always had a suspicion that U.S. intelligence was behind him.

– The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Foreign Affairs Oral History Project, Interview with Fred Charles Thomas Jr. by: Charles Stuart Kennedy March 8, 1995, Library of Congress PDF

Thomas was right. Syngman was a CIA-controlled asset. (note – he was defense minister of South Korea 1948 – 1949)

Later appointed as defense minister, Lee Bom-sok received $333,000 in equipment and assistance from Colonel Ernest Voss of the internal security department to set up a “leadership academy” with courses in combating strikes and the history of the Hitler jugend (Hitler Youth), whom Lee Bom-sok admired. Opposed to the very idea of a labor union, his men beat leftists and conducted surveillance and forays across the Thirty-eighth Parallel, with CIC support.

Police Training, “Nation-Building,” and Political Repression in Postcolonial South Korea by Jeremy Kuzmarov

May, 1947:

Training of the Korean National Youth Movement. Some 50 kilometers south of Seoul, in the ancient walled town of Suwon, was established the training center of the National Youth Association. In late May 1947 it was visited by a group pf American journalists which included Carl Mydans from “Time Magazine”. By June 1947 some 70,000 men (aged 18 to 35) had already received training.

“But where are your funds coming from?” asked Mydans. “You Americans are paying for it” answered the director of the center. “The American Military Government in Korea has just given us 5 million yen ($333,000) and equipment and supplies worth much more (automobiles, gasoline, shoes). We also have an American colonel as adviser. We think if we behave ourselves somebody will give us more”.

The American officer was Lieutenant Colonel Ernest E. Voss who had been appointed to direct the movement. The Korean head was General Lee Bum Suk (also spelled Yi Pom Sok) formerly second-in-command of the Kwangbok army set up in China during the war on the advice of Chiang Kai-shek. In that capacity he had been working actively with American Intelligence. By July 1947, some 70,000 had received training.

(Article of “Time Magazine” of 30 June 1947 entitled “Korea: A scout is militant; Robinson 1947 p. 248-251; “Far East Stars and Stripes Weekly Review” of 15 June 1947; Henderson 1968 p. 141)

[Richard Robinson writes that it was a “rightist army, well trained and armed”. The article in “Time Magazine” mentions troops “marching in military cadence to a martial song” but it does not say if they were armed. However, it is known that members of this Youth Movement were employed in several places (and in particular in Cheju Do) against Communists and leftists. This suggests that they had indeed received some military training.]


When looking at this next reference, please remember that Rhee’s right-hand guy, Lee Bum Suk’s wife was all mixed up with Reverend Moon in Kim Baek Moon’s “jesus church” offshoot.

Aug 2, 1948: Excerpt of a letter written by Joseph Earle Jacobs, State Department political adviser to Lt-Gen. Hodge. “Rhee sent his wife and wanted her to discuss several matters with me without arousing unnecessary rumors. One. Rhee will nominate Lee Bum Suk as Prime Minister and wished to know what I thought of that nomination.” (RECORDS, reel no 3)



Syngman USED anticommunism – as ordered by his British-Vatican spymasters, as part of exerting control over Korean politics, religion, culture and economic activities.

Syngman was a total dictator who showed little interest in true democratization.

Republic of Korea, informally known as South Korea, was formed in 1948. Although South Korea nominally began as a democracy, it was in fact a U.S.-sponsored dictatorship. The first dictator was Syngman Rhee, who declared himself to be the lifetime president until the popular revolt drove him out after 12 years of rule. The second dictator was Park Chung-hee, a military strongman who ruled for 17 years until he was assassinated.

– Ask a Korean blog

Sun Myung Moon gets in the middle of all this even further –

My grandfather was a much-needed person when Dr. Rhee was trying to establish a new country.

– Sun Myung Moon in his own words – 2007


Moon – 1951 approximately

Moon mid-1950’s

Starting in 1948, Robert T. Oliver, a professor of speech at Pennsylvania State University and CIA asset served as a ghostwriter for Syngman Rhee.

Oliver and Rhee developed a foundational myth, Puk-jin Tongil (), to build the new nation of South Korea. The Puk-jin Tongil myth called for a reunification of the Korean people and land through a US-led invasion of North Korea and was paired with a myth of enemyship that named the Communists of North Korea as essentially evil, estranged them as beyond the pale of rationality, and escalated the conflict between the two Koreas. In this essay, we consider the first full presentation of the Puk-jin Tongil myth in Rhee’s August 15, 1948, inaugural address, which had significantly different versions: an English version written by Oliver and a Korean version delivered at the inaugural ceremony by Rhee. Rhee’s confrontational version of the myth was delivered in Korean to his South Korean audience while Oliver presented a much tamer version in his English draft of the inaugural, targeting an American audience. Rhee’s speech, we suggest, foreshadowed his dictatorial approach to the presidency and revealed tensions between the president and the US government and in the Rhee-Oliver collaboration. Our essay fills a gap in our understanding of nation building through mythic rhetoric in the global Cold War, contributes to our disciplinary history with its focus on Oliver’s role in Rhee’s symbolic efforts, and offers a judgment of the mythic rhetoric crafted by the Rhee-Oliver collaboration.

– Syngman Rhee, Robert T. Oliver, and the Symbolic Construction of the Republic of Korea during the Global Cold War by David A. Frank & WooSoo Park; Pages 1-20 | Published online: 07 Apr 2017; http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02773945.2017.1302095

Oliver was listed in 1952 as Chief of the Washington Office of the Korean Pacific Press, a Republic of Korea registered agency; Adviser to President Rhee.

Ok, now look at this from September 4, 1951 in the CIA Director’s log p. 4 –

A covert CIA agent has been appointed Special Assistant to South Korean President Syngman Rhee. This agent has been instrumental in the change of attitude of the ROK government toward the US government. It is anticipated that with careful control this agent will develop into an outstanding deep cover agent in the Far East.

Sound like Robert Oliver to you?

Rhee had more than one advisor though – let’s not forget M. Preston Goodfellow.

“By early 1949,” notes historian Bruce Cumings, “Goodfellow was with Donovan’s World Commerce Corporation, seeking to become Rhee’s principal American adviser

From the fall of 1949 to the mid-1950’s, Goodfellow in becoming a key agent for Korean-American business deals” and intelligence operations involved the U.S. and China.

Drug Control Policy: Essays in Historical and Comparative Perspective by William O. Walker

On a more humorous note, President Rhee liked to go fishing. Unfortunately, one day he actually ended up being shot at and he said it was by the CIA and ordered them out.

Q: The ambassador in ’54…

THOMAS: …Rhee was very suspicious of our intelligence people. And from what we knew in the embassy, at some point along there, because of it all, he’d kicked this whole intelligence station out of Korea. What happened was, Rhee liked to go fishing, and these intelligence people controlled a lot of small islands off the coast, for smuggling and for intelligence purposes.

Of course, they were considered sensitive bases; any boats that got too near got fired at. It turned out that Rhee was out there fishing off one of these places where the intelligence (I think it was the CIA) had one of their bases, down off Pusan someplace; he got too close to this island, and people fired on his fishing boat. There was hell to pay, when it was found out who it was. Suddenly, Rhee said, “Get them all out of here!” And so the whole station, I gather, left.

– The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Foreign Affairs Oral History Project, Interview with Fred Charles Thomas Jr. by: Charles Stuart Kennedy March 8, 1995, Library of Congress PDF


Syngman was right, it WAS the CIA.

Listed under OPC ops, page 3 CIA Director’s Log September 4 –

CIA controlled fishing vessels based at Hoe-do Island, off the Korean coast, recently sank a Chinese fishing boat and captured 2 Chinese and 1 North Korean vessel of the same type. 6 prisoners were captured and brought back to Hoe-do.

Listed under OPC ops, page 30 September 14 –

On a scouting mission to Shi Cheng Tao, the CIA-controlled Korean fishing vessel SEA DRAGON captured a Chinese fishing boat and its nine crew members five miles off shore on 6 September.

Listed under OPC ops, page 127 November 5

A 140-ton Chinese supply boat enroute from Dairen to Antung with a 13-man crew was captured 10 miles off the Manchurian coast on 28 October by the CIA-controlled Korean fishing vessel SEA WOLF.

Next up is Proof that the PSB (Psychological Strategy Board) was indeed the decision point for ALL intelligence operations approval, or not.

p. 12 September 7, 1951

Mr. Gray has circulated to the members of the Board for approval our modification of immediate plans to establish coordinated psychological courses of action in the event of permanent break-off of Korean Armistice negotiations. This plan has been considered by the alternates for members of PSB. Mr. Dulles has requested Mr. Wisner to prepare comments for DCI.

p. 31 September 14 –


Mr. Gordon Gray has requested DCI recommendation on DD/P the desirability of placing on the agenda of PSB possible CIA covert support of FEC Psychological Warfare plans.

Mr. Gordon Gray has requested CIA comments on the”National Psychological Warfare Plan for General War” since, at the direction of the President, the NSC has furnished this paper for the consideration of PSB. (Note: This plan was prepared by the Interdepartmental Foreign Information Organization and commented upon by the JCS.)

p 45 September 20 –

Mr. Gordon Gray has forwarded for appropriate action by CIA DD/P Plan TAKEOFF which has been approved by PSB.

p 96 October 18

Mr. Gordon Gray has forwarded for consideration at the next Board Meeting “Suggested Fiscal Year 1953 Budget DD/A Estimate as Compared to 1952 Estimate for Psychological Strategy Board.”

p 185 OPC December 3 –

Gordon Gray has requested that PSB be allotted one DD/A GS-16 slot in order that he might employ Mr. Tracey Barnes. to succeed Gen. Cutler. Mr. Barnes is now a grade 16 in the Office of the Under Secretary of the Army.

Next up is Proof that the CIA was involved in CAT (Air America).

p. 3 September 4 –

State Dept. has authorized flights over the Chinese mainland by CAT aircraft when they are supplying guerrilla units.

p 131 7 November

L.K. Taylor, former partner of Whiting Willauer in the predecessor company of CAT, is bringing suit in Taiwan against Corcoran et al alleging that Taylor, as a shareholder of the former company, was not paid his share of the proceeds realized in the sale to the undisclosed purchaser (U.S.Government).

Despite strong representations by Mr. Willauer,- Minister Carl Bankin and others that the matter be settled out of court, Taylor remains adamant in his contention that he has been defrauded by his former associates and is proceeding to sue.

No disclosure has been made, to CIA’s knowledge; of the U.S. Government’s interest in CAT although Minister Rankin in his discussion-with Taylor emphasized that CAT was performing vital services for the U.S. Government which would be prejudiced if Taylor sued. Col. Stilwell is seeing Corcoran to secure his agreement to settle the case out of court.

Next up is Proof that Cardinal Spellman was involved in giving drug lord Irving Brown cover for his operations in Marseille getting the CIA heroin network going, and that L. Ron Hubbard supported and lauded his “religious” activities.

A very creepy guy.

Spellman (with glasses)


His boss was even creepier.

Pacelli – Pope Pius XII (left)

Let’s have a look at what Cardinal Spellman was mixed up in, on behalf of actual, the real deal, slavemaster Pacelli.

In 1947, Pope Pius XII was more than willing to allow black money to flow through his bank. The Truman Administration already had funneled more than $350 million to the Holy See for economic relief and political payments. The pope used these funds to reactivate the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), which had been dismantled under the reign of Mussolini, and to establish twenty thousand CDP cells throughout Italy. The Holy Father also obtained an additional $30 million from Truman’s aid package to create Catholic Action, an organization to generate propaganda against the Communists.

Book refs: John Cooney, The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman (New York: Times Books, 1984), p. 157, 159; John Cornwell, Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII (New York: Viking, 1999), p. 329.

Thanks to the CIA’s assistance, Marseilles now became the new center of the heroin industry. By 1951, only months after the Corsican and Sicilian Mafias took control of the waterfront, the Guerinis recruited a host of French chemists and opened their first opium refineries. (McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity, p. 47.)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

Spellman was tasked to both help with the reactivation of the Christian Democratic Party and create Catholic Action. He was very involved in promoting the whole “anti-communist” agenda, especially loving to target China.

For example, The Report of the Secretary of Defense’s Advisory Committee on Prisoners of War AUGUST 1955, lists as source material a Colliers magazine article by Spellman titled: “How Red China Tortures Protestant and Catholic Missionaries”, May 10, 1952, 129: 15-17.

Cardinal Francis Spellman was also a leader of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta – the SMOM – and a CIA/Vatican operative or intelligence “asset”.

Spellman used the annual gatherings of the SMOM to conduct “business” between the CIA and the Vatican.

Much of the business between the CIA and the Vatican began to be conducted at the annual gatherings of the SMOM in Rome and New York. Cardinal Francis Spellman presided over the proceedings and sanctioned future strategies against the Communist forces in Europe in the name of the pope. (Lee, “Their Will Be Done.”)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

Really take note of the quote from Spellman in the below –

In the months before the 1948 national election, the CIA dumped $65 million of its black money into the Vatican Bank. Much of the cash was hand delivered in large suitcases by members of Luciano’s syndicate, including clerics with affiliations to the Sicilian Mafia. The reception of this money by the Holy See was held in strictest confidentiality.

One reason for the secrecy, as Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York later revealed, was thatsubversive groups in the United States would grasp this as a very effective pretense for attacking the United States Government for having released money to the Vatican, even though indirectly conveyed.(Cardinal Spellman’s memo to General George Marshall, undated. Also see, Cooney, American Pope, p. 161.)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.


Now look at this entry from the CIA Director’s log.

p. 4 OPC ops, September 4, 1951 –

A CIA agent in Paris reports he has seen evidence that the office of Cardinal Spellman has directed John McCloskey, Director of Catholic Welfare in Europe, to obtain information proving Irving Brown’s “close connection with Marxist Socialist” movements in Europe. Brown, European representative of the AFofL, is the cut-out through which CIA advances funds for the support of various Western European labor unions. The CIA agent reports that the instructions to McCloskey also ask for information linking Brown with financial control of radical labor organs and propaganda media. The CIA agent states that, in his opinion, the information collected may be used as a basis for launching a campaign against Brown in the US Congress.

Now look at this information as to what Irving Brown was really doing and when.

Writing in the Saturday Evening Post in 1967, the former director of the CIA’s international organizations division, Thomas W. Braden, explained the Agency’s strategy of using leftists to fight leftists.

This left “enemy” was then personified as Jay Lovestone, a planted agent and former Chief of the controlled opposition operation – The Communist Party of the U.S.

Lovestone and his assistant, Irving Brown – mister let’s get the Heroin trade going into the U.S. – were despatched to Paris in 1947 to form Force Ouvriere, a non-Communist union, to fight the “leftists”.

Reference: Thomas W. Braden, “I’m Glad the C.I.A. Is ‘Immoral,’” in The Saturday Evening Post, May 20, 1967, p. 14

However, it’s WHO despatched him that is important.

CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter sent Irving Brown to France to facilitate the drug trafficking operation.



Irving Brown (right)

Irving Brown Labor Leader and CIA spy (right)

The infamous George White of later MKULTRA sex and LSD experiments showed up in Marseille the following year – 1948. White had been an OSS agent (later CIA) and was continuing to utilize the cover of his job at the FNB (Federal Narcotics Bureau) to help keep the slavemaster dope-smuggling profits coming.

Irving Brown recruited and hired Corsican mafia thugs and paid them with CIA money starting in 1948 – he hired a “rugged, fiery Corsican” named Pierre Ferri-Pisani to recruit an elite criminal terror squad to work the docks. For the next four years this goon squad beat people up, terrorized them, and even killed a few until they had complete control of the docks.1

… the CIA broke the last barrier to unrestricted Corsican smuggling operations in Marseille. When control over the docks was compounded with the political influence the milieu gained with CIA assistance in 1947, conditions were ideal for Marseille’s growth as America’s heroin laboratory. The French police later reported that Marseille’s first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the milieu took over the waterfront.1


Irving happened to also be in tight with British intelligence.

Here is a photo of him meeting with Arthur Koestler, who was all tied up with the infamous Huxleys and worked for British intelligence in the Information Research Department.

Arthur Kœstler (British IRD agent), Irving Brown (CIA agent in charge of European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media) 2Arthur Koestler (left) and Irving Brown (right)

What you may not know is where the term “candy” – as in unlimited funds for Operation Gladio/CIA operations – came from. Have a look at this.

The heroin, which remained the source for the black money, continued to be supplied to the Sicilian mob by Schiaparelli, the Italian pharmaceutical giant. The drugs were received by a chain of businesses that had been set up in Palermo by Luciano and Don Calo. These businesses included a candy factory, which produced chocolates that were filled with neither cherries nor cream but nuggets of 100 percent pure smack. (Cockburn and St. Clair, Whiteout, p. 130)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

This is part of why the Vatican, the British, and American slavemaster factions were starting this new heroin trade going – for MONEY.

aka “candy”

[scene from the movie Predator 2]


This Corsican network (inclusive of American and Italian Mafia elements) was also being used as a form of “unconventional political warfare”. This network is what is commonly referred to as The French Connection.

In 1950, it got an even bigger kick-off from OSS-come-CIA agents Paul Helliwell, E. Howard Hunt and Lucien Conein who all operated throughout Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

This particular drug-producing network was backed by all 3 factions of the slavemasters and their intelligence apparatus and they were specifically targeting the American population.

…The control of the Guerini brothers over Marseille’s heroin industry was so complete that for nearly twenty years they were able to impose an absolute ban on drug peddling inside France at the same time they were exporting vast quantities of heroin to the United States.2

It doesn’t get any more clear than that whom they are truly afraid of. Nor does it get any clearer just what methods are considered acceptable to them to destroy America from within.

OK, now, considering that Spellman was in on what was really going on with Irving Brown, this CIA Director’s log entry about Spellman’s office checking into Brown’s “Marxist” connections in 1951 happens to be right when this heroin route that was providing the black funds the Vatican and people like Spellman were using was really taking off.

Thanks to the CIA’s assistance, Marseilles now became the new center of the heroin industry. By 1951, only months after the Corsican and Sicilian Mafias took control of the waterfront [thanks to Irving Brown and his CIA “candy” bankroll] the Guerinis recruited a host of French chemists and opened their first opium refineries. (McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity, p. 47.

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

Making that CIA Director log entry about Spellmana stunning display of that not all CIA agents are created equal, in the sense that they aren’t in-the-know on an equal basis.

Spellman was helping build Irving Brown’s intelligence cover and the other agent (or even Spellman’s office) had no idea that was what was going on.

Spellman also plays a key role in all this drug-trafficking, which is my next “proof” area, but I think just a few more items of other information about him are in order here.

Like the fact that the same year (1954) that Korean ‘reverend’ Moon was tasked by the CIA and British intelligence to start the “Unification Church” (with the support of CIA puppet dictator Syngman Rhee) – the church which would later yield the CAUSA front group instrumental in later helping the Iran-Contra guns-for drugs operation – was when a protege of Cardinal Spellman, William Buckley Jr. gained the cardinal’s support in launching his conservative Christian journal of opinion, National Review. William Casey, yep, that William Casey of the OSS, was the lawyer who officially incorporated the publication in 1955. (ref: The Encyclopedia of Cold war Politics)

Cardinal Spellman’s protege’ William Buckley, as it happens, was himself a CIA asset, having worked directly for yet another China drug-toting OSS “cowboy” – E. Howard Hunt at the CIA station in Mexico.

Buckley: It is the context that counts, and every man is entitled to his context.

A more fitting quote I can’t imagine, to represent this guy.

True Jesuit sub-understanding in action, that.

Buckley was a Yale man and while he was there he was made a member of the Skull & Bones society. He graduated Yale with honors in 1950.

Buckley – Yale 1948

While at Yale, Buckley was recruited as part of the psychological warfare mandates given to the CIA by the National Security Council. But, he was also an asset of Vatican intelligence as well.

One of his first tasks was to put out a controversial book called God and Man at Yale and he used a publisher that has some pretty long-term ties to the slavemasters – the Regnery Family.

In Henry Regnery’s obituary, The New York Times noted:

It was his fledgling Chicago publishing house, the Henry Regnery Company, that brought out William F. Buckley Jr.’s “God and Man at Yale,” which threw down the conservative gauntlet at the feet of the liberal academic establishment and created a sensation in 1951.

Regnery family activism for the British and Vatican slavemasters goes all the way back to the America First Committee. BUT what you get out there is people actually falling for what was clearly a controlled opposition operation. Nothing shows that better than Buckley’s connection in the above book, done while he was working for the CIA.

Though carefully worded, it was actually the British Security Coordination under the helm of MI6 (later Special Operations Executive) man William Stephenson that really put this whole America First Committee on the map. He had long-time propaganda and deep cover agents like William Pelley and Charles Lindbergh placed in it as agent provocateurs leading directly to attracting anyone who might oppose the slavemasters WWII plan for the world and then positioning anyone who joined it as NAZIS.

The entire intent being to be able to later discredit any real opposition as being “the same as” America First and therefore “nazi”.

Many people fall like a ton of bricks for this highly controlled operation as supposedly by “the nazis” – even now. Look at these quotes from The Nazi Hydra about the Regnery family, for example, that I found in a December 2016 posting at VISUP.

    “William Regnery also was one of the founders of the American Security Council; his son, Henry, later replaced him. The American Security Council had a great influence on the Reagan administration, and on many of the more hotly debated issues of the 1950s-1980s. Regnery and two other isolationists began broadcasting ‘Human Events’ and, in 1947, started Regnery Publishing. Interestingly enough, the first two titles published by Regnery were critical of the Nuremberg Trials. The third was another pro-Nazi book attacking the Allied air campaign. In 1954, Regnery published two books for the John Birch Society. He also was the publisher of William F. Buckley’s God and Man at Yale. According to Howard Hunt, the CIA subsidized Regnery Publishing because of its pro-Nazi stance.

    “Henry Regnery and Bunker Hunt funded Western Goals, an organization that is now dead. Western Goals reportedly compiled lists of people judged subversive. In 1986, Reagan appointed Alfred Regnery to help dismantle the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice. In the 1990s, the Regnery publishing house released many venomous smears attacking President Clinton.”

    (The Nazi Hydra in America, Glen Yeadon & John Hawkins, pg. 224)

The second bolded part is rather interesting, even if it is a bit of a red herring. It isn’t Howard Hunt we need to look at here. It’s the fact that one of the very first books published by Regnery was by ardent SSPX* type Catholic and CIA agent William F. Buckley JR., who, in his own words, was engaged in “political action” for the CIA.

*Society of Saint Pius X – a breakaway Catholic sect

Salon magazine notes:

Conservative luminary and National Review founder William F. Buckley — who spent two years after college as a CIA ‘political action specialist’ in Mexico City — was also a Knight of Malta, as was none other than William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, the head of the CIA’s precursor organization, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Also per Salon, Gordon Thomas claims that Buckley had involvement with MKUltra work and was assigned by DCI Dulles in 1953 to look into the death of Frank Olson. We all know how that went – a massive cover up.

Personally, I think that Buckley went under even deeper cover after this initial two years, continuing his “political action” work with a civilian cover – much like L. Ron Hubbard was doing around the same time. Salon erroneously discounts Gordon Thomas claims on the premise that Buckley “was still attending college” in 1953. That is false – he graduated in 1950.

It was the CIA’s Office of Policy Coordination (OPC – the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the CIA) that Buckley was recruited into the CIA under in 1950. His soon to be boss, E. Howard Hunt, had just been recruited by Frank Wisner just a year earlier.

What was the OPC doing at the time?

The OPC, through its Gladio work it had been assigned, was then engaging in supporting the smuggling of illegal drugs into the United States. Heroin was the initial drug of choice – it came from Chinese control by British intelligence men such as the Keswick family who had long dominated the heroin trade out of Hong Kong.

CIA OPC head Frank Wisner recruited Kermit Roosevelt Jr., into the OPC and he is who ran the political action department.  CIA agent Miles Copeland, who also worked under Kermit, described ‘political action’ as including anything from lobbying to assassination, from propaganda and financial “aid” to dissuasion which was quite a euphemism for what was essentially terrorizing someone. Dissuasion was also described by Miles as: any act designed to frighten an enemy away from some particular activity, or to provoke him into irrational behaviour suiting our strategic purposes

It was in 1951, under Kermit that CIA OPC ops with Licio Gelli and the creations of Gladio terrorist units in South America and Mexico began.

This is where William Buckley gets assigned – Mexico – working for Howard Hunt, the Chief of Station there (under the OPC) Buckley describes this a bit in a foreword to Hunt’s memoir. (note: in 1952 when the OPC was re-organized under the Department of Special Operations/Projects, Hunt became deputy Chief of Station)

I MET E. HOWARD HUNT soon after arriving in Mexico City in 1951. I was a deep-cover agent for the CIA — deep-cover describing, I was given to understand, a category whose members were told to take extreme care not to permit any grounds for suspicion that one was in service to the CIA.

The rule was (perhaps it is different now) that on arriving at one’s targeted post, one was informed which single human being in the city knew that you were in the CIA. That person would tell you what to do for the duration of your service in that city; he would answer such questions as you wished to put to him and would concern himself with all aspects of your duty life.

The man I was told to report to (by someone whose real name I did not know) was E. Howard Hunt. He ostensibly was working in the U.S. Embassy as a cultural affairs advisor, if I remember correctly. In any event, I met him in his office and found him greatly agreeable but also sternly concerned with duty. He would here and there give me special minor assignments, but I soon learned that my principal job was to translate from Spanish a huge and important book by [communist] defector Eudocio Ravines.

(My friend, E. Howard Hunt, by William Buckley, foreword to “American Spy” by E. Howard Hunt)

What Hunt and Buckley were actually doing, whatever that really was (and you can bet it didn’t just include translating some book he could have easily done anywhere) came under the section of OPC political action that Miles Copeland headed, called the “Special Activities” division. Miles referred to it as the SPD or Special Projects division.

What sort of things came under that?

Why, the very kind of things that Buckley would be doing and getting in the middle of when he supposedly wasn’t working “for” the CIA anymore, so as not to “embarass” the Catholic Church by showing such clear evidence of having a hand in subverting America.

Yea. It really was that gross.

A New York Magazine article titled: A Harlot High and Low (Aug 16, 1976) talks about that Buckley denied, in 1973, that he was doing any work “for” the CIA after March 1952. “For” being different than with, you understand. For, also meant not on any type of official contract.

Columnist Jack Anderson, September 18, 1973 wrote that “Buckley frankly admitted he was a “deep cover agent” for the CIA from July 1951 to March 1952 but said he had not worked for them since.

There’s the usual word-smithing going on there, because in a very real sense that Buckley was working with the CIA and Vatican intelligence interests, so he apparently told Jack Anderson a whopper, a specialized Jesuit sub-understanding kind of whopper.

The same whopper that we would see Buckley himself still trying to have be believed in a 2007 LA Times article.

But in early spring of 1952, when the project with Ravines was pretty well completed, I called on Howard to tell him I had decided to quit the agency. I had yielded to the temptation to go into journalism.

Our friendship was firm, and Howard came several times to Stamford, Conn., where my wife and I camped down, and visited. I never knew — he was very discreet — what he was up to, but assumed, correctly, that he was continuing his work for the CIA. I was greatly moved by Dorothy’s message to me that she and Howard were joining the Catholic communion, and they asked me to serve as godfather for their children.

( 2007 LA Times article )

Note that he had managed to recruit Howard Hunt into converting to Catholicism.

Miles Copeland detailed in Without Cloak and Dagger, that the intelligence services in the U.S. (especially the CIA) were dominated by primarily Catholic and Jewish believers.

Buckley – 1954 (right)

There is just a stunning array of evidence to show that Buckley was continuing and even expanding his definite role in “political action” of the RIGHT political variety.

For example, Buckley’s overly fanatical Catholic “involvement” became predicated on the same grounds as a spin-off sect called The Society of Saint Pius X – or SSPX for short, who took issue with the changing of the MASS by Vatican II.

Buckley was also both a Council on Foreign Relations member (The CFR was formed out of the Cecil Rhodes secret society Round Table) and a Knight of Malta.

Cardinal Spellman, as we covered earlier, was using it as a method of conducting “business” between the CIA and the Vatican, remember that?

So what is the Knights of Malta.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) or Order of Malta, Latin: Supremus Ordo Militaris Hospitalis Sancti Ioannis Hierosolymitani Rhodius et Melitensis. This is a religious Order that swears loyalty to the Catholic Pope and operates to “defend the faith” around the world. The Order has sovereignty under international law, even issuing its own passports, and until the 1990’s only proven members of the nobility could be its highest-ranking First Officers. Currently, the Order is under fire and is engaged in an argument with Pope Francis over who gets to rule it and how it is run. (April, 2017)

Lovely organization, I’m sure, sarcastically speaking.

Despite Buckley’s rather lame protestations to the contrary,  he was clearly continuing his antics for the deep state long after he supposedly “stopped” working for the CIA.

Our very favorite CIA-agent-about-town, Miles Copeland even joined the fray later on and wrote for the National Review* on September 14, 1973.

(*New York Magazine Aug 16, 1976, A Harlot High and Low: Reconnoitering Through the Secret Government by Norman Mailer.)

Henrik Kruger, author of the Great Heroin Coup tells us a bit more accurately about Buckley’s activities sans all the “friends and religion” fluffy tear-jerker propaganda –

E. Howard was clearly the China/Cuba/Latin America lobby’s, man. That he is also tied to WACL* is suggested by the fact that William F. Buckley, Hunt’s close friend for twenty years and the godfather of his children, was one of the WACL’s top U.S. supporters. Also connected to the same lobby groups are Lucian Conein and the State Department’s former intelligence chief, Ray S. Cline, who continues to be a frequent guest at the Taiwan WACL stronghold.

*WACL = World Anti-Communist League

There is much to be said about this WACL, not the least of which is that Reverend Sun Myung Moon and all manner of Japanese underworld characters are mixed up in it (which I’m covering in depth in a library article) but suffice it to say that Ed Hunt wasn’t just a “lobby” man.

Fresh out of running the remove Arbenz in Guatemala operation – PB/Success, in which Buckley was also involved – in June of 1954 he was actually assigned by Allen Dulles to be CHIEF of covert operations for North Asia command (China, Korea, Japan, etc.) headquartered in Tokyo.

By June 15 when he and his family arrived in Tokyo, his “cover” was in place, the story was that he was Department of the Army “civilian adviser” to General Matthew Ridgeway’s Far East Command.

(American Spy, E. Howard Hunt p. 80; Perilous Missions, William M. Leary p. 141)

Just before Buckley created his Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a briefing minute of June 1st, 1959 reveals Gladio’s concern with “internal subversion and that it was to play a determining role … not only in the general policy levels of warfare, but also in the politics of emergency“.

The “emergency” as far as they were concerned was to come with the growth during the 60s and 70s of the anti-slavemaster rebellion brewing in the United States. Gladio then became engaged in the so-called “strategy of tension”. The aim of the strategy, of which the principle tactic was “terrorist outrages” carried out by fascists, was to spread panic and unrest and to directly attack the Left and provoke them into an armed response.

This was then used to justify the funding of even more terrible programs of mind control and reduction of rights of those deemed “leftists”, but the primary purpose was to rob them of support.

Basically, the slavemasters and the political RIGHT will, quite literally, stop at nothing to prevent a popular movement against them (or one perceived as such) from displacing them from power.

They will most happily make use of sick and deviant people, torturers, sadist and fascist groups. It doesn’t matter whether they are unwitting dupes or are direct allies.

They will go out of their way to identify and use these absolute worst people in the world because they need them to carry out the torture that they are too much the cowards to do themselves.

The torture of the rest of humanity into submission – one way or another – is their goal. That is their “society”.

Methinks maybe the old adage “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” is perhaps more appropriate to these nutcases than even they might realize.

In the book Power on the Right, William Turner describes Buckley’s “new” movement.

This emerging youth movement suggests that continuity and the access to administrative power has now been achieved by the right. The youth movement promises to infuse new energy into such established organizations as the American Security Council and the Liberty Lobby – and even into God-and-flag fundamentalism, as the Jesus freaks demonstrate. No doubt new groups and institutions will emerge from it, led by the alumni of Young Americans for Freedom, Youth for Goldwater, and the National Youth Alliance.

(pgs. 252-253)

When Buckley founded The Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) on September 11, 1960, he had conned some “young conservatives” to adopt something called the “Sharon Statement.”

The organization is referred to as “godfathered” by Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, and it might interest you to know that Pat Buchanan got his start with the YAF before being hired as Nixon’s speech writer, for instance. But, this is really only scratching the surface of the YAF’s activities during the 1960s.

True to its Buckley’s initial tactics, YAF targets were primarily college students, and by 1970, Ronald R. Docksai, national secretary of the YAF, placed his organization’s numerical strength at fifty-five thousand, distributed over five hundred chapters.  ‘This is the first time that we’ve had a conservative youth movement en masse,’ Buckley enthused. His enthusiasm was shared by the infamous Willis Carto, the later founder of the Liberty Lobby.

By 1969, Buckley’s group was mixed up with Moon’s Unification Church front groups, the FLF or Freedom Leadership Foundation which was founded by moonie Neil Salonen some time before its Workshop One given over the weekend of August 1-3, 1969. This event launched “the active phase of FLF’s study of Communism and presentation of ways to combat it.”

Embed from Getty Images

Because Vietnam is now America’s most crucial national issue, we felt that FLF must take a clear and decisive stand, to be responsible to our created mission. Our campus program has been geared toward uniting the efforts of as many students as possible, to create a coordinated response to the radical activities of the violent revolutionists. In a meeting of all those student groups who were interested in supporting our policy of PEACE WITH FREEDOM, a broad coalition was formed with the Student Coordinating Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam; the Washington, D. C., Young Republicans; and the Young Americans for Freedom. The coalition adopted the name STUDENT FAST FOR FREEDOM and formed a steering committee for all planning. Over 40 students in Washington alone joined in the three days of fasting to demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice for the freedom of all people. For all those Family members who participated, the Fast had an even deeper, more symbolic meaning.

The opening rally was held in Copley Lounge at Georgetown University on Thursday, October 10, at 8:00 p.m. The Fast Coordinators, Neil Salonen (FLF) and Charlie Stephens (SCC), opened the press conference with a statement of the goals of the Fast, a briefing to all the participants of the mechanics of the three days, and an appeal to all of America to join in supporting this demonstration of commitment to the revitalization of the American nation. The assembled group was then addressed by Mr. Neil Staebler, Democratic National Committeeman from Michigan, considered one of the senior statesmen of the Democratic Party; Dr. Walter Judd, former Congressman from Minnesota, with 30 years service as a medical missionary in China; His Excellency, Bui Diem, Ambassador to the United States from Vietnam; and Mr. Bernard Yoh, a veteran of a lifetime of guerrilla warfare against communist aggression in Southeast Asia.

– Reference – November 1969 Unification Church publication by Neil Salonen, p. 27

Note that Diem appears to be a relative of one of the Drug Lord fascist dictator types that the Vatican/CIA had put in office to facilitate the slavemaster heroin or “candy” trade. That Diem was a favorite of Cardinal Spellman, as you will see in my next “proof” section.

Now here’s something else that probably is not well known or even known at all, would be my guess. It’s a recent find of mine as part of a library article I’m working on.

In a secret CIA/Army psychological warfare mission to Korea starting November 1950, in addition to the infamous James L. Monroe, one of the team members was a little known man named Glaister Elmer. By 1975 (if not earlier) Glaister was mixed up with the YAF or Young Americans for Freedom.

Glaister and James happened to also be the only two people deliberately not named on the list of people going to Korea, by the way, but I found proof they were.

In Glaisters case per his obituary

“…as civilian director of the Air University Far East Research Group in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Elmer received his Ph.D. degree from Ohio State University. He was a former professor at several universities, including East Tennessee State University, Indiana University and Michigan State University.

He was a consultant to the U.S. government and major American corporations, with an emphasis on military intelligence and aerospace programs. Dr. Elmer gave several presentations to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon as well as to the Commanding General, USAF Intelligence, relative to the development of important and often “top secret” military projects.”

Note: in another reference, the KPA Journal – Communist War in POW Camps 28 January 1953, Military Intelligence Section – Far East Research Group is mentioned on p.7


His name was NOT accidentally left off this Far East list, in my opinion. This man has some seriously deep intelligence connections.

Take a look at this page from Vanguard News

So, he was connected to Buckley too!

– – –

Summing up this aspect of Spellman’s spell-casting antics – pun intended –  this Cardinal Spellman/William Buckley connection, especially the Young Americans for Freedom was not just a “CIA” operation. This was a Gladio operation.

What other nefariousness did Spellman get involved in? (as if this wasn’t enough already)

Well, he was instrumental in bringing psychiatry “online” in Catholic hospitals.

A number of Catholic laymen in this country played important roles in changing the church’s response to psychiatry. Two were particularly influential. Francis J. Braceland, M.D., was the director of the Institute of Living in Hartford, Conn., editor of The American Journal of Psychiatry and president of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Harvey J. Tompkins, M.D., also a president of the American Psychiatric Association, started the first major psychiatric service in a Catholic hospital at St. Vincent’s in New York. Cardinal Francis Spellman and Sister Loretto Bernard of the Sisters of Charity supported him in this effort. Both Braceland and Tompkins had experience as psychiatrists in World War II and brought the lessons learned back to civilian practice. Their standing as Catholics in the profession was influential in changing the church’s attitude toward psychiatry.

The Church and Psychiatry by Ralph A. OConnell | America Magazine; The National Catholic Review; July 30, 2001 Issue

Of course, that author clearly doesn’t realize the actual background of psychiatry and how highly Catholic it has always been, or he wouldn’t be so surprised to see Pacelli’s step-n-fetch it man Cardinal Francis Spellman doing that.

Not to mention the fact that he practically drools over Vatican banker Bernardino Nogara (who funneled tons of ill-gotten nazi money to the IOR) –

Next to Jesus to Christ, the greatest thing has happened to the Catholic Church is Bernardino Nogara.

– In God’s Name by David Yallop

That’s just…fitting somehow, that Spellman would say that.

Last but not least, probably the strangest item I discovered about Spellman is that L. Ron Hubbard himself supported and lauded him. Which, given Hubbard’s long term involvement in intelligence (including support of Gladio Operations his own self) maybe isn’t so strange after all.

In Scientology’s super secret Office of Special Affairs Intelligence training course, which in turn had come from the Guardian’s Office materials, one of the issues says:

The factual reasons are:

  1. The Roman Empire was overthrown by Christianity and this is deeply engrained in history.
  1. Religions force a morality on governments which they would rather not have much to do with. Any religious leaders in the past century and even in the past half century have taken the government to task, amongst them Cardinal Spellman.

That was from an issue titled: WHY GOVERNMENT ATTACKS RELIGION. The issue says that the text was taken from an L. Ron Hubbard “advice” of 1979, then issued as an OSA NW Order 18 (by Mark Rathbun) on 17 February 1988, page 116 of Frank Oliver OSA PDF; renamed OSA NW Order 37 by Mike Rinder, page 139 of OSA NW Orders PDF first posted by scientology activist Scott Gordon. You can find all these sources in this post.

Here’s the original one from 1988 –

Just for fun, after all that now have a look again at the CIA Director Log entry for Spellman –

p. 4 OPC ops, September 4, 1951 –

A CIA agent in Paris reports he has seen evidence that the office of Cardinal Spellman has directed John McCloskey, Director of Catholic Welfare in Europe, to obtain information proving Irving Brown’s “close connection with Marxist Socialist” movements in Europe. Brown, European representative of the AFofL, is the cut-out through which CIA advances funds for the support of various Western European labor unions. The CIA agent reports that the instructions to McCloskey also ask for information linking Brown with financial control of radical labor organs and propaganda media. The CIA agent states that, in his opinion, the information collected may be used as a basis for launching a campaign against Brown in the US Congress.

Really something how misled the CIA agent in Paris was, wasn’t it?


Next up is Proof that the CIA was supporting the brutal reigns of two dictators complicit in the HEROIN drug trade with them, using CAT/Air America.

And here we are with Cardinal Spellman.

Yep. Again. That boy does get around to all the wrong places.

By 1958, the opium trade in Southeast Asia became so brisk that a second drug supply line was established by the CIA. This route ran from dirt airstrips within the Annamite Mountains of Laos to Saigon’s international airport for transshipment to Europe and the United States. In addition to CAT, the CIA contracted the services of small Corsican airplanes for this transport. (McCoy, The Politics of Heroin, p. 153.)

The Saigon drop would have been impossible without the cooperation of Ngo Dinh Diem, the president of South Vietnam, and Diem’s brother Ngo Dinh Nhu, who served as his chief advisor. Diem, a devout Roman Catholic, had been instructed by the pope to cooperate with the strategies of the U.S. government to thwart the gains of Ho Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese. (John Cooney, The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman p. 242.)

The cooperation was deemed so important by the Vatican that Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York formed a pro-Diem lobby in Washington. Through speeches and pamphlets, Spellman presented the people of Vietnam as a terrified throng cowering before the cruel and bloodthirsty Viet Minh—the Vietnamese independence coalition led by Ho Chi Minh—to the God-fearing Diem for salvation. Such tactics raised the ire of British writer Graham Greene, himself a devout Catholic, who dispatched the following from Saigon to London’s Sunday Times… (McCoy, The Politics of Heroin, p. 244.)

Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance by Paul Williams.

Then, we have that the entire Vietnam War gets referred to by one author (who was exposing the hiding of pedophile Catholic priests) as “Cardinal Spellman’s War” in Vietnam and how Operation Phoenix became even more entrenched courtesy of Spellman (and other nefarious types supports) costing the lives of thousands of Vietnamese civilians.

Reference – House of Affirmation


Now have a look at this CIA Director Log entry.

p. 26 September 13 –

General Phao, Thai Chief of Police and key CIA-backed official in the Thai government, had meetings in Washington 12 September with CIA officials and with Generals Bolling and Taylor.

He lunched with representatives of the International Police Force and toured the FBI. On 13 September, he toured the CIC detachment at Fort Holabird. Meetings between Phao ‘and CIA officials have been satisfactory on all points. He has made two statements of significance.

He categorically assured General Taylor that there will be no more internal disturbances in Thailand. He is undertaking to bring the Thai Navy into the “Inter-Strategy Board” and make it a full member of the governing team.

Now have a look at this further information about this guy Phao.

OSS China hand Willis Bird had settled in Bangkok, Thailand to head an office of Sea Supply, Inc. which began furnishing weapons to opium-smuggling Nationalist Chinese (KMT) troops in Burma. He coordinated CAT airdrops to KMT troops and ran an engineering firm that constructed short airstrips used for the collection of Laotian opium.

Have a look at page 44, CIA Director Log for proof Bird is CIA, September 20 entry:

Peter Joost or Willis Bird… Joost is a deep cover CIA agent in Bangkok. Bird is cooperating closely with CIA there.

Willis Bird

Ok, so this Bird character was heading the Bangkok,Thailand office of Sea Supply that had been arranged by OSS/CIA agent and “candy” bank account maker extraordinaire – Mr. Paul Helliwell.

Sea Supply provided arms and aid to Phao Sriyanond, the head of Thailand’s 45,000-man paramilitary police force called the BPP (Border Patrol Police) and reputedly one of the most corrupt men in the history of that corruption-ridden nation. For years his troops protected KMT opium smugglers and directed the drug trade from Thailand.

All on behalf of the Big Three of the slavemasters, you understand.

When the Thai people tried to stop what this was doing to their country and got a ban on opium sales and use proposed in 1956? Phao, good little step-n-fetchit as he was, made sure the ‘government’ balked and killed that initiative, claiming that it wouldn’t be able to find revenue sources to replace the lost funds.

Much more about the drug trade can be found in this library article.

Next up is Proof that the CIA was working with French Intelligence (who was smuggling heroin initially for them) Maurice Belleaux was the head of the SDCE at this time.

p 62 September 27

The Chief of French Intelligence in Saigon admitted serious deterioration in French coverage of Communist-controlled Indochina and South China, owing to effective counterespionage and withdrawal of French administrators from adjacent areas. This apparent frankness could be a gambit to forestall CIA’s impending request for increased information on Indochina or a move preliminary to French requests for CIA information on South China or increased material support of French operations.

p 111 OSO operations October 25

In an effort to improve political reporting in Indochina, the First Secretary of the US Legation in Saigon has requested State Dept. permission to establish a covert relationship with the Chief of French Intelligence in that area. CIA opposes development of such a relationship as prejudicial to the impending establishment of formal CIA-French Intelligence liaison in Indochina. The State Dept. has accepted the CIA view and will so instruct the Legation.

However, what was really going on here was something else entirely.

Have a look.

Between 1946 and 1955 the French Mixed Airborne Commando Group (MACG*) and the French Air Force had managed the shipments of opium from Burma to Laos.

*Groupement de commandos mixtes aéroportés.

Technically, the French held effective control over the Southeast Asian opium traffic until 1965, but the British and the Americans were fast taking control of this portion of the route and by 1955 had taken it over completely, with the French version of the CIA (the SDCE*) coordinating with the CIA, MI6, and the Vatican IOR and its “men of confidence” to control the routes and, of course, divvy up all those drug profits.

*SDCE – Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage (English: External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service). The SDCE was France’s external intelligence agency created on from 6 November 1944 and running until 2 April 1982 when it was replaced by the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE)

The SDECE supported the French Operation Gladio network.

In 1947, Interior Minister Edouard Depreux revealed the existence of a secret stay-behind army in France codenamed “Plan Bleu”. The next year, the “Western Union Clandestine Committee” (WUCC) was created to coordinate secret unorthodox warfare. In 1949, the WUCC was integrated into NATO, whose headquarters were established in France, under the name “Clandestine Planning Committee” (CPC). In 1958, NATO founded the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) to coordinate secret warfare. The network was supported with elements from SDECE. 6

The SDCE basically joined in with the CIA/MI6/Vatican triad of drug smugglers in the Gladio network, exerting a sort of monopoly over the heroin trade under their op name for it – “Operation X.” During its peak years from 1951 to 1954, Operation X was sanctioned on the highest levels by Colonel Belleux for SDECE (who also had played a pivotal role in the creation of the Service Action and the MACG)  and Gen. Raoul Salan for the Expeditionary Corps.

Note: it is apparently not well known out there that Maurice Belleux actually is listed in the personnel database of the OSS – the predecessor to the CIA. See this PDF.

On November 9, 1991 historian Alfred McCoy (Politics of Heroin) interviewed Belleux.

I went to Paris and interviewed retired general Maurice Belleux, the former head of the French equivalent of the CIA, an organization called SDECE. In an amazing interview he told me that French military intelligence had financed all their covert operations from the control of the Indochina drug trade.

The French paratroopers fighting with hill tribes collected the opium and French aircraft would fly the opium down to Saigon and the Sino-Vietnamese mafia that was the instrument of French intelligence would then distribute the opium. The central bank accounts, the sharing of the profits, was all controlled by French military intelligence.

He concluded the interview by telling me that it was his information that the CIA had taken over the French assets and were pursuing something of the same policy. (edited)

Source for interview:

According to McCoy, General Belleux stated that the US took over the role of France in Southeast Asia using the excuse that they were the ‘defender of Western interests against Communist expansion‘ – their typical propaganda line.

lansdale-and-diemBy the mid 1950’s when trouble would soon be brewing for the erstwhile French, it was Edward Lansdale, CIA agent, who would spearhead the PR campaign of supposedly breaking up drug rings, when in fact they were actually being simply taken over by the triad (CIA/MI6/Vatican) with the result of squeezing the French out of their position of control.

After submitting overdue term papers to my Yale professors, Karl Pelzer and John Whitmore. I started for for Southeast Asia in the summer of 1971. On the way, I stopped in Washington, D.C. to interview the legendary CIA operative, Edward Lansdale, General Belleux’s successor in Saigon.15

One thing you have to understand about Slavemasters, is that they don’t like it when their underlings start making too much money and getting too big for their britches, so to speak. Particularly when it comes to their staple funding – drugs – they have a tendency to completely turn on whoever it is and re-route the money to a “new” source that they can more easily control.

This is essentially what eventually happened to the Marseilles network, starting around 1954 when the ‘big 3’ first began exerting pressure on the SDCE to better conform to ‘their’ plans.

A covert shift of sorts was also underway, which would soon come to utilize Latin America for future drug-trafficking. The usual suspects from the CHINA drug-trafficking had various assignments to begin this conversion, while also attempting to take over control of certain governments that were less than friendly to the supposed “western” way. A way that was more European slavemaster than it was anything to do with the ‘west’ – that’s just another misdirecting PR slogan.

And ….they absolutely HATE when the people find out what they are doing and began cracking down on them – like what happened in Thailand.

So, by 1953-54 the CIA had drawn on old China hands with exposure to KMT traffic (Chennault, Willauer, William Pawley, Howard Hunt) to set up the overthrow of the Arbenz government in Guatemala*.

*See Scientology Roots chapter 18: New World Order in Central America for much more about Arbenz.

As part of this operation, CIA officer Howard Hunt, with his friend Lucien Conein and Conein’s friend WerBell of OSS operations in China under Helliwell, helped out in 1954 to set up what would eventually become the Latin American branch of the KMT-backed World Anti-Communist League. Four years later the chairman of this group was the Guatemalan attorney of New Orleans Mafia leader Carlos Marcello – who was in turn directly tied to Santos Trafficante JR., the new kingpin for the Big 3’s alternate drug-smuggling route. (see 1968).

1966 – Trafficante toasts Carlos Marcello (left) and Frank Ragano (right)

Trafficante toasts Carlos Marcello, left, and Frank Ragano, right,1966

The combined forces of British and American intelligence (plus the Vatican) having already infiltrated the KMT, were the real movers and shakers behind this particular organization, which started out with a quite different name.

And here we are again with Reverent Moon, because this happened to be the same year that Rev. Moon was also tasked by the CIA to start his “Unification Church” which would later yield the CAUSA front group.

On May 1,1954, in Seoul, Reverend Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, Reverend Moon’s faith community which became popularly called the “Unification Church‚ Äù worldwide.

– Unification Church website

This is key because it marks a point when ‘new age’ type religious front groups would start being used as part of Operation Gladio activities – including drug smuggling and money laundering.The kookier the better – as one long-time CIA agent alluded to.

Informed readers will note that this is literally right on top of when L. Ron Hubbard formed the Founding Church of Scientology (Washington D.C.) as part of his taking part in the ‘unconventional’ political operations run by CIA NOC agent Miles Copeland.

Meanwhile, as the triad (CIA/MI6/Vatican) began making it more obvious that they were taking control of the drug trade over in the Golden Triangle, then head of of the SDECE, Maurice Belleux (who was deeply involved in Operation X), objected to letting the Americans operate ‘sensitive operations’ on their own.

The newly arrived commander-in-chief and high commissioner for Indochina, General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, shared this opinion and tried to brake what he referred to as “the CIA’s ambitions.”

Third from left, Gen. Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, later commander of Indochina forces.Third from left, Gen. Jean de Lattre de Tassigny

The CIA didn’t take too kindly to this, and that’s one of the main reasons why, in 1955, that CIA agent General Edward Lansdale began a [fake] war to liquidate the Corsican supply network, while Sea Supply (Helliwell) cemented ties with their already existing opium smuggling lines with the Chinese of the Golden Triangle and with the now corrupted Thai border police. Which, as we know, got trounced on by the Thai people forcing the CIA to move their operation into Laos temporarily, where CIA agent Terrence Burke was soon to be station chief.

This ‘war’ had as one of its results, the Vietminh defeating the French (I wonder if they ever knew that was backed by the other slavemasters….) and they were forced to withdraw from Indochina that same year.

The CIA had effectively pushed aside the SDECE (the French equivalent of the CIA) but it’s subordinate MACG leaders offered the Americans their entire guerilla force using CIA agent Lucien Conein as the go-between. Tricky, but the CIA didn’t go for it. They refused.


The CIA was already in bed with the SDCE at the time of this log entry, and didn’t want any exposure of all that drug trafficking to happen “accidentally”.

Interesting, eh?

Next up is a double-whammy.

Proof of the first “black site” being created to be used for both “defectors” and intelligence agents to rehabilitate them using psychiatry and worse and Proof that psychiatry was being used to falsely label people insane and detain them in psychiatric wards indefinitely


How about this title…

Defector Disposal Centers


That sounds really wrong, doesn’t it? And it was.

p. 7, September 5 –

Negotations have begun with the government of Panama for the leasing of San Jose Island to serve as a defector disposal center for CIA. U.S. Ambassador John C. Wiley approached the Panamanian Foreign Office on 3 September, requesting the lease on behalf of the U.S. Army, ostensibly for use as an Army Civilian Rehabilitation Center. The Acting Foreign Minister assured Ambassador Wiley that the matter would receive prompt attention. He stated that he saw no reason why prompt approval should not be forthcoming.

One of the most deserted and avoided Pearl Islands of Panama is San José Island. This is because the island is covered with chemical bombs and mines. Sounds like just a lovely place, don’t it?

Rehabilitation though…is that what we’re calling it?

A Bruce Willis expression seems appropriate here.

Here’s a map of where it is –

and a little further back so you can see it in relationship to other areas better –

A little later on, we see this in the CIA Director’s Log.

p. 23, September 12 –

A favorable reaction to the San Jose Civilian Rehabilitation Center has been reported by our station from the cabinet of the Panamanian Govt. which considered the matter on 11 Sept. The lease is now under consideration by Dr. Alfaro, legal advisor to the President: A project covering construction, equipment, etc., required to place this property in operation, estimated to run about $1,200,000 has been prepared and will be presented to the PRO.

But then this happened –

p 134 OPC November 8

Negotiations for the leasing of San. Jose Island Panama,to serve as a site for a defector reception and rehabilitation center have been abandoned. Although the owner of the Island was agreeable and cooperative there was parliamentary opposition and it was not possible to secure the degree of control over the property necessary. There are several other possibilities in Central America, however, and 2 CIA representatives are now in the area exploring them.

So then they started looking at this –

p 155 November 19

Gen. Bolling just returned from an Attache Conference in Panama where he learned of the possible use of Zorra Island in Lake Gatun as a Defector Rehabilitation Center and was briefed by Hunt and Janney today.

Gen. Morris, CINC CARIB, has expressed some reservations about the use of this site and his ability to provide adequate logistical ‘support.

Gen. Bolling suggested that Gen. Morris be more fully briefed on the project and that the matter be brought to the attention of the JCS. Three Hq. personnel, including an engineer, are presently in Panama studying the adequacy cf Zorra Island and a cable has been sent to the Panama Station requesting J. C. King, who arrives there on 21 Nov. to make certain that all authorities understand the project and are satisfied with this site. Gen. Magruder is also being informed.

Gen. Bolling stated he has received excellent reports on CIA personnel in Latin America and himself expressed a high regard for Tharp in Panama.

That didn’t work out either, so this is what they finally went for.

p 234 PANAMA December 28

CIA has successfully completed negotiations for the exclusive use of Fort Randolph, Canal Zone, as a reception and rehabilitaton center for defectors and covert agents when the usefulness of such aliens has been exhausted or security considerations require such action. The purpose of establishing such a center is to receive and control the defectors under secure conditions, to orient them to the democratic way of life, and to provide such language and vocational training as may be essential to their self support in a new environment. Upon completion of rehabilitation of the individuals, they will be disposed of by resettlement in foreign countries, principally in Latin America. The US Army will provide cover, and the activity will be known as the Army Civilian Rehabilitation Center.

Rehabilitation. There’s that word again.

What they meant, was things like this –

What was their modus operandi? The use of psychiatry and FALSE labels of insanity to lock people up and torture them into compliance by using psychiatric methods.

For example –

page 9 September 6, 1951

Dimitri A. Dimitrov, the Bulgarian agent who threatened to expose CIA operations directed against Bulgaria from Greece and thus became a disposal case, has arrived in Panama where he will be detained indefinitely in an Army hospital.

And this –

p 54, September 25, 1951

The Tolstoy Foundation reported through the N.Y. Field Office that final steps in the legal committent of defector M.I. Samarin (also known as Michael Gregory) at the Institute of Living, Hartford, Conn., had run into difficulties. Samarin was removed from another institution to Hartford on 24 August, and Conn. law prescribes procedure culminating in examination, hearing and opinion by 2 independent psychiatrists, certifying that the individual’s commitment is required in the interest of public safety.

One of the 2 psychiatrists brought in for this purpose has expressed doubt as to the diagnosis of paranoiac schizophrenia. If his final decision should be that Samarin is not dangerously insane, Samarin would be discharged from the hospital. To arrange timely steps against this contingency, if possible, the Executive Director of the Tolstoy Foundation’ and the assigned case officer in N.Y. will meet today with Governor Lodge of Conn., with whom the former is closely acquainted, and seek his aid in resolving the situation.

In his present mental state, Samarin’s release would be unfortunate in its possible propaganda implications. He is the former Soviet teacher who refused to return to the Soviet Union in 1948, has been insane for upward of a year, and was the subject of an item in this report of 20 Sept. 1951, dealing with a letter which he had attempted to send Gromyko.

At 1135 this date, we were notified that Samarin had been reported missing at the hospital 15 minutes before.

We have a representative at the Tolstoy Foundation in N.Y., which in turn is in direct touch with ithe hospital; we notified the FBI, suggesting that Samarin be picked up if he should approach a Soviet diplomatic installation; we alerted the Army Language School in Monterey, Calif., to notify us at once if Samarin attempted to get in touch with his wife there; and we notified other government agencies to whom the matter is of concern. At 1345 we were notified that Samarin had been apprehended, still in Hartford, and returned to the hospital. Those who had been advised of his disappearance were notified of his return.

How eery is that?

Next up is Proof that the CIA’s budget was underneath the Defense Department, controlled by Vannevar Bush, Harris Marshall Chadwell, and William Webster. (See Donald Ewen Cameron article for a history of the NDRC and the DRB, that Webster headed) but here’s a brief rundown –

An extremely secretive branch called Division 19 had been established by Presidential Executive order on June 28, 1941. Tucked away underneath the National Defense Research Committee’s Office of Scientific Research and Development – it was run by Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell.

This department was the precurser to the creation of the CIA and the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) formed in January of 1949 to coordinate scientific research projects led in this field. It was still actually under the secretive Division 19 that Chadwell headed.

Willard Machle initially headed it, but Chadwell had him fired in the spring of 1950 and replaced him with Sheffield Edwards (Army Colonel) and put himself in the “Assistant Director” position where he became involved in the whole UFO debacle – among other things. You can read more about why Machle got fired here in our CIA Declassified Documents library.

Chadwell, from his rather odd dual postings he had going on, is who would actually oversee the start up of Project BLUEBIRD together with Colonel James H. Drum, the deputy chief of the Technical Services Staff, and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of later MKULTRA infamy.

A couple of months after the truth drug committee had formed up, a major reorganization within OSRD took place in December 1942, when the sprawling elements of the original five divisions of NDRC were realigned into nineteen divisions, two panels (one on applied mathematics and another on applied psychology), and three committees (on vacuum tubes, radio propagation, and tropical deterioration).

The same day, an extremely secretive (and arguably worst as to human experimentation) – and one of the original five (given letters A, B, C, D, etc.) previous NDRC branches – became the new OSRD Division 19 headed by Harris Marshall Chadwell.

Division 19 was a highly secretive combined OSS and National Defense Research Committee (OS-RDB) organization headed by the equally little known Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell. Division 19’s first project had to do with that the truth drug committee had been transferred under the RDB starting January 1, 1943, so now it was a Division 19 ‘special weapons project’ which included obtaining and field testing drugs like LSD, concentrated marijuana, etc. The project was headed by OSS man George Hunter White.

After WWII ended, in 1947 that The National Security Act was passed by Congress. Several things were established/created as a result – one of which was the Research and Development Board under the now named Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) – which was headed by William Webster. So, this is really the same old OSRD and NDRC mucked up together as the new RDB.

The RDB had a Committee on Chemical and Biological Warfare, consisting of a full time three man executive staff and consultant members from science, industry and government. (Journey into Madness by Gordon Thomas, page 178 etc.) It also explored effective means of propaganda and psychological warfare operations – for example Project TROY worked on psychological warfare operations inside the Soviet Bloc in particular.

This means the RDB (the wartime OSRD with its Division 19) continued on as one of the more superior boards of the now named DOD.

Ok, so now look at this Director’s Log entry –

p. 12, September 10, 1951


The Senate Appropriations Committee has reported the Department of Defense appropriation for fiscal year 1952 to the Floor of the Senate. They have included the full amount of the sums requested for CIA in this appropriation.

This will eliminate the present necessity for a meeting with Senators O’Mahoney and Ferguson on. CIA appropriations for fiscal year 1952.

Next up is Proof that the CIA was working on Operation Gladio – referred to as “Stay Behind”.

p. 32, September 15

U. S.-British-Greek discussions of stay-behind operations

p 72, October 3

A British Secret Service agent in charge of the British stay behind operations in Spain informed O0SO/Madrid in strictest confidence that this program may be turned over to CIA for financial reasons. OSO infers that the British may ask CIA aid in supporting it.

The British wanted the U.S. to use some of that “candy” money apparently.

Caching weapons as part of the Stay Behind network –

p. 88, OPC, October 12

The first caching program for the U.S. Zone of Austria has been completed. Twelve caches, each consisting of a 2300 pound package of weapons, ammunition and explosives, were buried in Land Salzburg and Upper Austria.

Next up Proof of CIA suppressing and spying on the Press.

p 46, september 21


Conversed with Drew Pearson at Doctors Hospital- late yesterday afternoon. He is growing increasingly interested in psychological warfare, though he presumably has no information on CIA involvement in this activity. He had suspected our association with the Kerensky group, realizes the sensitivity of the business, but is unaware of our relationship with RFE.

Miles Copeland, a CIA agent at the time of this log, wrote later in his book Without Cloak and Dagger (1974) that the CIA would deliberately mislead what they called “irresponsible” behavior. He specifically mentions Drew Pearson, so that’s something to keep in mind when reading anything Pearson ever “exposed”.

Here’s another interesting example from the log –

p 189 December 5


We have been informed by Army that the BROOKLYN EAGLE has picked up a story on the shipment of Russian ammunition from Spain to the US, presumably for Army storage in the Raritan Arsenal. CIA has not been brought into the situation and neither the BROOKLYN EAGLE nor the New York PIO is aware of our interest.

Army PIO has assured us that this story has been “bottled up”.

Oh, ha ha.

Did you catch it the fact that it was Milland Preston Goodfellow’s paper – the Brooklyn Eagle – that they were monitoring? Another case of who’s on first – if you ask me.

Next up, Proof that the infamous Otto Skorzeny was mixing it up with the CIA


p 64, September 28 under OSO

Otto Skorzeny, ex-Nazi paramilitary expert has offered through the Asst. U.S. Air Attache in Madrid to provide to U.S. intelligence information obtained from penetration of a Soviet espionage ring in the Western Zone of Germany. OSO’s Madrid epresentative has requested that Skorzeny be required to furnish more details before a meeting with appropriate U.S. officials can be arranged.

Here’s another one –

p 92 October 15 OSO

Otto Skorzeny, former Nazi paramilitary hero, has reported in Madrid that Soviet authorities are receiving secret information from the offices of Chancellor Adenauer, the Allied High Commissioners, and the French High Command – in Western Germany. Further details are promised.

This is THE year.

What do I mean?

Check it out –

One very prominent (and very Catholic) member of Operation Gladio was a sick little man named Liccio Gelli. Gelli had been top SS official Herman Goring’s liaison during World War II, which is not surprising when you consider the deep ties that the Vatican, particularly Cardinal (and later Pope) Eugenio Pacelli – see Why Psychiatry is more Religion than Science for much more about that man and the horrors he was involved with.

licio gelli.

Gelli, together with Frank G. Wisner, was deeply involved in Vatican “Ratlines” smuggling of Nazis to South America – hiding them from facing the justice they so richly deserved. Gelli worked with a Croatian Roman Catholic priest named Krujoslav Dragonovic.

The worst of the worst of these nazis, like Klaus Barbie, the “Butcher of Lyons,” required complex maneuvering. Barbie was being especially hunted by the Jewish survivors and friends – as he should be, he didn’t get the nickname “butcher” for nothing. While stationed in Lyon between 1943 and 1944 Barbie was responsible for the deaths of at least 4,000 resistance workers and Jews as well as the deportation of 15,000 people to concentration camps.

Klaus Barbie

Spiriting him out of Germany itself had been accomplished through the combined efforts of the Dulles/Donovan OSS spy network (now the CIA) and the Vatican. But, for many years he remained hidden somewhere in Europe – all the way until 1951.

While Gelli was down in South America setting up Gladio terrorist units to install dictators (together with Frank Wisner and other intelligence agencies) he made friends with Argentinean General Juan Peron and enlisted his help in harboring Nazi war criminals.

Then, in 1951, through this arrangement with Juan Peron and the combined efforts of Vatican-loved SS Major Otto Skorzeny (now CIA) John J. McCloy, Dr. Fritz Thyssen and Dr. Gustav Krupp (both given amnesty and brought to the U.S by Wisner) one of the worst Nazi criminals of all time, Klaus Barbie, was finally successfully spirited out of Europe into Argentina and finally to Bolivia – his new home.


Once there, Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny would then busy themselves helping to form death squads (more covert Gladio terrorist units) such as:

  • the Angels of Death in Bolivia – angel of death also happens to have been the monstrous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele’s nickname
  • the Anti-Communist Alliance in Argentina (the Triple A)
  • and in Spain, with Operation Gladio head Stephen Della Chiaie, the Guerrillas of Christ the King

So, that’s how significant these little 1951 log entries are.

Next up, Proof that the CIA starting its use of universities as recruiting pools through a Professor at Yale – who was to run the network.

p 198 December 8


A representative of the Office of Training met with Professor Bellinger of Yale University to make final arrangements with him for accepting the position of establishing college contacts in 50 or more American colleges and universities primarily for the purpose of recruiting high-level basic trainees.

Bellinger – back right (1964)

Photography studio, 1964. Left to right: Richard Amt, Mrs. Alfred R. Bellinger, Geula Pariser, Elizabeth Benson, Julia A. Cardozo, Georgine Reed, Susan Boyd, Alfred R. Bellinger, and Elizabeth Bland. Archives, AR.PH.Misc.024, Dumbarton Oaks.


Next up, Proof that Edward M. Earle, a professor at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study was a CIA consultant

p. 64, September 28

under OPC

Gen. Eisenhower has expressed to CIA consultant Edward M. Earle, a professor at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study, the view that psychological warfare operations designed to strengthen our NATO allies would, in his opinion, be more productive than psychological warfare directed against our enemies. He has asked Professor Earle to discuss the matter with interested private individuals in the U.S., in particular Gen. Donovan. He believes that these operations should be conducted by private organizations and that the U.S.Government should not be overtly associated with them.

Passport photo – 1922 – Edward Mead Earle and wife.

Earle was into Game Theory and Military Strategy, and wrote this book –

He was a professor there at the same time that L. Ron Hubbard supposedly was on the Princeton campus in 1944. But, that’s another story.

Next up, Proof the Dalai Lama refused the support of the CIA.

p 67, October 1

The Dalai Lama of Tibet has responded to the State Department message conveyed to him in July by his elder brother offering covert US assistance to maintain the autonomy of Tibet. The response expressed deep regret that the Dalai Lama was unable to take immediate advantage of the US offer. The Dalai Lama said that he was forced by circumstances and the needs of his people to return to Lhasa but hoped that the US would not lose confidence in him and would continue to be friendly.

Next up, Proof that the British were trying to squeeze out the CIA in Hong Kong. Drug trade squabbles perhaps?

p 121 November 1

British authorities in Hong Kong appear to be making a determined bid to reduce the scope of CIA activities there. Whether the instigation for these British activities stems solely from the policy of the local Hong Kong Government or has been directed from London cannot yet be determined. The OSO representative has reported the above situation to Washington in detail and has requested that Headquarters undertake a review of our Hong Kong liaison arrangements with the British in order to protect our intelligence assets. Such a review is in progress and recommendations will be made for the handling of this situation.

Next up, another double whammy.


  • Proof of Dr. Chadwell’s connections with the CIA, as well as Vannevar Bush through the NDRC and the DRB – William Webster
  • Proof that one of Chadwell’s agents – Ladislas Farago – working with/feeding disinformation to Guardian’s Office front group, the NCLE, about Interpol


p 126, November 3

Reference is made to the log item of 31 Oct 51, covering a conversation between Dr. Chadwell and Dr. Colby of AEC. Dr. Colby has reported that the matter was discussed with Mr. Gordon Dean. Mr. Dean feels there is no need of the suggested conversation between DDCI, AD/SI and Dr. Colby, and a letter has been prepared to this agency covering the Commission’s position. This letter should be received within the next few days. (handwritten 1 Nov 1951)

p 195 December 6, OSI

Dr. Chadwell will be in Boston tomorrow in order to attend a meeting at the A.D. Little Company and also a meeting of the Boston’ Scientific Advisory Committee. He will return to Washington Saturday morning.

Besides what we covered about Chadwell already, how about a bit more about this guy, eh?

Besides having you take a look at this article here’s a few other things about Chadwell.

During WWII, Chadwell had been director of Division 19, the highly secret Unit of the NDRC (National Defense Research Committee) that was headed by Vannevar Bush, and later became named the Defense Research Board under William Webster. George Hunter White was working under this Chadwell character during World War II.

Remember, it was Chadwell that ordered Bluebird to happen.

In one of their usual shuffles (usually to hide accountability) project BLUEBIRD was renamed ARTICHOKE on August 20, 1951 and then in January 1952, they moved the whole thing under a different office. ARTICHOKE was transferred from being under the OSI to the newly created Inspection and Security Office (ISO) – later renamed Office of Security. This shuffling around reflected a change from being purely an intelligence unit to being an “operating unit.” The CIA’s Technical Services and Medical Staffs were to be called upon as needed. OSI would retain liaison function with other government agencies.

Example documents –

This memo also stated: “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?” – and that was where Chadwell shows up again.

One month after all this transferring around, in February of 1952, Chadwell proposed the establishment of “an integrated CIA program for the development of special interrogations or other techniques for the purpose of controlling an individual without his knowledge.

This is really about Chadwell ordering that get done, but part of how they play the hide-the-slavemaster-connection game, is that the real power terminal is said to have ‘proposed’ something, from a supposedly junior posting they hold, which is then ‘accepted’ by the senior. Thereby effectively transferring the accountability.

That’s what happened here.

CIA director Smith then accepts Dr. Chadwell’s proposal, and a month later, the CIA set up a “small testing facility” at its downtown headquarters in Washington, D.C. and then linked up with Fort Detrick where Frank Olson was the chief of Detrick’s Special Operations Division (SOD).

That Chadwell sure has a lot of ‘pull’ just about anywhere in the government, doesn’t he? It’s practically miraculous.

Note: This semi-side project was referred to as MKNAOMI – in case you weren’t confused enough yet by all the naming and renaming.

OK, so next here’s something you may not know about.

Then there’s Lyman Kirkpatrick’s December 18, 1953 report to Allen Dulles re: the death of Frank Olsen, who had died November 29, 1953 after being given LSD without his knowledge:

A review of these [attached] files plus our conversations with Dr. Abramson, the psychiatrist involved in the case, and Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell, [Assistant Director, CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence A/D/CIA OSI] who received a full description of the case from Stanley Lovell, indicates certain matters that should be attended to before the case is closed. It further should be noted that on 17 December , some 23 days after the event, Dr. Gibbons and Col. Drum came to [me] to report that Dr. Gibbons just learned that Col. Drum knew of the experiment in advance and had given his approval to Dr. Gottlieb to conduct it on an unwitting basis.

A Terrible Mistake by H.P. Albarelli

Now for the next log entry related to Chadwell – and this is the one that brings up another agent.

p 210 December 13


routed to AD/SI which is Chadwell.

Admiral Souers has forwarded a chemical formula that was developed by Dr. Kormel Szabo who was chief chemist of Nitrochenia Inc., owned by the Hungarian State. This formula was submitted to Adm.Souers by Ladislos Fargo of New York City, presently an employee of Radio Free Europe.

Name is misspelled, it is Ladislas Farago, and Radio Free Europe was a CIA front making Farago one of their agents.

Farago had a long history of working for intelligence, going back to during World War II when Zacharias recruited him into his new secret department in the Office of Naval Intelligence.

In D/Director for ONI Zacharias 1946 book titled: Secret Missions: The Story of an Intelligence Officer he says:

But still, in 1942, I felt that the time for a psychological war against Japan was not yet ripe, even though the British successes in this field revealed that it was potentially effective against the Germans. I therefore approved the plan for the establishment of a psychological warfare branch within Naval Intelligence in August 1942, and looked around for the man to head it up. I did not have to look far since the best man available for this unusual job was then working for Intelligence on other important assignments, such as contact with and control of certain Japanese residents in Hawaii. He was our old friend the doctor, now Lieutenant Commander Cecil H. Coggins of the Navy’s Medical Corps.


Zacharias continues –

My enthusiasm for the new branch was not generally shared, I was told: “We are fighting this war with ships not with words,” and again: “What good can come from a series of broadcasts? Nobody will listen to them!” Another immediate superior said: “Why do we need a doctor in Intelligence?” My patience was sorely strained, But I closed my ears and went ahead.

The four of us-Riheldaffer, Albrecht, Coggins, and myself-continued the work in the face of considerable opposition and antipathy. We encountered other natural difficulties, not the least of which was the recruiting of top-notch personnel for the job. Coggins was now working directly under me. He planned his branch as a secret one; and we were determined to keep it on an extremely limited scale With a staff of just three or four  people, in contrast to the rambling and overpopulated organizations maintained for psychological warfare by the other agencies, including the Army. But while Coggins limited quantity, he put no ceiling on quality, a condition which complicated for him the job of finding the right persons for the work. However, in his extensive reading on intelligence, espionage, and counter-intelligence matters, he had been impressed with two books which suggested to him the personnel for his branch. One was Total Espionage by Curt Riess, (published December 1941) and the other was German Psychological Warfare by Ladislas Farago. After conferring with me and obtaining my approval, Coggins got in touch with the authors and arranged a meeting. He interrogated these men for two days; and when he had satisfied himself that he had found the nucleus. for his branch, he returned to Washington to talk things over wtth me, and finally the Special Warfare Branch was established and Riess and Farago were employed as the first two members of its staff.

The establishment of what we called the Special Warfare Branch (we feared that by calling it Psychological Warfare Branch we should engender even greater hostility by opponents of everything psychological) was greeted with extreme enthusiasm by the Office of War Information, which then found co-operation with the armed forces a very difficult task. Elmer Davis, director of OWI, became our champion, and whenever attempts were made to abolish our branch, he pleaded with our highest echelons and borrowed time for us so that we could continue our activities.

We worked in the closest and most harmonious co-operation with OWI, (Office of War Information) which was the sole vehicle for the dissemination of our material. The broadcast recordings were prepared for OWI in a studio of the Interior Department then under the able direction of Shannon Allen, and manned with capable technicians. The broadcasts were put on the air by OWl seven times a day, three days a week from all outlets OWI then had in the United States, North Africa, and Great Britain. In addition we prepared for them a program called Prisoner-of-War Mail, an arrangement by which German and Italian prisoners kept in this country could send greetings to their relatives and friends in their homelands. This was the first such attempt made in the United States, and it yielded splendid propaganda results. We also worked with OWl in drawing up propaganda directives insofar as naval warfare was concerned, and this close co-operation proved that a military and a civilian agency could work together smoothly on what was undoubtedly an important military operation.

This arrangement also gave us an opportunity to watch the machinery of the Office of War Information, and we became convinced that in certain phases at least it was an efficient and effective agency far removed from the ballyhoo propaganda agencies of previous wars. Later, too, when our campaign against Japan started, it was Mr. Davis’ office and the tireless personal handling by his able overseas director, Edward Barrett, which made the execution of the plan possible over obstacles and against odds the description of which must be left to another chapter.


Great care was taken to conceal the existence of our Special Warfare Branch and the fact that the United States Navy was engaged in psychological warfare.


As you just saw, Coggins wanted Ladislas Farago in this new branch. Coggins had read his book, but in order to get him into the new psychological warfare branch, Coggins contacted the New York draft board and said Ladislas had suffered a severe nervous breakdown and had to be committed to a mental hospital. He was reclassified 4F (insane, which kept him out of “the draft) and was kept this status until his 38th birthday in September 1944 when he ceased to be eligible for the draft anyway. He may have been the only “certified insane” person on active duty in the U.S. navy.

– Reference: Deceptions of World War II by William B. Breuer


Ladislas Farago


Note: Ladislas Farago had also been engaged in propaganda during WWI also.

So, here’s a man who has been engaged in propaganda and psychological warfare for more than fifty years by the time he would feed disinformation to the Guardian’s Office – scientology.

What?!? you say?

Yep. Check this out.

At Arnie Lerma’s website, there’s a PDF called Newspaper 1977 2. In it, was a news article from April 10, 1977.

Focus on these points here –

NCLE is a private group begun by the Church of Scientology, according to Danny Chadwell, Austin director. Its goal is to expose and prevent the passing of false reports among law enforcement agencies.

…Author Ladislas (“Patton”) Farago sent the NCLE a letter saying he had found documents showing Nazi officials had taken over Interpol during the war.

Farago also claims that Interpol’s “protective curtain” in South America has enabled former Nazis who escaped prosecution for war crimes to “remain at large, not only unmolested, but actually protected and guarded . . .”

What a big whopper of a lie Farago just fed them, making it look like it was the “nazis”. No, it wasn’t, It was BRITISH intelligence that started Interpol.

L. Ron Hubbard was forever going on about the nazis, interpol, etc. as a misdirecting action to his “intelligence” personnel of the Guardian Office.

The truth is rather different than the propaganda he fed them.

Robert Whitaker is a doctoral candidate in History at the University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation, “Policing Globalization: The Imperial Origins of International Police Cooperation, 1918-1960” studies the relationship between the British Empire and international police organizations, such as Interpol. In addition to his doctoral work, Robert serves as an Assistant General Editor for the journal Britain and the World.Robert Whitaker 1

We must thank Robert for his great work that helped me to lay to rest Hubbard’s propaganda about Interpol, however, Robert is missing a few rather key points of distinction that he should have made more clear.

For example, saying that its Scotland Yard (and leaving out what that means as to Britain’s intelligence apparatus – MI5 and MI6) is just plain ignorant at best, or something a whole lot less noble at worst.

It is a fact that the MPSB’s (aka Scotland Yard) has a long history of involvement in creating false impressions AS COVER FOR THEIR AGENTS and hiding documents for over a hundred years to prevent knowledge of what they do.

Because of that simple fact, things get a whole lot more interesting here as to what’s really going on with this “Interpol did it” business that was constantly spread by the Guardian Office.

This also applies to Hubbard and the Guardian Office targeting the FBI as well because in this article I discussed the back history of British Intelligence ‘boosting up’ the FBI into prominence.

Robert Whitaker’s article specifically discussing the history of Interpol is called: The Joyriders: Richard Enright, Barron Collier, and International Policing, 1922–1938, found in Perspectives on Europe, Autumn 2014, Vol 44, Issue 2.

In 1968, West German police, concerned about the opening of Scientology auditing centers in their country, requested information on the organization from Interpol. Interpol had yet to create a dossier on the Church, and thus asked the London Metropolitan Police (the Met) to develop one.

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.

First of all, for those who don’t know, this is really important to derailing scientology’s false claims that it was Interpol that caused the “attacks” on them. By attacks, they mean the FDA Raid in the early 1960’s, the revocation of tax exemption in 1967, and the FBI raid in 1977.

Since Interpol didn’t even have a dossier on scientology in 1968, that rules out any connection for two out of three of the attacks scientology usally tries to pin on Interpol!

Second of all, see that innocuous statement about the London Metropolitan Police (the Met)? Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to you that Interpol would ask a British police force to compile a dossier for them?

It should, because there’s that direct link to MI5 and MI6 that I mentioned earlier having been not made clear by Robert.

I go into the history of the “Met” (the MPDB) in extensive detail in my Reading Library article titled: Casimir Pilenas Palmer. I highly suggest you read it because it documents Britain’s long history of doing combined intelligence operations with Russia, with Pinkerton’s Detective Agency – operations inside American intelligence agencies such as Army Intelligence (planting false information to embarrass them when they acted on it) and other lovely things like being mixed up with the forging of the infamous Protocols of Zion and The Hitler Map.

The basic op here, that we will see repeated over and over by British slavemasters and their intelligence organizations, is:

  • attract people that were rebels to the British program of world domination through world government
  • set them up to be marginalized, vilified, and even arrested.

It was the British that also began using a particular propaganda handling for anyone who exposes them and that was: anyone who opposes us is a criminal terrorist nutter. (Nutter = insane person.) I’m sure I don’t need to point out to you the relationship to the later creation of the derogatory terms “conspiracy theorist” and “tin-foil hat”.

– – –

Lastly, note that year of 1968 of when Interpol was ‘asked’ to investigate scientology.

Again – this is the same year that all the newly arranged dirty money financing, the drug routes, etc., the Nixon administration all locked into place, and Hubbard would begin his “sea supply” work for the CIA, after having been given the intelligence cover of that he and scientology had been kicked out of England – to explain why he was suddenly taking to the high seas.

Real quick here, let’s look at example of the Guardian Office propaganda that it was putting out about this alleged ‘attack’ on Scientology by Interpol.

This is from a pamphlet put out by the Guardian Office called: The Dossier Disease

Since the French government relied heavily on information supplied from Interpol, which obtained theirs from Scotland Yard, which obtained theirs from the FBI, it is not difficult to have predicted such an outcome.

You can see the Guardian’s Office isn’t exactly giving you the correct impression. It makes it sound like Scotland Yard doesn’t have any information other than what they got from the FBI, and it leaves out that it was British Intelligence that was propping up and indirectly controlling the FBI in the first place.

All part of building L. Ron Hubbard’s cover as being a ‘lone wolf sci-fi cult head’ – operating completely independently and supposedly just for money.

We know that’s false now, but I bring it up again to illustrate that this is standard operating procedure for the Big 3 when they need their operative to be completely divorced from their more official organizations. Especially when they are going to do “unconventional political warfare” – very dirty tactics, in other words.

– – –

To condense down for you, the rest of Robert Whittaker’s article here about the history of Interpol – basically an organization called the IPC (International Police Conference) was founded at a meeting of the National Police Conference in 1922 at New York City. A man named Richard Enright (New York Police Commissioner) had the idea to turn that into an international association, so off he went on a trip to Europe to recruit other members.interpol-richard-enright_circa_1915

He went to Britain, all earnest and impassioned about cracking down on the drug trade, and other crimes.

Considering the drug-lord to end all drug-lords status of the Brits – the slavemasters – you can just imagine what they thought about that.

Needless to say the Brits didn’t exactly fall over themselves in cooperation.

They sent one of the Met’s men (you know what that means now – MI6 connections) Llewellyn William Atcherley, to attend an IPC conference. The topics included: industrial conflict (which Britain through Pinkerton’s was busy stirring up) drug trafficking (which Britain was the biggest heroin drug lord around) criminal identification (which all of MI6 would qualify as).atcherley-llewellyn-william-1922-waldorf-astoria-ny-usa

Atcherley reported back that the delegates from Canada and South America, as well as those from Belgium and Denmark, pledged their “whole-hearted support” for the new scheme.

Lord Horwood himself decided he better attend the next meeting, the 1923 one. Horwood, representing British “interests” (which means slavemaster dominate the world plans) started trashing the American police as being disorganized and so on. Really what that was about is that they weren’t under their control, didn’t kowtow to them well enough.

Horwood put the kebosh on it, in other words.


Brigadier-General Lord William Horwood, Chief Commissioner of the Met.


Enright ignored them (as he should) and with financing from American Tycoon Barron Collier he attempted to hold the 1927 meeting in London.barron_collier00

British intelligence contacted their step-n-fetch-it and completely gullible boy Hoover over at the FBI (using him as the cut-out, you understand) who then dutifully bad-mouthed both Enright and Collier, saying that because Enright wasn’t head of the NYPD anymore the NPC was doomed, and that since he was “forgotten” it would be most unfortunate for the IPC to be revived or recognized. Hoover, just newly made director, put in a plug for the FBI to be the “clearing house” for international cooperation. That’s kind of his way of saying he would do the job Pinkerton’s had been doing for the British.

J. Edgar Hoover – everybody’s dupe

J edgar hoover 1924 - libraryofcongress photo

Hoover and the British wanted to plant negative articles on Enright in papers in New York, then “drop” them to foreign police around the world.

Side note – just like Lucien Conein’s unit in the BNDD would later spend inordinate amounts of time doing.

An internal unit within the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs served as the “point of contact” between the BNDD and
the CIA. This unit, the (Office of Strategic Intelligence) the SIO, used “CIA-style disinformation program designed to destabilize drug trafficking groups by having articles printed about their members in foreign newspapers“.4a


Lord Horwood then declared that the idea of a London conference would “be turned down with a heavy hand.” So, the British backed the founding of the right kind of organization (that won’t look where they don’t want them to, and will do whatever they tell them to). That organization was called Interpol, and it was founded in Vienna in 1923. The first British ‘representative’ (remember, it was their idea in the first place) was Leonard Dunning. They called it an organization that was “truly” international and not focused primarily on North America.

Sir Leonard Dunning


British nobility are such jealous little snits sometimes, aren’t they? Sheesh. I also love the double-speak employed by Dunning, who wrote that Interpol “does not aim at influencing legislation, nor does it seek to touch matters which are more properly approached through diplomatic channels.

Matters, eh? Oh, like the tonnage of heroin the Brits were shipping around the world?

Yea. We call enslaving half the world by drug addiction “matters“.

come on!

Despite all this Enright and Collier crashed a couple meetings and continued pushing to be a part of this new organization. Eventually, like almost two decades later, they succeeded – in 1938. Unfortunately, that same year the Vienna headquarters of Interpol were taken over by Nazi Germany during the Anschluss – and since the Brits backed all that anyway, oh Look! Just in time to protect their drug trade and all that lovely money and assets they were about to rip away from half the Jews in Europe.

Interpol went “defunct” during the war – how convenient and then came alive again after the intelligence controls and new organizations were all nicely in place in America – how convenient again!

It should make even more sense to you now, as to why British intelligence – through the Met – was giving Interpol the dossier about Scientology.

So, that’s Interpol.

Do you see how Ladislas Farago (combined with Hubbard himself) in duping them to go after Interpol “and the nazis who started it‘ actually made them discreditable? Thereby lending credibility to Interpol?

…Author Ladislas (“Patton”) Farago sent the NCLE a letter saying he had found documents showing Nazi officials had taken over Interpol during the war.

Farago also claims that Interpol’s “protective curtain” in South America has enabled former Nazis who escaped prosecution for war crimes to “remain at large, not only unmolested, but actually protected and guarded . . .”

That was the point.

So, just before the FBI raid (July 1977) on the church of scientology, what we have here is proof that an intelligence agent like Farago was TOLD to help them with (the Guardian’s Office) perpetrating this bullshit about “it’s the Nazis” – which L. Ron Hubbard was doing as well within his organization. He had himself been misleading his own people for years.

What a jerk.

You can read much more about this in this article, search the page for the section named: Section 8.  Interpol, Paul Knight, Francois Lemouel and The French Connection and you can also look at my original article about Robert Whitaker.

And a final side note of interest – did you notice how it was Guardian’s Office man Danny Chadwell who started the NCLE and was promoting this Interpol horseshit?

Well, here’s something that might interest you to know.

Marty Rathbun (the man that helped David Miscavige destroy the Guardian’s Office) had a blog post on March 14, 2014. One of the comments to it said:

Debby Sharp Before Cathy Norman Sullivan was the DSA, she was the A/G Legal in the Austin Org branch of the Guardians Office. Dan McMurrough was A/G for Intelligence, Debbie Selle Sharp was the A/G for Public Relations, and Danny Chadwell was the A/G. This was in the roughly 1973 – 1981 era. So much for the “disbandment” of the old G.O!

What all that gobbledygook of acronyms means is that I think Mark is saying that they all, including Danny, went on to work for Church intelligence under him!

If you really want to go deep down the rabbit-hole for the real reason the Guardian’s Office was disbanded, and why they were being fed disinformation about who was after them, and who was about to orchestrate the FBI raid against them in July of 1977, see my article: The Dismantling of Scientology’s Guardian Office – The Real Reason Why

I warn you, the explanation is not as simple as saying they were all “good guys” who had the Slavemasters after them. They weren’t. There were CIA, DEA and all kinds of other intelligence agents mixed up in the Guardian’s Office. It was a hot mess.

Next up, Proof United Fruit was working with the CIA to stop Arbenz in Guatemala, and remember, this was E. Howard Hunts op together with Cardinal Spellman protege William Buckley. It would be code-named PB-Success.

p 127 5 November OSI

Thomas Lanphier, referred to CIA by Jimmy Lay, talked with Mr. Dulles and Col. Muller on 2.November. Lanphier, acting as a spokesman for United Fruit Co. and Electric Bond and Share Co. offered the use of the facilities and personnel of these organizations to assist CIA in any extant or contemplated operations to combat Communism in Guatemala. DD/P advised. Col. J. C.King will have further discussions with Lanphier.

Next up, Proof that Harry Anslinger provided Narcotics agent covers for deep cover CIA agents.

p 134 OSO November 8

Commissioner Harry J. Anslinger, Chief of the Treasury Dept. Bureau of Narcotics, has agreed to furnish cover for OSO officers assigned abroad in appropriate.cases. A detailed plan to be worked out for his approval will require knowledge of the arrangements in State Dept. by 2 or 3 high level officials only.

Next up, Proof that Edward Lansdale was CIA OPC chief in Manila (and other things).

p 137 November 9


Gen. Ralph Lovett, Chief, Veterans Administration, Philippines, (fully cleared by CIA), has agreed to devote part time to OPC activities and, in particular, to act as titular head of OPC station effective on Col. Lansdale’s departure for Washington and pending designation new OPC Chief. Gen. Lovett’ s prestige will be of great assistance on policy matters with. senior US and Philippine officials in the area. Col. Stilwell will see Mr. Carl Gray, Chief, Veterans Administration, and secure his approval of this arrangement.

p 170 November 26

Notes: Date of document Nov 51; date received 26 Nov.; from Wm. S.B. Lacy Director, Office of Philippine and Southeast Asian Affairs to DCI.

Mr. Lacy highly commends the results.of Lt. Col. DD/P Director, Office of Lansdale’s operations in the Philippines and notes Philippine and Southeast that he is deserving of the highest possible reward Asian Affairs for his outstanding services.

p 191 December 5

OPC Cont d.

OPC Chief of Station Lansdale in Manila has reported an “Unholy Alliance ” aiming toward the ousting of Magsaysay as Sec’y of Defense, the possible impeachment of President Quirino, and reestablishment of the Philippine Constabulary as means of “guaranteeing” victory in the 1953 presidential election for the Lopeze-Recto ticket. The immediate task is to prevent impeachment of Pres. Quirino.

State Dept. has been alerted and Ambassador Cowan is leaving on 7 Dec. for Manila. Forces against the “Alliance” are being mobilized. “Leaks” will appear in the Manila press in the immediate future exposing the plans of the “Alliance”.

Next up, Proof that the CIA created and ran Communist groups in Latin America.

p 146 November 14

The Minister of Interior of Chile on 5 November prohibited the Communist-sponsored Hemispheric Pro-Peace Congress, planned to be held in Santiago during November campaign. This action was taken on the basis of a report by a high Chilean official based on data supplied to him by CIA.

As a result of CIA operations during the,past several months, the Chilean Communist party has been split into 2 factions. The splinter group, the Chilean Nationalist Communist party, was formally launched on 7 November.

This group, which continues to receive support from CIA, is strongly opposed to Cominform and Moscow domination.

The Santiago station of CIA is now mounting a propaganda to support this action and counteract any Communist attempts to have the Chilean Congress override the Minister’ s decision.

Next up, Proof that Chiang Kai-Shek’s wife was working with the CIA – this is a VATICAN connection – and was controlling “the TONG”.


p 174 28 November


Madame Chiang Kai-shek, apparently in hopes of making her views known in official US quarters, conferred “in strictest confidence” with the BGMARQUE Chief of Mission on 18 Nov. and 25 Nov. 1951.

‘During the first conference she expressed great concern re the activities of the Political Dept. of. the Ministry of National Defense, headed by Chiang Ching-kuo, the Generalissimo’s eldest son. She blames many of Nationalist China’s present and past difficulties on Political Dept. personnel, Specifically claiming that any guerrilla effort sponsored by the Political Dept. is doomed to failure, she also suggested that the Military Assistance Advisory Group would be unable to accomplish its mission as long as the political commissar system interferes with the command structure of Nationalist armed forces.

During the second conference she specifically stated the following items were the current views of the Political Dept.:

  1. Take all American aid and attempt to obtain control.
  2. Put pressure on Premier to form alliance to oust Governor.
  3. Remove sole obstacle between themselves and the Gimo–The Madame.
  4. Obtain control over all hostels.
  5. Try and remove Gen. Huang Ping Yen.
  6. Try and obtain control over China Broadcasting Co. via Tong.

Next up, Proof that the CIA initiated intelligence operations in Alaska, for some reason, in 1951.

p 188 OPC December 4

Lt. General W. E. Kepneri Commander in Chief, Alaskan-Command has approved the initiation of CIA operations within the Alaskan Theater.

Here’s some other interesting tidbits to finish up with now.

Starting with an example of CIA contract agent – this also happens to be part of the buildup to Miles Copeland and Kermit Roosevelts op they are going to run in Egypt to control the election.

p 80, October 8

Iranian Premier Mossadegh will be under the care of CIA contract agent Claude E. Forkner during his stay at New York Hospital.

Assistant Secretary of State McGhee is scheduled to brief Dr. Forkner on the U.S. position with regard to the Iranian situation on 8 October. Arrangements are being made to debrief Dr. Forkner daily during his contact with Mossadegh. The Iranian Embassy in Washington reportedly has recommended to Mossadegh that he employ as a special advisor during his U.S. visit a man who is also a CIA contract agent. Although this report is unconfirmed, the agent is being briefed should his employment by Mossadegh take place.


CIA agent Tom Tripodi explains the kinds of agents:

Much of what the CIA does is accomplished utilizing contract agents […] rather than staff personnel.

There are four basic employment designations in the CIA: staff agents, staff employees, contract agents, and contract employees.

An agent designation denotes someone operating under a cover identity. An employee is basically an “open,” someone openly identified as an employee of the CIA. Staff agents and employees have executive and civil service status. Contract agents and employees do not; they serve under a contractual arrangement, generally with renewals every two years.

So denying one is an “employee” of the CIA, as in an “open” on the books employee, does not automatically mean they have no relationship whatsoever with the CIA. In fact, the CIA would strenuously DENY any very real covert relationships like Tripodi describes, if one existed.

Here’s proof of “backstopping” – as CIA agent Tom Tripodi called it –

p 163 November 21 OSO

A Los Angeles firm has agreed to furnish deep cover for an OSO agent who will operate in Finland.

also page 171

A large US electronic instrument firm, which has offered to furnish deep cover in Finland, has indicated willingness to accept an agent already recruited by OSO as qualified for the cover position.

George Hunter White’s cover was narcotics agent, for example, but this can go much deeper than even that rather clear-cut example.

Tom Tripodi, in his book: Crusade: Undercover Against the Mafia and KGB, 1993, describes just how intricate what he calls “backstopping” can be when an intelligence cover is created –

An alias was used in contacts with people outside the agency. As usual, it was fully backstopped. I had a driver’s license, a Social Security number, and credit cards, all under the alias name. There was an address, an employment record, and other supporting documentation.

[…] Every cover was backstopped in multiple layers. A cover as a Defense Department analyst, for instance, was supported not only with the proper credentials, but with in-place verification. If someone checked at Defense, he’d find a complete history.


Apparently there were problems with coordinating intelligence actions in Korea, prompting a sort of crackdown.

p 178 30 November


Efforts to improve coordination of US intelligence activities in Korea have resulted in Gen. Ridgways establishing CCRAK (Covert, Clandestine, and Related Activities in Korea) on 28 Nov. under the command of Col. Washington Ives of FEC. CCRAK Headquarters in Seoul will direct all CIA, Army, Navy, and Air Force intelligence operations in Korea, but the organizational integrity of each component will be preserved to the extent it requires.

The CIA was training and controlling Indonesian intelligence –

p 91, OSO, October 15

As a further step in the effort to establish control of Indonesian Intelligence, eighteen Iudonesian intelligence officers are being brought clandestinely to the U.S. for .two months of paramilitary, ,intelligence, communications, and security training. This is the second such group to receive covert training. in the U.S. under this program.

Here’s something that shows that dual agents like James L. Monroe, were protected from disclosure that they were also CIA agents. Monroe was part of the Army’s Psychological Warfare division and was a CIA agent.

p 94 OSO, October 17

Captain L. H. Patterson, Jr., Psychological Warfare Branch, Department of the Army, contacted the Executive Officer, SSU, on 15 October to request a microfilm copy of a roster of all Army officers assigned to OSS. He was advised that such a list was unavailable.

Here’s an odd one, anyone knew who this Mr. Aurell is? He seems to be important enough that he can ORDER a Chief of Station CIA agent around.

p 100 October 19 OPC

A cable from Mr. Aurell in Tokyo states that the Chief of the CIA mission in Korea (Col. Vandervoort) has demonstrated over a period of time shortcomings in his relations with his superiors and subordinates among CIA personnel, and with military authorities in the theatre, he has now been criticized by Gen. Van Fleet and the latter’s Chief of Staff, G-2 and G-3, especially for his “infiltration tactics into ROK units through KMAG”.

Aurell has order Col. Vandervoort to Tokyo in an endeavor to correct the situation, but sates that if this action is not.effective he will request authorization for Col. Vandervoort’s recall to the U.S. without prejudice. (Joint SO/Pd cable has been sent Aurell directing him to take such action as he deems necessary.

same date p 190


In view of the rapid progress made in cease-fire negotiations leading to the likelihood of an armistice within 30 days, CIA senior representative Aurell in Tokyo expressed to the Far East Command on 27 Nov. the opinion that such an armistice would be interpreted as a cessation of hostilities, stating that if this was to be the case it was his understanding that CIA operations in Korea would return to the command direction of the DCI. Mr. Aurell requested the views of the Far East Command on this transition of the command relationship. On 5 Dec. Gen. Ennis, Far East Command G-2, replied that it was the feeling in G-2 that armistice or no armistice, there would be no immediate peace in the Far East, that Far East Command control and coordination of clandestine and covert operations was essential to intelligent planning and efficient operation and that present command channels should remain unchanged at least until such time as peace is insured in Korea.

Oh wait…I found who he is.

In May 1950 OPC’s Richard Stilwell travelled to Tokyo to successfully convince MacArthur to allow an OPC office in Japan to work covert operations in Korea, which was within MacArthur’s TAOR.  In agreeing, MacArthur asked that this new group maintain day to day liaison with MacArthur’s headquarters in Tokyo and integrate into the FECOM G-2 apparatus.  While it was understood that OPC would have a private ops channel back to its headquarters in Washington, FECOM would maintain some loosely understood control over (or at least awareness of) OPC field operations.
Within weeks George Aurell with four OPC staff officers arrived in Tokyo where they set up what was considered the official CIA station in a downtown hotel.  The station maintained a generally unwelcomed and certainly uneasy relationship with Major General Charles Willoughby, the FECOM G-2.  Willoughby, having been at MacArthur’s elbow throughout his successful WW II Pacific campaign, maintained privileged access to MacArthur in Tokyo.  He was never known to have an opinion separate from the Supreme Commander and in all matters of FECOM business was assumed to be speaking for MacArthur.  Gruff, he was intiminating with his staff and FECOM associates, demanding respect and compliance.  Angry when things didn’t go his way he’d throw ash trays at subordinates and yell in his heavy German accent.   He was not friendly with the CIA; seeing them as an Ivy League civilian organization with a political inspired mission redundant to his.

– The CIA and OPC in Korea blog post

This is a terrible pic from 1949, but you can sort of see him. He’s back upper right.


This is a pic from 1927 when he was in college at Oklahoma State University.


The last thing I want to leave you with is that there are tons of CIA Director Log entries about intelligence operations in Greece, which further shed light on why L. Ron Hubbard took his “Sea Organization” there around the same time that his handler, Miles Copeland, was in the same area.


Whew! That was quite a document, eh?

Virginia McClaughry


References –

1 The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia and The Politics Of Heroin – CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade by historian Alfred Mccoy. Reference #170: “Here is proof that the CIA financed mafia thugs to takeover French docks – Irving Brown had the CIA cover name Norris A. Grambo. Thomas Braden had the CIA cover name Warren G. Haskins. Thomas Braden says he gave Irving Brown $15,000 of CIA money to pay for his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports.”; Source: Thomas W. Braden, “I’m Glad the C.I.A. Is ‘Immoral” in The Saturday Evening Post, May 20, 1967, p. 10: “[…] the CIA’s Thomas Braden later recalled how he dealt with the problem.[…] “On the desk in front of me as I write these lines is a creased and faded yellow paper. It bears the following inscription in pencil: Received from Warren G. Haskins, $15,000 (signed) Norris A. Grambo.” I went in search of this paper on the day the newspapers disclosed the “scandal” of the Central Intelligence Agency’s connections with American students and labor leaders. For I was Warren G. Haskins. Norris A. Grambo was Irving Brown, of the American Federation of Labor. The $15,000 was from the vaults of the CIA, and the yellow paper is the last memento I possess of a vast and secret operation…It was my idea to give $15,000 to Irving Brown. He needed it to pay off his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports, so that American supplies could be unloaded against the opposition of Communist dock workers.”

2 – The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Great write up and thank you for the quote of Hubbard on Spellman. Thats a great find:)
    There is one crucial point that i might impress on you:
    The Vatican, more specifically the jesuits, control the world-wide intelligence community.
    They do this through their papal knighthoods (like SMOM and others) and through their control of free-masonry.

    Lets just focus on SMOM for now… Allen Dulles, Wild Bill Donavan, James Jesus Angleton, Bill Casey, John McCone, William Colby, Alexander Haig Jr., George Bush Sr., George Tenet…
    All these men were Knights of Malta and these are just some of the ones that are known. This does not include the thousands of jesuit trained coadjiturs scattered throughout every branch of intelligence in this country, courtesy of Georgetown, Fordham, and Loyola.

    And Spellman as the archbishop of New York was the head of the SMOM. But who did Spellman answer to??? The jesuit superior general.
    The US and UK are not the slavemasters… Our governments are nothing more than lap-dogs for the pope upholding his temporal power around the world.
    I believe that scientology is a key piece for what the jesuits have planned for the future.

    Keep up the great investigative work:)
    God bless

    • Thanks Harry! And no, I do not think the entirety of the UK or the US are the slavemasters, but certain people are, some of whom have been for a long time (their families) working tightly with the Vatican contingent when it suits their Us and Them interests.

      Interesting about the SMOM, Jeffrey Augustine is a Knights Templar (married to Karen de la Carriere who is behind a lot of the tabloidesque scientology reporting right now).

      What do you think his role is because of that Knights Templar membership? Anything in particular? As I understand it, the Knights Templar level of freemasonry is a sort of cross-over and controlled somehow by the SMOM.

      • That is really interesting that Jeff Augustine is a Templar and Scottish rite…
        The Jesuits authored all the Scottish rite degrees of freemasonry in the late 18th century, this can be verified through multiple masonic sources…
        And since their suppression by papal bull in 1767, they have taken control of freemasonry through their “illuminati” (Adam Weishaupf was a secret jesuit i.e. suppression), and have since used it to further control our country with “Protestant masons”.

        Now the SMOM is a papal knighthood that predates any of these silly masonic lodges by hundreds of years going back to the first crusades of Rome. The real Pope-ish SMOM is not masonic, but certain members are high level masons. Freemasons can attain to degrees like “templar” or “knight of malta”, but it is only an imitation to tease the uninitiated that the Roman Catholic church control it’s lodges. Members of SMOM are Roman Catholic elite and swear absolute allegiance to the Pope and the Jesuits. And as you know they have their own country of Malta.

        But the American branch or “lange” of the SMOM is overseen by the Archbishop of New York.
        So that means that while Cardinal Spellman was archbishop, he controlled all US freemasonry through Scottish rite, thus the Jesuits and the Vatican, whom he was subject to, control all freemasonry.

        Thats the condensed version.

        Back to Jeff and his masonic affiliations. Though intriguing as they are, I don’t see any direct connection on the secret society side as of yet. But I do think you can gather much about his agenda, based upon what he won’t talk about. He won’t speak objectively about Hubbard’s intelligence history. Much of which you prove with evidence here at your site.

        Jeff, his wife, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, etc. are all acting like scientology is just some cult creation from the mind of one man LRH, the ultimate lone nut theory.

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