I have always believed that I came into this life for a purpose, a mission (and no, not a mission from God etc.) and I have tried to stay true to that.

Although I am often mocked and belittled for it, I also believe that there do exist people who are masters in the art of telepathy. People who are not dead or residing in some alien universe somewhere or some imaginary place called “heaven”. People who can actually successfully tutor, reach, and work with others at great distances.

I have had absolute faith in several such people.

And so, as we come upon something of a “final battle” here in North Idaho, poised on the brink of losing literally everything, home and hearth – I find myself wanting to make at least some sort of record of these precious last days, the kind where faith, loyalty and love are tested in the most extreme of ways.

There will be no middle ground of what emerges. Either I will have placed my faith well, or I have not.

If I have not, perhaps I deserve the juggernaut that is lined up like successive nuclear bombs poised to go off in perfect unopposed destruction. But, if my faith is real, if my faith is deserved? Then something quite different is about to happen.

Whether I fall or whether I “fly” free of all that would chain me down, there is one thing I know for sure.

I have no regrets.




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  1. Holly Crap! What is going on? Is there something anyone can do? You have my email.

    • A lot Steve, and yes, there is always something that someone can do, but this is something that would take extraordinary intervention. It’s that big. But I have always dreamed big, and I still have faith that anything is possible.

      • Greetings Virginia,
        Thank You for your kind response. In light of it, and further thought, I need to say a few things, as I look around, reluctantly, I realize that what tomorrow brings I do not know. I have been meaning to send you this for some time now. I also realize it is way over due, and could be now or never on either side. This most recent exchange has moved me and has made me want to say how much I appreciate all that you have done, I have been moved by your work, dedication and sacrifice, and I am certain many others as well. Each time I thought about sending this I seemed to have mucked up in some way, never saying what I wanted in the way I wanted. I have gotten to the point and realize now that I will just do my best with it, and send it, and hope you understand. First let me back track a bit to help you orient yourself to the time frame. You no doubt remember the turn of the century with the various boards and such. I came in and found you on Paul’s site. You had rather recently laid out your documents about how the CoS had altered the OT levels and were working with the Barnes. I participated in those boards as you recall and we exchanged on the boards and privately. You know what they say about first impressions. Well I messed that one up, you no doubt recall, and thank you again for your gracefulness at that time. So you can see now where we first encountered each other. I have also followed you and Mike’s previous web site, and now this one. I want to say thank you for all the work you did to get that information out about CoS, and way beyond. For me personally it was and still is a pivotal turning point, and not an easy one I might add. But in that mix is seeing how it was reverberating out in the field. The battles you fought was just as important to me as the initial information. It showed me something I needed to see, and I believe others as well. Courage, and dedication come to mind in the face of real, insidious, evil. I hope that whoever reads that early work, will rapidly find this new blog, and move forward because of it. This early work was a critical part in my process of walking away. I am also certainly grateful that you started this current blog, and that I was able to stumble upon it as well, and a considerable relief, knowing that you were back. Some of the problem I had with thanking you lay in me. I had to at least thank myself for even trying to search for, considering all the red flags, I could no longer ignore, at that time. I did not even know where to look back in those early days of the internet, but I knew that I needed to look, and I ended up finding you. I had followed a path that goes back to well before the CoS. The path that led me into, through, then out, ironically using what I believed was Scn itself. I was fortunate at that time to find that you had already had pointed out precisely what I only suspected or felt. Having the hard data in front of me was important for me. It was impossible to ignore the facts. I also cannot ignore my own path in this process and thankful that I had the sense to go look. I am also grateful for your work in this current blog that has taken me, difficult it has been, and no doubt many others, way past Scn was taken over, and realizing it was a fraud from the beginning. As you say, this made all of us into lab rats, and perverting all our hopes and dreams in the process, and not just for me, but for all of us who genuinely wanted a better world for all. I can not begin to describe the emotions that brings, particularly watching any current news channel, knowing what you have revealed here, and seeing the continued attacks on you from those who would continue this crime against humanity in all its forms. Yes, it is difficult to describe the emotions.
        At the same time, I would like to thank you for your path, difficult that it has been, and no doubt continues to be, you have paid a heavy price, but be assured that I am very grateful, with considerable sense of my humble gratitude to you in that it helped me in my path. I, and no doubt many others, owe you a great debt, which needs to be acknowledged and I hope at some point can be repaid in some way.
        There is more to this, of course, more could be said, and perhaps should, sorry for the in-adequateness of all this. Words always seem to fall short.
        Again THANK YOU!

        Gratefully Yours,

      • I literally don’t know what to say Steve, the best I can come up with right now are the woefully inadequate to express my full meaning – two words. Thank you.

  2. I believe you are right about your purpose in life

    You have educated so many others like myself

    And many you don’t even realize yet

    I think you are on the right side of humanity

  3. Hi Virginia,

    I hope this reaches you … I had difficulty figuring out how to respond and decided on this conventional method.

    The more I read of your blog and that of your husband the more interested I am. As well as your last message. I feel as you do. Thank you for it.

    I’m in the process of writing my Hubbard and intervention experiences, including an abusive family upbringing, and find your work fully applicable.


    Hana Whitfield

  4. Hi Virginia,
    I found your blog via Alanzo’s blog. I love the image at the top. Remember that the woman in the image is not falling. She is resting on the powerful and unvarying wind that moves up the face of the mountain.
    Hope you are well.


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