Arnie Lerma is the first person (that I know of) to have mentioned this book some years back. (see update at the bottom of this post). When I first heard of it, I had assembled various resources, but Arnie’s recent blog post prompted me to review my older research plus do some new.

As a result, I found that the 1908 printing of the book had actually been scanned in from a Library in Toronto way back in 2007 and had been uploaded by Liz Ridolfo to the Internet Archive on July 18, 2007 – making it a wonderfully accessible resource.

So, I decided to put together this assemblage of various resources for researchers to be able to access, use, and cite this book more easily, including extracted page images of the ones that use the word “scientology”.

First, here’s the internet archive resource –

Copyright page –

Here are the 4 pages that specifically mention the word scientology as a derogatory word meaning basically pseudo-science.





This one is my favorite, I love the positioning of scientology as part of The Conjuring Trick. Plus, if you understand that when Hubbard first introduced Scientology to his followers, he had just lost the copyrights to Dianetics. His choice of the term scientology was clearly more tongue-in-cheek than many of us may have suspected before, not to mention a distinct “conjuring trick” of his own.

Someone had a seriously dark sense of humor, that’s for sure.



For some other straight text-only resources, this book was archived at the sacred texts website some time prior to February of 2007 (there is usually a slight lag before the internet archiver picks up a new site).

Finally, here’s something for our scientology savvy readers, who would appreciate the irony that the basic principle of L Ron Hubbard’s Theta-Mest theory is clearly visible in this particular text on pages 191 and 192


The Cross is the rude picture of a knot. As such it is the sign of Matter; and the Man on the Cross signifies the thought that Matter is Evil.

[…]The Man on the Cross is a tremendous allegory, whose full interpretation has yet to come.

[…]The Cross is the Sign of Matter, and as such it reminds us of the nature of Matter. Not only is it the rude picture of a knot, that is to say, of a joint in the network, but it shows us how the knot is made. It is by two lines of string meeting crosswise. Thus it reminds us that two Ways of Strength must meet crosswise to become entangled. And their entanglement is their arrest.


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Virginia McClaughry

Update: April  5, 2017. It appears that it was Jon Atack who first brought this up back in 2000, as evidenced by this Internet Archive record. I didn’t know that before, and even though I personally found out about it from reading something Arnie Lerma wrote back in around 2006 or so, in the interest of fairness I thought I should mention it.

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