When They Categorized Telepathy And Clairvoyance as Schizophrenia


July 2018 note: Broken links now replaced.


The “bible” of psychiatry is called: DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS. (full list and links to each one is at the bottom of this post.)

It’s very often simply referred to as the DSM with a number after it reflecting which version or edition that it is. DSM II, DSM III, etc.

Note: if you peruse any one of these (particularly starting with DSM III) you’ll see something interesting. Each one is correlated with something called the ICD which is put out by the World Health Organization (the WFMH). So what you see in these DSM’s is always very relevant to the same type of criteria listings in the international version – applicable around the world.

DSM II came out in 1968. Here is where you can find a copy of it and here is the Internet Archive version in case that link ever stops working.

DSM III was published in 1980. Here is where you can find that. And here is the Internet Archive version.

A description of it says:

This third edition of the manual published by the American Psychiatric Association to set forth diagnostic criteria, descriptions and other information to guide the diagnosis of mental disorders, the first to incorporate multiaxial classification

What’s “multiaxial classification” mean?

Multiaxial assessment is a system or method of evaluation, grounded in the biopsychosocial model of assessment that considers multiple factors in mental health diagnoses, for example, multiaxial diagnosis is characterized by five axes…

The five “axes” were:

  • medical
  • psychological
  • developmental
  • environmental
  • social status

The last 3 are really all talking about the same thing – how social or anti-social the guy is.

The key to understanding what this multiaxial diagnosis actually is about lies in its actual origins – Eugenics. See the part where it says:

the biopsychosocial model

Break it down and you have how to “diagnose” whether a person is some kind of rebel to whatever the current slavemaster “image” of society as they want it to be – all proceeding from a physical or body source.

When Eugenicists wanted to cloak their origins as such, they came up with a new term called “Human Betterment” in 1929. When they wanted to cloak it some more it was renamed:

The Behavioral-Biology of Human Betterment.


the biopsychosocial model


Still continuing the lie that personality traits comes from the physical as in “genes” or as in “the brain”.

Those that don’t conform in some unacceptable way are therefore classified as mentally defective aka mentally ill aka mentally disordered. They come up with their “diseases” purely based on whether someone fits or doesn’t fit with their current “model citizen” idea.

Strangely, they also want it to be believed that pretty much everyone is mentally ill in some way – which I don’t think has anything to do, really, with wanting to “help” people and has far more to do with wanting to study them so they can figure out how to control them how they want them to be.

This “everyone is mentally ill” idea manifests in many ways, probably the one you would recognize the easiest is: “We’re all flawed because we’re all human.”

There’s that behavioral biology idea again, see it?

That’s just total horseshit, not to put too fine a point on it. This multiaxial classification thing was eliminated in DSM V, by the way, even they couldn’t get that shit to work! (lol)

The change between DSM II and DSM III when it comes to actually proven spiritual or “non traditional sensory-based” abilities – such as ‘telepathy’ – is quite stark. Telepathy (and a number of other type abilities) first gets classified as an official symptom of mental illness in DSM III.

The work to revise DSM II, particularly in regards to their favorite catch-all political illness – schizophrenia – had actually begun in 1974.

Why is that significant?

Because 1974 marked a culmination of a number of above top secret experiments that had been being conducted around the United States. Experiments that proved many times over that most of the things listed as “symptoms” of schizophrenia were, in fact, NOT CRAZY.

See Changing Images of Man (1973 project) pp. 113-116 for one example of a list of some of these experiments.

What these people were perceiving and experiencing were actually not hallucinations or delusions. They were always very real perceptions.

The “top” guy in the Bio-Psycho (Body Partner and “driver” – let’s call them) often chose to ignore that they were real and did have a real source and would often mis-characterize what they were perceiving in all kinds of crazy ways – mostly religious-driven.

They called this phenomena “repression” of the “awareness” of telepathic knowledge in their study of it at Stanford (and many other institutions).

So. In other words, once it was proven by multiple studies that telepathy really did exist, they took people that were not actually crazy (if only someone would have pointed out it was real that would have probably resolved a lot of it) and they deliberately classified them as MENTALLY ILL and concurrently classified their awareness of other people, places and things distant from them – as SYMPTOMS OF MENTAL ILLNESS.

In plain english –

After they proved that it was not mental illness they classified it as mental illness!


If you search the DSM II you won’t find the word telepathy in there anywhere. But what it does have is this –

Consider, for example, the mental disorder labeled in this Manual as “schizophrenia,” which, in the first edition, was labeled “schizophrenic reaction.” The change of label has not changed the nature of the disorder, nor will it discourage continuing debate about its nature or uses. Even if it had tried, the Committee could not establish agreement about what this disorder is; it could only agree on what to call it.


That’s hilarious, when you factor in that its a completely invented “disease” or “disorder” in the first place.

It also has this doozy –

Patients are described as psychotic when their mental functioning is sufficiently impaired to interfere grossly with their capacity to meet the ordinary demands of life.


The “ordinary” demands? What are those supposed to be? Not a good enough slave, perhaps? Won’t work some 9-5 job? Does “unacceptable” things with their time, perhaps?


Last but not least, on page 33 you have this load of bollocks about Schizophrenia –

…alterations of concept formation which may lead to misinterpretation of reality and sometimes to delusions and hallucinations…

[…] attributable primarily to a thought disorder.


Considering they’re calling telepathy and other extrasensory abilities a thought disorder and reception of such as “hallucinations and delusions” when they know damn well they are real, this becomes very interesting.

But here’s what’s really bothering them about all that –

characterized chiefly by a slow and insidious reduction of external attachments and interests and by apathy and indifference leading to impoverishment of interpersonal relations, mental deterioration, and adjustment on a lower level of functioning.


There’s two things that are quite clear as to the insane disordered thinking behind the people wishing this to be believed as “illness”. One, the person is being judged by OUTSIDERS as to whether he or she is doing what is right for them, and two, the person is expressing their non-interest in what passes for “society” and “interpersonal relations” around here currently.

That’s terrifying that these people think it’s ok to sit in judgement to that degree about someone else’s life and it is oh so purely political.

Again though, the word telepathy or telepathic is nowhere to be found.

Ah, But if you search the DSM III for “telepathy” – you see this on page 189:


Telepathy and Clairvoyance.

Gee, why was Clairvoyance added too?


A Clairvoyance by any other name is still Clairvoyance

La la la…

Even when it’s been renamed REMOTE VIEWING.


Which they had also just been conducting experiments on at SRI and other military bases. So, same thing with that being added.


They added it as a mental illness symptom when they knew it wasn’t!


OK, now notice that for diagnostic purposes, the page says – “persistence of”  – 2 of the symptoms means they are residual, ergo if the person continues to talk about doing these things well therefore thusly they are now “permanently” mentally ill (schizophrenic).

Have a look at this then. Since people who can do (or who talk about) clairvoyance or telepathy are clearly, in their own words, viewed as odd or bizarre they would, naturally, tend to be made “socially isolated” (symptom #1) if they continue to not tow the line on stopping doing that.

That gives us the minimum two symptoms these idiots now use to classify the person as mentally ill!

Convenient, eh?

And remember, it had already been proven that both these things were REAL.

Look at this page though, it gets even more insane –


OK, now they want four of these 8 criteria met.

So let’s look at that.

#1 has clairvoyance and telepathy, which let’s say our “diagnosee” here says they experience, that’s #1 then.

We already mentioned that in their enforced societal construct others are pressed to view them as “crazy” – certainly cutting down on people they can get close to, right? Right. So, that’s #2.

Taking as a given that the person could actually be telepathic and clairvoyant, ergo they could also then easily be aware when someone else is “viewing” them, right? So there’s #4.

TOWARDS THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO DIAGNOSE THEM, if the “diagnosee” is still sane at all they would know how crazy these psychiatrists are to lie to them that these things “don’t exist” and they would understandably not exactly be all warm and fuzzy towards them or anyone else who treats them that way. There’s #6.

Same as the previous one, the “diagnosee” would also correctly be quite suspicious of the so-called “I’m just trying to help you” routine of the average psychiatrist. Whereas the person senses the truth (or already knows about) that this is someone who could force them to be drugged, electro or insulin shocked, incarcerated and generally tortured – all with this “diagnosis” of theirs. So yea, the person would be quite suspicious and it would not be paranoia either because these people really are “after them”. There’s #7.

So, how many is that? FIVE out of eight.

Voila! “You poor thing, you’re schizophrenic.You need our help.

Is that so…Father ‘scuse me Doctor

perish the thought - wry ick face

This is like the Modern Inquisition – it’s the same basic accusation, see that?

Thou art a Witch and Thou Shall Be Tested!!


Hells bells.

Maybe I’ll just start telling everyone I meet about this stigmatic telepathy nonsense that they are still trying to pull over on humanity. Yea. And use their own “scientific” materials to do it with.

Hey, that’s kind of like exactly what I did to scientology.



Who knows? I might even make a friend or two or a thousand, while I’m at it.

I saved one woman’s life, literally, just the other day when she called me all freaked out in the middle of the night over all the “noise” she was suddenly picking up on. She was only someone I’d met on three or four occasions previously, but I guess she felt that I could be trusted.

I told her about the Stanford Research Institute (and others) experiments proving everyone is telepathic. Then I told her about the DSMs and what they said about telepathy after those experiments. She immediately saw that was nuts and obviously was political.

I told her that Sidney Gottlieb studied eugenics at Cal Tech, where they were trying to research the biological basis of abilities, including psychic and mental abilities, and personality traits. Gottlieb then went to work at the CIA where he ran the MK Ultra mind control projects. They were trying to see if they could create these abilities in certain people, and trying to learn how to control them in people. It was simply a continuation of his work at Cal Tech.

Finally, I used a crowded bar metaphor, as a real life example.

I said – when you are in a crowded bar you hear other people talking.
I said – But, you still know what your own thoughts are in all that noise.
She said – yes, I do.
I said – so, are the other voices in the bar a problem for you?
She said – no, they are not.
I said – the voices in the head are the same as the crowded bar.
She got it and said – no, they are not a problem, I feel much better now.

She’s fine, and has stayed fine. Noise level rises, she recognizes what it is and says “oh that’s that” and tunes it out  – focuses on her own plans and thoughts etc. as is her preference right now.

Gee, how hard was that?

Drugs and frying someone’s brain as a “solution”….

Come on

come on!


These people are about as “scientific” as this guy  – and he’s probably better at it and a whole lot more honest!


Me fixing head…

Me like hammer.

Me feel strong.

This Good.


Professor Monkey

“And if you use the chisel just so, you can achieve a cessation of the problematic disorder.”

monkey pompous ass scientist.



Seven years later, now we have the DSM IIIR which you can find here.

This revision “set forth diagnostic criteria, descriptions and other information to guide the classification and diagnosis of mental disorders”. It was published in 1987.

But by 1983, only 3 years after DSM III had been published, they were already working on revising it because –

In 1983 the American Psychiatric Association decided, for several reasons, to start work on revising DSM-III. For one, data were emerging from new studies that were inconsistent with some of the diagnostic criteria.

 – page xxvii DSM IIIR


In plain english – their diagnostic “criteria” was wrong.

Check out this on page xxii under “Mental Disorder” definition –

[the mental disorder] must currently be considered a manifestation of a behavioral, psychological, or biological dysfunction in the person. Neither deviant behavior, e.g., political, religious, or sexual, nor conflicts that are primarily between the individual and society are mental disorders unless the deviance or conflict is a symptom of a dysfunction in the person, as described above.



So, it’s completely arbitrary now. Why couldn’t they just say that, but I digress. What this really boils down to is a “disorder” is apparently totally baseless and dependent on whatever malfeasant whim the slavemasters are harping on that day.

Ah, but now we start getting some tap-dancing around about “contact with the dead” and other spiritual manifestations or abilities. You might think that’s a good thing but it’s not. It still revolves around what is acceptable within a culture, religion, etc. Sort of a perverse “majority rules” thing being taken to an extreme.

The Use of DSM-III-R in Different Cultures – page xxvi

When an experience or behavior is entirely normative for a particular culture—e.g., the experience of hallucinating the voice of the deceased in the first few weeks of bereavement in various North American Indian groups, or trance and possession states occurring in culturally approved ritual contexts in much of the non-Western world—it should not be regarded as pathological.


See? You must be part of a group or “culture” – half of which they control one way or another – and then it’s “not” pathological.

I think I’m feeling a little Jeffersonian here right about now –

I am of a sect by myself…

– Thomas Jefferson Letter to Ezra Stiles Ely (25 June 1819) – Jefferson Cyclopedia 
Note: Attributions of this letter as one to Ezra Stiles, President of Yale College (who died in 1795) are incorrect.


So how about this, we’ll just update the language a little and say – I’m a culture of one and the use of spiritual abilities is normal and accepted in my culture.

So, frack off.

smoke another cigarette wtf


Personally, I think this is all touchy-feely political pandering going on towards these “non-Western cultures” as they call them. Probably what actually happened is they said frack off and wouldn’t give them the time of day. So, the devious little ghouls doctors had to start acting like they understood this was normal so that they could get close enough to study them (to see what makes them tick to better control and propagandize them into their new world government.)

That’s what I think.

By the way, for those familiar with Hubbard’s Purification Rundown that he came out with that talked about LSD flashbacks (and to all you nay-sayers who didn’t believe he was right in lockstep with the CIA and psychiatry about that) have a look at this on page 145 –

[Hallucinogen – LSD] Complications.

In rare cases the person acts irrationally, and may harm himself or herself or others. “Flashback” hallucinations (recurrent hallucinations after the hallucinogen is no longer present in the body) can occur, and in such cases a diagnosis of Post-hallucinogen Perception Disorder should be considered. Hallucinogen Delusional Disorder and Hallucinogen Mood Disorder are also possible complications.


So…the all-important question here is: do we still have telepathy and clairvoyance listed? Not yet…but we do have this on page 188 –


See the “in the person’s culture” modifier now? But it’s immediately followed by a categorization of that thought broadcasting is “totally implausible“.

Is it now…


Then why are there at least ten secret projects going on right now experimenting with doing exactly that?

Oh, right, because it’s “totally implausible“. I forgot.

They ‘splained it for us that this totally implausible thing (that they have been researching for more than twenty years now) is one of a short list of “certain delusions [that] are observed more frequently in Schizophrenia.

We’re getting closer though, but they still haven’t used the T or C word yet. However, they did say this about The Voices


Here comes a real whammy though –


Aw, see now here comes religion into the mix as being acceptable.

Beliefs or experiences of members of religious or other cultural groups may be difficult to distinguish from delusions or hallucinations. When such experiences are shared and accepted by a cultural group, they should not be considered evidence of psychosis.

Ya hear that? Wow.

So, if you’re NOT in what they accept as being a religious or cultural group?

Then what…



Now you’re schizophrenic?

Kermit the frog excited.

Oh fer fucksakes.

Let’s see what the diagnostic criteria is now –


OK, so if you are telepathic and clairvoyant and not in an approved religion or cultural group  – and even if you are, if this “group” does not approve of what your telepathy and clairvoyance is about (or if there are more people than you who can’t see what you do) – well, see then it’s delusions and hallucinations.

So, this “disease” has been modified to make it even more obvious that this has always been political and control-oriented in nature. Can’t you just see the Catholic Church now about something like this? Oy Vey.

And if you have or do all of this unapproved of telepathy and clairvoyance several times a week for several weeks – You’re a schizophrenic.

And if you continue to be so heartless as to refuse to stop doing this for six months or more, and having experienced much censure for it you decide to cut down what kind of people you’d rather talk to or call friend? Well, now you’re really a schizophrenic.


buried way down in the “residual” or you’re extra extra schizophrenic forever symptoms is our very own T and C words –

Telepathy and Clairvoyance.


Look at point 7 – (a 7? Oh, very funny.)


There they are.

And… the “residual phase” is marked by at least “two or more” of those symptoms and so we’re right back with – you’re really schizophrenic –

if you continue to use or “believe” in telepathy or clairvoyance and it isn’t approved of by some religion or cultural group.

That’s just fricking perfect.

OK, now let’s see what DSM IV does with this.

DSM IV came out another seven years later in 1994, you can see it here. (archived here)

This is when they drop the multiaxial system. On page xxi, now they’re admitting they don’t even know what a mental disorder really means or is, but they can’t think of another term so they’re leaving the title as is (snort) and they just will continue to go with the definition they gave in DSM III and IIIR.

So, what, friggy-dig it – we like how it sounds? The monkey professors at work.

So, are the T and C words still in here? Oop, yes they are, just with a new name for the “disorder”. It’s now called Schizotypal Personality Disorder.


whoo bored.


Now we have to have FIVE of 9 to be truly schizophrenic oh sorry…schizotypal.

With your basic ostracized telepath or clairvoyant, we have points 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 always in play in these “diagnosers” minds. So Voila!

You’re still really schizophrenictypal (what the fuck ever).

So, what’s that now…1974 to 1994, twenty years of falsely classifying these things as mental illness?


In that twenty years

Just how many people

have been

drugged, shocked, isolated and locked up

over this.



A hundred? A thousand? Ten thousand?

How many?

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now.

In the DSM IV here, we still have the same added qualifier along the lines of “well, you’re not if it’s ok with your religion or voodoo priestess.” but we also have quite a bit more targeting of children now.

Look at this from page 643 –

Specific Culture, Age, and Gender Features
Cognitive and perceptual distortions must be evaluated in the context of the individual’s cultural milieu. Pervasive culturally determined characteristics, particularly those regarding religious beliefs and rituals, can appear to be schizotypal to the uninformed outsider (e.g., voodoo, speaking in  tongues, life beyond death, shamanism, mind reading, sixth sense, evil eye, and magical beliefs related to health and illness).

Schizotypal Personality Disorder may be first apparent in childhood and adolescence with solitariness, poor peer relationships, social anxiety, underachievement in school, hypersensitivity, peculiar thoughts and language, and bizarre fantasies. These children may appear “odd” or  “eccentric” and attract teasing.


Oh yuck, yuck and DOUBLE YUCK!

You’ve got to be kidding me. They attract teasing so therefore they’re mentally ill because some fricking morons are jealous of them for some godforsaken reason?

Yea, let’s start ’em on drugs and electro or magnetic shock really early – that’ll teach ’em not to ever use or show to others that nasty telepathy and clairvoyance stuff.

So there!

vincent - nyuck.

They also added a statistic that this “schizotypal disorder” now comprises 3% of the population.

Next – the DSM IV-TR. (the TR means Text Revision) It was published in 2000 and you can see a copy of it here.

Now we have expanded on what kind of delusions are schizophrenic/typal whatever.


“Voices…perceived as distinct from the person’s own thoughts.”

If someone does that – hey now. They’re schizophrenic.

church lady.

But notice that now they’re “voices” at thought level, that’s really interesting.

On page 22, talking about what they’re revising, there was this little tidbit.

We received suggestions to include numerous new diagnoses…


They still have the same blah-blah-blah about What is a mental disorder? We don’t really know.

But on page 300? Now they’re getting really vicious towards particularly telepaths with the usual exclusion of “religion”, of course. Check this out –

Hallucinations may be a normal part of religious experience in certain cultural contexts. Certain types of auditory hallucinations (Ie., two or more voices conversing with one another or voices maintaining a running commentaryon the person’s thoughts or behavior) have been considered to be particularly characteristic of Schizophrenia. If these types of hallucinations are present, then only this single symptom is needed to satisfy Criterion A.


See? Just that one obviously telepath (or in some cases clairvoyant) type experience is now enough to classify the non-approved of telepath/clairvoyant as schizophrenic!

They’ve also adjusted the “implausible” characterization as to what constitutes bizarre or not, and added several of the things that do happen in a coordinated stalking or black intelligence harassment operation against a person who is “undesirable”. Make no mistake, several of these things they are classifying here are deliberately done and are meant for the target to know that they are.

Don’t you think that’s rather convenient that because now many black intelligence operations do this (especially on the internet which was starting to get very prominent by 2000) now we have an entry describing some of those very things as symptoms of mental illness?

Referential delusions are also common; the person believes that certain gestures, comments, passages from books, newspapers, song lyrics, or other environmental cues [that’s a really big category there, to conveniently shove all manner of things under] are specifically directed at him or her.

The distinction between a delusion and a strongly held idea is sometimes difficult to make and depends in part on the degree of conviction with which the belief is held despite clear contradictory evidence regarding its veracity.

[evidence can be manufactured, just sayin’]

Although bizarre delusions are considered to be especially characteristic of Schizophrenia, “bizarreness” may be difficult to judge, especially across different cultures.

Delusions are deemed bizarre if they are clearly implausible and not understandable and do not derive from ordinary life experiences.


Whoa. That last paragraph is really something. Clearly implausible and not understandable? To them? So what – that’s just so arrogant it’s unbelievable. But it’s the last part that’s the real kicker.

do not derive from ordinary life experiences.

Ordinary? Who the hell wants ordinary anyway. And what is ordinary – determined by…who exactly? Oh, that’s right. The priests doctors of the High Slavemaster Command.


Who, incidentally, are terrified of Telepaths and Clairvoyants.


To top it all off – look at this.

If the delusions are judged to be bizarre, only this single symptom is needed to satisfy Criterion A for Schizophrenia.


We “judge” them to be bizarre.

Anathema Marinatha Schizophrenia label for you.


The diagnostic criteria remains the same for the ostracized and unapproved Telepath/Clairvoyant – you’re still very schizophrenic, now morbidly so (in their new words).


So, now we’re at twenty-six years and counting, for targeting telepaths and clairvoyants.

Now hoping to spot them as children so that they can be properly cured (or scared the hell out of) for having this unapproved of skill.

Next – DSM V was published just 3 years ago, on May 18, 2013. You can look at it here.

And….it’s still there.



And lookie, lookie!

Looking eyeballs

Now we’ve added a whole lot more descriptions of things to be classified as “delusional” – with the usual caveat of unless it’s in an approved method in an approved culture or religion.

Diagnostic Features

Individuals with schizotypal personality disorder often have ideas of reference (i.e., incorrect interpretations of casual incidents and external events as having a particular and unusual meaning specifically for the person) (Criterion Al). These should be  distinguished from delusions of reference, in which the beliefs are held with delusional conviction.

These individuals may be superstitious or preoccupied with paranormal phenomena that are outside the norms of their subculture (Criterion A2).

They may feel that they have special powers to sense events before they happen or to read others’ thoughts.

They may believe that they have magical control over others, which can be implemented directly (e.g., believing that their spouse’s taking the dog out for a walk is the direct result of thinking an hour earlier it should be done) …

Perceptual alterations may be present (e.g., sensing that another person is present or hearing a voice murmuring his or her name) (Criterion A3).


Good Lord! What a list. Hey, but now we’re really getting down to it. See that reading someone’s thoughts part?


That’s what scares them THE most of anything.


Has for more than two hundred years now. Because if you can read their thoughts, well then you would know…you do the math.

So there you have it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Use this people, use what I have given you here to teach other people what is really going on around here towards those abilities that we all have.


– – –

Short list of all DSM’s discussed

DSM II – 1968
DSM III – 1980
(work to add telepathy etc. begun in 1974 after scientific proof had been obtained that it exists)

DSM IIIR – 1987
DSM IV – 1994
DSM IV-TR – 2000
DSM V – 2013

Written and researched by –

Virg sig script


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  2. Hi McClaughry: I was one of a couple of mental health client, well, going
    to College, who got to study the DSM III, when other students did not,
    want mental health clients learn the DSMIII.

    Because they felt that we would use it bet the system, as for me, from the days I was in Camarillo State hospital, I alway wonder where did the
    Psychiatrist got their power, when I learn, I use it to advocate for Patient
    and client Rights.

    Vernon Montoya.
    Camarillo 63.

  3. Always informative to read your posts.    Thanks again I know this one for sure took a lot of research.  Scott

  4. I am also impressed by this. Thanks!

    • You are very welcome Dice, yes, it was a fair amount of work to put together but I really felt quite passionate about the project because I felt it could really help people. – Virginia


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