The Abyss.

Even the word immediately conjures up images of a deeply horrifying yet somehow fascinating level of existence.

Some of the earth’s strangest and most deadly creatures are found in the Abyssopelagic Zone of our oceans, a world that few even know about, let alone have seen first-hand.

A world of extremes, where creatures of great horror are often found in conjunction with creatures of light and great beauty.

It’s a very fitting play-on-words for what I want to talk to you about today – abyss means “the bottom” in Greek.

And that’s the topic of today’s post –


The Abyss level of black operations.

the abyss level of black operations

This level, marked by truly extreme pressure (pun intended) is reserved for targeting an even fewer percentage of people, even among people of the caliber I have on my list.

Most people reading this post are probably already well familiar with the idea that scientology tries to get all scientologist associates, friends, children, etc to threaten (and carry out) disconnection with a person who is not towing the scientology party line.

Such as Mike Rinder, the former head of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA – dirty tricks and black ops department of scientology) describes in the below excerpt.

Mike_Rinder 2015

3.      An individual labeled a Suppressive, even if only due to continued association with someone ELSE who has been labeled a Suppressive, faces the reality of immediate family members (spouses, children, parents), friends, business associates and even employers who are Scientologists disconnected from them. Lost jobs, divorce, kicked out of school, refused service by doctors and many other ramifications from life altering to merely annoying.

4.      It is church policy that anyone who is declared has forfeited their right to participate in the activities of the church and is no longer eligible for auditing or training. This is the Scientology equivalent of being condemned to hell. It is a powerful motivating force.

blog post, May 30, 2013 – Mike Rinder

Notice how he limits it to scientologists being pressured to treat the target like that.

That is where what I call the Abyssopelagic level comes into play. You could think of what Rinder describes as maybe a level or two below the Epipelagic level of the ocean – which is basically the surface and down not too far below that.

Where light still easily penetrates, basically.

I believe that I have found something that many people don’t know about. When the first “levels” of disconnection and Fair Game fail (using scientologists) and the target is unmoved by it and is considered seriously dangerous especially to what is behind scientology, what happens next?

The pressure to disconnect from, close down, remove support, becomes extreme. It enters the Abyss zone. The goal of engendering disconnection gets extended onto each and every person who could be in the process of or has already befriended the person – people who never had anything to do with scientology whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter what religion, creed, or culture, they are.

All that matters is whether they are in any way a source of happiness, support, or surcease for the target.

Take a moment to digest just how low, just how deep and in absolute darkness someone would have to be “living” to even conceive of doing that to someone else.

For years. Decades even.


Welcome to the Abyss.

where the kind of “creatures” who would do this really are this strange.

creatures of the abyss - image by v


The only two people that I know of that even come close to describing what I am talking about is former #2 man in scientology, Mark Rathbun, and former Guardian’s Office intelligence executive Mike McClaughry, my husband.

Mike describes the policies in place when he was the Assistant Guardian for Information (Intelligence) in San Francisco, which carried over (per Mark) directly into its replacement – the Office of Special Affairs, but have been taken even further.

We didn’t usually take our investigations this far in the Guardian’s office, down to the person’s barber, but the current intelligence bureau of scientology in the Office of Special Affairs – does.

They do a full investigation into the critic and all of his associates. They get the critic’s telephone bill and find every person associated in any capacity, his relatives, friends, co-workers and even people who provide services such as his barber.

They then send in covert agents on those people who go to work trying to drive a wedge between the critic and his associates. They attempt to cut off every person that likes or lends support to the critic. They will spend years and millions of dollars on this action.


On 15 November 2012, Mark “Marty” Rathbun gave a deposition to attorney Kennan Dandar. Mark talks about what they (scientology) did to get out of the charges brought against them by the Lisa McPherson Trust (the LMT) headed by Robert Minton. 1

mark rathbun

Marty – I spent six years and 28, 30 million dollars, um, defending that case

Mr. Dandar – Was any of that 30 million spent on the private investigators that came after me?

Marty – Yes. I can tell you that there were a number of private investigators who went to virtually all of your clients – your former clients who could be found, who talked them up… you know, try to buddy up to them, try to get them to detest or criticize you, and if they could get – if they could drive a wedge, they’d work it out over months and years to get them to turn on you.

I can tell you this, too. …sure we got your phone records. Because I’m, that’s a — that’s an automatic. Um, but that’s done as a matter of course with somebody — with an enemy of your stature. We find out everybody who you’re calling. Okay? And then a whole investigation is done into all those people. So, you know, it’s quite possible they could have even prevented you from getting clients by finding out who you were in touch with and then, you know, influencing potential new cases.

It’s like you find every single potential person who knows anything about the person, and then you check every public record or every record that’s — that’s obtainable.

Then you have covert data collection, and, yes, that involves infiltration. They do that quite — quite often.

Reformatted by me to better highlight the basic list of tactics, here’s an excerpt from one of Mark Rathbun’s blog exposes on the matter. 2

To this day OSA operates mainly on Cold War era intelligence and propaganda techniques much like those of the CIA, the FBI, the KGB and STASI of the fifties and sixties. Their main activity entails stifling criticism by an escalating gradient of techniques beginning with quiet investigation and moving up to:

identification of and use of influential friends and contacts of the target
loud investigation
attempts to harm the target financially
intense propaganda to discredit

Mark characterizes these tactics as acting to muzzle many a would-be reformer. In keeping with today’s post topic, that needs to be extended much further to include innocent people who did nothing more than admire and befriend a person deemed worthy of Abyssopelagic levels of black operations.

From my post: Psychological Warfare – It’s Weakness

Creswell to Bruce, CIA Declassified document.

1.      Intimidate the enemy…

It was the effect on the target’s mind that mattered.

2.     Confuse the enemy…

It was the effect on the target’s mind that mattered.

3.     Weaken the enemy’s will to resist…

It was the effect on the target’s mind that mattered.

5.      Alienate from the enemy the moral and sentimental support of public opinion wherever it may be favorable to him, and particularly among…the allies…whom he may happen to have…

It was the effect on the target’s mind that mattered.


If you’ll notice in Mark’s expose I excerpted, he also pointed out that the Church was in complete lockstep with other intelligence agencies regarding the use of such tactics.


– – –

I trust this begins to make clear to you just what those of us who are deemed “worthy” of this kind of treatment have to stand up to on a daily basis.

Far more importantly, you can see just how incredible it is when someone refuses to disconnect.

It’s so powerful that if more and more people began doing it – facing the boogey-man monsters of the deep

abyss creatures

and finding out they have their weaknesses, just imagine what could happen…

This is why it’s so powerful when people refuse to disconnect when it is unjust and unwarranted, refuse to participate in black ops.



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References –

1 – November 15, 2012 Deposition (with Exhibits) of Mark Rathbun by Kennan Dandar, former attorney for the Lisa Mcpherson estate.
Sources: Mark’s blog and the Internet Archive version

2 – October 23, 2011 Corporate Scientology Targets South Park by Mark Rathbun.
Sources: Mark’s blog and the Internet Archive version

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  1. Ha! ^__^ This indeed strikes a cord! Especially where this phenomena is discover-able in the world at large. Is this the dark side of “Mr Global” and the “Nanny State”? We (my wife and i, in our 45th year together), could bore ya with stuff we endured here, as it is a lot like a Kafka movie. Seemingly senseless spying and for what? (We are low income but highly principled and independent thinkers). The older methods might transition when the G5 cell phones fully replace older devices… As an extension of ‘Kubrick’s Hal’, but the phone owner will not be aware of internal computer scripts, while the madness proliferates… (If it proves workable).


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