Image – Rodrigo Arosemena (right) Scientology’s Operation and Transport Corporation attorney. Pictured with Martin Torrijos, the son of Panamanian Dictator General Omar Torrijos.


At the end of my first post regarding the Panama documents on scientology’s Operation and Transport Corporation Ltd that I recently obtained, I put out a ‘call’ for translation help. This has been answered, and in this post we will go through what the person translated for me starting with the exact document that drew my attention – the one that mentions Scientology’s International SOR Trust and East Grinstead.

The SOR Trust is estimated today to possibly have once been in control of 1.5 billion dollars in assets. Note: On Page 8 of this document where Scientology is answering questions to the IRS in 1991, it lists it as a dissolved entity with its assets having been transferred to SIRT – Scientology International Religious Trust.

*SOR = Sea Organization Reserves

Here’s the PDF of the Panamanian documents obtained –


and this is the page I was wanting translated, page 42 of PDF, December 1988.


My translator noted that pages 40-41 cover the board meeting of 15 May 86, this is the beginning of the document that page 42 is part of.

Quoting my translator directly now –

This may actually be out of order with previous pages where I see 1987 dates – we’ll see about that later…

This is where you wanted more on the SOR account – and I see something tricky going on – but first the summary…

p40 – due to the absence of the President, George Ragaz calls the meeting and acts as President

The following shareholders were represented: ——
(literally – this info is — or blanked out)


My translator then notes that he consulted a person who has translated legal documents like these before and says that this “—” used on the document is done when the information in the register is supposedly “not clear”.

Translator continues -(direct translations of the document marked in green)

hmmm… literally these documents are hiding the former shareholders and the newly elected single shareholder!

Shareholder ——

(the SOR Trust has ONE shareholder!)

Number of shareholders that belong to the International SOR Trust
——1——” (one)

The Secretary reported that in-person or by proxy, the holders were found of one common share of a total of one share in circulation, or a total of 100% of the common shares put into circulation.  The Secretary indicated that a quorum was present. The shareholders relinquished all rights to advance notice of the calling of the meeting.  — The President declared that the meeting was open to proposal “ (and this goes into a standard election of board of directors)


My translator continues with page 41 of PDF –


George Ragaz
Gloria Idda
Beryl Garside

George Ragaz named as the power – East Grinstead, Sussex (named as
location) 15 May 1986 –

(strange sequence of meeting and info, but maybe not…)

– re-elect the board of directors for the coming year or until successors
have been chosen –

(line 17) Dated: 15 May 1986 – No. of shares: 1
(line 18) INTERNATIONAL SOR TRUST – Por (=”by”) (Fdo.)
(still on line 18)
(Fdo.) – when you see this, it means “signed” or that a signature is made in the board book – not given because for the translator it was “unreadable”


Ilegible ————” of course, means “illegible” – the same thing has appeared surrounding the SOR Account presented on p40 using “——” to indicate “unreadable”

Yeah right – ALL of the information surrounding this SOR account – including especially this “single
shareholder” is “unreadable”!

From line 19 on and into the next pages it is just usual legal stuff.


Well now, whoever could we be hiding as that ONE shareholder of all of Sea Org Reserves?

burning question

One more comment was added by my translator about this:

We have a completely obscured history of the SOR account and they got away with it of course, because they have the original board book that they took to the bank with them to open the account, under lock and key – at least that is my estimation of how they kept this completely out of the public record.


I would agree with this assessment – they were hiding what was going on with a rather vast sum of money.

My translator also offered some further translations of other pages, which we’ll go over next. As before, direct translations will be marked in green.

My translator first noted (and I agree) that the first pages of the PDF were handwritten in Spanish and very hard to read, but that these may be the founding statements and produce something interesting so the person will be working on these separately and get back to me.

After the initial pages of the PDF (all the handwritten ones) my translator notes that the next couple of pages are basically standard minutes.

Then we get to page 44, and that’s where I will begin quoting the translator directly.

So starting p44 – Just the location being Old Saint Hill – and you have the names of the participants and elected board.

What we *might* have something interesting as developing starts on page 46 with a special meeting in Munich, Germany – 7 Apr 88 – and I notice Mariano Pedersoli present and involved (and becomes elected Secretary).

Beryl Garside has officially resigned and they elect a new board on p 47…

Mariano Pedersoli proposes and is accepted, as Director and Vice-President until the next meeting… claims an address in London, England… and they open a Luxembourg bank account with the following signatories:

Pauline Chatterton
Helen Vehl(sp? – see what you think…) **Virginia note, could be Wehl
Noel Cleland
(and that any two of them can sign)

I looked at the document, and it actually gives what bank they opened this account at, and an address:

bancaria en Kredietbank S.A. Luxembourg 43 Boulevard Royal.

That is this place –


Now called KBL – a group of European Private Bankers.

I swear, every time I see that term I think of this scene at Gringott’s Bank from the first Harry Potter movie –


But anyway, that’s our bank that this Operation and Transport Corporation document is talking about. Per KBL’s history page, it began on May 23, 1949 as Kredietbank Luxembourg.

This document covering 1958-1980 says:

Kredietbank S. A. Luxembrougeeise
43 Blvd. Royal
Mr. and Mrs. Jean L. Blondeel

Jean Blondeel – bio and image found here.



Continuing with my translator’s notes –

(no other significant pages until…)

p51 – could it be that the Corporation (OTC) was dissolved 28 Dec 88? That’s what this document says and appears to state.

p52 – Dr. RODRIGO AROSEMENA delivered the board minutes of that meeting 28 Dec 88 to the notary and it is accepted.

*note to self – with possible links to archived documents numbered at the bottom of this page

p53 – witnesses to this transaction are named, along with the notary

p54 – reveals that this 28 Dec 88 meeting was held in Fredriksberg, Denmark – with the following members present:

George Ragaz – President
Mariano Pedersoli – presided over the meeting
(but then it says due to the absence of the “Secretary” – meaning as per above Mariano was acting as Vice-President – that part is not clear…)

So Dorothy M. Hensley (“subsecretary” of the society/corp.) and Cathy Sprouleraised the act of the meeting” (wrote out the resolution -probably).

The “exclusive shareholder” approved the following resolutions:

1. that OTC be dissolved (but wait – in the interim gets mentioned it was updated 21 Dec 1971 which may have been some formality to comply with new laws??? not clear – but a microfilm ID is mentioned)
2. the corp not have active or passive (presumably shareholders)
3. that DE LA GUARDIA, AROSEMENA and BENEDETTI (the lawyers) be given signature authority to register the dissolution of the corporation

There’s that exclusive shareholder idea again.

Continuing –

then certifies that the board of directors are as follows (and this goes into the next p55 as well…)

*George Ragaz – Director (address given continues on next p.55 Fredriksberg, Denmark)
*Mariano Pedersoli – Director/Vice-President (address given in Fredrifsberg, Denmark)
*Helmuth Blobaum – Director/Treasurer (address given in Munich, Germany)
*Dorothy Hemsley – Secretary (address given in Harlow, UK)
*Cathy Sproule – SubSecretary (address given Saint Hill, East Grinstead, UK)

and that all “shareholders” delivered on this date all of their shares

Wow – note this – using 1988 technology (probably fax machine) this whole thing was expedited and translated so that a notary could record this done on the very same day – 28 Dec 88.


Interesting. What’s the big rush?

smiley drumming fingers


p56 – n/g really – notary

p57 – 29 Dec 88 the liquidation of the corporation is official – the only weird thing I see is “G. Reyes” on the slip who may have been an OSA expeditor at the time if this is Griselda Reyes who is currently PR (“spokesperson” for Scientology in Mexico.


That’s it – stay tuned for another post when the handwritten pages get translated for me.

Updated – here’s the next in the series:

Posted by –

Virginia McClaughry


P.S. Please also see the prior posts on this topic:

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