This is for a man named Howard Dickman who I read today is researching Barney “for a case” and needed a photo of him from his scientology days. For readers interest, it appears Barney was featured in a somewhat recent New York Times article talking about his “self made dream” which is apparently a subject of a number of lawsuits.

Here you go Howard.

as pictured in The Auditor magazine issue #45 of 1969
– aproximately January/February

I have other info about him, including the address of the apartment in New York where he was staying in his early days in scientology, just leave me a comment if you need something and I’ll put it together when I get a chance.

April 1, 2017: As requested in the comments by Mark Hunter, here is the full page this image was found on – it’s page 10 of the issue.

Barney is pictured in the section “Franchise and Field Staff Members” under the Birmingham, UK section.

The Auditor #45 January-February 1969 - Page 10 Carl Barney.png

There is another mention of Carl Barney on this page, showing that he was one of the members of Alan Walter’s franchises that Alan personally called in for intensive study.

Here’s that by itself –


We can also establish the approximate time frame of this particular The Auditor issue by an advertisement on page 5 for an upcoming lecture on March 1, plus the first page of talks about a recently released policy letter from December of 1968. That definitively puts this issue as January/February of 1969.

Here’s page 5 –

The Auditor #45 January-February 1969 page 5 ad for lecture 1 march.png

Also perhaps of interest, is that on page 11 of that same issue we find that Carl Barney is listed as Clear #1637.


Now for additional info –

Carl won sort of award from Saint Hill in 1967, and there is a listing on page 2 of Auditor #26 giving his address in New York.


Carl is listed on page 2 of Auditor #43 (1968) in a correction note as having graduated the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course “with honors”.


Carl Barney is listed on page 9 of what appears to be the late 1970/early 1971 Auditor #64 as being “on FEBC” – which means the Flag Executive Briefing Course.

For context, what that means is that he was on Hubbard’s Apollo flag ship at that time, and was being groomed to become an executive.

Taken from the Church of Scientology site

In April 1970, Mr. Hubbard invited executives from all churches to attend his Flag Executive Briefing Course on the flagship Apollo. The end result placed true administrative experts in all local churches. And with the later publication of the Organization Executive Course and Management Series volumes, all policy was now readily available to the 2,553 staff of the 118 churches and missions in 20 nations.

Here’s a screenshot in case that page goes missing – 2017-04-01 21-15-36

Auditor #110, 1975, shows him as now being Reverend Carl Barney and marrying a couple of scientologists in Pasadena.


That’s all I could find so far.

Virginia McClaughry

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  1. Yes, Barney is the subject of several lawsuits. One of them was brought by two former recruiters at one of his schools. You can read their Complaint here:
    As you can see,, one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs is Brandon J. Mark. He is the lawyer who had posted to a webpage of Dave Dickman’s asking about Barney.

    You have provided conclusive evidence that the “New York Times Barney” is the same as the “COS Barney.”

    It’s easier to see the resemblance if you view pictures of the two right next to one another. See the pair of pictures under the following link:

    The left photo is cropped from The Auditor photo that you provided, the right from a video of Barney
    at 51:36 with color removed. In the left photo he is seated leaning on a table, in the right standing, which accounts for the different set of the head. Same nose, same forehead, pretty much the same everything except of course the hair.

    Three questions:
    Can you show the article that came with the photo?
    Is there a date on The Auditor issue besides 1969?
    Do you have an issue from when Barney was an owner of franchises? This would be year or so after your photo, 1970 or early 1971, until August 1979 when he was kicked out of COS.


    Mark Hunter

    • Hi Mark,

      “You have provided conclusive evidence that the “New York Times Barney” is the same as the “COS Barney.””

      Wonderful! So happy to have helped.

      Re: questions –

      I’ll add point 1 to the article, I’ll look for any page that might have a more definitive date (point 2) and add it if I find it, and I’ll check what I have re your point 3.


    • Mark, I have added quite a few more items of documentation for you to the post, but I didn’t find anything specifically listing him as any franchise owner. Do you know which franchises he owned? Just curious. Anyway, I hope the additions are of help to you. Virginia

  2. I’m mistaken. It looks like the magazine put the picture in the wrong place. The section to the left of the picture and a little above reads (the spelling of “center/centre” is inconsistent):
    Standard Tech.

    When Sea Org Officer ALAN WALTER, OT VL, Class VIII Auditor returned from the Class VIII Auditor’s Course given by Ron, he called in members from all his Franchise centres across the U.S.A. for an intensive 5 day, 13 hour day, training course in Standard Tech. The group included Clears Sandi Mehr, Tommy Maxwell, Gary Nelson, Judy Theirry, Betty Cook, Gwen North, Louis Jordan, Judy Jordan, Bobby Jarrel, Hazel Nelson, Nina York, Carl Barney, Susan Ballantyne plus Janet Lunde and Dolores Stokes of the Richardson, Texas Franchise Center.

    Please delete all these posts of today, thanks.

    • Oh, I think you might be right! I wondered about what he would be doing in Birmingham if he was under Alan Walter (out of Dallas, Texas) and “his” franchises in the U.S.

  3. Just so people understand, I’d replied assuming the picture belonged where it was placed in the magazine, under Birmingham. Before that reply was approved for posting I replied again with what has been posted: that the picture really illustrates another section. The first reply is not posted, by my request.

    The first part of my first (unposted) reply is OK. Here it is more or less:

    This is amazing news. To think Barney told the New York Times reporter about “dabbling briefly” in Scientology! From at least early 1967 to being kicked out in 1979 is 12 years of dabbling briefly. And at some point he was a reverend.

  4. I am the attorney you mention in this post. Would you be willing to talk to me?

    • Sure, although I don’t know what help I could be other than what I have provided here. I’ll email you at the email address you submitted with this comment. Virginia

  5. At ESMB, there’s a picture of an issue where he’s listed with some of the missions that he ran.

  6. NOMNOM, I started that thread over on ESMB, “not_a_co$” is me. The five pictures packed together are not from The Auditor. The pair of pictures (1969 and 2015) is the same pair as posted in this thread.

    • If I may interject here, although nom-nom didn’t make it clear, I believe they are referring to a particular posting on that thread (Page 3? I think) where an actual scanned page from a scientology issue called ED 13 Int (stands for international) lists some of the missions that Carl Barney was responsible for. It could be useful to you because it’s dated 1974.


  7. Virginia, you deduced that the Auditor issue #45 is either January or February. I obtained issue #44 from the webpage
    “The Auditor”: 30 Years of Broken Promises from L Ron Hubbard
    and that issue (#44) is January because it contains a blurb headed “A happy ’69 to you” that reads “As Scientology enters AD (After Dianetics) 19, we have big plans and purposes to make this a better world for everyone in Scientology.” Etc. Etc. Therefore issue #45 is February.


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