On February 14th, 1966, Hubbard concocted a shore story of why he wanted scientologists to stop putting PhD after his name, all about how the word doctor has come into bad repute when the real reason was that Sequoia University had been documented in the press several times as a Diploma Mill university. He also claims he ‘tried’ to stop using it in the late 1950’s as well, which would have been right after the investigations into Chief Justice Warren’s diploma mill degree that was also from Joseph William Hough’s Sequoia University.

See all the details in this post of mine from February 23, 2016 – DOX – Sequoia University and L. Ron Hubbard’s Philosophy “Degree”: The Real Story

Note: Also included in today’s post is a previously unknown reference that I found where Richard DeMille explains that the reason for the Sequoia ‘degrees’ and such was that “Mention of Sequoia, Universities, “developers,” etc, is intended to impress bureaucrats and other authoritarians.


On to the 1966 document now


I came across a single quote from this document at Arnie Lerma’s website due to a comment left at the blog pointing me to it and then I looked to see if I had the original, which I did.

This 1966 document is called an HCO PL (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter). An HCO PL is one of the top tiers of scripture in scientology as far as orders supremacy.

This document was found in Volume II “Dissemination Division” the older set of volumes that were put together as part of the Organization Executive Course and first printed in 1974.




Here’s the plain text for you –


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



In protest against the abuses and murders carried out under the title of “doctor” I abandon herewith all my rights and legitimate use of this title as the name has been disgraced.

I was a Ph.D., Sequoia’s University and therefore a perfectly valid doctor under the laws of the State of California.

My beloved grandfather was a doctor and was known as such throughout his life.

Through the ages the term “doctor” has meant “a learned man” but in modern times has been stained by its preemption by medical doctors and psychiatrists and I do not care to be associated in any way with faithless men or ignorant butchers or murderers.

The title of “Mister”, implying “Master” I also abandon.

I wish to be known solely by my name “Ron” or Hubbard, an honourable name in the fields of philosophy and exploration.

Any and all D.Scns may apply for and receive a new certificate nd the title “Dean of Scientology”.

I wish to call to attention that any certificate ever issued by me is valid first by my signature and second by the laws of the country in which its corporation is founded.

The originator of a subject traditionally has the right to qualify persons in that subject and this is the chief source of any title of learning.

I could with ease defend any use of the term doctor in any nation but the name has come into question by association.

This is the second time I have requested not to be so named. The first was in the late 50s in Washington DC. But people have continued the practice against my wishes and I have not lately been active in correcting them.

No secretary, press spokesman or LRH communicator may hereafter refer to me as “Doctor” or sign my name as such.

I have been a “captain” of sailing vessels, a “captain” of corvettes, a “sergeant” of marines in my extreme youth, and many other captions. And as a Scientologist knows, one has had other names.

“L. Ron Hubbard” is a proud enough title. Or humble enough. I wish it to so remain.

The wide world calls me plain “Ron”. That is more than good enough for me, signifying as it does the friendship and confidence of the man. They are my friends.


Copyright c 1966
by L. Ron Hubbard


A shore story is basically used in intelligence activities to create a plausible reason for why you are doing something, or why you are in a particular location (or sometimes both).

That’s what Hubbard is doing in this part –

Hubbard I was a phd Sequoias University


He’s telling you a story about that the title ‘doctor’ has come into disrepute in general, rather than even mentioning that the real reason he is doing this is because of mounting press about Sequoia being a diploma mill.

In fact, as noted by the red arrow, you can tell that was what this is really about because he asserts that it’s “a perfectly valid doctor”.

What’s he answering with that?



The other key thing here is that after the highly publicized diploma mill investigations in 1957, where Sequoia University president J.W. Hough took the 5th twenty two times, apparently Hubbard asked staff to stop putting that Ph.D. after his name then, but that ‘people’ did it anyway.

It’s those dang other people, you see.

It’s their fault.

pointing the finger at 2


1957 news article –



Hubbard talking about the first time he requested the Ph.D. be dropped –

Hubbard tried in 1950s to stop using PHd..

You also notice in the above the rather adroit phrase/shore story of “the name has come into question by association” – which is true because it was from a diploma mill but Hubbard skews it back to those murdering ignoramus doctors as in MEDICAL doctors.

I think this is what is known as ‘double-curving’ ones reply – a maxim in CIA/Hubbard propaganda tech to get out of inconvenient facts having been exposed. Like the fact that Sequoia University was a diploma mill that was used to get various people into prominent political positions (like Chief Justice Warren) and to give intelligence agents “covers” (fake or parallel life stories that they present to the world in order to dupe people).

Now, here’s another interesting thing. The billy club pope-on-a-rope of Scientology – David Miscavige – DELETED this reference from the newer set of OEC volumes that he and Dan Koon put together in the 1990’s. It was not in the new Volume II, or in the Executive Volume (#7) which I also checked.

Why did you try to erase that particular piece of history, Mr. Miscavige?

kara thrace - battlestar galactica

That’s a rhetorical question, in case you missed it.

Another point is that this 1966 HCOPL came on the heels of the release of what’s called The Anderson Report (October 1965) wherein it said:

He claims other academic distinctions also – “many degrees” it is said – but the only “university” degree which is identified is that of Doctor of Philosophy at the Sequoia University, Southern California. The Board caused inquiries to be made as to the identity of this university and was informed by the Australian Consul-General in San Francisco that the Sequoia University was a privately endowed institution which was not accredited, that is, not registered with the Western Association of Schools and colleges, which is the accrediting body for the west coast of America.

This somewhat suspect degree and a self-bestowed doctorate of scientology enable Hubbard to describe himself and be described as “Doctor” Hubbard. Though he writes extensively on medical matters, there is no basis for regarding him as a doctor in the medical sense.


Wikipedia tells us that this Anderson Report –

….was written by Kevin Victor Anderson QC and published in 1965. The report led to legislation attempting to ban Scientology in Victoria and similar legislation in several other States of Australia. No convictions were made under the legislation and Scientologists continued to practice their beliefs, although the headquarters was moved to South Australia. The legislation has been repealed in all States and subsequently Scientology was found to be a religion by the High Court of Australia.


Here’s another interesting find that I just made, and that’s Richard DeMille (son of Cecil B. DeMille) explaining why they were using Sequoia University PH.D.’s, in the Journal of Scientology Issue 24-G issued January 31, 1954.

JOS 24-G January 31 1954 Richard Demille re real reason for Sequoia PHds


Richard DeMille –

January 31, 1954 Journal of Scientology Issue 24-G

“Mention of Sequoia, Universities, “developers,” etc, is intended to impress bureaucrats and other authoritarians.”


In other words it’s like I said. It’s for intelligence cover purposes.

And Richard DeMille would know all about that because after all he went on to have his very own secret DARPA project on the topic of –

psychological manipulation of the “ideology of groups”


Gee. Just like Ron Hubbard was tasked to do with Dianetics and Scientology.

Here’s where you can find out more about DeMille’s project.

From the Just Dox Mind Control section of our Reading Library –

ARPA Project Echo 1966-69 – PDF – This is a project involving (amongst other things) psychological manipulation of the “ideology of groups”. One of the scientists involved was Santa Barbara psychologist Richard Demille.

Richard also had helped L. Ron Hubbard write/create a number of early materials for Scientology/Dianetics – see Just Dox section – Scientology.



It was DeMille that arranged for the dang Ph.D. for Hubbard in the first place, through Hollywood agent Maurine Oliver and the ever-changing identity scientologists – Joanna and Hardin Walsh.

Despite this ‘order’ to scientologists to stop associating his name with Ph.D., apparently Hubbard himself didn’t follow his own advice because Project Gutenberg’s site documents a couple of different points after this HCOPL where Hubbard still used the title.

 A few weeks later, Hubbard publicly disclaimed his Sequoia degree in an advertisement in the personal column of The Times.

However, even after this disavowal Hubbard continued to cite the Sequoia-issued Ph.D. In an interview with Rhodesian television in April 1966, he told the interviewer: “Actually I have a degree in philosophy, a Doctor of Philosophy”.

Similarly, biographies published by the Church of Scientology also continued to mention the “doctorate”; the 1973 book Mission into Time, for instance…


Caveat: The Gutenberg article erroneously states that Hubbard started the Sequoia university as if that’s a fact – it isn’t. It was a ‘suspicion’ that the British government spread.

I really liked finding that Richard DeMille ‘explanation’ for why the Sequoia University degrees.


I feel like John Candy in Uncle Buck –

John Candy victory dance uncle buckgif made by “V”


Another day, another find.


Virg sig script


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