A friend was kind enough to obtain scans of actual paperwork from Panama’s registry concerning Scientology’s Operation and Transport Corporation LTD, formed 13 February 1968 aboard the Apollo Sea Organization ship. Please also see my post of January 4, 2017:  At Last – A Decent History of Scientology’s Mysterious Operation and Transport Corporation

Here is a PDF of the documents obtained –


Please note that this marks the first time in almost 50 years that these documents have been publicly visible and made available online to researchers. As such, it is a bit of a ‘moment’ you are witnessing here.

I also hope to get someone to translate some portions of the documents in order to better understand what they are saying, but for now I have identified a few key ones.

This one, on page 49 of the PDF, shows a notation original incorporation and changes of directors dates February 13th and 15th, 1968, respectively.




This one shows handwritten mention of the 3 directors that were put there on February 15, 1968.  Brian Alexander Livingston, Joyce Popham and Barry Nelson Watson.



This one shows scientologist and Sea Organization member Sandra Johnson replacing one of the above Directors on May 27, 1976.


This one shows a changing of directors 15 July 1981, with Rhoderick Edward Boyd Boulding and John Verna. A woman named Gilda de Ferrer is also noted as the interpreter in several documents. Per sources, she is the head of the Office of Special Affairs for LATAM (Latin America).


This one shows scientologists Rhoderick Edward Boyd Boulding, Marina Bulding, George Regaz, Gloria Idda and Beryl Garside now involved – on 12 September 1985. Gloria Idda is the director of scientology’s Office of Special Affairs Internet Unit, well known to design black operations on the internet against scientology critics – use of sock-puppets, fake accounts, etc. etc. to harass and demonize those targeted.


The document on page 42 of PDF, December 1988, mentions Scientology’s International SOR Trust, and East Grinstead, which is probably significant. This is one of the items that I hope to get a translation on what exactly this rather large document is about because it seems to have some kind of history being discussed at great length.

*SOR = Sea Organization Reserves

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Virginia McClaughry

*See the third post in this series for further analysis of documents.

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