By Virginia McClaughry

If you haven’t seen my first article about this subject entitled: Psychological Warfare – The “Art” of Creating Insanity – Mirroring I highly suggest you take a moment and have a look at it.

In that article, we learned some basics on what pyschological warfare is.

In brief –

The Aim of Psychological Warfare is:

~ To undermine the enemies will and capacity to resist.. ~

That direct quote came from a declassified CIA document, and it delineates a list of psychological states (which in layman’s terms means how you FEEL) that need to be brought about in order to bring about that goal.

Put another way, the goal is for you to give up your right to fight back.

Propaganda is the “what” used to try and accomplish this. But, what is propaganda really?

To paraphrase one of the experts in this field (a British man, of course) basically Propaganda is:

the formulation of a desired opinion or set of opinions in the target’s mind



Let’s explore that a little further.

That means that whoever is trying to do this to you has decided that you have an opinion (or a set of opinions) that they have decided is wrong, and that you cannot be allowed to continue to have.

Someone has elected themselves your master, in other words, and has decided that you are not being a good slave to their wishes and that you need breaking of whatever it is that you are or that you do that isn’t what they want you to do or be.

Once you understand that basic idea? You have the underpinnings of just what makes these people tick and also what their weakness is.

What’s the basic weakness?

In a nutshell – Failure at being Lord and Master in your mind the same that they are in theirs. This drives them absolutely bonkers.

It comes from an inherently wrong premise that what they see you as in their mind (or what they want you to be) is a THOUGHT, not a reality, and as they can control their own thoughts (like anyone can) somewhere along the line they come up with the ridiculous idea that the REALITY – the person themselves – should be as controllable in real life as they are in that person’s THOUGHT forms.

When you think of someone in your mind, you can change them around any way you want. Right? Cast them as villain, angel, and everything in-between. Make them fatter or thinner or have different hair – it’s called imagination or fantasizing. The problem comes in when a person starts trying to enforce their imagined version of you upon the actual you – and you got it wrong.

How many of you have fantasized about some guy or girl and how you’d like your relationship to be, and it didn’t quite go how you planned it in your mind? Yep, lots of us have had that happen.

But what about when you did manage to pull it off? How come that worked?

Well, there are two scenarios here where that could happen. We’ll take the easy one first, and that is that it worked because you estimated the other person – duplicated them, understood them, however you want to put that – you estimated them correctly enough to have understood that they wanted it too.

Ah, but that’s where the darker side of this comes into play and that above scenario is the ENTIRE point of psychological warfare.

Trying to get the correct estimation of the other person.

BUT – it’s all done from a completely covert agenda that isn’t coming from someone who actually is ‘sympatico’ with you – they are LYING that they are purely in order to gain an ‘in’ to you, to ultimately make you do what they want, with no regard to whether that’s actually good for you or not. Yea, they’ll say it is, in their mind, because they have to justify it to themselves somehow. It’s “for your own good”. It’s “tough love”.

Therefore –


The entire ground of psychological warfare rests upon figuring out a correct estimation of the person.


And the why it’s done is –


To get someone to do what you want – who doesn’t want to.


That’s the simplicity.

Ergo – someone who fights back against this isn’t exactly their favorite person. So, that’s the very first thing, The first target of those practicing psychological warfare is to punish, humiliate, degrade, cajole – any method really – the person out of fighting back against this person’s will, the person who has decided who you “really are”.

What’s the most obvious sign of someone fighting back?


Whether as annoyance or full-on howling rage, that’s still the same basic emotion. And in this case – up against someone who has decided they are ‘God” over who you are – it’s fully justified.

So, we would expect to see this to show up in mirroring tactics as a method of trying to break the person of their will to fight.

And so we do.

I call it the “how you really are” or the “who you really are” defense.

Note: Defense against you because your will to fight back is viewed by them as an offensive action, an attack upon them. That’s because they will always leave out the first part of the story, that they attacked you first, and you are merely defending yourself – hence the fight back aspect – but that’s another topic. It’s just another example of their crazy thinking.

A person employing this tactic against you will basically try to use your fighting back against you, mirroring it back at you as being “how you really are” and how bad that is.



Now this doesn’t matter whether its a temporary ‘sociopath’, a full-time one, or even an intelligence operative either doing it directly or manipulating someone else to do it. It makes no difference because they will all get to this point eventually. Some sooner, some later.

They only do this when they have failed on their more usual methods (of which there are many).

How it works, is that the person will launch a verbal assault (no matter whether a calm or not-so-calm one) all about what is ‘wrong’ with you, and will usually use appeal to authority, citing how EVERYONE thinks this and so on. When you get angry and fight back? The person will then try to use that against you. Not to YOU, but to other people about you who are, hopefully, unaware of the context or history between you.

Here’s a person, a BBC man named John Sweeney, who was rightfully angry at something scientology intelligence operatives had been doing to him, treating him like.


Notice who uploaded the video – Freedom magazine – a scientology publication, and notice the characterization in the info as: really loosing it!

That, right there, is the exact purpose of the ‘How they really are” defense – both parts, including what the scientologists did with it. Scientologists are against anger, they say it’s “low-toned”, and they used Sweeney’s clear right to fight back against the abuse these people were leveling at him, purely to try and convince other people how bad he is.

If you were to be presented with what appears to be a full on raging attack towards a person – with the context of the actual but hidden behavior of their target fully or partially missing – what’s the easy conclusion you might tend to jump to? That the person is being unjustifiably abusive.

I’ll give you another real example, names redacted.

redacted told them they [the target here] needed help. [as in – they’re crazy] That resulted in a very nasty argument, which redacted recorded so that [the target] could not change those events in their minds as they did with the others. Redacted tried to force redacted to get rid of the recordings as it showed redacted how [the target] actually is. Redacted kept a copy of the recordings.


Right away, not only is whoever this is engaged in surreptitious and covert behavior by recording someone without their knowledge, but notice that the entire point of it was to be able to try and prove how this person “actually” is.

That’s the “how you really are” defense.

Who is this being done for?

It isn’t of any use for the two people involved, there’s just no leverage from that.


The only way this would be useful to someone trying to change someone into more what they desire would be to show other people. Obviously for one purpose and one purpose only, to turn them against the person.

Apparently the person didn’t record the first part of the conversation, which is where it really showed how the person was acting before there was a recording, and also just what an abrupt shift the person made when they began their recording stage. Sort of like obviously nasty attitudes which definitely deserved the targets ire – that’s all missing – which suddenly transforms into mild-mannered innocent who is just so confused as to why their target is so angry at them, which naturally makes their target even angrier at them, get it?

And then, to turn around and gloatingly tell the person, Oh by the way, I recorded this to show how you really are, you get the true nature of what the point of this mirroring tactic actually is.



You have to stop being like that or else


Note: Luckily for the target, they were given access to a copy of the original recording (which the perpetrator still doesn’t know that they have) should it ever be needed.

I know for a fact that the target does not in any way feel that their anger was unjustified, and it was not only quite cathartic for them, it also served to produce something unexpected by the perpetrator. It forced them into revealing just how duplicitous they really were and how much they had been lying to the person for quite a while.

Didn’t notice that right away?

Look again more closely, particularly at the point where the perpetrator starts to gloat because they think they have ‘won’ or ‘trapped’ their target

But what did they actually do, that they totally missed in their fanatical zeal to ‘get’ their target?




Who looks worse in this scenario? The person who is clearly direct and open in their anger or the person who is hiding their hatred behind a totally fake face.

The target knew what they were getting into, by the way. They already knew how duplicitous this perpetrator was towards them but they also knew that the perpetrator didn’t know that they knew (or how much). This provided a unique opportunity, not only did it provide an occasion for the target to open up and really let the perpetrator have it as to what they thought of them, which was certainly cathartic, but it also drew the perpetrator out and made them reveal themselves.

If I had to say something about what I think about what happened there, I’d say it was worth it, because now the target had absolute proof as to the perpetrators real feelings and real intentions and could walk away with a clear conscience.

No more doubt. You all out there who have experienced this kind of thing know what that’s worth.

This was a brave and savvy target, who was, unfortunately, not unfamiliar with people that live like this, and it was actually them that ‘opened’ the door to exactly what happened in that conversation and I would be willing to bet that to this day, the perpetrator still doesn’t realize that it was them that was getting played out into the open and not the other way around.

This is not the sort of thing for the faint-hearted to do, and I would caution any readers not to attempt such a thing without having some kind of backup and support as people like this can get quite vicious and downright dangerous and you could end up in serious trouble.

But when you think there’s no way out…(my favorite ring tone)

Especially if its someone you once loved, you may find yourself wanting to get some kind of closure for yourself (and actually the perpetrator, in a way) like this person did.

I guess the important thing to remember here, is that when someone starts making noises about “exposing you to the world” as how you really are (like this example) –

Realize you are dealing with someone who is desperate to change you into someone more acceptable to them, because once they start employing the “How You Really Are” Defense?

They are admitting FAILURE of all previous attempts. It’s a Last Gasp method. Because, as you can see in the second example that I provided, it runs a very high risk of exposing them once and for all to you. Literally burning all their bridges, destroying any credibility they may ever have had with you – forever.

It’s a dumb move, in other words. It’s extremely short-sighted and it also pretty clearly shows that person never had any real love of you, kind of burning that bridge as well.

That kind of betrayal can really hurt.



I know.

I’m not trying to lessen the importance of that in anyway, but since this tactic does exist, I felt it should be known about so that maybe, just maybe, someone else out there won’t cave-in to this whole “how you really are” – read: you terrible person, no one could possibly love you how you are – tactic.

Don’t submerge yourself and become “someone else” out of fear of what others might think of your anger – you would have become them if you do, because that’s how they live. Just like this perpetrator was – a lying “friendly and loving” face hiding a whole lot of hate.


Don’t do it.

Don’t fall into that abyss.


It’s like this woman said, and this is my favorite part –

By Kathy Krajco


And now you see what’s wrong with the perpetrators. They gave in to exactly this at some point in their past and they now hate themselves – an absolutely impossible and horrific position to have to be in day after day. So, when you don’t give in…see what it reminds them of and why they start getting desperate?


I thought you might.


By the way, that’s true with the perpetrator example we covered today. That person gave in, they didn’t fight back when they should have, they betrayed their loved ones, they became someone else.

This kind of thing is not your fault, never let them get you to believe that. You didn’t make them how they are – they did. Just as it is always your decision whether to live true to yourself, or not.


Perspective matters –


So, I hope that sharing this perspective today may be of help to someone else out there, as it was to me.

P.S. If you like this subject, you may want to check out my post from July 2015 entitled: The Ultimate Weapon Against Psychological Warfare Tactics of Slavemasters and Sociopaths – This Will Surprise You as well as my other post entitled: Portrait of a Sociopath.




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