I was contacted some time ago concerning a series of events that happened during November of 2015 at the private Facebook group called Outer Banks.

This initial contact was followed up with my being sent screen shots of these events/conversations.

For now, I have decided to present an edited version of the screenshots to conceal both the who (and any indication as to the when). The original intact versions remain available should they ever be needed as evidence.

But first…


Establishing the backdrop


This is a partial list of posts that I did during 2015.


As you can see, the scientology intelligence connection nay-sayers were not having a good year, to put it mildly.


Note: This isn’t even getting into the two other series of posts that I was putting out at this same time – one on the connections between Synanon and Scientology (eight parts) the other showing the crystal-clear parallels between Catholicism (Christianity), Psychiatry and Scientology (more than a dozen posts). Let alone the fact that I had also done a number of posts and articles exposing L. Ron Hubbard’s being in tandem with what we call ‘the slavemasters’ to develop a religious cult to study and experiment on people aka Scientology –


But then –

It got much, much worse…


It was in August of 2015, that I specifically began a hard-hitting series of posts that would obviously become directly related to the more aggressive turn-and-shoot mentality that began rearing it’s ugly head early in September, and then showing up in Outer Banks in November.


And then

at the same time?


Mike McClaughry began incorporating much of my research contained in my 2015 posts into his Scientology Roots book, actually changing one of his chapters to now be named Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

With all that in mind, now we’ll look at November 2015 and what went on with the self-styled “Queen” of scientology (Karen de la Carriere) and the Outer Banks group.

Note: Karen’s involvement with black intelligence operations towards the McClaughry’s goes way back.

You may want to peruse this: The Worst Policies of Catholicism and Scientology – The Punishment of Those Who Disagree to find out more about how Karen and the numerous “agents” she uses to run her nasty little operations (such as Nancy Many) all specialize in artificially creating

the abyss of difference


November 2015

The Outer Banks facebook group


  • PDF of Screenshots


Image thumbnails – click to enlarge


outerbanksmcclaughry1tonyouterbanks2 tonyouterbanks3 tonyouterbanks4 tonyouterbanks5 tonyouterbanks6 tonyouterbanks7 tonyouterbanks8 tonyouterbanks9 tonyouterbanks9a


Please note that the time settings for Scott Gordon’s facebook account were for one hour ahead of PST.

The conversation starts out with one of the members posting an email from Chalet Reports, that contained a link as well. (See Scientology – The Plan That Doesn’t Exist for more info on Chalet Reports)

Please notice how no one calls for that link etc. to be banned or not posted about again or any of the other links subsequently posted from/about Chalet Reports.

About four hours after the initial discussion, in the sixth image above we see member Scott Gordon reply.

Within that reply was this –



Plain text –

This is probably the definitive background story on Hubbard’s deep-cover involvement with British intelligence before and during the formation of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology as we know them today (though it is brutally banned from ESMB discussion and every Indy circle I have ever seen) ..


A very accurate intro.

The link Scott provided was to Mike’s Scientology Roots book, specifically this chapter which is titled: Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.


behind-closed-doors-outer-banksAnother three hours later, we see Karen de la Carriere issue an official Thou Shalt Not regarding the material linked to and Mike McClaughry himself, including a very interesting statement concerning Tony Ortega (also a member of the Outer Banks group).



Plain text – (typos included as Karen made them)

Karen De La Carriere to Scott Gordon
Please do not link Mike Mclaughry’s hallucinations and delusions to this group. Whilte he might have a nugget of truth here and there, he has so much fantasy and lunatic fringe ramblings, that it is not for this group.

Karen De La Carriere (continued two minutes later)
Scientology Inc is bad enough with enough truthful stories without going off the deep end into rubbish, Tony Ortegs is the reference point. If Tony never quotes Mike McCiaughry you can bet there is a good reason.


This is followed by an even more off-the-wall statement 2 minutes later, comparing Mike to Steven Fishman for some bizarre reason.

Karen De La Carriere to Scott Gordon
Steven Fishman and Mike McCiaugry are just not credible. They are delusional.


Scott Gordon responds, erroneously thinking that what he had linked to was written by me. Probably because of all those posts I had done earlier that year (the List I showed you earlier) where I was finding and reporting on the documentation found, which my husband Mike had begun incorporating in his book.

He says a couple of interesting things.

This is one – talking about me.

She was the one who blew the lid off RTC’s 6-mo. checks back in 1999 and started a new field mutiny and exodus from the church.

Very accurate portrayal.

This is another –

I do respect Tony O. greatly and I understand why he won’t pursue the deep state connections. That’s all I can say on that one.

Talk about a loaded statement!

Well, that brought Tony Ortega into the fray, but rather than displaying what Karen had just described his view as supposedly being towards Mike McClaughry’s book, what does he start right off attacking Scott about?

The Chalet Reports items!

Yes, the very same ones that Scott had already made clear that he changed his mind about. (see earlier images).



Note Janis Grady thanking Tony for this.


This all seems odd to me, as if perhaps Tony Ortega wishes to somehow confuse the other Outer Banks members about just WHO actually got the big reaction – which was the posting of Mike McClaughry’s chapter: Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

NOT the Chalet Reports nonsense.

Scott Gordon notices this apparently, and points out the rather strange extra-snarkiness about Tony’s comments that doesn’t seem to even follow what happened earlier.


Karen de la Carriere now comes in with an extra extra FINAL Thou Shalt Not banning of discussion of Mike McClaughry’s book – as follows.



Plain text complete with Karen’s excuse for it all –

Next time someone posts a loony tune link of non credible fantasy, it will be deleted without explanation. We are all for free speech but mad ramblings of kooks making this site non-credible will not have permissiveness.


This is a private facebook group, remember, so that falls just a tad flat as an excuse.



But, it’s still not over. Jeffrey Augustine to the rescue!



Jeff comes in and mixes up several sources in some sort of sad attempt at humor, but really it’s just a thinly veiled positioning of Mike McClaughry as being the same as Chalet Reports, the Church of Scientology, and Geoffrey Filbert (his sources used).



Tony Ortega joins in to help give poor Jeff’s endeavor credibility – finishing up with the grand finale of Karen’s laughing face gif.



Black Operation now completed – Karen, Tony and Jeff rejoice at having successfully leveled mind control tactics at their erstwhile flock, and for banning anyone from linking or even discussing Mike McClaughry’s work (and mine, by extension since I find most of it).


applause moving.



Did the flock buy it?

Apparently, not so much.



Not a small number of the flock were, shall we say, rather less than impressed with Karen, Tony and Jeff’s histrionic foot-bullets and have been voraciously reading here at the BANNED blog ever since.

Good for you guys!

thumbs up.

(and thanks to Scott Gordon for telling us about this)


After this exchange – in further slimy behavior on Karen’s part


Behind Closed Doors – Take TWO


Scott also specifically told me what Karen did after this all happened in front of the other members of the group, and I quote-

Shortly after this exchange Karen De la C messages me and sets up a phone call.

She heavily validates me (like a church reg would) for helping Lia Kea when no one else would.  She offers to send me lower bridge clients (I am auditing lower bridge).  She even offers to train me on the Ls (but not to mention it to anyone).  I am blown away, but I calmly and quietly manage the conversation without getting into any touchy issues which I know are at the root.

This is all before mid-January 2016 – just months ago.

No word from her since then.


Bribery and Moral Corruption – Karen Style:

  • send clients – equals HAVE SOME MONEY
  • secret L’s training – equals HAVE SOME MORE MONEY

Then came Mark Plummer, who is actually a nice guy but he was used by the cowardly and sneaky Karen to do her dirty work after her book-banning and fair gaming operations were exposed here.


Behind Closed Doors – Take THREE


Time of conversation is Mountain Time, so that means it was 7:18PM PST (my time) on September 26, 2016. Scott informed me of this conversation about an hour and a half later, 9:08 pm PST, that same evening.


8:18pm Mark Plummer I have a q

8:18pm Scott Gordon sure

8:18pm Mark Plummer I was just looking at the McClaughry’s blog, when I saw some screen shots. It appears that you or someone logged in to your FB profile made the screen shots. Do you know anything about that? 

8:20pm Scott Gordon yes – I made the screenshots for Virginia, after discussing with her the treatment of her information in the group

8:21pm Mark Plummer Well, as an admin of The Outer Banks, I do have to point out that it is a secret group — meaning that what is said there is supposed to stay there.

8:21pm Scott Gordon right – I understand

8:21pm Mark Plummer Members of TOB have an expectation of privacy.

8:22pm Scott Gordon sure

8:22pm Mark Plummer Can you honor the rules from here on out?

8:22pm Scott Gordon yes – and I appreciate the second chance


Scott adds – Mark then says he does not have the final say but he “likes” me and was glad I was honest and well, will bring it before the group of Outer Banks admins – five of them.


The Five are:

  • Karen de la Carriere
  • Mark Plummer
  • Ronn S
  • Kevin Mackey – bragged about banning Mike and Virginia McClaughry (and Arnie Lerma) from the Ex-Scientologist Message Board because they were, quoting Scott here: getting rid of “conspiracy theory.” See this post about the banning of Arnie Lerma – search the page for his name.
  • Mary McConnell – Kathy Mace. Per Scott: Mary McConnell was part of the gaslighting being done against Marisa Sigmond by Karen over the David Love abusiveness. Mary is an open David Love supporter.
    My Note: Kathy Mace has long been involved in attacks of my husband and I and took great pleasure in encouraging my son’s attacks of me there at that forum, courtesy of Nancy Many and Karen de la Carriere begun in 2010. See this post and this one for much more about that.


Image courtesy of the Outer Banks expose blog – the five admins of Outer Banks.




Then came an obviously connected PUBLIC attack from an anonymous source.


Behind Closed Doors – Take Four


Scott emailed me at 8:08 pm September 26, 2015 about the above exchange with Mark that took place starting less than half an hour earlier.

Within 23 minutes (or less than an hour after the Mark Plummer exchange) anonymous poster Communicator I/C launches an attack on Mike McClaughry using a 15+ year old document from Mike’s old website.

Scott emails an hour later at 21:08, finds out the that he had been booted but actually, within 23 minutes of his first email – appears this on ESMB. Note: Time on that board was showing as plus 8 hours from PST.

LEAK: Independent Scientology Mike McClaughry Ron’s Org Excalibur Correction List

Note the false positioning of Mike as an “independent” scientologist. He is not.

Almost instantly, Karen De La Carriere herself is all over it using the “like” button and the “tin-foil hat” button.

Tin Foil button (2).

Meanwhile, over at Michell Sterling’s natterblog (created to attack myself and Alanzo initially just a few days earlier) a poster pretending to be Alanzo makes a post right exactly in this same time frame, also dragging up an older post of Virginia’s, from this blog, that had taken down a number of years ago for eventual re-editing. This four year old post was presented as an attack against Virginia’s character.

page divider 2014.

Clearly, Karen lacks the courage and integrity to fight her own battles herself, but it’s pretty obvious that doesn’t stop her from hiding and directing others to do so on her behalf.


Mike and Virginia McClaughry




Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I have been following your research for years now and have a huge amount of admiration for both of you. You always present your case with multiple supporting references for every claim, and you are able to lay it out in an interesting, concise – while comprehensive! – and often even humorous manner. I think it’s important that we can laugh at this stuff, because it really is horrific. Like, the most horrific thing ever. You have encompassed much, much more than Scientology and have presented a very solid case for 3000+ years of slavemaster history.

    I am sorry that others in the “Scientology truth” community seem to resist any mention of your work. They are probably on the wrong side of history. In the “actual truth” community, I take your work very seriously and promote it frequently.


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