-image, 100 tons of Nazi gold found by Patton and his army March 22, 1945. Only a fraction of the half a trillion in gold that is even known about, there was actually much more than that.

Pope Francis has “a sincere desire to turn the page on an embarrassing past and reform the way in which the Catholic Church handles money….”

Rodrigo Arosemena (right) Scientology’s Operation and Transport Corporation attorney. Pictured with Martin Torrijos, the son of Panamanian Dictator General Omar Torrijos.

A friend was kind enough to obtain scans of actual paperwork from Panama’s registry concerning Scientology’s Operation and Transport Corporation LTD, formed 13 February 1968 aboard the Apollo Sea Organization ship.

The actual registry information from Panama for this corporation appeared online for the first time in late October of 2016 – least as far as showing up in Google results. And, for the first time, we have ALL the names associated with it’s initial formation and the real date.