Updated September 2016 –

This post was taken down for several years (originally posted March 2011 at 06:53) due to much more information having come to light regarding scientology’s long-term CIA connections. It is now being put back on line with edits reflecting a greater understanding of these events.

Further links to primary documents and relevant information will be added as time permits.


Blacklist –

A list or collection of people or entities to be shunned or banned.

Description found on the web:

It’s generally considered a “dirty trick,” a means of punishing or ostracizing someone for personal or subjective reasons…. Blacklists are neither trivial nor frivolous affairs. They can destroy lives, and ostensibly decent people who engage in it often find it very easy to justify inexcusable behavior.

Prior to 2011, I had never heard the term CIA BLACKLIST. When I first heard the term as applied to myself, I knew instantly that it was directly related to my passport having been flagged (red X’d) which I’ll talk about a little further down. I did some research about the term CIA BLACKLIST, assembled it, and posted this post in March of 2011.

Later that same year, I was surfing the net and I came across an interesting blog post concerning what the criteria is for being blacklisted by the CIA. This would include other Intelligence agencies as well, I’m sure.

Prairie Weather, the blog that I was reading, talked about a Professor named Juan Cole who ran an influential blog that criticized the War in the Iraq during the Bush administration (circa 2005) – and how a CIA officer had come forward to talk about how he and others were ordered to “get” Mr. Cole because of what he was doing. When Mr. Cole found out about this he wrote about it on his blog. One of the things that he said was:

I am dismayed at how easy it seems to have been for corrupt WH officials to suborn CIA personnel into activities that had nothing to do with national security abroad and everything to do with silencing domestic critics.


A June 2011 article in the New York Times had this to say:

[former C.I.A. general counsel] Mr. Smith added that a 1981 executive order that prohibits the C.I.A. from spying on Americans places tight legal restrictions not only on the agency’s ability to collect information on United States citizens, but also on its retention or dissemination of that data.

It was in total disregard of these legal restrictions the Bush administration asked the CIA to discredit Iraq war critic and blogger, Professor Juan Cole.

Something that Professor Cole also said really stood out to me, and that was this:

“…it seems to me rather likely that I was not the only target of the baleful team at the White House. After the Valerie Plame affair, it seemed clear that there was nothing those people wouldn’t stoop to. You wonder how many critics were effectively “destroyed.””


Prairie Weather refers to this as [being put on] a CIA Black list.

Now we have direct evidence that blacklisted by the CIA carries with it a mantra of “must be discredited”.

The first evidence of my blacklisted status goes way back to 2000 when my passport was flagged. That’s also how long the main “discredit Virginia” campaign has been going on.

You couldn’t have a more direct connection showing between the Church of Scientology and the CIA back right when all this began in earnest.

The Church had just declared me a Suppressive Person and then lo and behold? Less than 10 months later my passport is red-flagged by the CIA on my first use of it upon entering the Dominican Republic with my father, my daughter and her friend. ONLY my passport was flagged.

A discrediting campaign often consists of spreading emotionally charged issues that appear to prove themselves. A discrediting campaign is done to get a person viewed by others in a derogatory way. This is supposed to then “discredit” the truth they are saying about the people requesting or directing the discrediting campaign.

If you were to take the main items most consistently used to try and discredit my husband and I and put it into a list, it would look something like the one below. One or two of these items, in particular, illustrate perfectly that the goal is for the person looking at it to react with a particular emotion and attitude.

Notice how many of these line up with the tenets outlined in declassified OSS/CIA documents on Psychological Warfare

The following is a rudimentary outline list of the Top Ten lies circulated about Virginia and Mike McClaughry.

  1. Mike McClaughry put LSD on the toothbrush of a pregnant woman –

    Mike McClaughry did a video expose of Guardian’s Office activities, one of the videos was titled by the videographer LSD.The very first line in the video is “This isn’t one that I did…”Now ask yourself “Why would someone deliberately lie and flash in your face that Mike did this?” and “What is the person trying to accomplish by this?”
  2. Virginia is mentally ill/insane/loon – many variations on this theme, also sometimes flip-sided to Mike is….[same insults], Virginia or Mike “can’t work” or “don’t work” is rarely, but sometimes mixed in with this.
  3. Mike insanely giggles/laughs in his videos about his crimes

    The following linked examples all can be classified as appearing to be “former” or “never been” Scientologists. Tory Bezazian and Synthia Fagen,  as well as this and this. Every one of these examples all present the same “horrified” view of Mike and the “laughing” or “giggling” about his crimes idea – in highly visible public venues. Notice that many of them position Mark Rathbun as “being the same as” Mike McClaughry.
    Now ask yourself, why are these people all saying the same thing as each other? Because it’s true that Mike thinks hurting people is funny, or because they want the public to it’s think it’s true?
  4. Mike and/or Virginia telepathically audit/CHANNEL L. Ron Hubbard or reversed to L. Ron Hubbard, (a very specific person by the way) telepathically audits Mike and/or Virginia. This one was just recently resurrected (September 18, 2016) by Michelle Sterling in retaliation to Virginia posting at Mark Rahbun’s blog about what people like her have been doing for years against the McClaughry’s. In fact, Michelle created a whole separate website just to do this because Mark Rathbun wasn’t allowing her viciousness at his blog. We do not and have not ever engaged in telepathic auditing or channeling of L. Ron Hubbard or Captain Bill Robertson, but we certainly did give that impression around 11 years ago on a public newsgroup. A partial list of reasons would be a: to illustrate a point regarding hypocrisy about telepathy and spirituality amongst scientologists and ex-scientologists and b: theatre purposes. However, many (not all) of the items listed as telepathic drilling in that newsgroup post did actually happen and were witnessed. Names were changed to protect the identities of some very real and very skilled telepaths who are friends of ours. None of what actually happened in this initial drilling was in any way related to anything even vaguely resembling scientology or any other New Age bullshit on the matter. Telepathy and Clairvoyance have long been targeted by both the Vatican and the British/American slavemasters because they fear it (for obvious reasons). See library article: Why Psychiatry Is More Religion Than Science
  5. Mike McClaughry works/worked for The Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA), the Illuminati, the FBI, the CIA, etc.
  6. Virginia McClaughry works/worked for RTC (Religions Technology Corporation) – variations are OSA, and the GO (Guardians Office), and more rarely the Illuminati, the FBI, the CIA –
    Basically every Intelligence Organization is fair game to be picked over for what to falsely accuse Virginia or Mike of.
  7. Virginia destroyed/ruined discussion forums – usually listed as fza.org and the private Yahoo! Group COSI (Church of Scientology Investigations)
    I first posted on the fza.org website forum in December 1999/January 2000. This is the same thing that was posted there originally. You don’t have to read it, it’s only there for a time orientation for you. Now see what the owner of the FZA.org website says actually happened to his website and it’s forum. (and here is an even more comprehensive form) Warning, there may be a lot of people and terms discussed you are unfamiliar with.
    Examine the accusation again – What would be the point of people spreading the idea that I ruin or destroy discussion forums? What impression is it supposed to give you about me? Why would someone spend over 15 years repeating this over and over in various places on the internet? Because it is true that I am bad at communicating my points to others, or because the opposite is true?
  8. Virginia abused her children.
  9. Virginia corrupted/turned Mike into a bad person or it’s flip side – Mike corrupted/turned Virginia into a bad person
  10. Virginia attacks anyone who disagrees with her

All of these items certainly come under the heading of “discrediting”.

One of the items listed above, is the whole “you’re crazy” campaign.

One of the variations of “you’re crazy” is the more erudite “conspiracy theorist” term.


“Conspiracy theorist” actually means a person that takes facts and recombines them into “proof of a conspiracy”, but it is a lie. The truth is that there never was such a conspiracy.

Used properly as to it’s meaning, it’s a great term.

The problem is this. The term is far more often used to accuse someone of inventing a conspiracy that doesn’t exist, to try and discredit that the person who is proving the existence of a real conspiracy.

And that’s how that works – so be careful how you throw around that term.


Why would I be Blacklisted?

Or maybe better asked as:

“Why would the CIA or Interpol cooperate with the Church of Scientology in putting me on a BLACK LIST?”

Now there’s a really good question.

Mike Rinder, was the head of OSA, Marty Rathbun was Mike’s senior, and David Miscavige, Head of the Church itself  – at least ONE of them would have overseen and known of whatever false reports that must have been fed to the government for me to have had my passport flagged in 2000.

This apparent connection between the Church of Scientology and the CIA/Interpol is actually a bit messier than that. The Church is an arm, or *front group of a more powerful set of people than the CIA, the U.S. Government etc., but the game remains the same. Run a CON game, buy, or even “knee-break” your way into what you want.

*a front group is a group with a different name but is actually staffed and run by a different organization that wishes to remain hidden. Like in the James Bond movies (which are based on truth). In the movies, the company James Bond, a British spy code-named 007, supposedly worked for was a front group for MI6 – British Intelligence.


The Back Story –

In 1998, when Mike’s daughter was pregnant with her first child, and I was to be her “labor coach”, I “came out of the cold” as it were. Meaning I was there incognito, under-cover, and went the opposite of that which is overt. I began by launching the first of many attacks on the Church of Scientology, and who is behind it.

The weapon of choice, was something that most normal people wouldn’t even consider a weapon. It was a Bulletin, the scripture, holy words of L. Ron Hubbard, that was not being applied AT ALL within the Church of Scientology to it’s highest-level parishioners – The OT VII’s.

[OT=Operating Thetan, the levels (courses and auditing) of which are the highest, and most expensive, within the Church]

David Miscavige (and/or presumably his CIA buddies) tried to have me killed to shut me up, when I first started challenging them on this point. Both of my dogs died of massive poisoning doses at that same time, as well, and my father was almost killed by a massive heart attack a few months later. These guys meant business.

So, why did they (and those they are the attack-dogs for) try to kill me over this?

There are a number of reasons, but for now I will just focus on the one most well-known. I had just literally staked the BEAST right in the heart – their money lines.

What is called the “six-month check“ – for people on their advanced level of OT 7 – was a HUGE money-maker for the Church. To the tune of millions per year.

My weapon of choice, that bulletin, showed that they had no right to be doing that, and when I made sure it was spread far and wide in 1999 and 2000 – it killed that income line.

By the time it was early 2000, this effect was already well under way, and I had also targeted their offshore bank accounts in Curacao, by writing the Bank Executive over the account directly, and asked for a Refund of my International Association of Scientologists, which I got, and I (along with the Barnes’s who were following my lead at the time) were the first ever to do so. My husband and I had been declared “Suppressive Persons”, now subject to the FAIR GAME policies of Hubbard and his Church.

In September of 2000, my father, my daughter, and a friend of hers traveled to the Carribbean – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to be precise. For this trip, my father and I had obtained passports for him, myself and my daughter, and this was the first time we ever used them.

I was RED X’d, on entry, (which my father surreptitiously saw on the computer screen when I left the Dominican and the same thing happened) it looked like this:

RED X means your passport has been “flagged”, which as a U.S. citizen, would have to have been done by the State Department in conjunction with the CIA, but also Interpol. In 1994, David Miscavige, the current head of the Church of Scientology, got in bed – as the saying goes – with Interpol.

PDF – interpol_letter re miscavige 1994

A red-flagged passport, can be done in conjunction with Interpol, and it means that they have been given information that you are some kind of WANTED CRIMINAL.


Interpol Red Notices

Notice type Details
Requests (provisional) arrest of wanted persons, with a view to extradition. An Interpol Red Notice is “the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today.”Interpol does not have the authority to issue arrest warrants in the formal sense of the word, as this is the domain of the sovereign member states.



My passport was taken back into some back office for about 5 minutes, and a phone call was made (probably to the CIA controlled Embassy?) then it came back and I was stamped through, so I’m guessing someone said “Let her through.”

My passport:


I was in the exact same place (Puerto Plata) that was where David Mayo (Former senior Technical Terminal of Scientology) was after he was arrested because the Church of Scientology had contacted Interpol and spread lies about David Mayo

David Mayo was in the former “technology” lead position in the Church (called Senior Case Supervisor International) and had been “speaking out” about it’s abuses. If you read the Interpol letter I included the PDF of above, you will notice that it was dated 18 (or 13) October, 1994 – and it says that the Interpol person recently met with David Miscavige. This is probably when the “wanted as a criminal” lies were put into play about David Mayo.

Mon, 10 Jun 1996
From: David Mayo

[SCIENTOLOGY’s] Fair Game Law……. “May be deprived of property or injured by any means ... May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” L Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 18 October 1967.

On August 4, 1994, Scientology(tm) utilized INTERPOL, the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the DNCD (Dominicana Nacional Control de Drogas) to try to enforce Scientology’s(tm) religious beliefs on me, to persecute me and to get me jailed by false allegations to INTERPOL. INTERPOL had received and acted on a report that I was “practicing Scientology(tm) without a license”; that I had “destroyed Scientology(tm) property”; that I was “representing” myself as a “Scientologist”. Ventura Bayonet, head of the Dominican Republic DNCD said that he decided to act as a result of a phone call from INTERPOL alleging that I had damaged “millions of dollars of Scientology(tm) property”. “

“On August 4, 1994, our residence was surrounded by approximately 15 armed police, military and DNCD agents. I was not charged nor was I resented with any order but I was handcuffed. My home was searched for fire arms, drugs and money. No drugs or firearms were found. Nonetheless, I was taken to two police stations  – I was kept in handcuffs and driven to the police station in another city (Puerto Plata) still covered by a soldier with a machine gun. I was kept waiting there for a few hours.and eventually taken to Santo Domingo where I was put in prison with no charges, explanation or reason. I wasn’t allowed to make a phone call to anyone — not even to a lawyer, to my wife or to the American Embassy. That night, I was put in a small cell (about 12′ x 12′) stuffed with 10 – 12 other men overnight in abhorrent conditions — “


Declaration of Margaret Dellerson

“4. During the three weeks I spent attempting to serve the Mayos, in the Dominican Republic and Miami, one incident was memorable. I was in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, attempting to serve them at their residence on October 5th.”


As a person who was exposing the Church of Scientology (like David Mayo), the similarity of how I got blacklisted and my passport flagged, in the same place as David Mayo, is downright spooky – wouldn’t you say?

Shades of Nazi Germany –


So, after all that with my passport, I was also followed around for the first 4 days of our visit, by a tall, (very out of place in the Dominican where the people are very short) courtly-looking Spanish man, until he realized I wasn’t doing anything but laying in the sun, sitting at the bar having coffee, or watching the nightly show. Then he disappeared.

I was RED X’ed again on leaving.

A few months or so after I got home, I wrote a letter to the State Department head at the time, Colin Powell, asking why my passport was flagged (requesting details under the FOIA), and NEVER RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE AT ALL.

So, because my husband and I challenged the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY (and decimated their income lines) I got blacklisted by the CIA aka my passport flagged?

By the way – please bear in mind that in that same 1999/2000 time period, Mike had done his videos, exposing some of what HE knew about the CIA and the remote-viewing program.



Between my passport being flagged and a 18 year discrediting campaign, we now know that the Church of Scientology works in concert with over governmental Intelligence agencies to accomplish their goals of DESTROYING A PERSON UTTERLY.

The important thing to remember if you are being subjected to this kind of abuse is to never give up your right to fight back.

It is abuse. It shouldn’t be allowed to hide under a rock or any sham of pseudo-moralization over whether or not to expose it.

In my article Psychological Warfare – The “Art” of Creating Insanity – Mirroring, I quoted Kathy Krajco who wrote about the importance of fighting back against abuse.

“If the victim knuckles under to psuedo-moralistic pressure to not lift hand or voice in self defense…. That is forcing people to commit the worst breech of faith there is – with one’s very self. It’s self-betrayal, what Joan of Arc called the “most wretched treason.”

The price of selling your soul can be high. VERY high.

If you see someone having wildly discrediting things said or written about them – do some research before you jump to the conclusion that “picture” paints.

That person being painted black may just may be telling the truth.

Virginia McClaughry


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