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I found it while I was looking for something else in my archives of Scientology’s monthly journal called Auditor. This is from issue #43 in December 1968.

Plain text follows image.

stephen boyd scientology auditor magazine main article

Text below the picture says:

Stephen Boyd in the role of the charioteer, Messala, in MGM’s “Ben-Hur”. The film is due for re-release in Spring, 1969.


Main article –

Famous Actor Has Power Processing


Famous film actor, Stephen Boyd, is known to millions for his powerful character portrayals in such films as the spectacular portrayals in such films as the spectacular, award – winning “Ben Hur”, “Genghis Khan” and “Assignment”. He recently finished filming “The Slaves,” to be released in April 1969. Here is a letter he wrote while still “on location” in Louisiana, U.S.A.

On the way to New York (to make a film) my friend and I read some Scientology material. Just a little, but enough to make us go down to the New York Org and enquire on what, where, how, when and why.

The first reaction at the Org offices was rather strange. Here were a bunch of people sitting, talking, walking about busily. . . and everywhere in that place, people were talking about things being ‘beautiful’. Anyway, we signed up for processing to begin the following day. And again, while we were there, everything was ‘beautiful’? What the hell is this ‘beautiful’?

A few exciting days later I walked out of the Org with a certificate for Grade IV Release.

A day or two later we were in the middle of a re-writing meeting. They are generally fraught with fear, anger, frustration and a lack of any kind of personal satisfaction, This time everything went smoothly. Beautiful. Later off to Lousiana. The humidity and heat are supposedly killing and debilitating. Hot? Yes. Humid? Yes. But not unbearably so. Beautiful. Script changes come and they are not acceptable to me. Normally I would become upset, go into rage, threaten to leave the picture. Not this time. We went into a pleasant reasoning and, without exception, my suggestions were accepted willingly. Beautiful. We do not have a ‘regular’ crew. But things are being done and reasonably well. All of the bickering, all of the grumbling going on around the four of us, all four Scientologists…and we are not affected. Beautiful. The producer told me the other day that I was the happiest star he had ever met. You want to know what beautiful is? Come on down, I’d be delighted to tell you.

Shortly after finishing work on “The Slaves”, Stephen Boyd had Power Processing in Los Angeles, at the American Saint Hill Organization, where he received his Grade V and VA Releases on October 12, 1968. His immediate plans are to take the Hubbard Dianetic Auditor’s Course, then the Solo Audit and Clearing Courses. As he wrote from Los Angeles it’s “onward and upward” for Stephen Boyd, Grade VA Release.


I found an old article by Donovan Bess that mentions Boyd that was kind of interesting too.

The theatricality of Scientology has also brought many entertainment personalities into the movement, including all of several leading rock bands and actor Stephen Boyd – who, like Smith, reached the Scientological peak and observed from there ”I guess that is about six steps above Nirvana.”

Scientology, Total Freedom and Beyond by Donovan Bess, September 29, 1969 – The Nation magazine


Six steps above Nirvana? Oh brother…

whoo bored


Note that this was the same article by Bess with the infamous quote by Ziff family rich-kid David Ziff who was helping run the PR side, the marketing side of scientology.

Bess is talking about Scientology’s Code of Honor and mentions the “Never fear to hurt another in a just cause” point and decides to interview David Ziff about it.

To explore this, I asked a question of David Ziff, a Columbia anthropology graduate who supervises he top level of auditing at the Advanced Organization of the American Church in Los Angeles. A “just cause,” he said, “is expressed in any patriotic statement made by any country.” The implication conveyed by such statements is that Scientology’s ambitions extend beyond giving people spiritual help. Ziff also was told about criticism of his church by an ex-Scientologist who has set up a rival group. “If he’s an ex-Scientologist,” Ziff said, “he’s an ex-human.”


See their attitude? People who are ex’s aren’t even human anymore. There’s your answer as to how could they do these terrible things to people who leave and speak out.

Wikipedia’s article about Boyd tells us that his entrance into scientology makes him one of the first Hollywood stars to follow this religion.

It also tells us a couple of other sources that Boyd was spreading the love about scientology.

In an interview in August 1969 with the Detroit Free Press, he said that Scientology helped him through the filming of Slaves, and that it is “a process used to make you capable of learning. Scientology is nothing. It means only what you want it to. It is not a church you go to to pray, but a church that you go to to learn. It is no good unless you apply it. It is the application”.

Boyd would actually go on to narrate a Scientology recruiting film called Freedom in 1970. The film was used for a few years, and his name was linked to this film. Mysteriously, the film is nowhere to be found, and it could indicate a falling out that Boyd had with the Church Scientology. There is no documentation of his later involvement with this religion.


That film he did for scientology sounds interesting. I found a bit more about that in this book. He didn’t just narrate the film. He was in it.

The film he made was used as a recruiting film or “introductory” movie, and the book mentions a woman who saw it at the time and said –

“…heard a lecture and saw the introductory movie, which was narrated by Stephen Boyd, the movie star. It started out in a planetarium and he was standing there as if Scientology had found the stars or something.”


Sounds like a pretty wild film, anybody have a copy they can put up on youtube or something?

wink wink


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  1. Library of Congress has a copy.
    Freedom / produced by Richard Franchot, Ralph Steckler, Masako Takahashi ; director, Richard Franchot.


    • Thanks! I have seen the imdb data before but there’s nothing there about the LOC, that I see. I don’t have a imdbpro account though, maybe that’s why. If you have a LOC link please send, or maybe you’re assuming they have a copy just the LOC often does have copies of such things?

      • Here you go.
        I went to the LofC catalog search and put in ‘l ron hubbard film freedom’ as my search terms.


        Main title
        Freedom / produced by Richard Franchot, Ralph Steckler, Masako Takahashi ; director, Richard Franchot.
        1 reel : sd., col. ; 16 mm. ref print.
        LC classification (full)
        FCB 1854 (ref print)
        LC classification (partial)
        FCB 1854 (ref print)
        Related names
        Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
        Copyright: PUB 11Jul70; REG 02Sep83; PA228-177.
        Copyright notice on film: L. Ron Hubbard ; 1970.
        Reference source used: copyright data sheet.
        Acquisition source
        Received: 12/10/84; ref print; copyright deposit–no agree.; Copyright Collection.
        Copyright reg no.
        PA228-177 U.S. Copyright Office
        Type of material
        Film or Video
        Where to Request Request this Item
        FCB 1854 (ref print)
        Request in
        Motion Picture/TV Reading Rm. By Appointment (Madison LM336)
        Not Charged

      • Vunderbar. I did the LOC search but I didn’t choose the right parameters I guess, probably because I was in a hurry at the time (lol) Thanks for finding it – much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I am the author of Stephen’s Wikipedia page (and a huge fan of his movies), so thanks for the info about Freedom…I will update my Wikipedia page today! If you find any more Stephen article’s let me know!


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