Documents –

Example #1 shows what was given out under FOIA about Hubbard in 1979 – a listing only of events, no transfer of real records.


William Hess May 11, 1979 –

hess 11 May 1979 just listing of items Hubbard history hess 11 May 1979 just listing of items Hubbard history2.

Notice how the first page clearly says –

The following information, releasable under the Freedom of Information Act, has been extracted from Mr. Hubbard’s Navy Personnel Records…


Example #2 – Same thing with a letter to Michael Flynn, he gets a statement and not given any actual hard copies. BUT – notice how much more information he is given versus Mr. Hess.

This illustrates clear prejudicial choice of who gets what about Hubbard.


Michael Flynn – June 18, 1980
(he was an attorney suing the Church of Scientology at the time)

Michael Flynn - Hubbard records 18 June 1980

Michael Flynn - Hubbard records 18 June 1980 2

Michael Flynn - Hubbard records 18 June 1980 3.

By July of 1986 Hubbard’s records are missing from the records center in St. Louis.

By July 1986 Hubbards records are missing.

Example #3 – Joel Sappell of the LA Times letter, September 9, 1986.

Notice the various legal threats in the letter.


Joel Sappell LA times letter September 9 1986

Joel Sappell LA times letter September 9 1986 2 .

Lieutenant Commander Schultz is in a bit of a tizzy because he can’t find Hubbard’s medical records or records of previous FOIA request letters any more. He sends a letter to his boss October 6, 1986 asking what to do.

Note the “dead people don’t have no privacy” comment.

LCDR Schulz notes missing medical records 6 Oct 1986.

 Schultz writes Joel Sappell the same day – he tells him that he has forwarded his request to:

Naval Military Personnel Command
Privacy Act Coordinator
Washington, D.C. 20370

He’s asking the ‘big dogs’ to make the decision.


Schulz writes Joel Sappell October 6 1986.

Example #4 – Schultz’s boss Rigterink sends Joel Sappell a letter on November 7, 1986 and starts sending him actual records!


For the first time ever


Rigterink to Joel Sappell Nov 7 1986.

Also note this part – He forwards the request for intelligence and investigative information to –

Commander Naval Sercurity and Investigative Command (Code 02F)
Washington, D.C. 20388


This would tend to indicate there are intelligence files somewhere else on Hubbard.


Clearly Rigterink has been ordered by someone much higher than him to do so because it violated even their own rules on how records, even of dead people, were supposed to be handled. You’ll see what I mean about that later on when I get to the rejection letters that were after this bonanza of files was given to the chosen 3 Sappell, Miller, and Atack for propaganda purposes.


Example #5 – 5 days later Rigterink sends Joel Sappell more records on November 12, 1986.


rigterink to sappell 2nd batch Hubbard records nov 12 1986.

Example #6 – And…you guessed it. Rigterink sends Joel Sappell even more records 2 days later – November 14, 1986.


rigterink to sappell 3rd batch Hubbard records nov 14 1986.

Example #7 – The fourth batch of records was special. It came directly from a Navy lawyer, Captain R.E. Coyl of the JAGC, USN on November 19, 1986.

. Navy Lawer JAGC to Sappell re 4th batch records Nov 19 1986

Navy Lawer JAGC to Sappell re 4th batch records Nov 19 1986 2.

Did you notice this?


They sent 690 pages of records for Ron Hubbard.


690. Pages. That’s a LOT of records.

And what does Joel Sappell do with this windfall he has been specially chosen to be given?


He sits on them for almost four years.




When he does say anything about them at all – it’s barely even worth noticing, considering there’s 690 pages. Sappell made it part of a series called: The Scientology Story in June of 1990. Strangely, the most relevant part concerning Hubbard’s war records is missing from their listing of the series.

However, Pro-Archiver shows us it did indeed exist. The segment was called Creating the Mystique.


However, this site gives us the text.

excerpt beginning –

Perhaps Hubbard’s most fantastic — and easily disproved — claims center on his military service.

Hubbard bragged that he was a top-flight naval officer in World War II, who commanded a squadron of fighting ships, was wounded in combat and was highly decorated.

But Navy and Veterans Administration records obtained through the federal Freedom of Information Act reveal that his military performance was, at times, substandard.

The Navy documents variously describe him as a “garrulous” man who “tries to give impressions of his importance,” as being “not temperamentally fitted for independent command” and as “lacking in the essential qualities of judgment, leadership and cooperation. He acts without forethought as to probable results.”

That last part was from two, count ’em two people only. Causey in Australia (a lying jerk who was jealous of Hubbard) and a pompous ass named Rear-Admiral E.A. Braisted, who didn’t like Hubbard’s lack of bend-the-knee to him attitude. There are 690 pages of documents, and Sappell chooses these two items? Not to mention that both Causey and Braisted were totally ignored by the real power behind-the-scenes of Hubbard. You’ll note there was never any disciplinary action against him.

Especially Causey, the worst of the two, was seriously smacked in absentia by Hubbard’s superiors. When it came to Causey’s assessment of Hubbard’s intelligence abilities. H.K Fenn basically had the attitude of

look at all the fucks I dont give.

morticia - wink

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Hubbard continued to be in intelligence work with no gaps until he specifically asked to be put on ships. It’s all in the records, kids.

Overall, it looks to me that Sappell engaged in quite the hatchet job in his 1990 series. This wouldn’t be the first time the L.A. Times would be hauled out to be used for character assassination on behalf of the more secretive branches of the U.S. intelligence community – the CIA.


They did it again in 1996 to journalist Gary Webb.


He was the journalist who was exposing that the CIA was involved with and supporting the running of cocaine into the U.S. to finance the put-down of the Nicaraguan rebels who were refusing to bow-the-knee to the British-anglophile Americans-Vatican slavemasters and their stupid 2-class system of running the world. As usual, they called them Communists, just like various Popes started inventing that American revolutionists were way back in the 1800’s. Yep, they really did that.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

From my article The Vatican Meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and The Unification Church – Get On Your Knees World! posted July 21, 2015 –

Begin excerpts


August 1996, is when Gary Webb, San Jose Mercury News reporter, first published his articles titled Dark Alliance. The articles alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold and distributed crack cocaine in Los Angeles during the 1980s, and that drug profits were used to fund the CIA-supported Contras. Webb documented that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of cocaine into the U.S. by the Contra personnel.

By a year later, he was pulled from the story and threatened with losing his job.


  • Santa Cruz Sentinel, Thursday June 12, 1997, titled: Mercury News Reporter pulled from CIA story, transferred –


…newspaper management told him to stop reporting on the “Dark Alliance” series, published last summer, or he would lose his job.

…Federal investigations spurred by the series found no links between the CIA and drug dealing.


Gary’s life had been systematically ruined, and who was one of the 3000 media assets of the CIA that was willingly on-board that started that ball rolling? The Los Angeles Times.

The CIA actually pretty much crowed over ruining this man’s life, in an internal circular meant to keep the rank-and-file CIA people “happy” with where they are working. Which, a bright spot there, is that not everyone who works at the CIA are corrupt sociopaths like some of the heads are, or else they would have no need to actually run an in-house propaganda campaign like this.

But from the time period of Gary’s articles, check this out  –

By the end of September, the number of observed stories in the print media that indicated skepticism of the Mercury-News series surpassed that of the negative coverage, which had already peaked.

In fact, for three weeks the number of skeptical or positive pieces observed in the media constantly exceeded the number of negative treatments of CIA.

After a brief surge in negative reporting in mid-October, the observed number of skeptical treatments of the alleged CIA connection grew until it more than tripled the coverage that gave credibility to that connection. The growth in balanced reporting was largely due to the criticisms of the San Jose Mercury-News by the Washington Post, The New York Times, and especially The Los Angeles Times.

In its own three-part series, The Los Angeles Times debunked Gary Webb’s claims and insinuations regarding the alleged role of ClA in drug smuggling, the amount of money that went to the Contras, and even such basic elements of the story as the  chronology of events. Published almost exactly two months after the San Jose Mercury-News stories, The Los Angeles Times series itself became a newsworthy story and was picked up by many media outlets across the country.

Managing a Nightmare, CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Story approved for release 2014/07/29 C01372115


I doubt many have ever seen this before as it was only released last year.

See all that attention on creating skepticism and trying to swamp anyone giving credibility to Webb’s expose?


That’s utterly fascinating when you consider it was 100 percent true.


All they cared about is people not knowing that it was 100 percent true.


End Excerpts


OK, so here’s Joel Sappell, the very year that Hubbard died, tasked to do basically a hatchet job story on his life. He (besides Russell Miller and Jon Atack who would do the same thing) out of ALL the people requesting Hubbard’s records – only he and the other two were actually given those records on approval of Navy Command headquarters – the legal department, no less.

So…gee, golly gosh and mighty-o-my. Did the big bad CIA suddenly feel the need to indulge in a little character assassination of the widdle ole now dead Hubbard?

Why surdilly-a-o, what ever reason could these pecker-knockers have to do that


Look again at who led the charge against CIA exposer Gary Webb –

“…especially The Los Angeles Times.”

“In its own three-part series, The Los Angeles Times debunked Gary Webb’s claims..”

They did it only two months after Garry wrote his Dark Alliance series.

It was 28 years later that The LA Times was forced to apologize for this. And then only because they literally had to in the wake of overwhelming evidence that not only had Gary been right, but that the LA Times had acted to deliberately ruin his life.

Bitchy as it was, for an apology, it was still very revealing and infinitely sad at the same time because this pathetic excuse for a human being, Katz? He helped ruin Gary’s life, not just his career, all because he was ordered to.


Last year, though, former LA Times reporter Jesse Katz apologized for attacking Webb’s story and reputation.

“As an L.A. Times reporter, we saw this series in the San Jose Mercury News and kind of wonder[ed] how legit it was and kind of put it under a microscope,” Katz said, according to LA Weekly. “And we did it in a way that most of us who were involved in it, I think, would look back on that and say it was overkill. We had this huge team of people at the L.A. Times and kind of piled on to one lone muckraker up in Northern California.”

“We really didn’t do anything to advance his work or illuminate much to the story, and it was a really kind of tawdry exercise. … And it ruined that reporter’s career.”

Decades-old CIA crack-cocaine scandal gains new momentum, October 11, 2014


So, Gary got a 3-part character assassination series by the LA Times for exposing the CIA involvement in running drugs and yet Ron Hubbard got…what….a TWELVE part series?

He’s obviously much worse than Gary Webb was to the CIA, eh?



Moving on to Russell Miller now –

Example #8 – Per the next document, Russell Miller had literally submitted his request for Hubbard’s document right on top of Joel Sappel’s. Russell’s request was dated October 20, 1986, and here is the very same LCDR Rigterink responding to him and sending him all the records on January 6, 1987 – the very same 690 pages he just sent Sappell.

BUT, but…Russell isn’t even an American citizen so why in hell…that’s a rhetorical question there, folks.

Look at how the letter is signed –

…Rigterink; Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Coordinator By Direction


He’s been ORDERED to do it.


russell miller 20 oct 1986 response 6 jan 1987 FOIA hubbard records.

He’s even sending him Hubbard’s father’s records, for godsakes!


Russell Miller then, the following year, starts the first round of pretty much exactly the same nasty portrayal of Hubbard’s WWII history that Sappell would wait to do until 4 years later. So much the same –

It’s practically a carbon cut-out hatchet job.


Russell, sporting a really bad dye job, publishes his book Bare Faced Messiah in 1987.

russell miller2 bare faced messiah cover 1987


One of his other books that he has written in his career was about the Special Operations Executive (SOE), I can just imagine what a ‘balanced’ job of writing that was. Did he reveal how SOE operatives working under William Stephenson at the BSC in America created a fake Hitler map that they made President F.D.R. lie about as being real – on camera – to the American public? Well…did he? I’m thinking not, but I could be wrong.

Next up –

Right on the heels of Russell Miller’s request to the Navy was his personal erstwhile researcher – per his own statement – Jon Atack, another non-American. A Brit, in fact.

Jon Atack statement

6. I was the principal researcher for Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah…


Wow. We’re awfully loose and fast to the Brits with our confidential service records that we refuse to just about any other American requesting them – wouldn’t you say?

Almost like there’s a plan afoot.

trying not to laugh.

Example #9 – Rigterink letter to Jon Atack sending him all Hubbard’s navy records, January 9, 1987 just 2 days after he sent them to Russell Miller.


Jon Atack sent Hubbards records 2 days after Miller Jan 9, 1987.

Note that Jon Atack’s request was actually before both Sappell and Miller’s – his was dated April 14, 1986.

Atack submits two other requests, two years later. One asking if there’s anything “new” added to Hubbard’s files, the other asking for his intelligence records. It doesn’t look as if these were responded to, or if there was, it isn’t in the files.


Atack request if any new materials in Hubbard file 9 may 1988.

atack asks separately for Hubbard intelligence files 9 may 1988.

Atack is preparing to release his book, Piece of Blue Sky, published August 1990 which would complete the trio of ‘experts’ bad-mouthing Hubbard’s WWII career as a big, fat, distraction of his very real career as an intelligence agent FOR THE BRITISH primarily. Let’s not forget that part.

Jon_Atack_piece of Blue_Sky cover.

Now, in stark contrast to Sappell, Miller, and Atack being sent 690 pages of Hubbard’s documents, guess what happens when the Church of Scientology tries to get them, with a nice legal subpoena even? You gotta see this to believe it.

But, first, here’s them asking for the records, and wanting to depose someone at the records office – June 30, 1988.

. June 30 1988 Church of scientology subpoenas hubbards records june 30 1988

June 30 1988 Church of scientology subpoenas hubbards records june 30 1988 2.

Oh, and then there’s this thrown in amongst these court documents…heh.


Now the Church of Scientology (through one of its subsidiaries New Era Publications) demands to know what records Russell Miller was given and any letters to and from him.


church of scientology demands to know what Russell Miller was given - 1988


And then on July 1, 1988, the Church of Scientology gets told there aren’t any records there “records aren’t on premises” – so they don’t get given the same dang records that Sappell, Miller and Atack got!


Church of scientology told they dont have records july 1 1988.

It doesn’t look like they ever did, either.


Well…yeah. That’s just so…


Nicolas Cage Laugh.

Now, I don’t give a flying frack whether my showing how clear it is that something very strange is going on with the 3 stooges, literally, here of Sappell, Miller and Atack may appear to ‘agree’ with the Church.

Nah ah.

no shaking head

I do not agree with the Church.

I’ll tell you what is true about this little controlled opposition game going on for the public benefit by both the Church and its ‘opponents’ is they’re all fricking liars.


Did the church ever bother to get the records, let alone go through them? Apparently not. Did the so-called great investigators Miller and Atack ever bother to follow up on why there were these odd early dates in his file? Apparently not.

why the fuck not.

Because there’s a definite vested interest in both sides playing off each other – an orchestrated us versus them with the wrong us’s and the wrong them’s!

These records are all from PDF 10 Reference Correspondence from the records that “Margaret Lake” – whatever their real name is – obtained in 2013 from the records center, although god knows why she was able to get them either. Must have been a change in the redaction or release rules.

Now, just to illustrate how crazy this was that these 3 men were given 690 photocopies of Hubbard’s records, starting on page 40 of that PDF you’ll see a number of examples of other people who were refused.

Example #10 – even a congressman (Charles Taylor) was having difficult budging records out of them for a poor guy (William De Vos) researching his family in 1994.

de vos requesting Hubbards records 1994.

congressman de vos september 1994.

Eventually, and about 50 pages later in the PDF of the documents, it turns out that he was given a few documents and that’s it. Nothing like what he was asking for and certainly nothing on the order of what was given Sappell, Miller and Atack.

Two years later, this kind of dancing around is still going on with another member of congress – this time a senator.

1996 refusal to release Hubbards records

Notice that it says –

Under the provisions of Privacy Act of 1974, copies of military personnel records are not releaseable without the written consent of the veteran concerned.

Also notice that it’s been ‘decided’ what to release by the Department of Defense now!!!

Here’s a couple of other examples going all the way up to 2005, refusing to do anything like what Sappell, Miller and Atack were given.

example refusal letter re Hubbard records May 2000


Notice the ‘fine print’ so to speak, in this one.

legal custody remains with the individual military service departments that retire the records to us. What this means is that, in response to a third-party request such as yours, we are only allowed to release certain items of information from the records. We are not allowed to release complete or undeleted copies of documents, however, without the authorization of the veteran, or the veteran’s next-of-kin. We suggest, therefore, that you contact the office listed below for a response to that…

[lists the Bureau of Naval Personnel St. Louis Office]


This one is a good example that clearly shows that it wasn’t because Sappell was a ‘newsman’ that he was given the records.

no shaking head.

That’s not why. Because here’s a guy who also works for a newspaper and he was refused 19 years later!

example refusal letter to newsman re Hubbard records 2005.

Guess he’s not on the CIA approved list.


I could go on, one of the other PDFs just has pages and pages of people being refused access, in some cases they won’t give them even a brief history letter either!


And yet…

the 3 stooges of British and American Intelligence propagandist-writers


the 3 stooges writers editing ron hubbard sappell miller atack.

They get sent 690 pages of records.



All 3 of these men take exactly the same tack in regards both Hubbard as a man and Hubbard as an intelligence officer/WWII veteran. Very much the same tack that has been picked up and spread forward, using these men as ‘valid’ sources, by Karen De La Carriere and her husband, and journalist Tony Ortega today.

Here they all are together in London, just last year. Tony had come back to London again, in October of 2015.


From left to right – Russell Miller Karen De La Carriere (with Tony Ortega behind her) and Jon Atack.

karen russell miller jon atack tony ortega in london.

Tony had been suitably wowed by being given extra special treatment by a British government member earlier in the year. I wonder if he’ll ever realize just what that was really about…but I digress.


In Conclusion –


I did not see any evidence in any of the files that I looked at showing adherence to the records rules that veterans records cannot be disclosed even if the guy is dead without the approval of the next of kin – that’s the first thing.

At least a dozen other requests (that can be viewed in Hubbard’s records) were denied for that very reason.

So, where’s the next of kin approval to give the files to Sappell, Miller and Atack? And since that is missing, that indicates high-level above the Navy orders to give the records to these 3 propagandists.

It also appears that no-one has been given these ‘other’ intelligence files on Hubbard that we see mentioned in a couple of these letters.

There’s a whole lot of monkey-business going on here to cover up what Ron Hubbard was actually doing and for whom.



Written and researched by –

Virg sig script

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