Then Eve, being a force, laughed at their decision



The Testimony of Truth.

This is the third manuscript from Codex IX of the Nag Hammadi Library. The copy of the manuscript from the Nag Hammadi Codices is in very bad condition, and a lot of key parts are conveniently missing. What there is left though, if you know what to look for, still shows the evidence of the truth having been known, however badly altered and “metaphored” it became, by the time of these Nag Hammadi writings – which are descended from the teachings of Yeshua’s friend Thomas, aka The Gospel Of Thomas.

Of course, referring to it as Gospel would never have been what Didymos Judas Thomas himself called it because the word didn’t even show up as such until around the 1400’s. So, even calling it the “gospel of Thomas” is a lie in and of itself!

Testimony of Truth also goes with the 5th text of Codex II – the story of Origin of the World (aka “The Untitled Text”) – and they are both describing the viewpoint of “the serpent”. Here the serpent, is the principle of divine wisdom, and instructs “Adam” and “Eve”. “The Lord” threatens them with death, is extremely scared and jealous of the serpent, because he is so much more powerful than “the Lord” and his “angels”. The “Lord” threatened Adam and Eve and then tried to “expell” them from paradise.

The remnants of what may be some actual truth to be found in this document are as follows:


The “Lord” tries to make a living body from matter only – fails.

…And when they had finished Adam, he abandoned him as an inanimate vessel, since he had taken form like an abortion, in that no spirit was in him.

The “serpents” send a being to animate the body.

Now on the fortieth day, Sophia Zoe sent her breath into Adam, who had no soul. He began to move upon the ground.

The Lord’s “seven” are upset that their form is under the serpent’s control now, they see Eve, want to rape her, hypnotize Adam, and lie to him that Eve is his “junior”. Eve laughs at them. Please notice, that the “authorities” DO NOT CLAIM TO HAVE MADE EVE in these writings. She was…something completely out of their control.

Then the authorities were informed that their modelled form was alive and had arisen, and they were greatly troubled. They sent seven archangels to see what had happened. They came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him, they said to one another, “What sort of thing is this luminous woman? …. Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her, so that when she becomes soiled she may not be able to ascend into her light. Rather, those whom she bears will be under our charge. But let us not tell Adam, for he is not one of us. Rather let us bring a deep sleep over him. And let us instruct him in his sleep to the effect that she came from his rib, in order that his wife may obey, and he may be lord over her.”

Then Eve, being a force, laughed at their decision. She put mist into their eyes…..She entered the tree of knowledge and remained there. And they pursued her, and she revealed to them that she had gone into the tree and become a tree. Then, entering a great state of fear, the blind creatures fled.

Note: Quite a few of the slavemasters (especially Catholics) are rather obsessed with blowjobs, particularly the enforced kind and on innocents like children – all the way to the present time. Bear that in mind in the next passage.

Eve creates a double, and the “angels’ fall for it and immediately start raping it, but FIRST enforce oral rape to symbolically “feel” like they could actually stop her from laughing at them, and telling other people the truth about these degraded beings.

Afterwards, when they had recovered from the daze, they came to Adam; and seeing the likeness of this woman with him, they were greatly disturbed, thinking it was she that was the true Eve. And they acted rashly; they came up to her and seized her and cast their seed upon her. They did so wickedly, defiling not only in natural ways but also in foul ways, defiling first the seal of her voice – that had spoken with them, saying, “What is it that exists before you?” – intending to defile those who might say at the consummation (of the age) that they had been born of the true man through verbal expression.

And all this came to pass according to the forethought of the prime parent, so that the first mother might bear within her every seed, being mixed and being fitted to the fate of the universe and its configurations, and to Justice. A prearranged plan came into effect regarding Eve, so that the modelled forms of the authorities might become enclosures of the light, whereupon it would condemn them through their modelled forms.


The “angels” then try to threaten Adam and Eve:

Then the seven of them together laid plans. They came up to Adam and Eve timidly: they said to him, “The fruit of all the trees created for you in Paradise shall be eaten; but as for the tree of knowledge, control yourselves and do not eat from it. If you eat, you will die.” Having imparted great fear to them, they withdrew up to their authorities.


Eve has a daughter with Adam….The “beast” shows up to correct the lies of God and his “angels”:

…Then came the wisest of all creatures, who was called Beast. And when he saw the likeness of their mother Eve he said to her, “What did God say to you? Was it ‘Do not eat from the tree of knowledge’?” She said, “He said not only, ‘Do not eat from it’, but, ‘Do not touch it, lest you die.'” He said to her, “Do not be afraid. In death you shall not die. For he knows that when you eat from it, your intellect will become sober and you will come to be like gods, recognizing the difference that obtains between evil men and good ones. Indeed, it was in jealousy that he said this to you, so that you would not eat from it.”

Now Eve had confidence in the words of the instructor. She gazed at the tree and saw that it was beautiful and appetizing, and liked it; she took some of its fruit and ate it; and she gave some also to her husband, and he too ate it. Then their intellect became open.

The “all powerful God” can’t find Adam and Eve:

Then when the rulers knew that they had broken their commandments, they entered Paradise and came to Adam and Eve with earthquake and great threatening, to see the effect of the aid. …. Then the rulers did not know where they were…


Adam and Eve see God and his angels as they really are:

For when they had eaten, the light of knowledge had shone upon them. When they saw that the ones who had modelled them had the form of beasts, they loathed them: they were very aware.

Then the rulers came up to the instructor. Their eyes became misty because of him, and they could not do anything to him. They cursed him, since they were powerless. Afterwards, they came up to the woman and cursed her and her offspring. After the woman, they cursed Adam, and the land because of him, and the crops; and all things ….they cursed.

And they were afraid –

From that day, the authorities knew that truly there was something mightier than they: they recognized only that their commandments had not been kept. Great jealousy was brought into the world solely because of the immortal man.

Next, let me say that once the rulers had seen him and the female ….When they learned that the immortal man was not going to neglect them, rather that they would even have to fear the female creature that had turned into a tree, they were disturbed, and said, “Perhaps this is the true man – this being who has brought a fog upon us and has taught us that she who was soiled is like him – and so we shall be conquered!”

Their solution was to keep the actual truth of their weakness and inferiority from the people – especially of the superior powers of Eve and her friends.

…When a multitude of human beings had come into existence, through the parentage of the Adam who had been fashioned out of matter, and when the world had already become full, the rulers were master over it – that is, they kept it restrained by ignorance.

Unfortunately for them…

…but when the perfect appeared in the forms modelled by the rulers, [human] and when they revealed the incomparable truth, they put to shame all the wisdom of the gods. And their fate was found to be a condemnation. And their force dried up. Their lordship was dissolved. Their forethought became emptiness, along with their glory.

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  1. Greetings Mike and Virginia,
    I would like to share some thoughts that have been building of late, some fueled by your posts some by others. You may agree, you may not, but here goes.
    There has been much talk of late about the United Nations, stay in, get out, etc. I suspect we have an understanding of the nature of this beast. The issues with the United Nations have gone on since at least its creation, (longer, considering its predecessors with their dark goals).
    In many ways, when considering the global enslavers attempt at disrupting, and ultimately destroying the originally established Constitutional Republic, it can be seen that the plan has been to contain, the “contagion”. By creating synthetic revolutions that only served to expand their own power and subvert the American version, they have, so far, successfully contained this revolution, that would have led to true world peace, and all that would bring. A revolution that would have, or better, perhaps will have done away with the global enslavers and to their complete exposure and destruction. It is now to the point that few in the land where it should be known, it is not. Even the education system fails, (by plan), at this critical education. In reading some of the material I suggested, such as “Judge Anna”, and others, that look to speak to similar things, it looks like there is a point where there is a crossroads of sort coming up. As more become aware of just some of these issues, considerable change could be close at hand.
    There is however, another point I would like to make. When viewing it through the lens of the enslaver, I believe there is an even greater fear, unspoken. They have tried to stop this spreading from getting out of hand across the globe in areas external to the united States of America. But they have not realized, or perhaps they have, as the saying goes, realized that the cat is already out of the bag, and desperate not to let it get far, and perhaps why the effort has been mostly external, (although a considerable of internal as well). I feel that this idea, this concept, from their point of view must not get out.
    That point is that the united States of America is already the ultimate United Nations the world has ever seen. Of late there is much talk about the United States or perhaps better, united States of America. In truth, each sate is an independent sovereign nation state working together with other sovereign nations (states), whether it be Idaho, Main, or Florida just to name a few. The true sovereignty lies in the individual states only, and only delegated, not surrendered. If you have had a chance to review some of the material I have mentioned above and before, I think you know where I am coming from on this.
    When one thinks on it, how come there are only fifty states, and why have not some of the “territories” not “graduated” to full statehood. As I see it, the united States of American, should by now be virtually all the nations on earth, if, and a big if, the Constitutional Republic established was operating as it should. Our flag would not, should not, be stagnant; it should have over a hundred stars on it by now, if only. So, again, in closing, I think that the real fear of the global enslavers is the realization that the original and true united Nations IS, in actuality, the united States of America. That our founding fathers created a system that would or potentially could, expand around the globe, not out of any conquest, but because the people of the world would see the value of such an arrangement. Each nation state would retain its own identity, sovereignty, and culture, not unlike the Deep South has its own identity and culture different from the North East, and Midwest/West etc currently. The possibility for a vibrant, diverse, prosperous, and peaceful world is staggering to contemplate. Now, if only more were aware of the true nature and potential of this creation by the founding fathers.
    At any rate, I hope the above is something to consider.



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