Update July 8, 2017 –

We now have the full part II the PDF is now uploaded to the Internet Archive and is OCR’d/searchable. Ingo’s paper is indeed in it. His paper: Scientological Techniques: A Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration.

See this post for analysis of the Ingo paper as well as one following it be former scientologist Bernard Green.


Heads up readers –

Alleged former scientologist (now Catholic), “Anonymous” group activist, and researcher R.M. Seibert – aka Anonlover and Heidi McAvoy – requested the above titled paper from the CIA, raised a “crowd fund” to pay for the report and is currently awaiting delivery.

Note: Seibert had originally requested an FOIA listing in 2015 – which someone has archived here and marked as “Roxanne Seibert”. On page 2, just below the first highlighted area, is the report by Ingo Swann.

At the muckrock page1 about this Ingo Swann paper,  if you look over the visible correspondence back and forth between Seibert and the CIA that occurred between February 17 and March 30 of 2017, you will note that the CIA says in its payment demand letter of March 30, that it had released this to others numerous times already. No one, as far as I know, has made this particular report available to internet researchers, and judging from the charges at 10 cents a page over and above the first 100 free, this report is clearly a significant body of research numbering at least 220 pages.

1 – Original link: https://www.muckrock.com/foi/united-states-of-america-10/cia-file-with-ingo-swanns-whitepaper-on-scientology-and-psychotronic-research-17541/#comms

Important note: Seibert has “embargoed” her muckrock request to keep it hidden (in reaction to my post) which is why the above link is no longer working. I would suggest that you check it though occasionally, in case she puts it back again.


On occasion, Seibert has been known to not want documents that she requests and receives to be that easily known to most people (or easily accessed by them) because she prefers to funnel cherry-picked aspects to journalist Tony Ortega. Such was the case with the FDA documents, as just one example.

When I found the FDA documents at muckrock and began pulling out and posting about ones of interest to me, she actually contacted me and was upset that I had done so, at which point then I became aware that she was the R.M. Seibert who had requested these documents. She implied that I shouldn’t be writing about them because she had “got them for Ortega.” What that was really about, in my opinion, was that I wasn’t writing about these documents from the “approved” tribal narrative perspective that she and others had going about scientology.

To my knowledge, when Ortega began pulling out certain documents from this FDA collection and basing articles on them, he never once actually provided a direct route for people to see and peruse the entire document collection themselves – essentially cutting people off from being able to see and judge the collections for themselves.

This kind of attempt to prevent or obfuscate full public access of documents in an effort to create “scoops” for a journalist is something that I find abhorrent.

Any kind of childish “mine” crap about important to everyone documents simply has to stop, and I hope Seibert will consider this a professional courtesy reminder that she quit mixing research with favoritism and hobby-horsing. Complete documents or collections of documents should not be made into some sort of popularity game, doled out only to the favored as if they are some sort of currency from a 7th graders clique.

Everyone should keep an eye on her Muckrock account and see if she actually provides the document for the world to see.

If she doesn’t provide it, I will get it myself and Mike will upload it to the Internet Archive so it will be a PERMANENT record that everyone will be able to access.

Note: This report by Ingo was actually published by the U.S. Joint Publications Research Service, identified as: JPRS L/5022-2. There is one website that provides access to the entire JPRS archive, but it is behind a pay-wall. If someone already has access to that site, however, they should be able to get a digital copy of the report. If you do that, please do let me know in the comments section.



UPDATE  – Mike McClaughry has now joined muckrock and filed his own request for that document as Roxanne does not intend to make the document available to people unless Tony Ortega doesn’t want it. She wrote at facebook: “When these dox come in, Tony will get the first shot at reporting on them. If he passes, then I will share them publicly like I always do.


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  1. This explains the fair gaming you got slapped with from the Ortega De La Carriere corner. You aren’t supposed to find things out for yourself. You are supposed to wait until you are told what to think, Honestly Virginia, it’s time for the nanny software. Must you continue until they make an example out of you by going after your kids? Oh, I forgot, they already did.

  2. A download of material I have explained to people but never posted in total:

    In Ingo’s biography, at least in a version that was once on the web, he stated that “I never considered myself a scientologist” He went on to explain that at that time they were trying anything and everything, including scientology, in an effort to catch up with the Russians..(note)

    [comment edited replaced with this link to a new post Arnie did, per his request – Virginia]


    • I doubt the report (the one I’m posting about) has any scientological techniques in it either, but it’s possible it might tell us what other scientologists may have been involved, or…well, who knows what’s in it. That’s why I like to look at such things myself, and so should everyone who is curious about that whole scene at SRI.

    • I don’t know if you are aware of this Arnie, but there’s a letter from Hal Puthoff specifically describing the use of the e-meter and other scientological techniques in the CIA/SRI research.

      ” From a more technical viewpoint, the use of the “E-meter” to measure physiological variables which correlate with emotional responses can be viewed as representative of a large-scale innovation in medical analysis and computer education known as “physiological feedback”.

      These techniques are currently being applied on an increasing scale by the medical profession in the treatment of physical and emotional ailments which require that a person learn to control high blood pressure, anxiety states, muscular tension, etc.

      In the technical community here at Stanford, we have projects underway employing the techniques developed in Scientology, which techniques have been found to be quite advanced and practical.
      – That letter was found in one of the files from the recently declassified FDA records – courtesy of a FOIA request by R.M. Seibert. The letter can be found in cd #1, Folder 3 PDF, on p. 217.
      It was part of a document submitted by the Church of Scientology, called Evidence on Religious Bonafides and Status of the Church of Scientology, found on p. 144.”

      • See Tremour In The Blood, about the lie detector. It opened my eyes to the complete bullshit of the use of these devices.

        Ask yourself this question.

        And sleep on it, it took me decades to see the fallcy to the oft repeated thought stopping phase
        “DOX or STFU”

        If the CIA are the worlds most professional liars, and deceivers. Why anyone would believe data they selectively chose to declassify as being the whole of the truth?
        Or, in the case of MkUltra, after refusing subpeonas for years, a couple of boxes are ‘discovered’ much later, and sufficient time for fabrication, that then are accepted as the whole truth of the matter? Like the supposed Wiki version of those “Dox” that describes what I believe was the intended ‘shorestory” for Operation Bluebird?

        I beleive Dr Mosel, the retired head of psychology dept at GWU, was that voice who called me after all the media of the raid on my home by Warren McShane…RTC in 1995.

        He told me Hubbard used a manuscript that had been circulated by Psychiatrist Dr William Sargant to write Dianetics. (note2)

        Dr Mosel also told a story about a student of his that went missing.. from his psychology class. When he found that student, he found him in a padded cell at St Elizabeths Mental institution in DC in a straight jacket, screaming that HE was Jesus Christ.

        Bluebird included $300,000 grand in 1950 to the head of psychology department of a major university…University name blacked out.

        Hubbard thought like a paranoid schizophrenic, the organization emulates that.(note)

        Hubbard stressed completing cycles of acti0n…

        Why would Hubbard end up spending his final days in a Bluebird motorhome?

        The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder, L.Ron Hubbard.”

        –Judge Breckenridge, Los Angeles Superior Court

        Note2: Ask yourself this question: How in hell did Dr Mosel KNOW this about a student he had a decade previously?

      • I actually only mentioned the letter in case you hadn’t seen it before, Arnie, because you seemed to think there was no mention of scientology being “used” at SRI and this was one example showing that is an incorrect idea.

        It happens to be my own personal view that this letter from Puthoff was merely attempting to promote scientology, not that it actually had any serious value nor was it what their “real work’ was about.

        Their real work was electronic or machine-boosted telepathy experiments, not “remote-viewing”. I think that was just a side-show.

        I also think that there was some kind of funny business going on with Pat Price’s supposed scientology-gained skills at remote-viewing. I actually think he was fed information before-hand, perhaps by his handler Terry Milner, that made it appear that he had great results when he really didn’t. It’s a theory, but one way I can work towards proving theories is by finding documents. But that’s only one way.


      • Suggestion: I an trying to induce you to reevaluate the relative importance placed on ‘docs”.. especially considering the character of the source.

        Hubbard inlaid the suggestion “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”

        That is a powerful programming idea burned into the mind of every ex as well as most lawyers..and prosecutors.

        This command makes fictitious documents TRUE FOR YOU.

      • Did it ever occur to you Arnie, that it is a bit presumptious of you to 1: assume that any interest I may have in documents, books, pictures, etc., is FROM HUBBARD? and 2: assume that I am “programmed”? Or that I can not differentiate between relative importance?

        Says who? The Hubbard the cult leader/con artist crowd?

        I don’t care about that at all. They are just as bad as the church is, as far as I’m concerned.

        My interest in historical items began long before any contact with Scientology, and no one has ever succeeded in “programming” me in any direction. Just ask the people that have tried. For example, even amongst critics of scientology that happened to know me when I was in the Sea Organization briefly, remember that I did not go along with the rest of the “group” – wasn’t a team player.

        You seem to feel that you were programmable and easy to lead in certain directions, so that begs the question, couldn’t you be programmed to think others are programmed – when they are not?

        I think your view here may also here to do with your disagreement with my research into Scott Mayer. I understand you viewed him as a friend, I do, but really…so what if he was a CIA or Justice Department agent? That doesn’t make him a bad guy, not all CIA agents were the truly duplicitous types.

        You, out of anyone, should be very aware that nobody, including you, has the right to attempt to stop someone from looking.

        I am perfectly willing to listen to what you have to say, and I have, but so far, you have not said anything that has more importance than Scott’s own words, Scott’s own actions.

        I know what I am saying to you here is likely to put me on your bad list, and I’d be sorry if that was the case, but some things are bigger than personality or opinion clashes and it is my hope that you are as willing to look, no matter what you may find, as I am.


      • Hubbard was nothing more than a handy example of an idea that permeates society. Don’t take it personally. I know that years of attacks tend to make certain topics quite sensitive.

      • Thank you for that Arnie, that helps a lot.

      • 2nd reply, Scientology is nothing beyond a microcosm of this world’s control system. This ‘story’ will shift your point of view. I will share it with you via amazon if you dont have the $5.00 for the kindle version. In this case, and before continuing a pointless conversation, I suggest giving this a read. https://www.amazon.com/Divina-Insidia-Divine-Pascal-Roussel-ebook/dp/B00HVHY1DM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493250094&sr=8-1&keywords=Pascal+Roussel#reader_B00HVHY1DM

      • “Scientology is nothing beyond a microcosm of this world’s control system”

        Couldn’t agree more.

        Particularly when it comes to controlled “deviationist movements” such as Scientology, the Unification Church, and a number of other supposed New Age religions or osophies.

        They are the outcroppings of some pretty demented minds, minds who are afraid of smart people who can think, that they don’t control.

        I’m talking about this recent discovery I posted about, in case you didn’t know about it.


      • Search Results
        “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984.Jul 7, 2016

      • Orwell – as written by a British intelligence propagandist…lol. They would certainly know, now wouldn’t they. One of my favorite quotes.

      • This is the actual original quote from before the 1984 book, it’s interesting in its own right –

        History is written by the winners. Totalitarianism…attacks the concept of objective truth: it claims to control the past as well as the future.

        Orwell, Tribune “As I Please” column essay February 2, 1944.

    • Arnie, FYI.

      Mike signed up to muckrock and requested the CIA document himself – the one about Ingo Swann and the Psychotronic Congress.

  3. Ingo was my twin on the purif. He was a very, very nice man. He did not need to speak, but I felt like we were taking all of the time. He was also very, very funny. He loved to play games and we played games full time in the sauna. From backgammon to every card game you can imagine. I even brought in games he had never played before. He beat me constantly, never ever ever letting me win once and never apologetic about it. He never patronized me and I was very grateful for that. That is a kind of uncomfortable sympathy. I was really good at those games too, especially backgammon. He was always better. And totally unsympathetic about it. He was very much “out of time”, in that he seemed to be in a timelessness. Never rushing, never hurried. Running or walking with him in the park for an hour seemed like it went on for days. Time was very different in his space. And his space was very nice to be in. He was absolutely lovable and very real. He was “hippied out” at that time, not like in the photo above. Beautiful long hair and he looked like a cherub. He was not hung up on his life or himself, in any way. Totally extroverted. He seemed just invented, as if he had no past. Almost no identity. He was very different. Every time he won a game I accused him of cheating with magic. He would laugh and laugh, he loved it.


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