with an Ozark accent, no less?

Note: the original poster of the video terminated their account for some strange reason after I originally linked to it (even though there are eight other copies of the same thing on youtube) I have now replaced that with another one – June 28, 2016. I have had to replace it four more times, the most recent is October 5, 2016.

Note: this is getting very weird. Only the ones I link to are getting removed from youtube which seems like someone is deliberately watching my post here and getting what *I* link to taken down. In less than 24 hours of my last replacement here on October 6, 2016? That video and ONLY that video is now gone from youtube.

I am now going to include a screenshot of just how many of these are on youtube. Just so you can see how ridiculous this is getting, many of which have been there for over 3 months now. I have now picked a new one, so we’ll see if that one gets singled out from this rather large list again.


Click to enlarge


October 23, 2016 – And..it did. When you try and play the video it now says “removed by the user”. I have replaced it again, this time having taken a screen shot of the user’s youtube page so I can contact them if this gets targeted again. It did, now EIGHT times more, the most recent is January 2017.

This video is qued to where the program starts about The Watergate Hoax book –

Look for at around 18:16 where “Ashton” says that Watergate was a cover/distraction for getting rid of L. Ron Hubbard, and at 21:32 check out Ashton’s somewhat desperate-sounding answer when the announcer asked if there’s any evidence that Hubbard played ball with the CIA.

Just in case the video goes “missing” again (which it did) here are two clips of exactly what I mention above.


Ashton trying to say Nixon was taken out simply to get at L Ron Hubbard –


Ashton misdirecting attention off of Hubbard’s direct involvement and lockstep research with CIA MKULTRA programs that began with the creation of the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation.


Coast To Coast AM | June 23, 2016 Prehistoric Civilizations & Watergate Hoax


As you can see, this last one that I replaced was taken down (today is January 7, 2016) within only 3 days of my linking to it, after it had been up for over 4 months with no problem.

I think I will leave it here as evidence of just how closely ‘somebody’ has been keeping tabs on this particular post of mine.


Meanwhile, I have now found this one from July –



Plus here’s a another video of a different interview –


See Scientology – The Plan That Doesn’t Exist for more info concerning Ashton/Randy/Jon Storm.


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