In 1957, when head of the CIA’s Political Action department Miles Copeland went undercover as a NOC agent for the second time – he had done it before between 1953 and 1955 – there was a growing storm brewing around the CIA’s perimeter.

A storm that Miles characterized as coming from two different angles – the ‘right’ and the ‘left’. He described the “left” being generally opposed on moral grounds to the slimy behind the scenes maneuvering so well built-into the CIA by the British, whereas the “right” basically hated any ‘intellectual’ approach (also built into the CIA by the propaganda-loving British) and would simply prefer to just drop bombs and troops on places and be ‘done with it’.

It’s the latter that are perpetually being made fun of in various spoofs like Team America: World Police with its awesome and catchy tune (I’m being sarcastic) titled: America – Fuck Yeah!

Come on

come on!

Not exactly representative of the general American public, to put it mildly, but it is very British. An old, old attitude towards ‘those dang Yanks” – you’d be surprised how much that is still there going strong in certain quarters.

Our man Miles here, being an anglophile himself (he married an SOE British intelligence agent) was pro both of the British elements that were being attacked, so you can easily see how he’d be right in agreement with that spoofy portrayal of the ‘red-necks’ circling his beloved CIA.

Miles liked to pretend he was somebody – as in the British sense, the nobility.


He also fancied himself a ‘world’ player – like all the killing and mayhem he helped bring about was some sort of game.


Much like right here in 1957 when Miles went NOC again (he was actually being stationed in Beirut) he later revealed that his intent was quite literally to build his own private CIA army.

I should note that his relationship with Lafayette Ron Hubbard was a continuing arrangement having started in 1950 with Dianetics and then again in 1955 with the Founding Church of Man’s Religion which was renamed the Founding Church of Scientology.

As such, Miles maintained his communications with his ‘special’ agents (such as L. Ron Hubbard and Frank Buchman) partly in defiance of these “right” and “left” elements vying for power in the CIA, but also because Hubbard and his happy band of mostly dupe agent-scientologists were an excellent cover and therefore quite useful. Even more so when Hubbard took to ships in the late 1960’s, right when things were really heating up in the Middle East.

It is of that time that I am writing about today.

In the events leading up to ‘the Morocco incident’, there are several key issues that as far as I know have never been properly included/examined – Miles and his activities there in the Middle East being rather key as were the parallel activities of the Israeli Mossad (intelligence).

One of the things that I am going to do is to primarily stick to using actual State Department documents, many of which can be found here. On the surface they may look ‘dry’ to you, they certainly don’t contain colorful stories about this time period that you will find abounding from a scientology perspective, but they do contain some real perspectives.

The scientology stories follow a pretty limited angle, even when apparently opposed to each other.

Some examples –

  • There’s the Colonel Allam and General Oufkir (who were devout Muslims) were interested in L. Ron Hubbard’s E-meter to find out secrets from people using “sec-checking” (Security Checking) story
  • There’s the ‘we were there” to deliver a scientology study course for Morocco’s Postal-Telephone-Telegraph (PTT) – recorded by Jon Atack in A Piece of Blue Sky
  • There’s the the story that Mohamed Oufkir and some of his officers were executed because they had been in “closed-door contact” with Sea Org members from the Apollo.

And finally, there’s the greedy Hubbard and why he withdrew 2 million in cash story – that’s a really popular one.

Buried in and amongst those is a rather unique story about why Hubbard couldn’t spend the 12 million. That one posits it was because Hubbard was too busy getting electro-shocked and mind-controlled through Jim Dincalci and Dr. Max Fink which was all done in tandem with King Hassan II and the CIA conspiring to get rid of Hubbard their arch-enemy – all of which was part of a massive plan to stop Hubbard’s super-magnificent OT levels and fabulously wonderful religion.


Jackie Gleason.

Ok. Now I love a good real master plan expose as much as the next person, but it has to actually be real.


Not one that is sourced from within the teachings of a religious front group

that was started by someone that was actually part of a very real master plan.


Just sayin’.

whistling girl.

I think its entirely possible that Hubbard could have been punitively treated should he have ‘broken ranks’ in some way, but that would not be because of the dang scriptures of the very front group that he (and his masters) started together. Feel me?

Yeah. Ok. Moving on –

The problem with just about all the examples above is that they are all stories. They are narratives, with only maybe one exception that at least starts to go in the right direction. But, even that one, despite the fact that the answer is staring the person right in the face? It’s ignored.

And then off we go into some hornswoggly alternate dimension where Ron Hubbard is a much-maligned super-hero who ends up captured by the evil Dr. Fink. Not that that couldn’t happen, Fink was an evil little frack, but it’s the why of it all that really goes off the rails out there.

I have no intention of reprising much (if any) of most of the stories out there, other than dates of when and who was where, because frankly, I’m just not interested in them.

What I thought might be nice is to see what happens when we fill in things with some actual historical documents.

crazy baby


Why Morocco?


The presence of U.S. military in Morocco began with a deal brokered between President Kennedy and King Hassan II in 1963.


King Hassan II and JFK 1963 november

The US military presence in Morocco eventually consisted of a training team for the Moroccan Air Force and a communications school at Kenitra, plus a naval communications facility at two sites near Kenitra, which serves the Sixth Fleet. Some 4,000 personnel and dependents are present in the country.

A U.S. State Department document clearly reveals the position towards Morocco by 1969 –

Strategic importance and economic potential of Morocco warrant special effort to blunt Soviet drive.


Ah! See. It’s those dastardly communists! I knew they had to show up here somewhere.

dick dastardly

That was a total lie. Most of the nefarious activities going on in the Middle East revolved around oil, drugs, human trafficking of women and children and other such ‘profitable’ activities, and lots of busy-ness trying to stop or prevent those dreaded rebellions against the slavemaster 2-class system. Communism was a red herring – a specifically created and chosen one. See this post for much more about that.

That “special effort” bit (in the above quote) is a kind of code meaning that intelligence action needs to be taken – the kind that was right up Miles’s alley.

Morocco’s strategic importance is further explained –

11. CURRENT ASSESSMENT A. Strategic Importance of Morocco

Primary importance of Morocco is its strategic location commanding entrance to Mediterranean. US presence in Morocco helps assure against harassment of Sixth Fleet use of Straits of Gibraltar and lines of supply and communications to southern NATO and CENT0 countries. Morocco also provides site for vital military communications and VOA relay station.

Thus, continued US presence in Morocco is integral part of Western defense system. French defection from NATO, Soviet naval buildup in Western Mediterranean and growing Soviet military and economic presence in Algeria further enhance strategic importance of Morocco to US.


The same document also detailed that the King cannot be seen to be supportive of the actions of Israel. This means that there was a need for proper propaganda to distance him – Miles Copeland’s specialty – so as to not look so ‘close’ to the U.S. in the Arab Muslim community.

Given pro-Israel image of US in Arab World, King would find it difficult to defend close association with US against internal and external criticism. Pressure to dismantle existing US communications facilities and remove US military presence would follow.

The interesting thing about that is the extensive involvement in King Hassan’s regime by the Mossad, particularly with King Hassan’s right-hand man Oufkir, who was in charge of their intelligence and military apparatus.

Oufkir (left) restraining a King Hassan fan –

Oufkir left - King Hassan right.

The key is that the King could not be seen to be supportive of Israel. The truth of that he was actually supportive was ‘unseen’ but very real, as this former head of the Mossad details.

…but it was only in the sixties that a unique relationship was forged with King Hassan the Second. Every Mossad chief as of then was a regular and welcome guest in the King’s palaces.

The sixties were dark days in the history of the country.

Algerian armed forces reinforced by Egyptian Armour Units were fighting Morocco deep in the latter’s territory and the Moroccan armed forces were hard put to protect vital centres in the Kingdom.

At this critical moment, King Hassan turned to the Mossad who rapidly organised an airlift of military and intelligence experts who assembled in Rabat, the capital to advise in times of extreme necessity.

The tide of war changed; King Hassan was forever grateful for the crucial function that we had played and from that time on, an ever growing volume of secret cooperation developed between Jerusalem and Rabat. He knew he could always turn to us in times of adversity, and there were several such occasions, and he knew that he would receive support, regardless of transient interests of one kind or another.

Morocco has played a great traditional role in the life of the Muslim world; several Saudi princes maintained palaces in the country, prominent figures, including Egyptian Hassan Tuhami, married Moroccan wives and the temperate climate of the country attracted many an Arab dignitary or ordinary tourist.

This was the very first Israeli inroad into the Arab world. It preceded the well publicised relationship with King Hussein by almost ten years and it provided Israel through the Mossad with a unique window into the Arab world.

It also became a case study for the Mossad on how to launch, cultivate and maintain relationships with so many Heads of State in years to come.

Israel’s approach to Morocco was long term, strategic; it maintained fruitful relationships with a wide range of key figures in the kingdom. Among them was General Oufkir, the overall Defence and Security Chief who unsuccessfully attempted to seize power in 1972 and shoot down an aircraft carrying the King himself. King Hassan never for a moment suspected Israel of collusion with Oufkir. The beauty of Israel’s foreign Intelligence architecture lies in its capacity to cultivate friends but never to assume the cloak of a power bent on imperialistic designs.

– Diplomacy and Intelligence in the Middle East, 28th May 2015, How and why are the two inexorably intertwined?, The Seventh Annual Isaiah Berlin Lecture – Sunday 8 November 2009 Delivered by Efraim Halevy, former Head of the Mossad


I’m not so sure that the fact that Hassan never suspected the Mossad means they weren’t in on the Oufkir coup attempt, if you follow me there. What is clear is that the Mossad had a relationship with Oufkir.

The scene at the time was that King Hassan was attracting too much negative attention, the embarrassing kind, to the U.S.. This was partly because of his arrogant attitude towards his people, but more because of his extremely lavish lifestyle when many people were starving, and even more because he was getting caught at the brutal treatment of dissidents in CIA-trained (and even built in some cases) secret sites where people were ‘disappeared’.

Then, there was his constantly teasing actions where he would look to be starting to lean towards the Russians, or the North Koreans, etc., which was sure to have riled up some feathers.

Miles, in his perverse little “world game player” exalted view of himself, would have liked that one because it would help distance Hassan from anything being even vaguely pro-Israel. However, all these things combined were definitely bringing things to a low boil in the American government.

King Hassan just wouldn’t listen to their more subtler forms of advice trying to reign him in on some of these points and so…next thing you know? The assassination attempts began.

Assassination attempts is a good word for them, because they somehow never seemed to actually succeed in killing Hassan, but a whole lot of other people’s blood was shed. Not to mention how much Whoo! and noise and press resulted – that can’t have been an accident, in my book.

For example, a birthday blood-bath resulting from an attempt on King Hassan’s life in July of 1971 was detailed in a State Department document of that same year.


A tank takes position on a place of Rabat near the Royal Palace on July 15, 1971, after the attempted coup against Morocco’s King Hassan II in Skhirat.

king hassan II aftermath birthday attack 1971.

But, what is really interesting to me about the documents I looked at from that time period was a CIA one. It contains information about how Oufkir was behaving, and that he had requested ‘improved military relations’ to the CIA.

MOROCCO: Major General Mohamed Oufkir, recently named minister of national defense and chief of staff, has requested improved military relations with the US.

During a meeting with embassy and military aid (MUSLO) officials on 18 August, at no time did Oufkir refer to the King or claim to speak for him.

– a redacted Central Intelligence Bulletin 24 August 1971


Remember, we have internecine war going on even within the CIA, so things were…complex, and I think part of what is going on here is kind of damned if you do and damned if you don’t thing happening. On the one hand, Oufkir was supposed to fail, it was a ‘message’ to Hassan to get his shit together. On the other hand, the fact that he did fail pissed off the ‘rack em stack em’ CIA types who thought it was a ‘real’ assassination attempt.

But let’s really hold this thought here for a moment, of what Oufkir was asking the CIA for.


He requested ‘improved military relations’


It was right at this time that Hubbard and his merry band of witting CIA agents and dupes showed up to initially ‘consult’ with – you guessed it – Oufkir.

Look at Hassan in this picture just eight years later than the other one – he’s aged tremendously. That’s Oufkir on his right – pic from September of 1971

Oufkir right - hassan left september 1971.

Hubbard had formed his very own Sea Organization with a flotilla of ships just a few years earlier. After his last coordinated operation with deep cover CIA agents in Greece – you can read all about that in my husband’s Scientology Roots, Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s lifelong intelligence career – Hubbard and his ‘fleet’ had been trolling up and down the coast of Africa (Morocco) for the next year or two.

It was one of Hubbard’s couterie of young women aka Commodore’s Messengers, Elizabeth Ausley-Gablehouse, a heiress from Florida, who supposedly had set up the initial connections into Hassan II’s inner circle shortly after this ‘request’ from Oufkir – in 1971.

Liz and husband Ron in 2013



Once that was done, a number of other ‘messengers’ enter into the mix, names I’m sure some of you will recognize, as well as other personal staff of Hubbard.

(The first four are the ‘messengers’)

  • Janis Grady, nee Janis Gillham
  • Terri Gamboa, nee Terri Gillham, formerly Terri Armstrong
  • Gale Irwin, nee Gale Reisdorf
  • Diana Reisdorf, also known as Dede Reisdorf and Dede Vogeding
  • Kenneth Urquhart, long-time Personal Communicator to L. Ron Hubbard (LRH Pers Comm)
  • Jim Dincalci, “medical officer” to L. Ron Hubbard
  • Andre Tabayoyon,  serving as “butler and steward” to L. Ron Hubbard at Villa Laure in Tangier.

At some point (a point of much contention as to when it occurred, whether 1971 or 1972) Hubbard and wife Mary Sue moved into a villa at Tangiers, and an office was set up for the ‘mission’ to help Oufkir and his intelligence staff supposedly by using study technology at first. The story changes depending on who’s telling it, becoming different even in different publications, so I won’t bore you with any of those details because they are unreliable.

The only facts in evidence are that these people were all there, and all involved in doing something with Oufkir, a something that began shortly after he requested help from the CIA.

Amos Jessup was interviewed at some point by email by an author working on a book. Some of the answers deserve note because they illustrate at least a tiny bit of what was really going on there, and it wasn’t about being ‘scientologists’. The goal was political.

QUESTION 6. If the training wasn’t represented as being Scientology study technology, with the source being L. Ron Hubbard, how was it represented? Put in other words, what was the “shore story” used to close the government on authorizing this training?

AMOS JESSUP: We were not “Scientology”. This project, for all intents and purposes, was purely a corporate project offered to the Moroccan government by OTC [Operation and Transport Corporation, a cover organization for Scientology operations] as far as I know.

AMOS JESSUP: The technology was a subordinate function to the PR and political gains desired. …


Before we move forward I need to take a moment here and catch you up on a few things about Miles.

Rolling Stone’s 1986 article Secret Agent Man interviewed Miles. The article makes it quite clear that we have another piece to add to the puzzle, bringing things into an even clearer focus regarding scientology. Miles actually had his beginnings in the Political Action department exactly when Ron Hubbard started the HDRF (Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation) – in 1950!

…he was appointed chief of the agency’s Political Action Staff, the dirty-tricks department, in 1950. “Nobody,” he says, “knows more about changing governments, by force or otherwise, than me.”

Note: As I mentioned earlier, from 1957-68 the Copeland family was stationed in Beirut, Lebanon and this article is what tells us that the real reason for that move was that Copeland was starting his own “private CIA.”

As to meddling in middle eastern affairs and using religious groups and fronts to do so, Miles has a long history of that.

Miles and the CIA, together with MI6 had recruited right-wing mullahs (Islamic extremists) for the 1953 coup against Massadeq in Iran, who was rebelling against these people’s nasty ideas for how things should be run there, and was not on-board the slavemaster’s oil agenda. This coup was called Operation TP/AJAX, and was finally approved by President Eisenhower on July 22, 1953. The planning and decision to get involved with the efforts of MI6 and the oil companies in Iran had actually begun back in November of 1952.

Miles also revealed that when he came back to the political action post in 1955 (after doing the whole Nasser number in Egypt) he and the CIA boys began to work with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim mass organization founded in Egypt but had followers all over the Middle East.

He also recruited Saddam Hossein, even helping him set up the secret service in Iraq later on. So…clearly the CIA was definitely into creating ISLAMIC fronts in this way.

Moving on up to 1966 now, then there’s Miles involvement with the infamous Adnan Khashoggi.


The guy was short, fat, and generally repulsive, quite the slimy underworld character.

In 1966 Copeland contacted and recruited Adnan Khashoggi, a young Arab who was in the course of becoming both a “principal foreign agent” of the U.S. and was also already extremely wealthy on the commissions he earned from Lockheed and other military firms on arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

A real life Lord of War.

Miles specifically states on p. 231 of The Game Payer, that this meeting “put the two of us on a ‘Miles-and-Adnan’ basis that has lasted for more than twenty years of business, parties, and a very special kind of political action.”

Special is certainly one way of putting it, but remember the 1969 State Department report that I quoted earlier –

Strategic importance and economic potential of Morocco warrant special effort to blunt Soviet drive.


Copeland expanded a bit on that on page 233 –

Adnan and I, separately had been called on by our respective friends in Langley [CIA] to… have an official off-the-record exchange of ideas on the emerging crisis in the Middle East, and come up with suggestions that the tame bureaucrats would like to have made but couldn’t.

You know, the special kind of ‘suggestions’.

Right after this, and at almost exactly the same time that Ron Hubbard suddenly felt the need to buy the first of his fleet of ships and then take off for Tangiers, Morocco – late 1966/early 1967, Copeland takes off for Cairo where he is supposedly trying to forestall a war. Knowing Miles, that’s not what he was doing there.

More like making sure it happened.

“It” being the 1967 Six Day Egyptian-Israeli Six Day War.

His cover story of trying to stop that is made even more thin by the fact that even though he failed at this imaginary endeavor, he gets lots of brownie points in the CIA and per page 239 of The Game Player, Miles was able to now –

…accelerate the attempt I had already started to establish a ‘private CIA’ by use of confidential arrangements with politically astute members of the client companies.


One of the first things that Miles did with Khashoggi is that he hooked him up with Edward K. Moss as his personal P.R. agent in Washington – Moss was a very sleezy guy.

In November of 1962 Moss had already been made a non-staff asset (like Ron Hubbard) of the Political Action Group of the CIA’s Covert Action Staff, and was engaged in some of the actions against Cuba. His mistress was Julia Cellini and her brother Dino Cellini were alleged to be procurers – that’s a PC term for pimps – while the other brothers were associated with the narcotics and white slavery rackets in Cuba, and were also involved in the whole Paradise Island Helliwell/Vesco drug laundering mess later on.

Here they are (center and right) pretending to be human – Yikes!

edward moss and julia cellini vp tolbert.

Just a lovely bunch of people.

But hey, it was love-at-first-slime for Khashoggi. After all, his uncle Yussuf Yassin was himself a procurer of women for King Abdul-Aziz, so it was like old home week. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that one of the things that Khashoggi did for miles was to use sex to influence people Miles wanted influenced. One source later reported that the bill for the madam who supplied girls en masse to his yacht in the Mediterranean ran to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

khashoggi's yacht.

But Khashoggi’s corruption, not too surprisingly, while hooked up with Miles managed to channel right on over into the whole Paradise Island thing.

Wow! What a shocker right?

eye roll kara

Ed Moss’s brother-in-law, Eddie Cellini was the casino manager there, and his man Seymour (Sy) Alter was the bag man in 1972 for channeling funds from the Paradise Island Bridge company to Nixon and Bebe Rebozo for Nixon’s presidential campaign.

By the 1970s, ole Mr. Mossy-head had became the chairman of a lovely little secret meetings and sex club aka the Safari Club in Kenya, where he invited Khashoggi in as majority owner, who gladly accepted.

After Watergate, this became the meeting house for alliances between intelligence agencies that wished to get around the CIA’s straight-jacket it had been put in after President Carter’s election and Senator Church’s post-Watergate reforms.


Now for the financing of all these black ops everyone was now all het up to do, they needed a bank. With the official blessing of George Bush as the head of the CIA, wikispooks tells us that –

Adnam transformed… the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), into a worldwide money-laundering machine.

Acting CIA director Richard Kerr later confirmed to a Senate Committee “that the CIA had also used BCCI for certain intelligence-gathering operations.” and a congressional inquiry showed that for more than ten years preceding the BCCI collapse in the summer of 1991, the FBI, the DEA, the CIA, the Customs Service, and the Department of Justice all failed to act on hundreds of tips about the illegalities of BCCI’s international activities.

Shocking, I know.

Not only was the CIA deeply involved, but so was the British and the Vatican.

The Senate report on BCCI charged however that the Bank of England “had withheld information about BCCI’s frauds from public knowledge for 15 months before closing the bank.” and according to Robert Lacey, the payments to Prince Bandar were said to total one billion pounds over more than a decade, including “a suitcase containing more than $10 million” that went to a Vatican priest for the CIA’s long-time clients, the Christian Democratic Party.




That’s a direct connection into Michael Sindona and the IOR, the Vatican Bank of the Catholic Church.

The biggest slitherers of all time –

grinch - slithering gif by v.

By 1957 Michael Sindona had become closely associated with the Gambino family (Sicilian Mafia) and was chosen to manage their profits from heroin sales where he pioneered anstalten which is a term for a Swiss or Liechtenstein-based corporation with only one stockholder. It’s a very powerful financial tool if you want to move money around through anonymous conduits.

In his book HOT MONEY AND THE POLITICS OF DEBT, author Naylor writes –

In the postwar period, Sindona, a pioneer in the use of the Liechtenstein “anstalten” allegedly put his financial skills to work channeling CIA money to the [catholic] church and the Christian Democratic party, and laundering and reinvesting heroin profits for the Mafia.

It must have been extremely profitable because just two years later (1959) Sindona bought his first bank – the Banca Privata Italia – together with the Vatican IOR and it’s principal American bankers, Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company (where Mormon David Matthew Kennedy chaired).

The Vatican meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and the Unification Church: Get on your knees world!  by Virginia McClaughry


Pulling from my Birth of the CIA/MI6/Mafia Drug Dealing to Control World Politics and Humanity compendium a bit here –


Let’s be very clear.


This is a Vatican (IOR) banker, who is also laundering the CIA/MI6 backed heroin profits for the mafia. A Vatican banker who is working with all 3 elements to spread heroin primarily to America.

The Catholic Church feeds off of people’s suffering. They need to be suffering for them to pretend to act all “godly”.

Never forget that is their plan.


God …has given us this world as a place of exile

the other pains and hardships of life will have no end or cessation on earth; for the consequences of sin are bitter and hard to bear, and they must accompany man so long as life lasts.

To suffer and to endure, therefore, is the lot of humanity; let them strive as they may, no strength and no artifice will ever succeed in banishing from human life the ills and troubles which beset it.

If any there are who pretend differently – who hold out to a hard-pressed people the boon of freedom from pain and trouble, an undisturbed repose, and constant enjoyment – they delude the people.

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891


It gets worse. What’s this Christian Democratic Party that’s getting this 10 million dollars in a suitcase?

Pulling from my drug history compendium again –

By this time, this run-and-hide period of everyone (including Vesco), the 1973 – the CIA now needed a new bank and Frank Nugan, an Australian lawyer, and Michael Hand, a former Green Beret and CIA operative in Asia, established the Nugan Hand Bank. Nugan headed up things in Sydney and Hand established a branch in Hong Kong – British/Vatican drug-smuggling central. This arrangement enabled Australian depositors to access a money-laundering facility for illegal transfers of Australian money to Hong Kong.

CIA banker Paul Helliwell with Michael Hand and Frank Nugan –

Helliwell (left)

According to Alfred W. McCoy, the “Hand-Houghton partnership led the bank’s international division into new fields – drug finance, arms trading, and support work for CIA covert operations.” Hand told friends “it was his ambition that Nugan Hand became banker for the CIA.”

Guess who the attorney for Nugan Hand Bank was? None other than our favorite Hostis Humani Generis supporter, Bill Colby, director of the CIA.

william colby

Directors of Nugan Hand were Walter McDonald, deputy director of the CIA, Guy Pauker, a CIA adviser, and Dale Holmgren, who represented both the CIA and Nugan Hand Bank in Taipei.  The president of Nugan Hand Bank was Rear Adm Earl Buddy Yates, former chief of strategy for U.S. operations in Asia.  Also on the board were Edwin F. Black, a retired general who had commanded U.S. troops in Thailand during the Vietnam War, formerly an OSS operative in World War II and asst. army chief of staff in the Pacific; he served as president of the Nugan Hand Bank branch in Hawaii;  Edwin Wilson, who is now in prison for arms deals;  and Don Beazley, now of Miami.

Nugan Hand Bank expanded as Australasian and Pacific Holdings Ltd., a front for Air America and other CIA “investments”.  General Eric Cocke Jr., a Washington public relations officer, was Nugan Hand’s Washington representative.  From the outset, the bank was actively engaged in the drug trade.  Lernoux says the bank controlled the $100 million “Mr. Asia” heroin syndicate which arranged a number of contract murders.

Hand boasted that Nugan Hand Bank was paymaster for CIA operations anywhere in the world.

In 1978, despite repeated complaints about Nugan Hand’s international drug operations, the Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics refused to investigate.  When increasing public pressure was brought to bear on the Bureau to investigate Nugan Hand Bank, the Bureau was simply disbanded in 1979!  It was controlled by the Australian Secret Intelligence organization, which in turn was dominated by the CIA.

That’s certainly one way of getting rid of an investigation and exposure.

Vincent price - youre going to put me to sleep here

Inquiry Magazine revealed that while director of the CIA, William Colby laundered many millions of dollars of CIA funds through Nugan Hand to support political parties in Europe. Guess who one of the main ones was?

The Christian Democratic Party in Italy – a Vatican concern – was a principal recipient of this ‘manna from heaven’, the same CDP that American Robert Kennedy had already been mixed up in handling the CIA flow of money to Vatican banker Michael Sindona!

From this article, note the part about political parties – that’s primarily the “Christian Democratic Party”.

Calvi was a haunted man as he entered his final days. As chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, he was in charge of an organisation that laundered money made largely from the heroin trade for the mafia. He knew the dark financial secrets of the Vatican. Letters of comfort to offshore companies which he created were signed by Archbishop Marcinkus, a Chicago-born prelate and key Vatican insider who has never faced an interview or charges.

But more ominously Calvi had intimate knowledge of regular payments made by large Italian companies to political parties. He should have known: the payments went through his bank.

Calvi was on the point of going to prison for violating exchange controls. It was Michele Sindona, once Calvi’s mentor, who ratted on him. Calvi had one chance to avert humiliation. Tell the world what he knew. It was this which led to his death, Katz believes.

There was a point at which he threatened that if the Vatican and other people who he had been working with did not get him off the hook for the four years in jail for currency exchange violations, he was going to talk,’ Katz argues.

It would have landed the heads of all the major corporations in jail and it would have ended up probably with the indictment of political leaders.

Who Killed Calvi? by Nick Mathiason, December 6, 2003, The Guardian



It would have exposed the true nature of a number of religions

including Catholicism/Christianity, Scientology, Unification Church etc., etc.


* * *


Miles Copeland was building a private CIA army indeed.


But that’s not all, guess what else Miles and Adnan Khashoggi were mixed up in?

The Iran-Contra affair.

He was implicated in the Iran–Contra affair as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and, in a complex series of events, was found to have borrowed money for these arms purchases from the now-bankrupt financial institution the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) with Saudi and US backing.

There were two stages to Iran-Contra. The first took place in 1984-1985, when after meeting with Bill Casey, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia supported the Nicaraguan Contras via Princer Bandar through a BCCI account in Miami. The second happened in APril 1985 after the next proposed arms sale fell though. National Security Advisor Rober McFarlane terminated this more direct Saudi role and had Miles Copeland get together with his good buddy Adnan Khashoggi. They devised a new twisty scheme in which Iranian arms sales that involved Israel would now fund the Contras. Khashoggi also used BCCI, he just used an account out of Monte Carlo.


With all that in mind –


Look at this.

In 1991, the British paper Mail on Sunday published an article called: Cult preys on Adnan family (13 October)

His Italian-born second wife, Lamia, and their 12-year-old son, Ali, have come under the influence of the fraudulent so-called Church of Scientology.

Lamia, the former Laura Biancolini, who became a Muslim on her marriage to the Saudi Arabian Mr Fixit, has become a regular visitor to the cult’s centres in America.

adnan khashoggi wife at clearwater scientology oct 13 1991 daily mail.

Under the helm of David Miscavige Adnan Khashoggi’s wife had esconced herself into one of the top floor suites of the Fort Harrison hotel at the scientology “upper level” mecca in Clearwater, Florida.

From Who’s Who in Scientology

Lamia Khashoggi. Formerly Laura Biancolini, Adnan Khashoggi, Ali Khashoggi. She donated over 3,000,000 UKP to the cult. Bob Rich is assigned to look after son Ali as his permanent shadow. She rented the presidential suite of Fort Harrison Hotel from Summer ’91 to Summer ’92. Her husband was there only once, and received introductory Book one auditing. – FAQ1.


Adnan and Lamia in 2008

adnan and lamia khashoggi 2008

Her daughter Nabila was still active in scientology up through 2005.



Now that you really get the picture here of just what kind of circles the ‘heads’ of scientology move in, now let’s look at what’s happening in one of the several Miles and Adnan territories in 1972.


In the National Intelligence Estimate for Morocco dated June 15, 1972 it states that: The close relationship between the US and Morocco would be called into question if the Monarchy was overthrown.

Thus far, General Oufkir, who has firm control of the armed forces, has shown no inclination to move against the King, He would be tempted to step in, however, if Hassan seemed to be fumbling badly in handling the problems of government.

We do not have, however, any concrete evidence of plotting against the King in the Moroccan armed forces.

Sounds like Ron Hubbard and his happy little band of spies were reporting in quite well to the CIA, don’t you think?

Twice however, in documents, I’m seeing that there continues to be this implication of that Hassan II didn’t “learn his lesson”.

In this document here that we’re talking about the writer says that: He still believes that he can continue to rule in the style of an oriental potentate.

In the next Special National Intelligence Estimate two months later (dated 14 September 1972) we see that same tone again –

…his future would seem to lie in changing his method of governing and giving the appearance at least of having the welfare of his people at heart. The coup attempt of 1971 did not teach him anything in this regard. The attempt of 1972 may, but we doubt it strongly.

blames everyone else…He does not seem to recognize that his own performance can be faulted; he is a very traditional monarch in the sense that he believes authority is his by right of inherited status and does not need to be earned by effective governing of his realm.

The document repeatedly mentions that there is little direct evidence of the mindsets and plans of the vaguely described few persons that may be a problem to Hassan’s rule. A description of them which follows a rather oddly set descriptive pattern.

Point 21 illustrates this well (it’s just one example though)

a blow by a handful of military officers bent on removing a monarch whom they now believe is an obstacle to Morocco’s progress.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a created explanation, it’s practically classic Miles Copeland.

Unfortunately, these intelligence estimates weren’t exactly accurate.

On 16 August 1972, another attempted assassination of King Hassan II supposedly took place where his passenger plane was attacked by F-5s (I believe one of which was his escort per a report) but yet they missed, and he landed and walked away from the whole thing amidst a hail of bullets that somehow never managed to hit him.


Oufkir having a chat with some officers around the time of the coup/assassination attempt –

Après le coup d’Etat manqué de 1972, le roi Hassan II avait déclaré avec malice dans une interview restée fameuse qu’il venait de découvrir le véritable rôle d’Oufkir : «Depuis quelques jours, je me pose la question. On aurait dit que la Résidence nous avait servi Oufkir comme sur un plateau. Le 16 novembre 1955, jour du retour de mon père à Rabat, il se trouva déjà à ses côtés dans le Delahaye noire. Ce n’est que depuis trois jours que je me demande pourquoi il nous fût ainsi «servi» dès le début.»





The scene of the crime –

hassan ii plane assassination attempt august 1972.

The next day, the 17th, Oufkir was executed but his death was announced to the people as a ‘suicide’. Although how they thought to explain to people the shots coming from behind him through his back and his head – who knows.

Remember, this is all happening after Sea Org special staff of Hubbard’s, Amos Jessup, Peter Warren, and Liz Gablehouse had been mixing it up with Oufkir, his junior, and other high-level members of King Hassan’s staff.

A 29 August 1972 memorandum by Kenneth Rush to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs discusses ways to reduce the level of U.S. military involvement and dependence on the communications facilities in Morocco – in other words, they’re pulling out.

But in this document there is what I consider a dead giveaway to obvious U.S. complicity in this attempted assassination coup by Oufkir and that is this –

Our own investigation shows that US personnel were ordered away from the operational area before the F-5s went off on their first strike.

Oh really.

smoke another cigarette wtf.

That’s interesting.



The same document also discusses (on page 3) a statement by King Hassan II that “American technicians are in Morocco to teach Morocco to fly and communicate

Oh god – I think there it is.

Please tell me that the scientologists aren’t included in this because they had been offering up their ‘communications’ courses and materials.

wiley-double yikes

Oh wait…that is one of the things that they said they were doing – that’s the ‘reason we were there” story I originally mentioned of that –

  • they were going to deliver a study course for Morocco’s Postal-Telephone-Telegraph (PTT) – recorded by Jon Atack, A Piece of Blue Sky:

And probably mixed with the whole e-meters and sec-checking thing tucked under that “teaching us how to communicate” heading.


Somebody please prove me wrong.


But wait, there’s more.

In another document concerning the August attempt on Hassan’s life, U.S. Embassy at Rabat official De Tarr writes in that he has already emphasized to the Foreign Minister Benhima that there is absolutely no US involvement – even unwitting – in what was obviously all Moroccan affair.

Ah, but note the careful wording there “U.S. involvement”. Well, now, since old Miles is “unofficial” (that’s what a NOC is, you know) than he can’t be classified as “U.S. involvement”.

This is that whole Jesuit sub-understanding crap up close and in person. See The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 8: Duly Dothly Swear for the full story about that but the bottom line is that it’s lying. The guy is saying ” No U.S. Involvement” but sub-understanding that of course Miles and his private CIA army don’t count.

disgust at internet.

Yeah, it’s really that bad.

Now, in the same report that De Tarr is busy sub-understanding away the definite U.S. meddling in the whole Oufkir “assassination” attempt, he can’t quite fathom why a trained F-5 pilot flying escort could have managed to miss Hassan’s plane.

I mean, look at the size of that thing.

hassan ii plane assassination attempt august 1972.

“I just can’t seem to hit it, boss.”

Kermit the frog excited.

According to a 1984 ruling by the U.S. Tax Court, sometime in “the summer of 1972,” L. Ron Hubbard had 2 million dollars in cash taken out of Swiss banks and brought on board the his ship the Apollo, down in Morocco.

Money that there is no accounting for and that Hubbard did not spend.

However, since this is apparently around the time of this second attempted coup, Janis Gillham Grady’s version of what was happening then may be of interest –

The E-Meter training of the secret police was … ongoing while we were living in Tangiers.  While the secret police were being trained on the use of the Emeter, there was a sec check team doing sec checks on the fighter jet pilots to get the list of who was behind the coup.

That makes two different angles on the same point, one about training the intelligence staff to do sec-checks, the other being already trained sec-checkers ‘checking’ (that’s a lot of checks – ha) the pilots now.

Check, check and Check.

I’m checking, damn it!


Oh, whoops, sorry. I got carried away there for a moment.


Janis also claims that all of this was being done fully in coordination with the Hassan staff, and that Hubbard personally ordered Amos Jessup and Peter Warren to ‘get ‘er done’ – so to speak.

Let me juxtapose this again for you –

The same document also discusses (on page 3) a statement by King Hassan II that “American technicians are in Morocco to teach Morocco to fly and communicate

And let me add that the attachment of that same document also discusses that required reforms to re-establish the loyalty of the military are now unlikely to occur and refers to Oufkir’s complicity and alleged suicide.

Sec-checking equals part of re-establishment?

Well then. That’s just…wow. Now we know at least part of the real purpose for Hubbard and his merry bad of dupes and knowing CIA agents in being there.

You know, right after all the assassination hysteria, Hubbard’s medical officer Jim Dincalci went “on leave” to New York City. It is worthy of note that both Jim and Liz Gablehouse are still working together, and are in fact on the board of an extremely questionable organization that just screams front group! to me – called the Forgiveness Foundation.

Jim Dincalci

Per that CIA report I mentioned earlier, the one dated 14 September 1972, the new guy that the dynamic duo scientologists (Amos and Peter and the girls) are dealing with there in the palace is Colonel Ahmed Dlimi.

King Hassan has abolished the position of Defense Minister and has assumed direct control of the military establishment . . . His principal intelligence officer is the experienced Colonel Ahmed Dlimi who heads the palace intelligence service.

Meanwhile, Hubbard is off in a villa in Tangier, doing what we really don’t know… but by October the Apollo had sailed off to drydock in Portugal, and by December Hubbard took off for New York, but this was almost exactly at the time that Miles had to hie off to make some new ‘arrangements’ as well.

I’d just like to remind everyone of maybe just how accurate Amos Jessup was actually being (without probably intending to) when he said

AMOS JESSUP: We were not “Scientology”.

AMOS JESSUP: The technology was a subordinate function to the PR and political gains desired. …




Written and Researched by

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