Wikileaks first revealed a collection of FBI documents concerning Scientology on February 20, 2009, titled: Scientology: 2,826 pages of L. Ron Hubbard’s FBI Files, 1943-1993

Their summary about it stated:

The full set of FOIA disclosures, parts 1-8, from the Federal Bureau of Investigations records (1943-1993) on the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and the organization he created.

Partial excerpts of this information have been released by media outlets in the past, but the full release was only readily available by commercial resale.

Michael Best, six years later, uploaded these individual PDFs to the internet archive on March 17, 2015. The one marked Church of Scientology part 02 contains a photocopy of Press View The FBI Raid – a publication put out by the Guardian’s Office. That was starting on page 255 through 283 of the main PDF.

I have pulled this out by itself and OCR’d it for easier access to researchers. I haven’t reviewed each article or source yet fully, but there were a few in particular I needed for other research I am currently engaged upon, so since I needed it for that, I decided to go ahead and create the documentation trail on it.

The publication is quite the exercise in what scientology calls PR Positioning – containing apparently as many positive articles against the FBI raid and pro-scientology stance that could be found, even if sometimes just a few words pulled out by themselves.

Here’s the PDF:

Press View The FBI Raid – Scientology Guardian’s Office Publication November 1977

What got this into the FBI files, was that Mark Fisk, the Director of Public Relations for the “Ministry of Public Relations” of the Church of Scientology of California, mailed in this booklet to the FBI SAC (Special Agent In-Charge) of Richmond, Virginia, with a cover letter dated November 7, 1977.

In the main Church of Scientology part 02 original wikileak, this letter was included –



As well as the envelope it came in –



The SAC Richmond then reported it to the FBI Director, sending him a letter about it on November 29, 1977 –



Mark Fisk came into scientology through its organization in Detroit, finishing his introduction to being a scientologist course (called the HAS) some time in 1972, as per The Auditor magazine issue #84.



Three years later, in full minister garb, in The Auditor #110 he is pictured together with Ken Rose fawning over the release of Dianetics Today at the Hubbard Birthday event of  March 13, 1975.


 Mark Fisk (left) Ken Rose (right)


Full page –



Page 8 of the same issue, shows that Mark had been personally ordained a “Minister” of the Church of Scientology on January 19, 1975 by Yvonne Jentszch, which means that Mark was apparently already in the Guardian’s Office at that point.



So there you have it.

Note: To read more about the lesser known elements leading up to the FBI raid against the Church, please see my Reading Library article entitled:

The Dismantling of Scientology’s Guardian Office – The Real Reason Why


Today’s post researched and brought to you by:

Virginia McClaughry

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