This just couldn’t wait. I was in the middle of something else (equally interesting and jaw-dropping in its own way) and I was looking up something for that and came across this letter in the FDA files from L. Ron Hubbard to the Better Business Bureau in 1957.

Did you know that the Church of Scientology wasn’t even named that at first? Yes, indeedy. It’s first name, as incorporated on July 21, 1955 was the non-profit Founding Church of Man’s Religion. It wasn’t until two months later, in September, that an amendment changed the name to what we all know it as – the Founding Church of Scientology.

These documents I’m about to show you were part of the recently declassified FDA records that were obtained in January of 2015. These records were publicly accessible because of a Muck Rock/FOIA request as part of the dedicated research of activist R.M. Seibert (Anonlover) – who apparently requested them in order to find/feed scientology story material to journalist Tony Ortega.

They can be found on CD #1, in Folder 3, letter from Hubbard on page 466.

Here’s the images of the letter from Hubbard first –

Nov 16 1957 ron Hubbard to BBB Leland Mccartay Nov 16 1957 ron Hubbard to BBB Leland Mccartay 2 Nov 16 1957 ron Hubbard to BBB Leland Mccartay 3Starting with the last page first – that’s where Hubbard included the information about the Founding Church of Man’s Religion. See it?

It’s right under the last heading of Founding Church of Scientology of Washington D.C.

Yowza, right? Wow.

I’ll come back to that again here in a minute, first here’s the plain text of the letter itself.


L. Ron Hubbard

November 16, 1957
1812 19th St., N.W.
Washington 9, D.C.

Better Business Bureau
of Metropolitan Washington
507 Perpetual Building
Washington 4, D.C.

Attn: Mr. Leland S. McCarthy
Managing Director

Dear Mr. McCarthy:

Included are proper resumes of all organizations which I have managed or operated and financial statements to demonstrate their activity. I include the Distribution Center, Inc., although I do not manage it but since my wife is a member of its board.

None of these organizations has any debts of magnitude and have a good reputation for paying their bills when due.

I am married and have three small children. I am a member of the Explorer’s Club and Capital Yacht Club. Washington, D.C. has been my home since boyhood. I served as an officer in the Navy during the war and was honorably discharged. I attended High School at Woodward Prep here in D.C., and studied nuclear physics at George Washington University. After the war on the GI Bill I attended school in California and received a Ph.D from Sequoia University, an adult education school of the City of Los Angeles. I am primarily a writer of science fiction and technical material on the mind and am a registered minister with the government.

While companies using my name and work have existed in many states and may have good or bad credit, I have no business connection with them. They have often conceived it to be to their advantage to represent such connection and I have had to take severe action from time to time to deny that connection. I have found myself powerless to prevent the use of my name and work in many cases. I am not financially situated so as to bear the vast legal expenses necessary to such denial.

The policy of the Founding Church in business matters is to refund all donations or charges to anyone who believes he has chosen wrongly in joining the church. This has no exceptions.

The principal business of the church, beyond its services each Sunday and its Thursday night meeting, is the training of persons to handle people and congregations and to communicate better. The ministers of all allied state churches are trained by us. They are further trained and usually ordained by their state churches. We ordain locally only those we need in our work and only after a severe training program and thorough examination on St. John and other religious matters. We charge about $1.00 per hour for coaching and ordinarily contract for many hours at a time. The usual total fees charged persons for this training average out less than $500 over long time period. Counseling of private individuals is done by ministers for $10 per hour. All counseling is aimed at bettering their social responses.

Our goal as an organization is to increase Man’s socialness, to improve his awareness and better his social conduct.

As in any Church our beliefs are quite definite but unlike many, we force them on none.

I trust, Mr. McCarthy, that this will improve your understanding of our activities and business standing period.

We spend $100,000 a year with local businessmen and any will tell you we are good credit and prompt pay.

It would be disturbing if the BBB of my own city, Washington, had only a vague notion of my activities after nearly half a century of good citizenship on my part.


L. Ron Hubbard”


Notice how Hubbard mentioned including financial statements? They were almost 50 pages later than the letter in the original PDF, they started on page 502.

I have included them together with the letter in a new PDF for you, OCR’d of course.

PDF – Financial Statements enclosure Hubbard BBB letter November 1957

First page of the financials – total income for Fiscal Year 6-30-56 for the Founding Church of Man’s Religion Scientology was $101,254.35.

first page financial statements bbb letter Hubbard 1957


OK. Coming back to the first name was Founding Church of Man’s Religion on July 21, 1955, what’s really interesting about that is that Miles Copeland, Hubbard’s CIA handler, had literally just come back from Egypt right at that time. Hubbard was conducting ‘political operations’ for Miles and the CIA.

From my husband’s book Scientology Roots Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career



Miles Copeland married a woman who worked for Special Operations Executive (British intelligence) – Lorraine Adie.

Miles Copeland was the first member of the CIA to be officially designated a political action specialist.

Miles Copeland juniorMiles Copeland junior

Starting in July 1955, Copeland headed a CIA unit called Political Action Staff. His senior was Kermit Roosevelt.

Bob Mandlestam was one of the assistants to Miles Copeland.

Miles Copeland says that Ron Hubbard and Scientology worked for the CIA Political Action Staff –

…there was something called Moral Rearmament… an interdenominational politico-religious movement started by a nut named Frank Buchman. It purported to deepen the spiritual life of its members, thereby inducing them to behave responsibly and altruistically in their public lives.

What caught Bob’s [Bob Mandlestam] eye was the social level at which the movement operated. It was aimed exclusively at leaders… the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe.

When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology, the brainchild of another nut, this one a science-fiction writer named Ron Hubbard, we were on our way to having a political action capability which would make… Bill Casey’s CIA seem trivial by comparison. ‘MRA will hit ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low!’ Bob liked to boast, and he was right.

If you cynics who read this think I’m kidding, put the thought out of your mind.  126

Miles Copeland

Political Action includes various types of CIA covert operations both inside and outside of the United States. It includes financing for CIA covert operations, covert manipulation of a nation’s people and their leaders, social engineering, mind control, lobbying, propaganda, terrorizing, killing, coups, and giving support to CIA installed dictators and their cruel treatment of the people which includes human rights violations, torture and mass murder. Hubbard and other Scientologists have given support at one time or another for that entire list.

A large part of the financing for CIA covert operations is obtained from drug trafficking. Scientologists have helped with that too.

Copeland also said Scientology has a continuing arrangement with the CIA to conduct “political action”.  132

Those operations we inaugurated in the years 1955-7 are still secret… The ‘perfect’ political action operation is, by definition, uneventful. Nothing ‘happens’ in it. It is a continuing arrangement, neither a process nor a series of actions proceeding at a starting point and ending with a conclusion.

Miles Copeland

The MRA, Unification Church and Church of Scientology are a chosen vehicle to prepare humanity for British slavemaster two-class system rule.

Ron Hubbard moved to Washington D.C. and incorporated the Founding Church of Scientology in July 1955. [ Note: my husband will have to change that now to Founding Church of Man’s Religion ]

This CIA Political Action unit was a front for MI 6 Section D, which was specifically formed to conduct sabotage through political covert actions. Working for the CIA Political Action unit was yet another British intelligence assignment for British agent Ron Hubbard.

Here’s the images of the relevant book pages from Miles’ book – The Game Player.

Notice that the first page shown clearly reveals that there was already a CIA connection into Dianetics and Scientology prior to 1955.

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_1

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_2

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_3

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_4

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_5

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_6

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_7

CIA uses Scientology from The Game Player by Miles Copeland.

I have done a number of posts about all of Miles Copeland’s statements and Hubbard’s actions that show his alignment with the CIA and British intelligence.

Here is a list of them –

and to read about Hubbard’s being in tandem with what we call ‘the slavemasters’ to develop a religious cult to study and experiment on people aka Scientology –

The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology –

* * *


So, the Founding Church of Man’s Religion, how interesting eh?

And rather tongue-in-cheek, if you ask me.


wink wink


Researched and written by –

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