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(See Library article now under construction
titled: CIA FBI NSA Personnel Active in Scientology)


There is evidence that appears to point to the fact that Scott Mayer may have been using the name of Mitchell Spence.

Please now also see: December 30, 2016Correction and Update Re: Scott Mayer/Captain Spence

Some information –

I rarely speak of how my ex-wife, Rheva Bittleman

– Making God Swallow His Laughter: A NEW PERSPECTIVE OF THE  GOALS OF L. RON HUBBARD, THE MAN; winning essay submitted to the Lisa McPherson Trust (Bob Minton) Literati contest in 1999; archive of posting to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology; found at Arnie Lerma’s website.

Title: Scott Mayer—ARS Literati Winner—Making God Swallow His Laughter
Author: Bob Minton <bob@minton.org>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 02:09:11 -0400


Florida marriage records –

Name   Homer Mitchell Spence

Name   Rheva Bittelman

County            Broward

State    Florida

Cert Number            062609

Volume Number            2980

Marriage Date            10 Dec 1970


And pictures –

Mitch or “Captain” Spence as captured in a 1972 French film promoting scientology –



Scott Mayer memorial page by Arnie Lerma –


– – –


Virginia McClaughry


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  1. Hi there,
    Scott and I were pretty close, he came and lived at my home while he wrote his story. I knew him when I was ‘in’. You should be careful treating an internal scientology designation that so and so is CIA, and treating it as fact. Re-read your own page on shore storys.

    You have to keep in mind that Hubbard was a schizophrenic, and if a person raised an eyebrow in certain manner, that ‘clicked’ with something the schizophrenic has seen previously, associated with the CIA…. ALL BECOMES ONE, there is word for it psychologists use but I don’t recall it, the slang expression is “gong”.

    Scientology had motive to discredit him as he was asked to murder a man in mexico by scientology, which is in his story.

    And I’ll tell you this much, the biggest evidence against this allegation by scientology is that he had no federal pension to live on when he lived at my home for a year.

    • Let me posit a question I’ve been considering while looking at all the information I’ve gathered so far – why do you think Scott Mayer was using a false name, and even going so far as getting married under it – twice no less – any ideas Arnie?

      • Here is the deal, Scotty and I were quite fond of each other, he had a lot of problems and things he wanted to forget. He told me many things.
        You and I at best will be arguing about shadows, which, when dealing with alphabet soup organizations half a century ago is all we are going to have. My initial reaction is the normal one of psychological denial. Let this percolate for a few days before caling upon me to officially opine? Is that groovy baby?

        And here is some insight that you may find of benefit. Homicide detectives use a thinking scheme called MMO before considering a person a suspect.

        METHOD or MEANS – Did the person have the knowledge, tools, ability to commit the crime?

        MOTIVE: Did the suspect have a reason to do it?

        OPPORTUNITY: Was he in town that day, or at dinner with the mayor?


        2nd tidbit, You have done a picture puzzle on the dinning room table. The pieces of the picture that are the correct pieces tend to fit without effort while revealing adjacent pieces. The pieces that almost fit, require effort to push into place and do not reveal the bigger picture by their addition.

        I’ll be in touch in a few days. Keep going!

      • Sure Arnie (re percolating) no problem. I’ll also try to get the pieces I *do* have re: Scott/Mitch up into the library article so we can look at them in the next few days. I was going from the top of the list down, and already found that the first name is David K.E. Bruce’s son (Bruce/Mellon sponsored Timothy Leary and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love who had a number of scn’ists mixed up in it). But I’ll see about skipping to Scott and loading up what I do have that might be relevant.

    • My plan is to lay out what I find, by the way, and see where it goes. I’d definitely appreciate your input. I’ve been talking to someone else about the same point you mention, who actually is retired CIA and he has stated quite definitely that pensions are not on the table for NOC agents. Know anything about that?

  2. Ok, well, interesting…Homer Mitchell Spence (not a common name, AND he was named after his father) is my uncle. From what I can determine, at least one of the photos is definitely him. He was in the SeaOrg at this time, and was married to a Rheva Bittleman. Obviously, these are not coincidences. And yes, I CAN prove that it is truly him and that he was christened Homer Mitchell Spence. He is still alive.

    Please understand I have no anger towards this article (my uncle Homer and I hardly close) just puzzlement. Can you explain further the exact purpose of this article and how you came to this conclusion? I will go back and read further, so if I missed the answer to my own questions, I apologize.

    Best regards,

    Melissa Stener Spence

    • Melissa – Thank you for your comment!

      Please, and most importantly, understand that this article is still under construction and as new evidence comes to light I am editing it as I go. I am only just coming back to working on it after finishing up this article:

      To answer your question, Homer Mitchell Spence came up because of the extreme similarity in photos of he and another Sea Org member named Scott Mayer – Mayer being one of the names listed on this document that is the subject of this article – as being a CIA agent.

      My article was investigating the fact that it appeared that perhaps Homer Mitchell Spence was simply another name that Scott was using.

      I have already documented the man was using multiple names – from Social Security records, birth certificates, etc.

      Something that CIA agents, have certainly been known to do.

      Since the first draft of the article was made, I obtained footage of ‘Captain Spence’ and compared it to footage of Scott Mayer – please see this post:

      That was just published a couple days ago.

      Scott Mayer and Homer Mitchell Spence also have a number of coinciding points in their lives. Their tours in Vietnam, what they did in the Navy, when, and for how long, and where, seem to match up almost exactly.

      Scott refers to Rheva Bittelman as HIS wife in numerous testimonies that are documented, and in the same time frame.

      Yet their are no marriage records (that I could find) for he and Rheva Bittelman.

      The marriage records for Homer Spence showed that he was first married to Rheva (who came from the San Mateo/San Francisco are originally) by Yvonne Gillham of the Sea Org in December 1968.

      Broward County Florida records show that he was married AGAIN to Rheva two years later in 1970.

      California records show that he married Sally Leopold in 1973.

      Scott Mayer refers to Rheva as HIS wife also during this same 1970 to 1973 period.

      I have a question for you – Did your uncle Homer divorce Rheva? If so, when, exactly?

      Virginia McClaughry

    • Ooops! Sorry Melissa, I didn’t realize that your comment was responding to my blog post, versus my library article which are two different things.

      In my first reply to you today, I was thinking you were commenting on my much bigger ‘library’ article that this post, the one that you are responding to, was actually just announcing part of the information about. The ‘library’ article is about the entire document and all the names on it, of which “mayer” (and any connection to “Spence”) was just one name.

      If you look at the very beginning of this post, the one right here that you are responding to, you will see the ‘library’ article that I am talking about specifically named, where it says this at the top of the post:

      (See Library article now under construction
      titled: CIA FBI NSA Personnel Active in Scientology)

      The link to that article is here:


      That’s where you can see lots more information, but again, its still in DRAFT stage because I’m still sorting out the information that I have found.



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